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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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taking over city streets. a rider recording video as the police tried to stop them. an officer taking a tumble. it illustrates how bad it is. jonathan: stephen tschida has more. stephen: sunday night a pack of a.t.v. tore up 14 street. 14th street corner one of the busiest with the vehicular and the pedestrian traffic. tonight the inability of the police on the scene to bring this group to a halt has made this video somewhat of a social media sensation. the view from inside a pack of a.t.v. storming down 14th street sunday night. it has gotten million of views on facebook and instagram. >> it's awful. it's so dangerous and disruptive. stephen: you see a police officer on a bike try to stop one of the op
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his fall prompts up laughter. the raging a.t.v. disrupting traffic and sending pedestrians rushing to get out of the way is a persistent problem. some who have witnessed the troops of a.t.v.'s believe something has to be done to stop them. >> unfortunately the police are not able to respond in a fashion to make an impact on the problem. stephen: d.c. police are launching an investigation. they are reviewing the videotape and they are hopeful it will lead them to the suspect and bring the suspects to justice. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. we are possessioning the story -- posting the story online and you can share this as the police trying to track the riders down and keep the a.t.v.'s off the road. you can download it around share it from the news app. other big news today. president trump was up on the hill. he took a trip to capitol hill to talk taxe
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briefing the media on his visit to capitol hill. let's listen in. president trump: we do much better with the companies, our great, great companies. that means jobs and lots of other things. i'm very happy to see that the consumer confidence level is about the highest it has ever been. in fact, i don't want to make any mistakes in front of the press because you will get me on it but to the best of my knowledge it's the highest it has ever been. consumer confidence has been setting records. the confidence in the people leading their country. i will say that i think it's going to go better and better and i do believe that the vote on taxes which are really tax cut and reform is going to be very, very important. so we had a good day today. we had a phenomenal meeting. michelle: you have been listening to president trump there moments ago giving the media a quick briefing on taxes. we will check in on the latest on that throughout the hour and this evening. meanwhile,
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paid sick leave dead on arrival on hogan's desk this past year. the plan ignored by the democrats controlling the state house. is compromise in the cards for 2018? maryland bureau chief brad bell with gor hogan's knew -- governor hogan's new plan for your family. brad: this issue of paid sick leave is a big deal like in national harbor where there are so many service sector jobs. the governor isn't willing to go far enough. and the democrats say democrats sent him a bill he had to veto to make him look bad and now he is willing to give it another try. maryland governor larry hogan is again making an attempt to enact his version of the paid sick leave bill for maryland workers. >> paid leave compromise act. brad: it renews the raging battle over how far reaching a
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should be. just months after he vetoed a sick leave bill passed by the general assembly. >> this bill would kill small businesses and jeopardize thousands of maryland jobs. >> the so-called compromise would require companies with 25 or more employees to offer paid sick days after a three-year phase-in. the legislature bill applied the company with 15 or more workers. >> it's a confusing, unwielding, unfair and deeply flawed bill. >> there is a lot of reaction. we'll have that at 5:00. >> thank you. this just in. u.s. official saying that north korea conducted first missile launch in two months. the white house says the president has been breached. he was on the hill at the time
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intercontinental missile ballistic test from the north koreans. a man accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a student in prince george's county. richard reeve joining us from the "live desk" with the breaking news. richard: they got details to us minutes ago. 26-year-old carl joseph of baltimore in custody. accuse of sending inappropriate photograph to a high school student. he texted a nude video of himself to the victim. a person notified a teacher. he worked with the basketball team at the wind park high school as volunteer trainer and he is not a school employee. joseph is charged with solicitation of a minor for displaying obscene pictures. richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: the thieves targeting a verizoner to in alexandria. this happened after 10:30 on
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jefferson davis highway. they got away with several phones but the customers who arrive shortly afterwards were greeted by a sign on the door saying there were technical difficulties but no mention of the armed robbery. the park police shot a man and we learned he died. this is the scene 11 days ago on the 17th. more questions remain after a deadly confrontation. kevin lewis has an update on the investigation. kevin: this is the sleepily neighborhood where the police fired three shots. today the family releasing a statement to the "washington post" identifying the deceased driver as a first generation american born citizen. his parents from iran. he graduated from langely high school in 2010 and went to earn bachelor's degree in accounting at virginia commonwealth. he worked at his father's
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an apartment building in tysons. the officials confirmed that he was the suspect in a hit-and-run crash along the g.p. parkway. around ten minutes in the 25-year-old drove off the road. >> the police are firing shots. >> no drivers in the car. just drove off the road.
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he was not armed. we found no criminal record. live in fairfax county, kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> the parents and the college students listen up. there will be an app for financial aid. the education secretary pledging to modernize and streamline the process so it's done from the cell phone. jonathan: in baltimore they are saying goodbye to murdered detective as the search goes on for the killer. two weeks ago sean suiter shot to death on the job with his own gun. the rumors are running wild. there is word suiter was supposed to testify against federal officers in a federal cription case the day after he -- federal corruption case the day after he was gunned down. there is a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.
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missing toddler. michelle: an amber alert was issued and the girl's mother says someone took her from the home but the father isn't buying it. >> feeding her and putting her to bed. >> she didn't cry, she didn't scream, nobody heard nothing? four people in the house. two adults and two kids. somebody comes up and snatches the baby up and walks out? nancy: police are centering the search around the mother's home which she shares with her boyfriend. michelle: they have interviewed both of them. jonathan: yesterday was cyber monday and now it's giving tuesday. "7 on your side" with how you can help. michelle: and what you can do to make sure you are not caught up in a scam. nancy: rescue on the east river and caught on video. the dramatic video and that the ferry ran into that left it s
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bill: what a nice day. the planner will keep us in the 50's. if you are heading out, a light jacket. that is it. change ahead. we talk about that coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00". steve: 'tis the season for holiday giving. giving tuesday. toys for tots, we are gathering toys for needy kids around the d.m.v. more on
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the freestanding, cord-free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
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nancy: today is giving tuesday. time to think about other families. michelle: abc7 is proud to help the toys for tots again this year. we are spending the day in at the navy credit union in vienna. jonathan: steve rudin is there. you see the best of the community. every time people come to donate and help out. the navy federal credit employees and the members helping us stuff the truck. eric, you are former marine and working for navy federal for how long? >> five years. steven: before that a marine for how long? >> eight years. steve: toys for tots. you have been involved in that. what does it mean? >> great way to show support for the community.
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>> we are looking for as many as we can get. >> the toys need to be new and up wrapped. we will take anything you can give us. do you remember uno? that is a good game. big or small, bikes and sleds. operation that was in the truck also. if you can't make it down here before 5:00, come this saturday between 11:00 and 3:00. i will be down at the national harbor. a lot of my colleagues from abc7 and newschannel8 will all be down in national harbor gathering toys to fill the truck up. one toy can put a huge smile on one kid's face. look at the toys we gathered so far. a lot of big smiles coming up christmas day around the d.m.v. let's hed
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hearing the music! that is even better. i like that. michelle: "7 on your side" collecting toys and this saturday we are at the national harbor. come visit with a toy. if you can't make it head to to see how to help. great cause. jonathan: breaking news right now in the newsroom. skytrak7 is live over the inner loop of the beltway where a pedestrian was just struck and killed. you can see the traffic backup as a result. it's between new hampshire avenue and interstate 95 in college park. if that is an area or a direction you use to get home, expect major traffic delays. we have more details as soon as they are available and why the person was out on the interstate. michelle: yesterday was cyber monday. today is giving tuesday. do you know who really likes to make donations? millennials. nancy: 40% of the ti
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and food but they are the least likely age group to donate money. jonathan: money is where a donation can get messy. and kimberly suiters has good guidelines for us to follow. kimberly: two top states for charitable giving? >> virginia. kimberly: top ten. >> maryland. kimberly: yes! very good. number one is utah. 22% of us are giving more this year than we did last year according to if you like to give money, there are red flags to look out for. the person tells you it's so urgent, the need is so urgent they will come to your house to pick it up. don't do that. what if you ask for background material on a charity and you don't get it? that is a problem. then you are told to send a wire transfer or a third party payment not a good idea. some good quick questions to ask. how exactly is the donation going to help the victims or the people in need? and what percentage goes to administrative coss?
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is the organization tax exempt? that is something you can check. i have the tips on my facebook page. so it's not a taking tuesday. >> great advice. nancy: starbucks are at it again. michelle: we are talking about it. jonathan: yes. michelle: if the first isn't good enough this has more red on the cup. at the center of it a white heart made by two hands coming together. you can write the name of someone you love inside the heart. nancy: so tweet. chobani losing the wording. the brand that made them a statement at united states will have the name on the cup. but instead of the fruit inside it has the
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fruit. i didn't know there were pictures of fruit. jonathan: you look at the pictures when you eat. look at this. surveillance video showing the thieves stealing a large and an expensive piece of the aircraft equipment. it's not small. this was in houston. the equipment is so big the thieves used a full-size pickup truck to tow it away. the property owner says the business is hit three times in six weeks. the ferry got stuck monday night. more than a hundred passengers and a dog evacuated but the folks should know where the underwater pylons are. nancy: we know that santa claus has to be really strong. nancy: that is strong! michelle: he has to be to lift the toys up
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chimney every year. he is competing for the world's strongest man title next month saying it is keeping him fit and in shape. >> i was terribly out of shape. obese. beat up by diabetes. i realized if i'd see the kids graduate from high school i have to lose weight and get in shape. >> this is a good guy operation to raise money for gifts and children. leave him celery sticks this year. jonathan: i give you a piece of advice. i would not mess with santa this year. he is lifting car parts. i like to lift things up and put them down. >> the reindeer have to account for the muscle. >> they will do what they got to do. >> get to work! >> they fear santa now. big-time. bill:
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there. jonathan: gorgeous. bill: stunning. i snapped a couple of pictures today. it was beautiful. these are live video stream from the building wjla. let me show you another one in hagerstown. there is not a cloud in the sky. absolutely lovely. jonathan: great. >> how nice would it be to be at chesapeake now? let's go. >> don't we have a portable set to do the newscast? >> a good weather on the go idea. >> there you go. weather on the go. >> the temperature wise we are doing well. look at numbers. we have the 60's there. 62 in manassas. 63 in leesburg. d.c. is 57. 59 for winchester. like last night, skies are clear. the air is dry. the winds are a little bit stronger than they were yesterday. but still moderately light. 10 to 15 miles per hour or so. you saw it click
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the temperatures fall off quickly once the sun goes down. half an hour or so from now. less. this is incredible how dry it is. if you are traveling with a car. drive that is six or seven hours. north south, west. it's beautiful. not even cloud cover. mild and dry. at least for another day or two. show you a future cast. we are fine if you are heading out. the winds stitch tomorrow. temperatures are similar to today. as the sky cover.
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we are going mid-60's. i love the forecast. next chance for the weather maker for us as we call it is thursday night. overnight showers. i do not see this affecting the daytime plans on thursday. that is friday. we have toys for tots drive on saturday. it's 53 on sunday. we watch chance for showers wednesday. but the overall forecast as we look in the seven to the ten-day time period looks mild. we start december in the mild pattern. jonathan: the biggest stars in music are finding out they have been nominated for the upcoming grammys. how are they reacting? side of the musicians you have never seen before up next. nancy: still ahead at 4:30, metro will not let the
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we explain why i
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michelle: the grammy nominations are out. jay-z has the most, eight grammys including for the album. jonathan: carrie fisher is up for an award. nancy: lindsey mastis show us how nominees are
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lindsey: so many musicians are taking to social media to talk about being nominated. this is the first one -- reba got to instagram and wrote -- >> excited to see the grammy performances. the awards are in january. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. nancy: of course, you can see the full list. michelle: download the abc7
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and the app store. you can stream all of our live newscasts there. jonathan: all right. denied by metro. this ad rejected by the transit agency. wait for it. we'll explain why metro is refusing the money and the advertisement. take a good look at it. they are saying no to this. michelle: plus a new twist in the roy moore saga. the allegation from "washington post" and a push for a write-in campaign. the alabama republican party new fight from within. nancy: new at 5:00, the steps a local university is taking after too many race-base incidents on (upbeat music) - [announcer] presenting the shark ion flex 2x. the free-standing, cord free vacuum that can live anywhere
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welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
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michelle: metro said no to the ad on the buses and the archdiocese of washington is filing a lawsuit. the website promotes going to church and donating to those in need. tonight hear what the rider this of the ad and the rejection. >> this is so tempting. we ha
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us and it's playable. beautiful. they are putting sand to get ready for the winter. >> it's beautiful. all right. let me show you what is going on out there. it's still 57 degrees. gorgeous shot of the capitol. the 57 is feeling nice. it will drop when the sun goes down in another 15 minutes. the number will continue to go down. 53 at 7:00. they are not going to tank but it will be dry and chilly in a couple of hours. upper 50's currently. looking ahead for 64 on wednesday. thursday we drop
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there is a weather some late thursday and friday. cold front. the daytime hours thursday and friday for the most part look dry. friday you are heading out. it's a little on the cool side but it's where we should be. coming up we are looking at the timing of it. jonathan: skytrak7 is over the scene right now of the inner loop of the beltway. traffic is a mess. this is between new hampshire avenue and interstate 95 in college park. if you know someone using this way to get home let them know to take a detour.
4:33 pm
to face assault allegations. the "washington post" said a group tried to december credit their report -- discredit their reporting. we have the new twist on the republicans trying to jump in at the last minute. >> this is politics. >> back on the air. >> the candidate accused of sexual misconduct by eight women. >> instead of answering my questions roy moore groped me. >> i don't know the women nor have i engaged in sexual misconduct with anyone. >> many republican leaders in the u.s. senate say they believe the accusers, president trump said he is sticking with moore. president trump: he denies
4:34 pm
>> the paper said the woman contacted them and claimed to have a dark story about roy moore but the post says after interviewing her and checking her story and including finding a go fund me page where she yearned to fight the main stream media they concluded the story was not true. >> i respond to the voters. >> with less than two weeks to go in election night, roy moore plans to take off the gloves. in new york, mairead maguire, abc7 news. jonathan: harry weinstein resigned from the direor
4:35 pm
he is also the subject of two lawsuits. one accuses him of sex trafficking. dozen of women accused him of rape, sexual assault and harassment. in washington state a man accused having sex while driving drunk with an infant in the backseat pleaded not guilty to a bunch of charges. a lot going on there. police say michael tonkin and a woman were naked when he crashed the car in a tree on a curvey road. the child was not hurt. >> a lot of people thought it was funny. to us it's not funny. jonathan: it's not funny. he suffered a broken wrist and the team passenger broke her pelvis. he had three previous d.u.i. convictions and he is in jail on $500,000 million. michelle: this guy escaped from the work crew in california and he should be easy to spot because of his ce
4:36 pm
face. who does that? this guy does. he is serving time for a weapons charge. jonathan: the ship washed ashore but there were eight skeletons on board the ship. nobody knows where the ship came from. this is the fourth ship to wash ashore. michelle: volcanos continue to erupt. they began saturday and there could be more to come. photographers are taking pictures and shooting video from a safe distance. jonathan: world war ii soldier missing in action for 70 years remains identified. this is army pilot first lieutenant robert mains from rochester, new york. the 27-year-old pilot of a b-24 liberatort
4:37 pm
1945. months before the war came to an end. only one of his fellow crew members survived. michelle: save the date. the royal wedding just announced yesterday. now being planned. where and when if you are planning to crash it. jonathan: good luck with that. the original "ten commandments" movie set was found. it was missing for more than a century. we will tell you where it was found. a look on how to start off wednesday with "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," looking for the perfect kids gift for christmas? we are giving you an inside look at the hottest toys this holiday season with the top toy of the year nominees. >> watch for a chance to win tickets to six flags. join us for traffic and weather every ten minutes at 4:25 on "good morning
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michelle: artifacts uncovered in california. they were buried under the sand dunes. 94 years after cecil b. demille's version was released. they discovered a sphinx from the move re set. the search began in the 1980's. >> we weren't sure what we
4:41 pm
would find. when it started to reveal itself it was an epic experience. michelle: you can see the coloring. you are wondering colors when the film was in black and white? it created the different graze for contrast. jonathan: people who put the man on a moon and has given us tinfoil and ballpoint pens. the folks at nasa. now they invented a tire that never goes flat. researchers said they created a worn mesh from springs back to the original form after taking the beating. they released the video to prove it. they are creating tires to vive rougher the -- survive rough terrain of mars and maybe the potholes in d.c. michelle: that would be a game changer. we know roughly when the royal wedding will take place. prince harry and meghan markle will have a may
4:42 pm
stay tuned for the exact date. jonathan: neutrality hanging in the balance and the f.c.c. decision is coming soon but what does it mean for us? "7 on your side" with the tech giants and how it will affect your wallet. michelle: hybrid cars are on the road. but could the planes take flight? when it could soon fly. steve: today is giving tuesday. we are collecting toys forked toes. we hind me, the folks from the heavy federal credit union. tell you what you are doing and where to drop off the new unwrapped toy i
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the wife after a police recovering after package delivered to their home exploded and investigators in the bay area are looking into whether it's connected to a similar incident in october. one person was hurt in that explosion.
4:46 pm
michelle: they are looking how it made it through the screening. jonathan: they are looking at the net neutrality rules but what does it all mean for us? we look at what is at stake. >> the net neutrality deal shaping up as a huge lobbying fight in washington. >> the s.e.c. says the proposal will stop the government micro managing the internet to allow customers to buy service plans best for them. others say it will empower them as the gate
4:47 pm
lose privacy requirement in a way to pursue the price gouging continue plaints. >> it allows those of us to go online to go where we want and what we want to do without interference. >> internet providers say they will give more services but watchdog worry about the internet fast lane. companies that will pay the internet providers more for the faster service. >> netflix provide video service taking up a lot more bandwidth than e-mail. the internet provider revenue would rise and startups would struggle. >> the s.e.c. is expected to approve the plan in december but there is already talk of a
4:48 pm
richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: the americans' confidence in economy is the best since bill clinton was in office. it's not the current condition but the next six months and they hope it could lead to a huge holiday spending season. so far it's off to a good start. michelle: the cost of a home on the market surging in september. there are bidding wars and in september the price of a home skyrocketed by more than 6%. same month in 2016. go to the "live desk." we have a look at what is new at 5:00. larry: we have warning tonight before you give the pet the
4:49 pm
terrifying illness and giving home to others on giving tuesday. >> new report that money and aid to help puerto rico never made it. >> elon musk prommed to build the biggest lithium battery in the world to solve an australian town's power problem. he is on track to deliver in 100 days. if it's late, it's free. it could be ready by the end of the week. don't plan to be late. >> cool. >> you have see hybrid and electric cars. airbus and rolls-royce teaming up to do that. this engine has four engines. the future plane would make one electric with the other three working just like they do now with fuel. the plan is to fly by
4:50 pm
>> giving tuesday. >> we are proud to help. we are spending the day at the navy federal credit union. jonathan: it's winding down. incredible effort by the viewers today. they have done a great job with the truck. what with relooking for, william? >> we are looking for the toys in the packages as they come. bring them out. we make someone happy. >> unwrapped, right? >> yep. >> name things to look for. >> anything that would make a kid smile christmas morning. basketball. we have a lot of cars here. stuffed animals.
4:51 pm
little kids to teenagers. >> what is the coolest game you have seen so far? >> we have a doggie doggie -- soggy doggie. it's cool. >> you can't make it here, where can we go to donate toys? >> go to toys for tots. >> they are all over the place. awesome. let's look, final look of the toys collected. he is full of energy. join us at the national harbor at 11:00 until 3:00. >> we are collecting toys for to its and not just today. this saturday we will be at the national harbor.
4:52 pm
if you can't make it no problem. head to the website it's easy to pick up items and stick it in the gift bag online as well. michelle: go shopping with your kids to pick out a gift for someone else. jonathan: a good lesson for the kids. last year the kids coming up to hand the gifts and they realize where it was going, it's great. bill: we did this at the sister station in columbus where i was for several years. last year specifically. we had a nice day like this year. >> why do we bring in the marines? >> we are making our way to
4:53 pm
this is 57 currently at the reagan national. winds are light out of the south to 12 miles per hour. leesburg is 61. the overall picture is dry. cloud-free. very little change in the forecast tomorrow. tonight winds from the south. we have a weak cold front approaching today and tomorrow. this will shift our winds north. mild and dry. the second front is a light chance of
4:54 pm
overnight. the low 50's is the normal high. jonathan: it is so much fun. legislating ridership? con
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call a medigap specialist now to learn more. and get the support to find the answers, to every fearless question. carefirst medplus. live fearless.
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michelle: a bill to bring riders back to metro. sam sweeney has more on what is in the legislation. >> they are announcing the intention to bring the metro back to good. >> a strong safe and reliable metro is key. >> it has a focus on the safety. riders will create two safety. >> if you are the ridership. >> there are additional ridership or the money brought in. when asked specifically again he turned it to the
4:58 pm
jackie jeter. >> we don't have the number yet. >> there is little chance of gaining traction but it will call attention to the funding issues. >> the will calls to have the dollars for project other than capital improvement. >> everybody talks about what to do but no one is doing anything. >> metro declined to comment on the legislation. >> right now at 5:00. >> the
4:59 pm
there? >> metro labeled the grinch by the archdiocese of washington. they are headed for a legal showdown over the three wise men. "7 on your side" with a warning for the pet owners. >> renegade a.t.v. taunting police. an officer as seen enough. >> wi show you who gets the last laugh. this is a breaking news alert. >> we are following breaking news. skytrak7 live over the inner loop of the beltway over a deadly accident. a pedestrian was hit on the inner loop between new hampshire avenue around i-95. two lanes as you can see get by. the rest are still closed. >> a private company decision or violation of first amendment rights? nancy: this is the big story tonight
5:00 pm
washington sues metro after they declined to post the holiday ad on the back of the buses. >> this banner advertisement created by the archdiocese of washington promolts find the perfect >> it's an vin iation to join us he -- invitation to join us and help those hungry and homeless. >> but the banner ads with no reference to christmas rejected by wmata. now the archdiocese filed a lawsuit arguing that metro's decision violates the first amendment. in response, metro released a following statement. in 2015, wmata changed the policy to prohibit political, religious and advocacy advertising. >> it didn't say anything further. nor were they willing to meet with


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