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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. kimberly: right now on abc 7 we are getting ready to welcome winter but are tracking springlike temperatures. >> no planes are coming or going. kimberly:
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weller road's bash at one of the world's busiest airports. how much longer will the ground stoppage in atlanta last? dollars of taxpayer spent on tracking ufo's? inside the pentagon program that was a secret until now. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. hadworld's largest airport people waiting without lights, food, or water. the problem is a power outage. the ground stoppage now stretching into its ninth hour and having a ripple effect across the country. cheryl conner is live at reagan national with how it is impacting
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including one of our colleagues, cheryl? cheryl: that is right, terry smith got stuck in atlanta and will not be on "good morning washington" tomorrow. we are looking at the board and you can see that it is lit up with cancellations but there are a few flights that are now rescheduled for the morning. we have watched passengers all night trying to rebook, and others where spent hours trying to get their luggage back once their flight was canceled. in world's busiest airport the dark, the boards blank, passengers waiting on baggage carousel's in atlanta at hartfield jackson international airport. the airport took a power hit around 1 p.m. sunday. georgia power believes there was a fire in an underground electrical facility. the faa issued a groundstop which -- groundstop
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for flights out of atlanta. >> if you ever wondered what it would look like without power? cheryl: smith was trying to get back for "good morning washington" monday, but was stuck. >> i'm hearing stories of some people sitting on the tarmacs for five hours. my grandfather is buried at arlington so we came here to lay the wreath,. cheryl: her flight is delayed 24 hours. >> they had already put our backs on the plane after the flight was canceled. cheryl: a surprise visit turned into a surprise return to florida. >> i'm going to try to get a flight through texas to get down there tonight or early tomorrow. cheryl: this is the worst traffic he has seen since he first started flying from the
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the power is starting to come in atlanta. georgia power said it should be fully restored by midnight, but you can imagine the delays will continue. if you are expecting to fly tomorrow, call your airline before you do so. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. tomorrow we will find out the names of three people killed when an airplane on its way to frederick went down in indiana. three people and a dog on board died after the airplane crashed on its way back from kansas city to frederick. on board actually survived. the faa is investigating the crash. we will keep you posted on their findings. stay connected with breaking news by downloading our free abc 7 news app. turning now to the forecast, what a difference a few days make. after snow
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temperatures are approaching 60 degrees this week. brian van de graaff has the details. no chance of a white christmas? ,rian: looking less likely kimberly. we could have another push of mild air this week, possibly a secondary one for the weekend. through the evening, outside right now, the clouds have been lingering. hanging steady in the low 40's andrews.les to n out, theclouds thin temperatures will drop back and it will be cool in the morning, 30's, partly cloudy skies. the afternoon warming nicely, mid 50's. 60 by tuesday before the next cold front. the full forecast coming up. kimberly: it is a very big week for republicans on capitol hill, looking for a major victory for president trump's agenda, passing a major tax reform bill.
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to do without, senator john mccain who returned to arizona after being hospitalized. q mccray is at the live desk with a look at what this means for fellow lawmakers. they can still pass this without mccain's vote? q: that is true. senator mccain was treated for a viral infection at all to read as a result of his camp -- at walter reed as a result of his cancer treatment. but the republicans have a plan in place. >> ultimately boosting our economy. q: senator john mccain heading home to arizona. he is still recovering from side effects of chemotherapy for a brain tumor. he is expected to miss the highly anticipated tax vote this week. >> he is going through a very tough time. q: president trump returning home from camp david. >> i understand he will come
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we need his vote, which hopefully we will not. the word is john will come back if we need him. q: it appears now that will not happen. tweeted, thanker you to everyone for your kind words. my father is doing well and we are all looking forward to spending christmas together in arizona. emotionscain let her show on national tv earlier this week. son had the same cancer that my father was diagnosed with six months ago. >> it contains an insufficient level of funding. q: republicans have won over two key votes, meaning they should still have the thin majority needed to pass the bill. if they don't have the votes to pass the bill, vice president pence is delaying a trip to israel to stay in
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tax bill if necessary. republicans can only lose two votes and half pence act as the tiebreaker. from the live desk, q mccray, abc 7 news. kimberly: the president is weighing in on accusations that the special counsel of the russian investigation improperly obtained thousands of transition emails. the president says he is not worried about it. >> i cannot imagine there is anything on them, frankly. as we said, there was no collusion whatsoever. kimberly: the transition lawyer said that robert mueller's team acted unlawfully. president said he does not have plans to fire mueller. new misconduct claims against msnbc host chris matthews. a spokesman said a woman complained the "hardball" host had sexual
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woman was tied to her leaving her job, not a settlement for a claim. the company said that matthews was given a formal reprimand as a result. the carolinas panther owner said he will sell the team amid his own sexual misconduct investigation. the announcement after a "sports illustrated" story saying the panthers settled with at least four former employees regarding inappropriate workplace behavior. the nfl is now investigating as well. developing now in d.c., the investigation into a shooting in northeast d.c.. gunshots rang out on 51st street and two people were injured. no word on their conditions, but the police are searching for the person who pulled the trigger. the police are asking for your crack a cold a -- case and get a killer off the street. jefferson wash
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in southeast just after 10 a.m. the same shooting injured a six-year-old hit by a spray bullet -- stray bullet. if you know anything, the police would like to hear from you and you can choose to remain anonymous. investigators in alexandria say about this time last night, employees at a verizon store on little river turnpike were forced into a bathroom by two men who stole dozens of phones. a led the police on a chase before crashing into a car and winding up in a creek bed. the police arrested the driver, but the other man ran off, stole a minivan from a woman leaving a shopping center. anybody with information should contact the police. up next, the redskins pulled off a win today, but outside of fedex field, the campaign to change the team name was front and center.
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the red hawks to fly in. >> $22 million. that is the question tonight as we get a closer look at a serious program designed to investigate possible ufo sightings.
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kimberly: police in new jersey have stepped up protection of senator booker. new york police are working with u.s. capitol police to keep the senators save in washington and at home. hoax weaponia internet last week, saying the redskins were changing their name and logo to the redhawks. the group behind the publicity stunt protested outside of fedex field, bringing supporters, like the son of a late human rights icon. >> even if it were not a racial slur, how could people of conscious allow a team like this? kimberly:
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got more than half a million hits on their website after some read the article about the redhawks. more people are moving out of virginia than in. a report reveals the trend banks back to -- trend dates back to 2013. the state population is still growing things to births. research pro-dex that people who stay in virginia will gravitate north in the coming decades. is the truth out there? the pentagon has spent millions to find out and tonight we are funding out more about the top-secret program that looked into potential ufo sightings. we are getting a firsthand look at some of the video at the heart of the investigation. reporter: these haunting images part of a bombshell first admission by the military of a government program investigating sightings of ufo's. >> it is rotating. reporter:
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this mysterious objects spotted off the coast of san diego by navy fighter pilots in 2004. that encounter documented by the advanced aviation identification program, a shadowy office in the pentagon that ran from 2007 to 2 012. anonymouss so-called aerial vehicles. the pentagon abandoned the program in favor of higher importance issues. secure harry reid help the $22 million initiative, defending the spending, saying this is about science and national security. if america does not take the lead in answering these questions, others will. >> a project by senator reid and some of his colleagues, something they thought needed to be investigated. the real question is, what it worth $22 million over two or three fascinating videos. reporter: it raises new questions abou
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government should handle suspicious objects in the sky. kimberly: wonder if that was an early drone. station,national space the spacex cap all reached -- the spacex capsule reached the iss this morning. nearly 5000 pounds of items. no word yet on if any of them may be christmas gifts for the astronauts on board. i think the gift is they get to look down at mother earth. brian: they could be keeping an ion ufo's. this weather is so warm, 60 degrees? dipn: yes, we will have a just in time for the winter solstice, but then we warm up for christmas. you,l tell
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with us for a while. is the typical46 afternoon high in the district. we made it to 47, pax river 50, 45 annapolis. we do have some 30's working their way in. manassas39, luray 41. 37,rsburg, west virginia, 36 cumberland. nothing extremely cold. yesterday morning we had teens and 20's, not the story tonight. out and, clouds thinned most of us stay dry. not as cold tonight. you will want a jacket in the morning, but not extreme. only a few spots around freezing , manassas, culpeper, some of the usual spots in central virginia, but most of us in the mid and upper 30's. the clouds thin out area a fairly calm
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a fair amount of clear skies to the west. the mixture of sunshine and clouds the next couple days and the warmth continues to build in. mostly sunny monday, not much happening, warming into the 50's. tuesday, similar pattern, pushing into the 60's. this thin line of clouds tuesday night is the next cold front, dropping tuesday into wednesday. by wednesday, we will see breezes. the temperature drops slightly in the next rainmaker passes to the south. where we could use solid rain is not happening anytime soon. tomorrow, and then low 60's tuesday. would drop back to 50 briefly wednesday and thursday. the start of winter solstice. in the 40's, chile on thursday, but they we shift around again towards the holiday weekend. the averages 46. with the exception of thursday, well above average. the milder air towards the weekend.
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and stay on top of things. if you look at the extended forecast, saturday and sunday, rain saturday. the cold front hangs to the west. temperatures could soar christmas eve and christmas day. good travel weather. kimberly: the basketball was something to watch tonight. was about 95n degrees tonight, looking really good. the wizards welcomed the kings tonight -- the king tonight. and the redskins were all smiles today.
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still giving their best effort against arizona tonight. this is step one and getting towards 8-8. jamisonsins finds crowder, skins up 7-0. in the second, 7-3 washington. cousins fakes the reverse. bs, may not have heard of bib but you will know him now. the redskins in command, 14-3. the second half, the cardinals still had a chance with 23 seconds left. fourth down, the past two larry fitzgerald broken up by d.j. swearinger. the redskins get the ugly win, 20-15. coach gruden: always celebration when you win a game. the defense stepped up, rose to the occasion. guys made some plays. our
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we stop the running game for the most part, and held them out of the end zone. everybody played hard and i'm happy. robert: much more on that game tonight on abc 7 "sports sunday ." ny is here to break it down, right after the news at 11:35. the was or is hosting the king tonight at capital one -- the wizards hosting the king tonight. it was a seesaw battle most of the night. second quarter, mike scott misses the three. john wall with an early christmas present from downtown, tied at 60-60 at the break. early in the fourth, still tied. bradley beal scored two of his game-high 27. the wizards up two, but they go cold later in the fourth. wall loses the ball here, lebron james, uh-oh. count the bucket. lebr
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points, 12 rebounds and was urged lose. and the ravens took down the browns, 27-10. lebron james, 95 degrees tonight. kimberly: he looked at a different level. would have toou be living in a galaxy far, far away to not know which movie dominated the box office this weekend.
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kimberly: she is back. we know when the cast of "roseanne" will return to your tv screen. it will have an hour-long premiere march 27. you can watch the nine-episode revival right here on abc 7. the force was strong at the box office this weekend. the newest installment in the "star wars" brought in an estimated $220 million. that is the second highest opening weekend of all time, second only to its predecessor, 2015's "the force awakens." once international showings are istored in, "the last jedi expected to have made $450 million
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