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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Midday News  FOX  January 10, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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in the forecast details details on the way when we take you take youth week ahead. it will be winter quite a while and then you will breaking breaking you news and shot cancer. shot we die. jennifer was struck in, shoulder and me, shoulder and neck police were responding as saturday morning of the at five several as fire. he was taken to the s hospital leg lakin and unlike injury. jennifer in unlike injury. jennifer was rushed to an animal when we received word about two minutes ago that jethro the minutes ago that gender..n ct is the latest on this.
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billion dollars and rising. no winner in lasto (-left-parenthesis last night'swht's jackpot in history. now the state stakes are even higher. he almost certainly living up to its namee with al a $900 million jackpot making history 900 million women's winners right here. 900 >> playing the game really makes peoplele think that the winning ticket. >> i've been the either the winningg ticket and i'm going to never be seen and again you will work with all of us right write what he hasll of everyone get the dollar.of (-left-parenthesis you just like y that guy we ran into a lot of powerball r winning ticket saturday he would come with me.wit all all of the northeast of ans northeast of dictated to you we got about $600 worth. go to each gas station. a bunch of family members g to and when were done with and $20 at
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the travelers game of sorts for these two. >> this was actually all of shawn sean's idea.> he wanted to make a big day out of it and go to a store. >> stories like that this powerful play is an experience for a lot of a lot of people including me i've never really played the lottery and the enough, but i figured i might as m well because you can only win if you play righticau away so i just got a couple of things i'm going to do, my son's birthday, anniversary of my favorite timeme of my favorite number of all-time, 45. f the most moving he must be
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muchhb of that about that time. the you met nobody won the wanted to them human too lazy to the moving to in person. you mean. you period. the adults rushed to maternal medical center. their condition was not known at the timel that the city as it did not think this is that it and an we stared down the man thing. bank employees a man wearing the end the man e-mail pointed a gun and
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what witnesses described as the late nineties champagne champagne: champagne colored ford taurus or station wagon.n. ninetie anyone with information shouldd contact the police human investigators back on the scene of an abandoned home saturday.iga the human skull was found in the middle of the road.kul now investigators are trying to find the rest oftig the remains. on friday humans all always on the sidewalk outside the this all the sidewalk outside this abandoned the sidewalk house in akron.k it is unclear where it came from it her lungs too, but investigators are now trying to figure that out. >> they found human remains and we are in the process of trying to recover all of the rename that remaining that we canec find associated with this house he keep his doctor of the director ofs directive. he and and he and his graduate students a were called in to assist with the investigation. he said they have spotted the number of animal remains in the t
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more search more difficult.h i we were not able to get inside, but that there was a five-yearive back fire here back in 2012 that caused considerable damage to you we are dealing with some of the wars that are words that are open, and there is an area of the house where we are finding it thet fire of it i will and him the fire and remain it there and hehe said as you go. >> is your goal and the other remains burned of burnn but that is really all they know. they are not sure if the victim died at after the for or after the fire. die >> we're trying to figure out the association of burning fire that may haves been playing and trying to figure out they are all related. certainly goal being a sidewalk, it had been so we don't know where it was originally meanwhile his fruit continuing toly m look for l evidence and they hope toh eventually identify the victim of the victim but that would take ah while.
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standard s practice teeth one, documenting fillings in things like f that and then we can get aen match than we are good. w if not we might have dna. we met good turnout the mountain lake with the opening of thet bernie sanders residence of that is it is run by volunteers. supporters say to support is art i supporters say to the grassroots effortrts not believe the official bernie sanders is campaign, but still worth manager in the hopes to win the democratic election hillary over hillary clinton we need officials were not going too chomp around thet edges of the work were firmly going to stand up an put an abandonedd firm and we will make this country that of all people no matter their if theyople are the working class, and that is what senator sanders doing so i am feeling the burn all the way. i organizers say anyone is coming to come in and learn more about things his candidacy and and for you. hi
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cleveland museum of natural history thanks to the internet. if you have nothing th to even you have nothing even though,gh, somebody who uses with site that its disposal of disposal of the beetle but if as the vw beetle wall of beetle of the natural history museum with you.tlyou i like that. the picture of the clever jokel went viral and being shared alle over social media. the media that has been part the media that has been part of t the visit for years but it will continue to delight as you receive your number the city are number of other hidden treasures and in theas yoer museum if you want to go to the lord. still ahead, with what he fueled by terror group groups g like the fbi stepped in after pennsylvania is gunned, is gunned down and by far the most famous mansion ever. how you can get your hands on of the playboy mansion, but it comes with one very big catch.
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down 990 us 20. it is coming this way from the west, so if you are on the east side is ready for the latest later today. agent will tell us when the snow will be headed your when your neighborhood when we come back.
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it's right wing of hundreds of people guns that i want merely, two groups turned on the offices
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trying to shoot had any ties to the state this morning. you d he was targeting police. he certainly was knew who he was shooting at him when he had his arm inside that vehicle, he the vehicle, he knew what he was doing. ihi he was trying to assassinate the police to officer now the investigationf should find the movie. should respond believe that he is suffering psychological issues and from psychological issues have been hearing voices. g even avery subject of thee width of with width of the
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the attorney announced to the remember that the number of is remember that the number is the consummate conviction been upheld on appeal.l.remi earlier this week the white house hadarl fun editions ofiti president obama part and avery but this is the pursuit cannot partsidut th of date is in the first the first i of francis france's papacy will be released as a freewheeling conversation with the veteran italian journalist store shelves this tuesday: set your mercy were worked with him on forgiveness and to forgive. so from the slopes of the playboy mansion. the mansion as you portably on is forcibly on the market, ma but before you get your check out checkbook out think about this. if you buy it you have you have a lot of money, then you will own the property would have to allow youo a have lived in the managementgeme will.
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ground, but you can't go in his "-left-double-quote what's the. >> the point where he so what the price tag on this acre estate $200 million. he brought a drop in the bucket he was a horrible people yes the horriblewa thing. >> i predict that whoever wins the powerball prize the playboy mansion. >> are making a prediction now when i went he. >> and you are you writing this down. >> should i you should delete i don't know my life if i like all offe those stipulations. he did if ith is a little odd. if my house, get out. he did is a j keating has filed by his group. >> tweet that. he tweaked that. (-left-parenthesis it is getting nothing out there. we've got problems on of the road obviously.we' if you're going to be driving, a
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tomorrow morning also. we are talking about snow on the road but also windchill zero to five five below. a oldest time of the season baro none kids are going to have to get ready for sure. the units of the timeline. you can of see the range of some earlier and he was in and in dark in the dark in there. just about ready to give you some snow here get some snow here downtown.n. we did have a live word out of lakewood until the was snowing in lakewood and that wasn't too long ago. this was out at toledo. we were showing w you what happened from this webcam right w is the snow started. you can see how the room got dunked up the good there for a while t and the i moved the like .-dot is out there doing their thing and getting the roof cleared out.ut ta no chemicals on the road because of the rain. it doesn't make any sense
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wash it away. so there is a lag time if you will between when there is nothing on the road when finally the start to work its way intot the snow that is coming down. a heavy bursts of snow snow out of toledo. under a quarter mile with heavy of a mile with heavy snow.r a once this game you can see how c you do it is visiting to getting to the d only a matter of time before the heavy snow begins to fly. a wintry mix change all changing all snow. this system moves northeast it is wrapping in the cold air.stem it is below freezing it makes for some snow. b that is oversimplified but basically what is going onv atv home of the sphere, or or most of them.he now we are watching lake effect we're watching lake effect ar pickup as we get into the overnight.ic
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shows that just showers that just about you can tell where the arctic air is arctic air is really interesting.g. 15 below with many of the losing party below. everyone is every one everyone at fault him for the county county and in addition,, a lake effect snow would buy three, b lake geaugauy ashtabula which kicks in at plug-in will go until noon tomorrow. a date stay up on the latest. has already been our high. temperatures are dropping accumulation of 47 ashtabula,ht 42, 29 review. this is an animation of wind chills. below 07 below three above and an and leave. b tonight at at the team, snow on te and off, blistering cold may be up to an inch snow belt
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really showing us the enemy tuesday this is another of persistent coming. quite a bit of snow up here in out in the snow belt.uit jan will keep you posted on that tonight. snow system pulling off and wee will see on the a day. we are into arctic air for quite some time in and battery and in that arena was the and battery and forcing the liver batat th coming.. we've got it to take our nighttime load eight.. everybody gets snow on tuesday. 13 inches with that system. we finally quieted quiet down on friday and we are your officials is we just got a report from roadways are hazardous and going in to asoad well on the road so it may be ics will also be aware of your heading out there b today take. >> take you back 11:21 a.m. and
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one copy one doctor had to spend
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in colorado eight things you need since christmas eve with finallyg found several miles. he apparently has an unfortunate had the unfortunate town. sean and cheese. in some of choose will benefit from the dog the front porch onrc with the close of on theh elizabethtown, i will cover your face, his face, mouth carefully. the dog had been missing since m christmas eve when he escaped foster home. h he was spotted wednesday but ran away before he was found with his family with hundreds of the wheels will ofe f the you keep trying to check the managed it m in some food, something, some food, leaf fo holding managed to
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finally get to this stuff is three hours to take them all out. fortunately thell monday so we didn't have to realize that came but doctors saylize he do much doing much better it will eventually be put up for adoption of after those scarsb heal you can't mess with those 45 you know it's a little too serious. th >> be careful driving. we have lake snow advisory kickingng in and when did pfizer in effect until 7:00 p.m.d w it is going to be really cold tomorrow. go wind chills and thoughts below zero start date the bundle of your kids.o s accumulations three - 5 inches or more. and in the meantime i think he's i at home online stage and 20
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for me, i wanna let all my cares go packing while i'm unpacking to stay, you see what i'm dreaming of is a perfect place, dreaming of a perfect place, dreaming of a perfect place...... closed captioning is brought to you by the no 1 award winning real estate showcase tv lifestyles. happy sunday to ya welcome to restv lfiestyles today we got a great show for ya especially when it includesd candy, at rocket fizz downtown cleveland for our hometown showcase we also got the latetsw in listings open house bulletin board and so much more all coming up next on real estate showcase tv
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