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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tom roussey at the breaking news desk. we are hearing that the gunman in this case is among the dead. tom: that is right. four people two were killed. we have heard anything to that shooter. the sheriff's office in tehama county, california, warning that the number of the dead could potentially rise. we are hearing that the shooter went around the rural area and randomly shooting people. what you saw in the video there is one of seven different shooting scenes they responded to according to the sheriff's office. the sheriff's office says it all started as a domestic incidents and from there he went on a rampage, they said. at one point he wound up at the elementary school in rancho tehama. the father of one of the student wos was inside that school when this all happened. he told in a phone interview our sister station in california what it was like. >> all of a sudden
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minutes. students injured in my classroom. he got nailed somehow. and it was just, it happened all so fast. tom: how it all ended according to the tehama county sheriff office, two officers caught up with the shooter. they shot and killed him. again, in addition four other people have died. the sheriff's office says it recovered a semi-automatic rifle as well as two handguns. that the shooter used while going around this rural area. randomly shooting people according to the law enforcement. jonathan: at home the search is on for someone who rammedded a police car. nancy: there is damage in southeast. alison: this is right by the border. wheeler road and southern avenue. brad bell is on the
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this isn't the first time they were called to this area. brad: no. there have been a lot of incidents. this is a dramatic end to a quick and bizarre pursuit. officers on foot chased a fleeing car only to have it crashed before their eyes with the two men aside. pushing aside air bags to jump out and get away. the commissioner here saying this is nothing new. >> we have guys here with guns. this is not like over there in ward two and ward one. brad: the original call to police were for two guys sleeping in a kia sedan. pistol visible on the seat. that is what the responding officers saw. when the men in the car woke up and saw the cops they floored it. striking a police car. in a hundred yards crashing in this shopping center. a place known for crime. in the last year, caught on camera. this it shooting. you can
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a -- man unloading on a car and then a gunman shooting at people in the shopping center. with a pair of burglars hitting a business. >> we need all the police presence we can get until we get them handled and under control. >> back live. not long ago we did see a police cruiser come through the shopping center. alison: police think alcohol was involved in this crash last week. christian tanner died after the s.u.v. plowed through the naval academy golf course to several parked cars. he was going 85 miles per hour. at one point before the crash. nancy: police releasing video of an attack with a baseball
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they are going off on a man on the ground and another kicking him. this happened last friday. the police have posted this now to youtube in the hopes of identifying the people involved. alison: well, the driver involved in a crash in leesburg that killed a mother of three makes his first court appearance. a grand jury invited tony dane on multiple charges includingen voluntary manslaughter and he told police his brakes failed. dane was driving a bus converted to a food truck when he ran a stop sign hitting a car carrying erin kaplan, her three children and her mother. kaplan died. her oldest son is still recovering in a rehab center. jonathan: developing now votes contested in stafford county as they are in limbo. the balance of the virginia statehouse up in the air. this evening, abc7 is learning that dozens of votes now are just being thrown out.
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>> this is what transpired in the past 20 minutes to an hour ago. the election board threw out some 55 absentee ballots because they arrived after the polls closed. then they painstakingly went through the 50 provisional ballots. the democrat who lost by some 84 votes on election night has now been designated the loser by some 82 votes. the republicans picked up some ballots in the provisional column as the democrat. but not enough to change the outcome. that means it does appear at this point that the district, the house of delegate seat from very, very red stafford county will remain red. but by a very close margin. now the democrat who lost told me yesterday that regardless
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the provisional ballots were counted he did plan to call for a recount. that is the latest from stafford. >> we look forward to the updates. you can follow along and share the updates through the news app, available to you for free of charge on google play and the app store. nancy: must-see video. stranded more than 50 stories up. this is the scene if columbus circle. window washers dangling after a cable snap. both workers refused to go to the hospital. they are doing okay. but still that is big problem. alison: jeff sessions called to congress to answer questions about russia. he was also asked about the roy moore investigation. he said he believed the women. and the top republican in the
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leader. >> he should step aside. the allegations are credible. number two, if he cares about the values and the people he claims to care about then he should step aside. alison: roy moore denied the claims of the sexual assault and misconduct of the teens when he was in his 30's. ryan added that the house will now require lawmakers to undergo training to prevent sexual harassment. in our area the legal age of consent varies depending where you live. it's 16 in maryland and the district. in virginia, it's 18. but the law allowing someone 15 and 17 to have a relationship with someone 18. jonathan: president trump is on the way home after traveling throughout asia. they stopped in hawaii for refueling. while on board the president told reporters highlights of the trip. one, the need to improve the trade imbalance between the united states and the asian countries. also he sha
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with china's president about the ucla basketball players picked up for shoplifting. they now after the conversation have since been released. nancy: the attorney general back in the hot seat and on the hill as the democrats and the republicans demand answers over inconsistency in the responses in the nominating process. the big question here, did sessions know about campaign contact with russians? we have on the hill with the hearing. >> the top law enforcement officials facing the tough questions. democrats are demanding answers of whether jeff sessions died when he testified that he wasn't aware of the trump campaign contact with the russians. >> campaign had communications with the russians. george papadopoulos and others. you seem to be unaware of that fact at the time. >> guilty plea from the former trump adviser george papadopoulos revealed at this 2016 meeting sessions was aware of
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trump and vladimir putin. >> i will not accept and reject accusations that i have ever lied. that is a lie. i believe i want to make clear to him he was not authorized to represent the campaign with the russian government. >> the sessions authorize prosecutors to exam that the administration allows russian agency to buy a company and decide if there is merit for special counsel. a move that has some asking if the independent justice department is caving in pressure from the president. >> is it common for the leader of the country to order the criminal justice system to retaliate against his political opponent?
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>> it's not just democrats with the tough questions. one congressman wanted to know why no special counsel has been appointed to investigate the action of hillary clinton and james comey. attorney general saying that would require a factual basis and the proper standards for that to happen. alison: next on abc7 news -- the moment a truck t-boned a school bus. child sent flying across the aisle. then fire. we show you why the bus driver is called a hero tonight. alison: plus "7 on your side" consumer alert. wired versus wireless. is ever your smarter home collecting too much information about you? >> shrinking spring break. reality in montgomery county. reaction still ahead. bill: i'm c
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pesky clouds sticking around. not much effect on the temperature. out the door dress for 40's, maybe a light jacket. no rain tonight. a little in the forecast, though. we will break that down in minutes. my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. everything for thanksgiving.
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jonathan: brace yourself for bad news. nancy: spring break may be shrinking. alison: it's a matter of squeezing together a school year between labor day and mid-june. new at 4:00, we have a new calendar today. kevin? kevin: it's a sparring match between larry hogan and the montgomery county public schools. last year the governor mandated that the schools start after labor day in an effort to boost ocean city tourism. the move makes it more challenging with a minimum of 180 instruction days. after much conversation, 2018-2019 calendar will have 182 class of montgomery county. although the schools will be closed on rosh hashanah and other holidays, spring break could become even shorter. the montgomery county education association saying in a statement
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industry over the education of our children the board of education faced impossible situation. >> there is an increase in tourism, it's better for a longer summer. people to spend more time with the families, too. spring break, to give us a quick break from school. >> there is no official response from hogan but he previously stated there a number of teacher service days that could easily be cut. live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. now to a fiery crash in georgia where a school bus t-boned by a truck. children were on board. watch this. this is the moment that the truck smashed in the bus. you can see the kids fly to the other side of the bus.
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began to fill with smoke. >> it just got worse. it is still not clear what caused the truck to plow in the bus. >> take a look here. truck ramming a car. all the way down the interstate. this is outside of st. louis. the driver who captured this describes the moment he caught up to the car. >> i started yelling at the driver to get out of the car. all four tires were flat. the car was messed up from every side. >> the truck driver said he had no clue that the car was there. they are still looking into what happened. >> well now, "7 on your side" consumer alert. the worst toys of the holiday season. this is
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it includes wonder woman battle sword, remote controlled spiderman drone and then even a disney themed stacking toy for infants. it's recalled in august but still available online. beware of that. it's called world against toys causing harm. or "watch." we'll have more at "abc7 news at 5:00". the first hijab wearing barbie created after a woman competing in the olympics. >> i'm happy for the youth to have, to have a doll wearing hijab. amazing for all of us. >> the barbie will be available online next fall as part of a line that honors women probreak boundaries -- who break boundaries. jonathan: there is device for your home to
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cooler but suitland wants you to consider whether it's -- kimberly suiters wants you to consider whether it's smart to let all the smart devices in your home. >> i don't have a microwave oven. >> when it comes to smart phones. >> i don't have a cordless phone. >> kate admits happily hers is on the dumb side. every device is hard wired. wireless, it's not welcome. >> we are barreling head first in the technology. suffering our privacy. >> she is just as happy to let her wireless robotic vacuum do the work. >> i don't like to spend the weekends cleaning. >> one of million of wireless devices, tempting homeowners with convenience and the cool factor. 24 million google home will listen and transmit what is
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smart fridges to alert you when groceries are low. smart wireless cartons to signal when an egg is too old to eat. happy fork that sly brates if you overeat. for the fork, you give away all of that. for the egg timer, nearly a dozen pieces of the personal information. >> we continue to integrate devices for matter of the convenience. >> they admit rumba collects the data of your home and it could pass on the data. >> it's more valuable than the performance of the product. >> it means paydirt for marketers.
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>> meantime, they keep testing to make sure that her home is wireless-free zone. er if her, a dumb home is the smart one. kimberly suiters, abc7. jonathan: imagine to walk home and the computer tells you don't you think it's time to vacuum? when was the last time you brushed the teeth? nancy: i wouldn't mind the vacuum spying if it cleaned everything. alison: willing to give up the privacy. bill: i always said if i won the lottery i would go so far off the grid. i would get rid of my iphone. i would be detached and go back. jonathan: we wouldn't find you the old way. put a stamp on a letter? who does that? bill: i know. this is at 7:00 in the morning. the torpedo factor art service. if you are taking pictu
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around. upload them. i would love to run them on the air. that is what we have had. then it went away. cloudy conditions remain. dulles at 47. by and large the clouds stuck around all day. you probably saw where you were above the cloud. we broadcast all the newscast online. you will get up above the clouds. it's going to break up once the sun goes down. we call it a partly
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the mostly clear light tonight around the region. in the afternoon hours the clouds will thicken up. ahead of a weather system to bring us a few showers. 28 to 38. it will clore and be on the chilly side. the day tomorrow is morning sun, afternoon clouds and the highs above normal with 53-degree reading there. night time shower tomorrow. that is overnight there. then on thursday we will start out with the clouds and clear in
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we look ahead to the ten-day. jonathan: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a tampa community is on edge. four murders over a span of a few weeks. it could be the work of a serial killer. the drastic measure police taking to prevent another shooting. nancy: and "7 on your side." health alert. new guidelines that more americans could have high blood pressure. avoid conflicts without starting new medication ahead. >> do you have a consumer complaint you haven't resolved on your own? call the call for action center. we are live now. this is part of the "7 on your side" team. they did the research and the mediating and they try to help resolve the consumer complaint. i'm kimberly suiters. we have the number coming up
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alison: tampa is on alert after a possible serial killer may have struck again. lindsey mastis is following this story from the "live desk." lindsey: the tampa police found the body of a man and he is possibly the fourth victim. the victim felton was shot from behind and left in the street. felton was headed to a church just before 5:00 this morning where he volunteers at a food kitchen. t
4:27 pm
to three others and it's in the same neighborhood. >> we are asking people to get up and stay in their houses. please. lindsey: the police are desperate for any leads. from the "live desk" i'm lindsey mastis. jonathan: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- she is a navy widow expecting a child. the gender revealed. you don't want to miss this. q: the american heart association changed health guidelines and it now has millions of americans considered sick. do you have high blood pressure? i'm q mccray. i'll have the full story for you coming up. y'all coming up new at 5:00, the first look inside the brand new museum of the bible. this is days before it opens to the
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jonathan: well you heard about the new guidelines. tens of millions of americans are finding out they have high blood pressure. nancy: doctors worry about low levels of hyper tension. michelle: how do you fight high blood pressure without adding medicine to the routine? q mccray has a "7 on your side" health alert. q: additional 30 million americans woke up with t
4:31 pm
didn't have it yesterday. they can thank the american heart association. >> there is a big change in the guidelines. >> ed howard is an interventional cardiologist with virginia heart. >> based on the raw data from hundreds of thousands and millions of patients. q: the threshold was 140/7890. it's now 130/80. it triples the number of men with high pressure under 45. doubles the number of women under 45. a.s.a. added a new category called elevated blood pressure. >> it's no longer a category borderline. but now 120 to 129. you are in the sort of danger zone. >> he is studying vascular disease for 20 years. >> the emphasis here is on prevention. making the lifestyle changes you need to make. diet, low in sodium, high in potassium and low in fat. >> high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke
4:32 pm
>> the reason we change guidelines is the increasing level of data to suggest low level of the elevation in the blood pressure have a significant negative impact on long-term health. >> we check the effect it will have on health insurance. high blood pressure is a preexisting condition but slim to be denied health coverage because of it. not unless you are extremely sick. but you could see your premiums go up. in fairfax, i'm q mccray, newsom. jonathan: help to manage high blood pressure but it will take work. manage your diet. reduce the salt. saturated fat and increase fresh fruit and veggies. boost the activity. even a ten-minute walk a couple of times a day can make a huge difference. if you are smoking, this is'sy. quit. michelle: thank you. we were joking. we are all wearing gray today. it fits the weather. bill: the clouds didn't break today. pesky low clouds stuck around. this is what it
4:33 pm
i didn't know you were going to be so technical and meteorological it "blah." there is not much of a wind chill. the wind is not that strong but it is below normal for this time of year which is in the upper 50's. we are looking at 43 in winchester. you have mid-to-upper 40's. the sun will go down and keep the clouds around. later in the evening i expect clouds to break. partly cloudy to the mostly clear evening. the temperatures are in the 40's. it will be chilly. saturday we have the rain showers in the area. it's not a washout but better chance than not for the
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showers. the ten-day forecast and more coming up. nancy: we will see you then. the call for action phone bank ready to take your calls. call 301-652-help. 301-652-4357. to report consumer problems. someone is on hand at the call for action headquarters taking calls until 6:30. great resource right there. meantime, they lost the children in the sandy hook massacre. today many parents were at the connecticut supreme court. day one of appeal case what is a legal battle against the gun manufacturer that made the weapon that killed 26 people. at the elementary school. >> we the family of the victims of the sandy hooks school massacre have patience to see justice done. >> parents who lost their children in the sandy hook elementary school mss
4:35 pm
supreme court of connecticut. appealing a eloer court decision to throw out the lawsuit -- a lower court decision to throw out the lawsuit. >> we have not lost an ounce of confidence. >> nine families lost loved ones and teacher wounded taking on the company that made the gun used to kill 36 people that day. including 20 children. >> early morning, there was a man in newtown preparing for a mission. >> they argue that they purposely market the rifle to men like the killer. posting product placement in violent video game. >> think of the marketing as the best evidence of what remington knew about their weapon. what remington knew about where the weapon was ending up. >> the defense counters they are protected by the
4:36 pm
>> it has first amendment protection. >> and a law stopped them being held liable when crimes were committed with their products. but the families this goes beyond the federal law and it's about what is right. if the supreme court lets the case go to trial it could set precedent for victims of similar gun cases. jonathan: the montgomery county public libraries raking in cash all thanks to the arts big read grant. money is helped revitalize the role of literature in the american culture. this will cost you $80,000. block-and-white picture -- black and white picture of j.f.k. the last thing he signed in office. part of a letter to the ambassador of burkinha. nancy: veterans day is marked by red, white and
4:37 pm
michelle: she added another color for the baby reveal. >> congratulations on the soon to be baby. [laughter] michelle: surrounded by those who served with her late husband. she revealed she is having a girl. she plans to name the baby after her husband. a reminder of the sacrifice they make. jonathan: she will have a dozen fathers. nancy: coming up the moment the cargo rocket arrived at the space station. it stock off vass and just arrived today. we have tasty surprises for the astronauts. michelle: plus pills to let doctor know if you are really taking your meds. device approved by the f.d.a. and the biggest concerns have nothing to do with side effects. jonathan: first look at
4:38 pm
start tomorrow with "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington." uber drivers turned first responders for a medical emergency most people call 9/11 for -- 911 for the ambulance but that is changing and why more riders call uber to get to the hospital. >> watch for a chance to win $100 turkey bucks. >> grab coffee and join us for traffic and weather every ten minutes on "good morning
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michelle: check out the moment the space station robotic arm catches the shipment. this launched from wallace island over the weekend. in addition to the experiments in critical supplies there is also essentials. nice ice cream and make your own flat bread pizza. the kids are thinking maybe i want to be an astronaut when i grow up. healthier foods were also sent. nancy: ice cream and pizza, i'm in. save the whales. this is indonesia where ten were stranded. one of the special whales beached himself a second time and didn't make it. but most were pulled back in the water and they will be okay. jonathan: nice to see. zoo in australia is allowing you to get up close and personal to the lions. i mean real close. king of the ju
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the zoo built 360-degree capable for the humans while the lie -- cage for the humans and the lions are roaming free. you can feed them for extra fee. keep your hands real close. they are going they are yummy things that look like lunch. nancy: i like they are roaming free. we like that. jonathan: cool. coming up, congress taking a closer look at the own actions confronts sexual harassment on the hill. the plan up next. >> electronically monitoring if you are really taking the meds. the patch and pill combo just approved
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kimberly: i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. we are live inside the call for action center. this is the backbone. they help get complaint process started. if you want to be a volunteer at the call for action center, call
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647-1756. the volunteers are amazing. they are knowledgeable. they get training. how say how do i share my knowledge? this is the way to do it. more if you need help resolving the consumer complaint in the next 30 minutes. jonathan: three ucla basketball players are coming home after being arrested for shoplifting. one is the brother of the standout rookie of lanzo ball. they are expected to land in los angeles by 8:00 tonight. nancy: at home, a house panel taking first steps to prevent sexual harassment on capitol hill. michelle: a growing number of women in congress share their stories of unwanted sexual advancements. >> in the wake of
4:47 pm
profile sexual harassment allegations the house is looking at their own policies to prevent sexual misconduct on capitol hill. >> there is no place for sexual harassment in our society. >> testifying before the house administration committee, california congresswoman jackie spear revealed that two members of congress harassed some on the house floors. >> it was "are you going to be a good girl" to people exposing their genitals and having private parts grabbed on the house floor. >> i have a me too story to share. >> she assaults how she was -- she recounts being assaulted by the chief of staff. she adds many don't come forward because of fear of retaliation. >> there is zero transparency. it's no wonder that staffers do not seek this process at all. >> lawmakers held hearings in the past that stem from
4:48 pm
sexual harassment allegations. >> we are now where people take complaints seriously. >> in senate the upper chamber approved a bill last weak to make mandatory training for senators and staffers. it will require training for the house member and the staffer optional. >> a video that helped attackers chose
4:49 pm
metrorail and metrobus. before you start holiday shopping you want to hear the worst toys coming up at 5:00. when we join you in the studio. see you in a few. >> see you then. thanks. saudi arabia boosting the military capability thanks to hock heed martin. kingdom could be the second international customer for the missile defense system. >> the postal service in red. the losses were practically cut in half compared to the previous year. michelle: the f.d.a. approving a first of its kind electronic tracking system to alert your doctor if and when you have taken the med. it has treatment of
4:50 pm
depression. it detects a message sent by a pill once it's taken as it is being digested but it's raising ethical and privacy concerns. jonathan: two arkansas fourth graders got to design a new police car. check it out. there is no missing the cruiser. they work with the professional designers to make a decal highlighting the color and the mascot. the officer driving the car couldn't be happier. >> i'm thankful for the school and the great minds at the school. jonathan: it started when the children thought it was too bad that the car was unmarked. undercover officers like unmarked cars but this guy says i love it. they threw candy. and throw it at the christmas parade. michelle: look at the guns on the
4:51 pm
>> out of the dog after an exchange with an uber driver. >> i am asking you to please. >> no, please. >> everything is reported. i'm an assistant district attorney. michelle: whoa! nancy: the plot thickens. that is jodie warner refusing to get out of the car. the driver says she was drunk and tried to use her job as a means to intimidate him after he refused to drive her home. nancy: not the way to react to that. jonathan: end of career. nancy: abc7 on storm watch and aftermath of the strong storms that hit the pacific northwest. this is a tree that fell on a car and killing a woman and injured another inside. this is a rocky ferry in seattle. 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts blowing the commuter sideways off
4:52 pm
>> it's still quiet. the last time i show you the sunrise. there is enough of a break in cloud cover to the west. go out and take pictures. i encourage you to post them. reston is 47. frederick is 46. mid-toumer 40's around the area. annapolis and the woodbridge are at 48.
4:53 pm
that is where we are. some of the cooler spots, shenandoah valley. pushing low 40's. we had a beautiful sunset out there right now but other than the cloud cover, all is quiet around the region. no weather related problems. i want to advance to friday night. doing the weather live. a little chilly. the montgomery county thanksgiving parade saturday morning. brian and julie emceeing out there. temperatures in the 50's.
4:54 pm
looking ahead to thanksgiving. it doesn't look like anything major affecting us. jonathan: a year after a murder the case has gone cold. the victim's mother has a message for the killer. >> guess what i am not going to do is stop. i am not going to stop. >> the push to reignite investigation struggling to turn up leads.
4:55 pm
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michelle: a murder mystery a year ago. carl sellers jr. was killed. brad bell with a mother's message to the son's killer who is still out there. >> stacy kelly wants the person who murdered her son to pay attention to see her tears and hear her words. is there turn yourself in. get it over with. guess what? i am not going to do? stop. i am not going to stop. >> sellers was 28 years old when he was killed a year ago tomorrow. homicide detectives say the murder that happened in this building on bladensburg remains a mystery. no witnesses, no security video. sellers was arriving at this apartment to stay with a friend
4:58 pm
him in the back. he staggered up another flight of stairs. >> it could be mistaken identity. >> it might not have been fair to say but it should be someone else. >> what is always true is somebody knows what did this to him. announcer: right now at 5:00, a small town terrorized.
4:59 pm
we are tracking the manhunt. a christmas watch lost of the toys to avoid. >> abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: four people are dead and ten others are injured after a man started shooting near a california school. larry: tom roussey at the "live desk." the gunman is also dead? >> he was killed by the sheriff deputies after two officers caught up with him. four other people killed before they were able to get to him. we got video in the newsroom. this is the elementary school, tehama, california. shots fired there over a long period of time. 20 minutes or more. at least one student was hit. the school is one of the seven different shooting
5:00 pm
it appears he went around the area shooting people. despite killing four people, ten others were hurt including several children. >> one gunshot victim transported to a area for treatment. we are aware that a second child was shot. in a truck driving down the road. with a female adult. they have both, they have been transported. >> you heard that the children were among the victims. no children were killed in this. this happened in a rural area.


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