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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 8, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] adrianna: right now we are bracing for our first snow. it is that time of year again. some parts could see as -- snow as early as midnight. i am here with steve rudin. i will let you be the bearer of snow news. steve: a lot of folks are excited about this -- holiday season, right in the middle of it, and the timing will work out very well. not going to look for a big impact for the rush-hour commute this evening. no impact for that matter.
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chilly side. it is late tonight, early tomorrow morning that we will see snow develop across the metro area. we have a winter weather advisory that will go into effect at midnight tonight including the district, arlington, alexandria, all of southern maryland. once again, midnight tonight until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. how much are we talking about? around the immediate metro area, anywhere between one to three inches of snow. it is not going to be a powdery snow,but a dense, wet great for making snowmen, great for snowball fights. we are looking at the highest totals were parts might see upwards of three from the beaten four inches of snow before the system moves out of here. here is what it looks like. no worries, at least for this afternoon into this evening. it is late tonight where we look for this to kick off. an area of low pressure will
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tomorrow afternoon. this is what we expect in terms of snow totals for the metro area -- anywhere between one to three inches. higher amounts to the south and east of us. we will break this down and give you timing tonight into tomorrow morning plus the rest of the weekend and into next week. another shot of colder air on the way. adrianna: for the latest on this snow news be sure to download our stormwatch 7 weather app for free constant updates on the conditions in your area. breaking right now -- bloodshed in the streets of northwest. a fight between two coworkers at walter reed annex escalated. one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other one to death. john gonzalez is live at the scene, and apparently these two had a history of tense encounters. john: adrianna, it sounds like these guys did not like each other. police chief peter newsham said the
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shortly after 8:00 this morning, and the shooting actually occurring on the grounds here at walter reed. it is still an active scene at this hour. a tow truck now moving into move away some of the vehicles involved in this. this area is also under construction. both men involved in this believed to be workers here. the chief says he believes they were shuttle bus drivers that shuttled construction workers in and out of the area. both men knew each other. they had a history, and today they had a nasty argument that turned violent. the chief telling me there was a serious assault occurring when one man pulled out a gun, shooting and killing the other. reedis section of walter is pretty isolated. there are very few people up here. it is enclosed. to gain access to this facility, you have to come through the guard gate. john:
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area caps off. the man who died, believed to be in his 20's, has not been identified. gun in his 50's is not being called a suspect at this hour, only a person of interest being questioned. outctives trying to figure if this was self-defense or cold-blooded murder. adrianna: now to a case that has baffled police in dca virginia for nearly a decade -- police started searching for the body of pamela butler. her killer told authorities he would lead them to remains in stafford county. qat is where we find our mccray this afternoon. q. the search for her body is causing traffic on the northbound and southbound lanes even of the search is in the express lanes. we have sky track 7 over the same
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view of the search. d.c. police are out now, assisted by virginia state police, and they are searching of pamela butler in the express lanes here, right next to the telegraph road overpass. we have some video to show you -- a picture of pamela butler. she was murdered in 2009, and that is a crime that her boyfriend admits to committing. back in october, he was in court and accepted a plea deal. he accepted 12 years behind bars if he admitted to the crime and told police where he disposed of his girlfriend's body. the boyfriend's name, jose rodriguez-cruz. he told police he did posttest disposed of the body in the stafford county area of i-95, north of dumfries. that is where police are right now. you come back to our live shot,
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vehicles in the express lanes. the search is going on right now. the issue with the search, back in 2009, the area you are looking at right now was woods between the north and southbound lanes of i-95. now you can see it is an express lane. they are hoping the cadaver dog picks of pamela butler's scent and brings her family some much-needed closure. that is the latest right now. live from stafford county, i-95, i am q mccray. adrianna: cruise doing all they can to slow down six fast acting burning wildfires burning out of control. marci gonzalez is n.l. lay with more on these -- on this uphill battle. marci
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gonzalez: the latest battle scorching in fewer than 12 hours. >> fire was coming right at us. it had spread in minutes. marci at least four injured. gonzalez: the latest battle scorching in fewer than 12 hours. julie: >> it is crazy. 20 homes destroyed. -- fire crews dropping fire retardant, catching the family inside of this house off guard. fueled by fires are wind gusts topping 55 miles an hour. >> as you can see, the fire is pretty far away. marci: the largest fire in ventura county scorching even more. >> the whole town could go down. marci: more than 400 homes and buildings there have been destroyed. the winds are a little bit later today, so firefighters are hoping this will help them start to get these fires under control. marci gonzalez, abc news adrianna:. adrianna:stay with abc numeral -- news. adrianna: stay with abc
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12:30 p.m. a massive fire response in jessup overnight. more than 50 firefighters put out flames at a super eight motel on washington boulevard. those flames were contained to just one room, and it was put out quickly. and luckily no one was hurt. ,a frightening ordeal for a man police say was rocked -- robin his own home. they say three armed men broke into a home at a home right near gaithersburg middle school. they stole two guns, a wallet, and a cell phone. the man in the apartment was not injured. now to a developing story on capitol hill, al franken and trent franks both residing after sexual harassment allegations. >> a sexual
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presents. trent franks admits he discussed surrogacy with two female staffers when he and his wife were trying to conceive. he is adamant i never had sexual -- with anyone, but i became sensitive to how a discussion of a personal topic might affect others. the arizona, smith the first republican to step aside amidst claims of sexual conduct -- misconduct, and did so at the urging of paul ryan. the announcement came the same day -- senator franken in the coming : weeks, i will be resigning as a member of the united states senate. >> senator franken about to pressure -- bowed to pressure from democratic colleagues to resign. and earlier this week -- conyers: my legacy will continuehr
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conyers has denied allegations against him, while frank and sayss -- denies some and others he remembers differently. visits to ourny online information to report sexual harassment. >> the house ethics committee taking new steps to investigate allegations that texas representative blake ference sexually harassed a former staffer and settled the claim in 2015 with taxpayer money that he is now promised to repay, but still denies wrongdoing. adrianna: well, he is not going to alabama to campaign for roy moore. he will be a few miles from the state line in pensacola holding a rally. the president sent out another tweet in support of the embattled candidate. he denies allegations from eight women who have accused him of sexual misconduct when a were teenagers and he was i
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30's. growing calls to suspend the new toll lanes on interstate 66. this comes after tolls topped out at $40 for some solo drivers. more than 15 state senators and delegates are calling for an immediate suspension to the program. the demands are politically motivated and say the tolls are working as planned. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, lavar ball with another shot at president trump. details on a tweet that is going viral. plus the crash that will give you goosebumps -- find out what caused this. first, a quick check of traffic in our area with eric smith. eric: thank you, adriana. good afternoon. it is going to be a busy right in stafford county for the police investigation in the express lanes. you can tell they are blocked. on the top side of the screen, northbound traffic coming up this way. this is the southbound
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mine road just below dumfries wrote where delays began for the southbound drive. i don't have a good viewpoint, but you can see express lanes are closed. southbound traffic is pretty heavy. i am looking at separate delays. this is at woodbridge past week 23 as you go through a bottleneck here. that is already a little bit slow with just friday volume. that could be a big mess later on this afternoon. roadwork continues in silver spring. you will see the right lane is blocked, then it is a separate works on on spring street where the left side of the road is blocked off. it will be an ongoing hassle for that stress. and to a chat on the capital beltway. this is going to be the inner loop headed back to rude four. you can
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down. it will be a heavy ride for a shorter stretch.
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a new chapter in the feud between the president and lavar ball, the former special president -- the father of uclar you love yes basketball player liangelo ball. the feuds started after the president demanded a public thank you after he says he helped free the younger ball into teammates from china for shoplifting. this is caught on camera. in driver of a transit bus florida lost control and crashed into a pickup truck.
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able to hand down to this gearing wheel there. the cause of the crash, the buses rims came off. fortune and nobody was seriously injured in this. a dramatic rescue reported by police body cameras in atlanta. take a look. well, the video shows officers struggling to free two people from the burning car. the doors are jammed. a fire extinguisher failed to put out the flames, and a police baton is not breaking the glass. >> we are screaming, help me, please, i don't want to die. it was kind of rough at times. adrianna: they were out of options, so the officers poured water on to the burning car. that bought them a few extra minutes until the fire department arrived, put out the fire, and then freed the two people outside. police see a lot of things on a daily basis, but one copy in n
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out of this world while he was on patrol. his -- camera caught a -- his dashcam caught a fireball streaking through the sky. it was not an alien coming to earth. it was a meteorite. scientists say that meteorite was possibly thousands of miles away. today marks one year since the opening of mgm national harbor, and after hosting several big-name stars, that resort has become one of the most important economic engines in prince george's county. last night -- month, and jim national harbor top $50 million in revenue for the seventh time. >> they are the largest taxpayer in the county. we are excited they are here. they are hiring almost 4000 jobs. it has been a success. adrianna: at the local level, 57% of money goes to education. there will be $160
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guess where this is. suzanne: not here. suzanne:at least not get -- steve: not here. at least not yet. adrianna: not here, not yet. this is atlanta, georgia, and having some snow covering the buildings. is this the system coming our way? steve: it is. the winter advisory and where the airport is, they had a winter storm warning. i just checked the reagan flights. they are deleted by -- delayed by two hours were canceled. if you have travel plans that take you to the major hub city of atlanta, expect delays, cancellations, and double check ahead of time. for us, the timing will work to our advantage. it will not impact the friday evening rush-hour commute. for those of you taking amtrak to philadelphia or the northeast corridor, not going to see any problems, at least not earlier this evening.
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into effect at midnight tonight including the district, arlington, montgomery county, and all of southern maryland. these areas could see upwards of one to three inches of snow, and the further south and east you go, especially across parts of south america's county, you might see upwards of three, maybe even four inches of snow. right now, a winter weather advisory. a winter storm warning says you would see five inches. right now that is not the case, and we will keep a close eye on it for you. rehoboth beach, temperatures are chilly, cooler than we were yesterday at this time. 38 at dulles. 40 in manassas. 40 in fredericksburg. if you are going out this afternoon, a quick stop to the mall, no problems. we are not looking at any rain, not looking at any snow. temperatures in the lower-40's. the rush-hour commute looks ok around the capital beltway off toward nth
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county. temperatures hovering around 40 degrees, well above freezing. if you do see a few flakes of snow, they are not going to stick. later tonight, we expect to see the main event around the metro area. satellite and radar, nothing for us right now. widen the view out just a bit. we saw the video out of atlanta. plenty of snow. this is moving our way to forecast tonight, winter weather advisory at midnight. slick spot south and east of d.c.. i have this starting at midnight tonight. it has no impact on the metro area, at least not early on, but i 6:00 tomorrow morning, getting theearly, you will see flakes falling. by 11:30 and noon, it continues around our area. the flakesas we move toward the late afternoon hours, 4:00 p.m. notice how everything moves to the east. we might see partial clearing with a few flurries to the west of us.
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conditions for the second half of the weekend. snowfall potential, anywhere from one to three inches. afters going to start midnight tonight and will wrap up through the afternoon hours. the day planner tomorrow, if you are out and about doing some shopping, temperatures will only be in the 30's. make sure you bundle up. the worst of the weather will come in the morning and afternoon hours. a great time to download your stormwatch 7 weather app. our 10-day outlook, we are looking for a shot of colder air for the middle of next
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want some inspirational stories for a change? you gotta check out the american dream. saturdays, 1pm, newschannel8
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adrianna: mostad
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are and whether or not we are brothers or sisters, but for those that don't, the question "who am i can linger for a lifetime. one local mother and daughter set off together to find their shared history and solve the mystery of their identity. christmas may be weeks away, but sylvia has been given an early here -- gift by her daughter. >> i've never felt so thankful my entire life for anything. suzanne: after years of not knowing her true identity, this 66-year-old arlington woman now knows where she comes from. >> being able to give that gift to her is no words, there are no words. suzanne: she was adopted when she was around four years old, growing up as the only child of two african-american parents, knowing only her birth name was dorothy. her whole life, she felt a void, like something just was not right. >> i did not look like my adoptive mother.
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she was dark skinned. people used to ask her who the little girl was that she was keeping. suzanne: this fall, she and her daughter set off on a genealogical journey, and unknown path into her past. they did a dna test through, which let her home. her daughter read her the results. >> he was adopted too and his half-sister's name is dorothy. >> for the first time, i saw the -- who i looks like, tears automatically came. i thought she was beautiful. i love to her right then. suzanne: within weeks, a reunion was planned for southwest virginia. >> in this whole crazy world of divisive times, we were nervous going down there. i had found uncle billy. does anybody know we are black?
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[laughter] suzanne: silvio met her three brothers and a sister and learned of her long-lost family. >> i open my arms and hugged them and we did not want to let go of each other. it was so beautiful. suzanne: after decades of questions and uncertainty, one simple test providing clarity.
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through the afternoon hours. no worries of snow or rain for the rush-hour commute. late tonight, a winter weather advisory goes into effect. it includes the district and surrounding areas in all of southern maryland. they could see upwards of one to three inches by the time the system moves out of here. late tomorrow afternoon, expect slick spots and a slow go.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. just one firefighters in california started making progress on multiple wildfires, a sixth fire exploded overnight. kristen, are these conditions getting any better for firefighters? well, age rihanna, officials one today might be
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the ground battling these six blazes, but there does not seem to be any end in sight. red inis the new california. officials announcing the fire weather is so extreme, they are changing the color coding system, including purple for the first time. dry conditions and santa ana fueling explosive wildfires across southern california, including two new blazes firing up thursday. one known as the lilac fire. for those that have not been currently impacted by the fire, they will need to prepare as if they will be impacted by the fire. where will they go -- what are their escape routes? what will they do with their pets, and do they have their vehicles loaded to go? meanwhile, firefighters continue to battle
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>> i used to be a firefighter. this, wildfires are just absolutely scary. you don't know what is going to happen. they change on a whim. mother nature is powerful. kristen: we told you about the fires yesterday and showed you some of them. we wanted to show you that instruction. take a look at the scene behind me. we are entering the holiday season, and there are homes destroyed -- belongings turned to ash, and it is not just here, not even just this street. it is all over southern california. the thomas fire, still the largest fire, has now consumed 132,000 acres, and again, no sign of letting up. adrianna: kristin holmes live in ventura county, california. check this out -- college station, texas, where up to two and a half inches of snow fell thursday night and it looks like people were out there enjoying
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used to seeing. this is the system headed our way, sort look sick we will get some snowflakes this weekend. steve: a little bit of snow for everyone. i have a friend who lives in mexico, and they saw snow last night. for us, it'll be quiet, at least this afternoon into the evening hours. it is not until late tonight, tomorrow morning, and during the day tomorrow that we will see the main event. a winter weather advisory will go into effect including the district, all of its george's , fairfax, charles, southern maryland, montgomery county, parts of loudoun county and prince william county. this is tonight into early tomorrow. we could see upwards of one to three inches of snow by the time the system moves out of here. some areas might see more than that. others less. frederick, maryland, not expect to see a lot. temperatures outside right now --
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we do want to show you what it looks like on storm watch 7 satellite and radar. to the south across leonardtown, not amounting to a lot. temperatures are well above freezing. not looking for anything to stick to the ground or have a big impact as they move into this afternoon and this evening. we will talk about the start time for the snow inside the beltway and southern maryland, and another blast of much colder air on the way. arrives, aof this great time to download your stormwatch 7 weather app. more on the outlook in just a few minutes. adrianna: as you heard steve say, download the stormwatch 7 weather app for free updates on conditions in our area. right now the search resumes for the body of pamela butler nearly a decade after her ex-boyfriend killed her. now he has agreed to tell police where to find her body. q mccray is in stafford county where the search continues for her.
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q: we are going northbound on i-95. i have to show you the traffic. the search is causing traffic here on northbound and southbound lanes even though the search is actually going on in the express lanes. we have sky track 7 over the scene. ofgives you a birds eye view the search. d.c. police are out right now with kind ever dogs. they are searching for the body of pamela butler in the express lanes here, right next to the telegraph road overpass. we have some video to show you -- a picture of pamela butler. she was murdered back in 2009. and that is a crime that her boyfriend admits to committing. back in october he was in court and accepted a plea deal. he accepted 12 years behind bars if he admitted to the crime, and told police where he
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the boyfriend's name jose , rodriguez-cruz. he told police he disposed of the body the stafford county i-95, north of dumfries. that is where police are right now. if you come back to the live shot, you will notice vehicles in the express line. the search is going on right now. the issue with the search -- back in 2009, the area you are looking at right now was woods between the north and southbound lanes of i-95. now, as you can see, it is an express lane. they are hoping the cadaver dog cents up pamela butler's s and brings her family some much-needed closure. live from i-95 in stafford, i am q mccray, abc 7 news. we are four days before voters
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the alabama senate race, and one of roy moore's accusers is speaking exclusively to abc news. to think aboute what might go on with him if he gets into office. he could be doing this still -- we don't know. then again, i hope he has changed. youngs morning, beverly anderson sitting down exclusively with gma. moores 16 when she says groped her. >> he was trying to pull me between his legs. i was bound and determined i was not going to be raped by him. i was terrified. the next thing i know, i am on the concrete. aremoore: these allegations completely false, malicious. i do not know any of these women, nor have i ever engaged in sexual misconduct with anyone. >>o
12:39 pm
ore supporters have called nelson a liar, even compared to a criminal when she first broke out three weeks ago. me, roy that hurt knows, god knows what happened. he knew her with this inscription, but supporters doubted it. she says she did make notes to the inscription but the notes were roy moore. >> he signed your yearbook. >> he did sign it. >> you made notes underneath? >> yes. >> she said this is not about politics. she voted for donald trump. >> what to think about republicans who say they believe people like you, but they would rather have a republican in that seat than a mo
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than what happened? i feel like the incident is being swept under the rug literally because he is a republican. adrianna: well, he doesn't even know how to make coffee -- that of the fiancee of george papadopoulos, the former adviser played guilty in the russia investigation. she says an attempt to dismiss him as a coffee boy is incorrect and insulting. with set up meetings leaders all over the world, and he was counsel in touch with high level officials in the anyaign and never took letters adrianna:. adrianna:he will be sentenced next month. it has been a year since the mgm national harbor opened, and the hotel and casino is a smash hit with people in prince george's county. the maryland bureau
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bell is there with how it will be celebrated and a look back at its success so far. here has conservatory been decorated for the holidays. they flipped over about a week and a half ago. tonight, to celebrate the one-year anniversary, this place will be set up as a party with live music and there will be fireworks. this place has been by any account an absolute success. in the year it has been open, they have seen 6 million visitors to the gaming revenue has been on the order of $600 million, and their contribution to the education trust fund, $170 million. mgme were the projections promised the county, and one of the things they are telling us they are most proud of, they have exceeded their goals for local hiring. >> have 3700 employees. our goal our
12:42 pm
four years for and -- three and four. we have already exceeded the four-your goal. brad: he is one of the natives hired and he says the place where he works as many positive difference. >> it has meant everything to the community. is a destination resort pretty much 20 minutes away from everything. brad: tonight, just like one year ago, there will be a celebration, the one-year anniversary of mgm.
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your side. adrianna: we are new details on how meghan markle may spend the holidays with the family. adrian bank has more on this. : it is beginning to look a lot like christmas for meghan markle and the prince. they're expected to join festivities with her majesty the queen. according to the times of london, they will also see what santa brought prince george and princess charlotte at william and kate's home. the prince and his fiancee leave for a fun-filled holiday. it is anticipated megan will make time to see friends and family. the 36 euros's relook --36-year-old's relocation means leaving work on to charities as an ambassador. and a united nations women's advocate. >> i am proud to be a woman and a feminist. instead, she will
12:46 pm
focusing on problems like mental health, and cyber bullying. >> she has shown a lot of interest in young people. she has also shown she is very keen to stand up for people that are underprivileged, people that do not have a voice. >> with prince harry recognized globally for inspirational work, a crowning achievement, the highly attended invictus game, megan might be what the fifth in line to the throne was looking for. harry: trying to have as much of an impact on the things we care about as much as possible. to focus megan trying on the u.k., getting to know the country, instead of continuing with her own passion projects. >> some might have been too political. >> it is not a win since the couple had their first public engagement on world aids day, echoing the sentiments of princess diana, who fou
12:47 pm
when it was taboo to do so without gloves 30 years ago. adrianna: very good for her. speaking of the holidays. snow is here. steve: it is a nice feeling. it is a friday. everyone is winding down. adrianna: says the person who spent four hours putting together a wreath. this is your season. steve: it is the first i ever did. it turned out ok. it has not fallen off the door yet. i will give you an update on the winter weather advisory. it goes into effect at midnight tonight including the district, the capital beltway, southern maryland. heading to stafford, king george county. these are the areas most likely to see snow, and it should not begin until later tonight. if you have plans later this evening or this afternoon into the early evening hours, you will be fine, but snow totals a -- to w inches
12:48 pm
across the capital beltway. , thisou see over here thin band around fredericksburg moving into southern maryland. temperatures are still well into the lower-40's. it is going to melt. the main event is to the south and east of us. it moves our way later today. we will see colder air interacting with this. that is why we have snow in the forecast. for now, looking good. national harbor, maybe doing some shopping for the midday hours -- no problems. you will not need the sunglasses. 34, winchester. lower-40's downtown d.c.. pax river at 41 degrees. out to lunch forecastle show temperatures under cloudy skies. the commute home tonight, no problems at all in terms of weather-related issues. 40 at 5:00 p.m.. we hold in the lower 40's as we move through the rush hour. the winter weather
12:49 pm
advisory -- a snow in wintry mix mainly after midnight. it will start south and west of town, then work its way up toward the north and east. this is what it looks like our by our -- hour-by-hour. most of the action south of d.c. just past midnight tonight. as you are sleeping tonight and waking up early tomorrow morning, you will notice flakes beginning to fall. just turning to eat its way up into frederick. all of this moves out of here. a few gradual snow showers remaining behind it. other than that, snow totals upwards of one to three inches. we need to stress that parts of southern maryland could see upwards of three to maybe even four inches of snow. looking at a winter weather advisory -- lesser amounts toward the northwest. we look keep you updated here on abc 7 all afternoon into the evening hours and into the day tomorrow for the snow. once it comes to an end
12:50 pm
be cold that state. temperatures tomorrow will they make it into the middle and upper-30's. the snow begins to wane in the afternoon hours. download your stormwatch 7 weather app. a good tool to have with you. not only can you check radar, you can check temperatures, and if you are traveling, it works when you are away from the area. here is the outlook. 37 for a high sunday. another shot of cold air in the middle of next week.
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adrianna: they are back now with an inspiring health story. a couple's -- shed nearly 400
12:53 pm
and danny readky in 2015. this is the couple after collectively losing nearly 400 pounds in less than two years. 28 to at from a size size 10. >> i went from a 46 to a 34. >> it started as a new year's resolution. danny was 280 pounds. lexu was 485 pounds. they set out to change that, hitting the gym, and documenting it all. >> i never expected to have such an impact on so many people by losing weight. i just wanted to get healthy. >> denny now weighs 191 pounds, to 182. is down
12:54 pm
park. >> not doing much of anything to being in the gym five part -- times a week. >> the hardest part of the meal,y was changing every it was a drastic change. >> fitness is one key to success is having someone to lean on. accountability is everything. at every day is going to be great day -- not every day you will want to give it your all. at least you will have someone to say today is my day to uplift you and vice versa. >> now they say they are loving the journey together. >> from not talking to going on romantic walks and talking at night, it really brought us closer together. >> good for them. adrianna: next at noon, preparing for the season's
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adrianna: well, if you're not in the holiday spirit yet -- steve: this is going to put you in it. i need to stretch -- stress the snow that will fall will be good packing snow. do you want a snowball fight? adrianna: i am with it. steve: tomorrow will be a good day. southern maryland, relations one to three inches of snow. southern maryland, that is when to be the bullseye zone. fresh, new information for you coming up at 4:00 p.m.. we will update the storm every second of the night and online.
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♪ >> announcer: time for tinsel. that's right, we're celebrating the season with an hour of festive and foolproof sweets. michael's making a decadent chocolate cake with the incredible john cena. then, it's back to baking basics as carla makes a christmas classic. plus, clinton's partying it up in the kitchen with actress kadee strickland. >> are you kidding me? >> announcer: it's about to get festive as heck up in here right now on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good afternoon. welcome to "the chew." thank you. you know, the holidays


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