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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 16, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the list of accusers against roy moore grows. >> several more women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the embattled republican candidate. he remains defiant. despite the growing pressure for him to step aside. and police are zeroing in on a suspected serial killer. we have the latest on the manhunt. and wait until ape. the growing movement for parents to hold off on giving their kids cell phones until eighth grade. is it practical? and a pai
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da vinci was just sold at auction. it was supposed to go for $100 million. pbun close. it's thursday, november 16th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> that painting depicted jesus. >> uh-huh. >> and i think a lot of people were thinking holy -- when they saw the price tag. >> holy crikey indeed. apparently, there were loud gasps heard in the room right there in new york city as that leonar leonardo da vinci painting went for this unbelievable price. >> it was purchased for more than $450 million. >> i didn't hear that right. >> $450 million. >> the piece is sold! >> so the piece is called salvator mundi, which is savior of the world. we can call it the most expensive painting ever sold in
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>> i know we keep waiting for the second coming of christ, but this painting is not going to give them that. so bidding opened at $75 million. sky rocketed within minutes there. lasted 19 minutes. the large auction crowd was stunned when an anonymous person placed the final bid over the phone. >> the last bid is directly like 370 -- to a $400 million. >> i see. >> they didn't want to waste time. >> i guess not. what do you get for $450 million? a painting that might not actually be a da vinci. >> what? >> for centuries, it was believed that a student of his painted it in 1490. but christie's now says it was done by leo. the painting was sold in 1958 for just $60. >> that was a good investment. though i wonder. christies is the one who has a schola
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they make a cut there? next up i'll be applying for a job at christie's. we will turn to alabama where new accusations are coming in against roy moore. >> one woman said she went on a date with moore when she was a senior in high school and he gave her an unwanted forceful kiss. a woman who worked at the mall complained to her manager about him asking her out. another woman says he groped her in the early '90s. >> and his attorney discounted the tearful account of one woman and says that the signature in the yearbook was forged. >> reporter: president trump refusing to turn his back on roy moore. our cecelia vega at the white house pressing him on whether moore should drop out. >> should roy moore
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president? do you believe his accusers? >> reporter: silence from the president, but his daughter ivanka is speaking out, saying there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. i've yet to see a valid explanation and i have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts. one of those accounts from beverly young nelson who says moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16. she says he told her nobody would believe her story. >> he said you're just a child. and he said i am the district attorney of etowah county. >> reporter: nelson says that's the last contact she had with roy moore. moore has said he never met her and does not know her. but moore's lawyer fighting back says moore was one of the judges in nelson's divorce case in 1999. >> there was contact. judge moore signed an order in that case. >> reporter: the lawyer also wants a handwriting expert to evaluate the inscription nelson says moore wrote in her yearbook, to a sweeter, more beautiful girl i could not say merry
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signed love moore, d.a. >> look at the 1977 after merry christmas. look at the two sevens, and look below at the 77. do you think it was written by the same person? >> reporter: moore denies any inappropriate sexual conduct with teenage girls but not that he dated teenagers when he was in his 30s. >> to you remember dating young girls at that time? >> not generally no. mitch mcconne >> reporter: mitch mcconnell is urging a write-in candidate. moore tweeting that quote, washington elite will do whatever it takes to stop him. >> they've spent over $30 million to try to take me out. they've done everything they could, and now they're together to try to keep me from going t
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>> reporter: in moore's hometown of gadsden, alabama, republicans i spoke were are torn. >> i find it strange to wait 40 years to come forward. >> if i'm roy moore i get out of this race. my advice to roy moore, get out of the race. >> reporter: now the lawyer, gloria allred has gotten back to us, she says she's sent a letter to the senate judiciary committee requesting a hearing that her client would testify under oath and roy moore should testify under oath and an independent examination of that handwriting. there is a new accusation of a woman who says that he wgrabbed her by the backside. tom llamas, abc news, hoover, alabama. >> and the republican party is looking to take desperate measures and possibly have the
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in the meantime, president trump is heading to capitol hill to boost momentum for the tax reform bill. he will meet with house republicans who are expected to approve the bill. but the senate version is facing an uphill battle. senator ron johnson of wisconsin is already a no, saying it benefits big corporations over small businesses, and susan collins is among the undecided. concern that repeal of the obamacare mandates could leave millions uninsured. and democrats took a long shot to yes, ma'itch -- impeach president. police in tampa say they have new evidence indicating a serial killer is on the loose. he is labeled a suspect in four murders after this latest video appears to show the same person spotted near the scene of the first murder last month the police
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the person's casual manner. the reward for information is now up to $91,000. and tmz is reporting a convicted mass murderer, charles manson is in a california hospital. sources tell the website that he's been battling serious health issues and that his condition has been deteriorating, the 83-year-old has been in prison since 1971 for masterminding the murders of seven people. a southwest airlines pilot is charged with carrying a load gun onto a flight. it was a flight from st. louis to las vegas. the nine millimeter gun was in the carryon bag. southwest hasn't said whether the pilot was part of crew or a passenger. pope francis finds himself with something a little more sporty than the popemobile in the vatican driveway. >> check out the lamborghini. >> oh, yeah. the italian auto maker gave the pontiff a special edition of the
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base price about $200,000. >> is that all? >> so the pope gave the car a blessing as you do and then put it up for auction. >> what? he didn't go for a ride? >> negative. proceeds will go toward rebuilding christian communities in iraq. >> not bad. coming up, the world's oldest prenup. so old that it actually predates paper. but thirsfirst, the growing number of men saying "me too". terry crews stepping up saying he was sexually assaulted by a hollywood executive. you're watching "world news now."
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crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. [ bleep ]. if you don't stop, if you don't stop touching, girls, i'm going to come [ bleep ] you up. >> that is drake. stopping a club performance in the meddle of a soniddle of a s. he told a guy to stop touching girls. he said if he didn't stop he would come and beat him up. apparently, he didn't have to. >> the guy stopped. >> no, he immediately stopped. now to a stunning new allegation of se
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out of hollywood. >> terry crews known for comedic and macho roles is coming forward, naming the powerful hollywood agent he says groped him in the middle of a hollywood party in front of his wife. he sat down exclusively with michael strahan. >> reporter: terry crews, the former nfl linebacker turned actor. adding his voice to the tidal waive of people sharing concerns of sexual assault. he said he and adam bennett were at the same party. he has worked with some of the biggest names, liam hemsworth, emma stone, adam murphy and adam sandler. but instead of a professional meet and geet, he claims bennett leered at him from across the room. >> i reached my hand out, and he takes his right hand and under mine and immediately squeezes, grabs my genitals. and i'm like, hey, hey, whoa. and he still, and he
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and he still does this tongue stuff. and he's making wireird noises d comes back again and grabs me again. i slab his hand away, push him back more forcefully and i'm like, what are you doing? >> reporter: according to crews, the alleged groping happened in front of his wife, rebecca crews, she confirmed the account. she's witnessing the whole thing? >> she's witnessing the whole thing. i can't even begin to describe to you how bizarre this is. >> reporter: crews says his wife's calming influence prevented the incident from escalating. >> my wife kept holding my hand. she kept grabbing my arm saying i'm proud of you. mike, i'm telling you, man, i know how close i came to losing it all. just when you get emasculated like that. >> reporter: do you think it was a way of him maybe exercising power? >> it was. first of all, this whole thing,
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from weinstein to all that's happening in hollywood is about an abuse of power. an abuse of the position you have. and what happens is, they have fooled everyone into thinking it was part of the job. >> reporter: while he didn't go public with the alleged incident, crews insists he sounded the alarm immediately. >> i get a call from my agent saying that bennett's going to call you. i get a call. it's him on the line. i'm so i'm sorry. i was drufrgenk. i wasn't myself that night. i said man, you got to understand the depth of what you did. you were in front of my wife. you need to understand how close you came to really being hurt. you need help, you really need to get help. yeah, okay. >> reporter: did you feel like it was sincere? >> no. no. it's like when people are sorry because they got caught. >> reporter: since going public, crews filed a police report. law enforcement sources confirmed to
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was named as crews' alleged harasser on the report. >> i have been victimized, but i made the choice to not be a victim. >> reporter: terry crews says he ended his relationship with the agency last week. william morris says bennett has been suspended. vinet himself declined to comment. he hopes that going public will force hollywood to change. >> hollywood doesn't even get the morals to his own movies. that's what's so crazy. >> reporter: this hollywood strong man, stronger than ever. >> you cannot violate any boundaries anymore. look. life has no limits, but it should have plenty of boundaries. >> reporter: i'm michael strahan in new york. >> it seems like increasingly those boundaries are becoming defined in all this. >> at least we're learning more about t. coming up in the next half hour the brain disease plaguing football players. it has been found
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have signed the wait until eight pledge. >> reporter: about the impact of screen time on young minds at elementary schools all across the country. they say they're going to wait. how effective do you think this movement can be? >> the more they can say we're going to delay
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device with a computer and camera. and they're not ready to handle the depression and anxiety that comes with it. >> reporter: teenagers thinking about suicide are more likely to be users of social media, and experts say there are real dangers to smartphones, exposing children to cyber bullying, and sexual predators. >> kids are struggling with adhd are much more likely to use the devices in a way they get negative feedback. they get depressed. their grades go down. >> i think it would be better and no stress. >> reporter: why? >> smartphones are kind of a distraction during school. it can lead to bad grades. and that leads to much worse things. >> parents promise them an iphone upgrade. >> the kid's
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okay. time for your mix here, and talk about your throw-back thursday. you know, we talk about kim kardashian and how she has a surrogate, she's going to have a daughter and all this stuff. apparently, surrogacy is nothing new. science and researchers have found the oldest-known marriage contract dealing with fertility ever. you can see it all laid out. >> what? is that hieroglyphics? >> yeah, something like that. it clearly states that the man here and his wife, if he does not provide a wife for him within two years. >> child? >> a child within two years, it
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woman to bear children. >> what? >> for him. >> and she signed that? where's her signature? >> right at the bottom. >> i do not think so. she did not have an attorney present for this. >> she didn't have an attorney. lawyers are the oldest profession, well. >> finals hatimes have changed . and let me remind you, infidelity violates most marriage contracts. the most popular day for affairs. >> you're not supposed to celebrate that? >> the website surveyed over 500 adulterers and found almost 80% have plans in place to see their "other" extramarital partner on friday. the reason why this is
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the busiest times of the year for affairs is the last time to get away before christmas break. you have thanksgiving, you have to spend it with the family, christmas with the family. the whole christmas break when the kids are home and so on, you have to hang out with the family. time management, time management. >> to which i say debunk that theory and have your affair. >> kendis! that is not the moral of the story. >> why wait till friday to do what you can do today. we move on. here's dad of the year, this dad who is in charge of his 3 month old daughter for the first time, films her, just going around there on their robotic vacuum there. surprising his wife by cleaning the house. >> multi-tasking. the baby's entertained and the house is clean. >> dad went along for the ride.
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on the wall. instead of getting upset, he decided to frame it. it looks like a work of art. he put a
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his this morning on "world news now," new accusers come forward with groping allegations against senate candidate roy moore. the candidate remains defiant among growing pressure from leaders who want him out of the party's race. president trump heads to capitol hill to boost momentum hill battle. ion faces an his as and a thirsty president trump channels marco rubio. >> why you shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house or drink water on camera if you live in the white house. and while the world comes to terms with the newest sexiest


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