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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 12, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> ledger with us tonight let's getr right to some breaking news crews on the scene of reported house explosion tonight o summit county kevin freeman joins us live with the more more on the situation out there. >> yes were in a residential neighborhood sky haven and east oakmont i'll step out of the way the house as you can see here still smoldering fire fighters have been battling this for quite a while s as you can see here it looks like a good portion of the house has been destroyed firefightersf are still on the inside still
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with the chief of the fire chief year in north village right now he has not been able to come out to give us any give us some as soon as he has themysha but all we know from neighbors is that there was a loud explosion f they know that four people live in the homework right now where they are we just don't know at this moment everyone is hoping their okay k again there's still battling this flames earlier of course it is still smoldering several fire departments from area fire departments here on the same and we will keep you updated we will try to get more information and bring it to you. >> a lot of destruction there the house and hopefully those who live there d are okay tonight. >> here also a winter weather advisoryo in place for all northeast ohio the worst of the snow could come during your morning commutehe was a mac is standing by with a first look at what we can expect tomorrow morning. >> and we do have
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snow beginning to present to the westernes counties we arees overspread the entire corridor in region for the time you wakeou up tomorrow morning heading off to the bus stop as well as heading into work during your morning commuteo so does alarm clocks early number one because a secondary roadways could be slickne number two because you want to make sure you aren't in a rush and conditions could be slick or wet on the pavement winter weather advisory for the entire viewing area will take effect and less than five hours at 3:00 o'clock in the morning 3 and that will come to a whole or expired noontime on tuesday but thee lake affect a snow advisory will also take effect at 3:00 a.m. at about five hours but it won't come to an end until 8:00 a.m. wednesdayay because the lake affect the snow will be steadiest and heavy as to not until this time tomorrow and tomorrow night and coming to an end completely by mid to late morning on wednesday you see the clippers snow starting to knock on our doors right
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we look towards auto askins and senator counties went on crawford flurries in a few snow showers into theory in huron county as well in it now encompasses areas of ashland county and also along 71 there is a cluster of patch of snow that will be around at times moderate snowfall tomorrow morningl especially for eastern suburbs during that morning commute the snow that fallsngat tonight will be one - -dash 2 inches in general an additional one g - -dash 2 inches before morning tomorrow and then focusing all of our eyes on the snow belt this time tomorrow and tomorrow night.ow >> talking about the frigid temperatures intense winds atn lake effect snow could make a get your morning commute of of course this is northeast ohio just a giant mess why wouldn't it come any other time. >> we are on snow watch for you tonight and again we are live it with the latest in
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talking about that that's one good things when you work nights in that of that money can you could be absolutelyyi treacherous this really is the first major widespread winteral snow event and that's heading on a weekday on a workday on a school day this time of year so everyone being advised to be careful and watch out because it's cominge . >> just in case you forgot i hate it absolutely awful i don't really likes like snow exactly where it is where that would lead we were wonderful. >> winter weather returns with a series of blustery systems. >> snow and ice on sunday giving way to bitterly cold temperatures monday and the worst is on the way. >> i know it was comingoo sooner or later. >> the national weather service says the hazardous winter weather is rolling in around 3:00 a.m. tuesday and will continue through
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including lake geauga and people are preparing for measurable lake effect snow combined with gale force the wins to wins a booming off lake erie i hope the road >> the ohio department of transportation has been fully> staffed and will continue working 12 hour shifts around the clock but admits it the latest round will be tricky drivers should expect rapidly deteriorating visibility and road conditions with at least one - -dash 2 inches of snow projected for much of northeast ohioe- right during the morning commute. >> if the roadway looks wet it could be icy remember that ice and snow take it slow. >> they say fuel up is a fuel up bundle up and chin up because after allit you never know this is cleveland you have to be ready. >> be absolutely we haven't seen any snow if you flurries earlier but nothing right now just know from over the
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roads are great and right now f however things will change rapidly said a few things if you get a chance before youly head y out as you know we always talk about it check the tires make sure they're properly inflated topm off the windshield fluid wiper fluid t your gas tank and grab some extrak clothes and water and snacks beh sure to put those in your vehicle we've had fire chiefs tell us if you car breaks down or do get stuck in traffic for hours as we've all seeng in years past you really will need p that things can go badly quickly for you if you don't have those things ready to gol right now is great but i suspect tomorrow night at this time an entirely different storyry. >> that's one of the advantages to working nights we can take her time heading homes be careful in the morning you've been warned don't forget fox eight news in the morning begins at 4:00 a.m. with all the closings or delaysm b you will maybe hear about tomorrow and just a messy morning commute
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start on fox eightnini now a foxy exclusive and irate driver boards a local bus tov confront the driver in front of several students c tonight that driver is being called a hero because of how she handled this whole thinger thankfully everything turned out okay. >> certainly a scary situation for the students as well as the bus driverth as you mentioned it thankfully no one wasn hurt and it's all thanks to the quick thinking and calm actions of joycehe and eight year school bus driver with the bedford city school district e it was a normal runn wednesday afternoon for 67 -year-old joyce custer go a school bus driver with the bedford city school district and tell a black car suddenly pulled up alongside her at a bus stop he started screaming at me is that i had his car and i went no i didn't i
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didn't reactd my kids did not say anything and normally if you do anything on a school bus your kids know immediately when you did something. >> surveillance cameras were rollingtete as the man demanded joyce get off the bus when she wouldn't he got onjo joyce says the door was open because she had just let a kid off the bus w there were still five middle school students on board. >> i put my arm across the seat because i had kids in the back and i don't want him back by my kids will he got on the bus and took my arm and slipped it up out of the way and proceeded to sit down. >> the video shows the man's female passenger aboard the bus as well to confront her t. >> frightening but for some reason i held my cold while a lot of it was certainly joyce's quick thinking according to the bedford city school district joyce was
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did in fact all of the school bus drivers are trained and nonviolent crisis intervention this is the first time that a stranger got on the bus eventually the strangers got off the bus and bedford police charged a 22 -year-old jimmy larkin and 22 -year-old ariel cole posted bedford those of bedford with criminal trespassing and disorderly conductstrd. >> it's just stare because youou don't know with all the weapons on the street you don'the know what this kid was thinking of what he was going to do he was clearly angryry joyce says all she could think about where her kids who witnessed the entire thing. >> i was just doing my job my first priority is to keep the kid safe. >> bedford police say larkins and call had been summoned and will appear in court january 205 schools reiteratera that their school bus policy is no one is allowed on a
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student or an approved parentnt. >> she did an amazing job and did everything she could to make sure that this kids were safe she followed exact protocol and will report on situations like this it could've turned out a lot worsecot thankfully everyone is okay. >> we are not on the playoffs but let's talk a little football here the browns closing in on the next coach plenty of rumors swirling tonight things it may be heating up gerontology is here with the latest for us tonight. >> the browns have been very methodical in their search they interviewed seven candidates this past first week and today they regrouped just a bit earlier this evening the nfl network year will heat up and the browns are prepared to make b a big push to hire the bengals offense coordinator hugh jackson hein interviewed with them for four hours on sunday 40 niners and the new york football giants reportedly
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things are fluid now and i do not believe any such offer has been made by the browns to jackson as of this evening supposedly jackson may have more say onay personnel decisions and then on the other possibilities also note that jimmy haslam will have toe be in houston for the owners relocation meeting on tuesday that could impact the timing of a next move later on when we join you in sports of browns assistants could potentially stay some of the guys will be staying at the new guy wants to board charges were a very good possibility the rams and maybe oakland will have to stay where they are but that will be determined in the next day or two that impacts with the
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literary road the fire began about 145 sunday afternoon there's major damage posts to the office upstairs and the roof assignments as everyone got out safelyof he did post a message on facebook today thinking everybody for their support but says it's too early to predict i when it might reopen. >> saying goodbye to ziggy stardust we are mourning the lossr of the one and only david bowie and it turns out the rock 'n roll hall of famer had some special connections to northeast ohio and a member al of the force putsem his life on the line height local police departmentfe plans to honor a falling canine just how big is a billion dollar jackpot we are breaking down what a record-breaking powerball win j could really buy you for some turkey trot this bird flies coach the story behind of us
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>> all the ways are 8:00 o'clock> in the morning on wednesday already the clippers snow this general light snowfall that will take over northeast ohio overnight tonightfa following in the western suburbs including areasas out it was in dusky seneca counties basically
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counties even went out crawford moving into richmond and ashlandt county's four reasons new showers are beginning to fly around there is the main batch of snow and her callsb and curls and from this clipper systemr i expected to become more pronounced overnight tonight after midnight as well as during the morning commute hours especially through cleveland akron cantonmm and for suburbs tof the east again we will all get some snowfall from this and minority relations: temperatures teams to near 20 were basically bottomed out at this point in temperatures will remain steady to even fully risingng as they approached the predawn hours overnight tonight here's aig look at some of the scattered span showers there could be a batch of moderate snowfall slicking up the roadways of course to the east and it turns into a lake effect of event tomorrow evening and tomorrowi night before citing morning on wednesday overnight tonight during the morning commute tomorrow about an inch until two will have followed by then another inch or so before it's alle said and done before he turns into a
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this time tomorrow and tomorrow night again one - -dash 3 inches generally tonight the midmorning tomorrow but then we will talk ta more about the snowfall additional accumulation'su tomorrow evening and tomorrow night and of course your eight the extended forecast coming up or. >> still to come take a hit-and-run crash to the claims your life a cleveland grandmother is speaking out from her hospital bed for message for the city of the driver who hit herer fedex delivery gives one man the shock of a lifetime he homecoming? it' s awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, if you refinance your student loans. i can refinance, even with 4 loans from undergrad? yes, you could replace your student loans with one new loan at a lower rate and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! just ask us how much you can save at 1-866-999-0233 or visit pour customers have saved an
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>> governor case circuit makes republican presidential debate the slot is very important fights to keep his hopes of winning that the mac legalities here in the governor that you're still a playerha in the race when you're relegated to the secondary debatete and square off against second-tier candidatesg so this is a big deal for case it be on stage with a seven front runners at this point case expend a townat of time in new hampshire and for good reason to makef the main stage he had to be the top six in national polls or the top five in new hampshire or iowa right now case it is tied for second in new hampshire tied with ted
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behind is donald trump when paulen has been beating ted cruz and iowa for the first time in a month people keep waiting for a pullback from trump and that hasn't happened when paul carries the arena and rick santorum did not make the main stage for the january 24 fox business but case it is in the stage is now set. >> here he's in custody but getting all toppled to the united states will be more difficult than anticipated attorney general was as joachim guzma n it could take up to age or meantime questions remain about actor sean penn's involvement in the drug kingpin's arrestret . >> i have read a little bit about thet interview but i haven't actually read the interview myselfv obviously
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n is had been a high priority but for mexico and the united states mexico's attorney general moses penn's meeting was essential to guzma n's capture g still to come tonight remembering a rock icon world celebrates the music of david bowie we aree learning more about his connection to northeast ohioe will look like a tip at first
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tonight the world's the one that the fans are shocked by the news that david bowie passed away after an 18 month battle with cancerb years home cleveland is remembering it's part of a launching point to start them are jennifer jordan has more. >> his music the soundtrack of an error legendary british singer david bowie influenced generations of what this flamboyant style and groundbreaking soundgeo the music was so fresh and so artist is so no so different than
1:23 am
the radio that it was perfect for our alternative audience's response was to come to cleveland before he went anyplace else former radio personality at wn and as a belly pad says the station was looking for a new soundndbe and a bowie ziggy the bowie ziggy stardust and the early 70s was itit his first concert at musical was so successful he came back a couple months later for two more showsf in bowie's cleveland ties don't in their photographer jennifer kostka talking these broad photos are highlighted in that book all access cleveland and the college of wooster posting this picture on his facebook pageeb of bowie as his son duncan jones graduation in 1995 with a career spanning four decades and that white supermodel him on always by his side though we continue to reinvent himself just last friday on his 69th birthday
1:24 am
his final album black star i think it's going to be very interesting i think a lot ofof us could go back and look at this new album black star with a new i like what was he saying and they're usually bowie can be cryptic and that's c what sort of made him interesting is that youo had to delve in an peel back the layers but i think now there might be alive in that record we weren't hearing two days ago when it came out on fridayay and in true bowie fashion the album is already garnering critical a claimi meantime fans outside his home in new york city and in london are remembering his illustrious career jennifer jordan fox eight news is. >> jennifer think you bowie's producers says y that the singer's final album was planned as a farewell and imparting gift from a legendary musicianl safety comes at a cost cleveland city councilman's controversial proposal has played
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>> a hit-and-run driver nearly claimed her life tonight ae cleveland grandmother is sending a message to the driver stabbed over salsa of bizarre assault case makingc headlines in northeast ohio but tonight there is much more to that story and a fall inal four-legged hero local police department remembering one of its own g find out what's been planned for the canine killed in the line of duty all that and a breakdown of the one to three week a look at when we will see snow and how much to expect the news at 10 continues snd. >> pleasure with us tonight let's get to that breaking newso crews on the scene of
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tonight kevin freeman joins us live from northfield center with more you got new information for us right now. >> the new information is not good right now we know that one person is dead the fire chief year saysno that the body of an adult was found inside the home we also know that three people are missing including two children andss we will showss you that scene right now here on sky he even here in northfield village of the home is still smoldering firefighters are still insidede we have video from when we arrived here the fire chief tells us that this happened at about 830 the receivedec multiple calls of people hearing a loud explosion they scene at the home was fully engulfedsaed they say that if the weather here of course has made things tricky you're you've got departments for many neighboring departments
1:27 am
and regard here to help out i spoke to several neighbors i n spoke to one man who says he lives next door and he actually tried to go in a rescue the people inside tell me you heard the explosion my son ran outside and he says oh my god of fire next-door and that's when he ran in the house the back top was blown away we went to the front it was hard to kick open he finally got it open and they got inside they say butnd they say they could not get upstairs because of the smoke because of the fire they said the family's dogi did manage toe run out but once again the sad update here is that the body of one adult has been found inside the home and three people including two childrenth
1:28 am
>> so awful such a tragic newsgi kevin thank you can police here preparing to say goodbye to a k-9 officer killed in the line of duty jethro passed away sunday wednesday after being shot three times by a burglary suspect officers returned fire to suspect was in the lake it is expected to recoverre will face a number of charges a memorial service for jethrom will nott noon. >> my mind he saved officers s lives and truly when it comesn down to what that's why we have this k-9 program on why theyh trained so hard and why we do what we do with the devastating losshy. >> no other officers were hurt in saturday's shootingrs also a stray bulletrs did hit one of their cruisers cleveland police are searching for the driver who hit a grandmother on the city's west side and took off jean stuckey suffered nine s broken bones and internal injuries when the car hit and dragged her last week at the intersection of westnd 150 at
1:29 am
recovering tonight at metrohealth medical center the eyee team has learned a city camera was not set up to record the incident andwa today's stuckey share this message for the driver is. >> i know you're scaredd you want to turn yourself in but you've got to do the right thingng if you can't do the right thing don't do it again because it couldn't be my witnesses told investigators the driver was in a white ford van if you have any information on the vehicle involved to contact crime stoppers inct cleveland police. >> cleveland councilman has a new idea that he says could help reduce violence and zach reid requesting an increase in the city income tax for the second straight year clevelanda some more than 100 homicides councilman reed says the increase will help put more officers on the street if they would protect him 10 residents and those who died not work and visit the city.
1:30 am
for a cup of w coffee for a sandwich for starbucks we are saying let's increase the amount of a payroll tax in the city of cleveland p to put more police on the street to increase safety and security foror the people who live at work and play and worship in the city of cleveland. >> since the grand jury issued no charges in thehe time your rice case a handful of protesters attended the manning to have their voices hearduu we've got some snow on the way we got a check in with melissa she will let us know when it will all are right probably right in time for the morning commute overnight fmu tonight to its already living into our western territories we will go to lead her to our time lapse camera along 75 a.m. state route 795 there is here you see this in turn lines on the sidelines but then what happenshe around 930 or 10 you see less and less of pavementr so get ready for slick spots and as broad ways
1:31 am
there making sure everything is treated in the main roadways against secondary roadways can be icy and patches to use so take it slowlyrse openly you did set the alarm clock early tomorrow morning to get going on about a clipperto snow is here it's already moving across our western suburbs tonight to midday tomorrow a general one - -dash a 3-inch of snow and it turnsr into a lake effect event trailing tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow nightct and are ending into wednesday morning with the snow belt areas could get up to 8 inches of snow and up to 90 in upstate new york you can see more than a foot of snow and a panhandle hook with a lot of moisture comes in late week and early into the weekend but it could be a mixture of precipitation winter weather advisory taking effect at 3:00 a.m. in a lake effect of snow advisory for lake geauga and ashtabula county that being said the winter weather advisory ends at noon tomorrow that affect
1:32 am
morningow are the weapons a dusky seneca county's weingarten crawford don't forget you and itng was guarding its way it'll start to spread across the entire northeast ohio weekend and as weac zoom in a little more closely we will show you some of the areas getting the that oak harbor a fremont tiffine some areas along 75 on the turnpike and it includes erie insurance cos. as well is now spreading into the ringur county as we speak but eventually will have to reason snow showers and even some pockets of snown that can amount heavily the effect visibility and pockets tomorrow morning and already with the slick a slick spots parking lots even your driveways and sidewalks ofarf this could get pretty slick too obviously there's a clipper system not that i don't need a highlighted but there it is and will it will be gone by midday tomorrowt ed windsor shifted its wednesday shift in its about lake affect this time tomorrowow temperatures have pretty much bottomed out in the upper teensns this point will stay stagnant and then we will see slowly rising temperaturessst
1:33 am
of a little warmer 28 in indianapolis but near 40 in st. louis woman was in minneapolis at five support tonight the clipperer snow will w be around and about in batches tomorrow morning especially is looksutrn like the western morning commutet for everybody give yourself extra time all about lake effect snow tomorrow nightra then tapering off slowly butng surely tomorrow morning general onemo - -dash 2 inches by the time we get to our morning commuteto tomorrow another inch added on one - -dash 3 inches for everybody that we willh start to focus on the snow belt tomorrow evening and tomorrow night so by wednesday morning lake geauga ashtabula and outskirts of eastern cuyahoga county northernof portage and northern trumbull county could have four - -dash 8 inches of snow on the ground for tonight will be in the upper teens alreadyt but starting to slowly rise mid- 20s tomorrow by late morning and then fallingg- so additional one - -dash it to 2 inches to the morning tomorrow than everybody adding on especially in the snow belt as you head into wednesday night and early
1:34 am
could seehu another couple of inches per everybody notice wednesday how coldle it is we climbed out of the teens for highs and it looks like a moderatingf a going on in the temperature department friday and saturday fears . -ellipsis and tonight's top stories bedford school bus driverer for men and women now charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conductow a summit county manager serves the victim originally told authorities that he was attacked for eating salsa but a 50 -year-old phyllis jefferson said she was upset after5on learning the man she was dating had served a time for sex crimes the browns are closing in on their next coach and that's the question earlier this evening the nfl
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dealership. >> the powerball jackpot skyrocketing over $1.4 billion to maybe nothing you can't buy you could easily live like a sports celebrity and a mansion like lebron james and in fact for $25 million moreeb you can buy yourself this so and still have plenty left over to buy yourself a private jet to fly your there a nice big one but why live like the store director of an acne and what can to not recently had a $500,000 winner peninsula but oneen of cuyahoga falls bought one in talmadge and he's
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overseas amid expecting a new kindle in the mail got quite the surprise when the package arrived instead of the new electronic devise the man received someone's tumor it was supposed to be tripped t for
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he put in handcuffs with a county spokesperson county spokesperson she's currently being held wa on $20,000 though a kansas waiteru it's setting you received a generous tip after realizing his customer left in a tip at all gear at wayman saw when he thought was a $20 bill topped under a ketchup bottle the money was not only fake but actually a bible pamphlet reading to them before that there is something you can have more valuable than money the waiter took to social media as saying he is working hard to pay off his carto mini and twitter shared similar on twitter shared similar stories the customer has yet to go publictt still to come air travel with a flightless bird of flight attendants of course a lot of
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. >> when you think that the service animal dogs usually come to mind butic it seems that an airline passenger went in a different direction and reddit user posted this on over the week in the user says a neighbor is a flight attendant who captured a turkey sitting at a c and a commercial flight the bird was reportedly serving as someone therapy pet medical necessity for dealing with anxiety and most airlines require a dr.'s notetya before
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they been suspended for the firste of three game up next to susan for repeated violations of players and safety rules across the steelers he will appeal doubly excited hisisle head on antonio brown to be the tipping point now and the concussion protocol in the concussion protocol and he will lose that to lose a half a million and salary cavaliers have won seven in the road lebron has been on fire and on tuesday night they go for a in a row against the maverickss in dallas in today james was named the eastern conference player of the week it is iay the 50th time he's been so honored in his career at the most by any player in league history raised the roof is right james aside on hesitance to crimp beadad the staff of said he was the worst issues are permitted range in the league at the timed as after seeing that and since game averaging 26 per game and
1:46 am
critics big moment for carli lloyd of the usa in zu rich she was named the women'she volunteer when her that winner that means the best women's football player footballer in the world the greatest soccer athlete in the world and she let thend americans it to the welch cup championship with the outstanding play he won the award for the record fifth time the demand h beating mr. rinaldo want to get back to our breaking news crews on thehe scene of a deadly house explosion tonight theon information is coming and kevin freeman joins us live from northfield center with the very latest details.e >> the information continues to get worse we now know that the mother who lives and thus home that's the body that was found and now we understand that one of its childrentt to believe they have found is that body let's give a look at the house here we are still
1:47 am
northfield center we have the home still smoldering fire officials say it is quite a bit of damage in their and again the two people missing the father and another child is still missing the sad update is a taken from the mother who lives here in a childre bodies have been found in not giving out and not giving out any ids at the momented but that's the latest from here we will continue to keep you posted on air and on >> such a tragic news of well as that and that rush-hour snow snow is already starting to present myself for
1:48 am
by tomorrow midmorningr they come back into play thursday friday saturday before dropping again sunday into early next week said those alarms earlysuto a lot of new music going on you can get an
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