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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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crime is raising flags for the mayor. >> we are on 38th plait in maryland. 8:10 the call came in. the young woman had been stabbed. arriving here the authorities determined it was a young mother. domestic incident. she was taken to the hospital and tied according to the mayor of brentwood who lives in the same neighborhood and says domestic violence is a growing problem. people don't get help. they don't go to police. they don't want to talk to the police. >> the mayor said that the woman is a mother of at least one child.
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the suspect was arrested. i'm sam ford. jonathan: new developments for embattled women's shelter. larry: brad bell reports that some of the women complained about the conditions there and they are hopeful in the new year. >> we introduce you to this woman before christmas. victims of the domestic violence whose identity we are protecting. they are residents of the only shelter available to women in the predicament in prince george's county. the shelters they say these picture prove was filthy and mold invested. >> we have kids. >> after sharing the story the executive director of the charity that operates the shelter was fired. now the women are placed in a hotel. >> we got here, everyone three or four days. everyone felt better and looked better. you can tell the difference. >> the family crisis center is closed today. the new executive director told me b
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woman's concerns are taken seriously. the shelter is being made over. >> the top priority is to find permanent housing for the women and the children. to repair and clean the shelter which she admits was filthy. to replace some staff members and retain others. the women are told to back in the shelter by friday. they have a new concern. >> we are afraid everything is not done. the reply, work at the shelter, the work is secret might not be complete but it will be safe. >> our extension ladders froze together. >> they had to thaw out the trucks on the row house.
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it was a mad dash to get outside on a very cold night. >> gloves, hat and shoes. >> new information tonight after a deadly fire in annandale. we know who died but not how the fire started. stephen tschida is live outside the house on columbia road tonight. stephen tschida? >> a bitter cold morning and a raging fire. tragic start to the new year. >> fire tore through the home this morning. >> neighbors raised to the house to -- raced to the house
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trapped inside. >> by the time they got the flames under control it was too late. i found the body inside the structure. the sweetest old man. he had trouble getting around on his own and tonight the residents of the neighborhood mourning the loss of a beloved neighbor and dear friend. >> we miss him. a good guy. >> he remarried a few years
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as far as the cause of the fire, it's under investigation. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> the fires a good reminder about the smoke detector laws in maryland. starting today you need a battery operated detector in the home. >> a man is dead after a car rolled several times and hit a tree. managed to freeze the driver and he died before going into surgery. there are no other vehicles involved and the man's name not been released. >> be reada new traffic paady for a new traffic pattern. both lanes of the traffic should stay right so be ready for that if you are driving
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that way. >> time for train after president trump's message from twitter. there are new details on the protest and the american response. >> protests continuing in iran. in a matter of days at least 12 people have been killed. >> they should express the needs and demand peacefully so officials will receive their message. >> the protest started with the concerns about the rising cost of living and a poor economy. it expanded to critique of the government and the religious leadership. a meeting with the lawmakers monday and the president downplayed the situation calling for national
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issues at play. iran hasn't seen the economic boost he hoped would come after the 2015 nuclear deal reducedded the international sanctions. and allowed iran to reduce the trade. president trump in one of the first tweets of the new year said in part the great iranian people have been repressed for many years. they are hungry for food and free dom. with the human rights. the wealth of iran is looted. time for change. the president rohani criticized trump's response saying he has no right to criticize with iran. >> the people and it comes to the financial issues and the banking issues he has been creating problems for us. >> president trump will be back in washington monday night. the situation with iran no doubt on the foreign policy radar. deadly protests continue with no clear end in sight. in washington, omar jimenez, abc7 news. nancy: vice president mike pence planned visit to israel
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postponed indefinitely. it was scheduled for christmas but delayed until mid-january in case he needed to cast a tie-breaking vote on tax reform. larry: pope francis delivers a new year's message with focus on building a more peaceful world. >> he advised paring down non-essentials and set aside a daily moment of silence and he called on people to be welcoming. today is world peace day in catholic church. nancy: happy 2018. celebrations are over. clean-up underway. but what about those resolutions for the new year? lisa: what about those? i'm lisa fletcher. you probably made a resolution. will you keep it? new research reveals the key to making pro
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stick. it has nothing to do with how important they are. larry: later why the police think a young man killed four members of his own family on new year's eve. nancy: start the new we're with a new app on your phone. the abc7 news app is free and the best way to stay connected with news across the ♪ prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400.
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nancy: crews were out early to clean up the confetti in times square. almost a million people braved the cold to ring in the new year in the heart of manhattan. new york's department of sanitation say about 300 workers will clean up around 50 tons of trash when it's all said and done. a lot of confetti. larry: they didn't see how fast it was cleaned up. nancy: 12:05 they were cleaning it up. a lot of people start the new year with the big plans and the high hopes. larry: we are still proud the evolution still intact. nancy: 17 hours so far. larry: why do so many resolutions fail? senior investigator lisa fletcher has answers. lisa? lisa: if you ask the average person what they think makes team stick to the resolution they tell you the importance of it.
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the fun. if your brain says you must because it's good for you surely that keeps you committed to the goals like saving money and losing weight. caitlin and a colleague published new research investigating new year's resolutions. they found something surprising. we find putting fun in the resolution is the key. >> fun has to be part of the equation if you want it to stick. the secret to the success is understanding fundamental human nature. we seek pleasure.
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>> so pick goals you already think are useful and construct a plan to reach them in a way you will enjoy. make sure that the healthy food is food that delicious. if you love to play tennis and hate the gym, make tennis part of the healthy routine. if podcasts are your thing, use a walk or a run and space to listen to them. for goals where the fun is harder to find like finances, there are apps to make things like saving easy and rewarding. makes sense, right? we do what we like so we are more likely to stick with it if we do something enjoyable. nancy: it's easier said than done. i know i gave up sweets but the doughnut is calling my name. good tips, lisa. larry: do the best we can. nancy: do you have a resolution? bill: that exact thing in the weather center. doughnut. nancy: i did not know that! bill: mine is i like to log what i eat and
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i took a hiatus so my goal is go back to doing it every day this year. that's what i'm doing. nancy: have you done it so far? bill: i did today. nancy: good start to you. larry: my kids are in high school and i'm an empty nester in a few years. we spend a lot of time together but i want to really spend more time. that time is fleeting. nancy: it is. that is a great resolution to have. i think a lot of new year's resolution or hope for the new year it will get warmer. i don't know if we control that. bill: keep it in the reality here. the answer to that is not at all. take a look. we got to 26. the normal high is 44. we got to 26 for the high. the seventh coldest high temperature we recorded on new year's day. the records go back to 1872. in addition the normal high is 44. the nor
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high. this is the eighth day in a row. high and low, the average below normal. i think we will easily go out two weeks. it's been almost ten years since we have had or eight years i should say since we have had a stretch that long with below normal temperatures. we are at 22 now. layer considerably if you are going out there. it feels like 11 with the winds out of the northwest. they will stick around, 5 to 15 in the next several hours. take the numbers in the 20s and the teens to make them feel like single digits and the low teens. it is beautiful. there is a super moon. look to the eastern sky. it's up. we are looking at it a few minutes ago. look at this match. what country are we in? are eup north? it's 18 below
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feels like for illinois. feels like 15 around raleigh. 19. it's 16 in hatteras. overall big picture and there are lake effect snow bands. if not for the lakes up north we'd have a dry weather pattern across the region. that is the relatively warm air over the water producing that. so tomorrow we are fine. cold day again. but we are going to have sunshine. i want to advance to wednesday. what we're looking at for wednesday, clouds on the increase. step over here. there is a et propertity aggressive weather system that should stay east. watch going in the day. wednesday night. two days from now. we will go in the late wednesday night time frame. and bring you in to thursday morning. pause this at 7:00 in the morning. you can see there is a lot of activity in the atlanta. we are on the far western edge of this. so by thursday morning we could be talking about the snow in the area. models really bring it off to the east. the reason i bring
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still several days away. if it were to shift 100 miles, 200 miles east we'd be talking, we could be talking a very different story. shift to the west i should say. a different story for thursday morning. but the bottom line what we are watching going to wednesday night and thursday morning the possibility of the snow around the area. you don't have to worry about that tonight. worry about the cold. 3 to 13 the forecast low. not the wind chill temperatures around the area. wind chills are less than that. tomorrow there is a lot of sunshine. but we only warm in the mid-20's. bitter cold. once again the normal low temperature for the perspective is 29. we look across another cold shot after that comes through wednesday night with the highs flirting with the records for the coldest highs ever recorded on the day. nancy: go for it. at this point -- bill: might as well break the record. >> laying down, mother nature. nancy: bring it! larry: i see single digi
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nancy: go inside and bundle up. thank you, bill. some of the traditions are better known than others. what some say you should be eating today and easy way to do it for luck and the new year. nancy: a local company trying to make it easier for people who need extra help to stay home. larry: a look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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larry: the virginia lottery .ed to put light on education. they are launching a program tomorrow and the idea is for the kids to design the thank you cards to distribute for thousands of teacher in may for teacher appreciation week. three teachers will get gift cards and $1,000 for the art department. nancy: well deserved. robots are among us. for some living allen that could be good. as q mccray reports, fairfax based company bringing to market a robot named rudy to help the elderly or the veterans and the individuals with the disabilities maintain their independence. >> say hello to rudy. >> hi.
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robot. >> have you gone out today? >> i haven't. >> this is the latest at the senior care innovation. >> a lot of people think they will do is make them lazy. but it gets them up to exercise. >> anthony nunez creation. as a child he loved robots. his grandmother who lived with him. >> i watched my grandmother lose her independence and my mom was her care giver. >> he is combatable with anything. he entertains. >> do you want to hear a joke? >> i do. >> my first job working at an orange juice factory. i got canned. i couldn't concentrate. >> let's go. >> so in this mode i can have rudy carry things for me. we can go to another room. >> rudy allows you to video call your loved one like skype or face time. he can remotely control the robot. >> and rudy will even dial 911 or contact a care-giver
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demand. >> my hand is hurting here. >> that is the goal. >> i'm going to get rest. let me know if you need me. >> q mccray, abc7 news. >> interesting. >> a new state where it's okay to use recreational marijuana. nancy: and a deadly plane crash in costa rica and the ties to our area. larry: 16-year-old is facing murder charges. how police say he killed three members of his own family as well a
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nancy: tragedy on the jersey shore. minutes before the clock struck midnight last night. a teenage boy accused of murdering three family members as well as a family friend. we have a report. >> a new year's eve tragedy in long branch, new jersey, where a 16-year-old male believed responsible for shooting his parents and ol
5:28 pm
family friend. >> 635 wall street. 635 wall street. shooting. >> the young man is now in police custody. >> i have heard reports that this is terrorist connected. i want to disabuse you of that notion. this is a domestic incident that occurred in the confines of the home. >> steven and linda and their daughter and a person living at the home were killed. the alleged shooter whose name not released due to the age faces four count of murder and count of possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose. the when is a semi-automatic rifle. >> the weapon was legally own and registered to a family member. >> police responded to a 911 call and discovered the quadruple murder. the young man was not previously known to them.
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a motive was not disclosed. nancy: colorado man who police say shot five deputies killing one of them was an iraq war veteran. matthew reel was honorably discharged in 2012. he posted several rants on youtube. the deputy died while he and others were ambushed responding to a voice complaint. police shot and killed him. >> there is new information about the ten americans killed in a plane crash in costa rica. five from new york. and one has roots in our area. lindsey mastis is at the "live desk" with more details. >> a woman killed in the crash have listed on her facebook page that she was from potomac, maryland. maureen and her husband and three sons were killed in the plane crash according to the relatives. one of the sons attended johns hopkins university in baltimore. those who attended with the
5:30 pm
family are expecting condolences. >> the plane went down ten minutes after take-off. they are trying to figure out why it crashed. there were heavy winds that forced other pilots to change plans to land at a different airport. >> unusual sight in indonesia. cold lava from a volcano that erupted last week. roared back to life in 2010 after four centuries of violence erupting in the past few years. thousands of families have been forced to leave the homes. >> january 1 always brings with it a host of new laws but perhaps the bies
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is the legalization of recreational marijuana in california. but there are conditions. >> what a great day for our community. what a great day for our community. >> before sun up, hundreds of customers were lined up outside oakland harborside health center. >> this is history. >> to be among the first in california to buy marijuana legally for recreational use. cannabis activists c.d. angelo making sale number one to the shop's attorney. >> we have worked a long time for this. >> the nation's most populous state joining a list of others where the recreational marijuana is permitted though the federal government classifies it as a controlled substance. it's raising concerns on several fronts. some
5:32 pm
incarcerated against crop crimes. finding a retail outlet in california isn't that easy. >> we have five new register, new six amazing plants. this is being grown clean. lab tested and regulated. >> due to the regulation and permit delays 90 dispensaries received licenses today. most located in or near four major cities. marijuana use is officially legal in massachusetts, and maine, too. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. nancy: the next story, "star wars" was the big winner for the holiday weekend. "the last jedi" topping $1 billion after three weeks in theaters. now some fun popping up online.
5:33 pm
there is a scene that shows adam driver without the shirt. but it's what if memes are made of. it has the instagram post. no shirt. pants hiked way up high. the #kilo whererenchallenge. it's taking off on twitter. plenty of people posting their own photos including lego that got in on it, too. i didn't know pants can go so high. wouldn't it seem like there is a place it needs to stop? larry: uncomfortable? yeah. >> john mayer is too young. when he is older and he wants to cover up the not so developed abs. nancy: would you try this? larry: no. nancy: i challenge you. larry: my kids would disown me.
5:34 pm
he is not pulling it off. larry: no. not going to happen. if it does, get me help right away. okay. in a galaxy much closer to home the new year starts with a super moon. tonight's wolf moon is the biggest and the brightest of 2018. it's the first of the two super moons that we should see this month. >> i love the stories. coming up at 5:00, braving the cold to start the new year on the right or the left. >> a lot of people were surprised when they try to, the keyword is surprise. larry: but first, what the people were chasing that could be a recipe for good luck in 2018. nancy: at 6:00, frozen solid in seconds. uniques mixture behind a bubble that turned winter decoration in a flash in the arctic blast.
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bill: we will get a look at the weekend in a second. welcome to 2018. we are very cold. looking to the middle teens to the overnight time frame tonight. if you are going out, the wind chills in the single digits and in the teens. jumping ahead. never too early. talk about the upcoming weekend. we still have looking at the temperatures in the 20's. maybe get close to the normal before we go back down in the extended forecast. the normal potentially a week from today.
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larry: back with recipe for luck in the new year, the owner of the pennsylvania ice cream shop says starting 2018 with a pork and sauerkraut will bring you luck so they put spin on it with ice cream. >> it gives it a butter milk taste to it.
5:39 pm
>> if you want the same effect get vanilla with a scoop of sauerkraut on top. >> i like creamy chai on the menu. i like that he said it's mixed. you keep going. >> stick to smelling black eyes peas. >> okay. good idea. big bucks in the new year. no one won the meg million power ball jackpot. right now tomorrow night mega millions is worth $343 million. wednesday power ball is up to $440 million. larry: the drawing for delegates is set for the 13th.
5:40 pm
if david yancey wins the republicans would have a one seat majority. >> so many scenes like this across the country, who wants to ring in the new year with a swim. some of the brave souls two did it; next. >> come closer to the most precious story of 2018. this is phillips. one of the first born babies in the d.c. area. coming up you will meet him and th
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a shock to the system to start the new year. milwaukee. the brave souls took the plunge to lake michigan. it was 3 degrees below zero so it was a warm-up. factor in the wind chill and it felt like 22 below. there they go. larry: 40,000 people celebrating the new year in the netherlands. the water temperature there nothing. balmy. 44 degrees for a tradition that started in the late
5:44 pm
1960's. nancy: the folks diving in the river in rome had the best condition water. 53 degrees. it was raining out there. four men took the 50-foot plunge and hundreds watched. tradition dates back to 1946 when out of sorts lifeguard trying to find work as a stunt man did it to show off his skills. great way to do it! showcase your abilities and be like all right if anyone else wants to do it, i'll save you. >> a little girl and her mother are doing fine. nancy: and cheryl conner went to meet one of the first newborns in the district. cheryl: 3:21 is a count down to the new year and for the phillips it's the exa
5:45 pm
year's day. >> a miracle. the boy born seven pounds, eight ounces, becoming the first to arrive this year at the hospital in northwest d.c. >> unbelievable. we made you. >> every time i hold him, the bond gets stronger. >> dima was one of the first babies born in the d.c. area but beat out by a baby girl born at 12:03 in montgomery county. at 1:51, holy cross hospital welcomed its first baby of the year. the parents hope reese atlas becomes a world traveler and embraces other cultures. >> i think he has his daddy's nose. the family lips. >> it's named after both
5:46 pm
>> i was excited. >> she feels lucky the labor went fast. the water broke last night on the due date. >> he chose it. not me. it's all on him. he wanted to be first. >> a first and one of the first in the area. happy birthday and happy new year. in northwest washington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. >> beautiful baby. >> i love that every year is a celebration. all the fireworks and the champagne. all for him.. larry: exactly. single digit wind chills didn't stop the runners getting a healthy start to the new year. 700 people hit the pavement for the d.c. mayor's fourth annual 5k run. they ran, walked, pushed strollers and all the while in the elements. >> when we sta
5:47 pm
degrees. these are hearty washingtonians that want to kick the new year off right. i won't say who wanted to cancel it but i said no way. larry: i would have been one to save this till march. mayor bowser, look at her. in the middle of the pack. nancy: great start to 2018. this isn't a race but a different walk that ushered in the new year. hundreds braved the sub zero temperatures to cross a bridge with the father time and oh, yes, a lama. >> the kids love him. they are making drawings of him. >> i don't they are talking about the father time or the lama. it didn't come at midnight but 8:45 p.m. a new tra
5:48 pm
for it. anytime a lama is involved i'm in. father time is there. cold. ahead at 6:00, a new social media challenge with a lofty goal. the two friends that want to make sure no one has to sleep in the cold. a car slides out of controls and crashes and ending with a woman in handcuffs but it wasn't the driver. how she called the crash. new law highlighting a growing divide between the red and the blue states at 6:00. nancy: our geologist in jerusalem made a find here saying that the 2700-year-old clay seal impression belonged to the biblical governor of jerusalem. artifact in ancient hebrew was likely attached to a shipment sent by the governor. governors of jerusalems are
5:49 pm
archaeologists made the discovery near the western wall in the old city of jerusalem. >> wow! >> very cool. anytime too go out and find your way back inside where it's warm. nancy: quick return. bill: quick! bone chilling out there. good evening. it is cold, 22 degrees. the normal low, the coldest we would get on average in a day is down to 29. this is not just us. nashville is 20. raleigh is 26. charlotte is 28. this is ridiculous. 125 below in indianapolis. feels like 18 below in peoria. it's extraordinarily cold for us. 11 in d.c. dry across the area.
5:50 pm
cumulus. the air moving over the warm weather and you get an image like this. that is how far south this is. the future cast is 11:00. the other temperatures are at mid-to-the low teens. these are the air temperatures that the thermometer will read. by 12:00 noon we will go up to 23 in d.c. we will end up in the mid-20's there is a warmup if you don't like the tempe
5:51 pm
don't. the high temperatures are mid-20's we mention. looking here at the seven-day and the extended forecast, maybe up to 33 on wednesday. then we dive back down again. in the 20's. low 20's and the teens. larry: i see nothing but the 40's a week from monday. nancy: we can make it. >> no travel bags. redskins wasting no time to lock up the cornerback. dunbar. he signed extension worth $10.5 million and that means bruin won't be back next season. trash bags are not what you want to see on new year's eve in the nfl. rather get ready for the first round of the playoffs. but instead
5:52 pm
erin hawksworth? >> tough to explain. erin: it was ath raer depress -- rather depressing new year's day at redskins park. >> how are you feeling after the 7-9 campaign? erin: redskins finish 7-9. after they lost to the giants sundays in new york. in what was basically a lost season for washington. >> why do you feel like crap? >> well, we are cleaning out our lockers. i think that kind of tells all. you can get travel bags or trash bags. we got trash bags. >> while he is frustrated and looking ahead, there are other players like deangelo hall whose future is
5:53 pm
lot of years. i'm thankful for that. i have the luxury of deciding what i want to do. >> wearinger may have had a good season personally but he is not happy with how the team finished. >> the ultimate goal for the team, i felt like it was a failure. anything less than the playoffs is a failure in my eyes. >> in ashburn, erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. robert: i think we will be in a championship game. nancy: what year? robert: i don't know. but we do it some day. larry: he'll have a gray beard. robert: exactly. nancy: poor guys. robert: like you said, they all need hugs. nancy: especially josh norman.
5:54 pm
robert: they work hard. all right. larry: what is on the pr
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5:57 pm
larry: president trump is on air force one. before leaving florida he played another round of golf. getting it in before he returns to the cold. we look at what awaits president when he lands. >> president trump heading back to d.c. after a day of golf and a glitzy new year's eve bash at mar-a-largo. shrugging off questions about the latest warning from the north korean leader. president trump: we'll see. >> in the new year's address, leader kim jong un said north korea completed nuclear forces. the u.s. should know the button for nuclear weapon is on my table. kim jong un said. the entire area of the u.s. mainland is within the nuclear strike range. another hot spot iran.
5:58 pm
antigovernment protest raged since thursday and several people have been killed. the president tweeting this morning that it is time for change. republican senator lindsey graham slamming trump's twitter approach on "face the nation." >> president trump is tweeting sympathetically to the iranian people but you just can't tweet here. you have to lay out a plan. >> have you conveyed this personally to the president? >> i just did. >> division between the president and the congressional republicans will be put to the test in the year ahead. the president is aiming for a big infrastructure push. and also looming large the investigation into the trump campaign and possible collusion with russia. >> as the president trolls the red carpet he expresses opt mim. >> we are off to a good start. getting rid of the mandate that is unpopular. it will
5:59 pm
>> congress returns to work wednesday with a budget battling looming as well as looking at the young immigrants unit daca will be deported. jonathan: now at 6:00 -- >> fighting fire and ice. the dangerous weather that left the firefighters scrambling on two fronts. >> progress restoring domestic violence shelter the close call you to see to believe and the message this is sending. >> a frigid start to the new year. jonathan: a winter storm is taking shape for the eastern united states. there are
6:00 pm
where it goes and what if anything we will see here. chief meteorologist bill kelly tracking the winter blast. the temperatures are right for the snow. we don't have the moisture up there. >> that is right. the system we are talking about. wednesday night to thursday. we will talk about that in a moment. temperatures by far is the big story. 19 in bethesda. 18 in great falls. temperatures at 22 in d.c. topped out at 26 today. the second coldest new year's day recorded. records go back 150 years. bitter cold day. we don't have snowfall coming down. i don't expect icing the rest of the night but bitter cold temperatures. we will break it do


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