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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 2, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, houston strong. >> the houston astros are world champions. >> the astros celebrate their first world series win. this morning, how they're paying tribute to their fans recovering from harvey and the moment everyone is talking about. the big proposal on live tv after the game. breaking overnight, gunfire inside a colorado walmart. panicked shoppers running for cover. >> they got out through the side door. >> this morning, three people dead and the urgent search for the suspect. demanding the death penalty. president trump speaks out overnight on the new york truck attacker as we
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and what was found inside a bag at the scene. plus, the unexpected video that's been found in osama bin laden's vast collection. and why national anthem protests in the nfl are now being blamed for a drop in pizza sales. and what a morning it is, everybody. this morning the city of houston can call itself the home of champions. >> just over two months after being hit bihar very the city has something to celebrate. the astros have won the first world series in the team's history after dominating the dodgers in game seven last night. check out the final out that ended the game. >> here's a ground ball right side can do it. the houston astros are world champions. for the first time in franchise history. >> that does it. unlike the rest of the series this wasn't even cle,
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final score, 5-1. series mvp george springer hit his record-tying fifth home run of the series and when the game was over it was clear the players were dedicating this one to the people of houston. >> you know what, houston, we are a championship city. we take great pride in being there for houston at that time, obviously they responded by falling in love with this team. our september was incredible. october was even better and november, were pretty good. >> that match on our chest truly does mean a lot to us and i'm so happy for all of our fans who have endured a lot and we're coming home champion. >> why, yes, they are the game was in los angeles but 17,000 houston fans watched together. the astros stadium, this was the reaction, the party pouring out into the streets of downtown overnight. we'll dr. much more on the big win for houston coming up in just a few minutes here but right now we want to turn t
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following throughout the overnight hours where three people are dead after a gunman opened fire inside a walmart north of denver, colorado. >> police in thornton call it random and say the store was full of shopper. a woman whose son was inside called her from his hiding place. >> he was near the shooter. the gun was going off and he just called, he said i'm at 1%. my battery is ready to die but there's a shooter here at walmart. i'm not going to tell you which one because i know you're going to come. but if anything happens to me, i love you guys. i love you all so much and he pulled his friend out the side entrance so they got out through the side door. >> must have been terrifying to hear that phone call. police are now searching for this person of interest who they say fled the scene in a red mitsubishi. the victims include two men and a woman all three were in the
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store. and we turn to the first day in court for the man accused of carrying out the deadliest terror attack in new york since 9/11. >> the suspect appeared in a wheelchair before a federal judge as he faced terrorism charges for the truck rampage that killed eight people. now, president trump is calling for the death penalty and wants to end the visa program that cleared the way for the suspect to enter the country. abc's janai norman is here with the new details we're learning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump called the suspect an animal and lashed out at the u.s. justice system. he says the way the system handles terrorists is a joke and that he'd consider sending the suspect to guantanamo bay. overnight the president calling for the death penalty. tweeting nyc terrorist was happy as he asked to hang isis flag in his hospital room. adding should get death penalty. >> we got multiple casualties. this is a mass casualty situation here. >> reporter: president trump has continued to voice strong opinions in the wake of the deadly truck attack in new york city. police say
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a large home depot truck swerving that a bike lane mowing down pedestrians for nearly 20 blocks almost a full mile leaving eight dead. >> have to come up with punishment that's far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now. because what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughingstock. >> reporter: president trump taking a tough stance on the man being labeled a terrorist. a stark contrast to the shooting in las vegas 30 days earlier when for days the white house said it was inappropriate to talk about politics or policy. but the president hasn't stopped the political tweets since they started within hours of the new york attack. taking aim at the diversity lottery program that allowed the suspect into the u.s. seven years ago. >> diversity lottery sounds nice, it's not nice, it's not good so we want to immediately work with congress on the diversity lottery program on terminating it, getting rid
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it. >> reporter: and despite the president calling that a democrat lottery system that program was signed into law by republican president george h.w. bush. it provides about 50,000 visas every year out of millions of politics and diane and kendis, everyone who gets accepted gets a background check. >> and it had bipartisan support there in congress. janai norman, thank you. well, despite the debate over that program, authorities say it appears the suspect was actually radicalized here in the u.s. >> prosecutors say he had 90 videos and thousands of photos on his cell phone, many isis propaganda including images of prisoners being beheaded. now, they say after researching halloween in new york city, he rented a truck on october 22nd to practice making turns and was planning to drive to the brooklyn bridge to target more pedestrians until he collided with a school bus coming off that bike path. here's another reason the crash with the bus likely saved a lot of lives. investigators say the suspect had a bag of knives which he planned to use when he c
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he couldn't reach the bag. do stay with us for more on that attack. late they are half hour more on the victims including five high school friends celebrating a reunion. back to the other headlines out of d.c., former trump campaign chairman paul manafort returns to court today. he and his associate rick gates have been under house arrest since monday when they pleaded not guilty to charges connected to the russia scandal. their lawyers are fighting to have their bonds reduced. manafort's was set at $10 million after he was deemed a flight risk. court documents reveal he has three u.s. passports and even registered a cell phone using an alias. the cia has released documents seized from osama bin laden's compound after he was killed. one document reveals how iran offered to help al qaeda including weapons and cash. bin laden had a video collection that included "where in the world is osama bin laden?" the children's programs like "tom and jerry" and had "charlie bit my finger" from 2007 from
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he was living with family at the time. back here in this country time for a look at your thursday weather. well, winds gusting up to 70 miles an hour through central colorado blew two big rigs over onto their sides. those gusts lasted long enough for the state's transportation department to issue driving restrictions on interstate 70, the major thruway there. now today warmer weather returns to the northeast with temperatures in the 70s from washington, d.c. to new york. the upper midwest will likely stay in the 30s. hot spot in dallas which is expected to top out at 93 degrees. the first 90-degree day in november for that city. still ahead the popular travel website accused of deleting several warnings about tainted alcohol at resorts. plus, caught on camera, a woman's dramatic escape from a kidnapping running from the trunk of a vehicle. a new statement from kevin ac
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we're back with the surveillance video showing the moment a kidnapping victim escaped from the trunk of a car near montgomery, alabama. she had been abducted from her motel room while she was sleeping but when the suspect walked into the gas station, she pulled a lever inside the trunk and escaped. the suspect was arrested yesterday. facebook is now revealing that messages traced back to russia reached up to 150 million americans during the presidential election. members of congress blasted tech company executives for a second day on wednesday for not doing enough to disclose their origin. and they revealed more of those fake pains and ads purchased with russian currency aimed at stoking racial tensions.
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factory in st. petersburg, russia, a reporter who went undercover to work inside told him she used the names of fictional characters to post messages on topics carefully selected by her bosses. to the growing fallout from the sexual harassment scandal in the entertainment industry and learned that kevin spacey overnight is now seeking treatment. in the meanwhile, warner brothers cut ties with brett radner after six women accused him of misconduct. a $450 million financial deal is actually now in question. and actor dustin hoffman has apologized for any inappropriate behavior after a former intern claimed she was harassed on a movie set when she was 17. kirk webster, a publicist with the country music industry has step add way from his firm after being accused of sexual misconduct. the travel website tripadviser is accused of removing warnings about tainted alcohols and assaults at mexican resorts. an investigation by
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milwaukee journal sentinel found more than a dozen travelers say their warnings were deleted from the site without explanation. the company describes some of them as heresay and denies any of its business relationships were a factor. tainted alcohol at mexican resorts prompted a recent travel warning from the state department. when we come back an american family found alive after their boat was attacked by pirates. also ahead, high speed heist. thieves rip off a truck while traveling near 50 miles an hour. the baseball player raising the bar sky high when it comes to proposals. on live television. er, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night.
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downy and it's done. hi, i'm just looking at my account, and i've got all this extra cash back. yep. that's your cashback match. only discover will automatically match all the cash back new cardmembers earn at the end of their first year. you matched everything i earned this year? yeah. whoo! more money! more money! it's all very exciting. i'm going to spread the news! spread it wide! it's cashback match people! people! you know that. you all work here. new cardmembers get a dollar-for-dollar match at the end of their first year. only from discover. this heartbreaking video was record the as some of the victims of tuesday's terror attack in new york were riding their bikes along the west side of manhattan just moments later five of them all from argentina lost their lives in that attack. and those five men were in new york to celebrate their high school reunion. >> and people in their hometown hono
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vigil overnight. there were also supposed to visit boston where another member of their group lives. we have new details about the two american lives cut short by that attack. nicholas cleves was a 23-year-old software engineer. he lived less than two blocks from the bike path where he was killed. and 32-year-old darren drake lived in new jersey. he was out for a bike ride between meetings. drake's father says he had a hunch that something was wrong when he didn't hear from his only son after the attack. >> i'm not even angry. i'm not. i'm not. i'm not angry at all. i'm hurt. i'm absolutely hurt. >> another female victim is from belgium. she was the mother of two children. the california family missing since sunday when armed pirate as tacked their boat in a river in brazil has been found alive in the jungle. brazilian police say adam and emily hartow and their two daughters are in good condition.
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brazil heading back to california at the time of the attack there. a white college student facing hate crime charges after police say she deliberately contaminated her black roommate's belongings with bodily floouds. bri brianna confessed to a local newspaper says she was frustrated with what she called her roommate's rude behavior. that roommate is now speaking out. >> she got me out of the room after a month of spitting in my coconut oil, putting my toothbrush places the sun doesn't shine. putting moldy clam dip on my lotion. >> she says she believes the contamination may have excused the throat pain she's been suffering. a daring method to steal from postal trucks. a security camera caught two men jumping from the hood of their car into the back of the truck as both vehicles were going 50 miles an hour down a road in sweden. they tore open some boxes but
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then moments later you see them here jumping back onto the hood of their moving car empty handed because it was all a setup. they were arrested. >> the area has been dealing with these kind of thefts for awhile now. all right, changing gears and returning to our top story, a big congratulations is due to the houston astros, the new champions of baseball. in fact a store selling world series champs apparel has been open all night with plenty of reasons to celebrate. >> there's a ground ball right side could do it. the houston astros are world champions. >> houston's world series drought is officially over. the most exciting series in memory, a back and forth battle with record number of home runs ending with a blowout. the astros dominating the home team from the start quickly scoring in the first inning silencing dodger fans. >> 3-2 to springer. shot into left center field back at the wall it's gone. >> reporter: george springer's two-run
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ahead 5-0. game seven all houston. >> here's a ground ball right side could do it. the houston astros are world champions. >> one person loving the outcome, kate upton, now word she and pitcher justin verlander who only joined the astros in august will travel to italy this weekend to tie the knot. >> fans embraced us and i mean to be able to do this for them, i mean it's something special. what an incredible city that i've joined. >> it's the most incredible experience to be here and we're really enjoying houston and the fans. >> reporter: and speaking of nuptials, the night finishing with this amazing moment on live television. shortstop carlos correa getting down on one knee and proposing. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> you make me the happiest man in the world. will you marry me. will you marry me. >> oh, my god.
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>> i think she said yes. >> she eventually -- he had to ask her again, what is it going to be? >> hello. >> you should see the ring. it is huge. >> oh, she said yes. >> correa's fiancee is a former miss texas. >> check this out. this is the cover of "sports illustrated" from june of 2014. >> 2014. >> see what it says, your 2017 world series champs predicting the astros would win this year. >> and that series mvp george springer on the cover of that "sports illustrated" cover three years ago. >> how did they do this? >> mind blown. >> lottery numbers, "sports illustrated," right now. up next in "the pulse," losing dough. why the national pizza chain is blaming protests in the nfl for a drop in pizza sales. fans of the "lion king" are in a frenzy as we now know who is going to be the cast in the remake. essential for vinyl, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™".
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♪ let's start with "the pulse" and the nfl's anthem protest controversy apparently being blamed for its effect on pizza sales. check out the commercials for papa john's. they're there during every nfl game. >> well, the company's founder is blaming the anthem controversy for bad tv ratings and as such lower pizza sales. john schnatter is calling out roger goodell accusing him of being a bad leader by not resolving the controversy. okay, so if you were hoping to fly to mars in your lifetime there is a setback in space travel. >> oh, man. a new study warns long-term travel in space permanently changing the brain and affects squeezing it. researchers say the brain can basically float out of position. astronauts have suffered altered investigate and increased pressure in their head as a result and scientists warn they're only beginning to
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consequences. and disney has announced the cast of "the lion king" remake and the big name. >> yeah, we're all excited about this. beyonce slated to play the role of nala. beyonce joins donald glover you see there who plays simba and james earl jones returning as mufa mufasa. >> mufasa, mufasa, mufasa. >> ever wear your slippers to work. >> no, but now i wish i did. >> apparently it's a trend. >> a british shoe company claims wearing slippers to work maybes you more productive on the job in addition to improving your mood. we've been doing it wrong thewa police saying the shooter is armed, dangerous, and on the loose. president trump
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to the "diversity visa program" after the terror attack in manhattan. suspect sayfullo saipov entered the terror attack in manhattan. suspect sayfullo saipov entered the country in 2010, through that program. police say he had planned the attack for months, and had a cell phone loaded with isis propaganda. and just like that-- the houston astros are the 2017 world series champions. they defeated the los angeles dodgers on wednesday night in game 7. this is the first world series win for the astros in franchise history. good morning washington. toss to eileen - 10 milder today
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- 10 milder today - 10 milder today - nearing 80 friday - a few showers possible this weekend - "fall back" to est sunday today: decreasing clouds. milder. highs: 73-77 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: clear to partly cloudy. lows: 53-58 winds: ssw 5 mph friday: increasing clouds. warm. stray late day shower. highs: 75-80 winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph developing now in springfield. police investigating a horrific attack. a man allegedly attacked his wife with an axe, before
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a chainsaw! investigators tell us it happened inside saying happened inside this house on the 75-hundred block of springfield hills drive. police say the couple's adult daughter called 9-1-1 when she walked in on the attack. neighbors were stunned. the 76-year old wife suffered non-life threatening injuries. police say her husband struck her with the blunt side of the axe. they are still
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of the axe. they are still trying to pin down a motivve for the attack. new developments in maryland... after a man is accused of hiding a spy camera in the bathroom of a gymnastics center! police in montgomery county- are starting a tipline for infomration about jonathan oldale. oldale is a father who was involved in summer camps- and was active at his neighborhood pool. he's now banned from school properties. police say they have not found additional hidden devices. some interesting consumer news to tell you about. how about black friday shopping- in augmented reality? well-- amazon is launching it this year. that means you can shop for home office products, decor, and electronics- and get to see what they would look like in your home! the amazon app will help you preview the items to see how they will fit and appear in your rooms. you can also rotate the products and adjust them. it's xx and we're just getting started.
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dangerous. police hunting for the man behing a deadly attack in a walmart. and this morning, we are hearing from people inside, when the bullets started flying. we are seeing new video from the manhattan terror attack, as police learn more about the man responsible. what he asked for, while facing charges that could carry the death penalty. good morning washington. - 10 milder today - nearing 80 friday - a few showers possible this weekend - "fall back" to est sunday today: decreasing clouds. milder. highs: 73-77 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: clear to partly cloudy. lows: 53-58 winds: ssw 5 mph friday: increasing clouds. warm. stray late day shower.
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winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph now to that deadly attack in new york city. president trump making a bold statement on a familiar platform about the suspect accused of carrying out the incident. statement on a familiar platform about the suspect


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