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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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either. but some people say they felt it. now 4.1 is significant. but if we are comparing this to 2011 and the quake that we all remember in this area, this is far less intense. get an update from tom roussey who is tracking where people felt it. a lot of reports are coming in on socia media. tom? tom: we put the question to the viewers. some of you did not feel it but a lot of you did. this is just a sample of the many responses we ret -- we are getting. you can arlene felt it and she thought it was a tree that fell in woods. dayna felt it in kensington and she said it sounded like a heavy truck coming down the street. barbara, she felt it one mile south of the university of maryland. a lot of folks in our area who felt this. this is a map of the big chunk of the region that felt it. let me go over here and hit this button. you will see the light blue.
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reported to the united states geological survey they felt the earthquake. a lot of reports in the washington, d.c. area. even part of virginia. and you have this guy. this was a christmas decoration fell on the ground from the rattling. a lot of you did the one this
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that quake caused millions of dollars in damage to the washington monument. you can see the damage there. the national cathedral had a lot of problems as well. that quake was in mineral 90 miles southwest of the district. we just checked with the national cathedral. there is no report of damage there from that delaware quake that struck today. abc7 will continue to follow breaking news on air and online. we will bring you any updates. the reports of the damage as soon as we get them. that is the latest from the "live desk." michelle marsh. up to you. jonathan: thank you. the other big story we are following shocking evidence of the fallout of the grade scandal. nancy: we are following the effect on the graduates and nathan baca is live at the university of d.c. where many graduates of the d.c. schools end up. nathan, the results there are not encouraging. nathan: well, nancy,
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that is the number of the d.c. public school graduates who need remedial courses once they get here to u.d.c. that number has a state school board member alerting the parents tonight. >> if the students aren't graduating ready to succeed at u.d.c. or if we are inflating graduation rates that rigor is not there. and public charters where this is relevant. they will have a hard time to meet needs of the parents. >> we showed the state board of education member sweden internal documents obtained by the i-team. presentation given by u.d.c. to the d.c. state board of education says 126 of the 128 graduates needed remedial courses. that is 98% of the d.c.p.s. students. jasmine holdly is a d.c. public school grad and u.d.c. freshman. >> it makes me feel disappointed. then again, that is not surprising. we don't get much better education a
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will probably be out, any private schools. the number is not surprising to me. >> u.d.c. says it wished d.c.p.s. gave the university more college-ready graduates it's up to the challenge. >> to have them have them have c coaches to help them support them if they need additional support. >> d.c. public school chancellor wilson says he wants to hear from the students who believe they didn't get the education they deserved and says that the school district will help those former students out. we have that contact information on the abc7 app on the "7 on your side" story. reporting live in northwest washington, nathan baca, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. the "7 on your side" ateam broke the story and will continue to digging for answers. you can can help. if you know about the absenteeism, grade inflation or other
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e-mail us at tips yacht -- or call the confidential hotline. jonathan: new information in the hunt now for a cop killer in baltimore. the baltimore sun reporting two city council members want federal agencies to take over the investigation to the killing of detective sean suiter. they say an independent investigation could get quicker results while giving the homicide unit time to mourn the colleague. suiter was shot to death two weeks ago. the only unsolved lain of duty death in the department history. nancy: word tonight the secretary of state could soon be out of a job. the "new york times" says the president is considering ousting rex tillerson. if that happens the paper report the current director mike pompeo would be nominated for role. arkansas senator tom cotton would lead the c.i.a. the president would not comment. impossible changing of the nation's top diplomat come amidst increasing tension with north korea. we are seeing yesterday's icbm
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that type of missile could reach anywhere in the united states. jonathan: well, the house's top republican and democrat are calling now for john conyers to resign his position after he was accused of making unwanted sexual advances against a female staffer. he denies it but agrees to a financial settlement. >> zero tolerances mean consequences for everyone no matter how great the legacy. >> i think he should re-sign and immediately. i have been briefed on the torrent of the allegations and i think he should. jonathan: in the meantime, a fifth woman accused democratic senator al franken of harassment saying that he groped her in a 2003 u.s.o. tour. and joe barton of texas says he will not seek re-election after he was accused of circulating a sexually explicit photo. nancy: the holiday season arrived outside the white house. >> four, three, to
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[applause] nancy: there it is. the president and the first lady lighting the national christmas tree. it featured music from the beach boys, kathy lee gifford and jack wagner. it will televised on the hallmark channel monday. jonathan: chewbacca making traffic stops? why police departments put the "star wars" guy in a town video. nancy: biscuit baker turned linebacker. what he says about the moment he stopped a police chase in its track. >> we are tracking a few showers on the way for us this evening. we have more on that and what it looks
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jonathan: a crime alert to tell you about after the frightening robbery caught on video in northeast d.c. saturday. two armed men running in the store on market street. they point a gun at the clerk. order her to open the safe. she couldn't. so they hit her. and then they made her open the cash registers which they cleaned out before they ran off. nancy: west virginia biscuit maker turned into a bouncer when he saw a man running from police. take a look here. caught on video. you see baker standing in the parking lot. he sees the man come toward him, he turned into a linebacker dropping the man in a quick move. >> at first i wasn't thinking he would come my way. i
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different folks. he was feeling brave. so was i. nancy: a lot of bravery there, huh? people called the former high school football standout the bodyguard for years. and now he has most definitely earned the title. jonathan: we could have used him in the jewelry store height. tiny thieves behind a crime in arkansas. keep an eye on the kids. slides under the counter. watch mom with the baby in her hand. pointing out the items for her son to steal. every time the clerk would look away the kid would go behind the counter and pull more out. when it was said and done $30,000 of jewelry in their pockets and they left. they haven't been caught yet. nancy: video of the unusual way they welcome rookies to the force. >> jamie, you get the wookie. >> rookie? >> no. the wookiee. nancy: oh, yeah. the wookiee. it goes on to show the
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doing ordinary police things like traffic stops that are anything but routine. target range also. a bit more than the partner bargained for. wow! look at that go. ill-advised sparring match where he disarms a fellow officer. really disarms. before finally ending on a rather awkward lunge. jonathan: something tells me the wookiee won't cut it. not going to make the grade. what chef andreas learned feeding the hungry in puerto rico. nancy: cops driving
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take a look at that. that is a fire raging out of control in cleveland. as many as 50 cars were burning by the time they began attacking the flames and it took hours to finally get things under control. jonathan: some must-see video now. look at this. [siren] the nypd is investigating what sent an officer barreling down a sidewalk in one of the department's smart cars. the move was so reckless you saw the y
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a little girl out of the way. at this hour the police are not saying what call the officer was responding to if any. nancy: at home, prince george's county police busted a man they say was impersonating an officer and sexually assaulted another man. 36-year-old michael bell is charged with rape, impersonating an officer around other offenses. the man approached a man, flashed a bag and convinced the man to get in the car and forced him to perform sex acts. police believe there may be other victims. jonathan: if you have an upcoming flight on american airlines you can breathe easy. we have an update on the pilot shortage. computer glitch gave too many pilots off on the holidays and americans says it has found pilots for almost all the flights. they offered 50% salary bump and reserve pilots if needed. so should not be a problem. nancy: hopefully. today marks the end of the official hurricane season. the most expensive on re
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battering the united states. the worst damage by far was on the caribbean. that is where the d.c. chef jose ondreas has been for months helping feed people who lost everything in puerto rico. as stephen tschida reports, this afternoon chef andreas was in the district sharing what he learned after the crisis in the caribbean. stephen: the devastation the hurricane inflicted on puerto rico. the chef says suffering compelled him to action immediately. >> this is really bad. >> before a packed group he spoke about the difficulties he encountered the puerto rico. but also about the team of chefs he assembled work tirelessly and productively. >> we do 2,000 meals. by sunday we are doing 20,000 meals a day. by sunday we were close to reaching 100,000. at one point we reached 175,000 meals a day. >> he says the efforts to feed the hungry continues. he believes food
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nourishment and the motivation for the positive change. >> i saw the true power of food beyond what you can do in the restaurant. >> he acknowledged he loves to feed people. both those looking for delicacy and those desperately hungry. >> stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> houston leaders are coming to d.c. next week to lobby congress for help recovering from hurricane harvey. houston's mayor says the city is being financially punished for how quickly it worked to rebuild after the august hurricane. jonathan: the state-of-the-art medical facility will be built on the side of the cap center where the wizards and the caps used to play. they broke ground for the regional medical center. part of the boulevard will be torn down to make room. the hospital will open in 2021. nancy: it's beginning to look like christmas outside the white house. live look where president trump and the first family lit the national christmas tree a short time ago.
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the weather held off. josh: everybody i talk to remembers the time they were there and it was freezing cold. so this is a nice change. jonathan: almost didn't need the mittens. josh: exactly. hard to believe. december starts tomorrow. the calendar monthly wrap-up. we had really warm stretches, cool stretches. but this doesn't include today's temperature. but up and through yesterday we are right on average. the departure from normal is 0.0. so it all evened out. with today's temperature being above average, we might be a little bit on the north side of the zero. but in general we have been right where we are supposed to be. highs and lows are evening out. right now the temperatures working their way to 53 degrees. continuing the dropoff going throughout the overnight hours but until the rain moves through we should stay mild. this is where it
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working through west virginia, pennsylvania. having a bit of a tougher time to get across the appalachians. that will beat up a lot of the heavy rain. even in the last few frames you lose a lot of yellow and red color. that is the rain broken down. by the time it gets here a few light showers. fast forward. 8:00 you see it getting closer to the beltway. moving through baltimore as well. we get to 9:00 and we have friday light showers. this is barely enough to wet the pavement. a little bit of a nuance. by 10:30 most is out of here. as we work our way to tomorrow morning the skies will clear out. we will get sunshine to allow things to warm up. only time frame to worry about after the rain is after 8:00. mild night to check it out. if you saw the tree lighting and do something like this to get in the holiday spirit not a bad evening for it. tomorrow morning rush hour there is a lot of sunshine getting things underway. sunrise now after 7:00.
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the sunshine will stick around. mild that it is about average for us for this time of year. the highs tomorrow will top out at 53 for d.c. warmer farther south. fredericksburg is 57. north end of things and we hang closer to 50 degree mark. so not too far off from the norm. 44 for us tomorrow getting into saturday morning and get ready for toys for tots. by 3:00, it's still just 50. cool day. but overall another nice day to get out there and meet us at the national harbor. bring a new unwrapped toy. we want to make sure that it will end up in the hands of a child to make christmas better this year. 56 for you on sunday. next week we are bringing in rain tuesday to wednesday. then after that we are looking for it to cool off a bit by the end of next week. highs in the 40's. nancy: thank you. jonathan: if kirk cousins ever needed a win, tonight would be the night. scott: that would be good. nic
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the holiday spirit. redskins-cowboys got to love it. another game and a must-win game for the redskins. big-time showdown tonight against the cowboys. how the skins are preparing for a dallas team without ezekiel elliott. sports is next. stay with us.
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scott: hmm, trying to figure out what to do tonight? how about a date on the couch watching redskins-cowboys? another chapter of one of the best rivalries in the nfl has the spotlight tonight in dallas. now we know all about the redskins injuries this season. but the cowboys have their own issues. ezekiel elliott will not be playing tonight. the running back continues to serve his six-game suspension. the dallas offense has not been the same without him. but the redskins know there are other guys in that backfield they have to worry about. >> i'm pretty sure they still got another back, back there with morris and stuff like that. so he can do the same thing. if not better. you still got there and they have prescott. a great offensive line. we have to prepare the same. regardless who is running the ball. scott: the skins just need another win. caps resurgence. the boy in red playing good hockey of late. winners of three straight games. they will return to the ice
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oshie believes the team is starting to come together and gel at the right time. >> i think before we were kind of teeter-tottering and trying to force a certain style of play. that wasn't really working. we have been poised a little bit. we learn to have everyone going. play good hockey throughout the lineup to win games. secretary of state tiger woods made a long-awaited return to the competitive golf in the hero world challenge in bahamas and played well shooting opening round 69. three shots back of the lead. good to see him back on the golf course. jonathan: if he plays like that tomorrow he will make the cut. that would be fantastic. nancy: last check of weather. josh: waiting for showers to move through. they are light and move through quickly by tomorrow. back to sunshine. cooler for friday and saturday. low 50's. bounce back by sunday and monday. next chance for wet weather is not until tuesday and wednesday of next week. nancy: thank you very much. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for being with us.
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tonight, matt lauer breaks his silence. the fired nbc host apologizes, admitting there is enough truth in the allegations for him to feel ashamed. new images tonight of lauer and new reporting. what the women now describe. breaking news tonight. the scare late today. the earthquake here on the east coast a short time ago. felt from d.c. to philadelphia to new york. could there with a major shakeup? is president trump pushing out his secretary of state? your money, your taxes tonight. the drama moments ago on the senate floor. where the president's tax bill stands at this hour. if you are a family making about $75,000 a year, will your taxes go up in the next


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