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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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getting diplomas they didn't deserve. and dishonorable discharge. bowe bergdahl gets dishonorable discharge for leaving the post and the president thinks it's a disgrace. nancy: right now an armed robbery and a chase ending in a violent crash on the beltway by route 1 in college park. part of the inner loop just now reopening. sam sweeney is joining us, waiting for an update from police at this point. sam? sam: nancy, if you are driving in this area, it's a mess. police are asking everyone to avoid the inner lop of the beltway 491 and prince george's county. this started because of an armed robbery earlier around 12:30 in montgomery county. i'm joined with captain paul starks from the montgomery county police. tell us what happened. >> at 12:35 this afternoon, there was a report of an armed robbery at a check cashing store at 11246 georgia avenue.
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multiple suspects masked and armed entered the store. then left. we got a description of the vehicle, a white van. sometime later our officers picked up on that van. we followed it for a point within montgomery county. outside of montgomery county approaching route 1 on the beltway, they attempted to stop the vehicle. the vehicle crashed into one or two other cars we believe. then a member of that crew or somebody in that car bailed, was on foot on the beltway and was struck by what we believe to be a plain montgomery county vehicle. >> montgomery county police vehicle? >> correct. >> where does it stand now with the investigation? >> we have four people in custody. we have weapons recovered as well. they are still with the van, which is on the collision scene. the maryland state police conducting that
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investigation. >> captain paul starks, thank you very much. we are getting updates from college park. sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. breaking news now from los angeles where the driver of a stolen car is in custody after leading police on a high-speed chase. this was insane. the officers kept a safe distance for a good reason. speeds reached up to 90 miles per hour. you can see at this point, high school students running for safety after the driver jumped out of the car next to campus and took off. there are reports that staff members at the school actually held this person down until police got there. then took him in custody. high school graduation scandal in prince george's county. nancy: a bombshell report just out. nancy: many students graduated when they didn't earn it. how widespread is it? jonathan: we have te
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afternoon from the report to the parents just finding out the news. nancy: maryland bureau chief brad bell broke the story on twitter and has a first look at the shocking findings. brad? brad: a 211-page report. it was demanded by school board members who felt things weren't just right. the governor said he wanted it and so it's done. we have been trying to crunch numbers and a lot of statistics. it's clear hundreds of students were graduated from the school system when they shouldn't have been. the independent audit looked at the last two graduating classes in prince george's county. the audit examined a sample of the group and found 5% of the group should not have graduated and another 17% could not be
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called for the office in a letter to the governor said it's concerning. >> it look like we have potentially multi-thousands of students at least that fraudulently graduated. and the report is exactly what -- the report revealed what we outlined in our letter. brad: this afternoon the school system c.e.o. and the school board chair reacted in a different way saying the problems need addressing it clears them of the claims they were systemic issues. >> the audit findings do not substantiate the allegation of the system wide fraud or intimidation. however, the audit findings clearly show we have antiquated systems,. brad: we did get a response from
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it shows the school system is betraying the community's trust. tough words. when we come back at 5:00 york will hear from county executive rushern baker answering the question does he still stand by the school's c.e.o.? in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: news of the grade changing hit after the parents dropped their kids off at school today. kevin lewis with the parents who are just finding out the news. they can't be happy about this. kevin: certainly not. one of the worst schools in the finding of the report is in bowie. the lengthy report brad mentioned 211 pages, stating5% of the graduates it sampled should not have received a diploma. another 32% had last-minute grade changes with little to no documentation to why. at duval hig
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lanham, graduation records skyrocketed and earned the school a big banner touting 92% graduation rate. yet today's report found duel's figures may have been off as much as 27%. >> it's appalling. somebody should be held accountable. what happens to the students now? are they in college? are they trying for college? >> the school system should be better. a lot of parents -- i own a barbershop and a lot of the parents are in private school and they pa extra money because of -- pay extra money because of that. kevin: all of the people we spoke with today added that someone needs to resign amid the results of the report. we're live in bowie, kevin lewis, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. abc7 was the first to report on the story. you share it online. download the wjla abc7 news app where the story is posted. michelle: i'm michelle marsh at the abc7
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breaking a couple of hours ago army sergeant bowe bergdahl will not serve prison time. the military judge who presided over the case deliberated for nearly 24 hours and decided to give bergdahl a dishonorable discharge, demotion rank to private and order he forfeit equal pay for ten months. bergdahl left his post in 2009 leading to a search that left several of his comrades severely injured. he was captured by the taliban and returned to the u.s. in a prisoner swap years later. the judge could have sentenced bergdahl to life in prison. that is the latest from the abc7 "live desk." i'm michelle marsh. alison: thank you very much. well, police are looking for a man who grabbed a woman as she was putting items in her car and then sexually assaulted her. it happened 10:30 last night near south randolph and 31st street in the shirlington area of arlington. he ran off before the police
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searched the neighborhood for the suspect but did not find him. >> look here. skytrak7 over the flipped truck on i-70 in frederick. they had to use several big tow trucks to finally pull the tractor trailer out of the ditch. the accident is cleaned up and there is no word if the driver was hurt. nancy: we turn now to the weather. alison: a perfect end to the workweek. maybe an end to the streak of winning weather. too bad. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist bill kelly is out there on the georgetown waterfront. man, what a day to be out there. at least we can enjoy tonight, bill. bill: yeah, we sure can. i just saw a guy, true story, riding around on a bike wearing shorts and shoes. no t-shirt. here we are in early november. no shirt on that. is how mild it is. a gorgeous evening out here on the waterfront. let me show you what the numbers are. we are way above normal. not to the record which is 83 on this date specifically set last year but we are at 77 right now with the
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at 10 miles per hour. touch of humidity in the air. just a touch of humidity out there. we look at the radar and we have clouds around the region. very light showers. it won't ruin your plans but you could see a light rain shower in the next couple of hour fashion you make your way out -- hour if you are making your way out there. we are cooling off. as quickly as we warmed up we will cool back down. we va that coming -- we have that coming up. alison: thank you. reports coming out that attorney general jeff sessions and president trump knew about the campaign contacts with russians. the "new york times" reporting robert mueller has documents to show this. serena marshall with what it means for the investigation. serena: a new question in the russian investigation. did the president and the attorney general lie about the member of the campaign having contact with russians? it all goes back to this meeting in march of 2016. there seated between then candidate trump and senator jeff sessions. foreign policy adviser george
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papadopoulos. monday's unsealed documents revealed papadopoulos worked with suspected russian contacts and then lied to the f.b.i. about the meetings. and showed when he introduced himself at that meeting told them, "he had connections to help arrange a meeting between then candidate trump and president putin." a trump ald visor in the room tells abc news as mr. trump listened on, jeff sessions shot down the idea and said not to mention it again. president trump has denied anyone on his campaign had contact with russia and when it came to that meeting -- president trump: i don't remember much about that meeting. it was a very unimportant meeting. serena: the attorney general faces new questions. >> if there is anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of them campaign, what will you do? >> senator franken, i am not aware of any of those activities. serena: recently he was ask
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again about contact with the russian government. >> i have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the trump campaign. serena: but the court documents do not say that papadopoulos's contact were packtive government officials -- active government officials. general want the attorney general to clarify the comments on russia but the justice department insists he never gave false testimony. serena marshall, abc news, washington. jonathan: if you haven't heard, president trump blocked out of twitter. the social media site saying it was a rogue employee who did it on his last day. pulled the president's plug. he says, twitter, it won't happen again. for 11 minutes, though, the president was denied the ability to tweet. the whole 11 minutes. he joked about it saying, "word must be finally getting out and having an impact." in the meantime, the president is off to hawaii. pit stop on the way to a pivotal trip to southeast asia. meeting with the leaders for 12 days. we will have updates on the meetings trout his -- throughout his
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barriers installed in, no. you see these? this is an effort to prevent vehicles getting on to the crowded biking and the running paths. a direct response to the terror attack that took place on tuesday when a man drove a rental truck off the roadway and to the path killing eight and injuring a dozen more. nancy: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the huge cost of changing the cost of jeb stewart high school and who is asked to pay for it. jonathan: the trick-or-treat surprise who has a mother asking who is the kid reaching in the candy bowl? the good deed caught on camera she wants to honor. sam: i'm sam ford outside d.c. third police district headquarters where investigators got arrest warrant for a d.c. teacher. i will tell you why next. alison: the top selling toy on amazon. no surprise it would be a lego set. but a closer look at which one is reason for girls and mothers to celebrate.
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alison: we are still following breaking news from college park. the police chase that started after an attempted armed robbery at a check cashing business in wheaton. it ended with this scene here, crash on the beltway in college park. we are told one of the suspects got out of the car and was then struck and killed by an unmarked montgomery county polic
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are getting by. we'll have more details on this throughout the evening. so stay with us. jonathan: d.c. elementary school teacher arrested accused of assaulting one of her opportunities. d.c. bureau chief sam ford with what police say happened. sam? sam: we are outside the headquarters who say it was a simple assault and a d.c. teacher was arrested for striking the student. the incident took place tuesday at cleveland elementary school on eighth street northwest when a fourth grade teacher and a female student got in an argument and the teacher put the girl out of the classroom. video cameras captured it. >> the student was escorted out of the classroom. we see the teacher comes out of the classroom and strikes the student outside in the hallway. sam: the police report said at one point the fourth grader kicked the door of the classroom but did not strike th
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32-year-old lacey thornton. thornton turned herself in to police this morning. reaction among parents? >> teachers should not hit students at all. she should lose her license. >> i don't think a teacher should ever touch a child in public like that. >> i hope that the principle takes the right action to -- the principal takes the right action to ensure it doesn't happen again. sam: the commander said from the video the child was not knocked to the floor but he thought that the blow was hard enough to hurt thus the charges. there is also a case from october 16 at the same school where there was a physical incident between the administrative aide or a teacher's aide and a student. in that case, no police charges were filed but the matter is under investigation. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 ws
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this is a sweet act of kindness on video. this shows a boy filling an empty candy basket with his own candy from halloween. the homeowner who was out trick-or-treating with her own kids wants to find the boy and thank him for doing that. >> you see that really restored faith. that is why a lot of people were so happy to see it. there is still good in the world. you have to find it only with the children. alison: well, the homeowner posted the video on local social media in the california town but so far no one has come forward. jonathan: great kid. alison: great story. nancy: no surprise that lego set is amazon's best sellingsy to but look which one it is. the tribute to the women of nasa and honors four women who played key roles in nasa.
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the set went on sale wednesday morning and quickly sold out. fantastic example for little girls and boys to be playing with. jonathan: you see the little kids playing with it and they love lego. not just a boy thing. alison: the movie "hidden figures" brought a lot of attention to those who played roles at nasa and you didn't know about them. awesome. i love it. bill kelly is out on the georgetown waterfront with the forecast. what a night. bill: yep. it is gorgeous out here. we are in the upper 70's now. we are at the thompson boat center. a local club. area high schools that get together and they take the boats out on the potomac. they are doing rowing. freshmen through senior. look at this. here we are in november. right in the camera. i assume you are comfortable, right, in terms of the temperature? not care -- carrie
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we are here doing live weather. a beautiful everything. let's talk about it. we are at 75 degrees for early november. remarkable stuff. a little bit of a breeze. it's not bad at all. we look at the other temperatures and we have 80's on the map down south. look at the colors. you get the oranges. fredericksburg at 79. charlottesville at the 80-degree temperature. i will point out the water in the by a is still 68 degrees. it's mild. 77 is the temperature in d.c. the evening forecast. we will keep the temperatures in the 70's around the region. it's pretty nice. a few showers rolling through. it's not a big deal. you have clouds moving through. i don't expect any weather-related problems. maybe a light sprinkle here and there. 72 at 7:00. 68 at 9:00. change as we make our way to the day tomorrow should be considerable. we will see the front roll through. clouds will
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no problems tonight at all. i encourage you to get outside. light sprinkle or two. we start out with the sunshine. in the day the clouds will thicken back up and move in. it will lock in the cool conditions around the area. tomorrow late afternoon in the southern zone and the early evening time, we will watch the next batch of rain move in the area. it could bring us rainfall tomorrow to the evening hours. so this time tomorrow you might want your umbrella. the extended forecast. from the upper 70's today to the upper 50's tomorrow. going from shorts to probably coats if you are out and about tomorrow. then we will rebound the numbers. early morning showers on sunday. otherwise am warer day. there they are. they walked in out of the thompson boat center to the potomac. ready to hop in and do rowing. a good, good everything to be out on the water. there you go. live out here from the water fron
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i'm bill kelly. back to you. nancy: shorts in november. thank you very much. coming up, we can't avoid the campaign ads. we are days away from virginia picking a new governor. but next, one of the ads has been pulled and the controversy surrounding it and who is now taking responsibility. jonathan: jeb stewart will eventually be justice high school. what is in a name? apparently a lot of money. want some inspirational stories for a change? you gotta check out the american dream. saturdays, 1pm, newschannel8 you gotta check out the american dream. people ask you, how can ayou possibly do this?e, and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it.
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jonathan: well, voters in virginia cannot avoid mud slinging. nancy: campaign ads dominate commercial breaks. alison: but an ad in particular was pulled. richard reeve takes us beyond the podium with the brewing campaign controversy. richard: a controversial ad that sparked debate and concern. >> it's disturring the way they did it -- disturbing the way they did it. >> extreme for a political ad. >> the video shows a pickup truck with a confederate flag chasing down minority children. the bump bumper an ed gillespie campaign sticker. >> the notion that my supporters are murders is pretty offensive. richard: gillespie, the candidate for governor in virginia is outraged and he says the ad is an attack against all virginia residents and he points the finger at his demcr
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lieutenant governor ralph northam. >> it's outrageous that northam is standing by it. it's over the line. backlash demonstrates that. richard: it's sponsored by a democratic line advocacy video that pulled the video after the fatal truck attack in new york city. >> is that crossing the line? i didn't put the ad out there, number one. >> he emphasizes the ad isn't his and he wouldn't have run it in the first place. >> i wouldn't have chosen to be run the ad. but it's in response to the hatred and the bigotry that mr. gillespie promoted with his ads. >> the republican governor association contributed $4 million to gillespie says the northam campaign is connected to the ad. the r.g.a. says $89,000 in the in kind or nonmonetary contribution listed as advertising or media from the latino victory fund shows that the campaign was involved in the strategy, content and the timing of the ad. northam spokesperson calls t
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claim a bogus attack. the contribution list as in kind, latino victory fund was data sharing with the northam campaign but the campaign had no involvement with the ad. in a statement saying the northam campaign did not authorize the ad. nor did it see the ad before it was released. latino victory is making no apologies vowing to release more ads in the future. in arlington, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: we are sitting down with both gubernatorial candidates. you can hear about what northam says about the race and the future of virginia at 5:00. you can see the interview with the republican ed gillespie that aired yesterday. we have it online at nancy: it's hit stores and how far are you willing to go to get your hand on it, on day one? bizarre stories we found this morning ahead. q: we told you all about
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stewart changing the name. wait until you hear about how much it will cost to make the change. the full story coming up. alison: new at 5:00. >> they are making blanks and - [narrator] the typical vacuum head, it can struggle with large debris and stuck on dust. at shark we asked, what if the vacuum head could do more? so we removed the front wall and added a rotating soft brush.
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so, while deep cleaning carpets, you can also grab large particles. (dramatic music) even pull in piles. (rumbling) and directly engage floors for a beautiful, polished look. shark duo clean, invented to help you do more on carpets and floors. shark duo clean, invented to help you do more mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- tting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: a warm end to the week will give way to a morable is, the polite way to -- a more seasonable, the polite way to say it. chief meteorologist bill kelly is in georgetown with the forecast. it is still gorgeous out there. bill: it's incredible. you are right. the big thing is not necessarily the temperatures to cause this, they will be close to normal tomorrow. but just a change to go up by 20 degrees and down by 20 degrees. you will feel that. this is a beautiful evening as we mentioned. so let's talk about -- [loss of audio] nancy: we'll get back to bill. right now, across the country, they are doing whatever they can to get the hands on the
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there are plenty of people waiting for apple's newest gadget. ryan hughes is at the apple store in georgetown with more on the craze. >> after a long night waiting outside there were cheers when apple opened the doors for the release of the brand new iphone x. the apple store opened up at 8:00 after much anticipation. the customers can't wait to use the latest and the greatest iphone. >> i had the plus on the bigger size. happy to have the same size screen in a smaller package. >> i hired a sitter. it's worth the money. it's worth the wait and i'm excited to try it out. >> they started lining up around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. >> you have to make friends. make due with what you got. >> apple is known for creating hype around each new launch. this time around it's called the biggest leap forward since the
4:33 pm
face recognition to unlock the phone and wireless charging. >> we are all excited to get the new phone. >> waited for 2010 to the iphone 4. >> the iphone x will cost you about $1,000. everyone out here says it's worth every penny. in northwest, ryan hughes, abc7 news. nancy: the new iphone wasn't on the minds of the protesters outside apple stores in france. protesters say the tech giant is failing to pay the share of the taxes. creative protests there. the european commission said it would take them to court for $15 million in back taxes from apple. jonathan: consumer alert. 1.5 million cars and s.u.v.'s are being recalled. two problems we're tracking. there is an overheating issue in
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cars as well as the z4 sports car. x3 and 5 s.u.v.'s have the same problem. the model 2007 to 2011. the other issue is a wiring problem in 700,000 3 series cars from 2006-2011. that is five years. we have all the information online about the recall on the website nancy: the house reauthorized the program known as "c.h.i.p. " democrats support it themselves but most voted no because the funding comes from obama care program. a separate reauthorization bill stalled in the senate and funning lapse in september. most states are confident they can keep it running through the end of the year. nancy: josh ahern was well on his way to be a standout on the lake braddock football team before an injury sidelined him. michelle: in the rising star, scott abraham shows us how josh battled his way back to the
4:35 pm
scott: another day of football practice. >> one, two, three. >> josh ahern has made plenty of tackles playing linebacker at lake braddock high school. >> he has a real high football i.q. >> since may 2016, the junior has been dealing with the injury bug. needing injury -- needing surgery to repair a torn ligament. >> after it happened i knew i missed a large portion of the season. >> knee injuries are too common in high school sports. he didn't feel sorry for himself. motivated and determined to come back stronger and faster. he fully recovered and back on the field and leader on the bruins' defense. >> i feel good as new. i don't feel pain anymore. >> developing a new appreciation for the sport he
4:36 pm
loved. >> i think he learned it can end like that and if you put your mind to it, get back where you were or better. >> focused on staying healthy and playing football at the division one level. >> it's not fun to watch from the sidelines. scott: the football field is his field of dreams. i'm scott abraham with the rising star. lindsey: breaking news regarding harvey weinstein. the new york city police believe rape accusation is credible. an actress accused of raping her twice at the residence in 2010. detectives say they have interviewed the actress and are continuing to investigate. weinstein maintained he never raped anyone. ellindsey mastis. nancy: a plane crashing in the middle of a public place. the pilot is being
4:37 pm
here. michelle: everyone has a smartphone. even toddlers know how to use them. with the iphone out, kidd o'shea has questions for kids. kidd: why do you think it costs $1,000. nancy: you will want to stick around for this. michelle: the adorable responses you don't want to miss next. jonathan: how to start next week with "good morning washington" on abc7 news. >> thank you. monday on "good morning washington." it's used car week. we have it covered bumper to bumper. >> the smart way to buy a car. >> we reveal secrets to negotiating the best deals, buying on the internet and seven red flags of the used car shopping. watch for your chance to win tickets. >> wake up with us with traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morning on
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michelle: millions of americans getting ready to shell out $2,000 for the new iphone, kidd o'shea went to find out what a group of first graders knew about the iphone. today's kids class. kidd: what are iphones for? >> for calling. you have to like read a phone to do stuff. >> okay. >> i phones, you can call
4:41 pm
>> how does that work? >> i don't know. >> they are protecting, too. >> how does that work? >> so, you press the button, where a speed. up pops some letters. and a texting bubble. kidd: can kids have iphones? or are the iphones only for adults? >> kids can have iphones. i know a kid that got an iphone when he was like 2 or something. kids wow! >> but his mom only let him use it on particular times. kidd: do you have an iphone? why, why do you
4:42 pm
$1,000? >> well, phones are very helpful. so if they get more helpful, they get more useful and then they cost a lot, a lot, a lot more. [laughter] michelle: was he right about that? a lot, a lot, a lot. jonathan: probably right. trying to figure out why it's $1,000. we go with that. nancy: i like that. his friend had one when he was 2. jonathan: i think it's fine to give an iphone to your kid when he turns 18. michelle: by then they have their own. jonathan: could a married man work as a priest? turning the corner. the prospects that pope francis will discuss the possibility in the near future is coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00". nancy: plus, behind the scenes of a "20/20" investigation from isis to american home. >> you knew they are a s
4:43 pm
of a biased view. nancy: this son of a math teacher swayed by isis next. how ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. rrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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michelle: tonight airing on "20/20" at 10:00, a year-long investigation into how isis recruits in america. diane sawyer's interview with the targeted teenage recruit. even the son of a math teacher. >> have you ever been arrested before? >> no, ma'am. >> he talks about the propaganda video he and his girlfriend saw online. >> the videos are dangerously inspirational. if you are in a state of anger or a state of depression. they really want to try to hook you in. nancy: incredible there. michelle: brian ross joining us now from new york city. brian, thank you again for joining us. how is isis targeting teens online? are they scanning the profiles looking for something specific? >> it's a seduction
4:47 pm
something and they end up stumbling in to this world and they start slowly and surely with the promises of romance for young women or adventure for young boys. they pull them in. they don't even realize what is happening until it's almost too late. michelle: so the young people who are already vulnerable? is that what you are saying? >> absolutely. they are going throughed adolescence, and the other end of syria the recruiters are almost the same age. a lot european and some americans and they kind of speak the same language. they understand each other. they find someone online who understands their problems and they shift it and slowly pull them in. what diane found, i have never seen anywhere before, is the nuts and the bolts of the process. you see the language back and forth and you can for the first time understand how it could happen. i always thought how is this working? it can't be. she really does show it. >> its a deep dive. year-long investigat
4:48 pm
in the middle east but are they winning the war online when it comes to inspiring young people and recruitment? >> i think you have to say the inescapable conclusion after watching diane's report is yes, they are. in some cases. they don't win everybody over but it only take a few, a couple of really bad people can do a lot of arm as we saw this week in new york city. michelle: i'm sure you will tackle how parents can combat this. is that a big part of this as well? we won't give away the whole story. brian ross, thank you for joining us with the preview. of course, don't miss tonight's "20/20" at 10:00 on abc7 followed by abc7 news at 11:00. larry: i'm larry smith at the "live desk." coming up new at 5:00, reaction after one of the first local blogs in the area abruptly goes offline. days of the weekend warrior are over. watch how 7 salutes thousands of reservists goi
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the job. snoop dogg's new e.p. making the splash. not for the music but what is on the cover that he already pulled off instagram. we'll see you at 5:00. nancy: thank you. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. major hiring surge and the unemployment drop in october. rebounding after harvey and irma resulted in a screeching halt of the job market in september. last month more than 260,000 jobs were added. the unemployment rate is now 4.1%. according to the labor department monthly update. that is a 17-year low. jonathan: should the catholic church allow married american to act as priests? one high-ranking official wants it considered for work in the remote region of the amazon and that could be a topic of a discussion in 2019 when the bishops are supposed to meet with pope francis at the vatican. michelle: university of galaxy note 7
4:50 pm
dame canceled birth control for next year. they have battled the obama administration in the mandate over the act. and birth control must be part of the insurance plans. president trump's new rules allow broad exception for the sincerely held religious or moral objection. check this out. only yards away from the hospital where she works a nurse in pennsylvania says she had no choice but to deliver her own baby in the parking lot. jonathan: how cute! michelle: so sweet. katie michael and her husband were caught up in traffic heading to the hospital. by the time they pulled in the lot baby ella decided it was time to enter the world. >> i knew she was going to be born in the car. she started coming out. >> i don't know what was happening. you usually have a baby in a hospital, not a car. michelle: that is usually how it works. michael's fellow employees ran out from the hospital to help out. tonight everyone is o
4:51 pm
fine. to be so close and yet so far. what a story. jonathan: a beautiful baby, too. nancy: gorgeous family. this right here, well, it will leave a divot. a small plane trash landed on a las vegas area golf course. the pilot passenger are okay. we should mention that. the engine failed and the plane started going down and the pilot turned it to the open area. tail section of the plane. that ended up in a water hazard. jonathan: how many strokes do you take for that, water hazard on the course? if you walk away from my landing it's a good landing. michelle: bees are everywhere. semi truck carrying million in auburn, california, last night and hauling hundreds of hives. the driver is going to be okay. beekeepers had to come rescue the surviving bees. everybody buzzing about that story. jonathan: d.c. kicking off the leaf and collection campaign. crews are coming through the neighborhood for
4:52 pm
of leaves. you can drop off the old jack-o-lanterns, they do wilt. nancy: in a sad way. jonathan: they get a droopy face. designated farmer's market in each ward tomorrow at 9:00. michelle: great day to be on the water. nancy: what are you doing out there? jonathan: living the dream is what he is doing. bill: yeah. i tell you what. we went from the river front to the potomac to literally being on the potomac. we are on the boat. this is john and that is the team out there. the chevy chase high school rowing team. what do you tell them to do? what does it mean? >> bringing it from four rowers up to six rowers at a time. bill: how long are they practicing here? >> total an hour. this lab is 20 minutes. bill: awesome. check it out. a beautiful day. we were talking, can you believe it's november? this is incredible. out here with a t-shirt, no problem. show you what is going on numbers wise. we are looki
4:53 pm
mostly cloudy night. we keep clouds in. we saw light sprinkles here. that is about it. that is all i expect for the next few hours before the skies clear out. in terms of the evening forecast. it's all looking good out there tonight. the temperatures will stay in the 70's. drop down to the upper 60's by 6:00. by 7:00 in the morning we are still in the 50's above normal for this time of year. big time. in terms of the weekend, things will change up considerably. we have a few showers we talked about. there they are. not widespread. they are light around the area. they are going away in terms of this evening. sag off to the south. we will watch the temperatures drop as well. the future cast shows both of those. the temperature is dropping and the showers getting out of here for tonight. show you and go to tomorrow morning. we will start out mild. cool and mild for this time of year. 52. last but not least watch as we go through the daym to. the temperatures will be cooler. they will warm up in the upper 50's. that th
4:54 pm
rain showers are working in the area. have the umbrella handy tomorrow. back to you. different technology these days. we can be live on the potomac. not just along the waterfront. jonathan: we were just commenting on that. we said you were on the dock and we lost the signal and you're moving in a boat and it's perfect. we'll figure that out. bill: no problem. jonathan: exactly. thanks. bill: don't know. jonathan: jeb stuart will eventually be justice high school but what is in the name? apparently a lot of money. you won't believe the cost for the cha
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
michelle: jeb stuart high school will become justice high school and changing the name will take more than you think. q mccray has the price tag and who is asked to pay for it. q: jeb stuart becoming justice high school. the name change made big news. what didn't is the price tag. some estimate $1 million. >> $1 million to change the name of the school. >> that is a lot. >> i'm extremely surprised by the price tag. i had no idea it would be that high. >> even though it costs money but i think in the long run we will benefit from it. q: we discovered the fairfax county public schools is asking for help. it set up a go fund me website
4:58 pm
>> it's up to those who supported the change. >> the school board chairman voted for name change and believes the work can be done for $500,000. some argued that the district should have raised the money before changing the name. >> the way policy works the school board itself had to make the decision to change the name. q: the website started thursday and raised more than $10,000 today. they have to raise $1 million in private funds? >> that's me, the taxpayers. >> it's hard. this is not a community with a lot of money. >> strauss has confidence in private donors. >> a cause to celebrate young students there today. q: there is no timetable to raise the money. so if it takes two or three or maybe five years so be it. the district wi
4:59 pm
money as soon as possible. q mccray, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00 -- >> a deadly ending after a cross-county pursuit. the crime that set it in motion. high school seniors moved along. a much anticipated report shows why the scores of the students received diplomas they didn't earn. and 60 years. abc7 celebrates the longest serving flight attendant. does she have stories to tell! you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: begin with breaking news. a person is dead after there was a police chase and crash on the beltway. sam sweeney is live. in the last 40 minutes the police revealing that the robbers may be wanted for other incidents. sam: that is what they are saying and they are investigating that. v
5:00 pm
12:35 this afternoon, a robbery happened in montgomery county. check cashing location. on georgia avenue. the 911 call comes in and description of the get-away vehicle goes out, white van. the montgomery county police spot the van and they give chase. it ends up on the beltway. they cross to p.g. county. as soon as they hit route 1 the van loses control and crashes. five people inside the car. one suspect bails out and gets run over by an unmarked police car moving in on the chase. four others are taken into custody. now they are investigating the scene and whether the men were involved in other incidents around the area. we asked montgomery county police what the m.o. was, this is what they said. >> the trend was multiple suspects would enter the establishment en masse, take


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