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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 2, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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inside. firefighters made discovery after putting out what was a massive fire. during a search they were stunned to find two bodies in vacant home. while the medical examiner will have to determine i.d., the belief is they were homeless men. neighbors say the house had become a shelter for squatters. >> what do you expect a homeless guy to do if he gets cold? >> he will go in there. >> it hurts. i don't agree to sleeping in houses but people need somewhere to sleep. >> i'm sad that this is the result of it. >> fire investigators spent the day looking for clues inside the home. arson dogs sniffed for gasoline. they even took a birds eye look from high above. looking to answer the question of what set the fire. one mystery likely to go unsolved. why the tragedy keep hitting this street? in the last 16 years foote street has been the scene of multiple house
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>> my home was rebuilt from a fire. >> where a person was severely burned. >> it was horrific. it brought back bad memories when we had a house fire here. just bad memories. my father and the four others that were killed in this house. house here before. that is one of the reason this afternoon because there is no way to piece them together. they are not linked in any way. the fire department was here going door to door to make sure people have smoke detectives to stress this is the best protection. in seat pleasant, brad bell, abc7 news. >> this is just in the
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looking for whoever put signs on the school that reads, "it's okay to be white." take a look at what the flyers look like. posted on the ten exterior door. they found them this morning and took them down before the students arrive. this is a surveillance picture of the people who put it up. they are taking it seriously. they sent a letter home to parents about what happened here. the letter says this same flyer posted at the other cities this week. from the "live desk," nancy chen, abc7 news. alison: thank you. route 3 is back open after a massive pileup in fredericksburg. one person was killed. several others taken to the hospital. six cars collided on route three near i-95 and gateway boulevard. they are trying to figure out
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larry: disturbing details in a tragic domestic situation in fairfax county. 70-year-old man attacked his 76-year-old wife with an axe, cutting her neck and face. this happened yesterday afternoon at a home in springfield. officers say he killed himself with a chainshaw. the woman is expected to recover. alison: for the first time we are hearing chilling 911 calls from advanced granite solutions in edgewood, maryland. it reveals the confusion, the fear and the horror of the shootings there october 18. radee prince is accused of killing three people. stephen tschida with the 911 calls. >> the first call, a woman in the state of confusion. >> i'm not sure what is going on. everyone is in shock. >> quickly the realization of what was happening set in. >> a lot of ambulances. how many people? ten? >> radee prince, employee of the advanced granite solutions alleged to have caed
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then opening fire. killing three. wounding two. >> everybody is running out. someone has a gun. radee prince shot a man in delaware before they caught up with him. the coworkers grappled with the aftermath of the mass shooting. >> he killed somebody. >> 911. >> police say that prince targeted the man in delaware as well. he is behind bars now. awaiting trial. where we expect to find out what motivated the deadly shooting spree. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: a judge ordered paul manafort and a business associate to remain under house arrest. the judge warned lawyers not to talk about the chase. admonishing manafort's attorney for talking to the press after monday's hearing. manafort and rick gates
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12-count indictment in connection to special counsel russia probe. the judge is expected to set a trial date for april. larry: the president's nominee to be agriculture department chief scientist withdrawn the nomination because of the russia probe. clovis dropped out after being linked to george papadopoulos who pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. agents. new at 5:00, environmental groups filed lawsuit challenging the administration's attempt to shrink national monuments. he plans to reduce the size of two monuments in utah and others in nevada, oregon and monuments in the pacific. white house has not commented on the lawsuits. alison: take a live look outside. it's gorgeous. it does not feel like november today.
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>> this is a special day. bill: it's gorgeous. we have warm sky with a few cumulus clouds. it's 71. down from the mid-70's earlier as we get closer to sunset. by the way, this time next week we will already be five or six minutes if not more in the sunset already. we set the clocks back upcoming sunday night. you don't even need a coat. we will stay in the mid-60's through 11:00. a few clouds floating by later on. that is the extent of it. the day tomorrow, friday. what a great friday forecast. 69 for lunch outside. we will be closer to the record than the normal. but the late day showers are possible. drive home, like the other night. we may see light
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thunderstorms are not in the forecast. so a high school football game, that type of thing. we turn it around on saturday and we talk about that coming up. larry: we will see you soon. now the deadly terror attack in new york city as the country is on high alert. the suspect confessing to be influenced by isis and driving a truck down a bike path in lower manhattan tuesday. today the streets are back open. school, many next to the terrorist path are back in session. community is determined to be resilient. >> what is exceptional is new yorkers are undeterred. >> the suspect faces terrorism charges. authorities say they found thousands of isis images and more than 90 videos on the phone. count on abc7 to follow developmentsments in the terror
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we're sending out alerts. you can download the news app searching wjla. alison: gunshots ringing out inside a wal-mart in denver area. three people were killed last night. tonight the manhunt is coming to an end. police received a tip and moved in arresting the man. we have more from colorado. >> this is the man police say took out a handgun and opened fire killing three people. 47-year-old scott ostrem arrested when the police spotted his car driving past apartment building on thursday. >> this is from a tip from the citizens. the officers did high risk stop on the vehicle and were able to take the suspect in custody. police say they don't have a motive but
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picture of ostrem's background shows a man with serious financial problems known to law enforcement. in 1990 he was arrested for harassment and sentenced to two days in jail. less than ten years later in is the -- 1999 arrested again, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. >> there were five or six gunshots. we knew we had to get out of the wal-mart as soon as possible. hundreds of shoppers inside fleeing the scene when the shooting began. they identified him as reviewing surveillance video. larry: this is what you need to know. seven tax brackets will be
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double for most people. the personal exemptions for the medical expenses would go away. prompt tax deductions would stay and it would allow churches to endorse political candidates. announcer: just ahead. check the home fire extick wisher -- fire extinguisher. recall that homeowners should not ignore. intense relief after a missing american family reappears. the ordeal on the amazon. after the break, your shot at a fortune. where you can find the "wheel - [narrator] the typical vacuum head, it can struggle with large debris and stuck on dust. at shark we asked, what if the vacuum head could do more? so we removed the front wall and added a rotating soft brush. so, while deep cleaning carpets, you can also grab large particles. (dramatic music) even pull in piles. (rumbling) and directly engage floors for a beautiful, polished look.
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people ask you, how can ayou possibly do this?e, and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it.
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larry: back now with a thrilling world series finale. the astros winning the first championship, victory that means so much after hurricane harvey. [cheers & applause] mad dash in the bullpen after ending the 55-year drought for houston's first ever title. all in front of a stunned dodger stadium crowd and 1600 miles away in houston the astros faithful erupting in celebration. >> i'm so happy for all of our fans who have endured a lot. >> yeah. pitcher
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playoff share to harvey relief. alison: wow! so the "wheel of fortune" wheel mobile rolled in d.c. the game show airs right here on abc7 at 7:00. do you want to spin the wheel kidd o'shea show us how to audition. i bet a lot of people are hoping for this. >> there are. look behind me. >> wheat of -- wheel of fortune. kidd: we are on the u.d.c. campus. where the auditions are about to begin. >> this is marty. >> hello. >> he plays pat on the road. >> that is me. that is what i'm here for. >> fine contestant for wheel of fortune. that could $1 million. >> is my millionaire here today? [cheers & applause]
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>> there three shows tonight. >> we are looking for high energy and game players. >> if someone is at home and have a family member at work that wants to audition, do you have time to get here? >> we do. three one-hour show. we are going to 9:30 tonight so come out. if you dreamed about being a contestant you have to be here tonight or tomorrow night. kidd: all right. thank you very much. >> a game board right here. this is mallory playing vanna on the road. >> we are excited to get the contestants in d.c. to have an opportunity to audition. >> when people get on stage what do you look for them to do? >> we want the energy. have a personality shine up here. be excited about playing the games. we want good game players. >> you will be calling out names. >>
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this four years ago. it was fun. i'm sure you want me to call your name. right? [cheers & applause] kidd: super excited. take part at come on out and we will see you on wheel of fortune. >> they are all fired up. >> no shortage of energy. >> i had an opportunity to go to one of the tapings for "wheel of fortune." they take a whole month in a weekend. i have to hand it to pat. they hammed it up with the crowd. they film it real-time. so commercial breaks are really three minutes. he goes out there, this is in portland, oregon. he goes to the back of the auditorium and talking to the people in the back. they are saying, "pat, one minute, 30 seconds." we know how it goes. he is li
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i'll do the show. he is very nice guy. alison: very nice. he is from around here. bill: i didn't know that. alison: from maryland. larry: had a home in potomac. alison: he has come out to help with us the cherry blossom parade. it's awesome. bill: a great show, too. take a look at this. gorgeous. a few clouds floating around. you want to jump in. so pretty. is toasty okay? is that overstated? larry: no it's appropriate. want to keep it real. the temperaturize we are in the 70's. reston is 4. you notice that this is mid-to-low 70's around the area. of course the sun is going down shortly. we have 74 at falls church. all of our areas including some of the generally cooler spots mild. winchester is 68.
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when we met at this same time yesterday is 20 to 25 degrees warmer in spots. that is considerable and that is something you will notice if you step outside. a few if any clouds around the area. most of those are up north. it is changing. i want to give you the overall picture we look at the future cast out the next couple of days. so tonight at 7:30, we are fine. we have a cold front to bring us a chance for showers to pop up. the football game the drive home tomorrow, a few showers. saturday we are in the cold
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but it won't last long. saturday it will bounce back up again. see the clouds. better chance of the rain showers on saturday. 67 by 8:00. feeling nice. the sun is down. 77 with the morning sunshine on the day tomorrow. isolated evening showers going to be around the region. looking ahead at the seven-day forecast. it's cooler on saturday. you saw a 24-hour change today. warmer than yesterday. saturday is the opposite. cooler on saturday. look drying in the upper 60's. maybe storms on monday. keep an eye on that. alison: okay. all in all, wow! great start to november. bill: near record territory. record tomorrow is 83. larry: mom and her baby in a stroller today with a tank top and shorts. i almost took a picture. it would be creepy so i didn't. [laughter]
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coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- attacking life without boundaries. inspirational swimmer who isn't letting the disabilities hold her back. the same said for a runner who is blind and trying to make history. the only thing he will use to navigate the course up next. larry: tonight on abc7 -- larry: here is a look at what the "good morning washington" team working on tomorrow. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," how your car could be exposing the private information to thieves. >> what you need to know to protect yourself. >> plus watch for your chance to spin to win up to $200. >> see you bright and early for traffic and weather every ten minutes on "good morning mark herring: my mom always worked hard to provide for our family.
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all things -- tting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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alison: inspirational story. we introduce you to a competitive swimmer not letting disabilities hold her back. open water swimming is a tough sport but this athlete attacks life without boundaries. we have more on this rising star. scott: attacking life without boundaries. >> therei
5:24 pm
and i can." >> 27-year-old rose is doing just that. >> she has a competitive spirit. she wants to do better. she wants to go faster. >> born with disabilities and epilepsy, she competes internationally in open water swimming. >> my mom started swimming when she was pregnant with me. i have been swimming all my life. >> training with a group called wade one in the potomac river at national harbor with mom by her side. >> just to look up and sometimes our faces meet. it's just like, it is pure heaven to me. >> rose is a terrific athlete. she won the bronze in 1500 meters, another perfect example of
5:25 pm
anything she put her mind to. >> i worked so hard for the bronze medal. >> rose is now focused on starting college and getting that degree. don't let people tell you that you can't do anything. you can do it. >> becoming a leader and everybody should follow. larry: simon is trying to be the first blind runner to finish relying on technology. other visually impaired runners repaired on human guides. >> but he will be guided only by an app. it's one that he helped create. >> crossing the finish line is full of emotion.
5:26 pm
time. >> the app uses g.p.s. to tell him to move left or right to avoid obstacles and other runners. alison: that is incredible. larry: for 26 miles. alison: incredible. so many people around him. larry: yeah. imagine if it works. how it will change the way blind people get around cities. alison: no question. that is amazing. all right. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the race for virginia's governor is certainly heating up. we are bringing the candidates straight to you. you will hear from republican ed gillespie tonight. larry: plus an amazing rescue. american family attacked by pirates in the amazon. we will tell you how they were found. plus this. >> a car hits and kills two people. suspect bolts. i'm kevin lewis
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northam nt to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. alison: welcome back. abc7 is following the virginia's governor's race. this week we sit down with both candidates. tonight republican ed gillespie shares his thoughts on the race and what his plans would be for the future of virginia. jonathan elias takes us beyond the podium. jonathan: why do you want to be governor? >> if it were about me i would be disconcerted by the attacks and the ugliness we see. bu
5:30 pm
you know i'm the son of an immigrant. my father came to this country as a child. nothing, clothes on his back. insisted my brothers and sisters and i go to college. we with the first generation to do that. i served as counselor to the president of the united states of america and i want other families to have the same opportunity for upward mobility. jonathan: he has been a businessman, lobbyist, chairman of the national republican party and adviser to the president of the united states. but he never held public office. republic candidate for governor in virginia told me that is a plus. >> i think my experience is important and candidate helped prepare me to be effective governor for the people of virginia. so i consider it to be an asset. jonathan: three years ago he ran for senate and lost but not by much. >> i'm a better candidate in this race than that race. i learned a lot from it.
5:31 pm
the truth is i'm less guarded in some ways in this campaign. i was afraid of making a mistake in 2014. >> he hopes this time is different. his positions are pro life with some exceptions. in favor of tax cuts. 10% cut across the board. he wants to increase the jobs and the state economic growth rate. but that is only a few. >> the worst part about virginia. the part that bothers you the most, the part that says it bothers me every time i think about it and i want it fixed. >> the opioid epidemic. i want that fixed. i want it fixed in a big, big way. >> the best part of virginia. the part you celebrate every time you think about it. >> verzian -- virginians. >> the virginians are watching a bitter, ugly race getting thousands of
5:32 pm
both sides said things were unfair or untrue. >> ed sold them out. >> he said the vice president and senator marco rubio stump for him. >> ed gillespie. >> the president endorses him but gillespie has not stumped with him or even advertised that endorsement. >> are you distancing yourself from the president? >> no, i'm responding to what the voters of virginia care about. the president doesn't come up. people want to know i want to get home in time to have dinner with my family and i'm tired of getting stuck in traffic. do you have transportation solutions? i do. alison: tomorrow, jonathan sits down one-on-one with the democratic candidate ralph northam. hear what he has to say about the race and the future of the commonwealth. you can watch both candidates full interviews if you do to the website or the app. larry: frederick county this morning a car hit and killed two people in a down home community. the 24-year-old driver from
5:33 pm
afternoon with two counts of first-degree murder. kevin lewis has the latest. >> they are advising that someone was beating people and driving on people. >> around 5:00, police believe a man ran over two people and crashed a silver chevy malibu on a grassy island 50 feet away. >> i heard quet -- i heard "help, help." >> she was lettering doubt and walked to the winter and saw a driver in a panic. >> he was walking around with a second like the hands like this and then he took off and ran this way. >> the officers caught him nearby. he is now at central booking. investigators set up tents and called in the state attorney office. >> working a grueling ten-hour shift. this is a normal neighborhood full of families. >> neighbors explain the driver is related to a couple who live in this town home. the police haven't released names or a
5:34 pm
the scene so grisly, they used a street sweeper and the water tanker to wash away the carnage. >> blood everywhere. all over. all over. issad, very sad. >> we saw a father of one victim leaving the crime scene in tears. a lot of details hashed out. we have been waiting for update from authorities for more than four hours now. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. the antidefamation league says acts of antisemitism are up nationwide. organization reporting 6 cases of harassment or vandalism in our area in the first nine months of the year. 23 of the cases in maryland. 2 in d.c. and virginia. that is a two-third increase over the same time last year. >> today president trump announced $100 billion company returning to theu
5:35 pm
broadcom limited that makes communication chips around the world relocating the home address to delaware. once the move is approved. this middle easterns $to a year in revenue -- $20 billion a year in revenue is back in the u.s. >> american family is safe after being captured by pirates in brazil. adam and emily and the children ages 3 and 7 were riding a ferry down the amazon when the pirates stormed the boat and robbed them. authorities told family members about the incident and couldn't locate them for three days. >> we confirm they are alive. >> we are confirmed. >> thank god. get them home. larry: they were rescued by soldiers soldiers who saw them floating on a surfboard. it's not known how they were able to get away from the pirates. alison: goodness. incredible. still to come at 5:00, hundreds stage a die-in on the hill
5:36 pm
to know. plus this -- >> amazon expands the jobs and the training program for veterans. we will bring you details coming up. larry: new at 6:00, a school uses the 9/11 attacks in a math problem. the shocking question at a school that lost a graduate in america's deadliest terror
5:37 pm
bill: welcome back, everyone. the story today is the temperatures. beautiful day out there. still at 74 at dulles. quantico around 70. college park at 74. very few in any clouds around the area. if you have evening plans it's looking great. you probably don't need the jacket. 67 by
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hurry in. now's the time to save big at havertys. life looks good. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam nt to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
5:40 pm
larry: there was a die-in and they represented those who die every day. the u.s. activists say the u.s. spends less on lung cancer than any other form of cancer. alison: they are the foundation of the country. now the nation's veterans are getting jobs with one of the top employers. cheryl conner has amazon's jobs for vets. cheryl: he went around the world as an officer and now he is around the desk filling a passion at the keyboard. >> because it's veterans, we will always put the mission first. >> harry is amazon's newest employee. the former army officer is one of seven veterans locally part of an apprenticeship at amazon web services in herndon. today he announced the program now includes the d.c. area. >> they come from an environment wh
5:41 pm
challenge each other and roll up their sleeves and solve problems. >> the vets finished four months in a classroom at northern virginia community college. now they will work for a year on what is called cloud competing to help with internet technology. >> the building in herndon doesn't look like fulfillment center. but the amazon has several corporate offices in the d.c. area. >> the holiday gifts aren't coming here but dickerson will be supporting the mission to help businesses behind them grow. congresswoman barbara comstock say veterans are a good fit. it's part of the commitment amazon made to hire vets and military spouses by 2011. >> you can chase your passion. they have it here. cheryl: marching order from america to orders from amazon executives. in herndon, cheryl
5:42 pm
abc7 news. alison: coming up at 5:00. sounding the alarm about faulty fire extinguishers. "7 on your side" with the red flag you need to know about before an emergency. larry: plus, republicans releasing their tax plan today. how the proposal would affect you and your money coming up. running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more. with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv for only $24.90 more per month. comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today.
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alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. kitchen fires, car fires. big reasons why millions of americans buy fire extinguishers. but tonight 38 million of them are under recall. >> either fire extinguishers could have a probl
5:46 pm
and cites 16 report of injuries and property damage. larry: are there ways to tell your fire extinguish is a dud without pulling the tab? there are red flags the watch out for. lisa fletcher explains. lisa: if you reach for a fire extinguisher, you expect this to happen. but this isn't always the case. fires double in size every 60 seconds. if the first line of defense, fire extinguisher is malfunctioning, it can get out of control fast. here are the red flags. >> the main things to check are damage, outside of the extinguish is
5:47 pm
or beat up. the gauge is what to look for. if it's fully pressured fine but if not get a new one. something else to compromise the extinguisher, corrosion. likely if it's kept in a damp area like a garage or a basement. >> the corrosion areas are here. you worry around the neck. >> most extinguishers have a life of five to 15 years. he recommends making a habit to inspect your extinguisher when you test the fire alarms and says it is a good idea to keep one on every floor of your house. lisa fletcher, abc7 news. larry: a warning tonight from "7 on your side." discount makeup you are buying at a bargain, watch out. kimberly suiters goes undercover to expose counterfeit coz methoddics
5:48 pm
warning of the dangers of the beauty market tonight at 11:00. alison: ahead at 6:00, technology that is drawing a face from the d.n.a. in the hunt for a violent rapist. plus shocking video from manhattan. >> i need an ambulance. alison: more on the race to save children trapped in a school bus rammed by the terrorists. what the driver did that may have saved him. we will tell you why a former maryland governor says the project that brought metro to the university of maryland was a huge mistake. coming up at 6:00. >> historic lows at an unemployment factor. there were 5,000 fewer new enrollees for unemployment benefits last week and it could go up in the next future as costa rica follows backlog claims. look at the
5:49 pm
landscape tomorrow when the federal jobs report for october comes out on the first friday of the month. >> there you go. >> bill is here now to talk about lunchbox weather. >> this is molly who handed the camera over to brian. he says we are good. filming the students out there. she was teaching them about the water cycle and the pressure. i love watching how engaged the kids are. we had a great weather question. this is from alyssa. >> i'm alyssa. my question is how can you predict how much snow will
5:50 pm
fall? bill: how do we know how much snow will fall? a few things. first when we talk about just a snow forecast, we look at how much moisture is expected. we look for rain. how much moisture is expected. a key ingredient to look at the snowfall forecasting is the air temperature and how dry the air is. the air is really cold. really cold. you will get the really light fluffy snow. the kind like you can go out and blow and it will blow off. if the air temperatures are warmer, 30, 31 degrees you will get the heavy snow. it could bring totals down and it will make it tougher. the dry snow is easier to drive in, a little easier to move around. but you might get this much snow. you push it off.
5:51 pm
>> then we have icy days. bill: freezing rain, that's a joy. alison: thank you very much. erin has sports. erin: what's up? last night the astros won the world series. beating the dodgers in a game seven. today the nationals made a step forward toward what they hope will be a championship of their own. they announced the new manager dave martinez. i sat down with him who is a former player and a bench coach but never a manager until now. >> i'm elated to be here. >> i'm honored. >> what culture will you instill here? >> it is fun.
5:52 pm
>> i inherited a good team. i want to build relationship with them. >> when did it click, this is my calling and my passion. >> what advice did he give you? >> be myself. >> who reached out to you and when did they say when you got the job here? >> i have had 600 text messages. >> a lot of people reached out. >> what is it like to get interview and you don't get the job but staying strong mentally. >> if you do something that you love and you can't wait to
5:53 pm
get there, it is gratifying. i told myself you will get an opportunity so stay with it and keep learning. larry: we see the astros win. a.j. hinch, first-time manager and long-time bench cubs. but the two cubs that haven't done energy forever and he brings the experience. >> a lot of good experience. he said that martinez is progressive. i think they like that. larry: the new look. >> still to come we now know what the g.o.p. tax plan looks like. >> what does it mean for the average american? we break it down after the break.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
jonathan: republicans in t
5:57 pm
and major cup to corporate taxes. >> this will be the biggest tax reduction in the history of the country. >> among the changes, the corporate tax rate slashed from 35 to 20%. it will double from 12 to 24,000. >> the typical family of four will save $182,000 a year on taxes. >> there are ways that the americans may pay more in taxes.
5:58 pm
>> property tax are going to be capped. the price tag on the cuts have some republicans expressing reservations. >> democrats are skeptical of the sweeping overhaul. >> they are ashamed of the bill. >> the last time the tax reform happened a bipartisan effort took two years to hammer out. president trump says he wants this done in two months. calling this a beautiful christmas present. jonathan: right now at 6:00 -- >> oh, my gosh. okay. >> i need an ambulance. >> chilling video s
5:59 pm
what a bus driver did that may have saved the children in the bus. michelle: picture of a rapist drawn from d.n.a. we are fighting back against crime with a look at the d.n.a. that the police hope will get a violent man off the street. >> a woman jumping from a car and running for her life. how the kidnapper reacted coming up at 6:00. >> police used d.n.a. recovered from a rape last month to create picture of the attacker they are looking for. >> we are learning how the snapshot suspect composite is built. >> thaw are hoping to catch
6:00 pm
the dangerous criminals. >> a process they have been developing for five years is helping the law enforcement. >> we look at d.n.a. like a blueprint for the person and contains to the information that led to the appearance. >> director of bioinfermatics and they look at the d.n.a. differently. >> the forensic d.n.a. analysis. you are comparing it to a data base. if you don't get matches it can't tell you anything. >> one of the first sames they tested she says was her own. >> i know i have a long narrow face. to see the d.n.a. say i have a long narrow face is cool. >> now they help the an zest -- an sesry for 150 cases. >> when we report it back they are so excited. a lot of times these are the cold cases. this is unsolved for decades. they


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