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  Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  ABC  November 5, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EST

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independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam nt to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. president trump: hello, sharyl. sharyl: hello, mr. president. today on "full measure," our interview with president trump -- on a week when tax reform was a hot topic. who is it that's fighting for a piece of this tax reform, maybe
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fighting against the interests of ordinary americans? pres. trump: the swamp, sharyl. it's the swamp. sharyl: but we also wanted to ask him about russia. have you been told to expect to be questioned by the special counsel? pres. trump: no, nobody's told me. sharyl: and we asked about terrorism. do you think americans are safer than they were a year ago, two years ago? pres. trump: i think we are. sharyl: and about the biggest threat facing america. on north korea, in a recent poll, 50% of americans said it's somewhat likely that north korea will use a nuclear weapon to attack america. do you agree? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ sharyl: welcome to "full measure." i'm sharyl attkisson. this week, p
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agreed to speak with us about a topic front and center in the lives of many americans -- taxes. republicans just unveiled their new plan to update and simplify the u.s. tax code. but we also had questions on other topics. on immigration and terrorism. and what about the latest developments on russia and both democrat and republican champagne can and against -- shenanigans? on russia, nobody admitted it during the campaign that we now know it was the hillary clinton campaign that funded that so-called dossier that had all the negative information that's unproven about you, apparently in an attempt to affect the election. it was given to the fbi. what do you make of that? pres. trump: well, i think it's terrible. i think it's despicable. the amount of money that i hear being thrown around is ridiculous. somebody said that this guy steele that wrote it -- and we'll figure that out eventually -- that he paid money to the russians. and frankly if that was, in fact, russia involved, they don't like me very much -- just the opposite of what people were saying. and you know i have said over
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person they want is me because i want a strong, strong military, which i've proven in many ways and that was part of my campaign. and i also want lower oil prices and lots of oil, which is not good for russia. so i would think i would be the last one. but when you look at that horrible dossier, which is a total phony, fake deal, like so much of the news that i read when you look at that and take a look at what's gone on with that and the kind of money we're talking about, it is a disgrace. sharyl: the origins of the dossier supposedly is conservative funding. what does that tell you? pres. trump: well, i heard the other day that it might be and then i heard that basically they started something, but the democrats really took it up and started it and then the question is did the fbi get involved with it? and did the fbi use it? because if they did, that's a real problem for them. so we'll find out. but i have a feeling that the democrats started it. i'm sure the conservatives started something else, but it was a
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hire steele and the phony people that worked on it. sharyl: do you think mueller is doing a good job? pres. trump: but we're going to see. look, all i can say is that i have nothing to do with russian collusion, nothing whatsoever, and everybody knows it and nobody really has even been able to find, you know, with all of these committee meetings. they walk out even the other side -- they say, well, there's been no collusion yet, but we continue to look. i've been watching this for how long has it been, a year? it's very unfair. it's very bad for our country. but with all of the work that the democrats are trying to do to obstruct and to, you know, false charges -- every time i see them walking out, they're saying, even dianne feinstein, that no collusion and i respect her for saying it. i'll be honest with no collusion. but they are at these meetings and they go through documents and there is no collusion. russia wouldn't
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and i think the last one russia would want to be president is me because of my attitude on oil and because of my attitude on the military and strength. sharyl: do you think you would ever consider trying to have mueller removed or are you planning to stay out of that? pres. trump: well, i hope he's treating everything fairly and if he is i'm going to be very happy because when you talk about innocent i am truly not involved in any form of collusion with russia. believe me. that is the last thing i can think of to be involved in. sharyl: who was it you remember who convinced you to take paul manafort on as the campaign manager? president trump: well, it was a friend of mine who was a businessman, very successful businessman, and a good person. and, you know, paul was not there very long. what people don't mention paul was not there for a very long period of time. sharyl: what was it that convinced him that he had to be let go? pres. trump: well, i think we found out something about him may be involved with or with certain nations and i don't even know exactly what it was in particular, but there was a point at which we just felt paul would be better off because we don't want to have any potential conflicts. and if there was a conflict, i don't want to be involved in any
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could have kept them longer. i don't think anybody would have complained. but we don't want to have any potential conflicts of interest at all. sharyl: have you questioned why the businessman who brought you his name? do you want to say who that is? pres. trump: i don't want to get him involved. he's a private person. sharyl: have you questioned why he brought him to the campaign or you think that it just happened that way? pres. trump: look, people don't realize paul manafort worked for ronald reagan. he worked for bob dole. i think the firm was involved with many people. i don't have to mention names, but i heard they were involved with john mccain, who's an honorable guy. they were involved with many people -- i mean, many, many people. i certainly wasn't the first. this was a firm that was well-known in washington for years and represented many, many big people politically-speaking. and ronald reagan being number one. so the reputation i always felt was very good and i had him for a very short period of time, you know, he was only in there for a very finite period of time. but, you know, i feel badly for
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him because i was going to be really a very nice person. sharyl: last question on this topic -- have you been told to expect to be questioned by the special counsel? are you prepared for that? pres. trump: no. nobody's told me. as far as i'm concerned, i have been told that we were under investigation. i'm not under investigation. you know, when it comes to russia collusion. they're looking at the wrong person, absolutely the wrong person. so i don't even, to the best of my knowledge, my lawyers told me i'm not even under investigation. i have not been told that at all. sharyl: on terrorism. you've just called for an end to the diversity lottery visa that allowed sayfullo saipov into the u.s. what would replace it? what's your idea in a nutshell? pres. trump: i don't think replace it. i think that the whole element -- are you talking about the lottery system? it's a ridiculous thing. we do -- we take it like a lottery -- like who knows who they put in there? and i guarantee you, these countries, they don't put their finest in the lottery system. they put people probably, in
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want. why is this country doing it? the lottery system has to end. and what we want, sharyl, we want it very badly and we want it, you know, as far as immigration is concerned, we've been treated so badly and we've handled immigration prior to me -- because we have been very tough on it -- but we've handled immigration in the united states so poorly. we want a merit-based system. sharyl: when it comes to islamic extremist terrorism. do you think americans are safer today than they were a year ago, two years ago? pres. trump: i think we are. i think that we have a much tougher vetting process. i call it extreme vetting. we are very strong with our vetting. but people can slip through. but i say, as strong as we are, we have to get stronger. this person came in through a lottery and not only came in through a lottery, but you have this whole system where you can bring people with you -- chain migration -- it's horrible, it's horrible. somebody had mentioned he may have brought -- and he only had
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may have come in, indirectly or directly, through him. now i don't want those people and family members, whoever they may be, i don't want them and you saw what he did and you saw his evilness because they go back to the town or they go back to the area where he grew up -- not where he's lived -- even you go back to the country, as i understand it. i mean, this is not the kind of people we want in the united states, so we have to get rid of chain migration. sharyl: i feel like ordinary americans, every time there's another terrorist attack or a similar pathology, they start to feel helpless now that there's been tough talk for years and yet nothing concrete they can point to that will prevent another one. i think some people are actually adjusting their expectations and thinking this is our new way of life. pres. trump: i know they are in -- a lot of people do that. and frankly, the democrats have been absolutely terrible on immigration because they want anybody to come in. you know, they obstruct -- make it very tough and they want -- on immigration and crime. i mean, they
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pour in over the border. that's not going to happen. and we're stopping it. now we want a merit-based system. i want people to come into our country, but it's got to be a merit-based system and we can take that for the norm. what you just said -- we cannot just say, oh well, it's going to happen, let's get used to it. we cannot allow it to happen. and i can tell you the trump administration is getting tougher and tougher and tougher and we are now, as you know, looking at different forms of the wall. the wall is going to happen. the vetting is now at a point that is the toughest it's ever been and we're now going to make it even tougher. but this person, this animal that did what he did in the west side of manhattan, we just can't allow this to continue. sharyl: next -- the effort to change our tax system when there are so many competing interests in the swamp. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools
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as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. ♪ that adjusts on both sidesumber semi-to your ideal comfortly bed your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during our semi-annual sale, our queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides is only $1499. save $300. ends soon. visit for a store near you. sharyl: house republicans have unveiled their idea for a simpler tax code that benefits the middle class.
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but not necessarily with special interests pulling strings in washington. and some democrats say the plan is a giveaway to wealthy and corporate interests. i asked president trump some tax questions i thought you might like to ask. in 2018, will i, or most americans anyway, be able to fill out their taxes on a postcard do you think? pres. trump: well, i do think so. i do think so and i actually had one over here someplace, but i won't show you all the way. sharyl: i want to see it. pres. trump: i don't think i have it in here. it's too bad. does anybody have one? but we have literally a one-page form smaller than -- this is the size of that. shayrl: smaller than this? pres. trump: about half the size of that. and most people will be able to do that. most people will be able to fill out their taxes on a very small form. sharyl: you know democrats and republicans have told me and others behind the scenes that almost every decision made in washington is not really necessarily about the people, it's about the interests that are lobbying them and pressing for different measures. who is it that's fighti
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fighting against the interests of ordinary americans? pres. trump: the swamp, sharyl. the swamp. it's unbelievable. every single deduction, everything there. people are fighting for right or wrong. i mean, in some cases, it's a good thing that they're fighting other cases. everybody knows it's wrong, but they're fighting nevertheless because people benefit by it. but it's a middle class tax cut. it's a massive tax cut. it's also reform. it's also simplification. but more than anything else, it's a tremendous tax cut. it's going to be great for the middle class and great for jobs and business. and when i say great for business, i'm doing that because of jobs. sharyl: mortgage interest deduction, after all the negotiations, do you think it stays? pres. trump: well, we're going to see. i mean, look, we will be talking about certain elements and we're going to see what we have. nothing. we're going through a very complicated process right now. there are many, many things such as that right now totally up in the air. we're going to see, you know, the senate has something to say
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i can tell you this -- the house has been amazing. i have watched what they've done and will look into, make it as final as possible, but the senate is going to come out with their version and then everybody's going to sit in a room and hopefully it's going to happen. and i think it will happen because people know we're one of the highest taxed nations in the world. we're not competitive with other nations. and now we're going to be among the lower taxed nations. i'd like to say it's the lowest, but we can't get there yet. we may get there in the future. sharyl: it sounds like there are odds that even though the house has gotten their tax plan out there, maybe this doesn't go through if the senate fights with the house and republicans don't all get on board. pres. trump: i don't think so. i'll tell you what. i've been doing a lot of this. we've actually had a lot of bills passed despite what people think. i think i heard that number 70 and it's almost a record. and, you know, if you listen to the fake media, the fake news, from some of these people like cnn, they are so false in so many different network
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i mean, the level of false reporting to me -- somebody said, what's the biggest surprise? the amount of dishonesty of the press. but if you listen to a lot of the media, you know, i didn't do well with bills passed -- meaning congress, meaning senate and house. well, the fact is that we've almost -- we're almost at the top of the pack. we have -- i think it's approximately 70 bills have been passed and many of them very important -- in addition to that we have justice gorsuch, who is fantastic. we're putting in tremendous numbers of federal judges, which is the great unsung thing that we're doing, we're opening up the regulations. now we're going for the massive tax cuts. i mean we've done really a lot. and i'm very proud of it. we've had, i think, a great nine months. sharyl: the current head of the irs, john koskinen, gave false information to congress and the targeting of conservatives , disobeyed a federal judge's order to provide documents, presided over the irs when subpoenaed documents were destroyed and taxpayers were hacked, awarded a lucrative contract to equi
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credit bureau failed to protect the credit of 145 million americans. why is he still the head of the irs? pres. trump: well, a lot of people have been asking that question from long -- previous to me -- this is taking a long time ago -- we're just picking now a new head of the irs and he will be looking at that, i'm sure. but i have just made my decision as to who it is. it will be announced very shortly and i'm sure they will be looking at that. sharyl: you can announce it now. pres. trump: i could do that exactly where we'll be. probably another short period of time, we'll be announcing the truth. really a terrific person will be heading up the irs, so that they'll take a look at every -- sharyl: koskinen is retiring. is that right? pres. trump: well, actually he had a term at a time and his term ended someplace like within the last week or so. and he will leave -- as for the term, you know, that was not one that was under my purview. he had a term and he went up to a certain point and then he leaves -- we have a number of them. they were appointed by president obama, but they didn't end in january. they end in a term -- his term ended in october or no
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somethin sharyl: coming up -- many americans are fearful of north korea and its dictator's threats of a nuclear attack. we'll see if president trump thinks the worries are founded. ♪ what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪
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>> todayl at 10:30 on "government matters." keeping the bad guys out of government met -- networks. sharyl: it's widely viewed as our biggest national security threat -- north korea and its nuclear ambitions. president trump is now headed to asia a five-country, ten-day tour -- the longest foreign trip of his presidency so far. national security adviser h.r. mcmaster told reporters we're "running out of time" on north korea. what does president trump think? on north korea. in a recent poll, 50% of americans said it's somewhat likely that north korea will use a nuclear weapon to attack america. do you agree? pres. trump: well, i think that's a shame that it's so many. no, i don't agree. i actually don't.
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i hope that something's going to be worked out. if it's not, it's not. but i really do hope that something is going to be worked out. we'll see what happens. i do believe that china -- where i'm going very soon -- and president xi has been working. i really feel this. he's been working very hard to see if he can do something, but we're going to see. but i think that estimate hopefully is extremely high. sharyl: do you think there's work you can personally do on this trip that will lessen the threat? pres. trump: yeah, i mean, we're going to see what happens. i can tell you that there's not going to be something bad happening in terms of what we're going to do or maybe what they're going to do. but i can tell you that we are a very, very strong nation getting stronger all the time, not only our economy, but our military. you see what we've done with isis in eight months. i've done more than the previous administration has done during the entire two terms of the administration, and we are going to have to solve problems like north korea and north korea is a big, big problem.
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hopefully, it can be worked out. maybe it won't be able to, but hopefully it can be work. sharyl: would you ever consider sitting down with a dictator -- and someone mentioned to me that president nixon went to china to meet with mao, reagan met with gorbachev -- are there any parallels where would there be a scenario in which you could envision doing that? pres. trump: well, i'm meeting with different people from different countries, meaning, as you know, china, japan, south korea. we're meeting with a lot of different countries. i'm going to vietnam, i'm going to the philippines after that for big conferences, so i'll be meeting with a lot of people. i would sit with anybody i feel. i don't think it's strength or weakness. i think sitting down with people is not a bad thing. so i would certainly be open to doing that. but we'll see where it goes. i think we're far too early. sharyl: i don't know how closely you're monitoring some of the military movement, but three u.s. aircraft carrier groups, i'm told, will be in the area of north korea during your visit of korea. what is north korea's dictator to make of that? surely that's some sort of, perhaps, message. pres. trump: i don't know if it's a message. look, we have a very, very getting stronger military.
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we are spending a lot of money on our military that we weren't spending over the past long period of time. it's been depleted and now it's growing very fast. we're ordering new ships. we're adding tremendous numbers of planes, the greatest planes in the world right now. as you know, the f-35, we are ordering tremendous numbers of fighter jets. we're ordering beautiful new equipment for the army, for the marines, the air force is really looking strong and it really was not looking as good as it should look. now we're putting ourselves in a position where we'll be stronger than we ever have been ever in our history proportionately and otherwise. sharyl: there was one more subject president trump brought up. what was it? find out when we come back we35 mules,ur doors with 70 mega-watts, and an ice plant. but we brought power to the people- redefining what that meant from one era to the next. over 90 years later, we continue to build as america's 3rd largest investor in infrastructure.
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we're part of it.
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sharyl: we learned new inside information this week about the inner workings of the democratic party. in a new book, the former democratic head of the national committee, donna brazile, says hillary clinton's campaign, in essence, took over the political group, just like her opponent bernie sanders and others accused them of doing. as our time for the interview with president trump ran out, that was one topic he wanted to address. pres. trump: she just wrote a book and that book is horrible what they did to bernie sanders and probably illegal. but what they did, what hillary clinton and the clinton clan did to bernie sanders. honestly, when you see that book, if it's what i'm hearing and what's being reported today it's the first time i've heard about it.
10:25 am
it is horrible what they did to bernie sanders and to the bernie sanders people. sharyl: are you aware of any investigations by department of justice of the clintons? presi. trump: you know, i'd love to be much more involved, but i'm not supposed to be involved with department of justice, so i have to hope that they run themselves well. but, as you know, as president, you're not supposed to be involved with the department of justice. a lot of people ask me that question, i give them that answer, and they say, oh, now i understand. but they could very well be looking at it. i can say this -- bernie sanders was treated very badly. i'm not a fan of bernie sanders, although we do agree with each other on trade. trade deals are horrible, but this country has made -- we have horrible, horrible trade deals and i'm renegotiating those deals. we're going to make them very good. or we're going to terminate them, frankly. nafta is horrible, the deal we have with south korea is horrible. we have so many bad deals. and bernie sanders actually agreed with me on that one point, and i actually got a lot of bernie sanders' voters during the election, as you possibly know better than i do. t
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sanders with the dnc spearheaded by the clintons, and according to the new book by donna brazile, was horrible. sharyl: before brazile became chair of the dnc, she was a cnn analyst and got caught during the 2016 campaign giving candidate clinton advance questions prior to a cnn town hall with bernie sanders. she denied it at the time, but was fired and later apologized. next week on "full measure" -- president trump will be in the philippines, where there is one of the strangest political dynamics in the world -- a leader who is tough on isis, has advocated shooting down drug dealers and drug users in the streets, and is enjoying wild popularity among citizens thirsty for law and order. love him or hate him, rodrigo duterte is one president who's delivering on his biggest campaign promise -- to crack down on drug crimes by targeting not only traffickers, but addicts -- and killing them in cold blood.
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>> well, last -- in 2016, we had our election and the filipino people elected president rodrigo duterte, who, unfortunately, has authoritarian tendencies and he pledged during his campaign that he would kill 100,000 filipinos. sharyl: besides his brutal war on dugs, duterte's popularity is also rooted in his tough stance against islamic extremist terrorists. during our summer visit, duterte's popularity hit a stunning 82%. his approval and trust ratings had increased across all geographic areas and socioeconomic classes. on the streets of zamboanga in the mindanao province, where there's martial law, we travelled with heavily armed protectors and found popular support for president duterte. why do you say you think he's brave? >> because he stops the drug here in our country.
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sharyl: until next week, thanks for watching. i'm shar
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from washington d.c. and around the world, this is "government matters" with francis rose. >> thanks for watching the weekend edition of "government matters". the only show covering the latest news, trends, and topics that matter to the business of government. >> this is part two of our special coverage of the 2017 executive leadership conference. i'm your host francis rose. it has been a busy few months for leaderships. just four months ago tom sharp and deputy kevin page resigned after a reorganization that folded gunshot transformation service and made the commissioner's job a political appointment. it is gaining steam.