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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  January 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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us this morning that top story. this leads us into the next one in akron team is in custody this morning accused of orange safety
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the 28 -year-old victim of vendettas home when the team came up the driveway and the ceramic pretournament from the yard the man can front of the thief to give it back pets and he said the teenager pointed the gun at him and his life he couldn't tell solicit light and police agreed. police arrest of the 14 -year-old a few blocks of.
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wanted to go.
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which is your favorite room. key you go through the entire home. >> notes all that studio on stuff is out there. his mom are there his daughter is still alive. just incredible. he is something else. by today's standards it's not that day. it was a mansion but by today's standards it's not that big. 5:11 a.m. is your time. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes left on my bucket list check out the lorraine hotel. which doctors for was when passed away he was buying a fish sandwich so random. who is painted fish's sandwich will warm up continues here we have these panhandle lows coming
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air next week which means several here until the chances of seeing some snow next week some accumulation i think it will be a general snow with a couple of the system. there upper 20s further south. they're starting to see a little pool of cold air developing northwestern ohio at my out loud something defensively to form. remember all of this warfare overrated and you get some of this rain that partially phrases will see how that turned out. general 33 or along the lake. look at the rain in florida this is the tail end of the front. kentucky and in cincinnati up into upstate upper peninsula of michigan. this is rain. in cincinnati right now and the temperatures will start to climb back up to the middle 40s later this afternoon so the warm
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anticipate the showers tomorrow five by late morning. cleveland and akron canton between p.m.-1:00 p.m. that's the timing on that today. today. the temperatures going back up with the warm-up by noon most of us should have very little chance of seeing any frozen precipitation. the thing as it begins in the afternoon we start to see the showers break up this evening as temperatures will stay above freezing all day long. a good quarter of an inch of frank this evening when a mostly cloudy skies. the rain will develop look at the push of coldt. highs on sunday will be 40 on early on. and they fall to the 20s by sundown. rain develops again tomorrow night rain just a ton of wind on sunday as we transition back over to wet snow. general stole of a couple of
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these how this works out. inch or two is possible late sunday into sunday night further west one coming in on tuesday part of 1-3-inch system with more make it six wednesday into thursday heading into martin luther king junior holiday weekend with the 20s of the more snow than. it's about as warm as it's going to get today and tomorrow there officials school closing station.
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he would have. 5:14 a.m. is your time. possible judge lead the young mother of a young child in cincinnati hospital dies during visitation. how investigators who is part of the growing epidemic. and what a denver pizza place considered to be one of the city's best is offering free
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welcome back. weather and traffic every eight minutes is time for a check on the kick it with patty harkin. right now we've had a couple things going on to have to report of an accident off of the 30s and broadway that is a heavily traveled area so keep that in mind. this happened last evening he shot some video of them that's a lot of water think goodness it's
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right now it's 55th in central they do have this intersection blocked off and it will remain closed throughout the morning commute. chief that gas prices a dollar 90 that's it there averaging around town thank you very much president barack obama responded to criticisms executive action aimed at reducing of reducing
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recap by from the newsroom. good at morning. george mason university's the side of the some of them for the presidents it is 5-foot been mischaracterized he's fit in for supporters his little experience of friends he says his is makes a standing back on sharks forgot bars and married the show that keeps them exempt that everything degrees. the outlaws set feet. don't stop these things from happening.
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same topic. the forgive in off they he hopes fifth us in live from woods. this is shows fisher about the amendment wayne and kristi. if cases to refugees who can do you have been harvested. one of the suspect was in a rush you native who lives in session. he traveled to sue say to for repairs and my timbers tears upon his wilson they say 24 years old man also from ever is accused of offense of perfect place as investigators said. no. she public safety prefer the ever since i police are trying to find the heroin dealers who sold trucks to another who died overdose in her sick child hospital room. hospital staff found the parents unconscious per 32 -year-old
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-year-old father was revived and treatment. when asked about that case, summit of the throws of a distance often lose sight of their priorities that the owner of the denver pizza shop is offering free pizza for a year for help finding a burglar. taking a $1,000 from the cash register the suspect was. face and headphones they visited several videos on facebook and has about 4,000 views already police believe the suspect is responsible for other carson small businesses. keeping a close eye on markets this morning which is help to street. there are to their worst four days start ever fire in their 400 drop yesterday.
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that your four o 14 o one k if you powerful. it will likely current is more people tried to get the head of tonight strength to know when since the fourth 5:22 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes is coming up see who's
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in the tensor going to push it through for us today. but behind the assistance for going (-left-parenthesis that one from to trigger some shows raining in cincinnati no soliciting to converge over northeast ohio and not solely going to push into northern ohio about midday today a little comfort to the west and a little bit later appeared faster. until late county. temperatures pipe and should be into the middle 30s fifth two things that so much any winter we change over to sleep. rain today anticipate rain late tonight campaign seven and about
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of a dangerous situation. that animal became caught up in the '90s and that is used to keep falls from a nearby call course and landed on the property they credit the games for first thing persistent you can rob wrestling the young park in the cold mud to help get it free. full speed as hard as he could until you out of that. here is holding it good news this everybody is okay favorite
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prefer ran off into the woods. if you're about to get a cup of coffee you may want to take it they're calling on americans to cut back on added sugars will have a closer look, stay with
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good morning welcome to fox 8 news the morning is finally friday january 834 degrees some pictures above freezing is going to be kind of client for the last check in with scott right now a few his hair is very sorry forecast is concerned. clouding over rapidly here as the temperatures are going at present 30 cents 2 cents. thirty to 32 work were of the 26th apart surprise an hour and ago showers will be developing here across the western family will get some rain in cleveland and akron canton regional i 77 quarter to 12 and 1:00 p.m.
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