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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> he was going to kill her, kill the baby, then himself. kellye: the police say a woman was changing her baby when her husband attacked. plus, the front door of the montgomery county republican office. and a deadly earthquake hits iran. new images coming in tonight. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kellye: good evening. i'm kellye lynn. a husband behind bars tonight accused of attempted murder, accused of tying up his wife and much more. q mccray is live in germantown with the story that you will see only on 7. q
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i went over the court documents and he married an andfe in 2013 in ir move to the united states a couple years ago to start a new life. they had a baby boy. according to court document's, he threatened to kill his one-year-old. 44-year-old man, behind bars come accused of trying to kill his family. >> he was going to kill her, kill the baby, then kill himself. q: this person lives next door and is familiar with their marital issues. >> she said her husband beat her and was trying to kill her. q: that was earlier this year. the arrest this time happened in october when his wife brought up a problem with the marriage. according to court documents, he beat his
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into the front door, and pushed where hethe garage bound her. he threatened to kill her, their one-year-old son, and himself if she called the police. according to court documentss, when he went to get his gun, his wife escaped and went to a neighbor's house for help. definitely good we have good neighbors in the area, but sad to see something like that happen. q: tonight the man is still in jail and he is facing five charges, including kidnapping and attempted murder. he faces up to 30 years behind bars. in germantown, q mccray, abc 7 news. kellye: scary moments for shoppers at the mall of america in minnesota after two people were stabbed inside of a macy's store tonight. somebody was trying to steal an item
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first victim. the second victim try to help disarm the suspect. haveboth non-life-threatening injuries and the would-be robber was eventually arrested. reelingng now, iran is after a powerful earthquake hit the region near the iraq border. more than 140 people were killed by the 7.3 magnitude quake and more than 850 others injured. people ran in search of safety. shocks were reported in iraq, pakistan, lebanon, kuwait, and turkey. people were told to stay away from buildings and not use elevators. . warning from d.c. fire brian: ok, i will pick this up. the forecast at 11:00, we do have showers, starting to get closer to the beltway.
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from west to east. outside right now, leesburg, showers, warrenton, manassas, gaithersburg, colder showers. the temperatures now in the mid 30's off to the west. 39 luray, most of us across the dmv should be above freezing. i think we will be just warm enough that we will not have too many freezes. by about 6:00, the showers should be east of town, damp roadways for the morning rush, and temperatures warming a bit. more about that and the next 10 days coming up. kellye: sounds good, thank you. a warning from d.c. fire. they tell us they are seeing more calls related to high levels of carbon monoxide in homes. this has happened twice in just days and it can be deadly. earlier today on u street
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exposure. >> it was shocking, not expecting it at all. kellye: fire officials say the home had a faulty heater. a stress the imports of carbon monoxide detectors because you cannot see or smell the gas. science calling on patriots to nation -- signs calling on patriots to take back the nation are plastered outside of the montgomery county office. kevin lewis has the story. put this on like wallpaper, so it is on there to stay. kevin: posters pepper the front door of montgomery county republican party headquarters. fromebsite includes quotes confederate army leader robert page hasd the twitter photos of masked members holding torches. >> this was premeditated.
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the discovery today. >> i said we should call the montgomery county police. this is a hate crime against us. in a secondera story window called the two suspects approaching the office about 10 p.m. saturday. they also left a poster on a nearby mailbox. >> it is just despicable. kevin: montgomery county is saturated with democrats fault that local republicans are consequently being targeted. >> political discrimination is the new racial and religious discrimination. and that bringing someone home from the wrong political party is the new "guess who's coming to dinner." the adhesive used on the door to keep the flyers in place, this one showing a map of the u.s.
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words "not stolen, concord." montgomery county police took a report but have not officially call this a hate crime. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. been one week since a gunman killed 25 people and an unborn child at the first baptist church in texas. set upnder a white tent on a baseball field, survivors and hundreds of family, friends, and strangers attended sunday service. >> beautifully done to water everyone who passed and to give hope to everyone. kellye: tonight our first look inside of the church. the building has been turned into a memorial for the victims with 26 empty chairs for each of those killed. 7 on your side health matters -- the stomach flu outbreak in ocean city. we are talking near 100 cases linked to a food festival last weekend.
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cases after the shellshocked beer and oyster festival at baker's island. the health department is working to pinpoint the cause. it is monday in manila and the final day of president trump's asia trip. the president will visit one-on-one with several leaders, including the philippines' c ontroversial president. and at home the white house is warning against rushing to judge rob moore,ator accused of having a sexual encounter with a teenage girl when he was in his 30's. >> i think we have to be very cautious. these allegations are 40 years old, arriving months before election day. denied there
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stay in the race. a new poll shows the democrat leading moore by four points. >> survivors united will never be divided. kellye: in los angeles, hundreds marched against sexual assault and harassment in hollywood. men have women and come forward saying they were victimized by high-powered men in the entertainment industry. coming up -- a frightening fall, and apartment floor collapses. more must-see video. plus this. r is absolutely the best emotion to describe this. kellye: 7 on your side with a new internet phone scam. you may not be calling the businesses that you think. and health hazards stopping flights.
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kellye: breaking news of a police involved shooting in bladensburg. but officer shot a man with a gun on newton street.
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hospital and is in critical condition. the police are still investigating and we will pass along the information as we get it. [screaming] video of acking new college party in texas. the floor of the apartment building collapsed and several people dropped into the apartment below. amazingly there were only minor injuries. partygoers were jumping up and down when the floor gave way. it was a homecoming celebration at the university of north texas. a 7 on your side consumer alert -- if you use google, listen up, there is a new scam you need to hear about. when you contact a business found on a google ad, you may not be getting the business you intend and it could be costing big box. a new one line scam targeting google users. >> anger is the best eti
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a washinge googled machine repair man, unaware that scammers were there. >> i thought this was someone who would take care of me. kellye: the next day, these two men arrived in her texas home in an unmarked truck charging over $400 to replace a valve. courtney did not realize -- courtney later realized her washing machine was still broken and her check was cashed. this south carolina locksmiths said that scammers have changed his number on google. >> my reputation and business is hurt. it makes us look like we are thieves. listingsoogle business have an option to suggest an edit, allowing almost anyone to change information. search engine says they have an automated system to detect fraud, but there
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address as quickly as possible. the best way to protect yourself? >> check multiple sites, google, yelp, even next door. kellye: google says that businesses can register to receive in a mail anytime their contact information has been changed. email anytimeand their contact information has been changed. light showers starting to push in. the good news is they are moving quickly. by the morning rush, most of them will be east of town. today we got to 47. of average high this time year is 59, but a heck of a lot better than yesterday when we were only 37. definitely a step in the right direction. the five day temperature trend, tomorrow still below average, near 50.
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52, 53 wednesday. thursday we get so close, and then we drop back again. the overall pattern is definitely cooler. outside, mid 40's, mild downtown. 30's popping up to the west. in fact, towards martinsburg and 39.hester, mid 30's, luray watching this moisture pushing through, some of the higher elevations could have winter type weather, but at this point most of those areas are above freezing. compared to this time last night, we are running anywhere from 14, 15, 13 degrees warmer. lot betterfeeling a than yesterday. the big picture, winter weather in pennsylvania, western new york. for us, just a lite
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and west. all of this is lifting to the east, north east, drifting out at a pretty good clip. risers will see the rain, but by about 5 a.m., 6:00 a.m. most of the moisture will be east of the city. scattered light showers, more moderate rain towards central virginia. futurecast in the morning, showers. spots in pennsylvania could have a brief mix. winchester 35, 37 manassas and andrews. 6:00 in the morning will be dry with the exception of southern maryland. break intornoon we sunshine as the temperatures work their way to near 50 degrees. dampness leftf over, the clouds breaking, sunshine midday. clearing in the afternoon, the temperatures right around 50 degrees. improving conditions tuesday and wednesday, low 50's both days.
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52 friday. another push of warm air, but this comes with the next best chance of showers. saturday we could see some rain. once that moves out, sunday blustery, cooler, and a more fall like feel. unlike some of these last riches of cooler weather, this seems like it will be extended. fall is here to stay. any questions? not really, but a lot of questions for the redskins. scott: that is a great transition. kellye: the statement that you said earlier? scott: losses are tough in the struggle at home continue for the redskins. was one of the
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to pass, going deep. harris fresh off the practice squad, a spectacular one-handed catch, 36 yard touchdown. 7-0 skins. uprth quarter, the vikings 35-20. d.j. swearinger with the interception, his second pick of the game. that sets up the kirk cousins touchdown run. less than five minutes remaining, the skins down 11. fourth and 1, chris thompson stopped behind the line. the redskins lose 38-30. they are now 4-5 on the season. coach gruden: i feel like we missed a lot of opportunities today, especially offensively. against a good football team, i think they are 7-2, leading their division. you have to make those plays. we are good enough to make them. scott:
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orleans to face the saints. later tonight" will break down the latest redskins loss. scott jackson will join us in studio. ,ll of the fun begins at 11:35 right here on abc 7. caps taking on edmonton. dmitry orlov scores come his first of the season, tied at 1-1. this game goes to a shootout. needing to score against braden holtby to keep the oilers alive, not happening. holtby stops all three shootout shots. caps win 2-1. making hisng coaching debut at georgetown today, a who's who of basketball greats showing love for the new head coach. michael jordan way up in the rafters. jeff van gundy, and wizards
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attendance. hoyas against jacksonville, all georgetown. finishing strong with the slam. georgetown goes on to win, 73-57. college park, maryland hosting maryland-eastern shore. some sweet drives to the basket. maryland led 44-18 at the break. 4-4 from three-point range. in easily, 96-43. they host butler wednesday night. and congrats to the maryland field hockey team, bound for the final four, upsetting number two seed duke. it will be maryland's first trip to the final four since 2012. kellye:
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come, a much-needed break for some good food and football.
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kellye: getting back to the breaking news the police-involved shooting in bladensburg. this video has jus
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into the newsroom, the scene that authorities say an officer shot a man with a gun on newton street. that man is in critical condition at the hospital. the police are still investigating. kevin lewis is headed to the scene. experts say that breathing the air in new delhi right now is the same as smoking 44 cigarettes per day. and a cropoke, burning have created a toxic smog. the air quality is so poor that united airlines has suspended all flights into and out of india's capital through tomorrow. some ofd and football, the most vulnerable able to get out of the cold and into a warm place to watch the redskins play today. a group hosted dozens of people for lunch at the father mckenna center in northwest. >> there is nothing like being able to uplift our fellow man.
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and opportunity to eat something hot and warm. kellye: they also handed out their citizen of the year award. it went to a man who turned his life around and has been helping homeless men. he actually won tickets to the redskins game.
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