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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> now abc 7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: right now at noon, for those of you who did not get your black friday shopping fix, don't worry. it is cyber monday. john gonzalez is at the amazon warehouse in baltimore with more on the deals you can still get your hands on. john: black friday saw over $5 billion in online sales. the retail industry is projecting to top that today. a flurry of activity here inside the amazon fulfillment center in baltimore.
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everyone gets their gifts on time, one of 25 facilities in the country with these. robots. >> they're certainly part of a team. they don't replace anybody, but they work really, really well with allowing our associates to be really efficient. john: today could rake in over $6 billion in sales, over 50% of items sold here at amazon are from mom and pop businesses. >> i work at home in annapolis t. gives me a chance to be a mom and do all the things i need to do, but amazon has really made that something i can do. john: online shopping is now the number one choice for customers, and these are some of the top sellers that will be under the tree. >> this is the brush. i use this product religiously. and it cleans your face six times better than using your own hands in just 60 seconds. john: there's something that caught my eye right away. right here on the corner, this is the new echo. it's called the echo show. it's now a video screen. >> yeah. it's everything that you know and love about the alexa
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you. john: the item is picked, packed and labeled before being shipped in record time these days. retail industry changing as quickly as the machinery here at this warehouse. this cyber monday, expect it to make over 16% more sales than last year. in baltimore, maryland, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. adrianna: we have posted great tips on where to look for the best cyber monday deals. you can find those tips right now on our free abc 7 news app. let's talk about this weather. really good start to the week out there. meteorologist steve rudin is here with a check of the forecast. steve: looking really good out there as we move through the afternoon hours. this is rehoboth beach, and not a cloud in the sky. a few people are enjoying themselves, but a lot of people are indoors watching us and, of course, taking advantage of all the cyber monday sales. look at these temperatures. 58 degrees right now at reagan national airport. middle 50's in reston. fredericksburg at 58 degrees. woodbridge also at 58. show you storm wat 7
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satellite and radar, really not a whole lot going on. high pressure remains in firm control, and that means lots of sunshine. as we move through the afternoon hours, daytime highs will make it into the upper 50's. would not be surprised some areas see temperatures around 60 degrees. clear skies, 5:00 p.m., a few added clouds by 7:00. but it will stay dry. coming up, talking about our next best chance for showers around the area, and this weekend, we are looking ahead to christmas tree shopping forecasts. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. adrianna? adrianna: all right. back to work for lawmakers on capitol hill today. the end of recess comes as minnesota senator al franken breaks his silence in sexual harassment allegations against him emerged. ere's abc's sarina marshall. reporter: sexual harassment and other allegations of improper conduct echoing through the marbled halls of capitol hill. before returning, al franken apologizing on camera for the first time. senator franken: i've let people down.
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television show wcco -- senator franken: i'm not going make any excuses. i am embarrass and had ashamed. reporter: the interview 10 days after a radio news anchor said the minnesota senator forcibly kissed her and took this photo while working together on a u.s.o. tour. >> i just wanted him to understand what he did was wrong. reporter: three women accused franken of groping during photo ops. franken apologized but said he doesn't remember the incidents. the mea culpa has gotten john up his gives leadership role amid allegations of sexual and work place harassment. conyers' office paid a female aide more than $27,000 to settle a wrongful dismissal complaint following alleged sexual advances, it is alleged. conyers acknowledged they settled a harassment complaint, but denies the allegations. as democrats deal with these sexual scandals, republican joe barton apologized after sexually
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video were made public. and the possible election of roy moore, accused of sexually assaulting minors, allegations moore denies. and the president, in a pair of tweets over the weekend, doubled down on his support for the alabama senate candidate without ever saying his name. writing, jones would be a disaster and can't let schumer-pelosi win this race. liberal jones would be bad. with the subject of sexual assault consuming washington, sources have confirmed to abc news the president is now voicing questions privately about the auth incident i canity of the infamous "access hollywood" tape, even though at the time he said i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. sarina marshall, abc news, washington. adrianna: happening right now, the trump administration is dealing with a federal lawsuit over the president's pick to lead the consumer financial protection bureau. the president tapped budget chief mick mulvaney as the interim leader after the director, richard cordray, stepped down. however, before he did, cordray
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the agency says the president does not have the authority to override that decision. critics say mulvaney is not qualified for the job since he previously called for the agency's elimination. today, a different meeting and hopefully some answers. it's been nearly three weeks since virginians went to the polls, and there's still no clear winner in two local house races because of voting irregularities. a review shows at least 147 registered voters in fredericksburg and stafford county voted in the wrong virginia house of delegates race. the board of elections ultimately can't figure out how to decide this, and it could result in a special election. today, a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted at a massage envy in d.c. will release her name to the public. her announcement comes as now more than 180 women say they were sexually assaulted as well while getting a massage in the locations across the country. she's
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million. she says she was put at risk, alleging massage envy knew of at least one incident prior to her alleged assault. later today, family and friends will begin to say their final goodbyes to slain baltimore officer sean security. the first of two viewings will be held for security today in randallstown. he was shot and killed while investigating a homicide in the city, and his killer is still on the run. security died just one day -- suitor died just one day before he was set to testify in a case involving other city officers. he'll be laid to rest on wednesday. covering metro for you right now -- this morning was the first rush hour metro red line trains were not running between fort totten and silver spring. as suzanne kennedy reports, it was not a happy monday for a whole lot of riders on the red line's eastern leg. suzanne: red line riders, listen up. this is important information for commuters who use the tacoma park station. the gates are locked at the station, and that is the way theyil
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weeks. these workers are replacing a mechanism that allows trains to cross from one track to another. these buses are being brought in to ease the pain for commuters during this time where there will be fewer trains along this length of the red line. >> it's necessary to get everything fixed, but it's a little hassle you just have to deal with. >> it's a huge inconvenience. i mean, come off of thanksgiving weekend, you're going to get back into the office, so sitting and here trying to figure out which bus to take, which station, how early i have to get up, it's really pretty problematic. >> between glen for the and silver spring, trains will run every 12 minutes be during rush hour between shady grove and fort totten every 10 minutes. this closure will remain in effect until december 10. at the tacoma park metro station, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. sandoip we are now one week away from the start of new tolls on interstate 66 inside the beltway. drivers will now need an e.z. pass, including those riding solo. if you're riding th
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want to get e.z. pass flex to ride 66 free without an e.z. pass, expect to get a violation notice, plus an administrative fee. along with that, expect expanded rush hour periods. today marks 10 years since redskins safety sean taylor died. for 3 1/2 seasons, he was the anchor of the redskins defense known for its hard hits. back on november 26, 2007, taylor was shot during a break-in at his florida home. he died a day later, and to this day, players say they still look up to taylor who left behind an indelible impact on the game. taylor was just 24 years old. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- a circus act gone wrong when a tiger gets loose. details on this breath-taking video. plus, here's a situation you don't want to be a part of, a man gets stuck inside a garbage truck. how long it took crews to finally get him out of that smelly situation.
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thousands bracing for impact as a volcano inches closer to a major eruption. the impact it could have on the popular tourist destination, we have that and more for you coming up. but first, a quick check of traffic with eric smith. eric: good afternoon. it is going to be a quiet ride for the midday as people head back to work on this monday. southbound 95, just a little bit slow here at route 123 in woodbridge, virginia. southbound over the occoquan, where lanes narrow down, a better view here heading down this way. southbound approaching route 123, just a little bit of volume. that's all we have to worry about right now. this is 395 northbound over the 14th street bridge into the district, which is looking pretty good up on to the freeway as well. capital beltway traffic is all very quiet everywhere you look. for example, new delays in silver spring for either direction. on colesville road, road work isn't too bad here at dale drive. it's all quiet, nothing happening.
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traffic being blocked right in the middle of the roadway from both directions, so southbound, two lanes are blocked, and northbound looking this way, the left lane is also blocked for that ongoing project, just be aware of that hassle. colesville road and spring street, traffic does at least get by. that's all from the traffic
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adrianna: here's must-see video out of china. a tiger escaped from its cage during a circus show. you can see there running around. handlers tried their best to contain this tiger as it chases
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scratched by the tiger, and it was later caught and put back securely in its cage. a volcano in one of the top tourist spots in the world is now in danger of erupting. thousands of residents and tourists have been evacuated near the volcano notice bali as the eruption letter hits its highest level. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. elizabeth: with ash spewing and muddy voluntarily cabin debris flowing down the mount, the island of bali now a danger zone. prompting authorities to order a mass evacuation and shut down the island's main airport. leaving tens of thousands of stranded tourists scrambling to escape. >> there's nobody for to us ask questions to. >> when our flight got cancelled at 10:00 last night, we went down and talked to them. they told us that they weren't going to be able to help us. elizabeth: according to authorities, anyone within a
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the possibility of an even bigger eruption. despite that warning, we are told of the 100,000 people living within the evacuation zone, many decided to stay, taking refuge in nearby shelters. but with nearly 500 flights already cancelled, travelers are now trying to get out by land or even sea. some visitors taking a ferry to a nearby island for an out of bounds flight. >> now waiting to i guess go home. airport officials say the plan is to keep the island's main airport closed until tuesday morning, but that could change as they continue to monitor the volcano's activity. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. adrianna: all right, now to a pretty smelly situation 234 philadelphia. a man somehow got trapped in a garbage truck, and crew high school to use shovels, rakes, and pretty much everything they could just to remove the trash from the truck to then get to him after two hou.
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he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. still no word on how he got there in the first place. new developments now following those bombshell sexual assault allegations against former house of cards actor kevin spacey. crew members from the hit show on netflix will now remain on hiatus for at least the next two weeks. this comes as it leaves three criminal investigations involving the sexual accusations against spacey continue. the company behind the show hopes that production will sometime resume shortly. and "glee" star naya rivera is facing domestic abuse charges after being arrested in west virginia. the actress and singer was reportedly walking with her husband and their child saturday when they got into an argument, and a criminal complaint says rivera punched her husband in the head and the lip. he reportedly gave police cell phone video to back up his story. they've been married since 2014. she actually filed for divorce in 2016, but they called it off last month.
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now to a consumer alert for you. you know what they say, time is money. and now meredith corporation is buying time inc. for a whoppinging $2.8 billion, getting control of time means they also own the "time" magazine and other big titles like "people" and "entertainment weekly." the deal is backed by a cash infusion from a company owned by billionaire brothers charles and david koch. it is expected to be official in early 2018. > the new miss universe is -- south africa. adrianna: south africa took the miss universe crown last night in las vegas. she beat out runner-ups miss colombia and miss jamaica. the 22-year-old says she wants reign to rein champion other causes. she gets a year-long salary,
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luxury apartment in new york city for a year, and a host of other prizes. another big winner was host steve harvey, who got the winner right for the second year in a row. so congratulations to all of them. no mistakes this year. steve: was that already a year ago that he had the big mistake or two years ago? adrianna: two years ago, i think. time flies. steve: jeez. all right, so here it is, cyber monday, and a lot of folks are burning up the keyboard over the lunch hour when they have the extra break to go at it. and it's really nice outdoors. if you haven't had a chance to check out the sunshine, the mild temperatures, i encourage you to do so. looking over at national harbor, i'll be there this saturday. adrianna, you going to go there for toys for tots? adrianna: yes. steve: awesome, perfect. hope to see everyone there. it will an lot of fun. bring your toys and unwrapped gifts for a noticedy child and put a big smile on their face. 55 degrees at dulles. 58 degrees over at reagan national airport. we'll in the lower 40's right now over in maryland. a lot cooler off to the west of us. show y
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a whole lot going on. high pressure remains in control. that's going to keep us bright and sunny, even mild as we move through the afternoon hours. widen the view out just a bit, a lot of folks have traveling family and friends this monday, because it's lot quieter than going during the weekend with all the crouts for thanksgiving travel. new york looking good. same for richmond, charleston, pittsburgh, cleveland, detroit, chicago, indianapolis. you name it. up and down the east coast, off to the north and west of us, a-ok for travel for today. out to lunch this afternoon, looks fantastic. we'll number the upper 50's with lots of sun. make sure you grab the sunglasses, a light jacket if you're going to be in the sun. you're going to probably warm up rather quickly. daytime highs, they will make it into the upper 50's, close to 60 degrees. sunshine will stick around, winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10. for tonight, looking at temperatures mainly in the 30's. mainly clear skies, winds out of the north just around 5. chilly start to your tuesday morning, but already the end of november, this is what we come to expect, around 38 in bethesda.
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31 over at manassas. futurecast looks great for the day tomorrow. another day filled with sunshine, temperatures on the mild side. should end up hitting that 60 degree mark in many locations again for the day tomorrow. you'll see temperatures for our day planner around 56, 57 degrees by the noon time hour. and the sunset times earlier and earlier, just around 4:45. have not bought your christmas tree yet? maybe you're delaying it? well, this week looks great. tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday, even into the upcoming weekend, christmas tree buying forecast looks fantastic. a little bit on the breezy side on saturday, but still temperatures by afternoon will be in the lower 50's with a lot of sun. 10-day outlook from storm watch 7, our next best chance for showers comes late on thursday, but only at a 30% risk. most of you won't see anything at all. toys for tots this saturday, as mentioned, over at national harbor. we'll be there late morning into the afternoon hours. 53 on sunday. 54 on monday. upper 50's come tuesday. but relatively quiet and dry
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drops, even if you see any at all, will come late thursday, and that shouldn't be a big deal. adrianna: all right. looks good. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- a royal wedding is now in the making. next, all the excitement coming out of buckingham palace.
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adrianna: get your calendar out, next spring for the next royal wedding. prince harry and actress meghan markle are engaged. abc's molly hunter has more on the royal bride and groom-to-be. >> today, ladies, the most eligible bachelor is off the market. prince harry got down on one knee and popped the question to meghan markle. that
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every girl's dream. it's the second marriage for the 36-year-old actress, and for the pal also in her sights, many saying she's marrying up in the world prince prince william's wife kate and, of course, harry's mother, princess diana. >> meg ham comes from very humble beginnings. this is probably one of the most ordinary families that we have seen marry into such a high level at the royal family. reporter: there's no doubt for harry, love conquers all. born and raised in south central los angeles, meghan's father, thomas, a lighting director, and mother doria, a so she will worker. meghan is proud of her biracial heritage. attending an all-girls catholic high school, she later studied theater at northwestern university before hitting the small screen. >> you got to feel like a model or actress or something, right? >> allow me to introduce -- reporter: she clinched her current gig on the tv show "suits" in 2011. in 2016 she began dating pr
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harry. their first public appearance was in toronto at the invictus games. here, holding hands, the prince leading a smiling meghan through the crowds, and these grainy images, their first public kiss. today outside their new home, the love birds greeting the cameras for a photo op. and what was princess diana have thought of the woman who won her youngest son's heart? >> anything that makes prince harry as happy as he is right now, she would be absolutely delighted with. the thing that will be most important to her would be that her sons marry for love. reporter: molly hunter, abc news, london. adrianna: a lot of are wondering how big the rock is. see for yourself. prince harry actually designed the ring himself. that center stone is a diamond from botswana. the two outside diamonds are from his late mother princess diana's collection. very cool. stick with us. steve is back with a quick check of the
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adrianna: a great day after thanksgiving, and black friday and the weekend. steve: i know, now cyber monday. looks really, really good out there. relative quiet weather pattern for at least the next 10 days. take a look for yourself. we're looking at upper 50's to around 60 today, tomorrow, wednesday, even thursday. a little bit cooler by friday and the
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stay in the 50's as we move into next week. but really, the only chance for showers thursday, late thursday, so not a whole lot. adrianna: and a small chance, 30%. steve: tiny, won't see anything at all. adrianna: more noon is coming up next.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: at the top of the hour, a woman allegedly sexually assaulted at massage envy in northwest, will come forward and release her real name. her announcement comes as more than 180 women across the country claim they were also sexually assaulted at massage envy locations. here's abc's lindsey davis with more. lindsey: it's the largest chain of massage franchises in the country. >> whether you're looking to prevent stress, relieve pain. lindse a
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investigation, massage envy, with nearly 1,200 spas, more than 20,000 massage therapeutics, 1.3 billion dollars in annual sales, and more than 1.6 million members nationwide, is reportedly facing allegations more than 180 women were sexually assaulted at their locations. > the day changed my life. forever. lindsey: susan says she was assaulted in 2016 during her seventh massage with a therapist, and she's now suing. >> i was just totally raumatized with sadness, pain, sobbing. lindsey: as part of her lawsuit, she alleges she called the salon once she got home and then learned he was with another client, but that the salon refused to interrupt the session. >> i said, please grk down the hall, knock on that door, get that woman away from him.
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she said i can't do that. lindsey: the man is now in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting nine women. susan alleges she was put at risk because she alleges massage envy knew of one incident prior to her assault alleged. danielle is suing massage envy for more than $2 million after she says her massage therapist grabbed her by the head, put his hand over her head, and assaulted her. >> i was at a national massage chain. i was at a massage envy. and you never think something like this is going to happen. lindsey: in her lawsuit, she alleges she immediately reported the incident to the desk manager, who said the massage therapist would be suspended. >> each time i said we need to call the police, she responded by saying massage envy will handle it internally. lindsey: she says she reported the assault to the police herself, leading to her assailant's arrest and conviction. according to buzz feed, massage envy claims in court doumingts that it is not liable for sexual
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>> this specific allegations of sexual assault outline in the lawsuit are really, really horrifying. i think what's also horrifying are the allegations that these spas and the national company didn't take these complaints seriously. lindsey: overnight, massage envy told abc news eep of thieves incidents are heartbreaking for us, even one incident is too many, we are constantly listening, learning, and looking at how we can do more, including how we support franchise locations with best practices in handling these incidents and supporting their clients. adrianna: right now, more calls for stricter vetting of maryland physicians after a prince george's county man faked being a doctor for years. charles using stolen social security numbers and a fake i.d. to get a medical license, and he worked at prince george's county hospital for five years delivering babies and treating women. >> there is no evidence that he actually att
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school. they could be facing death or brain damage, and you have a person who's not qualified to handle that situation. it makes it very scary. adrianna: many of his parents are now suing the hospital, accusing administers of not providing adequate background checks. right now, prince george's county police are trying to figure out what led to a murder-suicide involving a child over the holiday weekend. authorities claim 34-year-old song killed her 2-year-old son, and then took her own life t. all happened at a home on country wood court in landover. >> i would see her out and about with the son, you know what i mean? she would spend the majority of her time with the kid. definitely very shocking. adrianna: they both died from affix asian. it is back to business day for lawmakers after the thanksgiving holiday. president trump and congress returned to capitol hill with a full plate. trump is set to meet with lawmakers from both parties tomorrow, and the goal is to
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tax bill. a vote in the senate could come as early as thursday. at least four g.o.p. senators either have reservations or are against the measure. republicans hope to send the bill to the president's desk before the end of the year. and right now, as lawmakers return to capitol hill, sexual misconduct scandals are rocking both chambers of congress. minnesota senator al franken breaking his silence in his first interview since those accusations against him emerged. abc's tom is here with more as franken heads back to the hill. senator franken: i've let people down. reporter: for the first time senator al franking answering questions and apologizing on camera, telling minneapolis tv station wcco about some of the sexual harassment allegations brought against him. senator franken: i'm not going to make any excuses. of embarrassed and ashamed some of what has come out.
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reporter: franken's public mea culpa comes 10 days after radio news anchor leeann tweeden says franken forcibly kissed scommer took this photo while the two were working together on a u.s.o. tour. tweeden telling robin why she came forward. >> i just wanted him to understand what did he was wrong. reporter: franken says he's ashamed and reached out to tweeden. senator franken: i apologized to her, and i meant it, and she was gracious enough to accept my apology. reporter: three other women, including 33-year-old lindsey menz, said they were victims of franken's groping. menz says he grabbed her back side at the state fair. you think it was clear he knew what he was doing? >> i think it was, absolutely. reporter: though franken has said he's apologized to all the women, he says he doesn't remember these other cases. senator franken: i don't remember these particular photos. reporter: but when asked if he had ever placed his hand on a woman's back side during one of the
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senator franken: i take thousands and thousands of pictures. sometimes in crowd and had chaotic situations. i can't say i haven't done that. reporter: the minnesota democrat says his wife of more than 40 years, along with their two children, are also supporting him, and he has no plans to resign. before politics, franken rose to fame as a writer and perform other "saturday night live." >> i'm good enough. i'm smart enough. and doggone it, people like me. reporter: 36 women from that show, current and former cast and crew, signed a letter supporting him, saying he never acted inappropriately around them, but the show also took him to task. >> i'm sure this was taken before franken ran for public office, but it was also taken after he was a sophomore in high school. pretty hard to be like, oh, come on, he didn't know any better, he was only a55. adrianna: developing right now, hazmat crews remain on the scene of a train derailment in florida. this morning, a train
12:39 pm
moaten sulfur derailed, prompteding officials to tell residents to stay indoors. there were no reports of any injuries, but there are no evacuations currently in effect. however, as a precaution, people who live near the crash site were told to close their windows, turn off air conditioning, and stay inside. starting next week, rush hour only tolls on i-66 inside the beltway will start. this is more on what you need to know so you won't be caught off guard next monday. reporter: drivers who are alone will be able to use interstate 66 during the rush hour from the beltway down to route 29 in rosslyn, but they will need an e-z pass to do so legally. the changes out here start on monday. we are talking about a nine-mile stretch of 66, moving eastbound toward the city in the morning, and westbound in the evening. those who drive alone
12:40 pm
able to use the h.o.v. lanes by paying a toll with the e-z pass. drivers with at least one passenger will continue to ride for free, but they need an e-z pass flex. now, there are sensors that are going to monitor the traffic volume. toll prices will go up when there's congestion and down when it's smooth sailing. some drivers we talked to today say the back roads are going to feel it in a week. >> well, i'm concerned that the tolls may create back log that sort of pushes cars off on to the side streets, bottle necks that are adjacent to 66 and falls church. >> i don't think it's going reduce traffic. i think it will make money for the state. reporter: the rush hour times will expand as well. in the morning, from 5:30 until 9:30 going into the city, eastbound on 66. and then moving out back toward the beltway in the afternoon, from 3:00 until 7:00, all star
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along 66, cheryl connor, abc 7 news. adrianna: ok, let's talk about this weather. a great way to start the week. plenty of sunshine around the d.m.v. meteorologist steve rudin is here with a check of the forecast. steve: i love it out there, adrianna, and it's going to stay fantastic as we move through the afternoon hours. so if you are going to be out and about, make sure you've got the sunglasses and at least a fleece or warmer coat. you're not going to need it, at least if you're in the sunshine, where it's going to warm up quickly. country club, a few people are out there right now. looks like grounds crews are cleaning things up a little bit. 58 degrees at reagan national airport at this hour with winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. feels-like temperature, no need to worry about any type of wind chill, at least not for today. storm watch 7 satellite and radar, clear skies stretching from the bay over to the mountains. temperature trend for today will be in the upper 50's, around 58 degrees for a high, cooling down into the 40's after sunset a little bit before 5:00. and then by 7:00, already dropping down into the
12:42 pm
now, coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk about the rest of the week, our next best chance for a few showers, and then looking ahead to the weekend. adrianna: thanks so much, steve. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- are you addicted to your smartphone? if you think you are, there's a new gadget designed just for you. to kick your phone addiction. we'll explain how this works.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: we're back with a new way to know if you got accepted into the school of your dreams. take a look at this. a twitter user uploaded a photo of a text message he got from baylor university saying he's
12:45 pm
from many who had to wait until they got that letter of acceptance in the mail. a few days later, his official papers came with his freshman intake information, but with the text coming before the papers, many are wondering if those formal letters will be fazed out altogether f. you're on twitter and you don't follow wendy's, you are missing out. over the weekend, mcdonald's tweeted out something that looked like an error. wendy's replied saying when the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine. if you aren't familiar, wendy's social media team always has a comeback or a clever tweet to their competitors and their customers. and mickey d's ice cream machine is always broken. there's a product listing that's buzzing online. just before christmas, it's a substitute smartphone. near a designer in use austria built them to help so-called smartphone addicts cope with not being near their phones. they're plastic with rows of small stones that simulate
12:46 pm
everything you do on the real thing, from scrolling to swiping to pinching. the phones are not on sale just yet. we talked about this earlier. i don't understand the point. that's frustrating. that's just frustrating. steve: yeah, i wouldn't like that at all. feel like you weren't getting anything accomplished, like few when you're holding your phone with nothing on it. all right, a lot of accomplishments for those of you who are holiday shopping early. yeah, black friday, that out of the way. for thofse you wait for the big deals, i was surprised, i went online early this morning, and one of the stores i like buy sheets at, 50% off. adrianna: i know. i said i wasn't, and i end up doing it. steve: and then i clicked on it, these aren't available until january 20. that's not fair. what's one that? show you what's going on. national harbor looking good. beautiful out there. 55, dulles. 58 at reagan national airport. cooler off to the west of us. storm watch 7, satellite and radar, hard-pressed to find any cloud cover, dry from the mountainal
12:47 pm
abeaches looking really, really good. if you have any friends, relatives, or maybe you are planning to travel parned the east coast today, no worries. high pressure remains in firm control. out to lunch forecast, grab the sunglasses. you'll need them. temperatures, upper 50's to around 60 degrees. 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, we'll keep the sunshine going. 3:00, 4:00, and then, of course, the sun will set just around 4:45. highs today, upper 50's to around 60. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10. for tonight, we're going to cool things down to around 30 to 38 degrees. we'll see a quick dropoff in temperatures due to the clear skies. but not so -- not out of the normal in temperatures terms of temperatures for the overnight hours. winds out of the north at just around 5. waking up tuesday morning, as we move closer to the middle of the week, 36 in fairfax. around 34 in middleburg. middle 30's in columbia. around 40 degrees over in annapolis. our futurecast for the day tomorrow, similar to what we have out there today. grab the sunglasses again. hardly any clouds.
12:48 pm
tomorrow. and then driving home for the rush hour on tuesday, looks good, no issues in terms of weather-related issues. highs for tomorrow will make it into the upper 50's to around 60 degrees. always a good time to download your smart watch 7 weather app, even though we don't have any severe weather on the way, no big storms, and it's going to be relatively dry for the next 10 days. this app can track temperatures, if you're traveling outside the d.m.v., it will track temperatures where you're going, so maybe chicago or los angeles or miami, you can use it anywhere in the united states. christmas tree shopping looks good today, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday, even into the upcoming weekend, although it will turn a little bit breezy on saturday. temperatures will be in the lower 50's. the same on sunday, but keep in mind, our average high for this time of year stands at 51 degrees. we'll be above average for at least the next 10 days. proof of that, show you that on the 10-day outlook. 61 tomorrow, or tuesday. 62 degrees on wednesday. upper 50's on thursday with just a chance for an
12:49 pm
don't forget, toys for tots this saturday on national harbor. i'll there be at 11:00. hope to see you down there with an unwrapped, new present to give to a needy child in the d.m.v. put a big smile on their face christmas morning. lower to middle 50's. sunday and monday, upper 50's by tuesday of next week. overall, weather pattern i can get used to, and winding down the month of november with temperatures in the 50's, still no snowflakes on the board, at least not right now. adrianna: all right. thanks, steve. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- royal wedding bells coming soon. next up, get to know the beauty that stole prince harry's heart.
12:50 pm
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adrianna: back now with the news everyone is talking about. prince harry and actress meghan markle are tying the knot. here's abc's carrie more an with more on the background of the royal bride-to-be. >> i love you too. and at this moment i don't care who knows. reporter: her character on the hit legal drama "suits" is engaged to be married, and now in real life, meghan markle prepares to say i do to prince harry. prince charles' office announced this morning that prince harry will marry the woman he once referred to as his ideal girl, long before he met her. the wedding will take place sometime this spring. royal watchers are wondering if they're going to hold out for a may wedding after the duchess of cambridge gives birth to her third child in april. they put out a statement saying it has been wonderful getting to know meghan and to see how happy she and harry are together.
12:53 pm
sister-in-law? >> meghan's background is probably one of the most ordinary backgrounds that we have seen marrying into the royal family. reporter: markle was born and raised in los angeles. her father, thomas, an emmy award-winning lighting director. her mother, doria, in the social work field. her early life was far from a fairy tale. her parents divorced when meghan markle was young. markle attended an all-girls catholic high school before heading off to northwestern university, double majoring in theater and international studies. >> i may have slept with grant jordan, but i didn't kill him. reporter: she landed minor guest roles on "c.s.i." before cast as a regular on the usa drama "suits" in 2011. >> he told me to. what i don't get, mike, is why you didn't have the courage to tell me that yourself. reporter: shortly after the show's launch, she married her long-time boyfriend, but the two divorced less than two years later. the star began dating prince harry in 2016, making her the year's most googled
12:54 pm
their transatlantic relationship notwithstanding both distance with markle stationed in toronto for her show and public scrutiny. the pal use calling for end to the public abuse and harassment of markle and her family. >> i think the moment that everyone really realized how in love he was with when he really made that statement from kensington palace, describing her as his girlfriend, i mean, you don't that with someone that you think that there's a child you might break up with. reporter: like her future husband, philanthropy is at the forefront of her time, specifically advocate for for women's rights worldwide opening up to larry king in 2016. >> it's not just a fight for women, it's a people's fight for all people, right? reporter: and now as they prepare for heir happily ever after, many are speculating what harry's mother, princess diana, would have thought of the pending nuptials. >> all she would require a daughter-in-law is someone that loved and is devoted to her sons, and she would onbe blessed f
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
adrianna: great start to the workweek. steve: yeah, looking good out there. and we're going to continue this trend. here's the 10-day outlook from storm watch 7. around 60 toll, the same on wednesday, chance for showers late thursday. friday, end of the workweek, lower 50's. toys for tots on saturday, around 52 degrees. nighttime lows range from the middle 40's to middle 30's. adrianna: all right. thanks for
12:58 pm
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