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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 21, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, charlie rose bombshell. at least eight women coming forward accusing the tv icon of sexual harassment. could this be the downfall of the media legend? breaking overnight a new harassment claim against a veteran of congress. the hush money paid out and the white house faces new criticism in the roy moore scandal. gorder patrol mystery. new clues about the death of a border agent in texas. the president calling it an attack. what we're learning about the agent's injuries and his partner who can't remember what happened. rescue in the gulf. a family swims
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after their boat catches fire. a famous tv judge busted for speeding caught driving 119 miles an hour. what happened next. fashion fail. the misstep at the victoria's secret fashion show. plus, the $2 million fantasy bra revealed. a good tuesday morning to you. we begin with charlie rose facing sexual harassment allegations from at least eight women this morning. >> yeah, cbs quickly suspending rose and pbs has stopped production of his show. his interview show after his accusers opened up to "the washington post" sharing at times disturbing details of grope pi, nudity and lewd phone calls and hearing from his former interns, abc stephanie ramos is joining us now, good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning.
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allegations against well-known men. "the washington post" says the women accusing longtime broadcaster charlie rose of sexual misconduct did not know one another and worked for charlie rose at different times. another familiar face is accused of sexual misconduct. 75-year-old longtime broadcaster and "nbc this morning" co-anchor is accused of sexual harassment and assault. eight women have come forward in "the washington post" with major allegations against the host of the highly regarded "charlie rose show." three women shared their experiences with business insider. five of the women told "the washington post" that rose groped them. two say he walked naked in front of them and one accused rose of firing her after he allegedly touched her inappropriately and made sexually charged remarks to her. in a statement rose says, it is essential that these women know i hear them and that i
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apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i'm greatly embarrassed. he went on to say i always felt i was pursuing shared feelings even though i now realize i was mistaken. >> larry king a fellow iconic journalist called the sexual misconduct allegations against his friend sad. >> i feel sorry about it. i know charlie a long time. it is what it is. it's a sad case. >> reporter: many of the accusers say they did speak up during that time telling rose's longtime executive producer about what happened to them. one woman described her response as a shrug and saying that's just charlie being charlie. the three women who came forward overnight to "business insider" were interns for rose at the time and in rose's statement he also said, though, he accepts responsibility. he does not believe all of the allegations are accurate. kendis, diane. >> all right, stephanie ramos for us live from washington. thanks, stephanie. also there in washington on capitol hill t
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sexual harassment claim being reported. the web side buzzfeed says michigan congressman john conyers, the longest serving member of the house of representatives settled a complaint two years ago from a woman claiming she was fired for rejecting his sexual advances. abc news has not confirmed this. buzzfeed says she was paid $27,000 to settle that case. senator al franken says he is not planning to resign after a second accuser has come forward claiming sexual harassment. lindsay men said he grabbed her backside while posing for this. franken says he does not remember taking the picture but feels badly that she felt disrespected. >> in the meantime, the alabama senate candidate roy moore is firing back at one of his accusers. his campaign is questioning claims by beverly nelson that moore sexually assaulted her when she was a 16-year-old waitress. they're quoting two restaurant employees who say they don't remember seeing nelson or moore eating together. in the meantime, president trump is still refusing to w
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this particular controversy. >> your thoughts on roy moore, mr. president, do you believe miss accusers? do you believe roy moore's accusers, mr. president? >> reporter: abc's cecilia vega pressing the president at the cabinet meeting and she continued to do so at the white house after trump adviser kellyanne conway spoke on fox news monday and offered what sounded like an endorsement of moore saying republicans need his vote to pass tax reform. >> is that the position of this white house that voters are better off voting for someone accused of assault teenage girls than a democrat? >> it's a position of the white house hasn't changed. we feel like the people of alabama should make the determination on who their next senator should be. >> she made a clear suggestion over who they should vote for. >> i'm giving you the position of the white house. >> and another woman who says that she had sexual encounters with moore when she was just 14 years old says it took years to regain her confidence.
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politically motivated. the trump administration is announcing new sanctions against north korea today aimed at pressuring kim jong-un to stop the nuclear program. president trump promised the sanctions while placing north korea back on the official list of states that sponsor terrorism. north korea was removed from that list in 2008 by president bush as part of an effort to restart peace talks. air strikes carried out against taliban drug labs in afghanistan. under a policy announced by president trump in august. u.s. and afghan forces took part in that operation. the taliban generates an estimated $200 million each year from poppy cullty vague and opium production. back in this country the border patrol union says the agent who died in texas this weekend was ambushed. a union spokesman reportedly said the agent was investigating signs of a group in a location known for drug activity. another source at thes the associated press the agent and his partner may have fallen into a culvert.
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injuries. the agent who survived does not remember what happened. the governor of texas now offering a $20,000 reward for information on this case. also in texas, in the western part of the state a pilot has been killed after an air force training jet crashed. another pilot injured. the two jets similar to this usually carries an instructor and student. the jet was based at lockland air force base. sounds heard in the south atlantic were natural and did not come from its missing submarine. the sub was last heard from five days ago when the crew reported a battery failure. they were then trying to return to base when the sub disappeared. 44 sailors are on board that missing sub. the u.s. navy jet is helping with the search being hampered by bad weather and rough seas. time now for a look at your weather this tuesday morning. another storm is moving into the northwest bringing heavy rain and possible
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very little snow expected even in the mountains because it's too warm out there. warmer temperatures today will help the people in central new york dig out from the first significant snowfall of the season. some areas got nine inches of snow. the suburbs saw half a foot but the high there today will be around 52 degrees so plenty of time and plenty of weather for it to melt. coming up why one of the most important holiday decorations will be costing you a lot more this year. but first a company is ordered to pay millions of dollars after a family on vacation is poisoned with pesticides. a possible breakthrough in diagnosing concussions.
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we're back with video of a massive fire north of detroit. a high-pressured gas pain burst foo flames burring for hours. the gas company shut down the line to let the fire burn itself out. no reports of any injuries or damage to homes. but those flames could be seen for more than 30 miles. newly released surveillance video shows a moment after a fire broke out up side a senior living facility near philadelphia last week. many volunteer firefighters raced in without even putting on all their equipment. officials now say four residents are unaccounted for. they're between ages 85 and 93. puerto rico is struggling with more power problems. the company that's under contract to restore power has stopped working claiming it's owed $83 million. right now less than half of the island's electrical grid is generating power. meanwhile, after a report claimed the death toll from the hurricane, hurricane maria
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asking funeral directors to come forward with any information on storm-related deaths. terminix has been ordered to pay a $10 million criminal fine for the poisoning of a delaware family on vacation in the virgin islands. the u.s. government says the company sprayed an illegal pesticide at a resort two years ago. they have already reportedly paid the family of theresa divine and steve esmond a $90 million settlement. officials say that esmond and their two sons suffered permanent paralysis. the trump administration is going to court to block the merger of at&t and time warner. the parent company of cnn. the lawsuit filed by the justice department claims the combined companies would reduce competition and increase prices. at&t calls the suit radical and is vowing to fight it in court. all right. so before you buy your christmas tree this year you may want to stuff some extra green in your wallet. christmas tree prices are up nearly 10% this year.
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recession. growers say ten years ago they planted fewer trees because of sluggish sales and that's causing this year's shortage. sure. but price was no object for a time honored white house tradition. first lady melania trump with her son there welcoming the arrival of the white house christmas tree from wisconsin. all 19 feet of it. >> mine arrived too straight out of storage. plug it into the wall, already lit. >> it's got to be real. >> pops right out. it's great. no shortage there. when we come back the new discovery about life on mars. also ahead, caught on camera, the rescue at sea after a family's boat catches fire. why a mother is now going to jail after her son died from strep throat.
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that is the theme from "touched by an angel." this morning we are remembering actress della reese there. >> long before her hit show she toured as a gospel singer appeared with ed sullivan 18 times and then became the first black woman to host her own variety series and fill in for johnny carson. >> while. >> quite a career. her co-star roma downey said heaven has a brand-new angel. she was 86. >> she will be remembered. we turn now to a new lawsuit filed in connection with the las vegas shooting rampage. five suits filed on behalf of hundreds of victims claim the hotel and concert promoter failed to secure the concert on the strip last month and failed to take precautions to prevent the shooting. >> they had no plan. they violated their own policies. they violated industry standard policies and they ignored what their own experts told them to do
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los angeles where attorneys say a casino promoter like mgm will have less influence than it would in nevada. many of the victims also came from california. a young mother has been sentenced to three years in prison after her son died when she failed to take him to the doctor for strep throat. tamara lovett said she thought they are 7-year-old had a coal and gave him holistic remedies. the canadian judge called it a senseless death saying he could have easily been treated by antibiotics. the mom says she hopes others will learn from her ignorance. doctors may have a new tool to diagnose concussions. researchers at penn state say a test that measures genetic material in saliva was nearly 90% accurate in determining how long estimates would last compared to the current methods only 70% accurate. most concussions are among teenagers and children playing sports. new research indicates the theory of water on mars may be drying up. scientists with the u.s. geological surve
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lines on martian slopes. they say the lines are likely to be steep flows of sand, not water as nasa claimed two years ago. researchers say if there is water on mars it's likely a small amount and probably would not be able to support life. we'll have to come up with new ones. a scene from the gulf of mexico. a family of three in the water clinging to some buoys after jumping from their burping boat there. luckily a ferry on its way to key west was passing by and the crew helped pull the family to safety. witnesses say it looked like the family's boat engine was on fire. you can see the scenes there. they were not hurt. and florida is known for its gators but take a look at a six-foot crocodile that swam onto the beach in hollywood. the it crawled along the shore for miles before eventually being captured by wildlife officers there. it will now be returned to its habitat. >> grea
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gators or crocs. now monday night football. >> the final play and here's a look at the highlights from espn. >> good morning, america. i'm scott van pelt. week 11 in the national football league finished up with atlanta and seattle. russian sell wilson would lead seattle back. they were down 11 then they got a touchdown and a two-point conversion. here is where wilson is so difficult after a stop and he scrambles to get them down close and third down completion. sets him up in field goal range. 52 yards and blair walsh whose career long is 56 dead down the middle but a yard short. seattle actually missed a fake field goal before the half that carroll was asked about much wards and end up losing by three. the celtics bring a 15-game winning streak into dallas. dallas has the worst record in the nba. celtics had the best. celtics had to erase a 13-point lead off
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irving up top to tatum and rattles and in. overtime, kyrie off the screen from al horford ties things up again at 102 and kyrie goes for 47 points. the celtics win 110-102. now 16 straight and go for 17 in a row wednesday against miami. have a great thanksgiving week. thanks, scott. up next in "the pulse," the famous judge ticketed for going 119 miles an hour. also ahead a fashion model falls on the runway but it's how she handled it all is impressing everyone. the implosion and the perfect photobomb that ruined one man's shot. oh well, all hope is lost! oh thanks! clearly my whitening toothpaste is not cutting it. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective.
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bit of trouble with the law. >> fox news host jeanine pirro who used to host a tv court show was caught speeding in upstate new york. police say she was driving 119 miles an hour. pirro says she was racing to see her sick mother and, will, quote, pay the consequences. >> they could be more than $600 in fines and the loss of her license. next to victoria's secret's annual fashion show held this year in shanghai. >> harry styles came face-to-face with three of his exes when he performed at the show. a little awkward. katy perry was also supposed to perform. the chinese government denied her visa, though, because of an outfit she wore in taiwan back in 2015. >> wow, they hold grudges. the show must go on and brazilian model here doned a golden bra worth $2 million. >> a chinese model kept it together even after taking a tumble on the
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adjusts her outfit, gathers herself, gets right back on the runway. the whole thing lasted just seconds and people are applauding her response. >> we'll see you next fall. and another moment supposed to be caught on camera but it wasn't. >> so it happened in hotlanta. the city was counting down the minutes to the demolishing of the georgia dome which has hosted super bowls as you know final fours and olympic games. >> camera crewed gathered to get the perfect shot and then in rolls the bus. >> oh. >> onup with good morning washington. it's november 21st-- two days until thanksgiving. and it looks like you will need a thick coat to go along with that turkey. your forecast is moments away. first-- here some of today's top stories. breaking overnight-- firefighters finally
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this huge blaze in auburn hills, michigan. sheriff's deputies say a ruptured gas line apparently triggered this massive fireball that burned for hours. the fire also knocked out 9-1-1 services to the entire county. veteran news man charlie rose-- suspended this morning. eight women have come forward, accusing charlie rose of sexual harassment in an article in the washington post . rose is a co-host of "60 minutes" and "c-b-s this morning." in a statement to the post, rose apologized, saying he -- quote -- "behaved insensitively at times." if you're thinking about getting a head-start on that thanksgiving traffic-- you may want to leave soon. according to triple-a, the early evening hours on the tuesday before thanksgiving will earn be the worst possible time and day to travel during thanksgiving week. in all-- 3.3 million people from virginia, maryland and the district will drive more than 50 miles during the holiday weekend. good morning washington. toss to eileen - warmest day of the week today
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wednesday - chilly thanksgiving; dry black friday - mostly dry weekend; colder sunday today: partly to mostly sunny. breezy to windy. highs: 59-61 winds: sw 10-15 g 20+ mph tonight: mostly cloudy. showers, mainly east of i-95. lows: 43-48 winds: sw 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. cooler and breezy. highs: 49-52 winds: nw 10-15 g 20 mph right now... new york city leaders say the
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new york city leaders say the millions of people attending this year's thanksgiving day parade will be safe. it's been less than a month since a man drove a pick up truck into people on a bike path in manhattan -- killing eight people. there have been similar attacks in barcelona, berlin and nice, france -- so police aren't taking any chances. some three-million people are expected to line the parade route on thursday...
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with another 100-thousand attending the balloon inflation the night before. back here-- seven virginia students had to get emergency care- after being maced in a classroom. sky trak seven was over the scene monday afternoon at chantilly high school. police say a student accidentally set off the mace. the students will all be ok. only on 7- a pilot- telling us about the landing of his life. a father - with his two children on board - all walking away unscathed after a terrifying mid-air emergency last week. chris curry was forced to land his small plane on a highway ramp in annapolis. curry is an active duty united states marine fighter pilot. he says the landing
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boys stayed calm- and didn't even cry. picking up or dropping off family and friends at b-w-i this week? expect changes when you get there. shuttles, taxis and ride share cars will have different drop-off and pick-up locations and free parking is being extended to one hour. we're posting the specifics online-- download the w-j-l-a news app. if diamonds really are a girl's best friend then this rock you're about to see has more b-f-f's than kim kardashian. check this out. this is a 110-carat diamond- going up for auction next month. sotheby's says it's the largest round diamond ever to be presented at auction. it's expected to sell for between four and six million dollars. it's xx and we're just getting started.
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right now at 4:xx welcome to terrible turkey traffic tuesday! the day ahead - expected to be the worst time to travel over the thanksgiving holiday. this morning we are breaking down the "best" times to travel. good morning washington i'm autria godfrey. and i'm larry smith. good morning washington. - warmest day of the week today - cool & dry for travel wednesday - chilly thanksgiving; dry black friday - mostly dry weekend; colder sunday today: partly to mostly sunny. breezy to windy. highs: 59-61 winds: sw 10-15 g 20+ mph tonight: mostly cloudy. showers, mainly east of i-95. lows: 43-48 winds: sw 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. cooler and breezy. highs: 49-52 winds: nw 10-15 g 20 mph


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