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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 16, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. winter weather alert. a powerful storm already sparking holiday travel concerns slamming the west with heavy rain. up to four feet of snow and icy roads flipping cars and now the dangerous system moving east. more than 100 million in its path. new overnight alabama senate candidate roy moore defiant once again refusing to leave the race as more women come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. one even claims he called her high school, pulled her out of math class to ask her out. serial killer on the loose. police releasing new surveillance video now calling this person the suspect. accused of
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neighborhood. where they think he may be hiding. ♪ this is what you came for and $450 million for the last da vinci. the incredible work of art bringing people to tears and breaking records. now the world's most expensive painting. the big question this morning, who bought it? ♪ you would bought it? i'd like to be that person's friend. >> getting $450 million. get this, they're not even sure that's a real da vinci. and experts say it's kind of a fixer-upper. has some problems wit, as well. still, $450 million. >> when can i come see it, george? but, you know, we're going to begin, everybody, with that storm that's moving across the country bringing heavy rain and snow from the west to the northeast and this comes just as people are getting ready
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travel for the holidays. let's go right to ginger zee who is tracking the system for us. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you. thanksgiving just a week away so a lot of people have that travel on their mind and starting this weekend and that's where problems will begin. they've already begun. you can see this is interstate 0 in california where spinouts were already happening. they had some snow. it's still happening now and it's going to be that slick road above,000 feet. you can see one to three feet or even up to four feet of snow in parts of the sierra. flood watches on the burn scar, gusts up to 65 miles per hour as we go into the rockies but when this thing moves east of the rockies, that's where a lot of us, the larger population gets impacted saturday, if you have flights out of chicago watch for that. the wind and rain, detroit too and as it moves east on sunday if you have a flight on sunday to get anywhere next week along the east coast you'll have wind gusts of some 40 to 60 miles per hour that will certainly affect flights, guys. >> it will. all right, ginger, thank you. now the latest on embattled senate candidate roy moore, defiant as calls grow
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moore accusers step forward alleging sexual misconduct. president trump declining to answer questions about moore but his daughter ivanka sending a message telling the associated press, quote, there is a special place in hell for people who prey on children. i've yet to see a valid explanation and i have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts. our chief national correspondent tom llamas following the developments in birmingham, alabama. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. a lot of new developments to get to. as you mentioned the pressure from washington is real and there are now even more allegations but despite all that, we're still talking to lots of roy moore supporters who still support him. they don't believe those accusers and they want to know why all of this information is coming out, nearly 40 years later. overnight, additional women coming forward saying roy moore sexually assaulted or badgered them when they worked at the local mall in gadsden, alabama.
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moore kept asking her out and would linger by the rest rooms. >> parents are dropping off their 12-year-olds and, you know, 13-year-olds, 14-year-olds, i mean, come on, so anyway i just thought that was really creepy. >> reporter: gena richardson also worked at the mall and says moore hit on her telling "the washington post," moore called her at her high school, gena, this is roy moore. i was like, what? he said, what are you doing? i said, i'm in trig class. richardson says moore later gave her an unwanted forceful kiss that left her scared. moore has denied all accusations of sexual misconduct. and this morning, is fighting back and trying to poke holes in at least one of his accuser's accounts of sexual assault. >> mr. moore attacked me when i was a child. >> reporter: after beverly nelson publicly accused moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 16, her attorney said this. >> has ms. nelson had any contact with roy moore since
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incident? >> no. right? >> no, none. >> reporter: but moore's attorney say that's not exactly true. >> as it turns out in 1999 ms. nelson filed a divorce action and the judge's signed was roy moore, circuit judge of etowah county. >> reporter: she said she never had any reason to set foot in moore's courtroom since the case was reconciled and only required the judge's signature. he said this proves she whe was flirting with her. >> he wrote in my yearbook as follow, to a sweeter, more beautiful girl, i could not say merry christmas, christmas 1977. >> reporter: his attorney demanding the yearbook be turned over to handwriting experts. >> look at those two 7s then look
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to ask you, do you think it was written by the same person? >> reporter: we showed a copy of the inscription to our own handwriting expert who did notice inconsistencies with the 7s but did say this when it came to the actual message about her looks and merry christmas. i don't have all the facts to make a 100% opinion but from what i've seen, it looks very authentic and genuine that he did write at least part of that note and signed his name. >> reporter: and this morning, there's yet another accuser, tina johnson says in 1991 she went to go see roy moore for a legal matter. she says moore kept commenting on her look, made her feel uncomfortable then at the end of the meeting grabbed her by the back side as she was leaving. moore, of course, has denied all of these allegations and any impropriety. >> we know he is determined to stay in the race and battle even those in his own party who are asking him, demanding he step aside. >> reporter: that's right, as senate republicans scramble to figure out
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win overnight roy moore sent this tweet to senator mitch mcconnell. i want to put it up. he tweeted last night, mitch mcconnell, dear mitch mcconnell, bring it on so clearly sticking in this race and sending a message to capitol hill, robin. >> that is clear. all right. >> let's bring in cecilia vega. senior congressional correspondent mary bruce. we heard from just about everyone now except president trump. >> reporter: he does not want to go there. i asked him point blank yesterday here at the white house do you believe roy moore's accusers? do you think he should step aside? he looked at me. he walked away. he did not answer this question. a bit of a caveat from white house aides talking about this. they say if, if this conduct is true roy moore should step aside. remember, president trump did not endorse roy moore in this race. he also has had his own issues with women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. he has strongly denied that, though so i am not surprised this is a topic the president does not wan
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it's hands down the elephant in this room here at this white house. he's got to address this at some point? we'll see how long he can handle that. crucial for them to pass the tax bill as well. that seat could be crucial. i want to bring in mary bruce for for because, mary, what we're also seeing the first senate republicans saying they're a no on the tax bill. >> reporter: yeah, this bill could be in real trouble here. senate republicans can only afford to lose two votes if he want to get it down and one republican says he cannot support it. ron johnson of wisconsin says the bill favors big corporations over small businesses. and others like susan collins of maine have serious misgivings about the plan to include a repeal of the obamacare mandate concerned about what that could mean for americans' premiums. ron johnson says he wants to get to a yes, but, george, it's simply unclear if and how they'll address all these concern. >> when you change one part it could cause problems somewhere
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meantime, they are fairly confident that the house will pass their version of the tax bill. >> reporter: yeah, the house is expected to passion their version today bringing them one step closer to this legislative win that they're also desperately hoping for up here but, again, the issue is how are they going to address these concerns and they still need to reconcile the significant differences here between the house version and the senate version and, george, they just don't have a lot of time left if republicans are hoping to wrap it up by the end of the year. >> cecilia, the president pushing hard he will go up to the house today. the question is what exact role will he play as these negotiations continue? >> reporter: well, this is basically a prevote rally to push this across the finish line. the white house wants his appearance to look like he is heavily involved accused of not being involved in health care. this is a win that this white house desperately needs. >> cecilia vega and mary bruce, thanks very much. robin. we turn to new details about that manhunt for a killer on the run who escaped from a mental hospital in hawaii. boarded a plane, fled to california now he's finally in cust
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who may very well have saved lives. abc's gio benitez is here with that story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning. we're now learning seven hawaii state hospital employees placed on leave without pay. it's no wonder why officials were concerned. prosecutors once said he fit all the criteria of a classic serial killer. the hunt for escaped psychiatric patient randall saito which had authorities on the west coast on high alert was solved by a quick-thinking cab driver on a regular shift. >> i was like, oh, my gosh, he was in my cab yesterday. and i'm thinking, that could have been my life. >> reporter: that driver who asked us not to show her face alerting her dispatch who alerted police after saito requested another ride from the company. saito once acquitted of murder by reason of insanity after a woman's body was found stuffed into a car at a local mall made national headlines when escaped his psychiatric facility in hawaii and fled to california.
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investigators believe saito didn't escape without help. pointing to this cab ride to a waiting charter jet. >> the sooner we get there, the better. i'm making a fly. that's why relationship where he has a packed bag filled with cash, a portable charger and a cell phone. >> i'm on my way. >> reporter: following the tip from the cab driver cops swarmed on the cab in this gas station parking lot in stockton, california. with saito back in custody, investigators are now focusing on how the patient considered to be extremely dangerous with a classic serial killer profile could have escaped from this honolulu psychiatric hospital where officials are suspending all visitation adding security staff and several employees relieved of duty without pay during the investigation. this same facility has reportedly seen 17 escapes in the last decade. >> this was premeditated. it was intentional. it was planned. and this is something that was not done by somebody who was suffering from any sort of mental defec
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>> reporter: and this morning, there are big questions about who saito was talking to on that cell phone. did he receive any help? where did all that money come from to pay for the flights and cabs. we know his ticket to san jose was purchased online but still, george, so many questions. >> boy, there sure are, gio, thanks very much. we turn to what could be a major pedicle breakthrough to help diagnose and treat the brain injury cte. we've seen so many cases in the nfl, one of the worst aaron hernandez. it's always been diagnosed after an autopsy but researchers have now confirmed that they detected it in a living patient for the first time. chief medical correspondent jen ashton here to explain. what's the significance? >> this is the actual case report here. potentially big news in the process of diagnosing cte which as you mentioned can occur with severe or repeated traumatic brain injury. this time they used something called a p.e.t. scan which shows the brain activity as it uses glucose and found there was good correlation between that imaging test and then the findings of this patient on autopsy. in
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towel proteins that clog the connections between nerve cells. >> one of the big question, would this test be readily accessible to younger at wleets. >> not yet ready for prime time. need to do a lot more research. if you think about the steps of prevention, of brain injury, diagnosis and manageable treatment and cure the way we diagnose is critical. if it were as easy to diagnose cte as it is to diagnose a broken bone with an x-ray we could be a lot more aggressive with treatment. >> something to keep an eye on. jen ashton, thanks very much. >> michael. >> thank you, george. also this morning, those three ucla basketball players are now speaking out, apologizing for shoplifting in china. adrienne bankert is here and, adrienne, president trump was wondering are they going to give him credit for helping them in they did thank president trump and president trump responded you're welcome. he just tweeted to the three ucla basketball players saying you're welcome. go out and give a big thank you to
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and have a great life sounding like a sage. be careful, there are many pitfalls on the long winding road of life. he said they could face as much as ten years in jail for what they did and though they're in trouble with their school big time, and they're in trouble with their coach, he's disappointed, those players clearly feeling extremely fortunate. they all say they're embarrassed for their actions. here's what liangelo ball said. >> i'd like to start off by saying sorry for stealing from the stores in china. i'm a young man. however, it's not an excuse for making a really stupid decision. i'd also like to thank president trump and the united states government for the help that they provided, as well. i'm grateful to be back home and i'll never make a mistake like this again. >> we know all three are saying they will never make a mistake like this again. >> they are very, very fortunate to be back home but we know they posted bail, $2200 but had to stay in a hotel room until this was resolved. facing
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chinese jail before bailing out and stayed in that hotel. back at home they have to earn their way back onto the court and will be suspended from the team indefinitely according to the athletics department as ucla reviews the situation and won't be traveling with the team. won't be suiting up for games, at some point they might be permitted to go to meetings and practices but the athletic department says they'll focus on academics for now. >> one bad decision can change your life in they are three very lucky guys. >> oh, yeah absolutely fortunate. that work of art making history. a rare oil painting from the original renaissance man himself da vinci selling for a record $450 million at an auction. t.j. holmes, you know he's got all the details for us. >> robin, let me tell you what we're talking about called the male mona lisa and consider it the holy grail of old master paintings, rare da vinci only fewer than 20 da vincis are known to be out there expected to go around
7:16 am
but four bidders last night had a room full of people gasping as that number hit a historical high. >> welcome at 150 million on the left. >> reporter: it began at the bargain basement price of $100 million. and then things got crazy. >> 160 is bid back to alex at 160 million. >> reporter: four buyers on the phone and one inside christie a auction house fought it out for the once in a lifetime opportunity to own leonardo da vinci's "salvator mundi." >> 200 million is bid. at 200 million. at 200 million. 200 million. please, 200 million is bid. 245 million. at $266 million. 268 million. you heard it, ladies and gentlemen. at $280 million. are we all done? at 350 million and looking for another bid,
7:17 am
at 350. >> reporter: the painting which depicts jesus is referred to as the last da vinci because it's believed to be the only painting by the artist still in private hands. >> 400. >> 400 million. 400 million is the bid. francois, it is with alex rotter as 400 million. leonardo's "salvator mundi" selling and the piece is sold. >> reporter: 19 minutes after the opening gavel, the painting sold for $450 million. the highest price ever for a piece of art. the other record was 179 million for a picasso. this painting sold for 10 grand at auction just in 2005. they didn't know what they had. just 10 grand. >> the reaction of the crowd there even, woo! >> all the cell phones, capturing the moment in history. >> it was history? any idea who purchased this in somebody tha
7:18 am
[ laughter ] but it was -- >> i wasn't there in it was sold at auction for 127 million just a few years ago. so there was no way anybody thought it was going to hit this number. so it's in the private hand, probably a billionaire somewhere, not a museum probably. likely. but when it comes back up for auction i'd be curious if it can sell for more. >> no, this guy bought at the top. >> some questions about authenticity we were talking about. >> let's go back to beginer. >> we start with the rain and snow. sonoma county 2 1/2 inches of rain but look at high snow total up through the rockies. 1 to 2 feet in colorado rockies and lake-effect impacts for new york. that's for the weekend. local weather in 30 seconds.
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through this weekend - big changes between saturday and sunday's weather today: partly sunny. windy and seasonable. highs: 55-60 winds: nw 10-20 g 30 mph tonight: partly cloudy. colder. lows: 31-38 winds: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. cooler. highs: 51-54 winds: nw to sw 5-10 mph coming up police released this new s.e.a.l. video of the suspect tampa serial killer just moments before a murder.
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you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ >> reporter: good morning washington i'm melanie hastings we're tracking braking news out of baltimore. sou sourjones work to save a detective who was shot in the head. ryan is at the scene with the latest. ryan? >> the commissionering calling the suspect cold and callous. you see police remain on scene they are blocking the road not letting anyone more the scene. 18 year veteran was out following up on a homicide investigation in bennett place in west baltimore. the commissioner says the
7:24 am
engaged in suspicious behavior tried to talk to him and he was shot in the head he is in the intensive care unit [lance] it is absolute chaos out here! ...don't know if you can hear me, can we get a shot of this cold front, right here. [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. brace yourself for the season of audi sales event. what if there was only one emoji? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box.
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n"«¿?qxinkv4fa2ñ£yu qé+= sturday. cold blusterys on sunday. dry all of next week that includes thanksgiving. >> traffic watch monitoring accidenting in the district at michigan avenue impacted in both directions. sky track 7, this is 202 approaching
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closures in both directions. back on our maps, delays northbound 395 an hour from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. more news, traffic and weather on
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♪ (yawns) nice shot. ♪ buy one, get one 50% off, all nerf now through saturday. toys"r"us. today we play™ my gosh, what in the world is in this? >> oh! >> claire, why is there a fully cooked turkey in the backpack. >> could it be you made a backup because you never trusted me. >> i thought this was a chance -- >> what, that i'd view everything up? >> a funny episode. >> that's "modern family," a thanksgiving dilemma. i've been in that dilemma before. one week before the big day. worried about drama in your home, is a prepared meal the way to go? some stores are offering the full turkey day meal. we'll try some out and be the guinea pigs and we have the
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also right now, this storm in the west is raising concerns about holiday travel. it's bringing rain up to four feet of snow moving east, more than 100 million in its path and this moment in washington getting a lot of reaction. you see treasury secretary steven mnuchin and his wife louise posing with sheets of $1 bills, the first with mnuchin's signature. twitter is having a field day. >> oh, yeah, they said that's their new wallpaper. now to tampa and that search for a possible serial killer. police releasing this new surveillance footage showing the person they're now calling a suspect in a string of unsolved murders. abc's victor oquendo is there in tampa where residents are once again on edge this morning. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin and those frightened residents are doing what they can to help police. thousands of tips have been pouring in and also handing over any surveillance video they might have and police have released some of it in hopes that someone recognizes this super bowl.
7:32 am
a look and releasing this moments before 64-year-old ronald felton was killed early tuesday morning and believe it's the same person spotted on this surveillance video taken moments before the october 9th murder of benjamin mitchell and the same suspect also filmed running away from the crime scene moments later. >> same gait, same walk. maybe not the same jacket, definitely a hoodie. i don't believe in coincidence that the same person was around the same time that two people were murdered. >> this new video released as the fbi and police are going door to door in this florida neighborhood on edge. >> fbi. >> desperate to find the killer they believe might be linked to four separate murders in just five weeks. authorities believe the suspect may be hiding out locally. >> somebody who is familiar with the neighborhood who knows their way in
7:33 am
quickly. >> reporter: felton's murder comes after the murders of benjamin mitchell, monica hoffa and anthony naiboa, all four crimes committed within a half mile of each other. each victim was walking alone in the pitch dark of night. >> he was a good guy. he was a good guy. >> reporter: investigators hoping to end the killer's spree before he strikes again. some serial killers have gone for decades before being caught. btk killer dennis raider killing ten victims over the course of years and the grim reaper killing ten women over two decades. >> i'm mad. this community is scared. our cops for them, this is personal. >> reporter: the reward is now up to $91,000. one resident told me that before this most recent murder on tuesday, he thought this was over. that the killer was gone. now they're left reliving this nightmare all over again, robin. >> yes, they are, thank you. joining us now retired chief inspector lenny
7:34 am
here in the studio and abc's brad garrett. gentlemen, thank you again both for this. lenny, this is big. this video. what do you see? >> the video speaks volumes. it's a huge piece of the puzzle for law enforcement in comparison to the october 9th video you had an individual walking down the middle of the street, it's 90 degrees. he has a coat on wearing a hood. he's captured in four separate video cameras that are streaming from homes. shots are fired and he's seen running back through the same set of four videos. fast forward monday morning 4:51. got the fourth vic on his way to church to feed the homeless gunned down in cold bloodshot in the back. they capture video a few seconds prior to that. luckily they got a guy same -- wearing the same description, a coat on zipped up wearing a hood. appears to be the same guy in the video but here's the home run. they have a key witness. they have an eyewitness to the shooting. >> that's one of the new very many, a key witness and for the first time calling this person in the video a suspect. >>
7:35 am
wanted him to come in if you remember on october 9th they asked for him to come forward. nobody shows up. it's been quiet for a month. >> the witness that you were talking about that's come forward. >> the witness, he hears four to five shots and comes running out sees the victim falls and identified a tall, thin black male, 6'to 6'2", skinny wearing all black, coat zipped up with a hood and a handgun so definitely the same guy in the video and now in comparison to the october 9th video appears to the same person. >> it does. brad, what kind of psychological profile are investigators working up now? >> okay, this is a kid that's going to be from the neighborhood. he either lives there or has a long history there. if you notice in all of the video, lenny is referencing, he walks slowly many times like it's casual. he also is able to disappear into the community shortly after the shooting particularly after the last one which tells me he knows where to go hide, robin. an
7:36 am
to have to focus on people he has touched in that community like social service, the juvenile justice system, et cetera, people who go in and around the community and probably have touched him in some form or fashion. >> do you wonder the age of the suspect when you see that video? >> you know, it looks like a kid maybe in his teens or early 20s. it's really hard to say. but he's going to have a history someplace with social services, et cetera. and the key is, you're going to have to do these interviews in person. somebody out there knows him and they just don't want to -- don't want to tell us but you get them in your face and maybe they will. >> what do you think, lenny? >> it's scary. the residents are sleeping with one eye open scared to death. domestic terrorism is what they try to do. put the fear of god in somebody. what this person's m.o. is anybody's guess. $91,000 reward and videos in play. somebody has to know this kid. >> hopefully they'll
7:37 am
lenny, brad, thank you very much. coming up an abc news investigation. complaints about slow and shoddy work to fix rental homes, water pouring from a ceiling and reports of toxic mold. brian ross confronts the company's founder. if your moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus may be possible. this condition has not been reported with entyvio. tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent infections
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we are back with an abc news investigation into one of the nation's largest real estate rental company with tens of thousands of hopes across the country. numerous tenants have complained
7:41 am
brian ross here with the story. good morning, brian. >> good morning, george. the american dream has always meant owning your own home. this morning an investigation by abc news and our stations across the country has found wall street pushing a different version of the american dream. rent your home from a new class of billion dollar landlords who tenants' groups say can be slow to fix problems and quick to evict tenants. this is what happened. >> ooh. >> reporter: when carlos and ebony january say the landlord did a shoddy job. >> he didn't cut the electricity off before he drilled a hole into the light. >> reporter: the same landlord is being sued by the parents of brielle nicholson saying her persistent asthma. >> cough. >> reporter: was caused by toxic mold in their florida rental home which was not fixed. >> every morning and
7:42 am
night. want to do your a, b, cs. >> reporter: in both cases the landlord was in effect one of donald trump's closest billionaire friends. the man who ran his inauguration committee tom barrack, co-chairman of a giants company that brought him $250 million when he sole his interest. >> you have the ultimate out-of-state far removed absentee landlord. >> reporter: the company starwood way point rents tens of thousands single family homes across the country. in some neighborhoods as swb found in atlanta waypoint has a huge presence. the company claims an internal survey showing 99.8% satisfaction. >> we are here to provide quality housing for our residents and we take that responsibility very seriously. >> reporter: we've heard a lot of complaints that you're very slow to fix things. >> i do not agree with that at all. >> reporter: waypoint gets a
7:43 am
better business bureau citing a pattern of complaints for repair and service issues. in our abc stations across the country, heard much the same thing. >> people don't show up. you sit here all day. >> we've had a pretty terrible experience with this house so we just want to get it over with. >> i moved in, it was just like this right here. >> reporter: tenants also told our stations the company is quick to threaten eviction if they are even a few days late with rent. with tenants forced to go to court and then required to pay additional fees and the company's legal costs if they want to avoid eviction. is that true? they have to pay those fees? >> yes, it's true. >> reporter: that's fair. >> that's part of the process that we have. >> part of your business. >> it's part of the business. >> the company would not tell us how often it files eviction notices but admits it actually goes through with evictions about 1700 times a year, george. >> but some states do offer a way for ten apartments to fight back.
7:44 am
withhold your rent if your landlord won't fix the problems. in other state us can't and even if you're a few days late they'll file eviction notices. >> you'll have a big report on "nightline" tonight. michael. coming up the mystery over these famous cats. they're both world record holders but have now vanished and are missing. >> what! run, who needs what? broth, i'm making my stuffing. tin foil, i'm makin' yams. i'm making my famous cranberry sauce! so... a can of cranberry sauce? get everyday essentials, priced right daily. target run & done. the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if?
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7:48 am
back now with the desperate search for two guinness world record holding cats missing after a fire in michigan. >> the tallest and the other with the longest tail. owners asking for the public a help. linzie, tell us about it. >> they're missing after the owner's home caught fire and they lost everything but hopeful their record holding cats may still be found alive. >> a time for world record cats. >> reporter: felines arcturus and cygnus hold records. one for being the tallest cat at 19 inches. >> the equivalent of arcturus being a ten-foot-tall human while cygnus holds his own record for the longest tail. >> i think they're aware of their stardom. arcturus definitely is because he knows when we're taking him to an event. devastating news for both and their human parents
7:49 am
laura powers. after a terrifying fire destroyed their home in farmington hill, michigan, cygnus and arcturus are missing. will powers pleading for help on facebook writing i tried to save the cats, but couldn't find them before i was overcome with smoke. i did manage to open a few doors in hopes they would run out. so if any in the farming honor area finds a cat matching their description, please notify us. the powers are hopeful someone in the area may have caught a glimpse, so far at least one neighbor has reported seeing what they describe as a beast of a cat. >> so there has been one potential sighting. the owners are offering a reward and live traps set. if you do see the cat, he doesn't want anyone to approach them because they might be scared and hungry. he said the one looks very scary, the big one but he's a big sweetheart. >> so there is hope. >> there's hope. let's hope they're found. >> we hope they can find those cats. coming up, everybody, we have annc
7:50 am
than 30 years in the making. i'm choking. george, take it over. >> biological mother for the first time and michael will be okay. just have some water. >> we'll be right back. coming up your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame. from samsung, the most beautiful tv you've never seen. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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ur dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. back now on "good morning america" it's that time we'll help you get a jum
7:54 am
your holiday shopping. tory johnson here with huge deals, 20 bucks or less. i don't know about you but i have not started nor have i started thinking about it but now maybe we will. maybe this is the day that that changes. speaking of changes look at this neighborhood north of seattle. mill creek, washington, filled with water but it wasn't just from rain. it was actually because of wind knocking down trees that busted up a beaver dam. is that not the strangest story that filled a neighborhood with so much water. the same store that's going to move east and behind that will be severe cold air. not quite as coal as we saw with that last shot but really it will feel plenty like nome, 17 in chicago on sunday. this is the windchill. 21 detroit. then it gets here to the east coast, 30 for raleigh as we go into our mon
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> reporter: good morning washington i'm melanie hastings in the last two ours aaa out with thanksgiving travel forecast. john gonzalez is live with the roads you want to avoid around the dmv this travel period, john? that's right melanie. 395 is one of them we are in bumper to bumper traffic at this hour tell be worse next week record number despite fact that it is the highest thanksgiving gas prices since 2014 highest rental car prices since 2012. we will see 1.2 million resident in dc
7:57 am
for turkey 90% on the road that is the highest travel for thanksgiving in 12 years. angela foster a lot of relates for thanksgiving. >> a lot of relates theory thanksgiving and this morning especially new york 395 struggling from the accident activity on the southwest freeway. it cleared the grid lock is there. as you head through alexandria richmond highway u.s. one we have police on the scene directing you want on 66 no accident activity. eastbound remains jammed as you travel toward the capitol beltway about a 47 minute ride. now a check of the forecast with veronica. >> get ready for mild and sunny conditions. tell be breezy if not windy today. gusts 30 miles per hour during your lunchtime. if you run erands you will notice the change. 25 miles per hour gusts for the afternoon and evening rush
7:58 am
today 58, i'll take that tomorrow 51. and we are close to 60 on saturday. cold blustery on sunday. dry all of next week that includes thanksgiving. >> thanks veronica you can get more updates now on good morning washington on news channel 8. i will see you in 30 minutes and now back to good morning
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. holiday travel alert. a powerful storm slaps the west, up to four feet of snow headed east. ten states on storm alert. more than 100 million in its path. ginger with the latest. more from terry crews after his powerful live interview with michael right here on "gma." saying he finally feels free after sharing his sexual harassment battle in hollywood how deal men with their fears and what our experts say about men speaking out and asking for help. should you order your thanksgiving dinner almost ready to go? we're trying out the prepared meals that could make your holiday a whole lot easier. it's the turkey taste challenge.
8:01 am
♪ power of love get ready for one incredible reunion. this mother gave her daughter up for adoption 30 years ago. they've net never face-to-face. this morning, live right here, they're about to finally reunite as we say, good morning, america. ♪ when you're found good morning, america. welcome back this thursday morning. what a reunion we have for you. >> you have been warned. do not apply mascara until after you see this. more than 30 years ago this woman gave her baby up for adoption so her baby could have a better life. she never even got the chance to hold her baby girl and thanks to the power of the internet they are finally going to meet face-to-face for the first time live this times square. they haven't even heard each other's voices. they've texted, they've e-mailed but haven't met, haven't seen each other but they will today. >> i'm going to have to reapply
8:02 am
but first we want to get to that major storm about to make its way across the country hitting overnight in the west and heading east as we approach the busy holiday travel week. back to ginger for the latest. good morning again, ginger. >> you can see that fire hose just blasting san francisco, san jose with heavy to modal rains this morning. you add a little elevation. this is what it looks like in truckee, interstate 80, spin-offs all over the place and a foreshadowing of what could happen as it moves east. warnings in place for the sierra. going anywhere above 8,000 feet you pick up one to three feet of snow. northern rockies, flagstaff could see its first rain in 48 days. that comes along with wind, gusting 40 to 60. here's where the storm is, the great lakes for saturday. so if you have flights st. louis, chicago, cincinnati, that's something to just keep in mind on saturday. on sunday, college students starting to travel back home, people thinking about their holiday travel, lake-effect snow starts
8:03 am
york and pennsylvania, you can see there also in michigan and it's really the rain along the east coast, guys, and the wind that will be gusting 40 to 50 that i think will affect our sunday flights. >> hunkering down with a fire this weekend. >> now to the big gop push for tax reform. house set to vote on its bill today. the senate facing hurdles with its version as the president trump tries to rally support. mary bruce has all the latest on capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, the president will be right here in just a few hours to try and push tax reform over the finish line. the house is expected to pass their version later today but they are now serious questions about whether this bill can survive in the senate. senate republicans can only afford to lose two votes and this morning, ron johnson of wisconsin says he's a no to the current bill. he says it favors big corporations over small businesses. and susan collins of maine says she has misgivings about the plan to include a repeal of the obamacare individual mandate and there are other key s
8:04 am
still undecided. now, the president says he wants this all wrapped up by the end of the year. i'm told he has been working the phones trying to get some headway here. but, george, it's unclear if they're going to be able to address these concerns. >> yeah, not right away. mary, thanks very much. and, robin, tell us why you're wearing that purple dress. >> we saw ginger wearing purple and members of our audience are as well, pancreatic cancer awareness. it is world pancreatic cancer day. if you're at home trying to figure out what to wear, the color purple because that's associated with pancreatic cancer and people should know the death rates for it are rising while in other cancers it's declining and part of the reason, there are no early -- there is no way to detect it. there is no detection methods for it so you need to know the symptoms. you need to know the risks and get that information out there. i'm sorry we -- is there very informative, though. you wouldn't think about that so thank you. >> so i'm sorry, guys.
8:05 am
i meant to tell you guys about wearing purple. >> you and i usually match. i don't know why i lost the memo. hey, coming up more of michael's exclusive with terry crews. new details about that hollywood party where he says he was harassed and how his agency reacted. we're going to take our twin test lab and triple down. three identical sisters trying three different workouts. wait till you hear their results. it might surprise you. we have lara upstairs. what's going on, lara. >> good morning, michael. got the memo on the purple. have been working all night long. actually karen has. thanksgiving just a week away. we're going to help you cut the hassle trying out ready made meal, how do they compare on cost, convenience and most importantly taste. you guys ready? [ cheers and applause ] we have a great audience. come on back. (matthew) my wish was a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house". (mom) and it just immediately brought something positive in our life. "oh, i gotta get up
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8:10 am
good morning, welcome back. welcome to this terrific audience here in times square. so i got to ask you -- blue or purple? >> blue or purple? i say purple. okay. >> those are the experts over there. if they say purple it is purple. >> okay, good. good. >> i think it's blurple. >> we got to be different. >> i'm just saying it's a little mix. it looks great on. >> thank you. whatever you need. >> give them some "pop news." >> "pop news" time, everybody. good morning to you. [ applause ] so that shooting star you saw on the horizon, oh, that is
8:11 am
haddish. oh, my. >> yes. >> this woman first stole the show in the movie "girls trip" last summer. she did it again last weekend as the host of "saturday night live." well, this morning we're learning that the 37-year-old is going to be in two huge movies "the kitchen" which is about the irish mafia. set here in new york in the '70s and then she'll star in a female-driven comedy called "the temp" helmed by some of the same people who helped her break out in "girls trip." also has a book coming out called "the last black unicorn" coming out in december. i hear she's coming to "good morning america" and she's also going on a comedy tour with all of her free time. next year. it has the perfect title "she's ready". >> oh, she is ready and she is ready. >> so much going on. >> when she was here to promote the movie, i mean, she is so ready and so deserving of this. he b
8:12 am
but she's incredibly talented. >> grew up in foster care. >> everybody loves an overnight sensation. she's been at it for a long time and worked really hard for it. >> you have to do the air quotes for overnight sensation. congratulations, tiffany. in "pop news," the know the song by the who "won't get fooled again." great tune. that's the goal, maybe not the roo he at for some iphone x users. this video is amazing. it's gone viral posted by concerned parents. it shows their 10-year-old son doing an experiment with the new iphone x's face recognition security system. >> so this is my mom's phone. as you can see this is off. and i'm going to unlock the phone using this handsome face. tah-dah. it's unlocked. >> uh-oh. >> faces are so similar. >> he through the dab on the end. >> i liked it. with this handsome face, so apple says there's only one
8:13 am
million chance that someone can break through that security barrier. looks like that cute little boy is truly one in a million. >> you know, halle berry was visiting me recently. halle berry and took my phone and was able to unlock it once again. >> once again. >> you know what, robin, halley. >> halley, put my phone down. [ laughter ] >> kate hudson, don't touch my phone. >> you do -- you guys really do look alike. >> thank you. i love you. hey, finally in "pop news" this morning, this driver gets an "a" for effort trying to fool police emphasis on fool. he made a license plate using a cutout from a pizza box and a magic marker. oh, honey. police arrested him and posted on their facebook page, uh, here's a little advice to those appearing to make their own license plate, number one, don't. >> that's good. that's good. >> number two if you
8:14 am
pizza box and magic markers. [ laughter ] thank you, officers. i was happy to share your words of wisdom. [ applause ] >> and that is some great "pop news" from lara spencer everybody. our "gma" cover story. more of our exclusive with terry crews. he's not revealing how his agency reacted to his bombshell accusations. as the store sheds light on the different ways men and women may experience sexual misconduct. >> i have never felt more emasculated, more objectified. >> reporter: terry crews making powerful headlines from his interview on "gma." >> you're a prisoner of war. >> reporter: after his live interview, he told me more details about that hollywood party he attended with his wife last year and his allegations that one of the movie industry's most powerful agents at william morris endeavor adam venit groped him. >> he takes his right hand under mine and immediately squeezed, grabs my
8:15 am
back more forcefully. >> he told the honored guest of the evening adam sandler then left with his wife. crews said venit called him the next morning. >> i get a call. it's him on the line, i'm sorry, i was drunk. i wasn't myself that night. >> did you feel like it was sincere. >> no, when people are sorry because they got caught. >> reporter: crews said this year he even went to the head of william morris endeavor, ari emanuel. >> and brought out a letter he wrote in 2011 which demanded that mel gibson be blacklisted from hollywood for anti-semitic remarks. i took that letter, crossed out mel gibson, put adam venit, crossed out anti-semitic remarks and put sexual assault. i said read that letter. now you know what you got to do. he said, it's different. >> crews recently parted ways with the agency. but he says he identifies with the fear that many say deters them from speaking out against the
8:16 am
retaliation. >> he is privy to all the studio heads who hire me. who is to say he couldn't poison that? >> william morris endeavor telling ab news in a statement an investigation was launched immediately after management was made aware resulting in venit's suspension. it is not a problem unique to hollywood either. the eeoc received over 12,000 complaints of sexual harassment last year alone. over 15% of those victims, men. we sat down with political blogger john arabosis who bravely spoke about his experience on capitol hill in the 1990s. he said the female colleague may come off to him by phone. >> i was frozen before i could finally just get the energy to like whisper to her stop it. i wasn't worried for my personal safety. i did worry how i was going to do my job from there on out. as a guy you sit there and think, okay, first of all, people are going to think i'm crazy or something that i didn't like this. >> reporter: according to husband and wif
8:17 am
phil and eric ra brosier women tend to think it's their own fault. >> they're often immediately questioned about what their role was in provoking it which is ridiculous. >> reporter: while men often question their own masculinity. >> viewed by society as, you know, women coming on to you is not a bad thing. >> in deciding to speak out men butt up against in this social strip they're not supposed toask for help. >> in talking to terry it was traumatic. he put it in the background but all the harvey weinstein stuff really brought it back up to the forefront for him and he wants to be an add vaevocate. he's passion flat and not letting it go. if you do something like this there are consequences to your actions. >> venit is suspended but not fired. >> suspended but not fired. >> that letter that he talked about was outrageous. >> the letter that -- with mel gibson. >> crossing out the name, crossing out the offense. >>
8:18 am
gotten his story out there and it's liberating. >> i ask do you worry about your career. he said it's already exceeded everything i ever wanted. i'm just doing what i feel is right. he shouldn't have to worry for one second. i agree with you 100% and want to thank terry for sitting down with me. we go over to ginger. what's going on? >> time for your "gma" moment. we're all going to get a smile or a laugh. my new friends from southern india indiana. we were talking about indiana but want to head to georgia where this dog loves the leaf blower. like loves it. he goes right up to it. gets his mouth wide open. he want you to share your "gma" moment using that hashtag and hopefully get a chuckle- strong through this weekend - big changes between saturday and sunday's weather today: partly sunny. windy and seasonable. highs: 55-60 winds: nw 10-20 g 30 mph tonight: partly cloudy. colder. lows: 31-38 winds: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. cooler. highs: 51-54 winds: nw to sw 5-10 mph
8:19 am
adrienne, what have you done? what have you done here? >> temptation. thanksgiving temptation. >> thanksgiving is just a week away. but don't panic. did someone just do a gobble gobble with a sound effect? come on. we have an easy option to help get your family's holiday feast on the table. many retailers from whole foods to walmart are selling prepared foods to serve on turkey day. you're back to this. do tell. >> this is exciting. meals from a variety of stores and want to save time, right? we sat down with the grant family who showed us what they liked the best and whether these foods were convenient and whether theha
8:20 am
feeding your whole entire family on turkey day. 'tis the season for ready made thanksgiving meals, some even deliver. so "gma" asked three generations of the grant family, grandma upon bonnie, mom donna and granddaughter ariana to to have a cook-off. >> we bake the turkey ahead for like a week and it's a lot of work. >> reporter: the stores on our list, fresh direct, the largest online grocery delivery company, whole foods now part of retail giant amazon and walmart, the largest traditional grocer. we called fresh direct and whole food, each providing us prepared meals for eight people ahead of the holiday. each comes with turkey, whole foods' ten pounds fresh direct 12 to 14 pounds and she side, stuffing, gravy, green bean, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. walmart doesn't carry prepared foods but bought the fixings at their lowest prices. first up, fresh direct's medium thanksgiving
8:21 am
delivery fee. >> preheat oven. >> reporter: the instructions say it takes two hours, 40 minutes to cook. >> nice and warm in there. okay. here we go. >> reporter: cooking time accurate. >> it looks homemade. >> reporter: joining our feast kate taylor for "business insider." >> it's very juicy. >> yeah. >> very juicy. >> if they sold just the turkey like that i would buy it every year. >> reporter: next their classic roasted turkey for 119.99. you do pick it up in store and says the entire dinner can be on your table in as little as two hours. faster than fresh direct. ♪ >> turkey is ready. it looks gorgeous. >> dinner is ready. >> reporter: again, cooking time is accurate but how does it taste? >> i like this. >> it seems for this one the sides are more flavorful. >> reporter: the grant family's choice. >> i would want the turkey
8:22 am
fresh direct and sides from whole foods. >> some people are a little intimidated when they don't know if they'll get enough food. >> that's one of the top things people are worried about. >> reporter: both beginners served more than enough food. >> how about this? >> so good. >> reporter: for a sprarable meal at walmart you have to prep the turkey and mac the stuffing but total bill, only $44 including a 15-pound turkey. and walmart's revamped app lets you order and schedule pickup online and meets you with the bags at your car. >> everyone is really, really into convenience right now and that's kind of changing how we look at thanksgiving. [ applause ] >> and, robin is taste testing. walmart from here as well as whole foods. >> that looks good. >> whole food, you can order it but pick it up it your local store. with fresh direct you'll pay a delivery fee of about $6 to $8. $30 minimum. >> what did the grants decide to do? >> the momma, dana
8:23 am
going to stick to her traditional recipes but grandma bonnie says these are a life saver. go get them now. >> sounds like grandma. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> okay. as long as the cranberry came with the ridges -- >> i'm good. >> michael. >> all right, thank you, robin. save some for me. now time to jump-start your holiday shopping with tory johnson's "deals & steals." [ applause ] big bargains that are all 20 bucks or less. >> got it? you got good stuff lined up. i can't believe it's 20 bucks are less. >> starting with benefit. one of the big fete names in brows. everyone knows they're sort of fabulous in packaging but what is inside -- >> i lo that ka-brow. >> everything is easy to use. provides instant results and best-selling must have mascara and bronzer, big assortment of all the things. everything is slashed in half, 11 to 14.50.
8:24 am
>> 11 to $14.50. good deal. >> okay, this is brand-new company. one of oprah's favorite things and it's got this unbelievable sherpa lining then the faux fur cuffee. >> all the way through in all the way through plus the gripper is on the bottom so you don't slip and adult sizes and then also a little two-pack for infants. they're super adorable. very covfefe. normally $25 for the single or two-pack for babies slashed in half, 12.50 for some pudus. super comfortable. >> i'd rock those around the house. >> exactly. baby foot. if you have dry, cracked feet on the bottom, skin not so lovely and you want to make it soft, baby foot is the solution. you slip this little boot, this little boot on for one hour, each foot. you'll wear that for an hour. this is going to absorb into your skin. you'll take it off, rinse, nothing will happen for three days and suddenly in three to five days, the sort of like most grossly satisfying thing
8:25 am
disappears. it is amazing. it's amazing. you got to trust me. >> for people go get a pedestripedicure and people go ooh. you should have done that first. >> 12.50 and free shipping from baby foot. >> excellent. free shipping. >> keepers. tortoise for you. this is another one of oprah's favorite things. those are polarized. no strength and we've got readers, polarized sun readers, the regular sun readers, huge assortment and blue blockers clear. if you stare -- have some bling on the side. those are fabulous. huge assortment from peepers including the blue blockers which is you stare at a screen all day these are for you, normally 22 to $24, slashed in half, 11 to 12 bucks. >> 11 to 12 bucks. love it. >> daniela, add a little glitz. all these bracelets are magnetic. they fit your wrist. i 24e6r have something that fit
8:26 am
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8:27 am
>> good morning washington i am melanie hastings. right now in baltimore, homicide detective shot in the head while on duty. department offering $65,000 reward to the person that pull today trigger. doctors have been operating all night long. actress rose mcgelen arraigned on felony drug charges. she turned herself in on tuesday. in january she flew into dulles for the woman's march. prosecutors sa
8:28 am
with drugs in it. mcgelen is one of several actresses that accused harvey weinstein of sexual assault. we are heading near 60. here is veronica with your forecast. >> mild and sunny conditions today. breezy if not windy. gusts around 30 miles per hour. if you are running errands, 25 miles per hour gusts evening rush. today 58°. i'll take that. tomorrow 51. close to 60° saturday, cold blustery conditions sun. dry all week includes thanksgiving. >> traffic watch there is a struggle, several sdepts, live look here. this is the beltway college park. reducing us to one lane. dil dealing with crash clean u
8:29 am
inner look braddock. 69 minutes from beltway to 14th street bridge. more news, traffic, and weather over on our
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." i got to tell you it's wonderful to have you here. >> we have a wonderful story to share with everybody. a remarkable reunion just moments away. 31 years in the making for this woman, meribeth. she's going to meet her biological mother for the first time. but first we want you to hear her story. >> angela oracoy was a teenage mother who gave up her baby for adoption in 1986, mother and daughter separated at birth. >> i heard her cry and they were
8:31 am
and someone said, no, she's put her up for adoption so they took her -- they didn't bring her. gloria she snuck a peek at her in the nursery as she left the hospital. >> i really believed in my heart that she could have a family that could support her and that i did not have to offer. >> reporter: her daughter meribeth was adopted by rick and diane smith who could not have children. >> at the age of 6, i was told i was adopted. >> reporter: lots of unanswered questions. >> even going to the doctor, they would ask, you know, what is your medical history and i would never know. >> reporter: the growing pains of being a teenager only deepened meribeth's pain of not knowing her biological mother. >> it's hard because you love your adoptive parents so much but at the same time you just wonder where you belonged.
8:32 am
both wondered. >> i would see people and literally hear girls, is that her? i wonder if that's her. >> we thought about taking a trip to new orleans just to see maybe if i could see anybody i looked like or if i was going to ever run into her. >> reporter: as life marched on angie had three more children, meribeth had three kids of her own. for years she looked online and hit lots of dead ends and heartache. >> i finally got to a point where i was just done searching. i didn't ever think it was going to happen. >> reporter: then one day on my, the search ended. >> a screen came up with my dna results and it said estimated relationship, mother. >> it said it was my daughter. >> communicating only by text and e-mail. >> we think it's best that we both hear each other's voices for the first time in person. >> reporter: catching up, learning about each other and their famies
8:33 am
is hug her and give her a big kiss, definitely. take her in my arms because i didn't get that chance. >> oh, my. how are you? >> i'm good. thank you for having me. >> you're very welcome. >> that was the first time you even heard your mother's voice. >> yes. >> the emotions you're feeling right now? >> it's overwhelming. >> we know this has been 31 years in the making. first time you're going to meet your mom. so if you don't mind could you stand up for us. we'll stay down here. >> okay. >> we'll have -- we're going to have your mom come on out. so, angie, come on out and meet your daughter meribeth. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my god.
8:34 am
love you. [ applause ] oh, my god. you're so beautiful. >> oh, my goodness. >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> how are you? >> hi. >> thank you. >> oh, my god. >> goodness gracious. >> you've waited for this moment. you were not able to when you were in the hospital -- we saw in the story you wanted to hold her and the nurses said because she was being adopted you couldn't. >> oh, my god, it's awesome. such a good feeling. it feels so natural too. >> and you wrote a letter to her that she never got to read. what did it say? >> in
8:35 am
express to her that she never felt that i didn't want her and that i truly was hoping that she would forgive me and understand my reason for doing it was so that she could have a life that was better than i could provide. >> and you're adoptive parent, absolutely beautiful. >> oh, yeah. >> everything that your biological mother wanted for you. >> yes. >> you did receive and they had -- have a message for you. >> they just want to say thank you and that you gave them a blessing that they could not receive. so they love you for doing that. and will be forever grateful. >> ah thank you. [ applause ] >> angie, you never met your grandchildren. >> i know. i know. i can't -- >> a
8:36 am
them. >> i am so ready. >> so come on out, jackson, matthew, lillian and meribeth's husband, thomas. >> oh, my gosh. >> there they are. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my goodness. oh. my goodness. >> hi. hello. hi. >> hello. you're so beautiful. hi. [ applause ] >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm going to move over here and you all sit over here. >> the family couch. >> getting crowded rightfully so. >> are they going to be okay right here? >> how was this for you? did you ever think you'd get a chance to meet your grandchildren. >> i know. i didn't even know i had grandkids. at this point it's awesome. this is amazing feeling. it's surreal. it's mind blowing. speechless. i'm really speechless. >> how is your beautiful wife through all of this? >> she's a trouper. a lot of emotions
8:37 am
good emotions so come to a good ending. >> it's not over yet. because there is more family for you, meribeth. >> wait, there's more. >> that's right. you're going to meet your siblings so you know what, come on out, you guys. reed, brianna and grayson. >> oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ] >> ah. >> have a seat. >> listen, take over the couch. take over the couch. >> everybody is so pretty. >> i'll sit on your lap, michael. >> no, that's okay. >> i mean but look how family -- >> unbelievable. it really is. unbelievable. this is beautiful. >> i grew up as an only child so to know i have siblings that i wished for at christmas every year is wonderful.
8:38 am
>> and how did you all react when you knew -- that you had a cities ter? >> i don't know. i wasn't that surprised. i mean i was the only girl so i guess it was kind of shocking but, yeah. yeah. >> beautiful. >> interesting. >> and it was all through online and being able -- >> my heritage. >> yeah. >> my heritage. >> my heritage, yep. >> we're glad you did it. >> me too. >> it is great to see a family come together like this. it really is amazing and it's perfect time for the holiday, as well. your christmas list just got a lot bigger. >> give a shoutout to my heritage for bringing the family together. [ applause ] we'll be right back. [ applause ]
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we are back with an excitement announcement from subaru bringing back their share the love event for the tenth year if you can believe it. for every vehicle purchased or leased from now through january 2nd they'll donate $250 to one of their four national charity partners. [ applause ] a lot of car, one organization meals on
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mopping our seniors. they already received $12 million and have delivered 1.7 million meals. we all love visiting our country's national parks. this is another one they've done an over the last five years national parks have received $6.5 million. so subaru works with hundreds of local charities and by the end of this year, they will have donated more than $115 million. we'll get t breezy to windy - sunny and cool friday - strong front slides through this weekend - big changes between saturday and sunday's weather today: partly sunny. windy and seasonable. highs: 55-60 winds: nw 10-20 g 30 mph tonight: partly cloudy. colder. lows: 31-38 winds: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. cooler. highs: 51-54 winds: nw to sw 5-10 mph all right, lara, i see platforms and feel makeover. >> get over here. workout time, ging. we'll take it up a notch if you will with our triplet test lab that agreed to try three
8:43 am
intensity workouts. how did they work? the differences? take a look. meet 24-year-old triplet, andrea, ariane and athena. will their bodies respond differently to three workouts. >> hot yoga for athena. interval training for andrea and -- >> your fitness is not just how fast you can run, how strong you are, how flexible you are and how well you can put that together into move many. so we're trying to capture all of that. >> polly demille starts with a strength test. andrea holes a plank for 62 seconds. athena can hold it for 48 and aryanna for 35. next up a functional mobility test. they all have average scores with room for improvement. finally the most difficult test
8:44 am
of all, the o2 max that measures the amount of oxygen their bodies are able to deliver to their muscles for energy production. all of the triplets maxed themselves out. >> i'm dead g with that they kick off two weeks of high intensity training. it's hot yoga for athena working up a sweat while strengthening her core at bode, ncc. flywheel spinning classes andened ya takes it to the limit with intervalue training at fhitting room. so two sweaty weeks later how will their bodies have changed. really interesting stuff here. so great to have athena, arianna and andrea with chris powell, celebrity trainer creator of transform, an amazing app. congratulations on that. check that out. i want to get right into it, ladies. thank you to our crew tore name tags because we will need them. >> yeah.
8:45 am
hot yoga. how did that challenge your body? >> well, i think the first thing was just getting used to the heat. it was over 100 degrees so, you know, at first i thought i had had pass out a little bit. once i got past that it challenged me to gain more flexibility, my muscles were toned more and i was using muscles i never used before. >> sounds like a positive. >> so it was fun. >> drum roll, please. let's take a look at athena's numbers. all right. there you go. guys. big gains, chris. >> yes, yes. mobility and how long she could hold a plank but not so much in aerobic capacity. surprising to you. >> not at all. in fact these numbers are indicative of exactly what hot yoga offers. a lot of core strength. holding those planks but also body awareness, spatial orientation, lots of flexibility. which we saw in her mobility test. >> this is not to get the heart rate up. >> not at all. probably experienced that a little the not so much the heart rate. >> all right,o
8:46 am
talk to arianna. you usually do light cardio. this is was a totally different two weeks. you did high intensity spinning. >> yes. >> so do you feel like that was better for you? >> i feel like it definitely was better for me. i'm definitely not used to high intensity cardio at all. any cardio i did was just kind of a warmup so it was a big change for me and my lungs and my body were not used to it. but it was a huge change because my first class was such a struggle and with breathing. >> you felt like it was getting better. >> by the last class it was a lot easier to me, i could keep up and push myself. >> let's see how it worked. drum roll, here are the numbers. so very different results here, chris. >> you know, this is so textbook. because unlike yoga she doesn't do a lot of the core work and not doing a lot of mobility work. but a lot of cardio respiratory training and saw that with her vo2 max test with her aerobic capacity went up over 10% in two weeks and
8:47 am
running out of time. andrea, you did intensity training high intensity interval training. huge challenge. >> yes. >> i mean, you said it was -- >> it was very challenging but i actually ended up loving it which i didn't expect. >> drum roll, please. let's take a look at the numbers. [ drum roll ] >> chris, your translation here. this is very -- i thought strange. >> well, it is but at the same time what we're looking at here is fatigue. now, of course, speaking with andrea before, she's a runner so jumping into high intensity training was exhausting so she's experiencing what we call neu neuromuscular and metabolic fatigue. i appreciate her enthusiasm and drove in four classes a week and going gangster but at the same time her body is broken down a little bit. give it two more weeks and you'll see those numbers go through the roof, absolutely. >> so hang in there, i guess. this is all, you guys all look great and alike as we all know but this is about healthy and isn't about losing weight so hang in there. you guys going to keep
8:48 am
>> yeah. [ applause ] >> another cool experiment and thank you for your expertise as always. and coming up, actress breakout director greta gerwig is here with us. the movie she's got, "lady bird" getting so much buzz. don't go anywhere. "gma's" put a little love in your heart is brought to you by subaru. love is what makes the subaru a subaru.
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8:50 am
back with the very talented actress, writer and now director greta gerwig. her new movie "lady bird" is a coming of age film inspired by her own life. take a look. >> my name is lady bird. >> well, actually it's not and it's ridiculous. >> call me lady bird like you said you would. >> you should go to city college with your work ethic and jail and back to city college and maybe pull yourself bac
8:51 am
and -- >> aaagh! >> well, you see we love it already. we love it. i'm looking at your reaction. you're really into this. >> i know. >> this is awesome. congratulations on this film. >> thank you. >> this your first time behind the camera as a director an writer and have you been surprised by the reaction this has been getting? it's getting a lot of incredible buzz? >> it's so amazing because i just know how much love everyone put into it who made it from like every single actor to the p.a.s to the vp and just feels like getting it back is what you make it for and you never know but it feels amazing. >> and you've been in front of the camera obviously but how is it to be behind the camera. >> my favorite thing i've ever done. i love it so much. >> really? >> there's nothing more thrilling than watching great actors say things that you wrote and bring them to life. it's so exciting. >> and it's a tumultuous time in hollywood right now. you're coming out as one of the top female directors this year so you feel like the movement is going into the
8:52 am
>> definitely. i've had the privilege of talking to other directors like patty jenkins who made "wonder woman" and sofia cop low who made "beguiled" and there are such incredible women directors and feel like this is the moment to shine a big spotlight on them. >> i want you to explain something -- [ applause ] yes, and i -- no doubt. i want you to explain and i told the audience before they need to see this movie and the reason why, i want you to explain it. you said you want them to call their mom after they watch this film. >> yes, well, i want them to call their mops and the mom, i want them to call the daughters. it's a mother/daughter love story that has a lot of conflict but how much love there is and how rich that relationship is and it's funny, but i think it will also make you kind of cry and call your mom. >> has a lot of heart. >> yeah. >> so what was your mom's reaction when she saw it? >> she loved it. she was gash i mean she know what's real and what's not real
8:53 am
wanted to jump out of the car when we had that conversation. either one of us could have done that. >> but i tell you what it is a 2002 inspired soundtrack and had to call david matthews to use his song "crash into me". what did he say. >> i wrote him a letter because i'm sort of old-fashioned and wrote dave matthews a letter. alanis morissette and justin timberlake a letter and it was all like dear mr. timberlake and they all were so generous and wonderful and said yes and i'm so grateful to them because it makes the movie feel like it takes place in that time. >> i'm glad they said yes. i'm glad you're behind the camera. this is really amazing. congratulations, greta. you can see "lady bird." it is in theaters right now. make sure you check it
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ thanks for watching. have a great day. >> this is
8:57 am
washington" update. >> good morning, washington, i am melanie hastings. in baltimore, homicide detective in grave condition after he was shot in the head while on duty. department offering $65,000 reward to catch the person that pulled the trigger. officer at trauma where doctors have been operating all night long. in northeast woman shot and killed after 7:00 p.m. last night. 5200 block of just street. no arrests made. now let's check the weather. here is veronica. >> get ready for mild and sunny conditions today. but it is going to be a little breezy if not windy. gusts around 30 miles per hour during your lunchtime period. if you are running errands, 25 miles per hour gusts afternoon and evening rush heading home. today 58°. tomorrow 51. close to
8:58 am
blustery conditions sunday. dry all of next week includes thanksgiving. >> traffic watch, we continue to monitor the gridlock earlier accident inner loop in springfield near braddock. outer loop near alexandria. u.s. 1. this was on the outer loop as you approach baltimore avenue. reduced to one lane so we continue to see the slow traffic through the stretch. quick look at 66. 48 minutes from beltway from men manassas. >> you can get more news, weather and traffic over on
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