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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 14, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this tuesday morning on "world news now," private messages between the president's son and wikileaks. >> donald trump jr. is now releasing a chain of messages that started during the election and continued after election day. and a new accuser comes forward with new details about what she says senate candidate roy moore did to her when she was only 16 years old. this as another woman has come forward to accuse former president h.w. bush of inappropriately touching her. and we have dramatic new video of a commercial jet bursting into flames on the
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airport runway, injuring some passengers many see what we're learning now about that incident. and forget about driving the lane. lebron is taking the train. what? ♪ come on the train ♪ and ride it >> king james and the cavaliers decided new york city traffic is too much and head underground. the super star on the subway on this tuesday, november 14th. >> i don't think that's what the song meant. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i think it's supposed to be a figurative train in the song, right? >> yeah, and this was kind of a weird little sighting in new york city. >> now they officially new yorkers. almost. >> wonder whose metro card they used. >> we're going to figure out exactly why that happened in a moment. but first this half hour we're going to start with the revelation, the president's son had a string of online conversations with
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>> donald trump jr. tweet the some of the private direct messages after a report that he was in contact with wikileaks since before the election. >> the messages include requests regarding the presidential race and in some cases the trump campaign appeared to comply. here's abc's mary bruce with the details. >> reporter: the shocking private messages between donald trump jr. and wikileaks. abc news learning that starting at the height of the campaign donald trump's son and wikileaks were secretly corresponding. don jr. released the messages on twitter. as first reported on the "atlantic", the exchanges went on for at least ten months, starting in 2016 two months before the election. the president son communicate being with wikileaks, something believed to have been used by russia to influence the election. even president trump's own cia director has said this.
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wikileaks for what it really is. a non-state hostile intelligence service, often abetted by state actors like russia. >> reporter: wikileaks already started exposing records from the dnc while his father proclaimed this. >> wikileaks, i love this. >> reporter: wikileaks wrote, hey, donald, great to see you and your dad talking about our publications. asking that they strongly suggest they use this link. donald trump himself tweeted very little pickup by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by wikileaks. so dishonest. rigged system. and two days later, his son tweeted out that link that wikileaks had sent. sources close to don jr. believe that after wikileaks first reached
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leaders. don jr. did not engage with all of wikileaks' requests, he didn't rebuff them either. wikileaks wrote to don jr. on election day. even they seemed to think hillary clinton was going to win. wright hi, don, if your father loses we think it would be more interesting if your father doesn't concede. but by the end of the night, trump had won. wikileaks' response? wow. just weeks before the election, don jr. apparently asked what they planned to release next. don jr.'s lawyer says they've turned over all this correspondence to investigators and they have no concerns about these documents. >> our thanks to mary. and now to the fierce battle between roy moore and his party's leaders.
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allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl in the late '70s, but mitch mcconnell says he should drop out of the race and that he believes the women. >> the fifth accuser says he was a regular at the restaurant where she worked. beverly nelson claims moore assaulted her in his car and gave her a warning. >> he looked at me, and he told me, he says you're just a child. and he said, i am the district attorney of etowah county, and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you. >> she also showed her high school yearbook, signed by moore as proof, she said, that she knew him then. moore says her claims are absolutely false and that he doesn't even know beverly nelson. senator luther strange who he defeated in the primary says it's highly unlikely he will be a
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he says it's up to the people of alabama to sort out. the special lek 00 is leelectio than a month away. and another woman has come out to accuse president h.w. bush of inappropriately touching her. she says he grabbed her backside as she posed for a photo. he apologizes for anyone he offended. she is the fifth woman to say he groped her. the president joined other leaders for a luncheon before leaving manila where he bonded with rodrigo duterte. this morning he turned his attention back to trade, tweeting that after his trip the rest of the world will know that the rules have changed and the u.s. will be treated fairly. >> he fweeted several times about working with congress to pass the sweeping tax reform bill. today is a national day of
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of the deadly earthquake. tens of thousands spent another night in the open air as relief agencies struggled to get to the region where the quake took place. more than 400 people were killed by the magnitude 7.3 earthquake sunday night. rescue workers are looking for more survivors this morning. and reports say an army green beret may have been killed by navy s.e.a.l.s. because he found out they were stealing. they were part of an intelligence team at the u.s. embassy located in a country of mali in western africa. sources tell the "daily beast" and the "new york times" that the s.e.a.l.s. had been skimming money from a fund used to pay informants, and mel ger refused to be part of that scheme. the detention of three ucla basketball players has become an international incident. president trump personally asked the chinese president for help in addressing the
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one of those players is the brother of l.a. laker lonzo ball. he was asked about the president's involvement. >> hopefully everything works out. when i talked to my dad and my little brother, seems like everything was going fine. i assume everything's cool out there. >> reporter: the three freshman players are accused of stealing louis vuitton sunglasses. a white house official confirms that the chinese president has assured president trump that he would ensure the three players are treated fairly. it is award season in the baseball world and there is absolutely no doubt who would take home the rookie ever the year prizes. decision were unanimous. >> new york yankees aaron judge led with 52 homers, and as a strong thank you, jack, he's a strong candidate for mvp, but he was an easy vote. >> all rise for the
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jack. >> and l.a.'s cody bellinger. >> nothing. >> nothing for bellinger. he was no slouch in the homer department either, setting a national league record of 39. >> which is not as many as aaron judge, just. >> dodgers made it to the world series. the dodgers have had more rookies of the year. cody bellinger. >> 39 home runs. aaron judge 52. >> aaron judge. >> but both rookies of the year, first time since the '70s that that's happened? you never know what or who you're going to see on a new york city subway. one day it's the pizza rat. the next it's lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. >> here they are. lebron taking the c train and
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the decision to ride with other commuters came down to convenience actually. >> the players were told they could get back to their hotel with a subway ride. then they went out and beat the knicks by six points. >> there was almost like a fight between lebron and friends. so there you are. coming up, a man's battle with his condo association over a squirrel. that's right. a battle for brutus. it's no ordinary squirrel. this case probably heading to the supreme court. the new charges and new suspects in the alleged hazing death of a sophomore at penn state and the stunning new revelation recovered from the surveillance camera. you're watching "world news now."
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released. two people surfffered minor injuries. 17 fraternity brothers face charges in the death of a pledge at penn state. >> new video shows the student was given 18 drinks in less than 90 minutes. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: new charges in the alleged hazing death of tim piazza. 12 more penn state fraternity brothers are facing charges and fi five others are awaiting trial. new video shows fraternity brothers giving tim piazza 18 drinks. >> we don't know what happened in the basement. guess what, guys? now we know. >> reporter: prosecutors said they were led to believe that video camera wasn't working. instead, they say now student intentionally deleted it.
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video. that student is now facing a tampering with evidence charge. >> missing from the evidence in this case was what really happened downstairs in that dark basement that night. this video is the missing link. >> reporter: the court had already seen other videos showing piazza stumble through the house, at one point, falling down a flight of stairs. it would be 12 hours before the brothers called for help. the charges range from furnishing alcohol to minors to involuntary manslaughter. the family of piazza want people to know -- >> talk to them, tell them not to get involved in this nonsense. >> reporter: gio benitez. >> the video may have been wiped in front of a state college police officer who was down at the time. >> oh. coming up
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hour. the major health alert. how the percentage of american men and women living with high blood pressure sky rocketed overnight. plus, the road of recovery. how the u.s. virgin islands are getting back on their feet, that's next on "world news now." t never stops working there's resolve carpet care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits ♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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♪ i've got the heart of a hero ♪ the strength of a lion >> we've talked so much about houston getting impacted by the hurricane, south florida as well. a lot of people have forgotten about the u.s. virgin islands which were hit twice and devastated by those back to back category five hurricanes. >> so the islands are expected to receive $800 million in emergency loans, but as abc's robin roberts found out, that relief is just now starting to trickle in. >> reporter: for four terrifying weeks, the gulf coast and caribbean islands were under siege, pummeled by hurricane harvey, irma and maria. the first time on
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three category four hurricanes made landfall in the u.s. during the same season. and though the storms have passed, hundreds of thousands are still reeling in the aftermath. like here in the u.s. virgin islands. one of the hardest-hit areas that many believe has gone unnoticed. 80% still without power. like you needed another reminder of the power of this storm. i mean, look at this apartment complex. both sides of the walls completely blown out. people lost their lives here. for the once idyllic islands, hurricane maria drowned what irma didn't already destroyed. >> you could just hear everything crumbling around us. it just was scary. >> reporter: so you rode out the storm. >> yes, we rode out the storm downstairs. >> reporter: and this, because you have a five month old. >> yes, that didn't make it downstairs. >> reporter: and though he
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seemingly lost everything, ian says what he hasn't lost is his faith. >> good morning, guys. thanks for everything. >> reporter: he's currently working with bloomberg philanthropy league. >> they've been instrumental in picking up the gaps skrcreated fema. fema's a great organization. but there's a lot of gaps. >> reporter: one of the most dire needs, electricity. most families still have none. when do you expect to have full power, though, restored on the island. >> we've got now with in week, with our last 200 batch of linemen in, we have got now760-plus linemen in the territory. and our plan is to be at 90% energized by christmas. >> reporter: across the virgin islands, hundreds from the u.s. are working to replace power
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>> what we want to do is build smart, do it hardened and do it so it can with stand the next storm. >> reporter: and as the islands slowly begin to rebuild, we see the strength of those who weathered the storm like mrs. phillips, as one of the only families with a working generator in the days following irma and maria, she and her beautiful family began cooking meals for those in need. >> i cook for 25 and that's just us. so it's not too much extra to share with the community. >> reporter: the family cooks about 250 meals per day. most of the food donated from others across the island. no one would blame you if you said oh, woe is me and just buried your head in the sand, but you didn't. >> well, because we raise our children to serve god and to always love your neighbor as yourself. >> 25 meals before the
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25. >> and how good did that food look in the meantime. >> the governor by the way says he'll be asking for $7.5 billion when he visits washington today. >> big props to michael bloomberg for stepping in there and putting money to that effort. we'll be right back. somehow we always leave packing to the last minute. time to break these bad boys out no i have a couple of things to wash we got this- come on. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great
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a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah one bottle has the grease cleaning power of three bottles of this other liquid. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. ♪ we are going to start your tuesday mix with quite a tale, a furry tale. coming out of clearwater, florida. a weird story out of florida. who would have thought, who would have thought? so you have this guy, ryan boylen. he's been living with brutus. who's brutus, you might ask? this is brutus. >> a squirrel. >> it is a squirrel. so his condo board has issued him an eviction notice because they say there are no exotic animals even in florida allowed in his apartment, in his condo.
3:26 am
keep brutus, because he says brutus is an emotional support animal that he's needed. >> wait, the squirrel is an emotional support animal? >> i know, it's nuts. >> does he have a little vest? >> it helps him. he had issues and accidents years ago, so now this battle is brewing. >> so what's he going to do? what's going to happen to brutus? >> i don't know, but the board says ryan boyou have to go an and et tu brutus. over to california where a man set a record. he has now ridden disney california adventures radiateder springs racers ride 10,000 times. >> come on. >> so this all goes back. jack is impressed, clearly.
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years ago. when -- >> five years. >> when john was very overweight, had bad knees, and he was determined to fit in the back seat of the ride. he had gastric bypass surgery, two gknee replacements. >> all to sit in that ride? >> now he's pretty pumped. 10,000 times. that, by the way is 760 days of riding that car. average of about 13 rides per day. >> i kind of feel like he could also do with brutus the squirrel. yeah. >> brutus may have found a new home. by the way, he'd like to get to 15,000, he's not done yet. the ultimate, ultimate thanksgiving clothing. stovetop has come up with their own lean of clothing. you know, they're known for their stuffing. so these pants are stretchy and allow for a comfortable fit
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feast with no pressure. >> oh, i need those. >> on your food baby. >> we should all eat thanksgiving. >> boxer stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions
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to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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this morning on "world news now," new pressure on republican senate candidate roy moore to drop out of the race, and a new accuser has come forward saying he sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager. now the question being asked, what are the chances of jeff sessions getting his old seat back. and a health alert. millions are finding out that their blood pressure is too high. we'll tell you what the guidelines are. and new this half hour. >> a primate, swiping through, swipe, swipe, next, next. cute.


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