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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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news at 11:00, on your side. jonathan: we start one stormwatch. if you were outside at all coming you felt it, the coldest air so far this year. alison: we are talking near record lows tonight, and bill kelly is in the weather center .ith us right now we sent him outside the studios to talk about the temperatures. hi, bill. bill: yeah, it smacks you in the face. it is entirely different when we talk about going down to the record. we are in arlington right now, the temperature right at freezing. this is one of the warmer spots. if i aim at the exposed metal,
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i have 21 degrees. very cold tonight. the specifics, everybody for the most part at or below freezing when we talk about the air temperature by itself. that is not the whole story. the wind is still blowing. it is not as strong as it was earlier today, but it knocks the feels-like temperatures easily into the mid and low 20's. here, the counties shaded until 10 a.m., it will be a better night. the record for us is 26 degrees officially at reagan national. the lows for saturday morning, that puts us right at the record. away from it on either side, it will be a very close if not record-breaking morning, the colder areas into the teens. if you are out in the morning, beware that you have to bundle up
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coming up, the rest of the weekend and a look ahead to a more fall like pattern -- that from the inside in just a few minutes. jonathan: get the latest forecast by downloading the free stormwatch 7 app. alison: a woman's body was discovered behind a cvs in wheaton. jonathan: the police are trying to identify the body and see if it is connected with any missing persons cases. anna-lysa gayle has the story. anna-lysa: elkins street just reopened about 30 minutes ago. it has been closed most of the afternoon for the suspicious death investigation, the body found behind these dumpsters in broad daylight. to find out waiting how she died and how long she was laying there. >> a dead body behind the dumpsters at cvs. anna-lysa: friday afternoon, montgomery county set up a
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woman's body was found behind these businesses and condos. the investigation began after 3 p.m. on university boulevard west. >> never anything the serious. it is a shock to all of us. are-lysa: some neighbors concerned the death investigation may be related with one of the unsolved missing persons cases in the county. >> we had a report of a missing female a few days ago. at this point we have not been able to identify the victim. we certainly cannot rule that out. anna-lysa: among the missing persons cases was a woman reported missing from her job a couple days ago. at this time, the cause of death for the woman and her name have not been released. live in wheaton, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: developing now, we are waiting to find out
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crash in annapolis. the good news is that an adult and two children escaped unharmed. it took off from an airport near fort made. the pilot communicated just moments before the crash. >> emergency landing. >> sega? -- say again? >> declared emergency, going down in annapolis. declaring emergency. alison: there were no injuries. horrendous scene that we first reported last night, an elderly woman struck and killed by a car on route 29 in silver spring. the roadeople say that needs safety changes. getting action on the matter is like pulling teeth. tom: it was an awful scene thursday night. the police say that 71-year-old
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75-year-old driver of this van and another carmi have hit her, too. >> it is terrible. broke my heart. tom: the pedestrian was crossing near this bus stop. you notice not only is there not get to one, but to you have to either walk way down the hill to the light or you have to walk up the hill to the light in the distance. >> people cross the street here, they will get hit and killed. >> i have requested for years now crosswalks and overhead flashers. tom: this councilmember says that 29 is a state, not a county road. that matters because the state is in charge of the safety. >> a are focused on getting commuters from baltimore and howard county into d.c. very quickly, and that is not our priority. tom: the state highway administration says safety is a prio
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engineers look to see if improvements can be made. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: she says her child was abused by an hiv-positive school cap in charles county for that mother is threatening to sue the district for one money in a less. carlos bill is accused of molesting 42 children over two years. a spokesperson for the school district said they could not comment. jonathan: a a stunning admission gripping the entertainment world tonight. c.k. says the allegations against him are true. c.k. intimating the accusations are true, insisting he is remorseful. hadaid that he thought he permission to touch himself in front of his accusers, but now realizes he took advantage of his power as a celebrity. he is facing plenty of fallout.
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standup special. hbo was scrubbing his appearance on a special. removing his previous projects from its on demand services. salutes ourc 7 service members as we head into veterans day weekend. events will be held through the region, but one tribute has been , sincen for days tuesday, reading the over 58,000 names on the vietnam veterans memorial wall. >> let's not let these men be forgotten. jay: in a city of monuments to heroes past, a rise of respect saturday for veterans day. through a series of events at the world war ii memorial, arlington national cemetery. nestled between the quiet places of honor stands the vietnam veterans memorial. wh
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echoed. this veteran was among the volunteers helping read all 58,3 18 names inscribed in the wall. >> it's important that i stand and read, so they do not get lost. jay: this veteran lost a lot of buddies in vietnam. he views veterans day proudly at optimistically. >> it's an opportunity and honor to do it. mall,long the national the message is clear -- never forget their names, their service, and sacrifice. >> if you want to truly embrace veterans, treat them with dignity and respect 365 days he year and take care of them when they come home. jonathan: abc 7 is thanking veterans for their service. send your pictures to
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those pictures all weekend on our website. just download the abc 7 news app to see those. and thank you. alison: the university of maryland announced it is waving application fees for veterans and servicemembers. the waiver will be available next august for students applying in the 2019 school year. the university says this is its way of giving back to those who serve our country. jonathan: despite the cold, it is catharsis on the mall. it is a festival similar to burning man, featuring djs and art, except it is a lot colder than the desert. alison: this group wanted a giant statue of a naked woman on the national mall, but that was rejected. mall,rff is live on the where there is still a vibrant scene. jay? this is a 24/7 festival.
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catharsis, heal ourselves and our nation. we are in the shadow of the washington monument, and they are doing this many different ways. there are multiple stages, multiple art installations, probably about five football fields long. this is one of them. another one over here, kind of a funky, disco type of thing. like a walk through space and time. this is my other favorite. a giant dragon. and that is a bus that moves down the road. this actually appears at burning man. i talked to one of the organizers of this installation. there is a process of building the dragon. a group is about to perform any moment. this started this afternoon and will go 24/7 and end at noon
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sunday. jay korff, abc 7 news. and i arealison planning on heading down there right after the show. it is a freezing night on the mall. the cold air will linger for the weekend. alison: meteorologist bill kelly has a look at the temperatures just ahead. plus, troubles at the dmv, especially with long wait times. but the 7 on your side i-team went undercover to find out what is going on. >> we have a systemic problem. we need a new site. it's really cramped. alison: the practices we found
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jonathan: a 7 on your side i-team special report come along delays, extra charges, lack of oversight. alison: d.c. drivers say they are facing these. we tried to explain what is happening at the dmv. reporter: it is
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a right of passage for most dcd teenagers and those who moved to the district, getting behind the wheel of the car to take the drivers test. we found unusual requirements at the d.c. dmv. you get to the one and only testing center. try to find a parking space next to the 7-eleven. office, ande dmv wait for the appointment that you made three months ago. then you are turned away. why? it could be your car does not have a parking record. with the tire pressure light keeps going off. one parent recalls the choice he had to make. >> the first option was wait three months and come back again. and looking over at my 16-year-old daughter, that did not go over well. wassecond option i was told there were right all vehicles out in the parking lot that we co
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a d.c. employee refers people to weigh private driving instruction company in the parking lot. undercover, 7 on your side watched the sales pitch. whonterrupt it one driver had a wad of cash to ask his price. >> i don't do the test, but i have the car. nathan: how much? >> $60. >> dmv employees were in a position to offer up the services of a rental vehicle company, yet there is no paperwork that is documenting the transaction. nathan: review given a receipt? >> no. nathan: nobody has been charged with a crime, but undercover we watched multiple transactions with cash and a receipt given. do they give a receipt? no,
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receipt? driving school owners say they give receipts to everyone. we asked them and they say, no. what do you say to those customers? >> i give receipts, yes. anything: you give receipts to all of your customers? >> absolutely. this is my fourth year. those receipts are a record for their tax. nathan: and you keep that information? >> correct. maryland, the backlog is as low as three days. in virginia, the backlog is three weeks. in d.c. three weeks. maryland and virginia have far fewer disqualifiers to use your own car. maryland does not allow car rentals for tests. virginia requires prior paperwork and receipts. d.c.'s dmv declined an interview.
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member supervising the dmv. >> this seems like an opportunistic cottage industry. nathan: what can be done to decrease the wait time at the dmv? >> we have a systemic problem, and that is we need a new site. the site they use is really cramped. the councilmember said you cannot just have more testers in the parking lot because it's too small. it will take more than a year to find a new location and build it. alison: i think everybody has a story. jonathan: especially when you are 16 and first getting your license and spent seven hours there. alison: well, on a brighter note, we want to talk about the cold air entering the scene. the gaylord national is bringing ice back to life. the theme this year, rudolph the red nose reindeer.
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35 artists from china to build huge ice sculptures. it will open to the public november 18. jonathan: all they have to do is open the window and that is in good shape. bill: no problem whatsoever. we are literally at freezing at reagan national, just one degree above freezing. for the most part everybody below freezing. the potomac right now is mid 50's for the water temperature for stop frederick 27, winchester 27, luray 28, fredericksburg 30. last night at this time we're talking about the cold front sweeping through. 25g temperature change, 12 to degrees colder than last night. the major swings. the windchill temperature, the feels-like temperature, 19 manassas, andrews 18, d.c.
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feels like 19 and hagerstown. overall, we are going 26 to 27 in the warm spots, outlying areas as cold as 17. the freeze warning is in effect. the temperatures near if not below record lows. reagan national is forecast 26. the record is 26. we are already yet 33. 33.e are already at going to bes are very close if not broken in many spots. the weekend outlook looks like this, widespread morning freeze tomorrow, freeze warning in effect. sunshine, high clouds in the afternoon, gorgeous, but chilly. sunday we rebound to a whopping 50 degrees. sunday, biking,
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vikings-redskins, 47 at fedex field. it will be dry but cloudy. 47 to 50. national harbor, sunday night, 5:00 until 7:00, the christmas tree lighting. julie wright will be in the seeing that. a great night, bundle up. steve rudin was there earlier only 5:00 newscast and gave us a sneak peek. the tree is beautiful. strongly encourage you to go out there. the next weather maker bringing a chance of showers monday. not an organized weather system. temperatures rebound next week. the early part of next weekend, much more fall like with upper 50's, lows of the 40's. we will be wearing shorts. jonathan: as the temperatures drop, $1000 for iphone
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keep your phone in an environment no colder than 32. jonathan: that's kind of hard to do. you would not what to field test your phone tonight. robert: i will be good with the iphone 7 for a while. it's friday. the game of the week coming up. want some inspirational stories for a change? you gotta check out the american dream.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the turf was hot and alexandria. hayfield and hilton battling it out. this is the playoffs. this turned out to be a show. the handoff, to his right. shakes off the tackler. that worked well, so same play, opposite direction, same result, another touchdown. just looking at film, we felt like this was a good game to use one of the better backs in the country. >> it felt good knowing we had a quarterback who can really run. they do not know what to do with
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finals. third quarter, check out the running back, like a pinball machine, bouncing off tacklers. diving to the end zone. paint branch moves on it defeats perry hall. sidney crosby and the penguins in town to take on the great 8. caps up 2-1 in the third. back of the net. 4-1, which happens to be braden holtby's 200th win in his career.
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bill: it's friday. the
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day, lots of sunshine. bring the pets in if you have not yet because it's cold. by now, the dog is whining. tomorrow morning we have a veterans day ceremony.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- idris elba. from the world series champion houston astros, carlos correa. and music from brad paisley and john fogerty. and now, whaddaya know here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.


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