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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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david bowie has passed away, war were on his career and his battle with cancer .n the loss of an officer, is mourning the loss of canton police k-9 jethro . there's a building parma jackpot when it was again, tell you how many people came close to
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thank you for joining us . it was a frigid morning with temperatures in the single digits, a live look from the roofcam . he just looks cool that their especially with the groundi covered with snow, get the first look at the weather with a.j. colby who takes a takes a look at the forecast .at tonight the snowfall could begin out west .gh then the clipper strengthens and it will recharge the arctic air mass in place . it will moderate a little bit, looking at the radar, were
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shifted north . the advisor with clients about 9:00 a.m. . it is far below and for below cleveland . but the satellite shows the brakes especially to the east .. temperatures in the teens . everybody low zero with the windchill . good idea to bubble bundle-up today, west wind sustained, 15 and gusting up to over 25 . the 3-d weather flight showing snowfall to the westhe with a clipper system tonight after about nine or 10:00 o'clock snowfall coming in and tomorrow morning, that could cause tricky travel . they want
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time tomorrow morning behindnd the clipper, lake effect snow fall beginning once again . one -- 3 inches for everybody, so more for the snowbelt and in the forecast, just moments away. >> record powerball jackpot has grown once again, the jackpot is now one . $4 billion for wednesday's drawing . there were no big winners were saturday nightsre 900 million-dollar drawing, but tickets that match the five numbers but just miss the powerball to win $1 million .. the new jackpot has a cash value of $868 million, before taxes . charges filed against the man
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officer,ol jessica dill joins us with more on the punishment that the shooter could be facing . the 22-year-old charged with aggravated burglary and shooting a police dog more charges could could still becoming according to ohio law killing a police dog is a third-degree felony which could give him one -- five years in prison and a fine up to $10,000 . they cannot replace jethro, the service has been set up for thursday at noon in n canton he passed away from injuries sunday after fighting saturday, responding to bishop roads on pressure foods on harrison avenue,sh searching for a suspect fired several times, he was shot by the suspect, three times in the face, shoulder. >> , officers returned fire
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bond at $5 million, police say he jethro put up a strong fight throughout saturday and took his final breaths on the morning with his partner by his side to be believed, that the docs say the dog saved officers that day . he lives and works within, he he is with him all them all day and all night,is he got him when he was eight weeks old . so they >> a candlelight vigil is set for tonightht, the go-fund-me page set to, raise money to provide bulletproof vest for all of the canton k-9 dogs and companies coming forward, liberty tactical equipment is printing special t-shirts with the proceeds going to the canton police k-9 association and jay albert studios reaching out to a officers to give them free family photos to the officers
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canines . as the world reflects a loss of one's great using talents, here, people are feeling the death of david bowie,pe a the city that gave him his start in the united states, stacey frey is here with more on david bowie and his ties to the city of cleveland . occurred to span more than four
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branching out it was his clue to listeners who launched him into the american spotlight,r this costume is from hisg ziggy stardust daysr in 1972, he likely were there sat his first concert in us here in cleveland, i talked toke billy bass this morning, who was there when it was all happening. >> music was fresh and so new and different from anything you can hear on the radio . it was perfect for our alternative audience .. >> his response was, thanks i'm coming back,. >> his response was to come two cleveland before he went anywhere >> radio station is looking for a new sound, and his s ziggy stardust was everything that they were looking for .
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rock 'n roll hall of fame about the death of david lowey . no headlines, investigation, in akron after police discovered a human skull on the sidewalk friday .n an this weekend they were there at this abandoned home on marshall street looking to find more evidence the home caught fire four years ago it appears that the school found friday was burned by an usher the victim t was dead before or after the fire,, they say a lot of testing needs to be dones before they can positively identify the remains. >> eastlake police asking for helpi to identify a bank robbery suspect that the suspect entered the fifth third bank ranch on vine street around 2:20 p.m. saturday and pointed the gun at the teller demanding money .. ordered the customers to remind the customers who find him on the floor then took off with
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champagne coloreded ford taurus taurus station wagon anyone with information is asked to call eastlake >> quick response by cleveland firefighters may have had to say the landmark restaurant in tremont, it started near the pizza oven of michael symon's lido restaurant sunday afternoon and it quickly spread the upstairs offices were gutted and the growth appears to be lost or fighters were to contain the blaze inside the building. it should be salvageable, they'll have to make that assessment. >> michael symon posted on facebook is thanks to the fire department for the work and everyone else for their concern, there were no injuries and that we will be back strong, i promise you. northeast ohio the birthplace of
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is helping more young bands get their big break. daniel tri-c high school kick off this weekend next month 10 -- 12 will compete each saturday one will be joseph and the finals will go to compete for the final exam marking the 20 th anniversary for both the rock hall and the rock off . the hall of fame is celebrating its 20th anniversary in northeast ohio this is the 20thllis of the rock off celebrating together . the museum to tell the story of the history of rock 'n roll, the beatles and rolling stones all of these great bands also that we have new young artists here and no better way than to have them on the stage. >> tickets are $10, during the
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be open for visitors to the gop
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official investigating a fire at the home of a of a forest of killing a police officer accused in the shooting death ofre an african-american man they playof they were put out a fireo at the lincoln home of michael slager friday they saw someone run away, we former north charleston police officer charged with murder and the shooting in the shooting death of walter scott slater was released on bond last weekg his
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investigating a meeting between drug kingpin el chapo and actor sean penn they want to questionon sean penn out astronautical was emerging written by him, rolling stone .com published the article that featured a video interview with el chapo,, it also but also states that sean penn meanto el chapo in person back in october when he was on the run, who escaped from a high-security mexican prison nearly six months earlier, on friday he was recaptured and is behind barsn in as simple sheldon whitehouse is getting even tighter and grace ted cruz and donald trump deadlocked in iowa, trump stow to take downwnl his opponents by playing the bursar card as athena jones report.
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citizen?? >> hustle we don't know if. >> with then first primary just weeks away donald trump donald trump is hammered away at his closest rivals eligibility to be president,is trump continues to fuel doubts about whethert ted cruz canadian birth qualifies him, says that they could risk losing a lawsuit and the white house becomes the nominee if you're lucky enough to win and be your candidate is going to be sued by the democrats.. >> trump stressed in his ss stressing his uncertainty in iowa,. >> you can have a person running for office even though he is very glib point is he's not.he >> on the sunday talk show the natural born meat borne on the land, nikes he's not . but what the supreme court to rule
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cruse dismisses claims that he does not meet the standard become presidentus c jet-skis to be the deciding.di >> the substance is clear it is a legal matter the constitution and federal law cleared as a child of us citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. >> ted cruz campaign releasing his mothers birth certificate hoping to quell speculation that she was a canadian citizen.n. >> rand paul echoing the concerns . >> at the democrats will challenge it at the very least and i think it will have to be decided in the supreme courtenen. >> new poll show that hillary clinton and bernard sanders are deadlocked in early booking states of iowa and new hampshire wall street journal,at nbc news poll has clinton with a swim 48 -- 45 percent lead in iowa and sanders lead in new hampshire 50
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the margin of error, and sanders is fighting back against a new clinton adddd says that she is more electable. >> if you look at the last big national poll on the issue, we will be controlled by 13 points in secretary clinton was beating him by seven points . . for more fo electable. >> on saturdayre bernard sanders office run by volunteers opened upn in lakewood. >> nasa from ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus, and in other elephant actsar this way, 18 months earlier than planned, 11 are currently on tour, they will be retired to the 200-acre conservation center in florida whereac we want our living, they had used priestly said that
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winter has found us . no doubt, and it will not do much looking for the weekend asm another shot of arctic air , beyond which, is on the way with a clipper system tomorrow to recharge any kind of operation . the sky is lovely,
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most of it is over the link . because the moisture from lake erie then back down again . lots of snowfall in buffalo, we will not concern ourselves with this, this is the next weather system, it is not fully developed just to . you have to go into the dakotas where the energy comes inthey literally joined forces over chicago area . after about eight or 9:00 o'clock tonight there could be some light snowfall, towards dawn tomorrow, this area of intense snowfall expected to swing through with upper-level support and thatwi the surface
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one -- 3 inches looks like a pretty good estimate on what everybody can see by tomorrow afternoon . lots of cold air, international falls is sevenld below zero, mostly cloudy, some breaks of sunshine time to time currently 2 degrees hopkins . clipper snow fall develop, it could have a quick shot of one-inch soulful in the morning then another one or 2 inches where that ends up, computer models at the pump is pretty good, a general one -- 3 inches and more in the snowbelt because lake effect beginning tomorrow afternoon .lt it's behind this
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cold blast right there at is the arctic shot right there . but in the wake briefly turned slightly longer on friday the second arctic shock is duehe that will really turn the temperatures once again into the weekendea it looks rather interesting . the wintry mix on friday, the company to several inches of snow.
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trader joe's facing class-action lawsuit, accused of cheating customers by not completely failing their 5-ounce cans of tuna, lawsuit says by a lab shows that the trader joe's tuna brands contain less than 3 ounces, and in some cases had less than half the amount promised a mccann . >> ride service uber has cut prices to handle the what they call winter slump, prices droppedh in 100 cities across the country including cleveland . beginning on saturday the third year for the trend they say the new prices will boost demand, the cost will return to normal rateshe in spurring. >> droppingg. oil prices combined with strong refinery capacity could pushes
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dollar a gallon in some areas has not happened before the new millennium, the national average for a gallon was $1.96 awakened some weekend summit of the south paid a dollar 75 or lessne, usa today .com says in some states a gallon has tried to $1.42 . the most famous imagines america is upc for sale at the playboy mansion is on the market but before you get your check but there are some strings attached . the ownerhe will have to allow playboy founder hugh hefner to live in the mansion until he passes awayefl, also prospective buyers are allowed to tourso the grounds but not be permitted in his bedroom,o so what is the price tag on the 6-acre estate,
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there are some sunny breaks out here . there were cassis despots, the forecast map shows a the live band lifting north, is assembling tomorrow, and it couldld impact morning rush hour . continue to update that, we will have the latest tonight you can see the snowfall amounts, one -- 3 inches with more than snowbelt clipper will go by and switch the winds around the church of the arctic air as the secular shot of cold air comes in how to include the chance of lake effect snow thursday for shot of arctic air a brief warm-up - thursday into friday and that
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weekend . because you happens in wintry mix friday i went to call form were more of the same look and with more snow and cold air . the first time in 20 years that the cavaliers of a have a four-game streak over the 76ers here's p.j. ziegler with the rest of them export the cavaliers with escort over 15169 and the deadly philadelphia with the first working sweep of the 76ers in 20 years . philadelphia hanging tough . the cavaliers led by one at the break was not a shot 20 percent behind the arc . the cavaliers are still in
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starting lineup . lebron james a big night fishing with 47, with 95 -- 85 score . unfortunately took us 37 . to get that done . we had to learn some lessons from the game that could be valuable. >> in college basketball, ohio state meant indiana looking for their ninth straight win . he drops offir with a two-handed dunk . later, kert williams it's an open three .
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buckeyes 85 day 16, browns coaching search took them to charlotte sunday . that theme cincinnati bengals cory hair hue jackson after he met with the 49ers . he said one head coaching position insert is offensive coordinator in the second year with the bengals offensive coordinator and in sixth year on their staff . we met with him, they interviewed the panthers defensive coordinator sean mcdermott .i sid caesar there . letting them to a top 10 defense the least . beethoven for record in the first playoff appearance since 2,008 .
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enemies to football gamesur on saturday night the bengals on sunday the vikings . vikings on the verge of knocking seattle out of the playoffs . in dc the redskins hosting green bay is the irish were for 141 yards in the first half . remember zonta face arizona . crocker park on its national champion tonight in arizona as
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alabama,a, no one closer look c finish the season . alabama looking for its third title in five years .th our attention is to play the best that we can win shares were going to need to have success.go >> to compete at the highest level and to get the chance to do that and also to play first of alabama . today is than the standard . kickoff at 8:00
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the senate when people buy into it for a chance to dream is not always about on to win the prize, a section of the brain that fantasy is almost a as good as reloading the good as reality they good as reloading the say that while fantasizing can be fun, ts those who spend too much time of their income on lottery tickets could have a gambling problem. >> robert pruitt,, on death row after a series of circumstances, crimewatch responded michelle sigona has historic. >> at 14 years on death row, 35 -year-old robert pruitt may then appear here so far he's been lucky, with three stays of
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three hours of don. >> this trip into the gurney the gurney and begin the last statement, and they want to kill you pretty quick.ty >> 20 years ago, his childhood ended when he got into a fight with the neighbor outside of his houston home, his brother and father got involved and after grabbing a kitchen knife and. >> my dad ended up killing him because he felt he was a threat to the family and. he >> even though his father was convicted, 15-year-old robert was sentenced 99 >> where you convicted if you do not do this. >> i always asked myself that, i understand that he died because of my actions that led up to my dad kill him but i didn't want him to die and. >> and 99 he was charged with another murder, stemming a
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he wasel written up pita sandwich in the hallway. >> another murder rap that he says did not do.. >> why should people believe her story? >> but i can tell you is i was hundreds of yards away. >> in 2,003, at 22, he is sentenced to death, for all the watch daily. >> you can watch crimewatch daily and fox 8 at 2:00 p.m.
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reflecting on the death of bill bolling in a unique way, the city that gave him his start in the united states, stacey frey is here with more on hish ties to cleveland. >> had a career spanning more than 40 years back when he was trying toan branch out, it was the
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into the american spotlight to his did his first concert here and they have for this costume from 1972 from ziggy stardust, spoke to billy bass at the time that this was happening . this was the 60s the beat generation with the hippies and the 19 70s that things changed hi and with these showed up we with days would base it changed everything. >> are looking looking for new sound, he was at the first concert was so successful he came back for two morefi and for the next four decades he continued to reinvent himself until last week, he wasthe died from cancer which few people knew and still putting out an album .opa his 25 was released on his 59th birthday on friday .
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>> he always resonates, he only seemed so cool . add us to continue continued to be so cool musically and stylistically, just a way that's the way that he carried himself .c the matter what age you are if you listen to any of his music over the last 40 yearsrs were drawn into it and attracted to his sound and style. >> the family has not set what kind of cancer he had that he was diagnosednc 18 months ago and he died peacefully surrounded by his family and 69 years old . his birthday was on friday. cyber-bullying happens in the virtual world also have real-life locations, and the tech report, rich demuro has tips for dealing with cyber-bullies.em >> it has been going on for years but online technology makes it easier to harass in the
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with an expert to get some tips give some tips to deal with a cyber-bully.. >> is one of the biggest issues. >> of the biggest issues of teenagers , that happens through text, online post and comments . a site called ask of them built a reputation for cyber-bullying. >> she's in the cradle of chief safety officere' at the site which was purchasedt and purchased and claimed that.t >> can ask reference questions about their day their day cover rest and what's happening in thworld and people can answer with text jokeshe photos and videos. >> before educator and parent herself, she offers tips for. >> boling predates all technology and i think that something important for parents to remember.
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>> other friends change their patterns have changed are they not doing as well in school and show a dramatic change in personality.nd >> we see something online your immediate reaction is to react. >> you should take a breath, do you think to think about what is happening and we take a moment to collect our thoughts and think strategically. >> boys live action so don't saddam give them on. >> take screenshots in case the situation escalates too a view to the point that you want to involve your school or thehe worst scenarios of involving law enforcement to have a screenshot and documentation helps a lot in the investigations in use online safety tools to block or report the offenders to there are tragedies that happen with social media buzz overwhelmingly of the people are good. >> if you suspect your child is
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difference, see all of the tips go to, that's your
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