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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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washington sues metro after they declined to post the holiday ad on the back of the buses. >> this banner advertisement created by the archdiocese of washington promolts find the perfect >> it's an vin iation to join us he -- invitation to join us and help those hungry and homeless. >> but the banner ads with no reference to christmas rejected by wmata. now the archdiocese filed a lawsuit arguing that metro's decision violates the first amendment. in response, metro released a following statement. in 2015, wmata changed the policy to prohibit political, religious and advocacy advertising. >> it didn't say anything further. nor were they willing to meet with
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>> they designed this to meet the guidelines. >> this didn't have any overtly religious symbol. we were surprised something with no religious symbolism was rejected. >> most metro seem to allow it. >> they should allow it. >> it doesn't say anything aboutor religion. >> it seems religious so it makes sense to not allow it. >> northeast washington, mike carter-conneen. nancy: more problems that they have with the a.t.v.'s that shouldn't be on the street. this has gotten millions of views.
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the sufficientser falls and that -- the officer falls and it leaves them laughing. larry: the driver died last night that was shot by the officers. we have the latest on the investigation. kevin? kevin: >> the driver's family hired an opportunity claiming the son was unarm and shot in the head three times at the section. >> they spotted this jeep wanted in a hit-and-run crash. >> he crashed in this sleepy neighborhood and shots were fired. >> they are firing
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>> 10-4. >> no drivers in the car. drove off the road. >> the 25-year-old wanted driver identified by the "washington post" and he died last night at inova fairfax hospital. they reported that he graduated from langely high school in 2010 and went on to earn bachelor's degree in accounting from the virginia commonwealth university. he worked at his father's accounting firm and lived at the apartment building near tysons corner. the f.b.i. leading the death investigation with no new information to reveal tonight. larry: we will take care of it. it's the first ballistic test in two months. the icbm test went higher than previous tests before splotching in the sea of japan. nancy: president trump on the hill trying to push the tax
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reform plan. the top democrats backed out of the meeting saying they felt that the president attacked them on twitter. the president smoke an hour and a half ago. scott thuman live at the capitol hill bureau with the latest. scott: listen. the tempers are flaring today and seeming to hit a high point with the debate over not only tax reform but the budget. take a look at the video. the president was supposed to meet with the leadership from the g.o.p. and the democrats but the problem the senator schumer and congresswoman nancy pelosi chose not to show up. that is after the president attacked him in a tweet this morning. there is no point in having the conversation. the president proud to show the chairs empty. show of urgency and the
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hill that included arm twisting on tax reform. >> they claimed a family making $70,000 a year will see $2,000 in relief. >> this is not a funny joke. farmers live poor and die rich. >> sonny purdue told us that all americans benefit when the farmers do. >> the democrats say the look of inclusion is putting it in jeopardy. >> we are here because we all want to do tax reform.
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skeptical of the figures that the republicans are promising. >> is it salvageable for the democrats? >> i appreciate them saying if the magic numbers don't appear they will ratchet back. the triggerree lone does not save the underlying product with no bipartisan input. >> the democrats a no-show for the meeting and the president saying they are all talk no show. now he says it's not even talk so it's worse. the republicans may have the numbers to get it through but it won't happen until the end of the week so that leaves time to put pressure on senators on the fence. scott thuman. >> meanwhile, neither roy moore nor his campaign are commenting on the apparent plot to discredit women who accused the senate candidate of the sexual misconduct. >> are you contact with other people or the roy
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campaign? stephen bannon or breitbart? >> the post reporters saw her at the office of the conservative group. >> we saw an interest in working in the conservative media movement to combat the lives and the deceit of the liberal msn. is that still your interest? >> no. not really. >> yeah. >> no. >> the post said it did not print the story. moore continues to deny allegations against him and the retired marine colonel is running as a write-in candidate. >> going outside now. a great day for the last week of november. chief meteorologist bill kelly is tracking forecast from the weather center. hard to keep track
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temperatures in the mid-60's. we are at 55. that is another couple overdrives down from where it was. now the sun is down temperatures will drop to the mid-to-low 50's. some of the outlying spots in the 40's. skies are clear. winds are light. 5 to 15 miles per hour in there. the overnight forecast we call for the clear skies. not as cold. in fact a great majority of you are not going to be near the freezing mark. there may be areas for frost on the ground. the range is between the mid-30's to the mid-40's around the region. so out tomorrow morning. culpeper, manassas. 34, 35. in there. inside the beltway, we are in the 40's. 42 at andrews. baltimore at 40. the next weather makeer in sight. we will break down the timing and looking ahead for the weekend in a couple of minutes. >> the maryland department of natural resources is hoping you
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killed a black bear. car cuss was found saturday -- the carcass was found saturday a month after the bear season ended. >> the police are looking for a man who robbed a verizon store. they stole several phones from the store near reagan national airport. no one was hurt. larry: coming up at 5:00, making changes at local university that saw more than the fair share of the racial incidents in the last year. >> a little later, the governor's push for a paid sick leave months after vetoing the general assembly's plan. >> before you give the dog a bone, you need to hear the warning about which bone killed dogs. >> it is giving tuesday here in vienna. at the navy federal credit union. we are stuffing the truck with thousands of toys. we need your help. i will tell you how to do it in a minute.
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larry: we are following the breaking news. skytrak7 is live over the deadly accident. we are understanding that the police saying a pedestrian hit on the inner loop. this was between new hampshire avenue and
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as you can see the two lanes are getting by. the others are closed. they continue to work the scene now. in constant contact with the prince george's county police. they have a crew on the way and we'll have details shortly. nancy: a consumer alert. kimberly suiters at the "live desk" with a new warning before you give your dog its next treat. kimberly: not this treat. these are still great. but bones. this is a serious warning from the f.d.a. said bone treats made 90 pelts sick. 15 dogs died. they differ from the uncooked bumper bones. try, processed, the ham bones, pork femur and rib bones. they report obstruction in the digestive tract. they also caution bones from the kitchen. they can cause the injuries, too.
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in the trash can. when your dog does get a new toy or any kind of bone try to supervise them for a little bit to make sure he will be okay. not all treats and bones are created equally for all breeds. check with the vet for the safest options. i'm kimberly suiters in the newsroom. back to you in the studio. >> today is giving tuesday. a chance to think of the favorite charities on the heels of black friday and cyber monday. wallet says maryland is second on the list for most charitable state. utah ranks number one. nancy: at johns hopkins children hospital a fleet of the special wagon and the cars for giving tuesday. designs on the father of a 2-year-old fighting brain cancer who loves to ride through the halls. but that is hard with an i.v. or the central line. his dad made a hitch connecting to the i.d. pole. >> a parent's best friend. anyone a volunteer or
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normalcy for the kids. their best friend. they are pulling the kids and maintaining safety. >> he is going through something horrific but the smile gives you a glimmer of hope. that is important. nancy: they are donating a bunch of them to the other hospitals across the area. >> we have our own push for toys for tots. >> and steve rudin is live in vienna all afternoon where it just wrapped up. how did we do today? steve: my gosh, we did awesome! we have the most generous viewers. one, two, three, four and a truckload of toys.
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naver i have federal credit union. how important is this to you in the community? >> this is a great program. our team member is from the military family and service is in their core. >> while talking to you, we will show what they are doing. what do we look for in terms of the toys? >> anything from age ranges from a baby to teens. dolls. stuffed animals. games. it runs the gamut. anything goes. new and unwrapped toys. we are just asking that you get one and bring it out to the branches in the area. ready and willing to take the toys. >> very cool. thank you for having us here. we had fun. if you weren't able to make it out here, if you can't make it to the navy federal credit union branch. this saturday you can head to the national harbor. i will be there. my colleagues will be there from
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we want to fill the truck up. i think we will come close if not surprising the goal. head back inside. get a look at the weather for tonight and the rest of the week. and saturday for national harbor. >> this is awesome stuff. saturday looking good as well. this is there the capitol. i was in there inside a building. this is beautiful. i would love to share your
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find me on facebook or twitter. the sun is out all day long. very few in any clouds whatsoever. this is the upper 50's for leesburg and frederick. we have the numbers down out of the 60's. a light jacket. you are good to go. there is no weather related issues whatsoever on the satellite radar. we advance to another hour. 7:00. two hours. this is clear skies and light winds. out the door tomorrow. we have 30's out there. but a great majority of you are going to be north of the freezing mark. maybe frost on the ground. that should be it.
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the temperatures are in the 30's and the 40's. like today i expect the numbers to rebound very rapidly. by 12:00 noon we are in the upper 50's to 60. under clear skies. the winds will shift north. we will top out in mid-60's tomorrow. by the time tomorrow night we are where we are now. mid-to-upper 50's. the evening commute. keep temperatures in the 50's. that sun went down at 4:47. the bus stop forecast jackets in the morning only with the 30's and the low 40's. the mid-60's in the afternoon. that is looking great. the extended, here is what we talk about on saturday. we will see a few clouds here and there but it's dry for the toys for tots at the national harbor. anywhere around the region for that matter. it will be cooler with a high of low 50's. that is where we should be as we go to the beginning of december. not in the mid-60's. looking ahead to next week, no major changes. temperatures in the 50's and lows in the 40's. the stet
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continues. since september. beginning of september. we are five inches below normal. nancy: a lot. bill: for the year we are not crazy below when you look at that. but we need some moisture here. but if we don't have it; highlight as well enjoy it. nancy: getting to the breaking news we are covering. tom roussey arrived at the deadly crash on the beltway. what is the latest, tom? tom: well, we have a vantage point here. rigs road. this happened east of new hampshire avenue on the beltway. this is where it happened. i got off the phone with the state police a short time ago and they tell me a struck hit and killed a pedestrian here on the beltway. sometimes in the 3:00 hour. ever since three lanes in this area on the inner loop have been shut down. this is where the lanes are
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to bethesda. as far as the circumstances of why this person was on the beltway, the state police tell me they don't know at this time whether the car broken down or they were walking out on the beltway. that is under investigation. you can avoid the area, by all means do it. larry: new revelations tonight about the aid that never reached the crisis in the caribbean. >> plus how the members of congress push to rebuild for rico in the u.s. virgin islands. >> ♪ champagne on ice ♪ lucky for you that's what i like ♪ nancy: he's moving. larry: yeah. nominations ahead of the grammy awards. no sur praise -- no surprise he's pat
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construction route have concerns but i'm sure this leader is making a promise. i'm tell you about it coming up. >> first, a look at what is coming up tonight on abc. larry: autria godfrey has a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." >> thank you, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" looking for the perfect kid's gift for christmas? we are giving you an inside look at the hottest toys with the top toy of the year nominee. watch for your chance to win tickets to six flags.
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larry: between the thousands that live there, they are concerned about their future. we are a look at what leaders promise tonight. sam: when you spend $2.4 billion on a train costing dozens of neighborhoods there are major concerns for those living there. today leaders signed a promise to the residents they won't be left behind. >> a lot of the communities are between the election not part of the reason saudi that is taking place. >> thousands worry it will price them out of the community. >> there is a report that says this is the community i grew
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up. >> there is a promise it will be affordable housing and job opportunities for the residents whose job is interrupted building the purple line. >> there are always consequences but we are trying to get ahead of that. >> bring it together in an effort to behold the challenge we have. of the housing of economic development. >> this document is not a legal document. it's a promise that they sign and they are saying they will keep to it. the construction is about to to -- expected to wrap up in five years. >> still ahead. a hollywood le
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women and sexual assault. larry: and later, he told the general assembly plan and what makes hogan think they will pass his version of the paid sick leave bill. >> a local university taking a stand against hate and racism implementing policies and beginning a nationwide search for a new position to lead a task force. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, beginning a nationwide search for a new position to lead a task force. please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee, with a 2-year agreement.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. nancy: a noose in the frat house. a bowie state student richard collins iii and the university of maryland dealt with several race-related incidents in 2017. er now the administration is introducing hate bias response protocol. >> it's a description of what we do on campus. >> he is the school chief diversity officer. >> the university of maryland wants to be a leader in how we progress. >> whether it's racist graffiti or the hateful posts online. the new policy makes sure that every incident is dealt with the
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>> support services. they are bringing together a special task force. >> if response coordinator in the office allows us to work on the education and training. >> it's a good idea. the political climate makes it feel necessary. >> no they just to find the hate bias response coordinator. the nationwide search going on now. in college park i'm q mccray. >> a man expected of killing his neighbor is wounded. they are investigating another shooting and said the suspect opened fire on
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a 40-mile stretch was closed for several hours. larry: two days after she disappeared there is no sign of a north carolina girl. amber alert is in effect for the 3-year-old. the father found out the alert was issue -- he found out his daughter was missing when he foined out about the issue. >> nobody heard nothing? there are four people in the house. two adults and two kids. someone snatches a baby and walks out? larry: the f.b.i. is investigating. nancy: police arrested a wal-mart employee after a teenage go worker said he touched her inappropriately. sultan ruzi is charged with sexual battery. and they said it happened off i-66 and haymarket sunday night. larr
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of sexual misconduct against hollywood and the capitol hill most powerful men. danya bacchus reports another woman says she was sexually assaulted by harvey weinstein and a new report against john conyers. >> a new complaint against disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. a british actress accusing him of sexually assaulting her in 2014. >> he forced me to walk with him to the bathroom. he touched me, rubbled me. told me to relax. >> she is filing a federal lawsuit against harvey weinstein and his brother bob. accusing the company of violating the sex trafficking law. he said they recruited female actress
5:34 pm
to engage in sex. weinstein is denying the allegations. in capitol hill another former staffer coming forward with new accusation of the sexual misconduct against the longest serving member of congress. john conyers. first reported in the "detroit news," deanna maher the former deputy chief of staff said he made several unwanted sexual advances and touched her inappropriately on three occasions. telling abc news there are so many victims that passed through conyers and he was so cruel, everyone knew what was going on and no one did anything. conyers vehemently denied the allegations is already under fire for secretly paying $27,000 to sexual harassment complaint from another former staffer. the los angeles police department says it is investigating at least 28 alleged sex assault cases involving members of the entertainment industry.
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larry: backlash against the actress angela lasndsbury. in a radio interview the 92-year-old woman said women must sometimes take blame for sexual harassment because of the way they dress and they go out of their way to make themselves attracttive and unfortunately it's backfired on us. we can't make ourselves look as attractive as possible would being knocked down and raped. nancy: the president called nfl light out of control. all season long the players kneeled to protest police brutality. this past weekend 23 players knelt or raised their fists. larry: break to the breaking news. tom roussey has new information in the deadly crash on the beltway. what can you tell us
5:36 pm
right. the tractor trailer safely confirm to me that is the vehicle that struck the pedestrian several hours ago. this led to three lanes shut down. that has led to a massive backup of the traffic. the traffic is backed up and it's horrible for nine miles to the old georgetown road area. in rush hour it's not that great anyway. if you can avoid the inner loop of the beltway in montgomery county and in this part of prince george's county, it's best to do so. any route is better than that. i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. larry: we will check back in. thank o
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"7 on your side" as southwest airlines struggles with computer problems for the second day in a row. passengers are having trouble checking in online. they blamed it on a reservation system. no word on what caused today's issues. >> a forum on the shocking report of the african-american slavery in libya. i'm sam ford with the story next on abc7 news. >> but first, celebrating in congress. -- celebrating in song. what makes this birthday so special. >> only on 7 a police chase that runs on the rooftop. who they were chasing and how it all
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bill: before we get to the weekend outlook. tonight we have 50's. 57 at 6:00. 52 at 8:00. midnight in the 40's. the weekend outlook. toys for tots on saturday. it's try. festive for the early morning. it will kick in both of the days but the weekend is looking gold. the next weather maker in site taking the temperatures from the mid-60's. we will talk abo
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larry: jay-z leading the way for the grammy nominees. the rapper with album, song and record of the year. you can see all the nominees at the abc7 news app. nancy: california woman celebrating her birthday with song. >> i'm not a great pianist but i like to play church music.
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>> it is a brail fission for her 102nd birthday. >> in the depression there was a music temperatureer that lived three -- music teacher that lived three blocks from us. she gave me lessons for a quarter. i just wanted to play music. nancy: that is not the only kind of music she enjoys. she enjoys spending time with family and she enjoys downloading the latest app on her smartphone. she is fantastic. larry: i love it! god bless her. 102 years young for her. coming up at 5:00, evacuations in the face of a volcanic threat. >> governor hogan says he knows ho before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, knows ho please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway?
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system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee, with a 2-year agreement.
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what if we could keep more amof what we earn?d. trillions of dollars going back to taxpayers. who could possibly be against that? well, the national debt is $20 trillion. as we keep adding to it, guess who pays the bill? him. and her. and her. congress, we should grow the economy. not the debt. ♪
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nancy: in 45 minutes from now you can weigh in on the memorial douglas bridge project. the first of two public meetings. tonight at 1100 fourth street southwest at of:30. the second meetin
5:46 pm
a previous paid sick leave bill. now he is offering his own version. bradley explain what is different this time around. >> for those working jobs for minimum wage sick leaves can lead to hard work says naacp john ross. >> if he has a child at home sick and he needs to be home but he has to work. >> finding a legislative solution is difficult. last spring they mandated sick leave for the employees and the companies with 15 workers. hogan vetoed it. >> it was a confusing and unfair bill. >> others disagreed. >> now facing a likely attempt to override the veto hogan is offering a new bill. >> under our compromise businesses with
5:47 pm
employees would be required to phase in the benefit in three years. >> the governor emergency bill sets the stage for an emergency battle. >> i think it's the regular issue. >> this is a big issue. like national harbor where there are service sector jobs. the governor moved. he wanted it to apply to businesses with 50 or more employees and now he is at 25. the democrats say he is playing pom ticks with the bill but he says that is what the democrats are doing so you can expect this to be the first big legislative issue in january. brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: the royal wedding has a royal date. prince harry and meghan markle will tie the knot at windsor castle. no w
5:48 pm
i'm sure it's quite the party. larry: you are invited, right? nancy: obviously. larry: that's what i thought. tens of thousands of people in the shadow of the volcano in bali. no word when it might reopen. nancy: it's been a year since the deadly fires and people in tennessee are rebuilding the homes and the communities. the fires were quicker than the firefighters could keep up with them and the insurance claims have reached $1 billion. remoral -- memorial is being held tonight in honor of those killed. larry: bernie sanders introduced a recovery plan for puerto rico and the u.s. irvin island and said it would fix issues plaguing the islands before the hurricanes hit. it includes massive investment in energy, housing, education, agriculture, transportation
5:49 pm
and healthcare. >> a florida company failed to deliver what they were contracted on by fema. but thousands of americans remain in homes without adequate roofing or equipment. bill: good evening. this is a beautiful night. it's a nice day. the color change on the capital wheel. nice and bright. use it as the backdrop. the winds are not strong. up to 39 this morning. warmer than that as we head out the door tomorrow morning. it's clear and it's cool. heading out for 53, 52, 51. the temperatures will
5:50 pm
down. i encourage you to get out. the days of the gorgeous sunshine today officially some spot warmer than that. the normal high is 53. well above that. the extended forecast, the first drops through wednesday, tomorrow in the day. dry front so no problem but it will cool us down on thursday. thursday should be fine. we will watch overnight showers. friday we are cooler. came with the weekend. 's the dry trend will
5:51 pm
get outdoors tomorrow. it's a beautiful day. >> fantastic. >> i didn't wear a coat on the way to work. >> you have the guns out, too. erin: i won't flex. don't worry. we have seen this before. tiger woods makes another come back on thursday. the 41-year-old haven't played since february after undergoing back surgery for the third time in four years. he is realistic about what the future holds. >> i don't what my body can and can't do. i just got the go-ahead a month ago. but i still don't know. i'm l
5:52 pm
and can't do. we will see what it can do shortly. tonight we have the story of a brave young woman. this northwest high school student athletes want to use adversity she faced to help others. scott abraham introduces us to our rising star. >> life is never easy. filled with ups and downs. >> i don't know people know how strong they are until they hit a brick wall. >> three high schools in four years. northwest senior huff has lived in nebraska, colorado and now maryland. >> was i going to make friends? was i going to make the team. >> the 17-year-old is a center and finally feeling at home. when her father became physically abusive. >> the person i looked up to all my life and someone i loved
5:53 pm
it was almost like he betrayed me. >> reaching rock bottom has given her a new sense of purpose. she is not ashamed with what happened in the past. instead she is using her life experiences to help and make a difference with other people. >> she could help somebody else and somebody could see just because they have a rough life doesn't mean it has to continue. >> don't give up. don't ever give up. >> good stuff there. larry: awesome. thank you. >> you got it. larry: students in the area taking a standing a something half a world away. >> what they are speaking out against when we come back. >> also, still cocome, we keep an eye on the situation on the inner loop of the beltway after the deadly crash that involved a pedestrian. we
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[chanting] jonathan: protesters outside the libyan embassy in london reacting to the cnn report on the slave trade in the middle eastern nation. today calls for the action from here in nation's capital as well. d.c. bureau chief sam ford went to american university for the story. >> libya. >> to the ambassador from the african union to the u.s. >> thigh gathered in a forum on the disturbing images from cnn saying the block africans are auctioned and camtured in the large groups trying to make their way to the promise land of europe. libya run by libya. they blame the u.n. for getting gaddafi and are criminals.
5:58 pm
make the decision to invade libya in the manner they did. >> they insist some europeans who think they are overrun with the immigrants work with militia. >> stop them. keep them in libya. feed them. deal with them. >> the west african native said some migrants get through so others are willing to risk all. >> even their own country, they are slaves. because you wake up, you don't have food. you don't have a job. you go to school. >> they promised that people would be punished but the question from the forum today is how? sam ford, abc7 news. >> breaking at 6:00. a person is dead and the beltway is jammed after a deadly crash.
5:59 pm
what police say about the tragic mess. jonathan: the police fight against the a.t .v. riders and it's going viral. the moment everything changed. >> this is an invitation to help us. >> banned by metro. the ad that has some accusing metro of joining the war on christmas. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. michelle: it comes from the beltway adelphia after a person is dead after being hit by a fracor trailer. the traffic is still backed up. it goes for miles. this is spreading all the way to the surrounding roads as well. tom roussey is live near the scene. what is the latest? tom: well, michelle, according to the state police the tractor trailer on the beltway to my might hit a pedestrian on the beltway. me
6:00 pm
the pedestrian was doing on the beltway. the resulting investigation by the state police closed three lanes just east of new hampshire avenue. that created a traffic mess. the inner loop in montgomery county is bad on a good day. but today is athreshes. this is messing up other roads near the beltway as well. such as rigs road that you can see behind me here. reporting live in adelphia area of prince george's county i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. [laughter] jonathan: that video is burning up social media tonight. it's shot from one of the riders on an a.t.v. as the police were trying to catch them. the police chase as you see didn't go as planned. the officer was falling on his face. michelle: you saw him take a t


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