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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  January 12, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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polic. good morning. welcome to fox 8 news in the morning. it's a snowy start. you may want to hit snooze and get up out of bed. >> it's check in with aj and see what's happening weatherwise. >> snow showers are definitely impacting northeast ohio traveled this morning and are right on schedule. we figured the alberta clipper would be coming through with the most distracting the heaviest snow event is are chronically that is not inland. it could certainly, sure to watch that carefully you can see your winter weather advisory in
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until noon today o south and 16 miles per hour and gusting to 23. those winds will be a concern blowing and drifting snow. especially white out conditions out east one so lake effect snow kicks in. that's especially going to be a problem with temperatures a in the mid- 20s right now when she was hurt in the teens. all across the state there is snow. we are is expected to see snow showers purses throughout the day today and transition over to like affects now after dinnertime tonight. cold temperatures. detailsls coming up now brown fox ten here is patty harkin. >> thank you. we are in ground fox on 90 headed eastboundnd snow continues
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yourself sometimes is deathly get a cet before this freeways. we are seeing pavement but we're also seeing p a little bit more snow out here as we had further east ande we are once again 90 eastbound approaching babette. cleveland fire is still on the scene of one car that spot on the west 25th entrance to 70 wenta northbound and cleaning up an accident 70 went northbound. wayne and kristi back to you. >> thank you. today is the day t you're going toto want to plan ahead and leave a little early with winterh weather. jessica dill life in orangent with
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commute. >> there hard at work too cheap therd road say for your morning commute but that snow is expectedut to continue so give yourself extra travel time there working around-the-clock and is supposed to be worse because of problems with visibility added to the right conditions. again some of the roads you have to be careful on because as urgesca showing you that come off a little bit slick that you don't know if that's isolate wet. be careful out there i can everything on to 71 is going pretty smoothly deftly some snow coming out this morning. it's not as cold as it was yesterday. there was actually somebody just running next to me i give soe many props for running this morning. he must be i would deftly slip and fall d and prompts of those man for running on the hotels. it's not not called out.
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an update on tragedy in the news a mother and father and two children are f all dead after an explosion at their home. it a happened last night and northfield center. pets are stacy fry is life this morning with the details. >> the family of four was killed in the explosion resulting in a ball of flame that it ignited. they felt their home shaken lookedt out to seek that there was nothing they could do. o that's a good family.y. it's just a shot. the whole street's. house. this is a big fireball.a
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sign of that. recipe indicated to us. or at least two people including two children were stabbed to death in the homeo they found
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driver is being praised for calming students after an angry students were on board joyce is the schoolbus driver with that bedford city school district on wednesday it is 67 -year-old was driving her normal route when a black car pulled up beside the bushe at a step. that man was a great saying that thea bus driver had hit his car. he demanded h she get off the bus he continued to yell at the driver they were all still on board.
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don't want him back at west 100 50th she's still recovering at metro's that i team has learned that the city camera in that area was not set up to record witnesses say that the driver was in a white ford van anyone with information is asked to call police. a public memorial service will be held on thursday to remember a k-9 officer just after he rashad helping to catch a robberyat suspect just for were f shot three times on saturday and the three -year-old dog died the next day.
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suspect was shot in the leg three can fire stations will be closing today because of budget travelat three will close for good.
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the mayor of the small town in big weather changes for the end ofat the week. >> good morning to you aj going to beor a slower than normal commute. mother nature is doing her thing. i give you an update on the things that are out here in your
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wasn't that a beautiful scene yesterday if you have just been tough if in south of blue winter skies over downtown cleveland so rare in the month of january i had to's show that time lapse just beautiful today will be stockedc in by cloud cover with the early part of the date snow showers these areas of snow will eventually transition back over to lake effect snow once the clipperc system goes by. we've been watching as the
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this clipper system 1 that expires by t noon. which are again ashtabula have then lake effect snow advisories packers until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we are not completely done with this note especially cleveland east. it's about where we will end up. a blustery cold afternoon falling temperatures we will be into the teens maybe even before sunset last winds gusting to 45 miles per hour it will produce windchill's tomorrow as cold as five below zero.
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were looking at 2-4 inches and computers are still forecasting the highest amounts out here publicicas jacket and ashtabula which makes a lot of sense. eventually will be up to 18 degrees for hike tomorrow lake affect will and in their will bell cold with four is developing and that's ahead of another weather system snow showers will maybe add a little light accumulation doesn't look like a huge deal now it will end on thursday morning even as the next panhandle hook scott sabol has been to you about these panhandle hook which of course hasf been in the fox 8 long-range forecasts fox 8 is your officials school closing station. you're seeing those right now the bottom of your screen.
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good morning to you roads are starting to get snow covered out this race is the snow continues to fly. that's something we're dealing withoweses on route to eastbound the left lane was blocked with policet also the left lane for the most part the snow-covered for sure always the last month the project teams. watch for an accident that gilchreste northbound snow is light boots are wet some areas are starting to get snow-covered at that into your morning commute timeiet we know the commanders who work wearing
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the mexican government released this footage five members of the cartel were killed only one member of the commando force the father of his teenage school shooter is going to jail for two years he was sentenced yesterday because of a domestic violence violence protection a order and october of 2014 his son use one of those guns to shoot five classmates killing four of them before killing himself this defense lawyer argued that the dad suffered enough.h. the white house says will be nontraditional people as
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items you know someone wrote get their it's the focus on domestic and international since he's taken during his two terms in office and he will outline what else h needs to be tenth fox 8 will carry the address line that starting at 9:00 p.m.dr and we will also stream and on our website at big news about republican debate the john kasich willic be on the main stage. ase part of the lineup looks fox business network is only qualify for the main did the based on poll numbers with rick santorum and mike huckabee. he calls it a mistake and says he will boycott the whole think the debate takes place thursday night in south carolina. remember to bring an ice scraper with youce this morning but sometimes it's just not enough. check out this car near buffalo, new york the driver parked right next the lake erie the weather man who tweeted this picturere said it's encased in several
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he says he has no idea how the owner will get it out of there. and many hair dryer. residents of the small village in new york voted last night to keep their surprising feel. this is the feel for the village of widespread and even though it sure looks like a white man choking of made american they claim it showed a friendly wrestling match hundred 12 people voted with about 75 percent of them supporting this deal so it will stay. nineteen minutes after 6:00 a.m. an update on weather and traffic every eight minutes plus using technology to find the lostall vid urs thides petssusu butut er doeseath an app that youth days through facial recognition really work. what would you buy if you are lucky enough to win the world
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good morning.n welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning. if you are in ground fox. roads are starting to get snow-covered out this week keep that in mind as you go about your travels route to eastbound before by the left lane was blocked police had a vehicle that was a left wing.g. i was route to eastbound are talking with akron police that cleared away the accident 76 eastbound at gilchrest. snow is fine this morning and we are onfi the far eastside testst ties late in the roads are starting to get snow-covered. we will send it back insidee from ground fox. good morning to you as well. that snow continues outside to definitely pile up on the ground. both have been treated at good thing but it can get slick sleaze as saturday is finding out in ground fox. here's a look at storm fox
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the heaviest snow is actually of clevelandw over the lake and touching lake county spirits will bebe in mentor. some snow on the ground as well will show you the maps now watch as this arctic cold front last through and it willro be in reinvigorate lake erie the lake snow advisory that is up now and goes until tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. for vacant jack and ashtabula county. perhaps ersoryry 4-8 inches of snow today clipper snows will taper off into snow showers with temperatures dropping into s the low 20s with lake snow assemblyman for this evening. it's definitely going to be a tricky travels situationa especially in the snowball later tonight. thank you very much, aj.
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knows how heart wrenching is. now there's a new affect at help. we see how that works. an animal shelter is the last place you want to see your pet. if you are she does get lost things two in new app called finding relevant they have a new tool to quickly find them. here's how it works which you download that's too smart phone or a tablet it scanned into the system. the public can use to register their dog and that's the dog ever runs awaydo they can post that their dog has been lost. it searches through thousands of images of old and recently added pictures to locate your path. >> this is y jane she's been in the shelter for over a weekend as helping us with her gem for the dark comes into us we taketo the same kind of photograph
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has spots it make that connection. another feature it's salute to be on the lookout for docs to anyone in your neighborhood who also uses finding rover and it also works in reverse. in fact in the last ten days this these families have all been reunited in san diego see if the fighting rover app. >> it's absolutely free and takesso just minutes her diet that developed it wanted to makes sure that all these dogs reunited with their family. it's amazing to see anybody gave reunited with their pet. it's a member of their family. we see people break down in tears just because they've been missing this family member for a day. >> it looks great but the app has mixed reviews some say it's wonderful others say it needs a lot of work. >> your time not is 6:26 a.m. have an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes. an updatef on your breaking news
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people including two children dead. stacy fry is on the scene with
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the flags are flying out here in the front yard. i would say we've got a good inch or so it's still coming down.n.
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would say this is pretty much on target lake effect snow will at several more inches later on this afternoon and overnight tonight. storm fox showing the bulk of the snow att least what's following with lake enhancement going on in late countyke perhaps north madison up toward geneva on the lake and also towards chardon and geauga county some darker blues out there. indicative of heavier snowfall. ii to 71 and mayfield road showing the snow covered roads. and then traffic picking up a little bit out there mainly wet roads in and around the metro as you get out farther away from the city patty said who is a ground fox right now a little bit more accumulation out there. twenty-seven the current
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we're goingne to get to nick wind chills are still in the teens the arctic air mass that's going to be reinvigorated by this latest clipper is really cold up in minneapolis and st. paul this morning it's for below zero if you remember yesterday were talking r about the day before it was 36 degrees colder yesterday. high pressure will eventually get a break in the action tomorrow morningng e once the lake effect snow winds downs this isw the clipper going through a core blast of air over the lakes we are finding lake effect snower
6:27 am
the eastern end of lake ontario in upstate new yorkt i guess we'll take our 1-3 inches high pressure builds and
6:28 am
will be fine throughout the day blustery and very cold lake driven snow out in the snowball. as cold as below zero be
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where's developing late. what's happening on the roads on
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good at morning. that's right. i'm out here andnd around the gorge area to 70 went there chagrin boulevard. it's deathly do the win that's causing a lot of visibility problems. they have about 80 trucks out there.ey
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transportation the key is patients.
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an explosion at their home. a husband and wife into grows who are eighta and 12 years old were killed. thehe fire chief says he died instantly. it looks like the explosion occurred in the center of the house and shootingt up through the roof. >> we are used to sighting fires this is our first fatal since i've been there. but been with department 25 years.
6:33 am
this theory hard on our community.ngng >> state fire they will be back here tough news for that community. stacy fry life. and sports this morning they may be closing in on their next coach.oa >> takes interviewed seven can it's the last week he interviewed with quiz and for four hours on sunday.. they are reportedly interestedre in them as well. the timing of any w possiblei ms. could be affected by the nfl owners as jimmy hasslin will be in houston for those meetings. turning now to college football alabama reach the college for
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as the the strength of 50s. they they've prototyped it was alsoyp howard's first tv of the seasone after alabama tied the game with a field goal in the
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to place later this is up to the championship overall. >> 6:40 a.m. is your time. an update on your weather and traffic :4 how many times like this could you buy if you want that powerball jackpot. we're going to crunch the numbers for human we come. will announce the winning school on thursday and feature them
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out of the south.
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after we are seeing. it is just why would we are all about two at 306 it was starting to be snow-covered the good news is got tota the stalled vehicle has been cleared away. the left lane is open. mostly wet roads. to see would've hoped first down by 480 wayne and kristi pack to you. thank you. you could soon be filthy rich
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right price you mightht be able to find some teens out there up half of a billion dollars. i bought a ticket and ravenna and can't. he is sister director of the that recently had at $500,000 winner. and he's hoping to strike it big. about one in talmage. went home got something to eat look like the outlined in springfield which turned out to t be a $4 winner. in spite of what they can do most people buying tickets. modest dreams. i would pay off my parents homeke. way too much money for one person to have. >> is nor all those messages on facebook about the winner would be able to give $4 million to each american the people who are posting that message apparently bad at math.
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person at this jackpot is divided up is about $4.60. he can't believe everything you read on facebook. >> will play the coffee quiz when we come back. right now it's time for the career job board of the day. not just one of them theater. this if you jobs available as far as that's
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we ground fox surveillance mainly went out here the continues to fly. just pass the very pope we want give everyoneju just a reminder when you get on the car make sure your lights are on.w they said it must also be on.
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let's listen on the turnpike in sandusky county. the two lanes are blocked expect delays. will send it to aj here hey patty. the eight-day is cold and snowy for the most part. t sorry to break the news to you. where is one as we're going to cap. there headed for nine tonight with wind chills space bar ten
6:47 am
it may put down another toting we head back for the deep freeze suffer little weather systems could bring and snow were in my heart is it now. we've got to hunker down. i just off of these to the boys. a guilty conscience already. caps on like to chew in trouble. shares months from ashland. i love that applesauce. and it made me think of
6:48 am
how are you. doing great this morning. stayingg. warm. >> trying to. seen since now i would imagine.wa we've got all lot of snow. we're everyone's on two hours for delays around your area. we definitely wanted to keep in the t snow mode here today. and this question is all about this. which area of the united states received that moore's a snowfallll
6:49 am
as in case i never looked it up. the obvious answer with the alaska is very difficult decision. team. shasta what is your feeling on the matter. right at home. they received 67600 inches of snow that's enough to do pressure. 6 congratulations i know you know
6:50 am
the mid-america boat show at the spring as read around the corner. that's awesome. thank you very much. thank you. enjoy the day. excellent show underway right now at the q. it's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice. att's disney on ice.
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this is one of my favorite parts it's so crazy because there are 60 characters every the case it was really really good. that is the news at six the news caps about seven begins caps on and begins now. this e arne i >> good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio it is 7:00 o'clock omorning in the city pretty coldld outside and snowing right now thank you for joining us. >> good morning. good morning, everybody we are starting off snowy this morning and it looks likee a pretty decent round of snow coming down just to the west of i71 where will use easy darker hues hues and darker shades of blue that is indicative of heavier snowfall the movement is west to east.
6:54 am
in and heavier snow in that s out of the like also lake enhancement you can look really close their just off moraine lake snow advisory they go until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning winter weather advisory until noon today windsor west at toledo it looks like the front is trying to go through there are still out of the south here with winds gusting at 46 miles per hourth in the family right now they are really getting quite a bit of wind` and wind chill for that matter. our clippers snow began ton requires only get into
6:55 am
time with patty it is 7:02 a.m. we are to 71 southbound heavier down this for and that is a temporary complete rush-hour that way. and they do have an accident blocking the two lanes that is westbound on the turnpike the snow and wind it has been with us a few days but
6:56 am
your morning commute today. good morning. good morning. good morning you and everybody else here at home and that will be the issue as wellh with soap walked in the s field on to 71 where roads are definitely both are definitely picking up. a lot morere people on the road than before. crews working on the street until midnight now they have about 32 close 32 clues they start on the main streets and then work on the secondary streets. they of 2500 pounds of salt to work with a solid is
6:57 am
or notdd my cannot really like snow. >> you never know this is cleveland to look to be ready right?ly l >> of course. give yourself extra time. i know i left early and by driving to work when there is not anyone else on the road.. he just want to move slow and their patients as well if you're trying to get upei thisp morning and get your powerball ticket just dress warm and be slow on the road. our other top story is the house explosion sends flames the shooting into the sky. for people inside and sadly all were killed. we check in with stacy fry live on the scene where fire crews have been working all night. it took some time to get the fire extinguished the fire truck just pulled up there is smoke coming from the roof
6:58 am
up overnight here in northfield center a mother daughter and two others were killed. >> we found one of the children near the other child and the mother they were out kind of on the same spot together. we found the father` on the first floor to the where of rear of the house. he said they were all caps instantly neighborser win over the flames were everywhere to debris was falling w the fire chief says it looks like it happened towards the center of the house what caused it is a mystery. a they do not believe a catholic at anything to do with it neighbors describe the huge blast is the house was shaking. >> i thought it was a fire at work or something` i was going out to leave and i saw the whole
6:59 am
back off was blown away. they were in the front we tried but it was hard to kick open the family got it open. i ran and there and that is when the dog, running out. steve fireman specials state of fireman marshals they have been watching intermittently through the night because hotspots have been fired not making sure it is not ignite again into an all-out fire and her. >> stacy a fry is live here this morning. developing news out of columbus were at least three including two children were stabbed to death in a home police are called to the were called to the home at 130 this morningg where there was a fight
7:00 am
anotherhi child is being treated with life-threatening injuries ofbefe the hospital the suspected killer is in custody they have not said if the person is related toon the victims we will keep you updated to the developing story. >> a local schooll bus drivers been prizedl first and, after it in ingrid a look at some of us will students were on board.d. on wednesday the 67 -year-old was driving on the route when a black car pulls up the sidesn when a school bus stopped the man was irate same shaded his power he demanded she get off the bus and when he did in his passenger door on the bus to confront. he sat on the bus continuing toco you all while five middle school students were still on board.v >> i'm across the sea because i had kids on the bus i don't want him back but my kids he got on the bus and took my comments i'm
7:01 am
proceeded to slip sit down. >> the school district so she was trained in nonviolence crisis intervention and did exactly what she was supposed to do. police to charge the 22 -year-olds with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. >> cleveland police are looking for help for the driver who hit a grandmother on the south side she was hit and dragged at the intersection of west 100 50th last weekaghe they have learned this camera in theav area was not set
7:02 am
him ground fox the roads are snow-covered we are doing just
7:03 am
is 271 southbound we have an accident 176 northbound spring road in spring road in the left lane alsoci westbound on the turnpike doing a great job bank on fox this morning. patty harkin`'s on zoom is on resume we appreciate while patty tweets. light to moderate steady snow we
7:04 am
a half. storm fox doppler radar showing a little suck or cold air. just to the northwest of cleveland opening up to words downtown out towards full west the west lake and lakewoodut you will see the traffic pick up their the there the roads are
7:05 am
that does not even count the wind chill which is almost and below zero yesterday. wein are going to return to that level tomorrow morning. g so, there is the great lakes snowfall associated with the clipper. it is a cold blast reinforcing the first shot of arctic air even as high pressure builds in and tries to cut things off here this afternoon for the next weather system heads our way tomorrow evening. snowfall amounts central and northern geauga county picking up four - - 8 inches by wednesday afternoon. it just depends on where the snow band sets up lake snow advisory friday at the
7:06 am
warmer air into the region. blustery and smalling smalling temperature following temperatures tomorrow will be around five - - tenin` below in some areas. blustery lake driven snow two - - 4 inches with winds tomorrow like affect will and in the them snow showers develop late. sending as back into the deep freeze for next week. fox eight f is your official school closing station
7:07 am
of the screen closings and
7:08 am
coming up on 730 will come back to fox eight news we're glad you could join usht just got done doing the facebook live update on that new fox eight weather page looks to a little more in-depth analysis on their i did not realize how much hot air i had. maybe i did. winter weather advisory until noontime the lake effect snow advisory until tomorrow morning this tells the story winds south at hopkins look what happens toledo and w findley out of the west the clipper going through t with the wind gusts up 40 and 50 a little preview at what is happening in our direction wind chill it 18 in our direction but once you get back to the front with the faster moving area the air the
7:09 am
our high the snow will taper and - 3-inch amounts to transition over into lake effect snow. blustery fall in phone temperatures to lake driven snow out used but add another two - - 4 inches potentially to what is already falling. very cold and blustery tomorrow, 18 degrees like affect a pretty good but but it will wrap up in the morning as temperatures actually warm a little bit byg the end of the week before back into the deep freeze traffic time with patty at 7:31 >> it morning we are in ground fox traveling 77 northbound and this is what we are doing 20 miles per hour a loto of traffic out here 77 northbound approaching route 82 not a good bookor the roads are okay they are not slick but they are starting to get coated so everyone is
7:10 am
down right now e we are almost up to 30 miles per hour. today is the day you will want to plan ahead. jessica is live and i to 71 and chagrin looking at what has turned out to be a rough coming up good morning. >> good morning. good morning everyone at home it seems like at hear the snow this kind of slowing down here this morning. honestly a lot of what we are seeing her to 71 and chagrinha boulevard is kind of the
7:11 am
saying the roads are doing fineit they don't seem coded but they are slick. kind of the opposite of where patty as welle .-dot says they have about 80 snow plows outut here in cleveland in akron they said they had about 100 snow plows making sure working around the clock they say it is a little worse a because of problems with visibility added onto road conditions today
7:12 am
of advice zero go .-dot is not doing their thing. yes there it is for sure. >> tragedy to report this morning a mother father and two small children all dead after an explosion at their home. >> it happen last night in northfield center where stacy is this morning covering it for us. >> the family of four was killed instantly in the explosion resulting in a ball of flame that ignited neighbors felt their homes shake and looked out to see there was really nothing they could do. >> a mother and wife and two kids a good family.>> it is a shock. >> the whole street was in
7:13 am
the flames were to entrance northfield center uses they were killed instantly but at
7:14 am
simon posted a message on facebook thanking everyone for thinking everyone for their support. he says it is far too early to predict when the later will reopen. >> our cleveland councilman is looking to lower taxes for
7:15 am
done by hand fall where they are demandinge to have their voices heard. >> itoi is 737 looking for corporate l sports your cleveland browns may bed closing in on selecting the next coach they have interviewed seven candidates are past week one appears to be at the very top of their was the nfl network reporting the browns are prepared to make a big push for hugh jackson he interviewed for four hours on sunday also
7:16 am
interested in them as wellll and there was the high eight when in a row. tonight dollars. 7:38 a.m. it is a tough job, but somebody has to do it. t we put
7:17 am
heavy winds and the snow my goodness can you imagine don't park on lake erie in the wintertime 747 is your time right now. let's check in with aj and see how the weather is going with us as we head out for the morning commute. >> i am broadcasting live on m facebook simultaneously just for fun here in the front yard. check it out. hi, everybody. hi there. snow is still coming down here in the fight front
7:18 am
out my facebook page weather page which is brand-new so i thought what the heck let's do a live one. you see the snow has still not ended around the area with a batch of the heavier snow moving in from the west side that will snowflakes slow things down coming in from the west side s and the snow will finally like that but it willno be a slow process here lake snowe advisory in effect. until noon the end of the lake snow advisory will go to 8:00 a.m. tomorrow i'll winter weather advisory until noon today. check out the numbers - -dash 30 at the lakefront you saw the update their wind chill at 17 currently at hopkins and we will show you are around the midwest what is going on. many minneapolis five below zero right nowa and then
7:19 am
push heading our way. a clipper going through into the after noon transitioningg over the lake enhance the lake effect lake effect snow and that could add up to four - - 8 inches before it is all said and done out of the snow d belt as we add things up one - - 3 inches generally with the clipper itself we have had probably 2 inches blustery following temperatures heading for 9 degrees tonight. it is going to be a cold. wind chill tomorrow morning could be five - - ten to below zero. my goodness. thirty-eight with a wintry mix and friday. fox eight is your official school closing station time to see what is on the roadways now with patty harkin. >> how long good morning hello
7:20 am
fox approaching for 80 it was bumper to bumper between the areas then i started to loosen upup right around rawlings on 7750 miles per hour the roadways are wetle. we are dealing with windshield wipers all morning not too bad right now in ground foxno we will see brake lights in just a moment when 76 northbound been cleared and police and fire with the scene of an accident eastbound at 55th that will come up to 77 back to you guys in the studio. >> it turns out it cost the federal government a pretty costs more to make them than they are actually worth. the government accountability says it costs about one point $0.07 to make the one sense penny and car seat sense to make the medical while the government is blaming rising metal prices for
7:21 am
to lawmakers to decide if the cheaper model should be used. >> it is 7:50 a.m. at 28 degrees. kenny is live at the queue. good morning. >> good morning i have my magically appear. you know if i were of thatno may be some disney magic will happen behind me. i think it will. when we come back we are out they killed with a whole bunch of different
7:22 am
good morning, everyone we are here at the iq previewing disney on ice with an amazing show a really patrick good morning to you. our area? >> i am good are you? >> itre is my first year with the show. wow so you are just kind of in the stars you are seeing stars and stars struck. pretty amazing.
7:23 am
>> what's with the been like a first-year? >> it's been great lots of new experiences a new place and new places it into and a lot of adjusting. finding nemo disney's aladdin and lion king
7:24 am
right here at the queue. all
7:25 am
hanging out with the crew from disney on ice. when we come back looking for my spot. when we come back, lots more to show you. thank you so much, haley. more of fox eight news in the morning m will
7:26 am
february - - february - - best 12th day of january. it is winter we are in the heart of it thank you very much for waking up but that is my name is wayne dawson it is the 12th the day of january i snow in april - - we are so glad you're with us
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