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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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she said he started to perform oral sex on her. >> i covered myself and i shouted what? he september saying please don't tell anybody. >> she dressed and called 911. he appeared while the police rivered. >> i saw him arrested. >> habtamu gebreslassie, age 24, is still in jail and woodley's $25 million suit against massage envy she says the company knew he assaulted other customers. some have come forward. >> in a statement on this and other sexual assaults they wrote each of these are heartbreaking for us. we will never stop looking for ways to help the franchiseese
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provide a safe environment. woodley females sorry for the masseur. >> he ruined things for his family and my family. so many people were affected. >> something they found startling is the law in d.c. and other places does not require employees at places like massage envy to immediately report to authorities cases like hers. she says it should change. i'm sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: on the note, this is one in a growing list of similar allegations that massage envy faces nationwide. 180 women have come forward and many have horror stories about attacks and how the company responded. a therapist accused of molestic nine different women. buzz feed news reports the company told them they tried to sweep ca
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and begged women not to press charges. they did release a statement saying one case is too many and added it is trying to learn ways to improve. larry: a city is in mourning. tomorrow marks two weeks since the homicide dective sean suiter was shot to death. so far they have no idea who pulled the trigger. >> the talk is running wild on social media. we are in randall's town and across the street where a viewing has been underway for detective suiter for several hours. we have seen people in a variety of uniforms and plain sits coming in to pay their respects. but this is an unavoidable fact that the case has not been solved. >> hundreds honor to remember the slain homicide detectives. the
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>> the baltimore police commissioner acknowledging the rumors are running wild across the city. last week they revealed that sean suiter was set to testify against federal officers in a corruption case the day after the murder. >> killed notch november 15 in >> killed notch november 15 in the vacant lot and the people don't believe it was the result of a random encounter with a bad guy. >> the pieces didn't come together. >> the baltimore police say they have no evidence but they continue to work the case. >> i owe it to the u
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investigative lead and exam every piece of evidence to determine what happened. >> when detective suiter is laid to rest on wednesday the police procession will shut down i-95 in baltimore and traffic will be shifted north. >> an investigation underway. the woman was struck outside of garfield elementary school around 9:30 this morning. that is on alabama avenue. luckily the injuries are set to be minor. new information now on a deadly crash three weeks ago in montgomery county.
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the police are investigating if a second car was involved here. they are looking for a gray or a silver sedan driving in front of the van. that driver may have critical information as they try to figure out exactly what happened here. >> a truck hauling two cars flipped on the onramp to the beltway and one caught fire. while it was a pain for commuters there were no injuries. >> this is free and you can find it in the app store and google play. >> now to waldorf. two firefighters are recovering from burns after a trailer fire spread to the nearby brush. charles county volunteer firefighters sharing pictures from the scene. it was knocked down and the firefighters are expected to recover. >> turning now to dry weather outside that is
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might. especially for the last week in november. they have details now. chief meteorologist bill kelly? bill: the sun has been down from 4:48. there are five or six degrees among the normal high. this evening, the temperatures will drop but it's still mild. at 7:00, we are at 52. upper 40's to 8:00. 47 by 9:00. high level clouds floating by. it's quiet. we look to the forecast. it's widespread. within the beltway, the city metro we are going 37 to 38. >> there are new indications that michael flynn is
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mueller. the meeting is coming days after the flynn legal team stopped communicating with the lawyers for the president. they are investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign. >> the lawmakers are facing a possible government shutdown. >> the minnesota democrat apologizing for the inappropriate conduct with the radio news anchor. three others are accusing them of groping them in a photo opportunity. >> i let a lot of people down. my colleagues and my staff.
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>> john conyers giving up the leadership role. he paid a female aide to settle a wrongful dismissal complaint followed the alleged sexual advances. jonathan: the cases are shining a light on history of the similar cases on capitol hill. but for years the stories stayed in the shadows. kristine frazao joins us now to explain how. >> we are learning about a cover-up. we had something to do with it. even though most of us had no idea. >> on capitol hill, a decade long secret has now been brought to light. >> i have been working on the issue since 2014. >> it's often been co
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>> throw back the curtain that has thrived in the dark without consequences. >> they are asking how could it happen? the answer in part is by using your taxpayer dollars. more than $17 million in the last 20 years to settle with 260 victims. of sexual harassment, discrimination and other charges. john conyers stepped down due to accusation. >> the taxpayers that is looking at the budget to see if the tax dollars are used properly. >> the florida congressman wants to change that with a new bill that he plans to introduce this week.
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>> i think we will detour members from behaving this way to go forward. >> a sweeping scandal in need of a solution to bring the chapter of corruption to an end for good. >> not only will they be named publicly but he wants them to pay back what was paid out on their behalf. in the future any of the settlements he wants transparent immediately. live on capitol hill, i'm kristine frazao, abc7 news. >> sexual misconduct allegation and the special session will be two weeks from tomorrow and president trump will not campaign for embattled republican roy moore though he tweeted a vote for democrat jones would be bad. a new add for more claims liberals in the republican establishment are scheming to attack him with the false alle
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to decide who is in charge of the consumer financial protection bureau. president trump having the budget director mulvaney as acting director. but there is now a lawsuit. she remains she is still in charge. >> they call her "pocahontas." but you know what? i like you. nancy: the president's swipe at heritage talking to the navajo war heroes. the reaction rolling in tonight. >> a possible doover in balance of power in virginia. >> the high schooler with a schedule that puts workaholics to shame and how she is beating the odds on the way to the better light in the
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engagement of prince harry and meghan markle. nancy: there it is. they are engaged. they have been engaged for weeks but the announcement finally been made public. they were going to prepare dinner and he got down on one knee. >> i had the ring on the finger. can you give me the ring? >> oh, yes, the ring. >> yes, that ring. he designed it for her and it has a diamond in the center and two outer diamonds from his mother, princess diana's personal collection. they will marry in the swing. there is more information on social media.
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a diabolical plot to reclaim the united states. larry: plan it for years! lindsey mastis shows us that and how people are reacting on this side of the pond. >> we are getting more from the kensington palace twitter account. they got engaged this month and that the wedding is in the spring. two of the diamonds are from princess diana's collection. people are commenting saying a beautiful understated ring with huge sentimental value. perfect. many are excited to hear the news today. one woman tagged her friend writing, "are you on this? i'm all over this." a bright spot in the news.
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so their kids will be american and one could go up to be president and in line for the throne. if they want america back this is how to do it. there are haters out there but overall a lot of people are saying congratulations. back to you. larry: c'mon. stop hating. nancy: we need good news. this is the perfect news. i woke up to five or six text messages about the friends about this. i'm ready. i'm going get my hat to watch this. larry: she doesn't follow this at all. nancy: they have restraining order against me. larry: in the capital there are signs christmas is on the way. nancy: look at the u.s. capitol christmas tree arriving on the hill of a week's long journey from montana. they will go up with the decorations over the coming days. the lighting ceremony for wednesday. we are seeing it all around us.
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>> did you book your days off for the wedding from work? nancy: not yet. standing order. >> schedule it so you know. >> 62 today. it doesn't have a ring of the holiday yet but it will. show you what is going on. 59 is the temperature outside. down a few degrees from the high today. all in, what a very nice evening for this time of the year. light winds, the official high reached 62. we are above normal. the record is warmest on this day is 75 in the 1800's. 1896. on the flip side we have been as cold as 14. nowhere near that.
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remember in september we had five or ten days in a row with the temperatures below normal? that is where we stand. we are about . 7 of a degree overall below average. that is accounting for all the days, the highs and the lows. we are pretty close. we are above right now. 57 in leesburg. 52 in winchester. 56 at andrews. the winds are light and the skies are clear so the temperatures will drop rather quickly now that the sun is down. this is the temperature and the story. 52 here. the numbers will start dropping. weh
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if you are makingiary way out and 10:00 and 11:00, notice culpeper and manassas in the mid-30's at that time. there will be freezing below the freezing mark at 32 in manassas. the mid-50's tomorrow. no inclement weather. breezes maybe out of the south but not much. 61 and 62. somewhere in there. gorgeous normal highs in the low 50's. 57, 54, 52. the numbers will drop in the next couple of hours but the sun has been down since 4:48. here we go. we look at the overall when is the bottom going to drop out? i don't see it in
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we are watching weather system thursday night to friday. it could bring us rain. we look to the weekend. cooler than today. right now by next week we bounce back up again. if you are not a winter lover -- some people love winter and love the snow. nancy: we have more coming in january and february. enjoy it while you can now. larry: exactly. bill: be patient. nancy: still ahead heart warming moment on the ice courtesy of the capitals. larry: and the event to honor navajo turns into questions whether the president used a slur. kellye: i'm kellye lynn at herndon high school where a junior rotc student honored for beating the odds. her story is coming up in "spotlight on education." nancy: tonight on primetime the c.m.a. country christmas
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followed by -- but first, see what to expect tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- join us live at navy federal union headquarters. see how toys for tots is making thousands of wishes come true in our area. >> don't miss a chance to win tickets to six flags. see you bright and early at 6:00 a.m. for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow on abc7's "good morning wash
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larry: tonight's "spotlight on education" shines the light on a student in herndon overcoming major challenges. nancy: the work is paying off for an 18-year-old beating the odds. >> what the junior rotc students call physical therapy reservation. >> i don't have fun. the fun is rotc. >> there is not much time for it since the junior is at school all day and works all night. >> she works as a cook and maintains a 3.3 grade point average. >> some of the students don't have any motivation to be in school b
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everything. >> she is determined to get attention outside the classroom. they recently awarded her and four other students 10,000 dollar college scholarship as the beat the odds program. they have academic excellence despite tremendous difficulties. >> she is a hard worker and she worries about everybody. >> she is going to attend college or go to the naver i have and she hopes to assist others. >> i want to make my mom proud of me. >> no matter how long it takes or how hard it is. good good for her. >> trained students to become the future leaders.
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possible do over in a local election to shift the balance of power for virginia. >> plus a 10-year-old jumps behind a wheel and slams a truck in a house. she says this was no accident. >> they call her pocahontas. you know what? i like you. >> next reaction from the president at an event to honor
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you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. nancy: a nickname that president trump used in the campaign to insult senator elizabeth warren is back in the spotlight after he called her "pocahontas" at an event honoring world war ii talkers. and we have more on this. q: it was a joke but it didn't go over well with some. there was a gaffe of shock from the crowd at the oval office when he said it. >> speaking before native american war heroes president trump took a jab at senator
5:31 pm
her a familiar nickname. >> you were here long before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her "pocahontas." >> the president called the massachusetts democrat "pocahontas" on multiple occasions poking fun of her claim of having native american heritage but this time it came at an event to honor navajo code talkers who used the native tongue to transmilt coded message -- transmit coded messages in world war ii. >> i want to thank you. you are special people. >> sarah huckabee sanders fielded questions about the remark in the briefing. >> why did you feel the need to say something offensive to many people while honoring the navajo code talkers, the genuine american -- >> i think what most people find offensive is senator warren's line about her heritage to adva
5:32 pm
career. >> the president also referred to the white house chief of staff john kelly as "chief." he is the general and the chief, is the direct quote. from the "live desk" i'm q mccray. larry: okay. well, tonight, nute of a major mistake that could -- nute of a major mistake. more than a hundred voters in stafford given the wrong ballot and richard reeve has them debating whether the election needs a do-over. rustles three weeks after the election -- richard: three weeks after the election date there is plenty of voter frustration. >> it's unfair. the votes are important to people. they should figure something out. >> the unanimous decision by the state board of elections means the republican is the winner over the democrat cole. thomas won by 82 points. this is after the 50 absentee ballots arrived in the nail. now they are considering asking for
5:33 pm
>> you are paying tax dollars for nothing. stand in line for a couple of hours to get it situated. then you go back out and it's terrible. >> that is not all. since then the election officials found 384 votes were improperly assigned to the wrong district. >> there is so much going on like that, there are less people voting. it's sad. >> still unanswered whether the state election officials will investigate the errors. democrats also have the option to contest race result in the general assembly. >> i say do it again. then you won't have no doubt. >> have another election? >> yes. but the past efforts like this have come to nothing. the certification means they controlled the virginia house of democrats -- house of delegates 51-49. nancy: early morning shooting in central virginia leaves
5:34 pm
teen dead and a richmond police officer wounded. investigators say it appears that the off-duty officer and a friend tried to sell a video game console when the teen planning to buy it took out a gun. the paramedics took the officer to a hospital are he was treated and released. larry: caught on camera tonight. what happened in the moments before a police officer opened fire inside a busy text mall. the officer heard screaming and saw a man running through the crowd. as the shoplifting suspect got on escalateer he turned toward the officer and pulled out a gun. the officer not knowing the gun was fake opened fire. >> we have done a lot of news stories about how tragic the things can occur. an officer cannot distinguish between true firearm and imitation replica firearm. larry: the suspect is in critical condition and he is a convicted felon. nancy: tonight a louisville family trying to repair the home after a truck slammed into it.
5:35 pm
girl. five children were in the room when it happened. the homeowner says it was the furniture that saved the lives. listen to why the girl says she did it. >> couldn't believe what she said. he was like excuse me? she said, "i wanted to kill people." what did you say? " i wanted to kill people." ja just before crashing in the home the woman hit the girl's car. she and the family both plan to take legal action against the girl's family. larry: goodness. the police officer that turned into acrobatic ninja in a flash. that went him tumbling and what happened afterwards is next. q: have you seen this guy? police say he is a thief with a knack for scaling walls with the crocs and socks. "7 on your side" wall of justice is next. nancy: there was a big surprise for a driver. coming up, how the wildcat ended up in her ca
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bill: all right. looking ahead. here is what it looks like this everything. you should be good to go. no problems at all. 49 by 8:00. we get to the 10:00, the midnight time frame and we are in the 40's. dry night. looking ahead to the weekend. saturday, normal high low 50's. we are going at or slightly above. 53 on saturday. sunday is 54. no weather related problems either day. that is great. because we have the annual toys for tots drive this upcoming saturday. helps us out with that. get more information. we are going to be back and
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q: welcome to this week edition of the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have a special announcement from the d.c. police department. this is him right here. the story he broke into has a stiff bulletproof casing around the register but it didn't stop him. the burglary happens afterhours. he scales with the socks. look
5:40 pm
call the d.c. police if you have information about the accused thief and now let's look at the wall of justice. john williams is on the run. police there said he tried to kill someone. they are on the lookout for jeffrey wanted for first-degree burglary. and there is a malicious wounding charge for beating and biting a woman. they want michael woods and 19-year-old william morris who they say has a thing for stealing credit cards. if you recognize fugitives call the police. we will see you next week with another edition of the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. nancy: caught on video tonight. officer's impressive acrobatics. larry: this is amazing. he was investigating a crash and look at this. the car nearly
5:41 pm
look at that. some called this a cop, dropped and roll. the officer avoided the injury as they saw it unfold and they pulled over the dangerous driver. >> incredibly dangerous. >> we can laugh about it. >> capital players including alex ovechkin spreading holiday cheer for patients at a hospital. erin hawksworth has a heart-warming story in sports. nancy: plus a story of true love. a couple together since they were teenagers celebrates a milestone decades in the making. larry: wow! first, the marketing team working overtime to advertise cyber monday deals. next we look at whether the holiday is even
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larry: this is breaking in potomac. bank robbery and threat of a bombing. we are over the bank on seven locks road where police say a man threatened to set off explosives
5:45 pm
a few minutes later there was another bank robbery on shady grove road. we are still working our sours on this to find out if the robberies are connected. stay with us on abc7 news to bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. nancy: turning now to an inside look at the holiday rush. this is inside amazon's baltimore warehouse where the cyber monday and the black friday and every day in between kept it busy. adobe reported $840 million spent this morning. larry: that is amazing and up 17% from last year. on pace to set a record for the most online sales ever. desktop computers and 40% of
5:46 pm
devices. >> lunchtime in downtown d.c. seems nearly everyone is staring down at the phones. some admit they have been shopping online this cyber monday. >> i got makeup for like 50% off. pretty proud of that. >> as more and more shoppers go online retailers hope to indice them with sales earlier and earlier. >> we sat on the couch and ordered our tv. >> i did it all online thanksgiving day. >> many websites can help you find the best price. say you are looking for a tickle me elmo doll, you can compare the pricing from the major retailers. if you are like millions of dollars americans shopping at, go to camel, camel, to sign up for the price drop alert and check out an item price history. in this case tickle me
5:47 pm
was $30 in october. the best price was thanksgiving morning. just $15. >> put a lot more time into doing research. >> you find the same deal that they put out for several days. >> research group says the lowest prices on the computer sporting goods, apparel and the video games came on thanksgiving. appliances and tv on black friday. the best deals on cyber monday are toys according to adobe. furniture, bedding and the pet products are cheapest giving tuesday. will they still be in stock is the question? mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. there the "7 on your side" team compiled good tips where to find the best cyber monday deals. you can find them right now. larry: after you take part in the cyber sales the next is package delivery. that means the porch pirates ready to pounce. what you need to know to protect the presents coming in this week. and ride sharing cars to p
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the reaction and the details of the pilot program still ahead at 6:00. >> the indonesian government ordered 100,000 people living near volcano to evacuate. larry: it was 1935. f.d.r. was president. at 15 years old, now they celebrate the 75th anniversary. they are 97 years young. robert served in the navy in world war ii and they had two children.
5:49 pm
what is secret to longevity? >> patience. >> understanding. >> never go to bad mad. isn't that part of it? >> mm-hmm. >> i always heard that. never go to bed mad. patience. we laugh at that. they go to dinner and occasional cocktail. >> good for them! larry: yeah. how many years of marriage? bill: 15. 16. nancy: a couple more to go. bill: couple more! nancy: she is going "mm-hmm." bill: "mm-hmm." larry: he knows. exactly right. >> how about yourself? >> 23. still around. [laughter] bill: she has a lot of patience. larry: she does. a lot of understanding. let me show you this. this is not winter yesterday.
5:50 pm
tuesday march 12 next year is when the official cherry blossom will start. it's too early to tell when they will blossom but we thought we show you that. mild end of november. beautiful shot! there are no weather related problems. the temperatures were in the low 60's. the temperatures will drop. air is dry and the winds are light. it's nice and clear and cool out there. the day tomorrow. 61 and 62. similar to today.
5:51 pm
at the extended forecast the weather maker, the next change coming in late thursday. i don't see the rain in the daytime. but evening plans, overnight plans if you are traveling for example as you go out thursday to friday. that is when we see the next weather change. we have the annuals toys for tots drive saturday. we have mild temperatures next week. nancy: that sounds great. thank you very much. larry: robert is here. caps, boy, they are busy all the time. >> all the time. >> awesome stuff. perfect sign that the holidays are here. they are headed to the hospital to show a little love.
5:52 pm
all about spreading the holiday cheer. >> they visited young patients at the med star university hospital. >> spend time with the kids. that is huge for them. >> he is like a kid at heart, he brought whoopie cushions to make the kids laugh. [laughter] >> what about when they sit on the whoopie cushions? you are laughing about it. >> they do it all the time in locker room. >> did you bring it? [laughter] [laughter] >> they spent the day han
5:53 pm
>> that seasoned the slapshot had been the highlight so far. me, not so much. >> just get it done. >> erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. robert: awesome stuff there. good time to do it. >> yeah. thank you. >> the bop cath that survivorred a 50-mile ride stuck in a car's grill. we have pictures. larry: and the express is worth a picture. worth a thousand words. plus ten years since a shocking tragedy. how sean taylor is remembered next at 5:00.
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nancy: washington football fans and the entire nfl were stunned to learn of sean taylor's sudden death ten years ago. tom roussey show us how the redskins remember his great and too short career. tom: the redskins painted his old number to honor the member of one of the most popular player that has taken the field here. >> i have been a redskins fan since the early 1960's. tom: the fans say over the years this it was the worst thing they had seen. >> this is a tragic loss. he was an acon. he died one day after being shot while confronting men breaking in his miami area home. he was in his fourth season as a redskins safety. but he was beloved to the full throttle way he plays. >> you would be hard pressed to be hit the
5:58 pm
>> i'd like to see what he could have done. >> since the joe gibbs glory days it's possible no player connected the the fans of all ages so fast and so strong. >> it's crazy to see the tragedy hit and see them so upset. >> different, unique, icon. we won't get another one like him anytime soon. it becomes a legend. >> all five men connected to his death have been sentenced. reporting outside fedex field in landover i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: now at 6:00, an unsolved murder of a police officer. now people are talking about what happened on the streets of baltimore.
5:59 pm
>> and a local accuser coming forward on what could be a bigger sexual assault case against a popular massage business. >> almost two weeks and still no arrest in the baltimore detective murder but tonight there is plenty of speculation about the real motive behind the death. jonathan: the officer set to testify the day after he was gunned down in west baltimore. >> we have more on what they are saying tonight. >> we are outside the funeral home in maryland where they have the viewing. we are seeing the police officers and the citizens coming and going all day long. >> there are leads in this case but he is not ready to discuss them chet and tonight it's
6:00 pm
>> two weeks ago after sean suiter was murdered in the vacant lot the killer is at large. in this community, the conspiracy theories are running wide. >> we don't believe it's nobody in the neighborhood. it's impossible. >> fueling that belief the revelation he was scheduled to testify against the fellow officers in a federal corruption case. >> there is a $215,000 reward has not led to suspect i.d. >> there is no honor anymore. so far kevin davis rejects the theory and says it is a struggle between an officer and man to question about a prior murder. >> this say peers to be


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