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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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went crazy. autria: a grieving father speaking out. he finds his own son dead. larry: roy moore not backing down. his new message aimed at washington. autria: an insider on the west side, dragged out of the white house. larry: winter weather leading to some school closings this morning. allegheny county schools are closed. we are hearing some individual schools as well, and you can see all of the closings at the bottom of your screen or through the abc 7 app. a lot going on. i am larry smith. autria: i am autria godfrey. what is going on? the last we mentioned couple of days that we would have a burst of snow
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cause the most trouble. i still took my mustang ian and did just fine, so take it slow. allow yourself some extra prep time getting out the door. here is i've 70 at u.s. 29, atffic moving along -- i 70 u.s. 29, traffic moving along slowly. some snow showers around frederick, maryland and washington county, headed eastbound. couple of minutes, a burst of snow in howard county. 32 degrees. the forecast is going up to 40 degrees for recess time, 41 late. the warmer weekend coming our way. julie: i need to be like a kid. 40 degrees to a kid with a coat is like 80 degrees in the summer. southbound 95, mus
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beltway. here is the crash, up to seven vehicles involved, and only the left lane is getting by. stick with 295 and the bw parkway. that will save you a lot of time to avoid that crash. here is the overturned truck southbound 395 toward the pentagon. line-up to the right to get by. within the next 10 minutes i will take a look at the commute in germantown. >> i told them and they never said anything else. spot, nobody cared to look, was the spot i found my son. autria: new questions and montgomery county, a father telling us about the moment he found his son dead. larry: now he wants to know if more could have been done to save his life.
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bethesda with more. suzanne: we are getting a clearer picture of exactly how it ended up saturday night in these woods in bethesda. much of this information coming from his father and police providing details about the death of this teenager. laneis the house on elgin where police say he and some friends attended a party where there was underage drinking. policeen captured -- spoke with the kids and told them to go home, addressing the fact that he was intoxicated and his friends should make sure he got there. 18 hours later, police conducted a search near where we are when the body was found by his father by the bannock burden swim club. >> i just went all over the woods, just looking everywhere.
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rock with the pond about six foot by six foot, two feet deep, and he was laying there face up. and as you can imagine, i went crazy, went down, pulled him out. suzanne: this has been a difficult few weeks for students at walt whitman high school. have lost two classmates within the last couple of weeks. an autopsy is being conducted, although authorities believe the death was accidental. live in bethesda, suzanne kennedy. autria: a death investigation in downtown silver spring, still few details, but police were called to this high-rise on fenwick lane for a report of an assault. and they arrived, they found a man and woman dead. we are working to get more informa
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text alerts to get the latest updates as we get them. a traffic alert in montgomery county, expect delays in just an hour for the funeral of deputy fire marshal sander cohen who was hit and killed last friday on i to 70. -- i 270. delays around montrose road should last until the early afternoon. continues toore fight for a seat in the u.s. senate and has declined to concede. here is his new message. >> no longer is this about republican or democrat control, it is about a washington establishment which will not listen to the cries of its citizenry, and the battle rages on. jones,moore lost to doug who received unprecedented support from black women. at
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unlikely. autria: a white house insider telling her side of the story after she was reportedly dragged out of the west wing. adrianna hopkins has more on this dramatic exit. sounds like a reality show. adrianna: reports of whether omarosa manigalt was fired and escorted out of the building or resigned, the statement was that she resigned and the secret service say they were not part of the process. her official last day is january 20, and the president tweeted overnight -- thank you for your service, i hope you have continued success. she was in the office of public liaison. later this morning, she is sitting down with michael strahan for an exclusive interview right here on abc seven. denieda congressman who sexually assau
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has apparently taken his own life, found dead of an apparent gunshot wound. he insisted that claims he assaulted a girl in the basement of his home are untrue. hours before his death, he posted a facebook message asking people to take care of his wife and wrote that ptsd is a sickness that will "take my life." to nab the.c. trying guy behind a possible hate crime . out of nowhere, he starts pepper spraying that woman on the left. she falls to the ground and the guy runs off. he has already covered his nose and mouth ahead of time, all of this happening on georgia avenue northwest around 1:45 in the afternoon. marks five years since 26 people were shot and killed in the massacre at sandy hook elementary school.
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-- children and educators. president obama called for meaningful action on gun control. those go major pieces of legislation failed and the summit. advocates are holding a vigil outside the nra headquarters in fairfax. larry: the fcc is likely voting to kill net neutrality on a partyline basis. while this sounds like technical talk, net neutrality stops internet providers from deliberately slowing down internet sites and apps, and charging use discharging you extra to use certain sites. now,a: developing right the irs with a bold prediction for taxpayers for new year's. they say you could see less money withheld from your paychecks as early as february, if congress passes the republican tax overhaul.
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withholding guidance in january reflecting the new legislation. it would provide generous tax cuts for corporations and the rich. low and middle income families will see smaller tax cut. larry: a redskins hoax taking d.c. by storm, the unexpected name change and what a group has in store today. autria: meet the people who have gone to new lengths to keep christmas from being stolen off their doorstep. veronica: tracking early morning snow showers that have led to a handful of school closings. where our next chance will be tomorrow
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autria: good morning, garrett county. snow coming down pretty good right now on i 68 in garrett county, maryland, leading to school delays enclore
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is closed for the day. does not look like the snow have made it out there just yet. veronica: anything that is not treated this morning really will be icy and slick. cannot stress that enough, talking about road temperatures in the 20's this morning. here is that area of snow in garrett county, maryland, around 219 and 68. we have some other areas coming around, in hagerstown and frederick, maryland, shifting east to germantown. and downy village around laurel, maryland. temperatures today near 40 degrees. we are fine after about 10:00 this morning. st. mary's, calvert county, another chance tomorrow afternoon. julie: this is what we have been talking about
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hour commute coming from howard county toward the crash. sky track 7 above the scene involving two overturned vehicles, seven vehicles in all. the better bet is to stick with the bw parkway. miles perwing to 41 hour, but 15 minutes out of laurel to the beltway. a 34 minute drive from 405 to the lane divide. southbound 395 approaching the pentagon, stay to the right. back within the next 10 minutes to update the ride - [announcer] presenting the shark ionflex 2x, the freestanding, cord-free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: new developments after a hoax about the redskins changing their name went viral on social media, john gonzalez as live. best is alive. -- is live. website, twitter accoun
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washington red hawks. hoaxs all fake, but this really got people talking in the d.c. area, and it was all an elaborate scheme online, created by american indian activist fighting the washington redskins for decades. we are live at rfk. that is the george marshall statue outside the entrance where members of this group, known as rising hearts coalition , will be holding a press conference to discuss and explain the reason behind their online action that garnered a whole lot of attention yesterday within hours. house and's around the country had shared it and some saying -- thousands around the country had shared it and some saying they liked it. when the real team got word, they said, the name of the team
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is the washington redskins and will remain that way. the group said they wanted to show how easy and popular it would be to change the name. they are holding a news conference and a rally during sunday's game. reporting live, john gonzalez, "good morning washington, -- "good morning washington." larry: it is now expected to become official later today. theces say disney would get 20th century fox movie and tv studios for $60 billion, but not fox news or broadcast stations. autria: it is the day that fans have been waiting for, "star hittinge last jedi" theaters and everyone involved in the movie saying you are in for a wild ride. >> it sparked happy moments, confusing moments, sent me on an unnecessary roller coaster ride. autria:
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calling the movie a fitting conclusion for carrie fisher. >> it is very emotional watching it. i hope it will mean something to the fans. saysa: fandango already "the last jedi" is the number one advanced ticket seller of the year and ask -- is expected to bring in $200 million in the u.s. alone. larry: maybe this story will make you change her mind about one of the most iconic villains ever to come out of "star wars." darth vader showing off his softer side, ringing the salvation army bell, trying to fill up the cattle. -- cattle -- kettle. autria: even darth has a soft side. larry: they did not show that in the movie.
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play any music? autria: tracking a little bit of snow in the western parts of maryland? veronica: western and northern parts of maryland. northernmost portions of loudoun county, washington county, all those locations there, snow showers falling. this is garrett county, extreme western maryland and allegheny county getting some snow like this, an inch and a half to two inches and it is blowing. the wind will pick up again locally. as far as conditions this morning, we are seeing a few icy patches on area roads. 40, 29, howard county, montgomery. by late morning, temperatures will start warming and the roads will be much improved. we are tracking the meteor showers, the
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way tonight. we are seeing more snow pulling into areas like eldersburg, cockeysville, gaithersburg. watch the icy spots this morning. give yourself a little extra time getting out the door. this afternoon, 41, 42, breezy with sunshine. tomorrow, more sunshine early and clouds build late. this is the location i'm looking at, this white around leonardtown and st. mary's, that is tomorrow. if you are going out to any of droparties, temperatures to near freezing and those are the spots you will have to watch for icy patches. warming this weekend. julie: on the roads, anything but a party. mess,ound i-95, what a
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overturned. before you reach the beltway, only the left side of the road is getting by. sky track 7 is above the scene, and over an hour commute from 32 in howard county. stay to the left to squeeze by. bw parkway is your best bet as an alternate. 19 minutes from 32 to the beltway, one third of what it looks like on the dutch on 95. -- on 95. we will update the drive on 395. autria: you were doing a little dance earlier this morning. to the got two tickets hottest show in town. peeta will be in baltimore. the number to call, is on the screen. larry:
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to give back. kidd: good morning, larry. it is the wash for kids radios .n at children's national they reached their goal last hour. we will tell you how you can help on "good morning washington." larry: keeping christmas where it belongs
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just became whatever whayou're about to dout to do
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nothing comes before coffee. that's why we're introducing a new line of café-quality espresso drinks from mccafé. get a small peppermint mocha for just two dollars. >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. >> a real-life grinch stealing christmas. in arizona, the least say the woman caught on this surveillance video is impersonating a postal worker, using the uniform to steal packages. in norwood, massachusetts, a neighbor spotted a porch pirate, calling police who searched the thief's home. >> as soon as we turned on the lights, we saw a christmas tree in the far corner and boxes underneath the christmas tree at all boxes from amazon. >>
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to their owners. in three ohio towns, they have had enough and they are excepting packages. some tips on how to protect your holiday packages. with your gma first look, i am gio bonita has.
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announcer: now, good morning washington" on your side. are not going to jail or anything. [screaming] a child screaming
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gunpoint. reactions are coming in now. autria: what joe biden said to meghan mccain that has the country talking. larry: winter weather leading to school closings and delays or garrett county and allegheny schools are closed. we are hearing from individual schools as well as he or duke and see all of the closings on the bottom of your screen or through the abc 7 app. a burst of snow. traffic moving around u.s. 29. and east of north the area. howard county and baltimore county getting the burst of snow. gaithersburg, leesburg, hagerstown, baltimore around bel air where the snow did linger enough to lay down coverage on area roads. eastbound to
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allimore, cockeysville, seeing snow showers this morning. watch for the icy patches through 9:00 a.m. through lunchtime we are fine with breezy sunshine. as through the afternoon temperatures will warm better than yesterday. overnight, 20-27. we will track the gemenids meteor shower. all lanes are open southbound i-95 south of the cherry hill road overpass. a multi-vehicle crash on the shoulder. 322-minute commute from towards the capital beltway. flashing lights are causing a distraction, but everything is open and moved to the right shoulder. a better
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baltimore-washington parkway. it is costing over an hour's worth of travel time. 20 minutes southbound average speed at 29 miles per hour. 395 to the pentagon, and overturned tractor-trailer with a heavy duty wrecker on the scene. larry: outrage about video of an 11-year-old screaming as she is handcuffed by police. adriana: the grand rapids police chief said it made him sick to his stomach. no! no! to jail orot going anything. [screaming] adriana: that is an 11-year-old. they wer
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who had stabbed a woman. the police say there is no reason the little girl had to be treated that way. night inspecial montgomery county as dozens remember a fallen firefighter during the 15th annual hanukkah firetruck parade. was killedll cohen in a crash. they kept the tradition alive for him in the community. >> we are trying to have joy in this difficult time for the community and fire department. him, as itlot to does our fire department and community. larry: cohen, who was 33 years old, joined the fire department around the time that the product afraid started. they will be laid to rest later this morning. senator mccain is back in the hospital receiving more cancer
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normal side effects for his treatment for brain cancer. his office says he's looking forward to returning to work. an incredible moment on live television. meghan mccain talking to joe biden about his memoir that centers on the death of his son in 2015 from cancer. >> i think about beau almost every day. that it gets easier. to workivate the tools with this and live with this. i know that your family and friends have been through tragedy i can't conceive of. it is not about me, it is about everyone. >> it is about everyone, but look. one of the things that gave beau courage was my words, "john, your dad took care of my beau.
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dad'salked about your courage. not his illness, his courage. show shefter the posted this on her twitter account saying your strength and fortitude is an inspiration to me and so many others, daily. the tears. we will push to help you make th holiday break for sick children in our area. larry: kidd o'shea live at children's national medical center with how things are going. kidd: good morning. i'm with toby and chili. do you want to tell our viewers what the story was about? >> when this kid was nine years old, he had but he's not was an ear infection. it turned into severe
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a severe blood disease and he needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. it was his mom talking about how that was shocking. son got me was her other was a perfect match. her one son saving her other son -- to hear stories like that gets to you. children'sppened at national, who does not turn anyone away. >> giving away millions in uncompensated care. >> i hope people realize how monumental this place is in a city of monuments. no one is turned away. if you can't afford medical treatment, they won't turn you away. the medical code, do no harm, they put that into practice with world-class doctors and medicine. we know the health care debate. there is no debate here. it is how will we get you well?
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miracle makers step up to help. kidd: you can become a miracle maker by calling. we'll have more from children's national and the radio- "what if" more of the energy we used came from renewable resources? "what if" the electric grid could detect, fix and even prevent power outages? "what if" our grid were less vulnerable and more secure? "what if" all these "what if"s
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cold start.ter people in philly getting another ing of snow. that is in philadelphia. veronica: another quick hitting alberta clipper. they have two-three inches. keep that in mind if you are traveling back play
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new york city. snow in new england. for us, more snow showers until 9:00 this morning. then the cold front and the wind will pick up like yesterday. not a strong the wind, not as cold your day, but feeling like winter. damascus, you are getting snow showers. winchester, frederick, damascus, areas to the north of there, slippery conditions with temperatures under freezing around frederick, maryland. high temperatures in the lower 40's. at the bus stop, cold. in the afternoon, not the same bite. 41 with a wind chill running at 30 degrees. julie: we're looking at significant tieups. 395 to the pentagon, and overturned truck on its side. the right side is getting by.
6:43 am
vienna andinto oakton. southbound 29 near university boulevard, checking for a crash. a stunning admission. why a big documentary star says he is part of the sexual assault problem in hollywood. while you were sleeping, the mistake that happened for the second time in one week putt
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announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. doorstepeople on the of the scc. what is going on? a controversial vote that could impact so many people. that is what we are seeing outside the fcc building where there is a pop-up vigil for the internet. you can see the chairman of the fcc, don't be on the
6:47 am
of history. you have a protest, people with science saying save the internet . another saying net neutrality encourages innovation. the neutrality is the internet worked.ys prohibit service providers, like at&t, comcast, and verizon from speeding up or slowing down to.ites you want to go the fcc is looking to get rid of those rules. the chairman saying it is a way to stop the federal government from micromanaging the internet. providers would be able to slow down service or offer faster speed to those who pay up. some worry that cable and phone companies could control what you meannline and it could paying more. the vote is set to happen around 10:30. some advocates think this could be a long battle and go to court.
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protesters throughout the morning. in southwest, ryan hughes, "good morning washington." i don't know dogs, where they were. spot, nobody cared to look was the spot i found my son. autria: a father telling abc 7 about the moment he found his missing son dead. larry: he wants to know if moore could have been done to save his son's life. autria: suzanne? suzanne: good morning to both of you. this is a makeshift memorial put up on monday. you can see there are a few candles that continue to burn to remember this young man whose life was lost over the weekend. we are getting new information about his death and what led to him being found in the woods in bethesda
6:49 am
we want to show you the house navid andice say friends attended a party. police spoke to the 17-year-old and his friends, capturing the interaction on body worn cameras. telling them to go home, even going so far as to say to make got home. 18 hours later they were able to conduct a search. body washen the teen's found by his father in the woods just off my rock lane. >> all over the woods looking everywhere. pondacross a rock with a six foot six foot, two feet deep. he was laying there, face up. you can't imagine. i went crazy. i went down and pulled him out
6:50 am
is a really challenging time for the teenagers that attend walt whitman high school. they lost a sophomore earlier this month, now the death of na vid spehri. autopsy, conducting an but they believe the death was accidental. and theut of japan, second time in a weak part of a u.s. helicopter falling off in flight and landing on a school. a 10-year-old student was injured. fortunately, not badly. a 17 pound window fell off of the chopper. last week another part of another chopper of the same model fell on the roof of the kindergarten. the prime minister is calling for u.s. marine flights to be suspended until the safety of the choppers can be confirmed. autria: morgan
6:51 am
sexual misconduct. he is known for "supersize me." he detailed multiple encounters, including one in college with a woman who claims he raped her. he acknowledges repeated infidelity. he says he is part of the solution as well. saying all of those who harassed women should admit they are at fault. recounte of delegates' resumes. it includes fairfax and prince william counties. it began yesterday and wraps up today. gop incumbent hugo is still ahead. if that doesn't change, republicans will maintain control of the house by a slim margin. naked, runs into traffic.
6:52 am
the roadway. resry: moments later jose flo got naked and ran through traffic. and a drainagees ditch. he is facing several charges. autria: you may want to put some close on -- some clothing on today. veronica: some boots too. this morning. not as vigorous as two hours ago. 2-4arrett county, maryland, inches of snowfall depending on where you were. allegheny county as well, with the school closure today. home, we aree at not seeing any delays this morning, but there could be icy patches. gaithebu
6:53 am
showers coming through western howard county, columbia, maryland, all getting snow showers right now. temperatures and wrote temperatures are low enough it could support a couple of the icy patches as mentioned. 40 agrees by late morning. temperatures will warm nicely with sunshine coming our way. it will be breezy with gusts up to 20 miles an hour. we didn't get a chance to see that gemini its meteor shower last night because of cloud cover, but we could tonight. is 37 degrees. we will track flurries in southern maryland. a weekend that will warm to 48 degrees with rain after 5:00. great weather for the redskins game that will be played at 1:00 in the afternoon. julie: a
6:54 am
the roads right now, we are looking at the accident involving the overturned truck headed towards crystal city. it is been with us for over an hour. the truck is now back on its wheels, but 25 minutes out of southeast across the 11th street bridge to the freeway. use pennsylvania avenue up to independents and south out of the my street tunnel. and 395e mess on 295 here checking for the crash on 29 colesville rd at university boulevard. we are seeing the delays out of white oak. the lanes are open on the beltway between college park and c-70. larry: we have four tickets for six flags' holiday in the park. color 7 is getting in --caller 7 is getting in for free. good luck.
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winding down. it helps children's national medical center. autria: how are things going this morning? kidd: we have a very special guest. this is karsten who is diagnosed with leukemia at five years old and underwent 3.5 years of treatment here. here at 18 years old, healthy and doing well, what does this place mean to you? .> it means a lot i've been here since i was five years old. coming back as a reminder of what i've come from, all that i have been able to do, accomplish, and conquer in my life. i think of this place not only has the physical building that it is, but the staff and all of the people who work here. they keep this thing going. they are the motor. they
6:56 am
everything that happens here at children's. they are the true miracle makers . the staff, doctors, nurses, social workers, everyone who works here is so important. kidd: when you see families walking in with young kids, five years old like you? >> no family wants to be walking in here, but i would offer that they could be walking in to no better place. if you the place where are in the situation where you have to receive treatment, you want to come to children's. it is the doctors and team of people that were care. -- that work here. they are great. it shows in their craft. how they conduct themselves. thank you for telling your story. 1-866-wash-fm1 to make a donation and become a miracle maker. larry: roy
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a seat in the u.s. senate. >> they're not received a final count for military and provisional ballots. a clear picture of how in theepehri ended up woods. a lot of the information coming from his father. >> he was lying there faceup. vigil with signs saying save the internet, another saying that neutrality encourages innovation. >> this got people talking in the d.c. area. it was an elaborate scheme created by american indian activists. >> good morning, garrett county. snow
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, the walt disney company acquiring a huge part of 21st century fox. a move that could transform the entertainment industry now owning movies and shows like "avatar" and "the simpsons." will "the x-men" join "avengers." bob iger standing by live. one-two punch. snow from the midwest to the northeast creating a messy commute for millions this morning. these cars sliding off the road. and now another blast of arctic air moving


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