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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a wintry mix, the colder air moves in eventually including snowfall forecast . current temperatures upper 30s and low 40s . the soft wind between five and 15 make you feel cooler . it feels like only 29 and ashtabula tonight could be a local shower passing about come tomorrow most of the day will be dry, mainly cloudy . it is all about the second panhandle hook coming . the warmest tomorrow about 50 percent with a chance faceplant local shower but mostly cloudy day . the second
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texas, will have lots of moisture and then open the doors to very cold air of the coolest season while the details coming up with dick goddard. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. nearly 200 dogs and cats cats are safe tonight after being rescued from filthy conditions. >> a rescue group is stepping in to find them homes as matt wright is in the control room, any idea how it got so bad? >> the owners claimed they were operating a rescue, but authorities say they left the need of rescuing the hand society stepping in and owners are facing charges, so these
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>> they are arriving to loving homes in cleveland area after being rescued from southern ohio area hispanic it does break your heart, because they look to you for help. >> video shows the animal rescue team arriving and adams county last month they say that they discovered 166 dogs and cats living in filth. >> humane society says some were underweight others had her compounds and severe infections they say that they scavenge for meals from hundreds of wanting your carcasses. >> the owners are facing charges , prosecutors say they claimed that they ran a rescue for two decades but people started dumping animals and it got out of control. >> is a tough situation when you have that many for two people
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>> the dog warden got involved. >> i don't understand why people don't see what's going on around them and ask for help. >> prosecutors say the owner surrendered the animals to the humane society, dogs like hamilton here are being treated in adopted. >> clear the rescue groups deliver them to foster parents and glad that they could provide needed care if if. >> i heard especially about this girl who had been passed over because of her age and cataracts and neurological problems and no dog should be passed over. system prosecutor and adams county says she anticipates filing misdemeanor charges against them within the next two weeks facing up to 90 days in jail per charge, about a dozen special-needs animals need
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information go to fox the i-team of video from a city camera where a hit-and-run driver nearly killed a woman. >> video might be no help as ed gallek shows us why. >> a city camera, did not see the hit-and-run driver with the camera just a few feet away so the i-team is asking why? >> look at the view from the
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puritas, on tuesday morning when mrs. saw jeanne stuckey crossing in the crosswalk then a driver hit her, the victim's daughter hope that video would have some key clues so we made a request to find that the crosswalk is not afraid to. >> i am really upset, alternating between angry sad and wanted said it wanted to fix the situation there is clear problems here. >> the video also does not show traffic turning and witnesses say a ford van turned right hitting her. >> like a parent telling a a child that was going to be consequences then there are none if they don't work them we why do we have that. >> resort to the man in charge of the program he says there's
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was framed without pay crosswalk blog by a logo. >> typically focus them on the middle of the intersection to see any traffic in the intersection of. >> be found three days after the accident, the investigators have not seen the video. >> there videos from the same camera in november after the hit-and-run of a child down the street is but still no response back city hall argues it has a system to get these videos to police quickly. >> the person that my mom could be hiding or fix the van for who knows what they could have dug. >> jeanne stuckey is in intensive care, call crime stoppers if you have a tip and maybe get a reward, multiple witnesses saw a band turning and van turning and hitting the
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camera cannot capture it to. the second part is how many of these cameras in cleveland did not work. >> and trying to get that answer we been told that is a homeland security matter, the company says they have a system in place to get an alert if the camera's not working. >> brother dead, shot by her husband of the children watched as dave nethers has more on the investigation. >> 20-year-old lareece wally woods appears before wayne county municipal court magistrate on friday. . accused of killing his wife
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thursday. >> orrville police were somewhat outside of the home for his family lives on east paradise avenue thursday, a friend tells fox 8 news that he was separated from the 24-year-old emily younger but she was bringing their children there to see their father and shot multiple times as they were leaving. essay after he was in custody record a confession never expect that from him that's not the wallet but i do . the military different. >> and an eyewitness to the front in the front seat was not injured the couple's six-month
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and she was killed the confirmed that he had returned home after spending several years in the military stationed in alaska they move their together but their together but grew apart, prosecutors say he had been indicted on charges of sexual battery, friends say that she became afraid of him of him. >> she is very positive, outgoing mother of three, and then she did fall victim to domestic violence. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> he is being held in the wayne county jail on 1 million-dollar bought facing charges including order and child endangering. >> exclusive video showing teamwork between the dispatcher, good samaritan and an officer who catch a man wanted for
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this is a video that seen anywhere anywhere else like they say that the situation could have been much worse but a store clerk and dispatcher help to save the day. >> erie county dispatch center received this call early thursday morning. >> caseworker reported that she was assaulted to group home by a client . sandusky police dash-cam video shows but the officer saw when responding to. >> become a suspect across the street from the group home etiquette station struggling with a store clerk. >> sandusky police chief says he is glad there's video of the incident snack i think it's important for the public trust
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the officer ran to help, the suspect was not giving up of. >> oftentimes, the dispatchers are often taken for granted and i thought it was a child of genuine caring and compassion for the officer to make sure that he was safe. >> my heart was beating pretty hard. >> dispatcher katie maloney wanted to be sure that everybody got home safe. >> yachts remain calm no matter what is at the other in the line picture that they are called to get the information needed to get to the officers or ems. >> he said that he says he'll perceived something that he won't soon forget. mr. thomas was a lifesaver what he did actually made things better, the outcome would have been worse if he was not there
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the suspect was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for evaluation. >> robust java love to work with the people, but i work with, it is a good feeling. face charges once released from the hospital. >> the good thing here is that nobody got hurt. next week canton shuts down three of eight power stations because of budget cuts of additional stations may be required to close at a later date if more money needs to be
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gellot probably stay in school have fun just to go vacation and start my own business is allowed by the that i work for you go right back and then say by the way, i quit. >> here's some tips to buy your powerball tickets, that the
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75 percent are computer-generated as winners, thereby than the multiples . your odds of winning are greater . some other statistics, the odds of getting crushed by a higher than winning the powerball also the odds of getting hit by lightning or to be elected president of the united states but there is still a chance she is a could possibly go up to $1 billion. >> after taxes? >> it gets whittled down shoes at thank you . we have the bobbleheads back going to be at
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tomorrow between noon and 3:00 p.m. . hope to see you tomorrow at the hartville marketplace a wonderful venue, between noon and 3:00 p.m. . i know that you're planning to be there. >> i will be there if i can come it's going to be a busy day. the overall view of the precipitation hitting the northeast going to get a dry slot as pointed out earlier, these are the rainfall totals, in some cases about one quarter inch, with ashtabula much less . looking at temperatures a little
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currently, and you see a few mid- 30s . cloud cover tonight and then some clary, basically will be dry tomorrow to get these weather watches and warnings and advisories with freezing rain in pennsylvania and flooding conditions northwest and west of ohio, the high today was 11 above normal with 45, sunset at 5:15 p.m. . looking at the numbers, just around 40, the windchill is not exorbitant . or get into a bit of a dry time for saturday on sunday, will would be the transition they likely rainfall
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snowfall into sunday . occasional showers tonight tapering, tomorrow 50 degrees . next week will be a cold, 38 sunday and rain showers or snow monday low 20s a bit warmer tuesday, and then a wintry mix, the clipper on wednesday with probably snowfall and then on wednesday 18 a bit warmer thursday and then dry slot
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tomorrow hope to see you down at the hartville marketplace, between noon and 3:00 p.m. . to make some money for the animals with lots of free stuff from fox 8 at the hartville marketplace. >> search continues for the 16 th head-coaching browns franchise history as the offensive coordinator interviews
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the browns browns were interviewing another candidate for the head coach job as p.j. ziegler joins up they guys interviewed those a thing or two about cleveland's. >> third day of the browns coaching search took jimmy haslam and the five person hiring committee to dallas texas for the interview, joe henderson the dallas cowboys secondary coach, he had served as the browns defensive backs coach until 2011, the defense finished second in the nfl passing defense that year is a former nfl quarterback played eight seasons with the patriots,
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off tomorrow from interviews, scheduled to resume the process on sunday with keller panthers defensive coordinator sean mcdermott, the interview scheduled thursday but moved to sunday he is 41, has overseen the top 10 defense each of the past four years, the panthers led the nfl with 39 takeaways during the regular season . after they browns wrapped up wrap up with sean mcdermott they well talk to hugh jackson, he has head coaching experience as the raiders head coach back in 2011 leading them to have oakland two and eight -- a record, since i finished the year ranks seventh in points per game under jackson is scheduled to interview with the 49ers and dolphins on sunday, browns offensive coordinator john defilippo was interviewed today
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interviewed for the san francisco 49ers head coaching vacancy according to see sf bay area .com, the st. louis rams have also requested to speak with defilippo. >> see what happens with joe thomas as he continues to crush plenty of awards. >> was voted to the associated press 2015 all-pro first-team the sixth time he has been named to the first team a few weeks ago he was loaded to the pro bowl for the ninth time, part of the offensive unit that threw for over 4,000 yards this past year he was nearly traded during the season. >> the cavaliers continued their six-game road trip in minnesota as kevin love returns to the twin cities helping to lead the cavaliers to their sixth straight win and. >> cavaliers have won 11 of last 13 games what other reasons has
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second in opponent points per game and field-goal percentage have gotten a huge lift from kyrie irving who scored at least 20 points and three last four games, it starts at 8:00 p.m. . mo williams is battling a partially torn ligament in his thumb is expected to play tonight against the t-wolves, he visited a specialist thursday the injury would take about six weeks to heal. >> rewards can come the reports keep coming for one school who won a national honor. >> they were honored by max-preps, akron hoban was honored today with a national ranking trophy, finishing 14 -- one b-team toledo central catholic claiming the division
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the two schools honored on the 11th annual champions presented by army national guard . the indians said kirby yates to the yankees for cash consideration that cleared a spot on the roster for first baseman mike napoli. >> ohio mansion into afghanistan to fight for us serve with honor than paid a price, have a local business and customers shipped
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it is not so much about the amount of snow it is just a transition . take a look outside from earlier today,
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not much visibility of the skyline, cannot see it from the 5-mile crib cam, 3 miles north of the city . government subsidy of cleveland water department . the water 2:00 p.m. the high temperature of 45 and hopkins . sunset at 5:15 p.m. today . rain showers were steady, light to moderate, you can see from lake, geauga county and departing over to erie pennsylvania and upstate
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take some time talk about this more more stretch and then tomorrow will be the end of it, current temperature 40 at cleveland . and things have been between five and 15 . cold air in the rocky mountains and plains states . these will potentially be our high temperatures wednesday . we will be in this dry time between the next panhandle hook brings them moisture and then tomorrow night
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behind the low pressure that it will be dropping dramatically and then switch over to snowfall sunday . overnight lows upper 30 s on saturday morning but tomorrow, good day to run your errands and sunday you can spend time indoors . on saturday night rainfall moves in and switches over to snowfall and sunday i would say by sunday morning, at about eight or 9:00 a.m. probably still rainfall may be some mixing, after brunch,
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over to snowfall, these are preliminary looks at the snowfall projections, it is not very impressive from noontime sunday to 8:00 o'clock . the lake effect snow fall sunday night into monday . on monday morning morning it can be dicey for some commuters . lake effect snow, with sunday the transition they been on monday low 20s, to clipper systems moving in on tuesday and thursday each woman is a separate entity and believe that it could include general widespread snowfall, between two and 4 inches for each one mainly lake enhanced on wednesday with the high temperature in the teams on wednesday and then,
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and saturday . closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . six months from now, the city will be hosting the 2,016th rnc so are we on track to be ready and what does that have to be ready for ? get some answers from yoshio and, are we on schedule? >> we are . they might be ahead of schedule on several things the reason is that they can thank warmer december. >> the downtown hilton rises next to the convention center they feel confident that they
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summer. >> re: bill bonness this past couple months with the warm weather. >> joe roman says the record warmth has allowed construction on public square to be moving faster opening in time for the convention as well as the anchor hotel as other projects and. >> we are ahead of a number of things that even planning landscaping around the inner-belt. >> the second span of inner-belt , head of schedule, is not expected to be open in time for the convention but she can feel feel the buzz downtown as the convention is coming up fast to lots of people coming here who would not come to see what cleveland is all about because i think we have a lot to offer. >> how wide-open the republican nomination for president is that cleveland may have to be ready to offer more than usual. >> this could be a very different kind of convention we
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party, with four cleveland that means it could be a little longer . it could be some good news with more people coming for we have to be ready. >> it is exciting to host the convention that but what is the benefit? >> joe roman says if it goes well it shows what the city can. >> as result of this, meeting planners will look at cleveland differently as a place i can handle the big time and >> about 50,000 people expected to attend the convention and they believe things are looking up how, the city is on track. >> the host committee has secured over 16,000 hotel rooms within 35 miles of cleveland for the convention and have 42 of 64 million needed rays and all
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is not a nominee, as joe roman alluded to, if there is not then it will be more hectic. user cleveland on a map with 50,000 people if we can host that we can handle big-time as joe roman said. >> after 18 years on cleveland city councilman joe cimperman stepping down after accepting the position of president of a nonprofit called global cleveland they work to attract people to live and work in cleveland, he was 26 years old when he was elected to the city council serving the st. clair the flats tremont and ohio city during his seven terms in office and four-tier boy is held without bond accused of attempting to rob at least four people using a fake revolver, he
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charges of robbery and planting juvenile equivalent of not guilty to. >> bond set for the three men accused of smashing through a cleveland drugstore, to steal the atm from the right eight at east 55th and superior. >> tribe falls man faces charges after police say he held up a bar with a rolling pin, is accused of walking into the bar and broad daylight wearing a black mask demanding cash and when the bartender refused he pointed a rolling pin at her, then they say that he pulled out a butcher knife, nobody was injured back a man suspected of stealing a family doctor doctor himself in, carter freefield charged with theft and trespassing, he is now free on bond after allegedly taking a golden retriever because he thought it would be a chick
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>> they wounded warrior will have help getting around thanks to the kindness of strangers. >> lorrie taylor joins us with the story to my. >> was a surprise for the ohio veteran, today montreal's for presented marine corporal joshua sust with a new ford f-150 pickup truck at, the dish appraising $37,000 through fundraisers and donations to pay for it, they give the money to the ability is freedom program for the wounded warriors family support organization, was part of his leg in afghanistan november 2011, but only did he get the track e-cot $1,000 cash given by an anonymous customer. >> ayatollah blessed right now and speechless, i don't know what to say but that this track is going to allow me so much more legroom than the car it's going to allow it for my wheelchair in the back and two
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in my life. >> he says he's just learning how to walk with his prosthetic leg and wants to go back to school to study biomechanical engineering and one-day build prosthetics. >> bontril for raise more funds for the organization than any other ford dealership in the country and due to their efforts this is the program's first of 38 vehicle donations in ohio this year. >> 50-year-old boy from trumbull county is battling a rare form of thyroid cancer. >> they cancer. >> they had no idea what was wrong until they went to the the cleveland clinic aspergers tells us about his storied. >> dale knoble of terra nova trumbull county is dealing with a lot last year he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer on monday he had surgery at the cleveland clinic to remove it the
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>> the cutouts to fly rights app lymph nodes because that's where the cancer was. >> he says that his symptoms started showing up during football season began losing a lot of weight and got worried his parents took it in to see a specialist at the clinic and that's when they found out that he had cancer. >> is the hard process because i knew that something was up issues that i do not know that it was cancer and that it would take this long to figure out. >> inspected to make a full recovery, doctor says he will eventually have to undergo chemo and radiation. >> no things are in the right direction the question is how fast can he get better and young people make amazing recoveries and this is a good example. >> his parents are impressed with his positive attitude we appreciate the support they have
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>> it is overwhelming at times . it is hard to wrap your head around it, as if a family that we might need some help and it was just was just an explosion of outpouring and was overwhelming. >> the backing has been unbelievable that has been so much stuff going on there don't even know where to begin and how to think people is unbelievable. >> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> are going to be a number of fundraisers over the next few weeks. >> if you like to attend or to make a donation to the family code to fox >> part of a famous estate is up for grabs at a rock-bottom price
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they could be yours . you could own a piece of mike tyson's ohio
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th of ohio ranch on the market seems like a bargain since the last $04,750,000 in december of 2014 lister specifies it needs a lot of work because it has been vacant for so long and does not have her have that indoor pool . >> it is radically out of the cuyahoga county animal shelter, in case of 11, delores and mckenzie, cage number 21, a 2 -year-old bull terrier .
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addition to your family that is mckenzie and cage 21 . in case number 36, mistletoe a 3 -year-old pit mix . she loves people and dogs and are never steps wagon . and baxter and number 46 he is a 1-year-old pit bull mix . he loves to run around and play, that is case number the case number 46 baxter going to case number 51, article eight pound mix, likes to go on walks he still has a father spoke he enjoys to play with
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jamie, cage 62802-year-old pit bull mix came to us after recently having puppies she acts like a puppy puppy puppy herself may disregard this weekend in case number 62, jamie . put out some fresh straw for the animals , stop by this weekend at the petsmart and husted we will be selling 2016 dog licenses and tomorrow want to see you at the hartville marketplace with some bobbleheads to make money for the animals between noon and 3:00 p.m. toro at hartville
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. every monday he made us laugh about the browns mike polk junior is going viral with a spoof advertising season tickets for 2016 . following is a paid
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browns. >> is intentional browns fans . to believe that the season is over already ? and what a a season it it was that everything is planned but nobody can deny that it was 16 james longs . so many great memories . like when we beat san francisco . also some other games . even though already time to start thinking about purchasing your cleveland browns season tickets . they are going fast. >> it had to have the highlights a low lights of the season to point out that by purchasing season tickets you are through two preseason games at full cost
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ticket holder and sure that he will be back for more next year. >> thank you for john s. knight
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