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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 30, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," new fallout from the firing of matt lauer. >> more women are coming forward with complaints about the former "today" show host in the hours since he was let go by nbc. and we have graphic new details about the allegation against him. and with the senate vote looming on the long-sought tax overhaul hopes, the president gave the plan one final push at a rally in missouri. but does he have the votes? and american asirlines is scrambling as many flights are left without
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and most people on vam shinm show off their vacation pictures, making people jealous. about all the a places it they've been or how far they've run. that was five miles in ottawa. but we found one that tops all those. it's all about carpet. >> oh. >> yeah, details on this thursday, november 30th. >> huh. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> just for the record, like, taken out of context, those photos, those photos look as if i'm being braggadocious, but no. >> what's the context? >> i was being braggadocious. >> okay. >> just so you know. we do say good morning to everybody on this thursday. we, of course, are going to start with the new allegations, shocking ones, against matt lauer. >> nbc quickly fired lauer, one of the most highly-paid people
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an accusation from a colleague of inappropriate sexual behave yor or. now they've received two more complaints. >> and hours later, savannah guthrie broke the news and appeared with the other anchors here at the rockefeller christmas tree lighting. they were smiling or at least attempting to. they made no mention of lauer. linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: savannah guthrie's voice trembling at the top of the "today" show. >> matt lauer has been terminated from nbc news. >> reporter: then her first moment on camera without matt lauer by her side. >> welcome to "today", and hoda is with me this morning because this is a sad morning at nbc news. moments ago, andy lack sent the following note to our organization. >> reporter: in an
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writes, dear colleagues, on monday night we received a detailed complaint in a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. it represented after serious review a clear violation of our company's standards. as a result, we've decided to terminate his employment. while it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 0 20 years at nbc news, we have reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident. >> we just learned this moments ago, just this morning. as i am sure you can imagine we are still devastated and processing all of this. >> reporter: savannah guthrie and hoda kotb photographed when the cameras weren't roll being. >> we were woken up with the news predawn. >> reporter: following a two-month investigation into lauer's behavior, including interviews with three women who identified themselves as victims of
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he gave a sex toy to a female employee with an explicit note. he summoned another employee to his office and dropped his pants. he was allegedly known for making lewd comments. he had a button under his desk to allow him to lock the door from the inside without getting up. several women said their complaints about lauer fell on deaf ears. as for the accuser who went monday morning with her attorney, nbc news say the the alleged inappropriate sexual behavior started at the 2014 olympics in sochi and continued for months after the games. the accuser's attorney saying in a statement, my client and i met with representatives from nbc's human resource and legal department at 6:00 p.m. on monday for an interview that lasted several hours. our impression at this point is that nbc acted quickly, as all companies
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confronted with credible allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. as the news broke, president trump was quick to tweet. wow, matt lauer was just fired from nbc for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, but when will the top executives at nbc and comcast be fired for putting out so much fake news. it was the president himself who, as a candidate received accusations from more than a dozen women and said in a 2005 "access hollywood" video. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful, i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: to bill o'reilly who was fired during accusations of sexual harassment, it was lauer who pressed o'reilly on the bravery of the women. >> think about those five women and what they did. they came forward and piled complaints against the biggest star at the network they worked at. think of how intimidating that must have
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nerve-wracking that must have been. doesn't that tell you how strongly they felt about the way they were treated by you. >> not just me, those lawsuits involved many other people, not just me. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, morning. >> it was surprising how quickly nbc acted, too. and a lot of people were saying with one allegation they were surprised to see it. andy lack. >> the president. >> said in his statement that they were led it to believe that this wasn't an isolated incident, and now we're seeing two more accusers coming forward. >> and also in this day and age that they were able to keep this a secret until the start of the "today" show. there were no rumblings, and then it was breaking news at the top of the "today" show. >> yes, savannah guthrie and hoda kotb said they found out in the early morning hours. >> you could see the pain in their eyes and they knew him personally and to hear of the allegation it's shocking for many of
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>> it's difficult to reconcile when you love that person to reconcile what you know about that person and the allegations. >> of course we feel for them. he was supposed to be at the tree lighting, supposed to host it. of course it went off without him being heathere. and we haven't heard from him as of yet. moving on to the senate candidate facing allegation two weeks from election day. >> roy moore spoke out hours ago at a church no less. this one near mobile. he once again vehemently denied the allegations against him and said he probably wouldn't have gotten into the race if he knew he would nas whface what he cal lies and dirty politics. >> when i got into this senatorial race i never dreamed it would take the magnitude it has. but it's watched nationally, internationally, to see where the people of this
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where the people of, particularly, the state of alabama go with the first senator who is elected after the election of donald trump. >> in an interview with fox news he said he did know two of the women but said he couldn't recall if he had dated or tried to date them. that special election is now 1 da 2 days away. >> conyers has no plans to resign and plans to fight claims that he acted inappropriately toward female staff members. the former deputy chief of staff came forward claiming he put his hand up her dress. he is at home in michigan because of concerns, we're told about media coverage of his family. president trump is firing back at british prime minister theresa may over his retweets of
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anti-muslim videos. they claim to show muslims engaged in violence acts, and one has already been proven to be false. now the white house says trump was simply promoting border security and it doesn't matter if the videos are real because the threat is real. but theresa may says the president was wrong to have retweeted the videos. last night he responded saying don't focus on me, focus on the destructive radical islamism. kiwi a we are doing just fine. the president hit the road to push his tax bill which the senate is voting on. he told the crowd in suburban st. louis the republican tax package would bring main street rolling back. the vast majority of analysts say corporations and the wealthy will reap the benefits. >> the beating heart of our plan is a tax cut for working families. that's what it
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[ applause ] -- that you keep more of your hard-earned money. >> as many as ten republican senators have expressed concerns about the bill, and they can only afford two defectors and still pass this legislation. jared kushner has met with special counsel robert mueller's investigators looking into last year's election. the conversation focussed on michael flynn. kushner also faced questions aboutis h about his participation in a trump tower meeting. and the president's oldest son will appear before the house intelligence committee. donald trump jr. is expected to have a closed door meeting next week. the focus will be his meeting with a russian lawyer last year. the panel has already spoken with jared kushner. for the small price of $2 o
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million, you can own a piece of the texas pan handle. >> t boon pickens has put his ranch up for sale for $250 million. it includes man-made lakes, a wildlife habitat, even. >> it looks, actually amazing. it also has its own airport, oh, yes, of course, there it is. wow. it's paved. pickens is 89 years old and dealing with health problems. the proceeds will go for his foundation for philanthropic and educational causes, but man, that is an amazing piece of real estay. >> thinking of all the real estate we've seen, i've never seen a private airport. pilots taking off and not the way we expected them to. >> taking off from work. why american airlines might need your help if you're handy behind a throttle.
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poison and drinking it. the investigation into how that happened, next. you're watching "world news now."
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from wednesday's korean missile launch. you can see kim jong un watching that missile which it says can strike anywhere in the mainland u.s. here he is checking out monitors during that 53-minute flight. it was launched from a mobile laun launcher which was likely to show they can launch a missile from where ever they want. we've seen a lot of things in courtrooms, but you this one was absolutely shocking. >> a defendant was told he would likely spend the rest of his life you in prison, so there in the mid youle dle of the courtr poisoned himself. >> reporter: standing silent, this hague judge tilling slobodan prol jack he his sentence. his the response, shocking. the 72-year-old lifting a
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swallowing poison for all the world to say before saying calmly you to the courtroom, i have taken poison. attempts too save him failed. he was convicted for his role in the campaign to drive muslims out of bosnia and create an ethnically pure croat state. 100,000 died and 200 million displaced during the war. during a remarkable day of a court that's already seen its fair share of drama, as you would expect, questions now being asked about how he was able to smuggle poison into court. abc news laearning security procedures are already being tightened up. ian pannell, abc news, london. the public's help is being sought in the case of a missing todd
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toddler. the child seen on a walmart security individual avideo is n woods. and the parent of a runaway florida teen are begging their daughter to call home. >> 17-year-old caitlyn free zena, ran off with her soccer coach, newly-released images show them at a gas station and later in a pawnshop in north carolina. her distraught parents say they're in shock and wat hent h back home. >> kate lancaitlyn, if you see pumpkin, just know that we love you and we miss you and we need to know that you're safe. we need to know that you're okay. please call us, call somebody. let
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le we love you, and we mace you, and we're waiting here with open arms. >> police believe the two may be heading to canada where the 27-year-old rodriguez has family. and coming up in the next half hour, the man behind the president's outage on twitter. we'll hear from the german twitter employee, explaining that his pulling the plug on president trump was not politically motivated. but first, the help wanted in the sky and why american airlines has a big problem on its hands this holiday season. that's next. see you at 5! seriously? protection. lysol kills over 100 illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause coughs. lysol. what it takes to protect. ...from far away. but they harryonly see his wrinkles. if only harry used some... ...bounce, to dry. he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.
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♪ ♪ so american airlines has a popular app, and that airline is scrambling after letting too many pilots
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holidays. >> customers on flights on american are getting nervous. >> reporter: the world's biggest airline is facing a major problem that could impact holiday travel for millions of people. american airlines says a computer glitch is to blame for a scheduling error. that gave vacation to too many pilots over the christmas week and into the new year, potentially impacting more than 15,000 flights. >> it's a real bummer. >> reporter: to fix this problem, american is offering pie loots 150% of in normal pay, but the union is calling out the airline claiming the proposed solution violates their agreement, while american is telling passengers not to panic, several frequent flyers are already concerned. some are thinking about turning their holiday travel into a long road trip. >> it's always around holidays, you know there's tons of people flying, things go wrong,
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happen. and pilots aren't there to fly the planes nowadays. >> so the biggest impact would be between december 17 and new year's eve. >> the last resort, they'll pay reserve pilots to cover those flight. medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare surance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years.
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♪ time now for the "mix". so this pilot. bill young is becoming very popular on instagram for all the photos he posts. and they are not of all the cool aerial shots he sees from the cockpit or all the places he travels to. pilot bill young focuses his instagram account on carpets. >> like what do you mean? >> like carpets. so he goes around to all the different hotel lobbies he checks into, because he's in a lot of hotels as a pilot. >> are those the rugs at the
3:26 am
mahal? >> he takes photos of all the interesting carpets he comes across in his travels, and he points out that hotels have really interesting carpets. and people are loving this. he has 435,000 followers on instagram! he says it's crazy. he can't believe it. >> people love their carpet. >> we can't either. but they are pretty cool. >> he's on to something. >> oh. >> so this is the, this is a well-worn carpet, apparently. >> that's carpet outside kendis's office. is that your latest instagram post? >> it is. i'm hoping for 430,000 followers on instagram. >> how's that working for you? >> forget about all those running shots. >> maybe if you're in front of the carpet, like this. >> that hasn't worked. maybe after a run. >> trying a new approach. okay, so here, this youtuber, we love our hot tubs. >> yeah, sure. >> but what would happen
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get sand in your hot tub? >> that sounds bad. >> it does sound like a bad thing, but this youtuber did the whole thing, it actually is mesmerizing, look what the air does to the sand. >> wait, so there's no water in that? just sand? >> no water, just complete, fine sand. and it kind of looks like a liquid. >> that is mesmerizing. >> that is awesome. probably ruined that hot tub. >> hopefully it was that guy's. that's a little bit weird. but over to some weird christmas gifts, shall we? there's a whole list out, courtesy of the huffington post. so we picked out a few favorites, for all the insomniacs out there, this is the hat pillow. then there's this doohicky, a brush that you use to lick your cat with. >> i like it. of >> skiing anyone? this is a ski
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line up the shot, everybody dot shot at the same time. >> fireball. >> that wrapping paper has lyrics to "baby got
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this morning on "world news now," new complaints against matt lauer. women describing sex acts in the office and even a secret button he allegedly used to lock his office door. this half hour we're hearing from the reporter who broke the story. plus new details involving the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. he has met with investigators in the russia probe. here hear what the investigation focussed oon. and 11 minutes of peace. >> people were shocked when the president's twitter feed was deactivad.


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