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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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brad: this guys are working to shore this up so the rest of the building not at risk of falling down. we want to show you a video of this happening. the car is accelerating and jumping the curb, smashing in the building. it looks like someone hit the wrong pedal but they crashed in the building. the people that are displaced are not happy about it. >> we don't know if this was an accident or attempted, attempted murder or anything like that.
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the police say they know who it is. it's a resident. they got the whole thing on camera. they read the license plate. one of the people here responsible for the security believes the car was in a crash before it got here. the hunt is on. q mccray has more. q: the family reached out to "7 on your side." came right in out here. nothing would make them happier than to be able to walk out of their home, walk down the walkway here
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the car in front of their home but the city keeps turning them down. both are disabled. they applied for reserve parking. they were turned down. >> according to the d.c. law if you have an off-street parking spot like they do, you are not eligible. they argue the spot out back is too far away. >> we measured the distance from the front door to the
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that is almost half a football field. eight yards out the front yard to the sidewalk. commissioner wants the city to reconsider. >> federal law mandates that the reasonable accommodations be granted. >> i do love my city. i never had an encounter with them before this. all they want is for them to reconsider. they reached out to muriel bowser and the councilmember. >> chad ritchie of front royal killed a 22-month-old last
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zimmerman is also charged in connection with the death and a second child removed from the home with the serious and non-life threatening injuries. >> new development in the case against a man accused of killing a muslim teenager this summer. a judge setting a march 28 trial date for darwin martinez torres who is accused of raping and killing nabra hassanen last june. jonathan: developing tonight another accuser has come forward saying that roy moore assaulted her when she was a teenager. she worked at a restaurant that moore went to often and he offered to drive her home when she was 16, she says. but instead of heading home she says he drove her to the back of the restaurant, locked the car doors and sexually assaulted her. >> he said you are just a child. he said i am the district attorney and if you tell anyone about this, no one will beli
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>> she was showing off the high school yearbook. she was 16. he was in the 30's. mitch mcconnell heard enough and he says he believes the women. he is not leaving race and he tweeted mcconnell should step down saying he failed the conservatives! a fifth woman accusing former president h.w. bush of groping. rosalyn corrigan says she was 16 when she posed with the president and he squeezedded her bottom. a sporksman abollgized to anyone he -- apologized to anyone he may have offended in a photo op. rand paul tweeted he is returning to work ten days after being attacked in his yard. he had six broken ribs and he is in pain but he is ready to take on tax reform.
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he has a major announcement on wednesday. >> the president nominated asection sazar, a former executive he was also the deputy h.i.s. secretary under george w. bush. tom price resigned as the secretary amid the investigation in his use of private jets. >> less than a week after they approved, executive signing a sharp minimum wage hike to law. kevin lewis explain what is it means for the family owned businesses. >> it has been serving hot soup since the 1970's. now he is bracing for the next hurdle. $15 an
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>> as a business, it doesn't help us. we have to raise prices. as a mom of a 23-year-old i'm thrilled because he could be making more money. >> today the montgomery county executive ike leggett signed the bill in law within packed room of the low-wage workers. the increase won't be immediate but rather staggered. the $15 threshold taking effect in 2021, 2023 and 2024, depending on the company size. >> family business you do everything. >> they opened a french bakery in 1987. with seven employees. some earning minimum wage. quality ingredients like nuts, cream and milk will remain intact. her other goal not passing the added cost to a loyal customer base. >> i wish law wise there would be tax break on small
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businesses. virginia is at 7:25 an hour. in rockville, i'm kevin lewis. alison: there is new information on the "7 on your side" item investigation. lisa is here with an update on the settlement with western union. >> if you have used the money transfer system and were scammed, you can now file a claim to get the money back. federal investigators say western union knew the scammers were using the services to bilk people out of hundred of millions. now they are paying the price to the tune of $586 million. they settled with the feds in january. if you lost money to a scammer and you paid through western union between january 1, 2004 and january 19, 2017, you are entitled to your mo
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go to the app so we can link you to the claim page. >> the feds say even though western union got hundreds of thousands of complaints about the fraudulent money transfers the company did nothing. the scam for fraudulent lottery prizes to the loans and online dating. >> all right. thank you. >> the department of environmental services says to avoid zachary taylor park. it is still open but the repairs could take two days. >> there are clouds floating by. the evening is going to look like this. at 7:00, it's a few clouds around the area. 47 at 7
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46 by 8:00. by 9:00, hanging out in the mid-40's. >> more than 400 dead in the earthquake on the iran-iraq border. right now the rescue crews are there searching through the rubble, trying to find survivors. the quake was so strong it could be felt 660 miles away. >> the board decided if lieutenant rice broke the department rules when freddie gray was arrested and transported two and a half years ago.
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>> colin kaepernick began kneeling in the national anthem to protest police treatment of african-americans. president trump's criticism this year sparked the similar protests by other players. at a confluence today they lowered the threshold to 130/80. so nearly half of all the adults in the u.s. have high blood pressure. this husky wandered in to company 19. beautiful dog. if you recognize the dog and may know the owner, you are asked to call washington humane r
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alison: oh, my goodness. this stops your heart. and it reminds you how important it is to keep your eyes on the road. no one was hurt. the driver was the one flashing the lights and honking his horn. larry: i know the outcome and i can't watch it again. amazing sight from hawaii. a tour guide puts down the go pro and it's engulfed by lava. but somehow the s.d. card survived. alison: a good advertisement for the company to survive that. larry:
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>> well, 200 protesters interrupted an event hosted by the u.s. government on the coal and nuclear energy. at climate talks in germany. this is the only event organized by the u.s. delegation at the united nations conference. >> so why did the salmon cross the road? bill: i don't know. i want it in the belly. >> there are a lot of places to watch it swim upstream.
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this is a gorgeous night. it's 50 degrees outside currently. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. if you catch a picture send it to me. the number is 53. the average is 59. 42 is 2 normal. i normally don't show you the almanac unless there is something special to draw up. this is the seventh day in a row with the average below normal. the last time we had a stretch longer, on the seventh day here is may. six months ago. may 21 through the 28. we had an eight-day run.
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we are likely going nine days. below normal tomorrow so nine days straight with the below normal temperatures. saturday morning you know it was the record levels all the way down to 26 officially at reagan national. tieing the record for the day. back to now, herndon is 49. falls church is the same thing. a mild evening. cool, no question. you want light jacket. the winds are light. we are very quiet. the system is well east. it is bringing snow to new
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england. tonight is quiet. you are out and about walking around. getting dinner. there would be 30's out there but that is about where we will be. tomorrow, we have clouds mixed in with the sunshine. it should be fine. 30s and the low 40's around the area. it will be in the low 50's tomorrow. torment night we're close to now where mid-to-upper 40's. straight in the extended forecast. 52 with the sunshine tomorrow. thursday we should get back up normal before it drops again on
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nobody the ten-day forecast is the thanksgiving holiday. the official turkey i throw out there. alison: my goodness! larry: you've had practice. bill: there is a lot of stuff you will discover you are not expecting to come out of my mouth. alison: surprise us ever once in a while. thank you. >> you turkey! alison: what americans on the mainland are doing to try to help those on the island. >> preparing high potential and the low income high school students for the college success. that is coming up in spotlight on education. >> look at tonight on abc7. >> how ariana has a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington."
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>> smart home devices are supposed to make the life easier but is the vacuum cleaner spying on you? discover how they could give away privacy and why dumbing them down could be a smart idea. >> watch for a chance to win $100 in turkey bucks.
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larry: puttal high school students on the path to college success. in the "spotlight on education," kellye lynn shows us about college preparation and how they are getting support. kellye: 16-year-old alya want to achieve what her parents didn't. college degree. >> i want to get to college so in the future i'm stable. >> she is reaching upward bound. >> our goal is move them up through the program to college readyiness. >> they are implementing the college prep program after receiving $1.25 million upward bound grant from the department of education. >> we have hopeless of helping more
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>> it's offered at friendship tech and the parableside high in northeast. they have college tours and helping to identify the financial aid and the scholarship. >> this is everything you went to on the application. >> it will put her a step closer to achieving the dream. >> i want to be stable in the career but if it falls i have something to hop back on because i have a degree. >> in southeast, kellye lynn, abc7 news. >> the item the boy had
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his life. larry: the chances of getting help from a stranger is going up if you have a heart attack but find out why a man or a woman could make a difference. >> two families paid engraving company to do work. nine months went by. still waiting. so they called "7 on your side." up next the hea my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪
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alison: this is a heart-breaker. we have been following the developing story of two families, the veterans buried at the arlington cemetery and they can't get a company to set up to complete the loved one's head stones. and scott taylor joins us from arlington national cemetery with the story. scott: arlington national cemetery is a sacred place.
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>> my father was a veteran. don't cheat the american veterans. >> they are heart broken after hiring the company and the owner leanne kevindy. he paid kennedy to engrave his mother's name on the father's private headstone. and the arlington national cemetery allows purchase and engraving of the private headstones or it provides government issued headstone. in january, kennedy told sanders she would try to have the engraving completed by april 2. there were five outstanding requests from the families some waiting two or three years.
5:32 pm
it throws a soared to your heart. this is a very emotional roller coaster. >> they paid sullivan a year ago to add the final dates for his mom's passing. so far another plastic printout in the ground. there are multiple complaints dating to 2015. we believe this is t.a. sullivan. look at the front yard. this is its own cemetery. we knocked on the front door. nobody is home. we did track down kennedy who refused to talk to us on camera but agreed to finish each headstone in days.
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we say thank you for working with them and the families to complete the overdue encryption. they are also sponsoring a wreath for each of the families. the cemetery says it does oversee the work on the private markers but it is up to the families to manage the agreement with the contractors. contacting "7 on your side" paid off for the families. >> i lived in washington for 30 years. always watched 7 and you guys work wonders. i feel extremely happy. scott: some advice to protectous before you enter in a deal. go to the better business bureau company and check the rating. put a clause in the contract if they don't finish in timely fashion you get a full refund.
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help them. efforts are underway to save emmitt till. they want it to receive landmark status. >> developing now, we are making -- >> we are making holiday plans without our son. >> the members of the fraternity face charges. he had 18 drinks in less than 90 minutes. piazza fell down basement steps that night and it took 12 hours for anyone to call for help. alison: a freak accident with a pencil nearly cost an elementary school student his life.
5:35 pm
school day that he accidentally sat on a ib pencil he just sharpen and it severed an artery in his arm and he pulled it out but it started bleeding. >> shocking to come up on the blood he lost. >> that is scary. quick thinking by the teachers saved his life. >> we husband rushed to the hospital and they had to put staples in his arm. larry: months after barnes & nobles announced they will be closing on bethesda road amazon is putting in a bookstore around the corner. there is no word yet on when it will open.
5:36 pm
>> amazon is beginning overhaul of the trains and the improvements will include the new seat discussions, carpeting and flooring and redesigned cafe cars. most of the interior hasn't been updated since the late 1990's. they hope to refurbish 450 cars by this summer. larry: a look at how daily lives have changed in the u.s. q: have you seen this man? he is wanted by the local and the federal authorities and he has been on the run for weeks. i'm q mccray. the wall of justice is next. >> new at of:00, the amazing scene caught on video. the women fighting back against the crooks trying to rob the breakfast shop. now we are hearing from a brave woman to learn how much
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bill: look at the gorgeous shot of the jefferson memorial.
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you see it on the water. if you are heading out, a light jacket. you will be fine. we are not expecting any big weather related problems by any stretch. this is how it looks. 48 at of:00. 46 by 8:00. we will keep the temperatures in the 40's. it will be cooler on
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>> we have five fugitives and two are new. one is an accused woman beater. another in the 50's. the police are offering a $10,000 reward if you help them find hinkal. the marshalls want williams. he has been -- the marshals want williams who has been on the lamb for months accused of assault with a dangerous weapon. they also want ward who is breaking into houses.
5:41 pm
on -- grenados who is accused of tries to force a woman in his bedroom before she escaped. this is a felony and we take it seriously. they are wanted for abduction and assault and battery. if you have any information contact the police department. i'm q mccray. i'll see you next week with another edition of "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. >> what we are asking for. larry: ahead at 5:00, how much help they want to battle back from the crisis in the caribbean. >> a new study suggests that women are less likely
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what if there was only one emoji? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box. alison: you see someone drop to the ground. it's a heart attack. what do yo
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may depend the person needing the help is a man or a woman. we explain why. >> it can happen suddenly while walking down the street. someone stops breathing. >> montgomery county fire and rescue says c.p.r. requires someone to get up close and personal with a stranger. a study says 39% of the women who went into cardiac arrest in a public place were given c.p.r. versus the 45% of men. one reason is the fear of touching a woman's breasts. >> what is going on nowadays and what you hear in the media, i believe that yeah, they should be concerned. >> the study suggests that there could be a change with the mannequin. captain silverman was made to
5:46 pm
>> part of the issue is making the mannequin so they will more resemble a middle age to an older female patient. >> you want to know how important c.p.r. is. say this guy came into cardiac arrest. five years ago the chance of survival would be 9%. know a bystander i will start doing the chest compression and the chance of the survival went up. >> you want to help the person out. bystanders are often the first responders. in gaithersburg. >> another health note bill gates is giving the fight against alzheimer's a big boost. he is donating $50 million to the dementia recovery fund. it's coming from his own pocket. not the charitable foundation. >> impressive. >> an update on a story we brought you in last month. auction to own
5:47 pm
bob dylan played that was bought for $400,000. he sold it to the guitarry pairman in the -- guitar repairman for $500. a good mark-up. >> mark calendars. taylor swift bringing the stadium tour to fedex tour july 10 of next year. the tickets going on sale december 13. ticket master verified the fans to register for advanced sales now that continues until november 28. >> district, not a new problem. mayor bowser took what she called a rat walk today. to highlight what the city is doing and curb the problem. what businesses say is the real cause of the rat problem. election results that are still to close to call that could have a big impact on the state. that is all coming up in 15 mines
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to recover from the crisis in the caribbean. >> it's equal treatment under the natural disaster. the natural disaster does not look at the politics and the race, location. >> congress devoted $5 billion in the aid to puerto rico after hurricane maria. much of the island is without power. thousands of americans remain homeless. alison: we have look at the rebuilding efforts in houston after hurricane harvey. one called rebuilding together houston finished 25 homes. they are helping hundreds of families back on their feet. >> they tell everybody we have to leave. it is going to flood. >> she still looks for the good in e
5:49 pm
helping bring the u.s. virgin islands back from the hurricane. adopt a family making it easy to help the families on the island. donors receive wish list and send care packages to those in need. 26,000 distributed so far. >> if you can't use it -- you know somebody who can. >> true. donations through the program are approaching $2 million. alison: that warms your heart. larry: yeah. generosity. alison: the weather here is more seasonal after really cold start to the weekend. larry: thank goodness for that. >> the bar dropped. 51 outside. that is not too bad. we should be near 60.
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bill: if you look south raleigh is 56. charlotte is 60 but it is quiet. if you were up late, you experience that well east. the sent went down and it's 46 at 8:00 so 45 by 9:00. go back to the weekend. we have a full extension coming up the next time we meet at 6:00. saturday we are going to rebound. the weekend at the normal highs at 57. we will be above that. maybe more than that depending how it will shape out. we have a chance andn
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on saturday. before the cool air kicks in on sunday. at this point if you are looking for something on the warmer side, saturday is warmer. you have showers. they are looking dry. sneak peek on that. we will talk about the 10-day forecast in a bit. back to you. alison: thank you. larry: robert is here to check out sports. >> doing well. >> don't jinx it. it's the channel 7 kiss of death. a killer. i could speak too soon. they are trying to put three wins together. the teams are 1-6 on the road. uncle mo, momentum, of course, could be on the wizard's side. kelly oubere hoping mo shows up. >> use it as the momentum coming in tonight and carrying over from last game to this game. we have focused to make sure
5:52 pm
>> the redskins left with their head low. case keenum ripping the defense to shreds. d.j. swarringer living up to his last night. >> i put my heart into it. i don't do it for show. i put my heart in this. i have a love and passion for the game like no other. i put in hard work. day in and day out. i just keep working. >> all right. now the end zone allowing the end zone celebration -- now that the nfl allowing end zone celebrations again we have two from the skins game. he hugs it for dear life. but that drew a penalty. later in the game, after this touchtown, several doing
5:53 pm
the redskins. look at that. the drama. canadian football league. four members decided to do the limbo. [laughter] how low can you go? good times. good times. it brings the fun back. >> basketball team years ago playing georgetown i spent the game watching them more than anything else. robert: they were great! >> funny. >> two years after terror attacks across france. chief political correspondent scott thuman heads back to paris to find out what has changed. >> don't forget download the news app for the phone or tablet. get breaking
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the day's new
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larry: somber anniversary in paris. two years since the attack soccer hall. how has the france and the united states changed everyday life as a result? scott: it has ushered in a new era of terror is still trying to recover. >> an optimistic performance from the band playing in the assault. >> it's resolve of the community determined not to let bad guys win. >> not to say it's worry or incident free. attacks with the truck and cars looic the one in nice, france, are nearly impossible to prevent.
5:58 pm
armed guards are visible around major attractions. we showed you in a "full measure" assignment an 8-foot wall is about to go up around the eiffel tower. >> you walk up and notice the barrier. sign of the times. >> in the united states there is a transformation of the attacks. shocking many. a man drove a truck through a crowd of bicyclists in new york. >> the barriers in practice and politics, president trump linking looming threats to the immigration but some street closures were inundated with the refugees. >> there is a concern among some. >> it could have devastating effect
5:59 pm
>> scott thuman, abc7 news. >> right now at six, women take on a robber head on. tonight we hear from one of the brave women who refuse to give up. >> he said you are a child. he said i'm the district attorney. >> shocking video, a store collapses. the very thing that caused the collapse may have saved lives. >> now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> claims of the voter suppression in a battle for every vote in the local statehouse. we learned that the race to represent stafford in richmond will be decided by a handful of votes. michelle: adding to the stakes, it could be the oe
6:00 pm
power in richmond. >> the stafford county board of elections under the scrutiny ends under fire. they voted to give the 50 people with provisional battles one more day to come forward and make the votes count. 55 absentee ballots arrived too late. the democrats say they were picked up too late from the post office. complicating matters stafford is the only jurisdiction in virginia which doesn't use bar code on the absentee to indicate arrival times. >> this is a bizarre situation. >> democrat joshua cole lost his race for the house of delegates by 84 votes.


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