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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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human mixed at 10 the symbol of the small town at the center of controversy. my why some say it has got to go
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good evening. we are in for a wet weekend, but it won't stay rainy for a long. >> northeast ohio bracing for snow and it is coming this weekend when most people are home which is early. >> that it's going to be the transition on sunday if you are out on the road maybe even in between church are headed back home from there you my attempt to might have to deal with the changeover. when it happens it will happen quick. we might be looking at traveled difficulties.
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but when it comes it falls fast and that is when roadways can become messy quickly but right now no problems. in fact, the rain from earlier is pretty much off the map. there are a couple of stray showers but they are here and they are, not everywhere. at the rain from today was still general, ubiquitous, widespread but not a whole lot. now we are in this quiet zone with a light gray. it is a thinner cloud deck not capable of producing showers yet. you can see milder air shooting up. we are warmer now than we were this afternoon. we are now 44 and we will
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tonight then near 50 tomorrow. nearly two years of grieving and two years of searching for justice. >> the family of a man whose life was taken while he was on the way to hold to help another holds out hope his murder will be solved. >> you probably remember this very spiritual family here. there is still at one a $20,000 reward being offered for information that leads to an arrest in the case of stephen whole some junior. wholesome junior. his family hopes to mark the two-year anniversary of his death with a prayer vigil praying the person or persons who shot him are caught. parties, puzzles and playing video games. five -year-old serena and seven -year-old skyler still have fond memories of their dad. >> my kids to hug to grow up without their father and knowing to do someone on the someone is
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they've done nothing wrong, we want to get them off the street. >> it was around 4:30 a.m. january 112014 130 -year-old stephen junior was waiting for the bus. the anesthesia technician was on his way to the cleveland clinic to help with a liver transplant when someone robbed and shot him to death. >> you may not have known him. it was just an instant then that happened. it was just another life to you but he was our loved one and would call him our prints. you took our prints from us. >> i believe this is the year that someone is going to talk and help and we will get some justice. >> on sunday they are holding a prayer service at the bethlehem temple of praise on cleveland's west side joined by local community. >> we truly believe that is our time and we believe that we will
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in our family. >> over the past two years the community has held rallies for that family. the family said they appreciate the support but says they won't rest easy until the killer pays for the crime. >> as a family we can be strong. you you've taken the life. the life of my grandchildren's father, our son, my daughter's brother and his wife. >> i believe someone knows exactly who this person is and what they did. >> we spoke to cleveland police would tell us they have no new leads in the case. they tell us detectives have assured them that continue to work on it. of course anyone with information is asked to call the cleveland police department. >> it can be done anonymously. you don't have to leave the name. they're just looking for the
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we want to help this family. >> as they say, police don't tell them much about what they know and don't know but what you may be able to tell them might be enough to put the pieces together. an investigation is underway in akron after disturbing discoveries made this afternoon, human remains found on the in the local street. >> disturbing indeed. akron police and the summit county medical examiners are searching for answers after several residents called to report what they had found. >> a bunch of people called you all about a skull found on the sidewalk on marcy street and it's just like a no nobody showing up. it's just a skull. nobody but a skull. >> that's right. residents found humans call on the sidewalk around 3:00 p.m.
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to the scene and located the skull with the help of the medical examiners. tomorrow it will have a forensic anthropologist return to the area to search for more clues during the daylight hours. meanwhile police will guard the area to be sure no evidence is disturbed. there is no further evidence available on this. it is bizarre at this time. a mother dead and her husband in prison after police say he shot from the front seat of the car well the children when the backseat. the victim, 22 -year-old emily young, had just brought their twin infant daughters to visit lareece woods at his family's home in orrville. when she left, a deadly confrontation ensued. young died from gunshot wounds
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>> they're not old enough to remember what happened and i thank god for that. >> you would never expect it from wally. that is not the wally that i knew. he went into the military and came back and was different. >> he is currently being held on a $1 million bond. concerns is can't in canton as the city fire department stations. the fire chief says budget constraints are leading to a manpower shortage and as a result the city does not have enough crews to man all of its station so instead of rotating closures, three stations will be shut down and the chief says response times will be affected. >> we are going to do we're going to do the best we can. we cannot help our manpower size the way it is right now so we are going to work with at it the
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>> if a fire starts, how are you going to save the victim's? that's wrong. >> the chief says he hopes as economic conditions improve he will be able to rehire more higher more crew fire more crew and reopen those stations. ward three councilman named president of global cleveland, a nonprofit organization aimed at attracting people from around the world to live and work it and work in our find city. he was 26 years old when selected to serve seven terms in office. $500 million sounded good but 700 million even better. powerball players are going bonkers for the largest lottery jackpot in us history. >> finally some 800 million on the line may be more when it is all said and done. melissa reid's live in lakewood
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very brisk. >> very brisk indeed. the drawing is about 24 hours away so there is still time for you to come get that winning ticket. as you mentioned, almost a billion dollars, a history making jackpot. the number one question i asked people today is what would you do with that money. with this weekend's powerball jackpot creeping over $800 million. >> i would never go to work again and vacation every day. >> people ran to their nearest convenience store friday to pick up a ticket. the lines were filled with people hoping to hit big at simone's beverage in lakewood. >> instant lotto. they picked them for me. >> do you have the winning ticket? >> i think i have the winning ticket. >> the powerball drawing saturday is making history, the largest powerball jackpot ever.
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>> i wd have no idea what to do with that much money. i would hide. you would have to. >> in a new house? >> mostly away from family. >> as people hand down money for the winning powerball ticket, the odds are not that high. there are higher odds of things happening like a vending machine crushing you were drowning and getting hit by lightning at the same time. but, there is still a chance geek you got to play to win right? >> exactly. >> if you want to win experts advise buying multiple tickets and let the computer pick your numbers. meanwhile start thinking about what you will do with $800 million. >> give some money to charity and keep the rest for myself. >> charity. it may be a hospital for the homeless or something like that. that's too much money for one person.
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i'll take that. >> do something nice i would do for my friend there, take his money. $2 for the lucky powerball tickets right here. this is it. we've got that magical ticket. >> i would still work. >> writes melissa. >> this is the winning ticket right there and by the way, the odds of me winning are one in 292 million so like that movie dumb and dumber so you're telling me there is a chance. >> as you said earlier, someone has got to win right? >> hopefully it is me. still to come, a fox eight news exclusive. >> a police officer and a store clerk make an unlikely crime-fighting team. how they got together along with the dispatcher for a dramatic arrest. tonight the i ching reveals
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piece of evidence. how agents uncovered a white house dog napping plot. turning your dinner into a homework assignment. college researchers does cover a
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it is actually feeling comfortable here compared to earlier when it was raining and rather cold and raw. it was in the thirties but we are seeing temperatures bounce back up.
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it will only be a degree or two. we are up to 44 degrees not only hear here at hopkins airport but akron canton as well. mansfield very close at 43. cooler to the northeast where they have just seen the rain come to an end in pittsburgh. a high today 45. that occurred before the rain started at noon time. then the rain came than equipped and now we are pushing back up to the high temperature of 45 and thanks to a south wind also you will see a big change coming. you see that area of low pressure by sunday crossing the central part of the state am switching to and switching to northwest wind. there is the initial shot of
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sometimes sunday midday and after that it looks like the first of two clippers will be settling in giving us a chance of light snow almost statewide. this is definitely a wintertime pattern. definitely winter temperatures popping up on the eight day. still to calm a disturbing case of animal hoarding. >> more than 200 dogs and cats rescued from an ohio home. check out this seal raising eyebrows for a decade. why this town may be finally ready to part with this controversial symbol. cavaliers in minnesota tonight and we will show you
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chilling images out of philadelphia where worry man ambushed where a man ambushed the police officer claiming to be inspired by isis. traffic camera footage showed the man walking up to the police cruiser and at the officer. at one point the shooter is reaching through the car window. the officer emerged firing right back until he collapses from three gunshot wounds. >> he was targeting police not a motorist. he knew who he was shooting at
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inside that vehicle, he knew what he was doing. he was trying to assassinate this police officer. >> the suspect was caught by other officers and they are not sure if he has actual ties to anything else. joaquin guzman was. joaquin guzman was captured one mexican marine was wounded in all marine was wounded in all of this. in july guzman broke out of the prison i escaping from mile mile-long tunnel which broke right up into his cell. a flight from new york to chicago grounded after a woman attacked a flight attendant. passengers restrained the woman on the floor and told pilots to land the played plate in detroit. the flight was only delayed for about one hour before taking off for chicago. no word on why the woman attacked the steward.
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director for the st. louis cardinals today admitted to sneaking into a private david database used by the houston astros where he was able to see notes about houston's trade discussions with other teams and draft evaluations. he faces up to five years in prison for the unauthorized access. the convention is coming but we are now about six months away from the rnc in cleveland. what the city needs to do to get ready. see why a teacher showdown with the student is now at the investor center of an
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six months from now all eyes will be on cleveland is the city hosts the 2016 republican national convention. >> is cleveland on track to be ready for the big event, and what does it have to do to get ready? >> as cleveland's new anchor hotel downtown hilton, rises next to the city's new convention center, planners are confident that cleveland will be ready to host the republican national convention this summer. >> we have had a real bonus the last couple of months with the weather he could joe says this has the lives of impact it will be open in time for the convention as will the new
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big and small. >> we are ahead on a number of things. they are even planning landscaping around the inter- belt. >> that will help spruce up the look well it is not expected to be open in time for the convention but you can already feel the buzz downtown that the convention is coming up fast. >> hopefully it will bring more jobs to the city. >> lots of people coming to see what cleveland is all about. and i think we have a lot to offer. >> given how wide wide-open wide open the republican presidential race is right now, cleveland could need to be ready for more than usual. >> this could be a different convention in july than we have seen in any party. it could mean more people coming into town. we must be ready for that. >> it is exciting for the city
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is the benefit of that? joe roman says if it goes well it will show the city what it can do. >> meeting planners all over the world that want to are going to see cleveland is a place that can handle the big time and therefore can handle them. >> about 50,000 people are expected to come for the gop convention, and planners believe things are looking up and the city is on track to be ready. >> everything looks great. >> they're getting a lot of work done on that hotel. using teamwork to fight crime. >> and officer takes down a suspect with the help of the store clerk and an alert dispatcher. and science behind your slice. why researchers say your pizza
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animal hoarding on an ohio property. a local group helps rescue nearly 200 dogs and cats. find out what is next for the homeowner. in the wake of a high crash the eye team exposes city, as not doing what they're supposed to do. how disney characters made tonight unforgettable for special children. >> that and a preview of wintry changes in the forecast. find out what it means for you weekend as the news at 10 continues. glad you are with us tonight in a story you saw first on fox, nearly 200 dogs and cats are safe after being rescued from filthy conditions. >> cleveland rescue group is stepping in to find the animals loving homes. >> these dogs are arriving to loving homes in the cleveland area after being rescued from
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breaks your heart because they look to you for help. >> video shows this animal rescue team arriving at a property in adams county last month. investigators say they discovered 166 dogs and cats living in filth. the humane society says some were underweight. others suffered from broken bones and severe infections. they say the animals scavenged for meals from hundreds of rotting deer carcasses on the property. >> they're ready to go. >> their owners, george brock and kitty meyers face charges. prosecutors say they claim they ran a rescue for two decades but people started dumping animals and it got out of control. >> it's a tough situation when you have that many for two people full-time. >> the local dog board got involved. >> i don't understand why people
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them and ask for help. >> prosecutors say the owner surrendered the animals to the humane society. dogs like hamilton here are being treated and adopted out. cleveland rescue group pause of ohio delivered them to foster parents like sheila glad to provide needed care. >> i heard about this little girl who had been because of her age and cataracts and neurological problems she has and you know, no dog should be passed over. >> about a dozen special-needs animals still need a hot foster home and you will find more information on pause ohio .com. akron police and the summit county medical examiner trying to figure out how a human skull ended up on a city sidewalk and
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the discovery was made around 3:00 p.m. forensic investigators will return tomorrow. a water main break that flooded east 55th and central last night is fixed but detours remain in place. cleveland water says they need to take care of other issues because the break damage some other bypass valves. some cedar road from 40 to 43rd street. the powerball jackpot has reached record levels and with 24 hours to go before the big drawing, some expected to reach $1 billion. the largest us lottery jackpot in 2012 this powerball jackpot has surpassed the $800 million mark. the fox eat i team has video of cleveland where a hit and run driver hit and killed a
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help. >> reporter: look at the view from the cleveland city camera at west one 50th. the camera posted right there. tuesday morning camera saw this woman in the crosswalk been a hit than a hit and run driver hit her and dragged her. her daughter hoped this camera would have key clues. we found the crosswalk in question just out of frame. >> i am angry. i alternate between angry, sad and wanting to fix the problem here. there are clear problems. >> look to the left. the video also does not show traffic turning and witnesses say a big ford van turned right and hit jean and kept going. >> it's like telling someone you're responsible for your actions and not doing anything about us. if these cameras don't work, why do we have them. >> before we saw the video we
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cleveland's camera programs. he says nothing unusual about how this camera was framed but we found another crosswalk also blocks by a logo. >> we put these cameras in the middle of the intersection to catch any traffic entering the intersection. >> oddly, the eye team found three days after that accident investigators had still not even seen that video. investigators also ask for video from that same camera in november after the hit and run of the child down the street. but since november, still no response. city hall argues it has the system to get these videos to police quickly but tiffany is devastated. >> by now the person who hit my mom could've taken their van, hidden it. there's all sorts of things they could've done. the women remains in intensive care.
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contact crimestoppers. health clinic was set up at edwards elementary school today. akron's children's hospital partnered with them to get children back and the school district vaccinated against the flu. when the flu shot was available most children got there. through the pain free midwest. make-a-wish foundation making dreams come true it is at disney on ice tonight. one hundred make a make-a-wish children and their families invited for a special night at the q each child crowned with a special set of mickey mouse ears they had a meet and greet with
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the first hint of rain this afternoon but in the latter part of the sequence in the last hour or hour and a half's been rising we've also had some drizzle rising in the atmosphere. cleveland at the lower end of search number one. search number two for saturday night and sunday is here. at this point it means the next 24 hours or so should be fairly quiet. you can see the first wave of rain in some pretty decent drains the only thing left is some spotty rain. it was the first significant
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up to this point only trace amounts. today's rain is not earth shattering. it is the most significant rain so far and if you would like to see how this continues how this compares to other years go to, click on the weather page and look for the details they are. it was about a quarter of an inch. we will see more coming in saturday night. tonight low clouds, drizzle, random showers but nothing significant in terms of rain showers. 42 no drop in the temperature especially as we see some
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highs in the fifties and a local shower. any kind of precipitation will be fleeting. another batch of rain arrived saturday night and rain to start. here is the time anywhere between nine and noon, a transition over to snow. i think that will occur fairly quickly so driving could get on the interesting side as sunday draws one goes through the day and temperatures drop quickly and that leaves us with a very chilly week ahead, 23 monday tuesday a more general snow perhaps. twenty-eight. more lake effect perhaps on wednesday. high 18 degrees, low teens at night but after clip or number
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down. fox aid is your eight is your official clues school closing station. a tenth arrest captured on video in this local police officer got plenty of help. what it took to get the suspect off the street. intel authorities stopped a and how authorities stopped a
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confrontation the this cool in trouble. the trouble began when the teacher asked the 14 -year-old to remove his hoodie and it escalated when he said no. the teacher can be seen polling the student by us would so hard
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then she uses the hood to throw him to the ground than the teacher calls for a response officer who brings the student of the principal's office. >> we want to make the right decision and that is what i am more interested in. >> should be able to do it the teacher should teacher said the boy threaten her and she wanted to press charges that was before the video surfaced. now the teacher is on administrative leave and the boys find. a man in police custody after he said he planned to kidnap kidnap one of the president's dogs. police arrested scott stockard based on a tip. they found a bunch of weapons, ammunition in his truck. during an interview he told agents that he was jesus and the son of marilyn monroe and john f. kennedy. he was charged with possessing an unregistered firearm and
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he must wear an ankle monitor. the mother of so-called fund account made her appearance in court on hindering the operation of the felon. she and her son were arrested in mexico last month. authorities said they responded to her complaints by saying that she is in jail, not a resort. you think hauch famously used and affluenza defense to avoid prison after killing four people in a drunk driving crash. a small town in new york may be ready to part controversial symbol in the village of whitesboro new york. the image depicts the founder of whitesboro in a friendly match with a local native american but critics don't see anything
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the image dates back to 1883. >> we decided there their opinion is what matters so we are going to let them make the choice. >> monday the people of whitesboro will get the chance to vote on a series of new images that could represent the town in the future. a group of scientists doing a lot of thinking about pizza. >> they weren't eating it. instead they turned slicing it into an exact science. the results of their research into the perfect pizza. next in sports cavs looking to keep the good times rolling in minnesota is as the cloud continues their search for a new
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para mathematicians say they have come up with a secret. >> they have turned cutting pizza and into an exact science. the team from the report says we have been doing that all the wrong here across the pond here in order to maximize the amount of pizza everyone gets. they say pizza should be cut into a series of complex curved slices also known as mono he drilled disc tiling. this can be taken to extremes were making 12, 20, 28 or even 36 equal slices albeit bizarre looking. i will take the piece right in at the center. the cold minnesota air could not freeze the red-hot cavaliers who ran their winning streak to six games denied and lebron james only scored 13 points. cavaliers had one of their best first quarters of the season. lebron james janz at home and
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roof. cavs turned up the pressure in the second half which led to some opportunities. cavs by 14. kyrie irving not letting up on his plate.
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can't state had a hard time before gets the first road win of the season 76 / 67. brown's coaching search took the search as they took the defense defensive back to henderson. henderson now says the dallas cowboy secondary coach henderson is a former nfl quarterback who played eight seasons with the patriots seagulls's eagles and the jets. as of right now browns have tomorrow brown's have tomorrow off from interviews. they're scheduled to they are scheduled to resume interviews sunday with carolina defense panthers defensive or cornet and sean mcdermott was 41 and is has overseen a top 10 defense each of the past four years. after the browns wrap that up they will sit down with cincinnati bengals offensive coordinator hugh jackson who does have head coaching
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head coach back in 2011. he led them to an eight and eight record. browns defensive coordinator interview today with the san francisco 49ers. with they are head-coaching vacancy brown's is also the offense of coordinator position. on to somewhat on this somewhat chilly evening zach mcallister 292 sides reached an agreement on a one-year deal with a reported one.$3 million. mcallister was four for four and one average and at least 60 appearances and one starts last season. there are still several players who indians are trying to get. >> this should be a really good team this coming year. they have a great pitching staff >> they have been close the last couple of years. maybe this is the year to get back in the playoffs. a quiet night tonight.
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saturday but then watch sunday as rain changes to snow. but tomorrow should be generally okay. cloudy but 50 degrees. >> that's all the time we have for fox eight news at 10:00 o'clock. thanks for being here.
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