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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 15, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EST

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deal between disney and fox. last month, fox's co-chairman, rupert murdoch invited ieger to his winery and they discussed the deal over chardonnay and dhiken. must have been some chardonnay. >> reporter: it's blockbuster, $52.4 billion deal that expands disney's universe from childhood classics like "frozen". ♪ let it go >> reporter: finding nemo. and the "star wars" legacy. to include fox franchises with broad appeal like "the simpsons" and "avatar". for super hero fans, it could mean big matchups ahead, like the x men and fantastic four with
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for sports fans it also enhances espn's offerings, adding 22 regional sports networks. but perhaps most significant for the future, it gives disney a majority stake in hulu and lays the ground work for disney's only streaming network with the aim of giving american families what they want when they want t bob iger announcing the historic agreement with fox's co-chairman rupert murdoch. >> they'll be getting it in ways that they demand. >> reporter: fox news is not included in this transaction. sarah sanders was asked what the president thinks about this blockbuster deal, she said president trump contacted rupert murdoch of fox to congratulate him on the deal and that the president believes this could be a great thing for jobs. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. there's supposed to be plenty of horsepower for the
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colts. >> horsepower. i get it. too bad the match of two last place teams. >> they were neck in neck when denver scored two decisive touchdowns. there they go. ha, ha, ha. the broncos stampede in indianapolis and they gallop out with a 25-13 victory, all the things. >> they gallop. >> they have been eliminated from playoffs. >> you didn't mention the broncos buck colts. there was a special twist to the game. a couple got married on the field there at lucas oil stadium. joe and jennifer got hitched in a ceremony officiated by the colt's mass cot. blue is his name. they receive add surprise gift, all-expenses paid honeymoon
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to super bowl lii. >> it's going to be really warm and toasty in minneapolis. >> wait till they learn where it is. >> but the colts will not be there, that is for sure. >> the steelers will find out on sunday. >> find out on sunday. >> big matchup with the patriots. coming up, "the last jedi" is out, and we have reaction from someone who's never seen a "star wars" film ever. >> how do you say it with such disgust like that. plus, it's friday, free shipping friday. more than 900 retailers are of guaranteeing free shipping. ah! i was in the tree watching you, and then i fell. i'm not eating pizza from the trash. then i discovered mucinex. huge difference. one pill lasts 12 hours, and i'm good.
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wearegetingalo -- we are getg an incredible look at a rescue. the victim was face down and unconscious when deputy floyd pulled him out of the water. that is so fortunate for him that man is expected to be okay. >> you can tell he had an a little bit of a cut to his
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good to noeknow he will be okay. hundreds of shippers are guaranteeing delivery. but what about returns? >> reporter: the clock is ticking on last-minute deals. kicking off at midnight, free shipping friday. more than 900 retailers guaranteei guaranteeing christmas delivery. some looking for the deals. with the record 2 billion packages in the mail, many will be returned. >> i do return a lot of stuff. >> reporter: not all return policies are created equal. costco, and bed bath and beyond don't have a time limit.
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kmart, sears and best buy accept most things through january. some stores may charge a hefty restocking fee. and make sure you really read those return policies. something as simple as opening a box could mean you don't get your refund. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> we all want the refund. seeing the return of tjedi s your very fafirst star war movi. i can breathe again! vicks sinex... breathe on.
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♪ ♪ quicker than a ray of light the main question "star wars" fans want to know, does ray indeed stay in the light, or will she be persuaded to join -- >> little did madonna know she was predicting that when she talked about ray of light. and now that "the last jedi" is finally in theaters. fans who have been waiting anxiously for two years can see what happens. i got a chance
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anxiously with some fans. they loved it. the critics love it, too, 92% on rotten tomatoes. >> one says by breaking down some of the old mythology, johnson has stake out new territory. it feels forward moving. >> peter traverse calls it the epic you've been looking for, capped by markh hamill. >> and one says you don't have to be a "star wars" fan to love this addition to the canon. it works even if you haven't seen any of the other movies. >> all right, so apparently it worked for so many people. >> yeah, which is great, because i may not be one of those people. i may or may not be one of those people who have never seen one of these movies before. eva has not seen a single "star wars" movie, neither has our
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a minute of these eight movies. >> you're currently outnumbered. >> that was until a few hours ago. i originally went to the theater to film you. then you flipped the camera on me. >> yeah. >> so i'm here at my first "star wars" movie. i'm super excited. wish me luck. live long and prosper. oh, wait, that's the long wrowr movie. >> kill it. if you have to. >> all right, so i just came out of "star wars." i have no idea what just happened. >> join the club. i don't now know what happened well. since you're now a fan, we have a surprise quiz for
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>> i've got my "star wars" swag, i'm ready to go. >> first question, who's my daddy. right here, who's his daddy? >> ooh, solo? han solo? darth vader? >> got it. here we go. >> luke, i'm your father. that's all i got. >> plus what you see playing out in that dramatic scene. >> who could forget. >> he should have got and oscar for that. >> definitely. >> sure. on to the next question. who is his twin? >> oh, this one i know. i do know this one. >> okay. do you know this, eva? >> is someone telling me in my ear? i don't know what you're talking about. i'm doing my
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prince prince princess leia? >> that's shady, because first of all, you know how to pronounce leia. i don't know how i'm trusting that someone's not in your ear. >> i don't know what you mean about the answers. >> should we continue? >> sure, on a roll. >> last question. wow, what language does he speak? do either of you know? >> isn't it like whoopee or whooky or something like that. >> dathraky? isn't that "game of thrones"? >> similar. >>ish. >> so the answer is sharook. sharuluk. more importantly, can you speak wook? >> isn't it just is the purring noise that he
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♪ so this might be shocking to many people, but believe it or not, there are other movies opening at the box office this weekend besides "star wars." >> that's hard to believe, right? starting with a beloved children's character, "ferdinand" tells the story of a giant bull who'd rather smell the flowers than fight in the ring. >> chickens are chickens. >> here we go. >> dogs are dogs. and -- >> bulls are bulls. >> normal. >> hey, if i was a normal bull, i would never have found this farm, and we wouldn't be brothers. >> a dog and a bull
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brothers. that would be wired. >> really? then why does your tail wag when i call you brother? brother. >> hey, stop that. >> looks like we're the new normal, buddy. i'm getting out of this place. >> voiced by wwe star john cena, "ferdina "ferdinand " is a hit with critics. it gives them a contemporary lustre. and another points out that what really stands out are the themes of friendship, problem solving and learning to be your true self. >> it's a good alternative if you want something a little less violent for the kids. >> something positive. >> exactly. next to a comedy about bad hair, which we both have had those days. adolescent and family dynamics in the early '80s. the 13 year o
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getting a perm so she can finally fit in at her school but things go wrong when her clueless parents try to save a few bucks by sending their daughter to a beauty school. >> what are you being looking to get done? >> i want ringlets, really soft and natural looking. >> you maid me lode me look lik doll. >> what did you do to your hair? >> i got a perm. >> you did it on purpose? >> you on your own. >> it's starring patricia arquette. it has not wracked up a score ye yet, roger moore calls it an uneven but quirky story about bad hair in school. >> i wanted a perm. >> last week?
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that's the news for this half hour
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this morning on world fl"ws now," the president's tax cut hits a snag. >> the fate of the bill is uncertain as a key senator says he may vote no. >> is the speaker of the house thinking of leaving congress? what's fueling the speculation. paul ryan and the white house are weighing in. plus frantic efforts to rescue a man who fell on the subway tracks when the train was approaching. terrifi terrified witnesses screamed in terror trying to alert the apparently unconscious man. and go ahead and whip out those lightsabers and feel the force. because "the la


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