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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 14, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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now, abc7 news at noon, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] adrianna: attorney general jeff sessions is back in the hot seat, testifying before the campaign'se trump alleged ties to russia during the election. jana
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linear questions he is facing out. janai: attorney general jeff sessions is back on the hot seat on capitol hill. attorney general sessions: i reject accusations that i've ever live. committee judiciary looking for knowledge about his contacts between russian officials. he said he was not aware of any, but that testimony was undermined by the guilty plea in of a former campaign advisor, and news that sessions authorized the justice authorized a special counsel to look into hillary clinton. attorney general sessions: i believe the proper thing to do would be to recuse myself from any questions involving those investigations that involve secretary clinton that were raised during the campaign. or could be otherwise connected to it. janai: despite that pledge during his confirmation hearing, the justice department said in a letter that prosecutors would examine allegaon
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from the clinton foundation influenced a decision by the obama administration to allow russian agency to buy a nuclear one company. mr. trump: they should be looking at a lot of things and a lot of people disappointed in the justice department am including me. thank you, everybody. janai: critics are questioning whether the independent justice department is now being called to do the president's political bidding. janai norman to maybe sneeze, capitol hill. adrianna: more republican lawmakers are asking alabama senate candidate roy moore to drop out of his race. this is a fifth woman accuses him of sexual misconduct. said heyoung drove her to a dumpster behind a restaurant. began groping me and putting his hands on my
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breast. i tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over and he locked it so i could not get out. adrianna: she said she was just 16 years old at the time. republican senators are calling drop out of the race, 4 of them have rescinded their endorsement, and 28 have said he should step aside if the allegations are true. meanwhile, president trump headed home after a lengthy 12-day trip to asia. withid it was a success billions of dollars of new deals. he offered no details on the latest effort end north korea's nuclear weapons development. he is planning a major announcement on the trip later from the white house. d.c. police have released a video of a vicious attack with a baseball bat. you can see one man unloading on a person on the ground is another kicks in. it happened on friday on 7th street northwest. police need your help identifying the n
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if you have any information, you are urged to call mgd. now to this daring rescue in monterey county. brought toshers safety after something was wrong on their scaffolding. this happened on wisconsin avenue and western avenue. one of the washers was taken to hospital, which should be ok. investigations underway after a van caught fire in the parking lot of a daycare center. theflames working out -- flames breaking out as a three-year-old sat in the van. dan kennedy has more on the close call. suzanne: it was a very frightening when for a mother who was dropping her child here at the learning center at the .100 block take a look at the dodge caravan vehicle. this happened as she was dropping off one of her two children. authorities inside the day care center telling me that the woman in.bringing her infant son her three-year-old son remained in the
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the infant into the building. she heard a boom outside in her car. they rushed to the door, and that is when they saw that the engine was on fire. fortunately, they were able to get the three-year-old out of the vehicle. he has been transported to a local hospital, she is being treated for smoke and help -- where he is being treated for smoke inhalation. toestigators are trying figure out what caused the vehicle to catch on fire. in northeast washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. adrianna: after this developing story out of the southeast. police are in the middle of a manhunt for the driver of a car that passion to several vehicles, including a police cruiser. the person then took off. john gonzalez is on the scene. very police cleared it quickly this morning, knowing how busy this area is, and i guess they collected as much information as they need. now the search is on for this armed man. you can see there is plenty of debris in the parking lot where the salt into a violent end.
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earlier. we got the call around 6:00 this morning. police got word of a man ramming into parked cars off of wheeler road, and we understand that this armed man driving the black with new jersey tags smashed into several cars including at least one police cruiser, and then lost control of his vehicle, rolled the vehicle here. ,e understand that the suspect armed, got out on foot. there is a manhunt for the sky. there was a helicopter up above. policely, a number of officers on the ground saturated the area as they continue to search for this man. he has not been identified. please are trying to figure out where he came from, if that was his vehicle. for now on wheeler road, the scene has been cleared. that is the latest. john gonzalez, abc7 news. adrianna: a driver charged in a crash in leesburg until the mother of three makes his first cour
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a grand jury indicted him on multiple charges, including involuntary manslaughter. he told police that his brakes failed. back in september, he was driving a bus converted into a food truck went police say he ran a stop sign. he rammed a car carrying the woman, her three children, and her mother. she died at the scene, and her oldest son is now recovering in a rehab center. both her husband and the wife of the accuser appeared in court today. this noon, claims of voter suppression in one local house of delegates district. the race represents a stafford and is down to just a handful of votes, and it could impact the balance of power. ryan hughes is live in stafford with the ballot battle. are awaiting a ruling from a judge after an injunction was filed by the from the top -- after an injunction was filed that would prevent the board from declaring a winner in a key statehouse race. a meeting was set for 10:00 this
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but that has been delayed as well. this is also running the extremely close race in the 28th district between republican bob thomas and immigrant joshua cohen. the race is too close to call, and it could tip the balance of power in richmond. thomas is leading by some 80 votes, but original ballots have not been counted. that is the argument. the naacp argues that 50 provisional voters were given confusing and misleading information and instructions on election day, and it is asking that the vote count be further delayed until friday the 17th to figure it out. there are 55 absentee ballots that have not been counted as well. the registrar says they arrived too late, but democrats say they were picked up late from the post office. the chairman of the electoral boards as a further delay could violate state requirements. delayer tallies
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if our tally is delayed beyond today, that would necessarily require that we would be violating -- would require us to violate the state statutes for timing to reach the state board and then to be validated by the state board. and we just got word that that ruling by the judge on this injunction filed by the naacp is now set for 1:00. live in stafford, ryan hughes, abc7 news. adrianna: it is not just that seat in stafford that is down to the wire. a district that includes as william and fairfax counties and another that includes newport news are all too close to call. wins by democrats with you is the republican majority. abc7 is your one-stop shop for everything that happens today on the hill and the
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and the stafford elections. we are sending a push alerts through our free abc7 news app. let's talk about the weather now. it is not going to get much better than this. steve rudin has the forecast. steve: adriana, i think because win out -- the clouds will win out for the afternoon. to be degrees at reagan national. the winds are out of the southwest at seven miles per hour. temperatures timothy actuate temperature, so no worries there. cloud.te radar does show arlington, alexandria, all of southern maryland, we will see the clouds begin to spin it later on today into the overnight hours, and that is when temperatures are going to drop quickly. for today, looking at highs that will make it into the lower 50's. a little bit more sunshine late afternoon. the sun will set just before 5:00. we will look ahead to the upcoming weekend. the best of both worlds -- warm up and then a cool down, and then an update
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travel outlook in a few minutes. 7 on yournow to a side consumer alert. half a million cars are beginning to flow onto dealer lots that mechanics say you should stay away from. they look perfectly fine and you can easily buy one without knowing its questionable history. tonight, 7 on your side troubleshooter will have a special report that will keep you from being washed away when you choose your car. reporter: what you think happened to the cars owned by the three major hurricanes the start north america and the caribbean this fall? that half ated million cars, maybe up to a million, were covered in the floodwaters left time by the texas,nes that hit florida, the virgin islands, and puerto rico. some of those belonged private owners. many new and used lots were flooded out. most of those have been dried out, cleaned up, and shift to being sold by delicious all across the country, including those in our are--
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across the country, including those in our area. one could be sold to you without knowing history. >> it is common practice for cars to be declared a total loss in the flood situation or flood environment and then be sold at the option at different parts of the country. horace: including here in our area, so beware. but how do you protect yourself? 7 on your side flood car warning -- we will have the report at 5:00. really, really good information. i encourage everybody to watch. adrianna: and it is very timely, because these three hurricanes just happened. horace: the cars are making their ways all over the country right now. not necessarily illegal. adrianna: oof, even worse. horace: and you may not know when you buy the car what you are buying. adrianna: and so you get a lemon after the fact. horace: exactly, or you watch our report. adrianna: there you go. next, a driver taken for a wild ride pinned under a semitruck.
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a deadly shooting. could it be tied to this regular still on the run? and home sweet home. 3 the seal alive players did it -- 3 ucla players detained for shoplifting in china. the strings president trump had to pull to get them back. quick check of traffic. >> it is going to be a little bit busy in a couple of spots this afternoon. we get the beltway inner loop in virginia between the dulles toll road and georgetown pike. 2 > with the disabled tractor-trailer in the right way. that's quite plain. the castle for traffic coming up the toll road. here before the toll road, this is very heavy for a short stretch. 66 eastbound prior to the beltway, that right lane is closed for construction here as well. that will be a bit of a hassle approaching the beltway.
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the beltway itself is not looking too bad. outer loop of new hampshire avenue, inner loop volume little .it heavy getting up to 95 the waystation is open again. looking at the capital beltway, heavy on kenilworth avenue. left lane is blocked again. you can see down to the delays looking champ act -- looking champ act. there's looking jampacked. that is often the topics in.
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adrianna: back now at 12:16, and check this out. that is a semi truck
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interstate. the driver of the car was still in it. this went on for nearly half a mile. eventually the pinnned car for away from the semi and the driver would be ok. know herolice did not car was in many his truck. a string of unsolved murders in florida -- police believe a body found in tampa this morning could be linked to the crimes. three people were killed in the same neighborhood last month in a 10-based band, and the killer is still on the loose. many parents who lost children in the sandy hook massacre are now at the connecticut supreme court house supporting an ongoing legal battle to sue the gun manufacturer who made the north and nest the weapon used in the shooting. maggie rulli is in hartford with the latest. maggie:
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after 95 years of heartbreak and legal battles, the parents of the sandy hook massacre are determined to get justice for their children, and they are taking the fight to the supreme court of connecticut. >> this case is unique because it has made its way to the supreme court of connecticut, and no lawsuit before this has gone this far. maggie: their initial lawsuit against remington arms was thrown out of court last october, but the parents are asking to reinstate the wrongful death lawsuit against the company. remington made the ar-15 bushmaster rifle that the killer used to kill first-graders and educators at the element driscoll. lawyers representing the lost of one's and a teacher argues that the manufacturer purposely marketed the gun into the public even know it was made for military use and was specifically designed to maximize casualties. the national rifle association counters that the claim aims to eviscerate legal protections.
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protection for manufacturers and dealers from being held liable when there produc -- onit will have an impact being able to interpret existing loss. maggie: lawyers say that the fact that it has made it here to this are "of connecticut could have huge symbolic influence on many cases in the future -- the supreme court of connecticut could have huge symbolic influence on many cases in the future. adrianna: 3 ucla basketball players detained in china for shoplifting are heading back to the u.s. it comes hours after president trump asked china's president for assistance in the matter. one of the players involved is lakerso ball, brother of standout player lonzo ball.
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with the king of the jungle. this 350-degree cage allows visitors to see the lions up close. over a dozen lines are free to roam while humans are in the cage for an hour of peace. if you are brave enough, you can feed them for an extra fee. um -- steve: there is always the extra fee. adrianna: that is the concernadrianna:, huh? this is something that is pretty cool. sood to see the lion outside of it as opposed inside. you can see they were using tong s ther. steve: for today it is a cool and cloudy day, but the clouds rolled as regard for through the afternoon hours. tomorrow looks a lot better. adrianna: good. all good news. it is tuesday. looking at mostly cloudy skies
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a few glimmers of sunshine later on this afternoon. temperatures at 50 degrees at reagan national. another 2 degrees across the board. mars burke, upper 40's. fredericksburg, 50's later on this afternoon. the clouds are with us and will stick around a little bit longer than we originally anticipated. at least it will be dry out there. coat is what you need this afternoon going to lunch. sunshine by about 2:00. as we moved to the new 10 hour -- noon the afternoon time power and into the afternoon come the clouds break apart for the afternoon. tonight under mainly clear skies, temperatures are going to drop quickly into the upper 20's and the middle 30's, depending on the location. commute, 40 seven degrees. slowly falling temperatures by 8:00. they really take a tumble play
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and :00, 10:00, 11:00 tonight. tomorrow morning, chill in the air. waking up tomorrow, you will see a good amount of sunshine. grab your sunglasses, warm jacket. daytime highs in the low 50's. the weekend is looking not so great. 60 on saturday. above average. much colder behind the cold front on sunday come with highs only around 45 degrees. 10-a a look from stormwatch 7. lower 50's on friday. as we move into early next week, a definite chill in the air. notice what is missing, no snow, no rain. try trouble conditions for your thanks giving -- dry trouble conditions for you think giving holiday. thanksgiving day is around 50
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adrianna: back now with a consumer alert for you. the fda has approved the first digital pill. it has a tracking system that can alert your doctor if and when you have swallowed it. it can be used for bipolar disorder and depression, but it is raising ethical and priva
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adrianna: ok. steve: we were talking about how quickly everything is going this year, and thanksgiving is next week. time flies, right folks? 58 on thursday, to date on friday. warmer start to our weekend. good news for the right in montgomery county saturday morning. cold front allows us to be windy and much cooler on saturday. turkey day looking fine. 50 degrees for the high temperature. adrianna: what we were really talking about is how old we feel. steve: what can you do? 2018, so we are. right!a: four of abc7 -- steve: remember we thought the world was going to come to an end and here
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>> you are watching abc7 news at noon, on your side. adrianna: the man behind the wheel of a food truck that crashed in leesburg made his first court appearance. john gonzalez is outside the courthouse where he faced a judge just a short time ago. the owner and driver of the great american hamburger food truck made his first court appearance this morning in loudoun county, indicted by a grand jury on involuntary manslaughter charges. that she september 8 is accused of running a stop sign in ashburn and smashing his school bus-turned-food truck kaplan's car. she was killed, her son seriously
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two daughters also injured. firefighters pried open the vehicle to save the lives trapped inside. were inand and father the courtroom today, as was the wife of the man now behind bars. >> a lot has been taken from them. their lives have been changed significantly. understands that he needs to move forward and be there were his children. the charges also include reckless driving, driving without a license, no insurance, and the food truck had not been inspected. told police his brakes failed. he is being held for the sheriff's office today. he has a bond hearing for 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. john gonzalez, abc7 news. adrianna: police are searching for a man who rammed his vehicle into multiple cars including
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the suspect drove into the therict and rammed vehicles, forcing wheeler road in the southeast to shut down. police say he is armed. no word on why the chase began in the first place. right now attorney general jeff sessions is testifying before the house judiciary committee on the topic of russia and previous testimony. sessions has said that he has always told the truth. he'll -- he showed a lack of memory on the trump campaign's pressure contacts. atty. gen. sessions: i would like to address recent news reports regarding meetings in the campaign attended by george papadopoulos and carter page, among others. , i had no recollection of this meeting until i saw these news reports. adrianna: sessions said he was still hazy on the details of what mr. papadopoulos proposed, but does remember clearly shooting
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of -- more on the revelation that donald trump, jr., exchanged messages with wikileaks during the campaign. pierre thomas has the story. pierre: new words that donald trump, jr., was committee getting with wikileaks. jr.,leaks wrote don, saying, "great to see you and your dad talking about our publications. 15 minutes later, then-candidate donald trump, "very little pickup by the dishonest media by the incredible formation provided by wikileaks. so dishonest. rig system." within two days, donald, jr., tweeted out the link. mr. trump:
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wikileaks. oh, wikileaks. wikileaks has been identified by the intelligence community as a surrogate for the russian government, publishing information stolen from the dnc and clinton campaign chairman john podesta. >> it is time to call at wikileaks for what it really is, hostile intelligence service embedded by state actors like russia. 's,rre: donald trump, jr. context with wikileaks began during the final stages of the campaign. jr., informed campaign leadership including steve bannon, kelly and conway, and son-in-law jared kushner. the contacts continued through election day, with wikileaks "it is don, jr., saying, more interesting if he does not concede and challenges the media." don, jr., did not respond to the message. >>
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except the help of the russian government, but now you have him in communications, privately, secretly with wikileaks. adrianna: brand-new allegations surfacing against alabama senate candidate roy moore. there are several reports that a mall band him because he would go there to speak with young girls. this comes after an accusation from a woman from when she was 16 years old. beverly nelsons says he tried to force himself on her. he said, "you are just a child, and i'm the district attorney. and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you." >> this is absolutely false. i never did she said i did. i don't even know the woman. this race being 28 days off, this is a political maneuver. it has nothing to do with the
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it is all about politics. adrianna: more than a dozen senate republicans are urging moore to drop out of the race. right now, president trump is heading home after a lengthy 12-day trip to asia. the president says the trip was a success, with billions of dollars in new deals. but he offered no details about northtest efforts to end korea's nuclear weapons gentlemen. he promised a major statement on the trip later this week in the white house. in our area, the sun seems to come and go. meteorologist steve rudin has a check of the forecast. steve: we are trying to look for a few breaks in the clouds later on this afternoon, but if you're going to be out for lunch, you don't need the sunglasses. 50 degrees at reagan national airport. 49 degrees in fredericksburg. a degree cooler in annapolis. woodbridge at the 50-degree mark. clouds or that figure as you move towards the hagerstown area towards cumberland. a few
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across prince george's county, college park. however, the real breaks will come later on this afternoon and into the evening hours as our skies clear for the overnight. your hour byout hour temperatures. they are not going to change a whole lot. daytime highs and 51 to 52 degrees. outlying areas fall into the 20's later on tonight. talk about the rest of the week. we are gearing up for the weekend. more on that in just a few minutes. my god, you are an idiot. leep]re a legitimate [be adrianna: a heated exchange with
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news atre watching abc7 noon, on your side. adrianna: a dallas lawyer has been fired after getting into a heated argument with her uber driver. >> my god, you are an idiot. you are illegitimate [bleep] reporter: you are listening to the argument that led to the firing of one of dallas county's assistant district attorneys. >> i'm asking you politely to these get out of my vehicle -- >> no, [bleep]. reporter: she says she was --ving her home friday night he says he was driving her home friday night when she began threatening him. >> you are so stupid i want the cops took him so they can [bleep] you up. >> she kept saying she was assisted da, "
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who are they going to believe, you are me?" i took out my phone and recorded her. she hit me. it is not how i expected my night to go. ma'am, please. >> no, everything is being recorded. an assistant district attorney. shut the [bleep] up. i think this might be kidnapping, actually. reporter: when the cops arrived, he declined to press charges. >> i'm used to dealing with drug passengers on a consistent basis. reporter: but her employer not so forgiving. the da's office firing her late monday. in a statement, writing, "her behavior is contrary to the core principle of integrity." job'm sorry it cost her her . that was not my intent. but you don't treat people that way. reporter: overnight, she denied she hit platt, but
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"the audio doesn't tell you that i was in a situation that many feel very uncomfortable." adrianna: oh boy. drinks, late night. steve: and i would talk about whether, right? how is that for a segue for you? thelasses not needed for next couple hours or so, but we will see breaks in the clouds later on this afternoon. by the time that happens come the sun will be sitting in an hour or so. in thetures out there new general, $49, 49 in a manassas. culpepper at 40 degrees. that 49 degrees. a chilly start your day, chile made our. temperatures will increase by one to three degrees at the most moving to the afternoon. clouds are
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into southern maryland. this along the mason-dixon line. we will see clouds later on today. temperatures in the low 50's. if you are taking the dog for a mid-day walk or grabbing a cup of coffee, it will be chilly out there but cloudy. notice how the skies begin to clear out. we will see mainly clear skies tonight and temperatures are going to drop quickly. for the rush-hour commute, it is going to stay dry. my 10:00 tonight, dropping down .nto the low 40's upper 20's northern and western suburbs. run 2:00 of the north to 5:00. definitely a chilly start to your wednesday. tomorrow.sunshine highs in the low 50's.
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parade on county saturday. then a cold front slide through during the late afternoon hours, and look what happens on sunday. it will be breezy and a lot colder out there. 10-day outlook shows temperatures for the next few days in the 50's, slightly below average for this time of year. early next week, 45 on monday. us news of all, it will be dry for the busy thanksgiving travel . temperatures in the low 50's. turkey day around 50 degrees. i now there is so much to cover out of capitol hill. joining us to break it all down is abc political director rick klein. thanks for joining us. rick: great to be with you. adrianna: let's talk about jeff sessions, on the hill right now with testifying
12:46 pm
spotty memory regarding the trump campaign and interactions with russia. rick: and he does now have recollection of a couple of key meetings he had where russian connections were discussed. he said previously that he was not aware of any such connections and said he did not have the connections. each time he has come to capitol hill he has had a slightly different story. he says the circumstances were different about the questions he's being asked, but it is problematic for him as the chief law enforcement officer to have this shifting recollection. adrianna: it seems like the people interviewing him are not buying the memories that are a little bit shaky. staying with sessions can let's talk about this idea of a special counsel looking into hillary clinton and the clinton foundation and the uranium one deal. what is the likelihood of this happening? is a very bigit deal. getting to the point of naming a special prosecutor, we are always away, but what jeff sessions did in his letter to congress is authorized
12:47 pm
warrant an next step. that is a shift, and it comes against what he said would be his pledge to reduce himself from any such investigation, and it happens to be what president trump has been talking about well over a year. go way back to the cap -- "lock her up" and "crooked hillary" chants. for the attorney general to give on that is a big deal. adrianna: speaking of president trump come he has returned from asia. some have called the 12-day trip more symbolic than productive, but the president says tomorrow he will have a major announcement. any idea what the announcement could be? rick: i think he will be looking to put some meat on the bones of the discussions he had overseas, ma maybe advancements on trade, maybe national security things regarding north korea. we don't know what it is. we know he is eager to talk about it. he mentioned he is eager to tell the american people what he accomplished the last 12 days.
12:48 pm
republicans say they believe the senateho accused alabama hopeful roy moore of sexual misconduct, but at this point, are they stuck with roy moore? he says he is not going anywhere. do they have options here? off: they cannot force him the ballot. he will be on the ballot even if he says he no longer wants to be a candidate. all of this pressure to get him to step aside made the backfiring in the sense that he than it is ain bigger question for president trump. will he sighed with roy moore? with roy moore? adrianna: rick klein, thank you for your insight. until next time. next, and experiment with twin sisters trying different diets with the same goal. first, preview of what you will see tonight at 5:00. >> good afternoon, everyone. tonight at 5:00, cars declared a total loss after a
12:49 pm
then sold at auction in another state? it is a common practice, but one rule must be followed. >> there are laws that require flooded cars to be printed. >> are some cars falling through the cracks in our area? horace holmes investigates.
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adrianna: back with the story of 2 identical twin sister trying different diets. lara spencer has an inside look at the challenge that challenge the wills of both of them. twins, 220 diets. -- 2 20 died. without
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we set out to see which worked better. this tells you how much that you have in your body. work is not necessarily an indicator of how likely you are to develop disease. it is the fat in your body. laura: experts suggest 30% body fat to obtain good health. >> 37.9. her starting weight, 152.3. body fat, 40.2. layla's weight from 133.8. body fat, 37.9. she is taking up the whole 30, and quitting her through is the cocreator. >> the whole 30 is totally different. it is like pushing the reset button with your health, habits, and your relationship with food. laura: 30 days of whole foods from meats, and vegetables. no sugar,
12:53 pm
or dairy. >> it is a pretty strict pullout. layla, a popular new weight-loss approach referred to as counting macros. it is the new-school way of counting calories. >> several macro categories. having the correct amount of those three things is important. coached.e is being >> consistency is key. laura: play like to eat whatever she wants as long as it fits into her personal paragraph of cars proteins, and fat. >> we recommend that 80% of your foods, leant-dense meats, and that these 20% to be anything you want. laura: both twins tackling the first week stopped with food for their diets. days, leila is weighing everything she eats, making sure to stay in her numbers.
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everything. it has been 30 long, hard days, but was it all worth it? it is time for the results. next at noon, final check of the forecast.
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adrianna: we have a solution for all those who
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are getting tighter after thanksgiving. thanksgiving pants that is the solution. they have enough give to get you through the annual feast. there being sold by stovetop for about $20. well, i mean, there you have it. i don't know who these actors are. steve: want to give you an update on the weight loss for those twins. one lost 6.7 pounds, the other lost -- adrianna: let's see. uh, there's a lot of information. steve: 4.6 pounds. adrianna: boom. steve: let's talk weather for you. thanks giving holiday, getting ready for that one. you will need the diet, or maybe you want. 52 tomorrow. next week will be quiet and dry for you thanks giving travel. good news there. adrianna: thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow and tonight for abc7 news at 4:00.
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