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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 2, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," houston, we have a winner, an epic world series with a stunning game seven, the astros dominating the dodgers. see who predicted this outcome three years ago and who got down on one knee, with a winning play after the game. on this thursday, november 2nd. >> lots of congratulations going around. also the latest on the new york terror suspect and what he asked for in the hospital. plus, what federal agents found on his phone. and new this half hour. former first lady is speaking out about social media. >> and she's not holding back. michelle obama is telling some young people, think before you tweet. we'll tell you about that coming up.
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and ♪ i'm a material girl >> everything you thought you knew is all wrong. madonna may not actually be a material girl. year' -- we're going to show you an image that has madonna fans doing a double take on this thursday, november 2nd. ♪ that's all right with me ♪ and we do say good morning on this material thursday. houston strong. >> a material thursday? i didn't know you could do that. >> but the big news, of course, the breaking news, kate upton's boyfriend and fiance won a world series ring. >> the astros won the world series for the first time! >> that, too. >> been more than 50 years. >> it was a nail-biter. >> kate upton was there. >> yes, she was. it was a nail-biter. this final game wasn't even close. >> it's a ground ball, right side, could do it.
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champions! >> houston's world series drought is officially over. the most exciting series, with a record number of home runs ending with a blowout. the astros dominating the home team from the start, silencing dodgers fans. >> shot into left center field, back at the wall, it's gone! >> the two-run homer putting houston ahead 5-0. back at minute maid park in houston, 17,000 fans losing their mind. l.a.'s justin turner, the yosemite sam of baseball couldn't change momentum. their backs against the wall, the dodgers turning to the league's highest-paid player, clayton kershaw, who threw four perfect innings. the dodgers' first score finally coming in the sixth. >> here comes peterson, he will score!
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be a brawl, saying earlier in the week -- >> [ bleep ]. >> he was right, game seven, all houston. springer's record-tying five runs in a single series. the league's shortest player, 5'6", altuve, getting the team's second stolen base of the series. houston wrapping it up with this play. >> here's a ground ball right side, can do it, the houston astros are world champions! >> one fan loving it, kate upton. and this astros fan who paid more than $117,000 for two seats behind larry king. the city that suffered so much gets its first world series championship. >> and of course with the world series we series win they're going to get tee shirts, a parade. and
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already out, 2017 world series champs. >> and with springer on the cover there. >> celebrating early. there's a lot to celebrate in houston, and not just the world series win. check this moment out. a lot of people are talking about carlos correa, immediately getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend, the whole thing live on television. she said yes. >> but would he have proposed if they had lost? >> he had the ring in his pocket. check it out. >> if it's nfl, i would say that's excessive celebration. he should be fined for the first five games. look at the size of that
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world series coming up. but we do want to move on. the first court appearance for the man accused of a terror attack in new york city. >> the 29-year-old suspect is from uzbekistan, arraigned in manhattan on federal terrorism charges. investigators say he was inspired by isis videos and wanted the islamic state flag to hang in his hospital room. all eight people killed have now been identified. and president trump says he considers sending the attacker to guantanamo bay. the attacker made his first court appearance in a wheelchair. still recovering after being shot by that one hero police officer. >> the rented home depot truck that he was driving jumped the curb, went down a jogging path for more than a mile. court papers say he wanted to kill as many people as he could. the brooklyn bridge would have been next if he hadn't crashed into a school bus according to investigators. >> and investigators are still looking into all of this, and they believe the suspect was radi
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united states. >> he appeared to take instructions straight out of the isis playbook. brian ross has more. >> reporter: federal agents and evidence technicians in protective booties swarmed the suspect's home in new jersey. as his wife and three others were escorted from the residence by the fbi. it is clear, sayfullo saipov had been meticulously planning the attack, even renting a truck for a dry run last week. >> he appears to have followed almost exactly to a t the instructions that isis has put out in social media channels. >> reporter: saipov made a full confession from his hospital bed even after be being read his rights, that he was proud of what he had done and asked that an isis flag be hung from his room. and he specifically planned his attack for halloween, knowing the streets would be crowded. >> this is the biggest threat in the country, these individuals who have become radicalized. >> reporter: the 29-year-old immigrant moved around the u.s.,
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jersey. working as a uber drive and a professional truck driver. he grew up in tashkent, uzbekistan, living in this apartment building. and in 2010 came to america as part of the u.s. diversity immigrant program, for countries that have not sent many immigrants to the u.s. president trump revealed saipov had helped bring many others to the u.s. >> he was the primary point of contact for, and this is preliminarily, 23 people that came in or potentially came in with him. and that's not acceptable. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell abc news that at least two of those 23 connected to saipov were suspected of possible terror ties. federal agents say saipov was asked about those two men in 2015. but that no case against him was ever opened. saipov told federal agents he was radicalized over the period of a year all online.
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and agents said they discovered thousands of isis images and propaganda videos on his cell phones, brian ross, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to brian, and new york has honored the victims in a very new york way. the top of the empire state building was kept dark overnight in memory of the eight people who lost their lives. >> two were americans, darren drake and nicolas cleaves. he was a mother from belgium was also killed. her youngest son is just three months old. >> the other five victims were all from argentina. they were in new york to celebrate their 30th anniversary of graduation from high school, seen on video riding bikes minutes before the attack. so sad all around. and the president tweeted overnight that the suspect should get the death
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he left open the possibility of sending him to gitmo as an enemy combatant. he blasted new york senator chuck schumer for supporting the legislation signed into law by a republican president, george h.w. bush. >> diversity lottery sounds good. it's not nice. it's not good. we want to immediately work with congress on the diversity lottery program on terminating it, getting rid of it. >> senator schumer fired back saying the president ought to stop tweeting and start leading. the white house dismissed complaints from members of both parties that the president was politicizing a tragedy. mourners in las vegas marked one month since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. a group of chaplains led those mourners in prayer. outside the las vegas police department. they honored the 58 people killed and 546 people injured along with first responders.
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three people are dead after a gunman opened fire inside a walmart store in colorado. about an hour after the shooting started, police were able to evacuate panicked customers who had been hiding inside the store. police have released a picture of a person of interest who they say fled in a red hatchback. mitsubishi mirage. michelle obama cautioned against using twitter and other platforms like a weapon. she also said more people should think before they tweet. she pointed out that her comments were not aimed at anyone in particular. >> when you have a voice, you know you just can't use it any kind of way, you know? you can't just say, this whole tell it like it is business, that's nonsense. >> mm-hm. >> you know, you don't just say what's on your mind. you don't tweet every thought. >> a little bit of shade there. mrs. obama also said that most people's initial thoughts,
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light of day. >> she told the audience if they're going to be tweeting, they should also use good spelling and grammar. that's another one for you. >> she didn't name names. >> she said again, no one in particular in mind. >> the shade is real. coming up, more from the world series celebrations in houston. but first, we're learning what osama bin laden had on his computer when he was killed by u.s. troops, plus proof of a surprising hobby that he had. >> crow va -- crocheting, hmm. we'll tell you more about that. and later in "the skinny," the stars set to star in the new "lion king." you're watching "world news now."
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she's had a tiny cough. see you at 5! seriously? protection. lysol kills over 100 illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause coughs. lysol. what it takes to protect. we're looking at some incredible video out of alabama. that's a kidnapping victim climbing out of a trunk near montgomery. the woman was abducted while she was sleeping in a hotel room. her hands were tied behind he her back, but she managed to escape when the suspect went to a convenience store. he was caught early wednesday morning. >> they run past each other in that store. actor dustin hofmann has
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in the wake of sexual harassment claims. anna gram hunter wrote that he groped her when she was a 17-year-old intern. hofmann said he's sorry for anything he may have done. he went ton say the accusations are not reflective of who he is. and actress olivia munn is among six women accusing producer brett ratner of sexual harassment. she was delivering a meal to him on the set of a 2004 film "after the sunset", when he appeared in front of her without his pants and began touching himself. she says ratner harassed her several more times, he's best known for direct the rush hour movie franchise and denied the allegations. the cia has released some of the files from osama bin laden's computer that they found at the time of his death. >> they include the video "charlie bit my finger."
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as well as terror-related information. the former al qaeda leader had children's programs like tom and jerry and the movies "cars" and "ants." there were also more than 30 videos on crocheting. >> crocheting. that one i didn't expect. when we come back, the a-lister who was seen in economy seating. plus alex trebek admits to the most un-alex trebek thing ever, we'll let you know what that is in "the skinny" next. un-alex trebek thing ever, we'll let you know what that is in the skuny. rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. do i use that'sthat wgood for my teeth? .. now i don't have to choose! from crest 3d white comes new whitening therapy. it's our best whitening technology. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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♪ i just can't wait to be king >> i can't wait to see the remake of "the lion king." and disney's making the official casting announcement. >> this was amazing to find out it's official now, and getting the most reaction is the queen herself, beyonce. there were rumors of her involvement, but she posted this graphic, showing herself slated to play the role of nala. she of course needs no last name. but it appears. it's hyphenated there. >> she joins donald glover. and james earl jones.
3:49 am
that one i'm excited for. alfred woodard. >> john connie. you may recall the original voice was robert guillaume. who passed away recently. >> he did such a great job in that role. >> and a trio of comedians with john oliver, and seth rogan and john ieger. >> hacuna ma ttada, everyone. >> the release date is set for june 19 of 2019. >> i think key grip on the set is going to be john moses. >> there's a lot to be excited about. we didn't get to the hyenas. >> catering is by -- now to earth-shattering news about madonna. it turns out the material girl may not be as material at all.
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she recently bought a home in lisbon, portugal, and was spotted there by the window, but it looks like she is in coach. >> we're trying to find out if this is indeed madonna flying economy in airport gallon. this photo was posted that looks a little like madonna flying from london to portugal. >> the real one is worth $500 million. some are saying this is her way of showing that she's a woman of the people. i'm guessing it's just not her. >> that was not madonna. next to the "jeopardy" host. alex trebek, revealing why a long weekend in the '70s, why he's weary of baked goods. >> in a interview with the "daily beast", he revealed that when he first got to california he went to a friend's house where there was dinner, and
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and alex trebek loves brownies! he ate half a dozen that night, not realizing they were hash brownies. >> and whoa, trebek said that threw him for a loop. the dinner party was on a friday, and he was not able to leave that house until sunday afternoon. he left with a whole lot of questions. >> that's how he thought up all those questions. >> yes. all right, well, ♪ you are my fire ♪ ♪ the one ♪ desire >> check out who likes the backstreet boys as much as we do. ♪ ♪ >> that is houston astro's star jose altuve singing "i want that way." in the clubhouse the other night. his teammates are egging hem on throughout the entire process. and we're loving it. >> and so are the boys who are stacked togeth
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unison. they thanked altuve for the love and wished him luck. >> thank you, backstreet boys. thank you. ♪ you were my fire s daughter. get in, fred! even if it means being the back half of a unicorn. fear not fred, the front half washed his shirt with gain. and that smell puts the giddy in "giddy-up"! ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent. you can't help but smell happy. i'start at the new carfax.comar.
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you're lucky you're cute. lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills 99.9% of bacteria. one more way you've got what it kes to protect. ♪ i'll be safe and warm ♪ if i was in l.a. ♪ if i was in l.a. ♪ california dreamin' ♪ >> that's just kind of cruel to show that video and play "california
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game seven ending with the dodgers california dreaming about next year's world series. >> the houston astros have won their first world series since becoming a team in 1962. by the way, that was four years before the mamas and the papas wrote "california dreamin'." song administrative -- trivia for you. >> they already have five rings, but that was no consolation to fans. >> the houston astros are world champions! for the first time in world history! [cheers and applause] >> the houston astros are the world series champions! >> they definitely are! [cheers and applause]
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>> we did it! we earned it! we earned it! [cheers and applause] >> we did it! we deserved it! we earned it, baby! >> i'm so happy! i'm so happy! >> it's the most incredible experience to be here, and we're really enjoying houston and the fans. there's nothing like these fans. they cheer to support. they cheer when they're down. they cheer when they're up. it is an awesome experience. and we're so excited to be here for. >> fantastic! we won it! we say champions! woo! world champions! >> they're pretty excited in houston. >> a bunch of hoarse people in houston. >> by the way, 106 days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training. >> there's hope, dodgers. and my washington nationals. that's it
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now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, houston strong. >> the houston astros are world champions. >> the astros celebrate their first world series win. this morning, how they're paying tribute to their fans recovering from harvey and the moment everyone is talking about. the big proposal on live tv after the game. breaking overnight, gunfire inside a colorado walmart. panicked shoppers running for cover. >> they got out through the side door. >> this morning, three people dead and the urgent search for the suspect. demanding the death penalty. president trump speaks out overnight on the new york truck attacker as we


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