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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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hey, i had to be a samoan guy's mattress for that. (birds chirping) another glorious day with the wall protecting our country. this isn't over, bud. i won't rest until that wall comes down. yeah, dad. it's destroying the ecosystem. and gert's preschool teacher is stuck in mexico, so she's got a sub. heads, shoulders, knees and toes knees and toes you're all doing it wrong! attention! ernesto, what the hell are you doing? oh, hey, bud. just breaking in new recruits for gonzalez landscaping. my marketing push landed me the contract to maintain the border wall! now everyone get in the truck! 'cause we goin'... (high-pitched): lawn-mowin' (cheering, whooping) (tires screech) that wall is the crowning achievement of my career. i bet i get a promotion. buckwald, you're fired. what?! with that wall up, we don't need you anymore. so hand in your
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what the hell are you wearing a hello kitty shirt for? you're not my boss anymore-- i don't have to tell you. you're rehired. i love hello kitty. she's a kitty and she has a nice greeting. you're fired. bud, you lost your job? how are we gonna pay our bills? don't you worry, daddy. we gonna be fine. i still got those pennies the goldbergs gave us for trick-or-treat. sanford, you're 24 and able-bodied. maybe you could go out and get a job. sure. maybe i could sell drugs. how would you feel if i were to sell drugs? he's amazing. he's their son! being let go at the station. you know, if you need a job, i could use some help on my crew. because of the border wall, there's fewer immigrants left to hire. no way am i working for you. i'd rather go back to dancing for my dad's friends! bud, take the damn job! (sighs) would i be the only white guy on your crew? no, no. we have a mexican albino. i'm not an albino. i look
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look, becky, news cameras. we're finally going to be heard. activists continue to protest the wall, demanding that... (gulps) oh, god! i swallowed a bee! i'm allergic! (gasping) don't put this on youtube. god, how humiliating. i've gone from one mexican boss to another. when am i gonna be on top? well, in my experience, you just tell a mexican man when you want to be on top. just let me watch my video, you boobed bozo. hola! welcome to the gonzalez landscaping training video. so, julio, are you ready for your first day at gonzalez landscaping? s^, ernesto! landscaping can be fun. but remember, always concentrate when using dangerous equipment.
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to be a gonzalez landscaping lawn artist? ernesto (dubbed): yes! and in an unrelated note, i hereby absolve gonzalez landscaping of any liabilities. everyone, i'd like you all to meet the newest member of our team, bud buckwald. (forced laugh) oh, that's not my name. bud buckwald is an important person in this community. ha, ha, ha. okay, bud. why don't you use that leaf blower to clean up the debris? (leaf blower whirring) (crash, bud screams) i'm good. hola, bud! you want to come over for a cerveza? no, i don't want to watch cockroaches dance around a hat. bud, he's your boss now. go! (groans) how's your beer? uh, good, uh, mr. gonzalez. so... okay, fine, i confess! i've been stealing office supplies! (crying)
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you're a gardener now? wow. i've never felt so proud about being a custodian at an adult theater. (shoes squishing) okay, that's lunchtime. who's up for a game of air lacrosse? (leaf blowers whirring) come on, bud, join us! ugh, fine. (screaming) sir, we have an unidentified aircraft approaching the base. shoot it down. no! that's it! there is no way i am going back to work for ernesto! it's even more humiliating than working for steve. bud, you can't quit now. sorry, but unless you find another way to make money, you have no choice. now, why don't you go watch tv and i'll bring you some tea. and none of you turkeys better bother daddy while he's resting, or i'll whip you with my cb antenna!
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(indistinct whispering in spanish) janice, do you hear spanish whispering? janice: you mean now, or when you're out at bowling night? what? uh, i'm at the store! (dog barking in distance) (indistinct whispering in spanish) my god, i've worked for mexicans so long i'm hearing imaginary ones. janice, did you hear that?! what the hell?! are you the guy? yeah. i'm the guy. gracias, seor. by the way, you know about the, uh... yeah, he's the son we don't talk about. (wild yelling) hey, ernesto, i got a message for you! what is it? look up in the sky. aw, crap! i filled out the skywriting form wrong! it's supposed to say "i quit!" is that your social security number? (screams) i got to call everyone in town
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crispy m&m's are baaaack. what are you doing? you said to tell our fans crispy m&m's are back. not those fans! did you mean this fan? no. z(annoyed grumbles) what about that one? there's a fan in the break room, oh! and in the....(trails off) so good, they're back. hey coworkers. it's me, a businessman, and not colonel sanders. don't you just hate those long days when you're so busy doing business things that you can't make a hot, home-cooked meal for the family. well, i just picked up a twenty dollar family fill up from kfc. hand-breaded with eleven herbs and spices. do you even work here? well of course i do, terry. lisa. claire. tiffany.
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(whistles) welcome to america. you may ruin our country, but our country will ruin your children. there you are, bud. you've been in the basement all morning. what are you doing down there? i'm, uh... making a jazz album. from now on, no one is allowed to go down there. a jazz album? isn't jazz why the government tried to drown new orleans? what about work? shouldn't you be out cutting lawns with ernesto? is taking off. early royalties. i don't like jazz. especially when i get it all over my face. wait, i'm thinking of adult contemporary. (knocking) hey, steve. you look fly. he forgot to take home the crap from his desk. steve! here's a thousand dollars. why don't you just forget what you saw here?
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a thousand dollars? here's $2,000 to forget about that thousand dollars you saw. and before you ask, here's $3,000. what? $4,000. i can do this all day. welcome to america. here's a list of states that are cool with you being gay. the jig is up, buckwald! (bud gasps) (man yells) i know what you're up to. you're running a smuggling tunnel. please, steve! i can't go to jail. i like to shower on all fours, and the guys might tease me about that! i'm not sending you to prison, buckwald. because i want in. you... you what? my salary's been cut, thanks to that damn border wall. so i'm your new partner. fine. it's a deal. but you should know, my family thinks i'm making a jazz album down here. that damn border wall
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the natural habitat of the mexifornia condor, which is a federally protected species. the court has to rule in our favor. bailiff: all rise. the honorable james killbirds borderwall presiding. (gasps) what? sorry, my mistake. judge borderwall is out sick today. oh, thank god. in his place is the honorable jake glasseshater nerdstomp. (gasps) look over yonder what do you see? the sun is a-risin'
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a new day is comin' whoo-hoo people are changin' ain't it beautiful whoo-hoo crystal blue persuasion better get ready gonna see the light... ernesto, shouldn't you be at work? actually, business isn't so good. this wall was supposed to stop the immigrants, but for some reason, i'm seeing more immigrants than ever. new gardeners keep showing up and undercutting me. hola, amigo. what a great day to be in america. ugh, why couldn't immigration have stopped right after me? hey, i just became a true american. ernesto, let me tell you how it works. you spend years working for the man, and one day you'll get to be
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i thought you were unemployed. and why do you have all that money in your car? god, you're nosy. why don't you go investigate someone else, murphy brown? in mexico, that show was called fancy sad woman. mr. barracuda, as your accountant, i must inform you that a new smuggling tunnel in mexifornia is cutting into your revenues. what? i will not stand for this. where is my beheadsman? (heavy footsteps approaching) hi, boss! i need you to go to mexifornia and bring me the guys running that tunnel. what if it's a lady? even if it's a lady. what if it's a puppy? if it's a puppy, you can keep it. yay! puppy, puppy! don't get your hopes up. if it's a dog, it's almost certainly a grown dog. mmm, this turkey is natural? yeah. it's too good to be true. not again. real estate never goes down. fact. we'll have the baby, and i'll have my band, and it'll just work.
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all of our family photos are right here (banging sound) on the hard drive. it's called a timeshare. we don't own it, we share it. let's do it. oh yeah. that is good. - mm-hmm. finally, something that's not too good to be true. it's oscar mayer natural turkey breast, and it tastes great. i hope no one looks at my plans while i'm sleeping. you'll never get my plans while i'm sleeping. (whispering) because i'm never sleeping. vo: boom beach. download for free. clementine never feared for her personal safety. until taco bell introduced $1 crunchwrap sliders. four delicious flavors, for just a buck each. then clementine began to worry. luckily under her own body
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(farts) well, that's the quittin' fart. see you monday. not so fast, buckwald. before you go, sweep out the tunnel entrance. since when do you give me orders? since you stood behind me when that bat flew into the tunnel. they're tiny vampires. you're coming with us. is this where the ninja turtles live? welcome to my monthly criminal syndicate meeting. let us first take a moment
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he is a big loss. all right, let's get down to business. i've discovered interlopers cutting into our smuggling business. normally, these men would be fed to my hungry croco-tigers. man: humblebrag. but they manage a tunnel that empties into a border agent's home-- the last place authorities would look. it's brilliant. brilliant? the gentleman behind this operation is here tonight. his name is steve. what? no, i founded the tunnel. my name is... beheadsman, remove that man. okay. hey, buckwald, i got to take off for a few hours today, so i hired kimmy here to keep an eye on you. hi. are you bud? your dad, steve, tells me you like stickers. oh, that's it. this is my business, steve, not yours. i'm the man this time around. and so now i get to say this to you:
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fine. you're under arrest for operating an illegal smuggling tunnel. oh, yeah? well, you turn me in, i'll turn you in. if you don't give me the (bleep) money, i'm turning you both in. buckwald, we just lost $2.8 million to a 13-year-old girl, but remember this: i'm the man. this is the way things are and will always be. southern narrator: well, looks like ol' bud wound up right back where he started. course, you don't need me tellin' you that. you wasted your time watchin' it, too. well, stay tuned for the 10:00 news. uhp, we're not done. our top story: due to an increase of undocumented immigrants in mexifornia, mayor paulson has declared the border wall ineffective and called for its immediate destruction. after hours of talks with my new consultant and cell mate, jamarcus jenkins, i have come to the conclusion that the world has enough walls, and that this bitch here, this bitch is all jamarcus's. he runs this bitch. well, bud, i'm sorry your border wall didn't work out.
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well, you'll always be my man. and look on the bright side. your album reached the top of the jazz charts you sold seven copies. the lucrative contract to tear down the wall has been awarded to gonzalez landscaping. what? gonzalezes: yay. the gonzalezes are going to hawaii. (all cheer) (whispers) okay, not until season three. what can we do? (whispers) the gonzalezes are solving
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and here it is. all of us crestmoor the storehouse the old man winter today. many of o us for the first time this u season. here's a look at what it was like downtown in cleveland as drivers card to navigate the slippery roads and the winds and battled it all afternoon long. and on the west side, shoppers bundling up in avon's comments. many braving the conditions for an afternoon out. >> odot is gearing up, keeping us safe oni the roads in preparing for more -- things for joining us on this winter night. i'm bill shields. i'm jenniferer jordan. snow certainly the topic. now we are dealing with some chilly temperatures as well. let's check in with jan archer's tracking the system and has the details pretty busy night in the weather center tonight. >> it has been a busy nightat and we're tracking the snow and tracking the cold. let me tell you it is definitely cold front. it's going to get colder.
10:18 pm
to like affect snow advisoryir for lake geauga and ashtabula until monday. let's go straight to storm fox right now. you can see several lake effect snow bands here pretty want to stop it for you and circle. we have one banned from sandusky down to canton. these are lightky flurries around the area and watch out, theree could be some slick spots as well. we with another band hear from eastern cuyahoga county into the heart of geauga in a different setting up into northernhe geauga county into ashtabula. how much are we talking about additional? no accumulation on top of a what yartey have.ha one-3 late portions of geauga and ashtabula. if you're heading over the border, over towards the area, the wind is the talker. we are out of the west anywhere between 15 and 25 sustained so itbe feels very cold out there
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single digit windchill's tupelo and family so let's check out these temperatures tomorrow. we're starting out the day at 12. 7:00 in the morning, several colder than that and winchell'sch will be around three below here. recent by the wins will start to relax and they're not goingre to tomorrow. by noon 15 paperback going to reach 20 tomorrow. we will be in the teens and winchell anywhere between 5-10 blow to ten above. at least it will see sunshine. if you're w not happy about the study got the day come you want a little bit mark we've got y a system coming at us and we will talk more about that coming up. and my --nd as is a mistake there was a 50 degrees.s. high. >> a long time ago. >> as jen just mention the cold temperatures in the wind are the snow. are under lake effect snow
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we are live in ground fox. as you drive, are the conditions out there tonightht? >> hey, bill and jennifer broome are coming up and 90 west from 271 and the snow is coming down and thankfully drivers are going at a pretty consistent speed. honestly we've seen anything like a mystery roads, slick roads, sort of pockets of bad weather tonight, especially going east. something we have not seen for a while. people telling me tonight and i believe them, are lucky streak is over when it comes to this weather. we had a nice november so we are due. villanova's coming, snow, cold, strong winds and on sunday many northeast ohio were given all three. a >> i'm right on the lake so it is pretty nifty. and avon before stocking up on
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scrapers were hard at work and break them down before trying to cross the street. lucky so far this winter. compared to last till was freezing all last year. it is overdue nowar again. the powers are ready.ea what we're going to focus on now is really keeping our roads free of ice. we arerro -- river cold temperatures. tonight so far the pros have been p too bad in lake county. traffic is moving prettyty steadily and everything looks be slick out here. odot says they're working very hard, 75-90or trucks out there on the road.uc they are under a lake effectou get that lakefront effect
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it is colder. so stay inside the tent and enjoy it from the indoor. if you have to be out in the weather, just face they are safe out here and especially along the light, you can driving and come up upon a bad pocket of weather really fast. so far so good out here. back to you. >> thank you. don't forget we have youu. covered on fox it on our web back all winter long. goac to our website for the complete forecast. school closings as well as winterle photos. it's all there on the canton police opt for missing goodbye to one of their own dedicated officer were shot in the line of duty passed away this morning. jethro only served on the force for a year. as premiers tells us, he made quite the impression.i >> it's a sad day for the canton police department as they say goodbye to one of their k-9. >> we believeon our
10:23 pm
said he believes the ducks the officers that day. jethro pedestrian sunday morning at the start, defect nares clinic. he was brought here after getting shot three times during a burglary on saturday. the suspect, 22 -year-old -- was heading from police and started firing at offices when he was spotted officers returned fire, shooting their field once the lead but is taken to the hospital and jethro's was taken to the vet. >> as natives as he was shot, they missed all the organs and also bones. he had a couple fractures and some of the bounds near his spinal cord. those were not a factor. >> going to be a factor in his n he had a serious, trust manager for him that he never really recovered from. jethro's partner was by his sidewa as he took his last breath pippi didn't want to talk on camera.
10:24 pm
he's had jethro since was a puppy. not only does he live with have and work with him, he's d with them all day at home and all night at work. jethro stretched is received a lot of attention on social media. officer stanbrough said people from all over the area have been they appreciate the support. he's the first dog in our department and got killed in the line of duty and shot line of duty. acceptance and carson things never malicious like this. that they. he will never tre the in ou be forgotten.nd gtyty in dinci canton, britney harris, fox 8 news. >> of funeral arrangements are being made for jethro. a service is expected to happen later this week. east lake police need your help identifying a suspect in the bank robbery on saturday. police say the suspect entered the fifth third bank branch and put the gun at the teller and demanded money.
10:25 pm
customers to lie down on the floor and fled the bank with cash in an older model ford taurus station wagon. there is.gun. did anyone with information on who this is is asked to contact d police. >> class action and that in the fast-moving fire may have helped selfish a popular restaurant in cleveland today. not just any restaurant. one link to thend rotation is where the best places to eat out. >> on sunday afternoon and firefighters battled not only to putgh out a fire but also to save a piece of treatment in cleveland history. michael simonsencetr -- as an anchor at the corner of literary and professor, part of a renaissance the transform thehe neighborhood into an eclectic mix of cold restaurants and shops and bars. and now this. >> it appears that the fire started in the area around the oven.
10:26 pm
the blaze spread quickly to offices firefighters raced to try to save the restaurants. >> all the officers are pretty mucha total. the roof is actually got it all play through. >> there is some good news about the historic restaurant itself. >> of restaurant looks like it should be salvageable. they have to commitl to make an assessment. michael senna + facebook sunday afternoon, thinking everyone for kind thoughts about the lead of fire, and most police say staff is safe and unharmed. s they are something of an institution on the scene to justice andrea davis saw the aftermath of the fire.. >> it was actually 1921. and disturbed then there.r she hopes to go someday. i don't have doubts that he will bounce back easy. >> sheo may have been reading his mind. on facebook simon says we will be back strong. that i can promise you. he then concluded with thisg. --
10:27 pm
limited the action -- the damage. our guys did great job of keeping us -- admitted hopefully it helps if with dave piece the restaurant. one firefighter did suffer an ankle injury fighting the blaze was taken to metro for treatment. and hopefully back stronger than ever fo. so to come on fox 8 news at ten, how they're remembering their loved ones two years after his murderthb that still remains unsolved. and keeping him tea safe on the street as the eye team in this case, what's let's find a new orderrye bulletproof vest. a pictureof was more than a t thousand words. theus photo of a couple that is going viral after new deadly
10:28 pm
welcome back to fox to news at ten. a live picture now from ground spot traveling on i-9 the near euclid. as you can see, the roads are pretty clear pick remember, they can be split in some spots of take it easy out there this evening. >> absolutely right.t. this was coming. jen hartford is telling us thissel week and it was here and it read just on schedule. and it did and now the coldest coming and plus some like affect snow per just be careful if you're traveling out and about tonight. even tomorrow morning and the like in ashtabula county come i will showab you that and a secondary now we have like
10:29 pm
across northeast ohio. we of one band is coming to the heart of cleveland and eastern heiko cuyahoga every another one, out toward the chimney and in ashtabula county. outside of the snow belt area come you could get the snow shower or two. really from looking at a little accumulation at best. it's out in the snow belt or we could see an additional 1-3 inches. everybody take a look at the temperatures. we are right around in cleveland, i lorraine, akron, canton, south and west in mansfield coming in at 6 degrees. defector the wins the west and anywhere between 15 and 25 sustained. here's what it feels like. your bundle up an extra blankets tonight on the bed.on 2 degrees is what it feels like in w cleveland and zero in mansfield. one below and family and we are going to have closer windchilldc just not enough to cancel
10:30 pm
so keep that in mind. arctic air continues to invade the area. take a look at this, minneapolis, that's the air temperature. five below. for us we will be tipping down, 20 degrees at 2:00 and then by 5:00, 15, i wouldn't be surprised if some of us hit the single digits. my forecast low 12 degrees think you factor in the wind and it's going to feel more like five below to five above. so here is a look at what is going out across the area right now. we do have just at d.titi neapapfor 20 dbyby as be few scattered snow showers. things will be changing tonight, 12 degrees and very cold did you factor in the wind tomorrow and upper teens not only going to hit 20 come it will be breezy will kick out the lake affect by the afternoon as that system comes through in a continues to exit. thiss is another clipper andno that's going to be moving in for us monday night into tuesday. that's going to bring snow for everybody so we're looking at a general 1-3 inches and higher also east when like affect starts to kick in.
10:31 pm
past it. the temperatures todayre are actually 40 degrees. that was the high after midnight. running over to my computer for you to get your eighth day want. temperaturess are pretty much, don't you love them graphics mess up on you. >> i like it when it is you rather than me. temperatures in the mid- 20s on tuesday. t finally starting to warm up at the end of the week. >> a bizarre story even for hollywood. we thought about this yesterday, stopped, what actor sean penn is under fire for my connections. and accuse jewelry the behind bars but how much one woman made off with in her multistate crime
10:32 pm
thge there's a saying that truth is stranger than fiction. in for hollywood this is a weird story. as we hear fromomerr l robert grade, movie star sean penn was south of the border to enter for -- interview el chapo before he was captured. john ten-point on assignment in the bounds of mix and he's one of the most wanted men in the world. he is the mexican drug lord that's well known for traffickingrd --
10:33 pm
disappearing from prisons in mexico.s the tall tale of his daring escape through tunnels and sewers and launder current cards was captured thed public's imagination. he reached out to a mexican advocacy park place a drug lord on television. that actress got in touch with sean penn. togetherr they traveled into her remote region of mexico to interview the man known as el chapo. shortly after el chapo's capture by mexican authorities, release rolling stone release sean penn's lengthy article. in a guzma n said he grew up on a farmrm selling drugs was the only way he could make money. in the article, he tells them that he supplies moremo methamphetamine and cocaine that anyone else in the world. goes on to say c that is a fleet of submarines, airplanes,
10:34 pm
is going toan find extradition to the united states. >> no, he shouldn't be extradited to the united states or any of the foreign countrynt because of mexico there are laws basedb on their constitution put in this case our country's national sovereignty must be respected. >> sean penn -- 's american a mexican agents may have been monitoring his movements and in the end his quest for starter may have led to his capture. los angeles, robert grade, fox news. >> other officials attending a huge memorial gathering in paris today paying tribute to all of the victims of the attack their last year. the event today marked the one-year anniversary of the charlie had go terror attack. the president failed a plaque in memory of the victims of the attack f -- and the paris attacks in november. the fbi's testing agents of captured a womane accused of targeting jewelry stores in five
10:35 pm
as abigail kemp from cop county thirty say she's filming starts with thee jury less want to multistate geauga say she served as the lookout in some cases. ordering storm plays the back room andor zip tying their hands which will appear in court tomorrow. a shocking death greenfield on surveillance camera. how a pet store owner said man managed to steal a $200 snake. making. the video sure to make you laugh. help his parents use the popular. the songs to suit their crying baby. coming up later in sports, the interview two candidates for the head-coaching gate andi they shoot their way to a seventh straight victory as they took out a philadelphia 76ers develop highlights later in sports. we live in a pick and choose world.
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hashtag obviously. free transfers from savings when you're overdrawn. welcome to huntington -- one of money magazine's
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after they were involved in car crash iner tennessee has gone viral. >> many strangers are seeing this picture contacted the young men and woman as they recover.antu as graphic design student, eric stovall always hoped the work would get noticed.
10:39 pm
saw coming. >> the 21 -year-old and her boyfriend had to run the way home on friday night.r >> neither one remembers how it happened. hunter came to as the. >> of truck was seconds away from slam into this bridge support. i don't know how we live through that that the picture of hunters mangledw . a tundra provides contact to the injuries on his face. he's at home recovering in florida. >> have got ashcroft for head here. it is a different moment entirely . social media can't stop sharing. >> all i can focusing on making sure she was okay before me. i didn't care what happened to meef a caption not necessary. their looks and their eyes and their neck braces are enough. >> anybody looked up for the content> of this somethingn happened and both of us making sure that each other were okay.
10:40 pm
way around the world. >> neither of the two quite understand how. >> such as they proceed from pure strangers shows why. we've gotten hundreds of messagess just telling us what brought them out of a dark place ink their life and a change their life in a life-changing moment that apparently has changed livesch and not there is been atee some people at been touched by it. powerful photo. >> powerful story. anything but a routine trafficti stop. still to come to like this pricing suspect the police pulled over and even more shocky -- shocking. and i to investigation, emt employee stress more like cops.
10:41 pm
he searching for answers all of them he fightsse for mr. there remains unsolved after two years t after his death. and what is buying a new order for ambulance crews to wear bulletproof vests.t is a live look from ground flax near east lake where today snowy snow. snow falling out there temperatures in the forecast, jan archer is here with the details. fox 8 news continues right now. >> cleveland's own fox 8 news. all men winter is here. not an ideal day for shoppers at a fun comments or anywhere across northeast ohio. drivers battling with rose and slushy roads and homeowners shoveling the driveway for the very first time this year. no surprise here.
10:42 pm
we know what, we've been saying that.we yesterday's high in the 50s. what a difference it makes. today'sfe highest 47 and a big dropped by 30 degrees. colder at the moment. >> we are not going to be of lots of cold on the way and we have more snow. several rounds of snow and everybody is fair game. we have a lake effect snow advisory until noon forec lake geauga and ashtabula county. that will continue for you. we are seeing some lake fixed no showers at the moment. you can see her on storm fox from over nine to wellington, just a few light to moderate snow showers near grafton and light snow showers in the medina area. this is definitely like the can you will see that these bands are workingil their way across they carry. we of the heavier bursts toward south euclid. that's the deeper shades of blue.
10:43 pm
bands, t visibility is reduced plus the wind is whipping. travel could be tricky. i 90 over toward -- independence hall and then we of another band along i 90. this is a stretch but i want to show you from your desktop we have to -- that's the only spot play morning worry about tomorrow morning for the view. most of the snow should bed outuce of here forther everybody. depean iot t i wawa do think your future if i was odot can get those roads cleared for you.kwa winds out of the west wing 15-25 see a factor in the wins anda this is what it feels like. you have to bundle up to start your car early tomorrow morning because you're going to get winchell's anywhere between five below to five above. so that storm system that we did see across our area this morning, that has pushed over toward canada just north and east. we're dealing with lake affect variety. get a little bit ofli the law and may eventually this clipper will arrive for a starting monday night into tuesdayfo. just thomas darby getting tonight, little to no
10:44 pm
process and then you go 4-64 in erie. soin want sticky hour by hour here pick you see that snow band that iat was tracking, that is north at 2:00. most of us at this point dry. morning commute, notice not all lot dealing with the snow. we will actually see sunshine tomorrow and this iswi going to be cold. temperatures will not make it out of that teams invite new mostly sunny. cloudsds will be getting up to have our next system. sewing up towards toledo at 7:00. t that is going to spread into our area. 9:00 in the evening pick the pocket or pictures like this. thank you for sending this in. permit enjoying the snow. s how about this little gal enjoying the snow with our dog.g. keep send pictures to us. u new facebook fan page. fox 8 cleveland weather, like it. pershing lots of pictures pick 12 degrees tonight very cold. feeling more like life without
10:45 pm
finale going toou reach 20 tomorrow but we will see sunshine. winchell's five below to five abovenc and people have school tomorrow. so for the kids i do not think we aree so going to have a snow day or a cold day. how much are we talking about? the general 1-3 inches piquancy hirer amounts in pink about 3-5 inches out in eastern spots. here's a look5 at your forecast. everybody getting snow on tuesday and cold, 26 degrees. following on wednesday, along with another arctic blast, were thursday another peppermint scented this is going to bring it gusting to the area. friday were warming up and we will do it all over again. next weekend looks like the panhandle hooks so what he saw this weekend will likely have monday so stay tuned to pick up about 2 inches. that isreg 20 practice. tuesday,rsdent frwixt wandleekepipi especially tuesday
10:46 pm
that watch out for. i a reminder fox 8 is your officials closing station. get all of the school closings and delays online on your phone and on the air. again, it is the first major snowfall of the year. the first channel one all around and many others chart photos on and the ones of your four-legged.c friends, this is sam and learned that they're going to -- the joints love this snow. >> myth docs don't for some reason. >> this photo was said to us stepped to pose for a photo in the snow. like many summersted -- that seasons at dewitt of the stormse of the fire. that is a great picture.e. don't forget we have complete you can find full forecasts and current watches and warnings and you can smell your photos as well. winter weather continuing cleveland man in his murder
10:47 pm
family and friendsm of 30 -year-old steven elton j together for a prayer vigil at bethlehem temple on cleveland's west side.e. the cleveland clinic and a okanogan county czech nation was on the report c waiting for -- on lakeshore boulevard. we are coming together tonight to have ani celebration and most importantly to have a prayer that we will be the team night and seek out for answers to be up to help us bring justice for my brother. the family step leading to the public for answers as well. $20,000 report still being offered to anyone with information about this murder mystery.r
10:48 pm
small children. >> and we now know the plan for firefighters. add gallus with the story.y. >> dressed a bit like cops. the ambience crews don't go on a call without bulletproof vest. the eye team obtained this new order and body armor is nowm required. to this greece had an option, where bulletproof vest of the felt endangered. it's good to have them on for every call, so much violence and could not a texan safety workers nationwide even unpredictable protesters. mixed up no at the getting into somet times. if you can change a bulletproof vest can save a life. >> wise where you tell them to wear a bulletproof vest and a
10:49 pm
particular instrument of policy. way back at the 9-11 attacks, crews had where the body armor all the time. that stopped and the city says cleveland paramedics have not been attacked. still we had to ask again. they have to be something that said this day is different from the day before we are going to start using it. >> to be honest, he really wasn't. i want people to be up to go home.e. did a turn on that day? i've been tossing this run for a long. of time pitiless the smiles and handshakes city hall for the graduation for new ems cadets. behind that some nervousness of all goes back to this memo.e all permit should be wearing body armor for all calls. cadets marched in and one of the reacted. he get issued a bulletproof vest.
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