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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the pedestrian was doing on the beltway. the resulting investigation by the state police closed three lanes just east of new hampshire avenue. that created a traffic mess. the inner loop in montgomery county is bad on a good day. but today is athreshes. this is messing up other roads near the beltway as well. such as rigs road that you can see behind me here. reporting live in adelphia area of prince george's county i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. [laughter] jonathan: that video is burning up social media tonight. it's shot from one of the riders on an a.t.v. as the police were trying to catch them. the police chase as you see didn't go as planned. the officer was falling on his face. michelle: you saw him take a t
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the video. new at 6:00, stephen tschida spoke to an eyewitness. what did they tell you about the chaotic scene? stephen: it's frightening is what they are saying. this is on 14th street sunday night. the army of the a.t.v.'s came tearing through. tonight the police are looking for the suspect. and video of that incident has become a social media sensation. taunts from a.t .v. operators amid futile police efforts to stop them. when an officer tries to get ahold of one of the drivers, he falls to the ground. then a burst of laughter from the person with the camera. >> it's a serious problem and i think it will get worse unless appropriate agency is taken. >> he works on 14th street. he describes what he saw sunday night. >> complete madness. loud. disruptive and alarming to everybody.
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>> the million got millions of views on facebook and instagram. some who witnessed the herds of a.t.v.'s rampaging through the city question the interest in acts that pose serious dangers. >> i don't know how they stop them but something has to be done. it's not right. >> the d.c. police launched an investigation and they are reviewing the videotape. they hope to track down the suspect to bring them to justice. meanwhile we have heard that the officer that fell there suffered only minor injuries. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thanks. this isn't the first time they have had the bad encounters with the a.t.v. and dirt bike riders. this video is from july when they showed effort to trap dozen of vehicles they seized. that is an effort ongoing. jonathan: only on 7, the firsthand crew of the intense rooftop search that went on for a te
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hitting a police officer in northwest d.c. take a look at the video. the reporter tim barber's camera was rolling as they caught the team on top of a apartment building. the fire department put a ladder to the roof. tom is talking about what happened. at 11:00, he will explain how the community helped police make the arrest. michelle: developing now, north korea has broken its silence with what might be its longest ballistic missile test yet. the missile traveled 600 miles in under an hour before landing in the sea of japan. it's the first missile test in two months. president trump in the past threatened destruction of north korea has been low key in the response so far. >> i will only tell you that we will take care of it. we have general mattis in the room with us. we have had a long discussion on it. it's a situation that we will handle.
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several hours before hawaii unveiled new warning system on the attack on the island. throwback to the cold war era. it will be tested monthly starting friday. jonathan: breaking news from the u.s. district court in d.c. judge refused to block the president appointment of the budget director mick mulvaney to lead the financial protection bureau on interim basis. but the senate republican committee approved the budget reform bill and setting up a vote this week. the democratic counterparts canceled a scheduled meeting with the president. >> unfortunately this morning, instead of leading the president tweeted inaccurate statement and said, "i don't see a deal." the president said, "i don't see a deal" three hours before our meeting. jonathan: the democratic leaders say they will work with rep
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to avoid a government shutdown. roy moore not commenting on an apparent plot to discredit the women who accused the senate candidate of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers. >> there is an interest in working in the conservative media movement. is that still your interest? >> no, not really. jonathan: the "washington post" said the woman on the right-hand side of the screen tried to convince a reporter that moore impregnated her when she was 15 years old. the paper determined she was not telling the truth. moore denies all of the allegations against him. michelle: look at the ad behind me. can you tell it's for a church? should metro be allowed to ban the ad? it's central to a lawsuit filed by the archdiocese of washington against the group that runs
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>> it makes no reference to the catholic church, christianity or christians. there are stick figures but they appear to be shepherds, and there is no baby jesus. it reads find the perfect gift and find the perfect where they will find online operation by the archdiocese of washington with a video greeting from a priest and resource to find local parish to attend church this christmas. the archdiocese says rejection by the metro buss is a violation of fundamental free speech and limitation on exercise of our faith. >> the role of any church is to invite people to experience of god and experience of community. this is meant to accept, ignore or reject but we feel we should invite people to consider what we have to offer. >> in response, metro released a following statement saying --
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policy to prohibit religious, political or advertising advocacy. and it was rejected because it is prohibited by the current advertising guidelines." jonathan: caught on video, police manhunt from a unique perspective. this is something we don't often see. this is 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning so it's dark out but this is a helicopter with thermal imaging. the two officers were by the fence and they had been looking for hours for a guy who held up two convenience stores. they had a k9 unit. and the helicopter guy said go around the corner. he was lying under the deck. they caught him as clear as day when they flew over but they had been looking for the better part of an hour or two. michelle: a car burning as two people raced to save the
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jonathan: caught on video, a thief kicks down a door. seconds later he got a big surprise. that sent him running for his life next at 6:00. bill: temperature wise. beautiful day. it's now down to 53 degrees. eight degrees cooler than the high today. another great one tomorrow. little change in
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is a sex watch assault on m street southwest. a woman was attacked monday morning not far from nats park. she was grabbed from behind. she does not have a description of the guy. anyone with information asked to give police a call. in dale city an uber driver accused of sexually assaulted the passenger. on the screen. the mug shot. michelle: caught on video a daytime burglary in california where the tables are turned here. he kicks open the door and ransacks the place when no one answered door. he comes face to face with the 13-year-old girl who live theres in
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the girl isn't just screaming. she began hitting the man with everything she had. second later he goes out to make a run for it before speeding off. coming up, the naver i have is help those in knee and how he is using a tree to accomplish the mission ahead. jonathan: the coincidence that put the trooper in the right
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jonathan: a state trooper in connecticut and good samaritan risked lives to pull a man from a burning car. state trooper was heading home from the night. he saw the crash. he tries to fight the fire. the good samaritan tried to get the driver calmed down. together they pull the driver out. he only had minor injuries. lucky he was there. >> amazing. in montgomery county a car at a fire dealership. one car rl
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both of them caught fire. jonathan: grand jury handing up an indictment against this guy who says in april he ran over the 75-year-old woman and backed up and hit her again. you killer her and drove away. they have not revealed a motive. the two had never met. hoping to stop democrats from overriding a bill to allow sick leave? larry hogan has come up with a compromise that he believes are easier to accept. it would face in sick leave for three years with businesses and 25 to more employees. it would require paid sick leave for those with 50 or more employees next
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>> the u.s. naval academy hoping to grand christmas wishes for hundreds in need. >> they show me how they acomp lish it with the giving tree. >> it's the season to spread some cheer. >> there is a drim like an ornament from the giving tree. >> the angels won't be here too much longer. >> this year it has 500 angels each with their own wishes. >> knowing so many people need help. is sad. but knowing we are doing everything we
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>> the angel i chose is a female. 8 years old. she needs clothing. >> some request things like a jacket or boots. others a basketball hoop. >> i want to go out and get her a bike. >> crowds studying the list answer hoping to make the christmas wishes a reality. >> we are making the kids' christmas. >> they will collect gifts until december 11. >> i hope every one of the tickets get picked. >> amy aubert; abc7 news. michelle: we want to thank everyone who came out to the naval federal credit union this vienna today to donate to toys for tots. this giving tuesday is a perfect time to donate to your perfect charity. with your help we collected a truck full of toys. jonathan: if you didn't get to donate today not too late. this saturday, members of the team, abc7 is teaming up for
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u.s. marines. come out and give us a visit, bring a toy and unwrapped new toy. if you make it, great. if you can't head to the website it's very easy to buy a couple of toys. they will go to children that would otherwise go without. michelle: we would love to meet you. get out there. jonathan: a lot of fun. you don't have to wear. none of that. bill: the ruin form. jonathan: no. negative. bill: we are looking forward to the event. festive, too. i wouldn't can't it festive outside. mid-60's. >> it's warm outside. bill: it is warm. we talked a little bit. it's the low 50's on started. maybe a mid-to-low 50's on the high temperature. it's cool for this event. in terms of what is going on now. 53 degrees. down from the high of 61. you are driving home, you saw a car thermometer read 63 or 64. that
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morning officially 39 degrees. the winds are south at 10 miles per hour. the numbers have dropped. culpeper is 45. it's 48 in manassas. hour and a half that the sun has been down. 51 around andrews. there is not much going on. high pressure is the dominant weather feature by far. not just here. over the entire mid-atlantic for the midwest and the plains where you get a little sliver erof the right lain for most -- right lane for most. this is a weak cold front. maybe passing cloud or two. that is it. the numbers are at where we were today or greater. we look at the future cast. you can track this. working across 7:00. we are clear. it's crisp. potentially frost on the ground. widespread freeze. i do not expect. very few of you will see freezing temperature tomorrow morning. look
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this fizzles out. the only thing it will do it may switch winds to the northwest. south to the north. if you watch the flag blow around it could switch around. otherwise it stays dry and clear. this is tomorrow night around 10:30 to 11:00. the second front we are watching is thursday. that could affect you in terms of what is going on thursday night. we show you that in a second. zoo lights in the 50's. beautiful. download the stormwatch7 app and get current temperatures. going to the day tomorrow 64. another sun filled day. i mentioned the showers thursday night. we are keeping a close eye on the national christmas tree lighting. it will be fine. we don't expect showers until after that. late overnight to early friday. temperatures in the 40's looking ahead forecast for that event.
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in the 50's again as we roll saturday and sunday. toys for tots looking dry. you are watching "abc7 news a
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erin: after a slow start,
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the redskins thanksgiving victory over the giants. it was the biggest game of the season. seven catches. 141 yards and a touchdown. if the redskins are going to be successful down the stretch as they make a push toward the playoffs, crowder could be the key. >> you spread the ball around. he is doing a great job. he is really starting to show what he is all about. taking advantage of every ball coming his way. great separation. strong hands. good running after the catch. critical down the stretch for us to be successful. erin: so according to reports the skins may be trying to get out of wearing their color rush uniforms tomorrow night, thursday night. the uniforms are worn only on thursday night games. but the team president bruce allen long been opposed to them calling them garish. today, jay gruden said he didn't know what the team would wear. now texans quarterback tom savage didn't have a great outing last nig
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turning the ball over three times in the texans loss to the ravens. adding inadult to injury, nobody showed up to the post game press conference. savage asked the only question. >> good. >> great. >> i don't think i have seen that. they zoom out and show nobody was there. savage did answer some questions later at his locker. the news broke an hour ago. many nfl players say it's disrespectful. the giants will bench eli manning in favor of geno smith. they could have waited until the season ended. if reporter got the exclusive. >> cue the "peanuts" sound. michelle: show you the beltway.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. north korea launching a new missile. flying higher and longer than any previous attempts. what this means about their ability to reach the u.s. mainland. and what president trump said a short time ago. also breaking tonight, a man being questioned at this hour. does he have any connection to the suspected serial killer they are looking for? what police revealed just moments ago. president trump on capitol hill. he can only afford to lose two republican senators on the tax plan. and tonight, a reality check. what it means for middle class americans, versus wealthier americans and corporations. the desperate search at this hour. the toddler last seen in bed, vanishing from her home without


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