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a nine -year-old boy is seriously hurt after he struck byea a car was flooding please are trying to figure out why it happened kevin from freeman joining us with detailsut . right now we don't know if his specific injuries but northur
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life-threatening he was first taken to saint john was sure hospital and west lake avenue to be life i to metrohealth medical center. ron prabhakar tuesday evening a nine -year-old boy was sliding down the snowyoy hill on metal lex boulevard in north ridge to according to policeul witnesses say he was trapped underneath up for it for a while.s residents is popular with kids in the winter. one side of it levels off to the streets the other into neighbors backyards. it's a good little sledding hill. the end ofi it does go to the
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enougho they can slide right in. we are set on that side of the street because we come this way because we don't want to get hit. our neighbors across the street let aside into their yard sometimes. investigators spent the evening taking measurements trying to figure out whatg may have led to the accident. our biggest concern is the fact that no one ever slows downes and everyone knows there's so many kids in the neighborhood. k north police have not determined whether speak with any factor it's unfortunate crash the dew say the incident remains under investigation.n. more winter weather in the forecast tonight lake fx snow advisory remains in place forai parts of northeast ohio is this the scene along i 90 at the two split and this layup late affect snow is coming down.nd
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look at the forecast. that advisory has been upgraded toha late affect snow warning for gr good county and. although parts of lake county particularly the southern end also get included by the free heavy bid you just saw a momentom ago on that live zero .-dot webcam. let's first will dive into the mornings there is the upgradedpg morning you can see the white counties the late affect snow warning counties earlier today northwest pennsylvania into western new york now the two counties includede leg. and make that gyro and ashtabula there is the band will take a closer look here a in moments but this is one big rain will be sustained a moderate snow now falling north of greater cleveland and making it right
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into places like kirkland. and then into ashtabula county. here's a better look at the particular color scheme is a dark blue. wherever these bands persist and in the warning area you could be waking up to a total of six to 12 inches where the bands persist and that's obviously the lake affect key to all of this. outside the bandd just flurries and cold take a look at some of those numbers but it'ss when joe's are below zero some of the temperatures are getting close to single digits. what do the roads look like right now? we want to head on over to lake county where we find i melissa
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this a snow-covered car tuesday night for people like fred of hearts grovesd. it's a little late it needs to go away. you're not a big fan then. but who is a fan is james. they will only get busier for pulling and his partner. a lot of drifting. heavyf lake fx now is expected to continue through wednesday morning. i'm going to be busy. i'm back at it again drivers can expect blowing and drifting snow overnight plus wind chills into single digits.n as part of limiting the older you get the harder it is to work that was melissa reid fox 8 is your official school closing get all the school closings online on your c phone and on the air.
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tonight o after this speech by the president state of the unit investigation continuing into the northfield center house explosion that killed a family up for the bodies of sydney by o the two children we're all found on the first for the fire chief says cindy was hovering f his words always good to loop will begin at the center of the home on the first floor tonight experts are leaning away from a gas explosion matt has more on how the matters are being remembered. they're just really nice people thought for in-kind neighbors are remembering the picture-perfect family of four that lived on sky haven.mi the mother was a mom to a lot of the kids in the neighborhoodg they go over and spend time my daughter's included 43 -year-old jeffrey we're founding members of the rot community church in
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they serve as a deacon for 13 years and cindy tout sunday school. cease to care for other kids who we're neighbor coming fromr families that have problems sydney would take them then t and take t care of them. sydney worked at the behavioral center in twinsburg coworkers and neighbors alike call her a very special woman. there smiling daughter ten -year-old allison and eight -year-oldldth allison homeschooled. a second grader where mom often volunteered. it was heartbreaking. just an awful charges superintendent doctor joe clark says teacher talked with students tuesday given them time to draw our right to work through their emotions the school also brought an extra counselors.te are good kids.
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last night i met with the staff this morning to talk to them prepare them for the day and tears are flowing. a family that help so many in the community deeply affected by the loss. and northfieldmn fox 8 news. my relatives are asking for privacy during this difficult time the church saying they'll be deeply missed. new at ten a proposed a pit bull ban is shot down shaker heights city council voted 5-2 against the band it was proposed after 71 your grandmother was mauled to death by a pebble last summer they did opal the issue up for public comment some argued the band would help prevent tragedies others say it's wrong to label a dog in nearly because of its breed owners need to be held accountable for the actions of their pets. and the coaching search canch interesting today the team how to second interview with one of the bigger candidates box eight
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jt could they be closing in on a new head coach. here jackson is one of the seven candidates to be interviewed byby the team since the request began last week as you mentioned it got that second interview with the browns jackson the bengals offense of cornet or was interviewed for second time with owner jimmy president believe it was in cincinnati jackson is wanted by other teams been interest from the niners and according to report jackson will go forward an interview with theit new york football giants probably tomorrow. clearly by talking to himly a second time shows there is strong interest but by all accounts they have not made any kind of a contract offered 2q. has him what a houston for the nfl relocation boat at this time it's unclear if the team has any more interviews lined up with other candidates. t t present obama friends what he
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tonight's final state of the union address lose here with the story the president didn't unveil any new policies.s. and that's what usually happens in the state of the union with all me a year and eight days leftg in office the president did zero in on getting things done. toldhi the american people the nation's political system is broken is past time to start working together we did it knowledge there are some areas where political parties are on the same page.e there are some areas where we have to be honest it has been difficult to find a agreement. a lot of them fall under the category what the government should play in making sure the system is not really in favor of the wealthiest and biggest corporations. o it's an honest disagreement. that was a big scene
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big banks and big oil for much of the economic disparity the president says is fine to tacklele poverty much as republicans figure has suggested he called forg serious talks about strategies everyone can support like more tax cuts.ev he calls for cutting red tape and outdated regulations siding and need to help businesses flourish.u r the point is i believe that in this new economy workers and startups and smaller businesses need more ofa a voice not less. the rule should work for them. and i'm not alone in this. i plan ton lift up the many businesses who figured out that doing right by the workerse customers are the communitieshe end up being good for their shareholders. south carolina governor nikki haley delivered the gop response following tonight's state of the
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country moving forward and republicans are post gizzi on. as he usher in this new era republicans will stand up for our beliefs.fs if we held the white house taxes would be lower for working families.r and we put the brakes on runaway spendings and debt. we would encourage american innovation and success and set ofnd demonizing them sew our economy which really sore and good jobs of the available across our country. we would reform education so it works best for students parents and teachers not washington bureaucrats and union bosses.oum present obama took aim at critics who say america has lost power in the world under his watch period of the united statesn or every nation the world either tracy toward the end he talked a lot about the state of politics in this country urging politicians to do what they think is right instead of what
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very strong on that.l a military incident in the persian gulf. we are learning more about the ten us sailors in iranian custody i team reveals as seen on the rta bus and what it took for a driver to fight off an attackert as passengers look on. i'm here because he is not. he gave his life from me please officers emotional interview at fox 8 exclusive what he saying after the loss of his k-9 partner.
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the snow is falling once again and this is rude to in late county tonight the late fx snow advisory and parts of northeast ohio also give an eye at the bottom of your screen. just some flurries. the snow bell especially tomorrowll morning could be got going. depends on where the band is set up and reminder that advisory upgraded to a warning for the county an attribute are the only county with that advisory is
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but the majority of the low visibility is up by 90 east lake towards kirtland. let's go ahead and dive right into where we left off. is windblown snow. fx now morning now extending into geauga and inland. and lake shore. there is the windchill advisory to the far west right now looks like additional snow in the three or 4-inch range. that should bring totals and some of those backyards to the six to ten plus when you wake up in the morning.g. that band showing size of lifting north right now we're in
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are below zero some of those wends beans exceeding 30 miles per hour and in guest tonight. the average low lake fx now with that total in the snow belt communities hardest hit six to off tomorrow mostly cloudy. 18 degrees.o that is much weaker in it goes to our north which means temperatures will begin to rise behind that not fall at least for a couple of days. police officer getting notice fred timed didn't think twice while helping a homeless man they gift thatle meant so much in
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unfolding in iran tonight and american sailors are held in iraniand custody after two small a naval ships entered the country's waterwo they received high level insurance is the sailors l would be released soon however it's not clear whether the boats will be returned as well present obama is monitoring the situation.
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being afforded the proper courtesy that you would expect. it's unclear whether the ships entered iranian waters intentionally. mother off that at the ones a teeny been released from jailes judge loweredom tonya catches bonn from 1 million to $75,000 shows we're electronics a go monitored and undergo a mental valuation prosecutors accused of helping her son flee the country to avoid a probation hearing the fugitive back behind bars please say donald ship was captured officers have posted a mug shot of him on social media to sawt and simply attacks the new sophie read here's a better photo that is terrible please say the social media help them track down there man one more day tone get those power about tickets lottery players are trying their luck at audrey's
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winner since early november the jackpot has grown to $1.5 billion and could go up even more numbers to way to take the money and no payments over 30 years or one cash lump sum. with the republican national conventionli approaching northeast ohioans are looking to cash an incredible prices to rent out local homes he owes his life to
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one officers selfless act. fifty-seven no good and klein is a fixture in cleveland's west 117 favorite spread trouble and hisd life is known for sharing a laugh and smile and makes his rounds of various neighborhoodko businesses to try to keep warm. he's been home was for many years empty is unsafe in the city's various shelters there's no way you want to stay. sat in at cleveland police receivedla a complaint call about glenn from apartment building on
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glenn says in the officers arrived at rather than arrest him or give them a hard time the ask what they could do to help him.rd we are told one of the officers 17 veteran was so worried about glenn they gave the shoes of his own feet.t. didn't ask permission to go home again it appears shoes to finish off the shift. patrolmen to not want anyone to know about his act of kindness his fellow officers spread the word. the interview are anybody else. that's just who he is and who the h men in the women the police department art without trying officer jose store upon glenn
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dignity.up jack shea fox 8 and cleveland. still to come and i team exclusive. they fight off an attacker tonight so's a lot did happen people talking for a moment they
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man attacks a bus driver with an ordeal that went on for ten long minutes. the eye team is taking closer
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what bystanders did not do. life-and-death struggle in rta bus trevor found himself under attack before long alone passengers gone other bystanders just watching. starters like this last month the east ae hundred and 16th in unit please say jarret henderson 1 try to get on the next fair car. moments later the driver attacked passengers scrambling to the back. some passengers shouting at the
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about the inconvenience. seconds turn into minutes jarret henderson says he has a gun than youhe see him pull a knife if your passenger call police finally a bystander steps into ask for the knife.llll and desperation the driver also grabs an emergency found in jarret henderson big someone to help him go to build to try to get on a bus that that he might argue jarret henderson was lucky court records show two months
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probation and a burglary caseude. at last the driver sees flashing police lights help can come on the bus soon enough. such a struggle even in the police battle with henderson. s that driver walks off to catch his breath. fox 8 i team. thank you head of rta said a statement to us saying the driver acted hiroki henderson sitting in jail as county prosecutors are reviewing the charges let's take a look at some of more of tonight's top stories investigators continue to search for clues in last night's deadly house explosion and northfield center they we're killed as were their two children firefighters are leaning away from a gas explosion as they caused the fire started in the center of
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police have arrested the suspect inr the shooting death of three -year-old major howard erin dunning's faces aggravated murder chargesac detectives are still looking for another suspect from donnell lindsay in connection with this crime. there's also but an arrest in the robbery and beating of a priest in the italy 20 -year-old johnson phillips was picked up along harvard avenue this afternoon into othersva are accused of attacking the priest as he walked to his car last month with republican national convention a few months away that many peoplea are offering their homes but astronomical prices youme can find several properties being rented out exclusively in july now is a listing a seven bedroom ninero bathroom home for a whopping $70,000 a month we found a brief holds the day 5665 grand as well for the month of realtors say
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a bit commerce isn't a bad thing they're willing to pay thatme for that one week state. that's not bad. if you're looking for our rent it's deafening when not be inbe that area that so far away downtown hello tombs already booked to capacity for the july event music fans unite a major announcement the northeast ohio school announced a lower lies music with the mission. will feature 30 local national and international contemporary acts major acts include andy grammer grace potter oer the festival will be held on june 11
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campus it is open to the public however tickets are required. everyone tuning in or staying with us tonight get you caught up on lake fx now out east was fans are hitting schools could be delayed or cancer we do have warnings and advisories for you here's andre with all the details. we thought we would give you one of our favorite perspectives from the 5-mile creek thinks the city of cleveland of course the lake is completely wide open no ice you have a very cold air picking up that moisture watch the city occasionally completely blotted out right there. that's a heavy snow shower going through in the recent images doesn't look like it's going to come back it was an indication on the radar that we are starting to see a little bit of a shift in just a second i will
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right in here the center of lowlo pressure there is the lake affect is going to be persisted through the night. there is minor shifting the main focus will continue to be the traditional snow bell locations of northeast ohio all the way up towards buffalo new york let's take a look at the visor he is in the mornings you can see the lake affect advisory lake county for the lakeshore of ashtabula county in the ashtabula in for a jogger county.c we have the lake fx now warning up to six to 10 inches plus where the bands persist and i we have that chill advisory out to the west look at these temperatures tonight these are ambient air temperatures what you look at your thermometer and you'll see up 13 cleveland 15 detroit lots of single digits where the atmosphere has cleared out.t
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single digits lake fx now about and here's this main snow bell appears to be breaking up a little bitit with the main band still hugging the shore line from euclid into east to lake and into kirkwood. moving into short ofof their is that totals six to ten plus of coarse that is always a roulette wheelt spin if you will in some cases with lake affect will get the finals tomorrow 18 mostly cloudy the snow will and in the morning f another clipper arrives lesser intensity at night let show you this initial batch of cold air list out by friday saturday a little bit milder but we do have another hunk of very cold air which will come back at us as you can see made day moving back on sunday and monday
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single digits at night with more lake fx nose and clippers and all probabilities. little bit of a break and early saturday. will need extra travel time tomorrow morning. tonight he speaking out exclusively about the k-9 partner thatk- gave his life. in ices scare in a middle school a mother is furious what she
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one of our many zero .-dot cans 150 second the season flashing lights a spin out take it easy you had out lake effect snoww warnings and advisories in place. 4:00 a.m. not only fox a news exclusive foro the first time since losing his k-9 partner jeff broke abr police officer is telling his story he shares emotional story with fox 8 peggy. we got a phone call from nypd
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ten guys. not plans for justice memorial service. they teacher from day one. but it didn't. it doesn't make it any easier and it hurts. i would gladly take its place if i could. from the time he was shot and tell i ask it was at the hospital for probably 26 hours. german shepherd saved his life. i'm here because he did what he did. there's no other word to say out.
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we bottom as a pet for her. two months old. she went through training with me was there. every step of the way. put tears in his eyes david said just there was a fighter even at the end of his life. one the vet told me there was nothing elseth they could do unneeded on needed to let him go be in peace.u jeff rose memorial service will be thursday and his birthdate he would have been three years old. just those take his place. t in the cemetery of honor. just a special bond jethro's
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thursday at the civic center the suspect is facing several charges including creating a police dogin.
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try to force him the ball he kept calling him a terrorist and asked what he would blow up next he admits his response was wrong saying it blow up the school fencew just you the boy off his back his mother says the principal forced him to write a confession that he was a a terrorist anywhere both the school. nothing makes sense. principles post to call me. probably administrators not only arrest her sono but also
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events the school denies the allegations. president of the central new york village want to keep their local despite t the fact is called racist and offensivei a nonbinding vote last night people of whitesboro voted 157o to 55 to keep their current seo him c him day through the 19 hundreds it appears to show white man choking a native american is actually from a wrestling match between those founder he white residents had the chance to vote for other proposed symbols as well. will supply by comedy central the daily show the village board is meeting tonight to decide how to move forward. a man and michigan still in the holiday spirit despite with the calendar says. a special adjuster to honor his life that's currently in a hospital battling kidney disease and renal failure the couple has been together for 17 years
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holiday they had something new to display each year the tree in three dozen lights won't will come down intel she comes home. it's been very hard. michael says he remains dedicateda to his wife and prepared to celebrate his christmas in july. it's a tricky travel out there right now and they'll likely be the case tomorrow morning. t the key will be where the band is in right now there is a primary band the single band that's floating into lake county into northern jogger county let's check it out we was in and see that primary band is just clippingng extreme a northeastern. we have some pretty hefty snow that looks like east lake
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and that ban goes into short in as well. not only that it's called everywhere. if you're watching us outside the lake affect area it is cloudy with a few flurries down to 11 right now.lls are well below zero were going to see an average overnight low of seven lake fx now on the traditional snow belt with up to six to 10 inches total when everything is done outside that area just of a few flurries. will see another clipperth tomorrow night that was going to be minor in should go to our north t the implications are obviously much less. give your closing in delays we have those online on your phone today and tomorrow morning beginningt at 4:00 a.m. from more on the lake affect snow. for a moment they thought they hit the jackpot.or the store behind that makes up
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tomorrow night's billion-dollar powerball drawing as people alli over the country streaming about how they spend all that money for a few minutes over the region a group of restaurant coworkers believe their dream has become reality. a dishwasher evening quit his jobh on the spot there was one big problem. they have the wrong day w turns
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leading numbers but their ticket was for saturday's drawing so far they taken the devastating news pretty welll the past is video of a celebration on youtube even joked about on facebook. tellers gutted out and overtime when in dallas there were came a very slow starte but they came up big late in the cavs went and overtime. lots of highlights let's get going. and they started hot. l the cavs going to 15-0 run lebron in company getting things done on the fast-breakbr. he makes a difference is just this deal scores at the other end down by three. he will score six points and eight seconds there is a threeee
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law gets it a teammate.go with the great jordan. on the cavaliers would tie the game keller's came back took the lead tyree for three. then lebron with the post rising don't in the cavs tied the game at 95 all. as the cavaliers would get things done as well inside two-car read and then here comes your dagger. gets it back to carry along bomb from three-point land in cavaliers win by 0110-107 cup. the browns took one step closer to potentially a review jackson as a new head coach today a second interview. they bypassed attendance at the owners meetings in houston for jackson's interview to our
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formally offered jackson is wanted by other teams the niners and the in fact a jackson slated to interview wednesday or thursday with theu giants the browns havewn interviewed six others for the job and a lone man to get a second interview in a vote of 30 to two nfl owners approved of the move of the same those rams to inglewood california the charters have the option to join them the raiders remain in oakland for historical perspective ti know that cleveland rams moved to los angeles 70 years ago today. the nomads have returned to the west coast. let's go high school basketball here is saint edwards hosting this is thomas of the eagles he will find denny chambers and dean delivers for the eagles titans on the other sidee. as he gets the bucket for those titans.
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he had 21 on the night. saint edwards would go on to post a 79 through 62 victory. college basketball is tonight. they beat the but amy red ox by 76 268 cal for the akron zips it dropped one. outstanding when for the cavs. lake affect is keeping as busy be sure you turn into aj. because the snow bell amounts continue to add up. then tomorrow is mostly cloudy still cold 18 another clipper. morning show crew will be here
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