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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 28, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. stunning andianna:
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candidate roy moore are coming to light. a woman approached "the washington post" with a story he impregnated her as a teenager. that story was not true. ryan hughes explains exactly what is going on here. brian: the washington post first reported on the allegations against roy moore, and recently was contacted by a woman posing as a victim. her details were dramatic, but her story was bogus. she met with reporters on several occasions over the past few weeks, at bars and restaurants across northern virginia, in what appears to be a sting operation to try to embarrass "the washington post. name jamie the phillips, claiming to have had a sexual relationship with roy moore in 1992. she also said she got pregnant at 15. read flaxman going up when she insisted on a guarantee that more would lose the election. more is the embattled senate candidate from alabama whose campaign has
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multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault when he was a local prosecutor. on monday, post reporters caught phillips walking into project veritas in new york, an organization that targets mainstream news media using false cover stories. the founder declined to answer questions or say if he was orking for moore's campaign gop strategists. after extensive background checks, the post spoil the story. >> there was an interest in working in the conservative .edia to combat lies is that still your interest? ryan: all along, moore has denied wrongdoing, calling these allegations 30 politics. in alexandria, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. adrianna: president trump is under fire this afternoon for taking a jab at senator elizabeth warren during ace their money honoring native american veterans. take a listen. pr
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before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. sen. boren: it is deeply unfortunate that the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur. adrianna: the white house insists the term is not a slur and defended the president's remarks. >> they thought it was a racial slur. what is your response to that? sarah: i think senator warren was very offensive when she lied about something specifically to advance her career. i don't understand why nobody is asking about that question, and why that is not constantly covered. adrianna: the white house putting out that war and has never provided documentation of her ancestry, citing family stories pass
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years. today, baltimore continues saying goodbye to a murder detective, as the search for his killer goes on. two weeks ago, homicide detective sean souter was shot to death. a second viewing will be held today. he will be laid to rest tomorrow. police do not know who pulled the trigger. rumors are running wild with to testifyouter was against fellow officers in a federal corruption case the day after he was murdered. there is a $250,000 reward for information on the killer. this just in. a verizon store in alexandria falling victim to unarmed robbery. it happened just after 10:30 one jefferson davis highway. police say the suspect got away with a numerous -- got away with numerous phones. the stork told customers it was experiencing technical difficult these instead of saying it had been robbed. we are barely into the holiday shopping season. already, fairfax county police say they have busted a
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authorities say these four women allegedly stole nearly $30,000 from about 13 stores at tysons corner center over the weekend. police say all of the women are from new york and are part of a nationwide organized retail crime ring. they now face 23 felony charges. and now to this developing story. a couple charged with extorting over a million dollars from an elderly man in montgomery county. john gonzalez has more on how they pulled this off, and the jail time they now face. john: during a time when so many people are giving, is couple in montgomery county convicted this week of taking a lot of money from a vulnerable victim. shapiro'srtly after wife died he hired anna malina as his caretaker housekeeper. authorities say she and her husband swindled $1.2 million. take a look at the video. even convincing shapiro, who suffered from dementia, to sign over power of attorney.
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and 2016. it was bank employees who noticed something was strange. partners in crime used the money to buy a car, a house, art school for their child. hobby or molina racked up more than $200,000 in gambling debt at local casinos. >> this fraud is a despicable act, and not only ethically challenged, but really illegal. john: mr. shapiro passed away last year at the age of 99. now the molinas each face up to 55 years in prison. in rockville, john gonzalez. adrianna: let's talk about this weather. it is deja vu all over again. theher gorgeous day across area. steve rudin is here with a check on the forecast. steve: we are going to keep the trend going not only for this afternoon but as we move into the day tomorrow. theve degree increase over past half hour at reagan
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. stormwatch 7 sunlight and radar, not a lot going on out there. hard-pressed to find any cloud cover at all. that means sunshine for this afternoon, and the sunglasses -- you are going to need them. if you are traveling up the east coast or toward the west, ohio, west virginia -- if you are staying around the dmv, all you are going to see is sunshine. daylight hours continue to shrink away. here is your hourly forecast as we move through the rest of the afternoon. highs will make it to the lower 60's. we will be in the 50's by 7:00 tonight. coming up, our next test chance for a few showers around the area. we are looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. toys for tots this saturday. more coming up in just a few minutes. adrianna: happening right now, we are pushing for you to give back this holiday season. today is giving tuesday. suzanne kennedy is at the navy federal credit union as many gear
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special for children in need. hey, suzanne. suzanne: this is all part of our toys for tots effort steve was just talking about, the collection taking place over the week. we are collecting toys today and have been doing so since about 5:00. we do that until 5:00 this evening. these are a few of the things that have been dropped off -- a baby walker toy, a barbie, a football, a really sweet stuffed animal, a fire truck. lots of things being given. there is a bicycle right here. it is wonderful to see the generosity of the community to help 8000 local families get toys this holiday season. we are joined by jeanette mack, the senior vice president of communications. let's talk a little bit about this organization and what you are doing here. jeanette: this is a tremendous tradition in our community and across the country. we have been doing this over 20 years. it is part of what we do at the credit union. we are all about peoe
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credit union motto. our employees, our family members of those who serve -- service is in their hearts, and in hours as an organization. suzanne: you must be impressed by the generosity of the people who have rolled up today to donate. i am happy to see people coming over or driving by. we encourage everybody to come out today or over the weekend, to any of our 45 area branches, to drop off a new and unwrapped toys to give to this great cause. suzanne: anything in particular you want? jenna: anything you want to donate. it can run the gamut from a bike or a toy train or babies to teens. whatever you can do. anything will help. we are excited to see everybody fill up. thanks so much. they are filling up the truck, as you can see. just a note. if you cannot make it by one of the navy
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can go to national harbor. we will be out there on saturday, some 11:00 until 3:00. i will be there in the morning with my family, collecting toys for tots. it is a great event with a lot of holiday spirit. come on out with that toy and help others in the community. reporting live in vienna, virginia, suzanne kennedy. adrianna: coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a three-year-old vanishing without a trace. the police help to find the missing girl in north carolina. les, a mother finds herself in big trouble with the law, all because she tried to protect her daughter from belize. i know what has are facing serious jail time. -- protect her daughter from belize. her facingat has jail time. and the bathrobe burglar. first, a quick check of traffic with eric smith. eric: it is going to be a busy ride in a few spots ou
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the outer loop jamming up as the exit to 355 is just before the split to 200 70. you cones at the top of our screen. the left lane beginning to be blocked foreign outer loop work zone. outer loop traffic is going to be heavy at connecticut avenue. inner loop traffic to silver springs is fine. these delays kind of begin at georgia avenue, heading over this way. also on the beltway in the college park area, looking at outer loop traffic, both directions will have a work zone. for the outer loop, the right lane box, and for the inner lane, the right shoulder blocked for a crash. it is going to be messy heading this way on the beltway, either direction. road,s back on colesville those left lanes shut down in the intersection. dale drive is somewhat affected. work zones in a similar spot at spring street. you can see
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that on our screen. a lot of hassle from both directions. aware of the ongoing work zones. otherwise, traffic will not be too bad. here is 270 looking great up in gaithersburg. that is all from the traffic center.
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disturbingow to a story. authorities are launching a formal investigation into modern slave auctions in libya, following an exclusive report by cnn. robyn krell reports on the inhumane activity seemingly being swept under the rug. libya thatrom shocked the world. an exclusive cnn investigation that revealed the ugly slave
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europe's doorstep. for the past year, a cnn team has worked tirelessly to shine a light on this dark practice. the scenes they filmed inside libya have provoked both protests and promises of action. [chanting] on the streets of paris, hundreds of demonstrators shout "no to slavery," demanding libyan authorities investigate -- which they say they will do. protesters could barely contain their anger. the leader of the african union also reacted harshly. on behalf of the african union, i express my outrage at the despicable trade of migrants currently taking place in libya, and strongly condemn this practice of another age. to makeands continue the perilous journey from libya to europe, the international organization for migration warns that smuggling networks in libya are growing stronger, more organized, and better equipped
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all of which allows the hidden horrors to flourish. nightmare many a did not even realize still existed in the 21st century. robin creel, cnn. i love her. i would do anything to bring her home. please, safe and sound -- she is my baby. she is my everything. adrianna: a desperate plea for help from the mother of a three-year-old girl who is missing in north carolina. maria woods was last seen sleeping in her room around 10:00 sunday night. when her grandmother went to wake her up in the morning, she was nowhere to be found. and amber alert has been issued an emergency responders are searching for her by air and by the ground as well. a mother in norfolk, va is facing charges this morning after she sent her daughter to school with a recorder in her backpack to prove she was being bullied. sarah simms claims her nine-year-old was constantly being picked on. she tried to get in contact wi
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she sent her daughter to school with an audio recorder to prove it. she did not know that is against the law. sims is now charged with intercepting wire, inc. -- -- with intercepting communications, a felony offense. if convicted, she faces up to five years in prison. this was caught on camera, a burglar dressed in just a bathrobe, breaking into a home in new york. at one point, he stares directly into the camera set up in the home kitchen. police are not sure if you took anything from the home, but they hope this video will bring him in. all right. may 2018 is when prince hearing -- prince harry and actress meghan markle will tie the knot. they have been in the news the last 24 hours. amy roebuck has all the excitement. morning, a candid glimpse of meghan markle and prince harry. several minutes of previously unseen footage from the couple's first interview shows the
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right after the interview ended. this as reaction to the royal engagement pours in from around the world. former president obama tweeting his congratulations, writing michelle and i wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness together. >> when did you send that letter? amy: even megan's former on-screen love posting her picture and saying, you are a lucky man and your long life together will be joyful, productive, and hilarious. hours after their announcement, prince harry and meghan markle sat down with the bbc, revealing how kerry proposed. harry: she did not even let me finish. i had the ring in my fingers. and she was -- i was like, can i give you the ring? she was like, oh yes, the ring. an: it was an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural, and very romantic. they
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family has embraced megan. harry: there was a time when i literally did not tell anybody at all. and william was going to meet her, and so was catherine. neighbors -- catherine has been amazing, and william as well. >> what do you think your mother would have thought of megan or said about meghan? harry: without question, i think she would be over the moon, jumping up and down, so excited for me. amy: that ring designed by harry himself -- a symbol of their love, with a nod to harry's late mother. harry: the ring is gold, my favorite. is one i bought in botswana. and the others are from my collection.elry it represents this crazy journey
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steve: i like that. adrianna: that is a good story. it is a beautiful day outside. steve: hardly any clouds. we got a plane. take a look at what is going on outside at this hour, looking over at national harbor. we have mainly clear skies and will stay that way as we move through the afternoon. headyour sunglasses as you out the door. temperatures skyrocketing at dulles and reagan national, now at 56 degrees. theing at 60 even out to west of us. oakland and cumberland, you are already in the middle 50's. it is dry out there and stays that way for the remainder of the afternoon. high pressure remains in control. that means cloud free for the rest of the day, into this evening, and into the overnight hours. daytime highs today will make it into the lower 60's. lots of sun, with wind out of the south at five to
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10 mph. temperatures are going to drop quickly, especially around 8:00, 9:00. if you have to walk the dog later on, you definitely need a jacket. your temperature range. milder temperatures in the district. coldest to the west of us, the i-81 corridor. tomorrow morning, temperatures upper 30's, lower 40's. you will need a jacket. do not forget the sunglasses. this is our day planner tomorrow. sunshine through the noontime our, into late afternoon. highs well above average for this time of year by about 10 degrees. could hit the lower 60's. clear skies by 8:00 tomorrow night. --ting up christmas trees whatever day you pick them up, looking great. in terms of the weekend, toys for tots is this saturday at national harbor. temperatures around 51 degrees. nice mix of sun and clouds. get through the weekend, temperatures near average f
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you've got to learn all you can... help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. adrianna: back with a plea for help from former pop sensation nick lish a, looking for the manager who shot -- looking for the gunman who shot the manager of his bar. details on the hunt for the shooter. nick and drew from the boy band 98 degrees, that they are also the owners of a bar in their hometown of cincinnati, appearing in an a&e show about the bar. growing mystery that has the brothers asking for pu
12:25 pm
early thanks giving morning, around 3:00 a.m., the manager of the bar, ellie richardson, was shot in the face leaving the bar. >> it is too early to say if there was any relationship between the suspect and the victim. incident in rare the area where the bar is located. started: this man yelling the 27-year-old, and as she approached the window, open fire, injuring her. >> the driver is a male african-american in his 20's, slight build, wearing glasses, with a slight beard. last seen driving a maroon conversion van. mother of an is the three-year-old boy, hospitalized and in stable condition. she is making progress every day. >> she is one of those girls that lights up any room she is in. she is going to keep fighting. she is a fighter. lachey turning to his twitter followers for help.
12:26 pm
will find a way to shine through the starkness. anyone with any information, help us find some justice. was gio bonita's reporting. stick with us. we will be back with a quick update on the weather fr
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adrianna: we are talking about a gorgeous day today. steve: it is warming up quickly. if you have
12:29 pm
afternoon, soak up the sunshine. if you can't do it this afternoon, another opportunity tomorrow, with lower 60's. most of us will not see anything at all. lower 60's by friday. toys for tots looking good, lower 50's. we stay near to slightly above average moving into next week. adrianna: i like this for late november. i am with it. stay with us. more coming up
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. adrianna: today, president trump will be on capitol hill to shore up support for the senate tax plan. firestorm is facing a of criticism following comments he made during an event honoring native americans. some call those comments racially insensitive. serena marshall has details on this. serena: hoping to duplicate the house success in passing a
12:32 pm
overhaul bill, president trump again heads to capital hill today, this time meeting with senate leaders. it could be do or die for republicans, as it is still unclear if they have the votes. already, several republicans are raising objections to the bill -- i'm not doing enough for small businesses to increasing the deficit. and the repeal of the affordable care act's individual mandate. >> this is not a finished product. there are lots of questions. serena: the latest estimates from the nonpartisan congressional budget office -- the senate bill will hit low income americans hardest, and in 10 years, middle income americans would be worse off. the cbo found the biggest benefit -- americans making more than $100,000 a year. the u.s. census average middle income was just under $60,000. it is not just high stakes tax day. the president hopes to huddle with a daunting to do list -- items they must pass by the end of the year, funding the government.
12:33 pm
looking slim after the president tweeted this morning "i don't see a deal." tweets,the fake news congressional sexual assault claims, and the latest controversial comments during a meeting with navajo world war ii heroes -- pres. trump: we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. overhaul taking a backseat in his own self-made controversies. possibly adding another glitch to tax overhaul just like health care, gop senators planning last-minute changes to the bill in an effort to move some undecided republican senators. serena marshall, abc news, capitol hill. adrianna: now to the weather, pretty much a repeat of what we saw yesterday. sunshine, and temperatures pushing the 60's. steve rudin is here with the forecast. steve: right now, do not worry about windchill factors, but make sure you have sunglas
12:34 pm
middle 50's. close to 60 over at manassas. head farther to the west, ranging from 54 to 59 degrees. we will probably increase another two or three degrees moving through the afternoon hours, with all the sunshine. no clouds at all, looking at satellite and radar. it is quiet and dry, and it will stay that way not only for this afternoon, but well into the evening hours. if you have outdoor shopping plans for this evening, it is going to be a firm go. the afternoon forecast should hit the lower 60's at reagan national airport, cooling down by 7:00 tonight. always a good time to download your stormwatch 7 weather app. although we do not have storms on the way, you can always track temperatures. it is an excellent tool to have. type in your zip code, and it will follow you. we will look at the 10 day outlook in just a bit. adrianna: a second staffer is no
12:35 pm
men john conyers of sexual harassment. sheran for a michigan -- ran a michigan office, rather, for him from 1997 through 2005. she tells "the detroit news" there were three instances of inappropriate conduct. conyers is already under fire for paying a federal harassment complaint settlement from another staffer, and he denies all the allegations. overnight, roy moore making his first campaign appearance in almost two weeks. he continues to face accusations of sexual misconduct. his ground,ding denying all allegations against him. roy moore: these allegations are completely false. they are malicious. specifically, i do not know any of these women, nor have i ever engaged in sexual misconduct with any woman. moore refused to take any questions from reporte
12:36 pm
events before the election. president trump has made it known he will not campaign for moore. the consumer financial protection bureau is still without a permanent director. a veteran journalist here, scandalrose, a sexual cost him some of his awards. the university of kansas and arizona state university have her send it honors they gave the veteran broadcaster. rose is accused of sexual misconduct by eight women, according to the washington post. he was fired from cbs and pbs shortly after those accusations went public. not to the latest in the russia allegation. this afternoon, former national security advisor michael flynn might be trying to make a deal with special counsel robert mueller. here is maggie rulli with the latest. maggie: an early supporter of president trump. flynn: lock her up. maggie: michael flynn may be making a deal. lynn faces
12:37 pm
jail time, and he and his son could be prosecuted. on monday morning, flynn's lawyer met with the special counsel team, a sign of a possible plea deal that could make flan a government witness in the rush investigation. president supported flynn in the past. pres. trump: i do not think he did anything wrong. if anything, he did something right. maggie: defending him even after flynn was forced out of the ministration for lying about his contact with the russians. comey fbi director james said the president in private asked him to let the flame investigation go. comey: i understood him to be saying he wanted me to drop any investigation connected to flynn's account of conversations with the russians. maggie: people briefed on the case say flynn might be ready to talk. his lawyer told congress general flynn has a story to tell and wants to tell it, as the circumstances permit. later this week, the special counsel is expected to question
12:38 pm
director hope hicks. adrianna: developing right now in montgomery county, a couple faces decades in prison after being convicted of swindling more than a million dollars from an elderly man. court officials say soon after the man's wife died, ana molina started working as his housekeeper. prosecutors say she convinced him to sign over power of attorney to her and her husband. authorities say from 2013 to 2016, the couple swindled $1.2 million. >> this fraud is really a despicable act, and not only ethically challenged, but really illegal. bank officials noticed something was wrong when shapiro withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars. in his final years, he suffered from dementia, and died last year at age 99. his family says they are grateful to
12:39 pm
this case. seven on your side with a crime alert out of rockville, after banks in that area were robbed within minutes of each other. first robbery happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. minutes later and 10 minutes away, a td bank in gaithersburg was robbed. police are working to find out if those robberies have any connection. and we are barely into the holiday shopping season and fairfax county police say they have already busted part of a shoplifting crime ring. authorities say these four women stole nearly $30,000 from about 13 stores at tysons corner center over the weekend. police say the women are all from new york and are part of a nationwide organized retail crime ring. they now face 23 felony charges. and right now, montgomery county councilman -- council members are working to combat violence by ms-13 gang members, and they say they need more money to do so. a new report finds 9% of county residents ages 16
12:40 pm
24 are at risk of being recruited. hill,mery village, aspen wheaton, silver spring, and takoma park need help the most. >> we have got to press forward. we have to do more, not less, not the same. day we dose every not, we lose kids. adrianna: councilmembers are considering working more closely with the catholic church, which has several latino parishes. another idea is adding funding to the anti-gang soccer league which has 300 students from nine montgomery county high schools. today, baltimore is still saying goodbye to a murder detective, as the search goes on for his killer. two weeks ago, homicide detector sean suter was shot to death. a second viewing will be held today. he will be laid to rest tomorrow. as of now, police say they do not know who pulled the trigger, but rumors are swirling, with words suter was supposed to testify against fellow officer
12:41 pm
, the day after he was murdered. there is a 213 thousand dollar reward for information in this crime. to keep track of these developing stories, be sure to download the abc 7 news app for free through google play or the app store. shopping atoliday record rates. the factor that had millions buying more this year than ever. team --football football game turned street fight. puni
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cyber monday broke records, with many people shopping on their cell phones. spending to research, for thanks giving day and black friday together increased 11.9%, compared to the same two days last year. that increase is fueled by higher consumer confidence, low unemployment, and cooler weather. hurricane harvey also had an impact. boughtin texas electronics and new furniture. five u.s. senators are looking for more information from uber about last year's massive data breach, and what the right hailing company did to respond to it. the --k come from ice compromised information and revealed drivers license numbers from drivers. senators want to know when uber discovered the theft, when it notified regulators, and whether social security numbers were taken. starbucks is launching a second holiday cup. coffee chain will begin
12:45 pm
beverages in a revamped version of its iconic red top, which has a white heart framed by hans coming together. customers can write the names of someone in the heart who embodies goodness this holiday season. releasedthe previously color in cup are part of the "give good" holiday theme this year. seven on your side this holiday season, helping collect toys for tots. abc 7 crews will be at the navy federal credit union until 5:00 tonight, and saturday will be at the national harbor. come out, visit with us, and donate a toy. the baltimore ravens keep their playoff hopes alive after an win.tant the ravens offense did just enough to get the job done. ultimately this 123-16. a are now 6-5, and hold the wild-card playoff spot
12:46 pm
games left. then, there was this over the weekend, this nfl brawl. michael crabtree and the broncos quarterback duking it out. this morning, we have learned both have been given a suspension of two games apiece, and both say they plan to appeal. work of this infamous art? a bust of soccer star cristiano rinaldo that did not look like him. it has been fixed. the original artist was a guy named emmanuel santos. was sorent artist's son upset by the first bust that he bade his dad to make a new one. people say the redo is a bit more accurate. i would say the redo has smoldering good looks, and the first one is goofy. steve: the hair looks good on the first one. theanna: i like the hair on second one, but what is with the crooked smile on the first one? steve: it makes me laugh when i
12:47 pm
i could not make anything much better. adrianna: disclaimer. steve: but the one to the right does look more human. cristiano ish, and fine, so you better do his face justice. that is all i have to say. i am not sure what happened to the camera, but major zoom in. national harbor and looking over at wilson bridge, potomac river, drive. if you have outdoor plans for this afternoon, or do not have anything to do, come to the navy credit union in vienna. we are collecting toys for tots. out see you bring an unwrapped new gift we can give to a child in need. put a big smile on their face christmas morning. 57, winchester. 58 degrees, bwi marshall. satellite and radar, there is not a lot going on. high pressure remains in control. that brings us sunshine and clear skies for the overnight.
12:48 pm
once the sun sets. whether you are going to new york city, philadelphia, raleigh, charleston, indianapolis -- looking just fine for today. let's take a look at our forecast closer to home. temperatures well above average for this time of year. we will hit 62 degrees for an afternoon high. was the sun goes down, we will see temperatures fall by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 tonight. if you are closer to the river or downtown d.c., middle 40's. outlying areas -- middleburg, gaithersburg, germantown -- that is where we will see temperatures in the upper 30's to just around 40 degrees. tomorrow, sunglasses once again. may see a stray cloud come 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. other than that, it is going to stay dry around the dmv at least for the next couple of days. christmas tree shopping? today is a perfect day to do it. tomorrow looks even better. thursday and friday, a little bit cooler.
12:49 pm
tree and bring a nice one home for the living room. saturday looking good. will be harbor -- i there mid morning and early afternoon. would love to see you there. sunday, looking good. lower 50's for the weekend. we're calling for highs in the lower 60's tomorrow. we have a chance for a stray late-night shower on thursday. highs by friday in the lower 50's. saturday looking good. sunday looking good. we stay near to slightly above average. the end of next week, we have temperatures that will fall back into the upper 40's. a chill on the way. lookingd tomorrow really nice out there. if you cannot get out there to take advantage of the sun today, tomorrow is another opportunity. adrianna: i am with it. i love this. steve: and no snow to speak of. adrianna: coming up, the meghan
12:50 pm
fashion that has gone viral.
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12:52 pm
adrianna: all eyes are still on prince harry and his fiancee, meghan markle, following the announcement of their engagement. markel's style has sparked huge sales. more on the markle effect. >> the princess to be steps into the spotlight, wrapped in a chic coat by a toronto brand, over a italianess by an designer. the fashion frey
12:53 pm
jacket crashed in less than an hour. the coat now set to be renamed for $600. retails the world also taking notice of the future royal's bare legs, typically a faux pas on dignitaries across the pond. the queen has been sporting stockings for 91 years. kate followed suit. the young duchess rarely seen without sheer skin colored pantyhose. meghan sa m -- was making a statement? >> i like to look polished and put together, but there is always going to be an effortless quality, being from l.a. reporter: in 2008, she discussed style tips during yahoo! live with joe zee. meghan: you think tailoring is not going to make a big impact, but if it fits you, you look a million times better. so many people try to jump onto a trend. not eve t
12:54 pm
you. reporter: you can see her style on a now shuttered lifestyle brand, and during a collaboration with a canadian department store, which featured a line dresses under $100. it was not just pda with the prince on full display in the invictus games. this button-down created a blog because of the ripped jeans. already compared to kate, who opts for conservative looks, mixing high-end brands with budget friendly frocks from zara and top shop. her go to favorite -- the sensible close toed pump from lk bennett. at the soon to be royal has her own issues to fill as the first american to take on the princess role since grace kelly of monaco, who paved the way as one of the most-watched women in the world. adrianna: all right. two days in a row we have had gorgeous fall weather. a final
12:55 pm
with steve, next.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
adrianna: a gorgeous day today and tomorrow. steve: sunshine and you need sunglasses. what is missing from the 10 day our chances for rain. not a lot of it on there. great wednesday. a few showers late thursday. adrianna: thank you for joining us.
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