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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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kellye: next, a white christmas across the midwest, but will we see snow or just feel the chill? a fight between a father and teenage daughter ends with two officer
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to our son and wife. answers ad a plea for month after a man was shot and killed while being chased by u.s. park police. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kellye: right now we are tracking santa as he makes his way around the world. he is in portsmouth, new hampshire, so kids, if you are still up, head to bed as soon as you can. santa is coming, and temperatures will drop her that meteorologist steve rudin is in the weather center. we are going to get some cold weather and wind? cold weather and the wind arrives in the early morning hours christmas day and stick around a good part of the upcoming workweek. clouds and radar for you
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ohio, west virginia, and western maryland. county,es in garrett allegheny county, and washington county. heading closer to the d.c. metro, not looking at any snow, but light rain showers mixing in with flakes later tonight. not looking for any accumulations early in the morning. the wind advisory will go into effect 3 a.m. through the day tomorrow, wind gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour. more on the rest of the week coming up. kellye: remember that you can download the free stormwatch 7 app to keep track of your forecast whenever you want. ♪ celebrated pope christmas mass at st. peter's basilica at the vatican, telling the faithful that the story of
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forever. everything after that became a story of hope. midnight mass has also been held at saint cap catherine church in bethlehem. >> your families have been tremendous. kellye: president trump speaking via videoconference with members of all five military branches. they helped norad field calls as the agency tracks santa. they are spending the holidays at mar-a-lago in florida. if you do not have presents by now, maybe something from 7-eleven will do. target stores closed about an hour ago heading into the christmas holiday. churchy is live in falls after speaking with the final person to leave. have they locked the doors, q?
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take a look, target is closed. it has been closed since 10:00, but kellye lynn, people are still coming up only to be turned away. why?hushed us, >> i'm secretly trying to buy last-minute gifts for santa. q: you walked in after store hours. >> i got lucky. q: stores were packed, like target and toys "r" us christmas eve, last-minute shoppers. everyone had an excuse for procrastinating. are you deflecting the blame? >> on to my sister here. >> we are working overtime all week for these kids. in the morning they will have a wonderful surprise. q: many departnt
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overstaffed to accommodate the crowds. customers appreciate it the forethought. >> better than i expected. they did pretty good. q: your cart is packed. >> yeah, i mean, last-minute, what can you say? q: last-minute shoppers were easy to find. here was the last one at the target in falls church. >> they turned the lights off and briskly moved you out. q: anything you want to say? merryhristmaserry -- christmas. q: the lights are out. in the parking lot, it is completely bare. about 50 minutes ago this place was packed. if you still have shopping to do, um, gas stations, 7-ele
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that's all i've got. happy christmas, happy new year, if you don't celebrate christmas, happy holidays from abc 7 news and news channel 8. q mccray, abc 7 news. kellye: you may be wondering the most popular presents this year's. fingerlings, hatcher mulls come in anything star wars are tops of the list. as for electronics, apple watches, the latest iphone, the nintendo switch, and the super nes classic. new information in the search for somebody caught on camera stealing packages off porches in arlington. we first told you about this friday night. now somebody living in barcroft is offering a $500 reward for an arrest. video alsoon the stole packages off a delivery truck. new
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news we brought at 6:30. shot after deputy responding to a call on hollow mountain place in sterling. ryan hughes has the latest from sterling. : we are told this all started with an ongoing fight between a father and his 19-year-old daughter. this is still an active crime scene, investigators going in and out of the home searching for evidence. deputies were in the home about an hour trying to calm things down when the father got upstairs and grabbed a gun. a quiet christmas eve turned to chaos. >> we heard a couple booms. ryan: loudoun county officers 00 blockng to the 476 for an argument between a father and his 19-year-old daughter. they were in the home about an hour trying to calm
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situation, but things turned tense. >> the father went upstairs. the deputies went after him, afraid he might have weapons in the house. the sheriff said the father went to the bedroom closet, reached for a weapon, and his deputy tried to tackle him. >> he reached for a gun and almost simultaneously he was ta sed. as he was being apprehended, he got several shots off. ryan: a female deputy was shot in the leg. a male deputy was shot in the arm and both legs. neighbors are calling this rare for this upscale community. >> just unbelievable, just astounding. ryan: the sheriff was at christmas service when he got the call. he is thank full his deputies will be ok. >> just grateful, all things considered, it has turned out as good as it has. it could have certainly been a lot w
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has been at the hospital. he said both deputies are in good spirits and likely will not need surgery. right now the father's name is not being released. ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kellye: the family of a young man shot and killed by u.s. park police want to know why more than a month later they are still waiting for answers about what happened. >> i want to know who shot my brother. i want the officer's name and i want justice for my brother and i want answers as to why they shot him and i want to assure the people that shot my brother who are sitting at home right now joined their christmas, no matter what the answer is, it is not justified. the 25-year-old died after leading officers on a chase that ended with a crash in fairfax county. fairfax county police said an officer captured video of the incident.
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commenting. beltsville, the police are trying to find the man who broke into a woman's house and sexually assaulted her. this happened yesterday morning on blind tree way. there is only a vague description of the suspect at this time. investigators tonight are trying to figure out if fog played a role in a small plane crash near tampa. five people died when the twin-engine airplane went down at the end of the runway. the police identified the five people killed, including peter and victoria worthington of baltimore, and friends were also killed. says she canes take her own flight, but a d.c. teacher said she was bumped for a member of congress and now she wants a written your apology -- a written apology from united. she had a boarding pass for a first-class seat
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d.c. last monday. when the gate attendant scanned it she was told it was not in the system. she was reassigned a seat in economy class. when she got on the plane, she snapped this picture of congresswoman sheila jackson lee sitting in her originally seat. said she isn lee saddened by the incident but had nothing to do with what happened to the passenger. still ahead, a gift from the skins for their fans. even if only a handful saw it a. sure that kids have plenty to open christmas morning. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ kellye: and we are tracking santa as he draws closer. so had toontréal, bed, kids.
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kellye: santa hit the skis this evening, water skis in the potomac river. st. nick was joined by
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even chased by the grinch. it is a tradition along the alexandria waterfront. in florida, this group of santas 837 to be exact, set a record in cocoa beach, raising $35,000 for charity. santa needs a little help to get the kids where they need to go. abc 7 is proud to partner with the marines every year to collect toys for tots. cheryl conner was in temple hills when some of the presents found their home today. this ison this sunday, church. the pastor of zion international house of praise in trouble hills spent the morning helping kids pick out at least 10 toys each. they came from toys for tots, church members, and the community. >>
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wake up and not have a toy. cheryl: seven-year-old raymond clark never had a bike until today. santa will bring the helmet, but he spotted a favorite. the parents get a bag full of surprises to wrap for their kids christmas morning. >> it really helps a lot. this time of year, people have to pay rent and bills. proctor hopes to help 500 kids. >> any toys that are left over will be donated to one of three area shelters tonight. >> it does not have color, creed come in as a child. children are the most innocent and god loves them. pick your bag. >> do i have to wait until christmas to open them? cheryl: that is between you, mom, and santa. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kellye: looks like a great
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christmas for the kids. steve: for the kids who may be getting sleds under the christmas tree, you will have a chance to use them this winter. kellye: this winter, oh! steve: 46 degrees today, one degree above average. remember the record two years ago, christmas eve when it was 71? that was just two years ago. go figure. outside we go, 40 at reagan national, the wind is calm but they will kick up through the early morning. waking up tomorrow morning, if you are going christmas morning walk or grabbing the newspaper, taking the dog out, it will be blustery. 36 manassas, 36 winchester. wide in the view. the core of the cold air it is to the north and west. it arrives for the day tomorrow in
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upcoming week. wind gusts picking up to the west, 30 miles per hour in charleston. upwards of 40 miles per hour, meaning the windchill factor will plummet. nine degrees is what it feels like in detroit. the cold front on the back door of the doorstep. the snow showers are moving to the north and east. we are looking at moderate snow across garrett county, frostburg, france phil -- front royal, the media metro, mainly drive. the clouds are beginning to recede and we're looking at clearing. we cannot rule out a chance of a snowflakes, but no advisories for the metro. the wind advisory goes into effect at 3 a.m. and extends through the afternoon. could see wind gusts of upwards of 40 miles per hour. 27 to 35 overnigh
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then begin to settle down as we move through the midmorning. itway that you look at it, will be cold as the skies begin to clear out tomorrow. then we will see bright skies in the afternoon. highs only in the middle to upper 30's, below-average this time of year. the seven day outlook from stormwatch 7, sunshine tuesday, ander wednesday, and friday saturday of the upcoming week, a lot of questions whether there will be snow, a close call, or something we should all get riled up about. right now it is too early to give any specifics. looking at about a 30%, 40% chance we could see something, whether snow or rain. we will keep you updated. kellye: he is ready for snow. steve: robert is always ready. robert:
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>> and now the toyota sports desk,.brought to you by your local toyota dealers robert: the quest to avoid a losing season is still alive as the redskins handled the broncos today. kirk cousins over the middle to jamison crowder, 15 yard touchdown. the redskins led 10-3. fourth quarter, cousins again throws to a wide-open josh ,ohnson -- josh doctson practically walking into the end zone. dagger,the fourth, the cousins throwing off his back foot to the ageless wonder vernon davis. 7-8.edskins improved to the final 27-11. coach
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people questioned our character and quitting and i knew it would not happen. the guys worked their tail off and we still have a lot to play for. we have a division rival and the giants on the road in these guys are fired up to try to finish 8-8 and have a three-game winning streak at the end of the year, which is important. robert: two teams that needed to stay alive tonight. dallas-seattle. dak prescott with the floater, picked off, coleman takes it to the house. then gives the donation to the salvation army. you know he got flagged for that. in the fourth, 14-12 seahawks, russell wilson throws to the corner, touchdown. the seahawks sink the cowboys' hopes for the playoffs. seattle needs to win next week to get in.
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and we will talk with jail and rose to preview the wizards and celtics. whileltics play at 5:30, the thunder face the rockets in prime time. kellye: a lot of action. thank you, robert. coming up, therapy dogs were a hit at dulles airport this week.
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kellye: we are back with another check as santa makes his way around the world. right now he is in thunder bay, ontario. the shark that became a twitter celebrity has been lost. the transmitter has not sent a signal since june 17, when the great white shark was tracked off the new jersey coast. thousands follow the shark on twitter since it was tagged in 2012. researchers say that mary lee should have lived another 20 years, so they are hoping the transmitter stopped working. forget therapy dogs. and boltigs, thunder, went through nine months of certification and their
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claire hopes to bring hope to those who need it. when we come back, the forecast.
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♪ >> i seen this only once before. kellye: the strength of "star " brought in another $68 million this weekend. made threeas quarters of a billion dollar worldwide since it was released. : welcome to the jungle" came in second and "pitch perfect three" was third. have you seen "star wars" yet? steve: not yet. my sister


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