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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 3, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the so-called middle class miracle. the republican tax plan revealed. >> we are giving them a big, beautiful christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut. >> major changes to deducts and credits affecting millions. this morning who stands to benefit the most? developing overnight attorney general jeff flasessio is in the spotlight in the russia investigation. >> i have no knowledge of any such conversations. >> democrats demand to know whether he misled congress about contact. the new documents raising doubts. breaking news this morning, the hunt for a killer who opened fire at this starbucks. three people shot including a 12-year-old boy.
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caught on camera, distracted driving. what happened when police pulled over the wife of new jersey governor chris christie. and president trump's twitter account deactivated. who twitter says is to blame for knocking the president offline. we do say good morning, everybody, on this friday and begin with the president embarking/a 12-day trip to asia after getting the ball rolling, you might say on his sweeping tax reform package. >> the $1.5 trillion plan promises to significantly cut taxes for businesses and the middle class to make it simple enough to file taxes on a postcard but the plan is getting immediate pushback from both sides of the aisle. a abc's janai norman has the details. janai, good morning. >> reporter: diane and kendis we are finally learning the details of that plan and the president is hopin
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of headway planning to sign it into law by christmas. his first official trip to asia likely to be dominated by trade issues and tensions surrounding north korea's missile and nuclear weapon program telling laura ingraham from fox news -- >> we have a big problem called north korea. china has been helpful. we are talking trade with china. >> reporter: during the trip that includes stops in beijing, seoul and tokyo. president trump hopes republicans back home make strides on tax reform. >> i'll be back in 11 days. i know things will go well. >> this is the beginning of the end of this horrible tax code in america. >> reporter: the sweeping new tax bill cuts the number of tax brackets from seven to four, doubles the standard deduction for married couples bringing it to $24,000 and offers big breaks for the rich like repealing the estate tack and a win for business by slashing corporate taxes from 35% to 20% but american families could end up paying me
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popular tax breaks like getting rid of the student loan interest deduction. writing off medical expenses and cutting the mortgage interest deduction in half. >> they're doing tax giveaways to the wealthy and the powerful and telling the middle class, take a hike. you're on your own, baby. >> reporter: and even though republicans promise to cut the deficit, this plan is estimated to cost roughly $1.5 trillion over the next decade and diane and kendis it's that price tag that even some republicans aren't sold on. >> yet they're hoping to get it passed by christmas. janai norman for us this morning. thank you. well, the russia election meddling investigation appears to be getting closer to the president's inner circle. >> new documents have attorney jeff sessions in the spotlight. top democrats are demanding to know whether jeff sessions misled congress when he testified that he was not aware of anyone in the trump campaign ever communicates with the russian government. new questions are being raised after that guilty plea this week from former t
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adviser george papadopoulos. documents show during the campaign papadopoulos was trying to set up a meeting with people he believed were connected to the russian government. this morning's "new york times" reports papadopoulos quote trumpeted his connectionness front of mr. trump and mr. sessions. abc news has learned that then senator jeff sessions was leading this meeting of trump's national security team in march of 2016 when he rejected an offer from papadopoulos to seek a meeting with russian president vladimir putin. but as recently as last month, sessions again denied any contacts between the campaign and the russians. >> i have never met with or had any conversation with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election in the united states. >> reporter: documents released by robert mueller claim even after sessions rejected him, papadopoulos continued to push campaign officials to meet with people papadopoulos believed were connected to the russian government. and despite theew
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with the matter insists sessions was not aware that anyone in the campaign ever contacted russian officials. and more fallout from the russia investigation. a former trump adviser has withdrawn his name from consideration for a top position at the agriculture department. sam clovis allegedly encouraged george papadopoulos to continue communicating with the russians. the president was already, though, under fire for naming clovis who is a controversial figure. he was going to be named as chief scientist but many say he lacks credentials on science. this all comes as our new poll shows 49% of americans believe trump likely broke the law during the presidential campaign. more than half approve of how robert mueller is handling the investigation. on the other side of the aisle the former head of the democratic national committee claims hillary clinton staged a, quote, secret takeover of the dnc to rig the primary against bern si sanders. in her new book donna brazile says the dnc was rigged in clinton's favor b
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clinton's campaign was largely financing the party early in the primary season. president trump is calling for a criminal investigation and he spoke to fox news last night. >> it's a major story. now, i don't know if the mainstream fake media, because they are fake and phony but i just don't know if they'll pick it up. that is a big story what she's saying, it's illegal number one and very unfair to bernie sanders. i'm not a bernie sanders fan although i got a lot of his votes when he was thrown out. many of those people voted for me because of trade. >> reporter: donna brazile says clinton's funding arrangement with the dnc was not illegal but does say it compromised the party's integritity. breaking news from chicago. a gunman opened fire inside a starbucks killing one man and injuring two others including a 12-year-old boy. they say the man killed may have been involved in a drug deal with the suspect outside the coffee shop. unclear if the injured victims have any connection to the shooter. a security scare at the university of north carolina,
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the chapel hill campus. one person was injured during the explosion. the suspect. who police say is a former student now in custody. witnesses say he could be heard saying hail satan. time now for a look at your weather on this friday morning. heavy snow is making travel treacherous on the highways of montana. crews responded to dozens of crashes and cars sliding off icy roads. up to two feet of snow is expected in some areas. temperatures will be in the high 20s today in great fall, montana. portland and seattle will be in the 40s, expect 80-degree temperatures in texas. also unseasonably warm here in new york city as runners gather for this supplemenday's maratho. 79 for boston and d.c. well, still ahead right here, new video just in showing people with the iphone x already
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hits stores. and chained to a bench and left overnight, a police department is answering some questions after forgetting that a woman was in a holding cell. >> plus, a student injured in the new york city terror attack speaks out. why he refused to miss the next day of school. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way
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we're back with video of the all female police squad that's preparing to guard first lady melania trump and ivanka trump in tokyo. the unit got to work yesterday when the president's daughter arrived in japan. the president arrives on sunday. more than 10,000 police officers will be on duty in tokyo. a police officer in denver is suspended this morning after forgetting about a woman in a holding cell. >> i was looking in the
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i was -- can anybody help me and then nobody. >> victoria uglade was taken into custody for an unpaid parking ticket. the desk officer admits he didn't notice she was in the cell. another officer then spotted her 13 hours later. >> wow. >> can anybody help me? >> when did you get here? >> i have pain in my lungs and i can't breathe. >> how long have you been here? >> since yesterday. >> the police department is reviewing policy changes they say it's the third time this year that something like this has happened. new trouble for disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. "the new york time "the new york times" reports prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into $600,000 he raised for an aids charity and whether they fraud occurred when the mope was spent at a theater where a weinstein musical was being staged. his spokesperson did not comment on this latest allegation. >>
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eight more people have accusing oscar winner kevin spacey of misconduct including a former production assistant on his netflix show "house of cards" who told cnn that spacey sexually assaulted him. >> as retailers prepare for the holidays the mall of america says it won't open on thanksgiving. part of a growing movement against stores opening on the holiday and the mall is going a step further making black friday a holiday so employees get overtime pay. black friday is three weeks away but the deals are already starting. amazon is pushing discounts on toys, appliances and electronics and ebay is promising daily deals every five minutes through next thursday. around the world people are starting to use their new iphones. the first customers got their hands on the iphone x in australia. apple expects sales of the new phone to fuel its most profitable quarter ever. ceo tim cook says they're ramping up production to try to meet demand. when we come back
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dozens of people gathered to honor those killed and juried in tuesday's terror attack in new york. they marched on the bike path where the attack started and ended it a mile away. >> concrete barriers are going up to and will be installed in 57 locations along the path. isis released a statement calling the attack suspect a soldier of the caliphate. >> we're hearing the story of a teenager who survived the attack speaking publicly about his terrifying ordeal. >> oh, my god. >> 17-year-old know what was sitting there on that school bus on his way home when he came face-to-fa
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>> and i heard that crash. >> the home depot truck allegedly used by a 29-year-old suspect crashed into noah's school bus. the teenager remembering every detail that followed. >> i started to cry and then i said i want to just get out of here quickly as i can then i sat there for a minute and heard a gunshot. >> my phone rings. i see it's noah. >> reporter: his mom getting the terrifying call. >> i know i said in a shaky scared voice, mommy, you have to come and pick me up from this place. >> reporter: when he finally got transported his dad watching on live tv where he saw noah on that stretcher. >> was able to call noah and spoke to him briefly and saw him on a stretcher on channel 7 so that was a real odd moment. it lasted long enough. he was on a stretc
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>> reporter: he was so okay, in fact, he decided to go to school the very next day. >> because i wanted to go because i wasn't hurt and i wasn't injured. >> you could have gotten away with it. >> yeah. >> yeah, but noah was determined to go to school the day after the attack because he wants to have that perfect attendance record at the end of the school year. two women on the run after the brutal killing of a manager at an auto parts store in detroit. one shot the vietnam veteran after he caught them trying to rob the store. a reward of $12,000 is being offered. two people survived this plane crash landing in a pond on a las vegas golf course. the plane was making its final approach to the north las vegas airport when the pilot reported engine failure. well, video has surfaced showing the first lady of new jersey caught up in a crackdown started by her husband. mary pat chris
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over while holding her phone while driving. it was create ceded by christie's administration. she denied making a call with the phone but pleaded guilty and paid a $250 fine and did not identify herself as the governor's wife. >> didn't try to play the don't you know who i amcard. >> it probably wouldn't work. houston, astros fans are ready to party. >> the plane was greeted by a firehossa lawsuit. george springer carried the championship trophy off the plane still hanging on to it when the team arrives at the stadium. probably slept with it last night too. today more than a million people are expected to watch the team's victory parade. most of the city's schools are also closed so the kids can attend. pretty cool. >> well deserved celebration. tough news for football fans. espn reports deshaun watson will undergoing season-ending surgery after tearing his acl during practice on thursday. >> he was having such a great season up until
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the meantime, the jets, the jets dominated in the third quarter against the bills. new york surprised a lot of fans last night beating buffalo, 34-21. don't look now but they're looking good. all right, coming up, the danger involved with this weekend's time change as we move the clocks back. plus, seeing color for the first time. high-tech view finders bringing people to tears. donald trump knocked offline deactivated from twitter. hear who twitter is blaming this morning. dinary. see, oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. beta-what? stay with me here. this is where it gets interesting. this fiber really doesn't like cholesterol. so, it traps some of the bad cholesterol and shows it a thing or two. making quaker oats a delicious part of a heart-healthy diet. high-five, fiber. ♪
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♪ ♪ give extra. get extra. kohls super saturday shop early to save big and take an extra 20% off mens vests just $14.39 juniors boots $27.99 mini kitchen electrics only $10.39 and when you give joy you get joy with kohls cash kohls ♪ it is your friday "pulse." we learned why president trump's twitter account was beefly deactivated. >> around 7:00 last night visitors to at real donald trump saw the message, sorry, that page doesn't exist. the whole thing lasd
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minutes but apparently it was a twitter staffer that caused this whole thing. >> take a look at the message that came up. so here's twitter's explanation. through our investigation we have learned that was done by a twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee's last day. we are conducting a full internal review. >> shut off someone's twitter account. >> on his last day. a japanese company is offering a pretty sweet perk to employees who don't smoke. six extra days of vacation. >> so the idea came up after some employees complained that while they're hard at work their colleagues who smoke are stepping outside for a cigarette break all day long. so far the company says it's a win/win situation. >> hey, maybe the idea will catch on across japan where nearly 40% of men in their 30s apparently smoke. >> okay. >> there you go. >> that's a lot of people taking breaks. of course, this is the season to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and some people
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feast their eyes on the breathtaking. >> they recently installed hi high-tech view finders for the color-blind. now they can see all those autumn leaves in living color for the first time and check out their reaction. >> i mean i really feel like now i know why people come from miles and, you know, states around just to see. just to see this. >> amazing. >> yeah, one woman who has been colorblind most of her life feels like she's in heaven after seeing that. it's near peak in the smoky mountains right about now. >> no better time for it. this weekend we'll get an extra hour of sleep. whoo-hoo. >> before you go to bed on saturday night, don't forget to set your clock back one hour. there seems to be a growing
4:24 am
time change. many companies say it hurts productivity. one researcher even found a 7% increase in fatal car crashes because of the early darkness. >> but it will be a little brighter this year for that time change. saturday night's full moon will be the largest in nearly 70 years. it won't come this close to earth again until 2034 but there are quite a few state, massachusetts now has a new movement where they're trying to do away with the whole changing of the clocks and trying to recruit other states on board too. >> indiana stays the same. the same for arizona. >> and hawaii. more news afyour forecast. that's moments away.. but first here are some of the top stories we are following right now. president trump is leaving today-- for an 11 day asia tour. this comes less than 24 hours after he and house republicans introduce a sweeping tax reform bill. advocates say the tax cuts will save middle class families almost 2 thousand dollars a year. but many democratic critics say it is just a gian
4:25 am
a colorado man is heading to court today-- after he is nabbed in a statewide manhunt. scott ostrem is accused of gunning down three innocent people inside a walmart wednesday night. police still trying to figure out why he targeted his victims. good morning washington. toss to eileen - another warm day! spotty pm shower - much cooler saturday; pm showers - milder sunday - rain likely late monday; another big cool-down coming today: am sun. pm clouds; spotty afternoon/evening shower. warm. highs: 75-80 winds: sw to nw 5-10+ mph tonight: mostly to partly cloudy. breezy. lows: 41-51 winds: n 5-15 mph saturday: partly becoming mostly cloudy. pm showers. much cooler. highs: 55-60 winds: ne 5 mph developing now-- an alleged sex trafficking ring-- busted up in fairfax county. police say a tip lead them to a hotel room in springfield. officers tell us three women were held captive there,
4:26 am
three women were held captive there, for at least a week, wanting them to perform sex acts. officers arrived and arrested jamon murphy. police say cases like this happen more than you may think.
4:27 am
his charges include commercial sex trafficking and two counts of abduction. new developments now: several workers on the netflix hit "house of cards" are speaking out about the show's star -- saying kevin spacey created a toxic environment on the set. eight workers spoke to c-n-n.. calling spacey's behavior "predatory." the new information comes after actor anthony rapp said spacey tried to assault him when he was 14 years old. spacey has reportedly checked into a treatment program. this morning - a montgomery county family without a place to live - after a fire swept through their home. it happened in the 100 block of brinkwood drive in brookville. the home is in a non-hydrant area -- meaning firefighters had to carry water to the site. one resident suffered smoke inhalation and burns -- and the family's dog is missing. in the day ahead-- the party will
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fresh off their win in the world series, a victory parade is scedhueld today in downtown houston. thousands are expected to attend, as the city shuts down streets right after rush hour. the parade starts at 2 pm. it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking news in chicago. three people shot inside a starbucks.. including a 12 year old boy. the latest from police.. coming up. good morning washington. - another warm day! spotty pm shower - much cooler saturday; pm showers - milder sunday - rain likely late monday; another big cool-down coming today: am sun. pm clouds; spotty afternoon/evening shower. warm. highs: 75-80 winds: sw to nw 5-10+ mph tonight: mostly to partly cloudy. breezy. lows: 41-51 winds: n 5-15 mph saturday: partly becoming mostly cloudy. pm showers. much cooler. highs: 55-60
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breaking overnight. police learning more about a triple shooting that left a man dead, and a 12 year old injured, inside a chicago starbucks. we have been
4:30 am
story all night. investigators say the shooting may be the end result of a drug deal. according to witnesses-- two men were involved in an altercation outside, when one of them ran into the starbucks. the gunman followed, and opened fire inside, killing 28-year old man. two people inside were also wounded, including a 12 year


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