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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pairty and it didn't pass until six years after paul died. this year a lot of people who didn't grow up imagining that they would ever get involved in politics have done just that. they've gone to their first protest march or made their first call to a member of congress or maybe even taken the leap and put their names on a ballot for the first time. it can be such a rush to look around a room of -- a room full of people ready to fight alongside you. you feel that energy to imagine that better things are possible. you too will experience
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>> there will be days where you'll wonder whether it's worth it. what i want know is that even today, even on the worst day of my political life, i feel like it has all been worth it. politics, paul wellstone told us, is about the improvement of people's lives. i know that the work i have been able to do has improved people's lives. again ino it all over a heartbeat. now, every time i would get tired or discouraged or frustrated, i would think about the people i was doing this for, and it would get me back up on my feet. true fore same will be everyone who
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a politics that is about improving people's lives. know that i will be fighting alongside you every step of the way. with that, mr. president, i yield the floor. thatd with that, the news democratic senator al franken is resigning his seat in the senate in the coming weeks, on a day he calls the worst of his career. he said he has never brought dishonor on the senate. responded, in some measure, to the calls from eight people who accused him of sexual misconduct, saying all people deserve to be heard, but saying he believes in some of those cases at least, the allegations were not true. in others, he remembers them differently. nevertheless, he is resigning because he says he cannot serve the people of minnesota while an ethics commun
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he went on in that speech to call out both president trump and republican senate candidate roy moore about also facing sexual misconduct allegations and denying them, noting the irony that he steps down and they remain in office. i want to go to our team, starting with senior congressional correspondent mary bruce on capitol hill. we heard the senator's explanation. somewhat defiant. not contrite. saying his career would be worth it. clearly, he wanted to stay in the senate. yesterday, after another allegation, from an anonymous source, it was simply impossible. the floodgates opened to his senate colleagues. mary: senator franken made it clear he does not feel his actions were at his resignation today, but what was also clear is that he has lost the support of his colleagues here. yesterday, we saw a tidal wave of his fellow democrats coming out and saying, enough is enough. he had to resign. it did come after the latest
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coming out against him. we saw a handful of women senators driving this, coming out in what appeared to be a coordinated push, saying he had to resign. and then we saw in less than 24 hours at least 49 senators who agreed with that, including the democratic leader, chuck schumer , who is incredibly close with al franken. it has been a difficult last 24 hours, pleading with him to do what he did here and step down. george: we will bring in our chief white house correspondent, john. al franken calling out the president. the president has been critical of senator franken on twitter even as he defends roy moore. what you have now is both al franken and democratic representative john conyers resigning, setting up a clear contrast. we aree are -- adrianna: taking over coverage. you heard and saw al franken resigning on the senate floor, amid allegations of sexual misconduct. this coming after a lot of calls for him to leave his position. he
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we begin abc 7 news at noon with this. ryan hughes live at the desk with the latest. good afternoon. that announcement coming on the senate floor just moments ago, senator al franken saying in the coming weeks he will step down, and he will resign as the senator from minnesota. this all coming amidst mounting allegations of sexual misconduct. he says that he denied those allegations. he says they simply are not true. he remembers the encounters very differently. franken also used his speech to call a president trump and roy moore, the republican u.s. senate candidate from alabama. take a listen. sen.or franken bank -- franken: i of all people am aware there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office. and a man who has repeatedly prayed on young
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preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with the full support of his party. ryan: this big announcement comes after dozens of franken's democratic colleagues called on him to step aside amidst mounting allegations. at least 32 democratic senators calling for his resignation, including senate minority leader chuck schumer. yesterday, another woman came forward, saying franken forcibly kissed her. she is now the eighth woman accusing the senator of acting inappropriately. the senate ethics committee began its investigation into the senator back in november. that is when a k abc radio anchor alleged franken groped and forcibly kissed her during a uso tour in 2006. again, franken said on the senate floor that his actions do not warrant his resignation, but he recognizes that he lost the respect of his colleagues. he also said he is very proud of the work he has done. he was first elected into the u.s. senate back in 2008.
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from the newsroom. ryan hughes, abc 7 news. adrianna: because senator franken is leaving his post for good, minnesota governor mark aitken will appoint a replacement. the governor's office said there are three leading contenders -- condition and keith ellison, tim haas, and lieutenant governor tina smith. days before the alabama senate race, the anne arundel county executive is pulling support for the embattled republican candidate roy moore. steve shu has asked the campaign for a refund of his $1000 donation. he said he wanted to ask for his money back because he thought moore would have dropped out of the race in light of what he called credible allegations of sexual misconduct with teenagers. despite being the minority in congress, president trump insists him across will be to blame if there is a government shutdown. tigress has until the end of tomorrow to pass a spending bill. the house is expected to vote on a two week extension later today. leaders from both parties will meet with
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emotions are boiling over in the middle east a day after president trump declared jerusalem the capital of israel. palestinian protesters, as you see here, are in the streets. we are angry with the change in the west bank, and anti-american sentiment is running high. in some cases, they are burning the american flag. they are not the only ones angered by this reversal of nearly 70 years of u.s. policy. there has been a worldwide chorus of critics, even some u.s. allies calling on the you to call an emergency meeting. to holdng on the u.n. an emergency meeting. steve: looking outside, a few clouds to the horizon. this is our camera. gosh, baseball season sooner than you think. but we have to get through christmas, new year's day. you get the point. the temperatures out there, a definite chill in the air. if you are going to be out this afternoon, upper 40's right now. not a huge increase in temperat
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the sunglasses as you head out the door. a few clouds to the west of us. allegheny and washington county, it is not going to amount to a lot. the hourly planner this afternoon -- temperatures 47 to 49 degrees, a little breezy at times. added clouds this evening, but drive for the rush-hour commute. for snow. chances a few flakes the upcoming weekend for part of the area. i will talk about that. plus, another blast of cold air on the way. the 10 day outlook in just a few minutes. adrianna: wind gusts up to 80 mph expected to cross southern california today. the santa ana winds will make the wildfire situation in and around los angeles even worse. multiple fires have forced schools to close, highways to shut down, and a quarter of a million people to leave their homes. >> this predicted wind event should last through saturday. we have got several days before we are out of the woods. ad
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as the winds get too strong, tankers and firefighting helicopters will not be able to fly. and than 100,000 acres hundreds of homes have burned in just the past few days. now, to a townhouse fire in rockville. was this set on purpose? montgomery county fire officials seem to think so. police say a woman in her 50's was injured and taken to a burn unit area she is now in custody. her daughter was also rescued from the flames. that fire was so intense it shattered windows, blue at the back door. as for why the woman reportedly set the fire, that is still under investigation. investigators say the person hit by an amtrak train in edgewood last night has now died. the hartford county sheriff's office said the pedestrian was struck near the amtrak mark train station. still unclear who the person was , and what they were doing near those tracks. investigations after a deadly crash in la plata jus
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8:00 this morning. maryland state police tell us there were three cars involved, and one person died in that crash. covering metro for you now, a with consideroday changes to bus routes in virginia. it is one the union says could uproot workers and threaten passenger safety. john go -- john gonzalez gonzalez is here with what is on the table and the people protesting. the runner of metro has a proposal on the table to start using private contractors to manage and operate nine existing bus routes. buses will eventually come out of this new facility, this new bus facility here in lauren, virginia. and this is where, as you can see, dozens of metro bus drivers showed up today to protest, block the entrance, and attempt to disrupt a meeting that is going on inside between the transit agency and the private contractors, not only stopping official
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also banging on the vehicles and leaning on them. handorkers, with signs in and very vocal, or with the large unit, local 619. for theaders claim that first time in metro history, private contractors will be bidding to manage and operate these existing metro bus routes. they believe this poses a threat to jobs and safety. >> they are going to destroy this transit system. we want transit to not be privatized. we want it to be ungovernable. we want to have a stake in what our transportation should look like. >> extra police have been brought in. are these folks willing to be arrested? >> they're willing to make the point and say enough is enough. don't privatize this transit system. john: we are still awaiting a response from metro. organizers here say the rallies will continue until their voices are heard loud and clear, including possibly work stoppages in the future.
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gonzalez, abc seven news. new information in the deadly shooting of an unarmed black man. a south carolina judges ruling a former police officer committed second-degree murder in the 2015 shooting of walter scott. michael slater pulled scott over -- slager pulled scott over for a broken tail light. a judge has to decide how much ine slager will spend prison. he pleaded guilty to violating scott's civil rights. remember andgil to mclean man shot and killed by park police. he was shot on november 17 after police say he hit another car, then let them on a place -- a chase that ended at the gw parkway. we learned the shooting was caught on dashcam video, but has not yet been released. the fbi is leading the investigation, and tonight's vigil is set for 9:00. coming up on abc seven, the -- the questions
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plus, pilots blinded for several seconds. the link they went to for people who pointed a laser. >> i heard somebody yell for help. adrianna: a woman trapped in her car for days. how one officer found her before it was too late. live from the traffic center, i am eric smith. it is a quiet ride for the most part. we just have something clear on the beltway press connecticut avenue. this is really jammed up, heading for 355. all lanes are open and traffic the 270 splitr at as well. a bit of a shaky camera on connecticut avenue northbound. you see the right lanes are blocked. ,he left lane squeezes past northbound at of chevy chase. this is a significant stretch of roadway on northbound connecticut avenue. also looking at roadwork
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midday, inbound into downtown silver springs, this is passed rodeo drive. inbound, that will continue down to spring street for a separate works him on the left side. everything is still messy for the midday. otherwise, the north ride is looking pretty good. we will be back with more news after a short break.
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adrianna: in oakland, california, it is day to into the hearing on the deadly ghost ship fire. last timbre, flames served -
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through a warehouse illegally converted into an apartment for artists and musicians. the owner and property management are charged with three counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> very sad. i think everybody saw it. he is suffering from post dramatic stress. -- post-traumatic stress. he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. willnna: that hearing determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial. new developments now in the rush investigation. during an interview with the house intelligence committee, the president's son refused to discuss details of what he told his father after his now-infamous meeting with a russian lawyer back in june of 2016. >> he acknowledged discussing the matter with his father but refused to answer questions about the discussion on the basis of a claim of attorney-client privilege. in my view, there was
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attorney client privilege that protects a discussion between father and son. adrianna: donald trump, jr. met with the committee for eight hours wednesday, behind closed doors. sources tell abc news that discussion included questions about conversations with wikileaks, and past business by the trumpet -- trump organization. take a listen to this. it is a bouquet know that has been dormant for a lot of years in iceland that is starting to rumble. the last direction was in the 1700s. scientists are now worried about seismic activity and geothermal water leakage. they raise the volcano alert safety code to yellow. 1700. suddenly, it woke up. steve: a long time. there it is. here we are in the middle of winter, the beginning of winter. it is going to feel like the middle of winter. we move into the next week. , am talking cold temperatures meaning daytime highs just around freezing. nothing out there like that now. if you
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to do this afternoon, lots of sunshine. over at national harbor, a lot of cool stores over there. maybe go to georgetown or old town alexandria. looking good. a food truck outside the building in muslin. temperatures across the board on a chilly side. we are not going to see a lot of traction in terms of our temperatures today. 47 at dulles. 48 at reagan national. a little colder to the west. oakland, maryland now at 30 degrees. wind chill has been in the upper and lower 20's. yesterday, we had the cloud cover. we are about four degrees warmer. we will take that. clearing skies across the immediate metro, around the capital beltway. toward fredericksburg, we see added clouds. allegheny, the panhandle of west virginia, looking at a few clouds filtering the sunshine. we are looking for a few snowflakes. not going to find it around the media metro area.
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parts of west virginia and eastern ohio, a few snow showers. to see lunchtime temperatures that will mainly be in the 40's, mid to upper 40's. drivetime home, rush-hour commute, no weather-related problems. 7:00, scattered clouds. for tonight, it is going to be chilly. stay warm. 34 degrees. wind out of the northwest. a futurecast for the day tomorrow shows a mix of sun and clouds. outdoor for the kids, it will stay dry for the daylight hours tomorrow. a coastal storm will impact parts of the area, especially southern maryland later friday night. a little bit of wintry weather late saturday night. on the cool side tomorrow, around 40 degrees. the coastal storm stays well off to the east. 30
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notice what is to the north and west of us. we may see a fast-moving system that may bring us a few snow showers. i am not expecting a lot around the metro area. 36 for the day on sunday. temperatures well below average for this time of year. i did promise you winter-like temperatures. look at wednesday of next week. highs will be around 33 degrees.
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adrianna: you may be one of many people struggling to keep your skin protected during the winter months. kim hutcherson gives tips to keep your skin from getting to dry.
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those who suffer from psoriasis, a skin disorder in which the body's immune system becomes overactive and attacks normal tissues. cold air has an extraordinarily low moisture content, which can still moisture from the skin, so be sure to protect yourself this winter by covering up when you go outdoors. layer up, and use moisturizers before you go outside. ,ndoors, cut down on those long hot showers. experts say they strip natural oils from the skin. fragrance freek, body cream after showering, and make sure you are using the right soap. switch to a moisturizing soap -- ditch scented body watch body wash to avoid itchy winter skin. member, just because there is less daylight does not mean you should not be using sunlight. i am jim hutchison. a tip for a next, wa
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adrianna: $300 written on the bottom line of the receipt. for katiehe tip woods. katie: i was in shock and everyone else was in shock. we were screaming. it was a really great moment. adrianna: i bet. she stopped the family of four to find out if they meant to leave that much.
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merry christmas, happy new year, happy birthday. her manager says it is well-deserved. she is a hard worker. katie says she is going to pay it forward. always good when a good person get something good. steve: that is awesome, a surprise that comes out of nowhere. and she is a you forward. our weather today is fine. it is good. 47 degrees. 42 tomorrow. look at sunday. colder by the middle of next week. around 33 degrees. temperatures will be in the 20's. into the upcoming weekend, coming up in just a few minutes. adrianna: stay with us. also, a daring rescue by this man, dang you might take something for your heart... your joints... also, a daring rescue by this man, dang or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you...
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with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. adrianna:
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three people have been killed after a shooting at a high school. , aboutppened in aztec two hours northwest of albuquerque. police are being tightlipped with details at this point, only saying the shooter is down. we will keep you up-to-date on the situation. this is what drivers in southern california could see on the way to work this afternoon -- wind-whipped wildfires. several are burning right now, forcing tens of thousands from their homes. kristin holmes is live in ventura county, california, with the latest on this firefight. adrianna, i want to show you what is going on behind me. this is ventura county, the biggest fire, 96,000 acres scorched. look at this fire, the wind blowing me out of the way. we are in a safe zone about half a mile down. we thought we were clear of the fire. this one popped up behind us. we
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location a few minutes ago. this is all because of the wind. you have heard so much about that. this is why firefighters are having such a hard time. they fanned the flames and can create an incredibly dangerous situation. smoke from some wildfires in southern california 10 bc and from the international space station. the situation likely to get worse. unfavorable weather conditions fueling the flames. >> there is a lot of potential on some large fire growth the north and west side of this to 48 hours.ext 24 kristin: officials say containment is minimal. >> this predicted wind event should last through saturday, so we have got several days before we are out of the woods. kristin: emotions running high as fires recap it in los angeles and ventura counties. >> i don't know what i
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right, because everything is burned down to the ground. kristin: a heroic moment as one man risks his life to save a wild rabbit from the flames on highway one. more than 260 public and charter schools in the los angeles area are closed to the rest of the week, and health officials advise residents to limit their times outdoors because of the smoke. >> there is a deep thicket of brush that did not burn in the 2015 fire two years ago. when the flames hit that, it went off like a gas bomb. kristin: there are roughly 2000 firefighters. the biggest fire in southern california, just to give you an idea of how big it is -- you remember those fires back in sonoma and napa that were in october. this is about three times the fire -- the size of this fire. last night, it was glowing -- going about an acre a second. adri
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of the california wildfires, a glimmer of hope. look at this man, face to face with the flames. this is all to save a rabbit he spotted while driving down the highway. in the video, you see the rabbit run toward the fire. he is frantically trying to capture it and literate to him. finally, he calls the rabbit over, and eventually, it falls out. he scoops it up and hopefully takes it to safety. abc 7 is on your side. a government watchdog investigator, nathan bacher, is from ventura, california. he wrote about what it is like to watch his hometown burn from the other side of the country. read his story. you can do so on the abc 7 news at. -- app in manassas city detective violated the rights of a 17-year-old suspect during a sex thing investigation -- sexting investigation. david abbott took photos of the suspect's genitals after his arrest for sending
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photos to his 16 your old. abbott committed suicide as police tried to arrest him on child molestation charges. steve rudin is here with a check of the forecast. youe: a pretty afternoon if want to go down to the capitol building. the christmas tree looking nice. it will look better after sunset, once the sun goes down. looking at belle haven country club, no one is out there today. it is too chilly. even colder air on the way later this weekend and into next week. 48 degrees, reagan national. winds at seven mph. if you are going to be out this afternoon, make sure your have a jacket and sunglasses. clouds will thicken a little bit to the west. good news -- it does stay dry for this afternoon into this evening. if you do have outdoor shopping plans, no worries. here is the temperature trend as we move through the afternoon and into early evening. upper 40's to around 50. we are talking about the weekend.
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the dmv. violent reaction to president trump's reaction yesterday that the u.s. now recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital. israeliians clash with troops. and the burning of american and israeli flags. molly hunter has the latest. have: middle east leaders been warning about this for days. in gaza and across the west bank, violent clashes. over trump's decision. hundreds of palestinian , reacting with the israeli military. dozens injured according to the palestinian red cross. tear gas and rubber bullets. the israeli military showing some restraint, pulling back until the clashes weakened in the afternoon. the state department warning that israel can
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damage control in reaction to president trump's reaction. the turkish prime minister said the u.s. pulled the pin on a bomb. the saudi's have condemned an impossible u.s. decision. region, u.s. embassies beefing up security, while the israeli prime minister says even more countries are now interested in moving their embassies to jerusalem. of apparentlyo three days of rage. tomorrow is the big day, friday prayers. those are the biggest muslim prayers of the week areas in the hours after, that is what we will be watching. molly hunter, ramallah, west bank. adrianna: the highway back open after being closed for hours, after hitting a poll -- after a car hit a pole. wires were left hanging. pepco crews spent a while putting every thing back together. it is now open. a pennsylvania county, virginia woman is recovering in hospital after being re
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she was trapped for days. her boyfriend died. the two were leaving home when the woman hit the gas pedal, sending the car backward into a ravine. they could not get the car out. the man went for help but died after he could not get out of the ravine. the woman was still there, honking the horn. >> i looked across the road and said, it looks like a vehicle transverse through the weeds. at this point, i heard somebody yell for help. >> that is the off-duty officer who found her after someone reported the couple missing. policeight light is what helicopter pilots say they saw while on patrol. someone named a red laser at them from the ground. police say there were no other officers available on the ground, so they landed the chopper and chased down the suspect. the pilots said they counted a total of 10 laser beam flashes, blinding them. coupleted us for a seconds. extremely painful. once we me
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initiallythe man denied wrongdoing, but confessed to the crime. he claimed it was just for fun and he did not realize how far the beam could travel. noon, up on abc 7 news at the royal family, targeted. the shocking plot
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. >> this bill has been agreed to. the prime minister. [applause] australia has officially legalized same-sex marriage across the continent. it follows years
12:43 pm
battles and debate. weddings are expected to take place in february. the royal family is on edge after an alleged threat against prince george. the suspect is in custody, charged with encouraging attacks against the four-year-old. british authorities have charged this man with terrorism offenses after prosecutors say he threatened prince george, allegedly posting a picture of the four-year-old with details of his preschool on social media, with an ominous message prosecutors say was to help others planned terror attacks. >> to have the evidence against quite --must have been reporter: the picture shows the young royal on his way to school, alongside silhouettes of isis fighters, and texts saying the royal family would not be left alone.
12:44 pm
this comes months after a security breach on prince george's first day of preschool in september. this super fan, 40-year-old luis gentry, gave unauthorized access to his school not once, but twice in 24 hours. authorities characterized the woman as mentally ill after detaining her know the school. in 2003, a comedian dressed in traditional arab garb crashed prince william's 21st birthday party. he got all the way to the prince, even kissing him on both cheeks. was arrestedman seven minutes after scaling the wall of buckingham palace. in the early 1980's, michael sagan was able to scale the same wall before climbing up a drainpipe and breaking into the palace. then wandering into the queen's bedroom. she woke up and spoke for 10 minutes until security arrived. recently, the threat is evolving. >> the
12:45 pm
at is somewhat different. they are looking to achieve an form of rather than any financial or political motivation, which makes them more dangerous. reporter: all eyes are on the oft royal wedding, tens thousands expected to line the streets outside windsor capital -- windsor castle this may, when they take their vows at st. george's cap -- chapel. before megan walks down the isle, the newest princess will receive security training, just as kate did before her wedding to chris william. they will teach the bride to be how to react in an emergency situation. a terror attack, or being taken hostage. adrianna: as we prepare for a maker blast, remember to sure your home is ready for cold temperatures. >> take a look. this is an example of a water main break. already, they
12:46 pm
than 300 in the month of november alone. there are about 1801 or main breaks each year. most happen between november and february. there are miles of water mains in the county. 40% are more than 50 years old. today, they showed how they are prepared for the season, and how the cold water can lead to trouble. >> the brittleness of the pipes and the temperature of the water come together and cause either us to have circle breaks, which are really easy to repair with a clamp, or separates, which are more devastating. reporter: these are what is being used to replace the old mains. they are zinc coated and extend to life of the mains from 75 100 years, leading to fewer water main breaks. in hyattsvil
12:47 pm
adrianna: good advice, because it is getting cold. steve: it is good to get really cold for the second half of the weekend, and a reinforcing cold front as we move into the next week. adrianna: just to make sure you know it is cold. steve: just to make sure. we are getting closer to christmas, 18 days away. before you know it, it is going to be here. a little bit of blue over rehobeth beach, delaware. on the boardwalk, it is chilly, but still a pretty picture. temperatures across the border in the mid-to-upper 40's. dulles, manassas, fredericksburg, inside the district, looking at temperatures around 48, 49 degrees. we may gain a degree or two as we move through the afternoon hours, but do not expected bigger warm up. the sunshine beginning to fade a little bit. we are a couple of degrees warmer. to the west, about three degrees milder, over at reagan national airport. here is the cloud cover beginning to filter in.
12:48 pm
if you are headed outdoors to grab a bite for lunch, you are going to want to grab sunglasses. if you are looking for a few some flakes -- snowflakes, you are not going to find them today. pennsylvania and west virginia will see a few snow showers. dmv,es stay dry around the with temperatures slightly below average for this time of year. temperatures for this afternoon will be in the mid to upper 40's. dry roadways around the capital beltway. tonight, it is going to be called out there. mostly cloudy skies. if you are going to do some late evening shopping, maybe at the outlet malls, you are going to want to bundle up. georgetown is going to be chilly. futurecast tomorrow, sunshine once again back in the forecast. it will stay dry just off the coast. watching a storm system that may glance parts of the area late tomorrow night. other than tha
12:49 pm
around our area. here is your day planner for tomorrow. highs will be cooler than we have right now, only in the low 40's. adding clouds later in the afternoon. this is our futurecast. i want to stop it at 9:00 in the morning on saturday. notice how extreme southern tips of delmarva and southern maryland could be looking at wet weather. this model could fluctuate further off toward the east -- excuse me, the west. inland, that could mean wintry weather for parts of the area. other than that, may see a few snow showers early sunday morning. not expecting a lot. nothing that is going to cause any type of travel delays. sunday will be just around 36 degrees. average for this time of year, around 49. look at the 10 day outlook. it does show temperatures that are going to cool for the second half of the weekend. a brief warm-up monday and tuesday. as we head into wednesday of next week, looking at a high of only 33
12:50 pm
lows that will hover around 20 degrees. that is it. adrianna: thanks, steve. coming up, a seven on your side consumer alert.
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adrianna: m. just made this announcement. the urbana pike ridge in frederick county -- it was struck by a commercial vehicle. it will stay closed for up to 60 degrees. you see urbana pike bridge in frederick county. that will stay closed for 60 days. american airlines says it's recent scheduling snafu will cost at least
12:53 pm
a glitch gave too many pilots time off during the holidays. flightsine now says no will need to be canceled. a consumer alert for you about a phishing scam. kerry received in email that appeared to be from paypal. she said she purchased a go pro camera from ebay -- she did not buy it. she tried to report an unwanted purchase. >> click here. enter in log in to paypal. it directed me to another page where it wanted me to enter more telephonen, address, numbers, things like that. i thought, this does not look right. adrianna: she had been lured by and the mail scam. when she logged into the real paypal, nothing was wrong. if you get an enough from the company about a purchase you did not make, do not click on any links. log into the company the way you would normally do so.
12:54 pm
strong. the digital currency is now worth more than $15,000. at the start of the year, each bitcoin was worth less than $800. question is, how high will it go? and when will the price come crashing down if it does? we will have a final check of the forecast when we come back.
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her home so a woman can see her unique collection of nativity sets. she has 800 of them. she began collecting them 56 years ago. pets,ts include cowboys, characters from the peanuts comics. her favorite features for children and grandchildren. >> i tell everyone, no more nativities. i am not going to buy anymore unless they are very unique. but i still added 50 this year. adrianna: every nativity scene is clearly marked and recorded in her handmade encyclopedia. at least it is a cute obsession. steve: she had a couple of them power wind streams. temperature on the chilly side. we are not going to call it supercold, because that is not until the end of the weekend and the middle of next week area 36 sunday. look at wednesday of next week. only around 33 degrees in town. adrianna:
12:58 pm
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announcer: strut your stuff. because it's time for "the chew's" seventh annual ugly sweater party. the fabulous ayesha curry stops by in her holiday worst to make a new twist on breakfast that'll blow your mind. >> yes, please. >> then michael's five in five is back, and he's got a simple sensation that's a perfect fit for your next get together. plus, is it store bought or not? clinton's off the rack creation is going to be off the hook. we're donning our awfully appealing apparel right now, on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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