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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: right now at noon, the last friday of 2017, and it is a cold one, but new year is going to be even colder. we expect to ring in 2018 with temperatures in the teens. alex liggitt is tracking it all for us. add on that, little bit of snow, and call it winter to wrap up 2017. a live look at chesapeake beach resort. it looks nice. you stand outside, 28 degrees. add on that, little bit of snow, and callvery cold out the. other ar t
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charlottesville. 28 downtown. we are watching for some of the coldest air of the season here over the next several days, but as we continue to go over the next 24, 48 hours or so, i think we will be ok as far as temperatures today in the mid- 30's. tomorrow when the mid-30's, and then the weekend, and sunday and the new year, monday and tuesday, we stay in the 20's and mid-20's at that. a couple of clouds. we will clear out through the afternoon. more clouds usher in, filter in ahead of the system. the timing looks like it will start overnight. if you are headed out tonight, you will be fine. we're not expect in wintry weather until late, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. that will continue until the early-morning hours on saturday. if you have saturday morning plans, there might be a few
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10:00, 11:00 a.m. for the snow to end. by the time it does come to an end, we will only have about an inch or so on the ground. as we head out to lunch through the afternoon hours, temperatures gradually get into the 30's. you will certainly get more sunshine. a fair amount of clouds. this cloud base will move out of here. this is the next system that will push in from the midwest and get in overnight. as far as the timing, a really quick futurecast -- 9:30 a.m., clouding up. by 3:00 in the morning, snow over the region. 6:00, 7:00 in the morning, the majority is d.c. and north. not looking at the best possibility south of town. by 10:00 in the money, it should be out of here. we are watching for an inch of snow. the coldest a bigger story. that is looking to be here sunday
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i will tell you how long it will hang around in a couple of minutes. adrianna: while we dig -- deal with colder, the wrestler country is dealing with record snowfall. in erie, pennsylvania, plows continue to clear more than five feet of snow. much of upstate new york in the same boat. some areas already buried under several feet of snow will see more. those attending the new year's eve time -- ball drop at times square could see the coldest temperatures and more than 50 years. president trump weighed in on the cold with sarcasm. he tweeted overnight we could use a little bit of that "good old global warming that our country, but not other countries, was going to pay trillions of dollars to protect against." in 2013, trunk -- in 2013, trunk labeled global warming and expensive hoax. you can keep up with the latest forecast by downloading the
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now to a devastating story out of new york city -- a bronx apartment going up in flames, killing one dozen people. quattro the victims children, four of the victims, -- four of the victims, children. the cause, a child playing with a stove. in brutally cold temperatures in new york last night, firefighters battled the flames at this building on prospect avenue in the bronx in brutallys in new, starting to the scene minutes after receiving the call before 7:00 last night. in what new york city's mayor called the worst fire in a -- the city in the quarter of a century. mayor bill de blasio: this will rank as one of the worst loss of life to a fire in many, many years. >> a line of victims, as first responders rushed residence to the hospital. >> i came out through the window. there was smoke everywhere.
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spreading through every floor of the building, that many never made it out of their apartments, including a mother found with her baby in the bathtub of one apartment, both deceased. >> it is the time of year that people celebrate, and certainly here we have had people that have lost their lives, lost their homes, lost everything. >> residents who managed to escape wrapped in blankets, staying warm on city buses brought in to provide heat. the fire commissioner confirmed it started on the first floor of the building and it was started by a child playing with a stove. the child wassay a three-year-old who had a history of playing with the burners on the stove. adrianna: here at home, dozens misplaced them a left out in the cold after he filed through an apartment building in aspen hill's. suzanne kennedy with more on what caused the flames, leaving so many homeless going int
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this building at the crystal springs apartment complex. you can see the damage. all of this is closed off to the residents that live here after a two-alarm fire overnight. the fire started around 9:00 p.m. it spread to all quattro floors. >> i live on the second floor. suzanne: ulysses delgado was one of the impact of tenants. ulysses: i was in one of the apartments with my children and my sister, and i started to see a lot of the smoke, i grabbed my children and sister, and i ran out. suzanne: he now has nowhere to call home. : i feltbad because -- bad because we left everything, tv, clothing, money -- many things. suzanne: 100 firefighters responded to the complex. at one point, a neighboring building was also ac
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smoke billowing out from the top of the building. a lot of heavy smoke. you do not see much fire at all. it was really inside the building itself. suzanne: 60 people, including many
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right now the damage estimate, $400,000. in aspen hill, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. adrianna: now to a crime alert -- d.c. police are searching for the man who broke into this clothing store on christmas day on the corner of ninth and t street in northwest. the surveillance video shows the thief smashing the glass door and stealing all the clothing he could carry. d.c. police made a gruesome discovery in southeast -- a burning car containing a body in an alleyway. listen to the investigation right now. >> all i heard was the car backfiring. i looked out and i saw the car was on fire. >> stand mccain was in his basement when this went down. he says his neighbors were quick to respond. stanley: i went to my neighbor's home. she had already called the fire department. >> when the fire was out and officials got a closer look, they realized it was not just a burning car. there was a body inside. >> to hear there was someone inside the car collided that freak you out? >> at this day and time, no. anything can happen. no neighborhood is exempt. >> he has lived in this neighborhood for 14 years and says this is unusual. >> i've never had any problems. >> d.c. police have cleared the scene. the person found inside the car has not been identified. melissa dipane, abc 7 news. adrianna: a man suspected of killing his wife and leading police on a chase on i-95 in stafford county has died.
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police say he shot his wife -- gregory lee shot his wife melissa. president trump is golfing on one of his courses for a fourth straight day. he said amazon is making the postal service number and poorer. -- dumber and poorer. the new yorkith times addressed everything for the russia protein north korea. >> president trump long labeling the russian investigation a witchhunt. pres. trump: i did not make a phone call to russia. and nothing to do with russia. everybody knows it. >> in an impromptu interview, the president offering a different view of the investigation and special counsel robert mueller. pres. trump: it does not bother me. i think there is no collusion. he is going to be fair. >> i think president trump trust him in the way he says he finds me or my
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if he starts to get closer to the president, i think donald trump's to will change. >> the president also reversing course on his china stance, saying he has been soft on china, but now he is reprimanding the country for sending oil to north korea with this warning -- if they don't -- help us with north korea, i will do what i always said i would do. : i do not think the president wants to get into a trade war. he does not want to get into a situation where he pushes back to her. >> he says we started taxes and we don't hear from the democrats. we hear b.s. from the democrats. the president saying he helps to work with democrats to overall health care, improve if the structure, and other issues. adrianna: next at noon, the glitches that got away with guns. details on this christmas
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in one community living in fear. what could be better than starting the new year rich? the lottery has given you two ways to do it. there is a quick check of traffic in this area with eric smith. eric: hey, good afternoon. a tough ride on 95 in virginia. this is southbound at route 123 in woodbridge. you see the three right lanes and the transition lane are blocked with one single left lane squeezing past the scene. here, acated spot deeper viewpoint looking southbound for the crash here. the right side completely blocked off. expect a solid jam southbound. here is part of that delay at the overpass. southbound jammed for i-95. the beltway will not be as dramatic. outer loop traffic to slow down as you head toward the american region bridge. for the inner
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volume, but nothing too bad.
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adrianna: this was caught on camera -- a christmas night smash and grab at a gun store in tennessee. take a look at this -- three men smashing display cases and grabbing everything they could. in all, they got away with 32 weapons. that total to be about $20,000. right now the busy holiday travel season is coming to an end, and thousands pass through airports and many leave behind it. the tsa is showcasing some of those items. sam: officials at dulles airport are sh
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left behind over the christmas holiday and also informing the public of what happens to items left at the airport, either in the airline control, the tsa control, or even the airport's control. they will be tweeting the items until 3:30 this afternoon. this is the first item they tweeted -- it says come claim them if these are yours. those other more expensive items, then you have less expensive things like wrapping paper, and sentimental objects like pictures, old family photos. take a look at some video we shot not too long ago at the lost and found area at the dulles airport. they have onins things that have been collected. usually tsa keeps things around before they destroy them, or they go into government surplus, where they are sold. there is the airport lost and found, then the airlines ha
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if you have something you may have left at the airport, you might want to check with tsa or check their twitter feed through 2:30 p.m. two new york city now, where authorities say they are taking unprecedented steps to ensure the safety of people celebrating new year's eve. one million or more people are expected to pack times square and police want to make sure they all go home safely. they were cordoned off a -- they will cordon off a larger perimeter than ever before. they will also scan 10,000 security cameras and helicopters will watch from above. snipers will also be on rooftops to guard against a las vegas style attack. >> there is a system in place where we will be able to are ony quickly if we the 12th floor, or the 32nd floor of the building. home,na: closer to authorities are planning strict security at the inner harbor. there is nothing
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your 2018 off on the right foot, and with a lot of luck, you might get it. to $306 jackpot is up million. the powerball drawing saturday is worth $384 million, but don't plan on how to spend your winnings just yet because your odds of winning is one in 290 million. so, i mean listen, if you don't play, you're not going to win for sure. if you do, you have a chance. testament -- alex: talk about getting your new year's resolutions done with that. adrianna: $700 million. alex: i could deal with that for a little while. adrianna: until you run out. until you run out on that island. alex: i would go to aruba. adrianna: at least now. alex: until the second week of january, we have some bitter cold around here. lower 20's northwest of town.
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19 in hagerstown. cold air hanging around. highs through the afternoon in the lower-30's. more sunshine getting into the region by around 1:00 p.m., continuing into the evening hours. clouds will seem to increase ahead of the next system, and here it is over iowa, illinois, minnesota. this will stream down from the ohio valley, getting into the d.c. metro by the time we get overnight. as far as timing is concerned, futurecast does pick this up anywhere. pick this upso -- pretty well. so,-- 6:30 p.m. or increasing clouds. showers spread over the mountains. as far as the d.c. metro is concerned we will continue to have light to add time to moderate snow possible to the early morning hours. here is 8:00 in the morning, already started to lift north of d.c..
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should be out of here. lunchtime, sunshine mixing two. breezy wind at times. a couple of flurries continue to be possible by saturday afternoon and evening. how much only expecting? most model guidances depicting an inch or less. it is a moisture-starved system. we have a lot of dry air hanging across the region. it has to overcome the dry air and before it can saturate really snow. we are seeing a half inch or snow on this model around the d.c. metro. maybe more posted to the mason-dixon line. the weekend forecast as a whole, still in the 30's tomorrow. 25 on sunday. that is going to be some bitter cold as well because the wind will make it feel even colder. monday for the new year, 23 degrees. it really isn't going to get much warmer than that. tuesday, back in the mid-20's. finally lower 30's on wednesday. we
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we will see if anything comes together with that. the last couple of model runs, it has not come together, but maybe the next snow chance right now. every low confidence. adrianna: so if you're going out for new year's and you need the snazzy outfit, you need your foot warmers, coat. alex: as many layers as possible. adrianna: not so snazzy anymore. alex: ski mask. adrianna:
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but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it! adrianna: act now at 12:22 p.m., and get ready to ring in the new year with season 22 of "the bachelor" adrian bank at has a preview of the show's most romantic
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to "bachelor nation. the racecar driver made his primetime debut falling for emily maynard. >> i am definitely in love with me -- emily. >> making it to the finals two client for emily's heart. hoping to find a happily ever after. emily: i am sorry. >> left emotionally devastated when she turned them down, and confessing in a new interview -- >> the last time i was in love like that was with emily. when i met emily i knew i had strong feelings for her. that was the first time i knew i was ready to get married. i wasn't really over her for a very long time. >> now he is here for the right reasons, ready to find love with a number of women vying for roses and his heart. thousands signed up to meet him. >> this could be the start of something
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" nation i hope you're getting ready for one of the most romantic season in "bachelor" history. >> prime minister to do for women, and they could get mad at me, but i don't care. it is more important to me to step on someone's toes than to lose the opportunity, and walk away and say what if? >> what we do know, there is going to be drama. i mixed it to see what happens on the other side of things. drama, and ie think i probably only know half the stories. >> and yes, he does fall in love with not one, but two women. capable not know i was of having strong feelings and being in love with more than one person, but that happened, so it was really difficult for me. adrianna: oh, boy. coming up, for all of those still thawing out, we have
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adrianna: a little bit of snow overnight, then a cold, cold new year's eve. alex: a little snow. we're talking about an inch or less for the majority the d.c. mastro -- metro. adrianna: a little bit of snow overnight, then ait should be oy tomorrow clock -- by tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. highs in the mid-20's new year's eve should midnight, probably in the teens.
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