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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  January 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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that doesn't look odd in front of a building. it's so sunny in this airport. i wonder who that is. i your entourage.tourage. i know. she looks amazing. she is really gotten into great gre shape. she works out a lot. lt. her in colurtney are in thee workout thing. i think they all are aren'tt they.thy. may be. may be. cam just had a she'll get it back together. their livelihood depends on how h they look. thank you very much 9:00 thehe everybody.oodod wednesdayeveryb morning in the city 13cit day of january 2016.uary 2 right now. a lot of schdool closings and delays at the bottom of yourofyour screen. thank you for joining us. i'm wayne dawson.yoururscreen. hi everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm stefani schaefer.hi everer some school closings and delays certainly making for a rough a morning for people all across acrs northeast ohio especially outsp east we are live with more onen what is happening right now plus plus
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delays at the bottom of your screen find them on yoox can easily find them my favorite tool in the world onn ea the fox8the app you can find it immediately there. no doubt about thatan find following alowing al developing story this mornings rnings developments after a tile hit by a car whilst led writing. more on what happened and whatnd w people in the neighborhood are ar asking people to doe because ofcae of all of that.that.t also do you have powerballweballw fever.llw the jackpot is continuing totinng to grow will you play and what willwhat you do with the money if youf you win.ou your comments coming up in this t morning's download at leasthat lesth people can dream and think about it.. gives you something to talkomethi about.n are you going to play. p i will.ill. i didi on saturday.. . check in now with a.j. colby see what's happening weatherwise lake effect snow still in effectw still in out eaesft.. lake snow advisory and warningwarn posted until 3:00 this3:00 this3: afternoon. @ here's a look at storm fox doppler radar and where the band persists mainly along theee shoreline of lake county up intoup
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down towards chardonl but it isitis the darker blue out over the lake would indicate that heavier these tem skinny numbers out there. zero m at worcester.ter.te one about in hopkins is nine.n three and akron canton if you you factor in the winds looking atking atk anywhere between four below 0213w 021 below zero in worcester.c my goodness layer up for sure. around the state g where reading additional cooling took placead temperatures haveditio bnaeel nco rightohto around 4 degrees all morningningn even dayton is one currently but most of the activity is over the the lake and then touching theching shoreline those i like effecte effect snow bands the rest a look atoo that fairly quiet. just a great make giving us an issue this morning with dry time te out on the inland in out west no problems.obms.
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tonight into tomorrow morning. may have a little likem effect behind that system out east but but snowfall amounts will continue to add up a little bit this morning.inue and the possibility for snow and blustery conditions persists right on through the rest of thef th morning and early afternoon.ft hopefully breaks of sunshineune about here to.e . the wind chills will be brutale brutale they'll.utale send it back y ourr way. way. all right. thanks so much remind the kids to bundle up that kind of forget. get out of the routine bundleul them up.e the windchill a lot colder than t 9 degrees we're posting on the screen right now. no it is called put gloves and hats ones them.he. parts of northeast ohio getting ohio getting o pounded by this lake effect snow. talking aboutut@ it this week snowee has been coming on for hours and lake geauga and ashtabula county. check in with jessica dill was been in ground fox all morningn for ho long.ur in painesvikeoulle this morning. good morning.nd ox allr ho good morning i've got ground fox
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and warm inside all morning butrn want to take a break step outside we are in painesville want to show you look at thish know. @know. inches and inches and inches ofnch snow which is one of the areas here thatc the school snow day asool sn i fall over in the you can even see some little kids playing in the snow driftsdr down here. you can see all the way down there but both lucky ducklings luckyucklin over here get off of school. talking to one of the parents that said i guess it's aboutbou time winterb comes they have toav shovel themselves out of these driveways. definitelyov in painesville hit h hard ashtabula county in earlierar that let's hitl very hard.ery hard. lake county hit as well. have to be careful on the roade d especially the highways because ig you have snow plows out there well whichig even in then neighborhoods a lot of thef snowplows have made it to theit t side streets as well. once they get through the mainhrough streets come down into the side streets.the we are in an area thatar that definitely needed it for sure. be careful out there on the roads today westside completelyelyel
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left this morning and the eastside definitely got hit butut you've got to take your time t give yourself some patients andme pa tien enjoy the snow while you can. c like these kids are doing behind me. having a good time. thank you. other news right now. it is really a serious situation that we need to tell you about. a terrible sledding accident sent a 9 year old boy to the hospital.a terr he slid out into the street and was hit by a car..he slid o from sliding.frosliding. fox 8's stacey frey is here withx stacey how is he doing. the boy is in critical condition stacey how at metrohealth medical center.alth mecal ce the 9 year old was sledding on a neighborhood hill around 5 last night when it happened.thdi it looks like something got hitthi a person under a car on middle east boulevard. a on metal makes. by hunter lake.. he slid out onto meadow lakes boulevard and was hit by a car. he was trapped underneath and later flown to car. he w this is a popular little spotis is lar for the children who live around there.little s
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a little mound, a barrier for the homes that back up to meadow lakes. we have no idea yet if the driver was at fault.little mo f @ police are investigating.the hwdriver was afault.l but people in the neighborhood say they wish people who travel through would be more conscientious about all thehebut peoplghborhey wish hebut pghbo kids.rhey w i guess our biggest concern inest conceres this neighborhood is that nobody ever slows down and everybody knows that there's so many kids in the neighborhood..this ns that nobod the little boy in critical conditionon north ridgevillei police are investigating toe determine whether the driver@ should be cdeharged wteith anine ything or if it was awhetge horrible fluke of an accident. every parent's nightmare. you know sliding is super fun but it comes with soms super fun but it comes with some danger. absolutely. there is great parks that areat e designated just for that. th i know some kids want to keep it close to home and whatever. wha saying earlier there's one to blocks for my house theer kidser love to go but you kind of have to i wish there was a barrier for the streets sometimes theytimes slide out especially the kids
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stacey thank you very much. other news right now. a second suspect is now behind bars, in connection to the september shooting death offotheheis now three year bold major howard.ehind ber shoong death u.s. marshals arrested aaron dunnings on east 90th street yesterday. police are still looking for another suspect donnell lindsey, yester who's believed to have fired theed to h deadly shots. dunnings will be charged with aggravated murder.heto hly and cleveland police have alsoland polichave al arrested another suspect accused of attacking a priest in little italy last month..arrested ano a officers say 20 year old johnchez phillips and two others pistol whipped the priest, as hepistol wh walked to his car at east 120thed the pries and mayfield road. a person who came to the priest's aid was then robbed.d road. police arrested phillips along harvard avenue yesterday.y.police arrest northfield center firefighters and the state fire marshal's office are still looking for clues, as they try to find what caused monday's deadly housed the states oking for s oking explosion. f the blast killed jeff and cindydyth mather, along with their twoe blast kille d
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and eight year old wiir twghters,je ten y investigators say the fatherss was found near a patio door,tigators while the mother appeared to be hovering over the girls,he girl protecting them.tectinghem. the investigation is leaning away from a gas explosion. meantime, loved ones are remembering the mathers as aem great family. they were founding members of the rock community church ine eat family. garfield heights, where jeff was a deacon and cindy taught sunday school. cindy worked at kids link neuroat kids euro behavioral center in twinsburg. coworkers say they're grieving the loss of a very specialral center in tw woman. neighbors say ten year old allison was home schooled. eight year old ruth was in the second grade at northfieldighborold allisoned allisonedal elementary school in theel nordonia hills school district. the school had extra counselors theel h yesterday for her classmatesad extounselay fo i would just tell parents hug your kids.r er classmatesadfo it's unspeakable what happened last night and i met with theh theh th
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and tears were just flowing.staff th the mathers' church says in a statement the family's lives touched many people and they will be deeply missed. relatives are asking for privacy. en touched mae deeplyissed. up next on fox8 news at 9a.m. we talking about the lottery. who wants to be a billionaire? talking ab that will put a smile on your face. tonight's powerball drawing isata smile on your tempting a lot of people to buy some tickets. what would you do with all that cash? more on the jackpot and your comments, next, in thiss morning's download.whatatca? r co let's get these dayquil liquidt gels and go. @ but these liquid gels are new. r mucinex fast max. @ it's the same difference. @ this one is max strength and fights mucus. r mucinex fast max. nthe only cold and flu liquid gel r that's max-strength r and fights mucus. t
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morning. carolina and we are on r baby watch once again. now@ autumn is mom and she is due she i to give birth anytime so they're feeding her by hand giving herving h extra tlc. t rubbing her feet giving hervinher massage. making sure she is ready.he do her thing. all right.i are you getting excited i know i am. lottery signs are having a tough time keeping up with tonight's record powerball jackpot. excited i know lottery sig a tou the big prize now stands at 1.5 billion dollars that's with a b. the cash option is 930 million dollars. ththe jackpot has been growinge c asn is 9 since november fourth and it million could grow even more today, ase jackp has bsince novemfo people rush to buy tickets.e today,se jac the drawing will be at 11rawing will o'clock tonight. be all right. we're talking about it
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the question what would you do @questi if you want all that money. i know what i do.onhat wo you wado.onhat yo vacation timeu . that was last week's numbers.umb look of it happened in thatpened in video we played last hour. i've got to get my ticket i havei ha never played. time for you to play. do i fill out the numbers nor doers nor do i let the machine.chi. they say i know melissa reid did a story last week saying i think 75 percent greater chanceyi of winning if you have the machine th pick it. but i stilll did a couple with myh y kid's birthday 10 that kind of stuff just a couple.o here's the deal even if you don't win thee big when you may still win a million or two.r two.r i won $15 last week on saturday.satuay. did we win something with ourouo pool.o $25. i'm keeping track. there's been a vital for storiesr ses r with office pools. i have a good friend andnd they t h
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everythingr they want in an office and i remember it was so s much drama and attorneys and fighting andam you have to checkh e out the article. the person whoe gets the trafficheraffic ticket she didn't put the moneymo and but she usually does and it got ugly.ll they say money is the root ofoot o all evil.allvil. the love of money not money itself in the love of i'll take some of that evil. i have picked some of that. of th just a little bit. $1.4 billion worth of evil.evl. i heard something today iftoda you're happy yesterday you wony y the lottery you would be happy with it but if you were not a a happy person yesterday you won the lottery you would still bebe i went i don't know. you have no friends. on my private jet but i am upset with the world. i will go by another island. it makes me mad. . that is funny.f let's get to our comments this is why you don't you officeis why yon pools by't you oyoffur own ticket if you yo
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little. rick says we all have seen theve lawsuits even the onese where the judge allowed one fellow workers that didn't play his lotto tab for two months when the office of one excluded him he sued one a share of the winnings sad really heh wasn't doing his part and was rewarded.rewardedr michelle says we find and envelope that isa numbered withub paid next to our name we allme we would be happy if we won $100 $1 each. ramona says how about eight ticket with my coworkers that ithat would still work if we win but i would be a lot happier. andrea says if we win i neveri have to see them again. them again. there is an t lol at the end.en i think that's sarcasm. john says liberty taxxi think . thanks. chris says i took quick takeke ii won't second-guess myself i miss i mine by one number.number. erin saysn what time is the drawing i don't miss it iiti believe it is 11:00 tonight.
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cheapne we keep track of who paidid wet and i suggested from past experience were all in agreement in on the split and anything over what we paid would be nice.ld kelly says mike writes afterites after taxes lol seriously you're going go to be a billionaire and there's andhere's probably going to be like 30ng winners so do the math on that. you're going to get some mike says i need this. and kim says about my own. so we want to know what you think are you going to play the lottery. tonightgo 11:00.11: vote on our web poll let us know us if you will play and leave me a comment on our facebook page our fox eight facebook page.ght fac let me know whateboo your thoughtsr ought are and si've never played soayed s give me some advice. you should play. p right. it had been so long for me when i went in therep i thought it wash a dollar..
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i haven't played i didn't playayed didn't last time but i will play this time because i don't play at all but you might as well take at as well shot. t what is it a couple of dollars.olars. two dololars.. may be the blessings will shine the on you. you never know.blessings will shine i'll be the same guy. i will give 10 percent. everyone know i know a millionow a millnow dollars. everyone you know. my close friends.s. i'm just saying. i will take the cash option..i'm i would too.t don't have enough years left to do the other. who knows what will happen in 26 days. give me that money.ney. you are never promised tomorrow.neare ne seeveo.mise something coming on. o you don't look good you better lie down. you i got your tickets don't worry. all right.ght. time to check in with a.j. colbyco see what's happening weatherwise a lot going on to the east of us this morning..
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i'm coming elizabeth.beth. i'm coming elizabeth. that cracked me up when@ you did that. fantastic.mehe we've been talking like effect all morning and scott has beenen tracking the lake effect snow on the east side and they are still seeing lake effect snow all across northern lake county. right therefect snow all and there is the heaviest band of snow kind ofindof curly qin its way around theund the southern portion of lake erie.ake e still continuing with the lakekek snow advisory and lakes noa warnings until 3:00 this afternoon.n.wa but those could be changed orha canceled early weather services alua we will see how things go thato tat as of right now worst worst-case worst-case scenario would be eastside commutew it is 9 degrees at hopkins. to above in worcester.or there were zero last hour at worchester with a wind chill ofill o 11 below.b twelve below at mansfield.t m a and it feels like minus four currently at hopkins.ently atkins. look at the arctic air
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it isr chilly below freezing.ezi all the way down toy down toy down toy down t raleigh-durham north carolina 31 degrees we are 16 degreesegreeseg colder than just yesterday atust yesteay atu this time. next weather system coming at usst fromm co the northwest up toward minneapolis. andd scooting rather quickly nowquickly nowquick into chicago. though snow showers with a littlely. mid-level weather systemystm ahead of a warmys front of that will change our temperatures tompe above freezing levels for theheh end of the week and perhaps someerhaps s rain showers before and arctic blast s comes back and for the weekend. that little weather system late tonight into tomorrow morning could drop up to an inch of snow sw it should exit fairly quicklyt f air though tomorrow morning andl wendl we could have a little lake effectfect snow behind it. doesn't look like a big deal. d look at the winds aloft theyft hey change briefly to the southwest direction before the next punchpu of arctic air heads and four and late in the weekend.end.e
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lake effect snow showersc will will w break down we'll have breaks ofks ofk sunshine to. here comes the clippers tonight and generals ofk here c trace up to an inchto an inch or two up in the snow belt possible with that brief lake effect tomorrow morning. and then mostly cloudy milderm i high of 32 tomorrow.mow. even warmer fridays high 40 degrees .. some rain showers are possible melting off some of the snowpackhe snow certainly not all of it. i it is a brief little bump up inup the temperature.mper upper 30s on saturday as we w snow.snow. pickups the arctic blast and temperatures drop into the single digits once more on sunday nightdrsingle d into monday morning could be contending with lake effect snow@.. we'll keep you posted. fox8 your official schooll much more fox8 news coming your
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welcome back. iran now has freed ten us navyn now has sailors, it had been holding. the boats drifted into iran's freed tenn now has waters yesterday, after what the pentagon says was a mechanicalntagon say problem with one of the vessels. iran said it interrogated thes was a me lem withas a memelem sailors and was waiting for a
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spokesman said the evidencernight shows the americans enteredthe ame entere iranian waters unintentionally.d kristi capel with more of good morning. proresident obama defended his record and he urged americans toies for elect another democrat fort ano final state of the union reporter diane gallagher has a recap.thememht, in the weeks leading up to his date of the union the president warned it may be a little bit of a nontraditional onenewarned he definitely delivered on capitolve hill last the nigrehd nig he was looking beyond hising beyond h presidency not just iin the next as. the entire night was still dripping with nostalgia.. the president of the united states.s. for the final time presidentpre barack obama addressed congress and the country ond thisr date of the union. striking a familiar optimisticliar opt
9:22 am
a candidate of hope and changend for the for want to focus th on the next fiveexte years. year the next 10 years. and a list of a compass minutes. more than 14 million jobs the strongest two years of job of job of growth since the 1990s.19 in and implement rate cut in in expressed frustration with theheh growing political divide and himself.himse i have no doubt president witho doubt the gifts of lincoln or rooseveltubt might have better be bridged thett divide... though he couldn't resist a few fe not so veiled swipe ate at republican front runner donaldt runner do trump all the talk of america's economic decline is a politicalol hot air. a overall the president used thesident used state of the union as a call to action.action. i acbelieve in change because i believe in you. the american people. and that is@ why i stand here as confident as i have ever been
9:23 am
strong. president obama not the only one with one of those not-so-subtleso swipe side donald trump.nald tru republican response given by south carolina governor also includedmptru h caro some things that could c be interpreted aso maybe digs atig the republican front-runner. capitol hill i am dianeam diane gallagher back to you. diane thank you. bizarre new details, in the di n ew det reported gang rape of aew teenager, at a new york playground. detrepo we told you yesterday how arted g grk playow arted g father and his daughter were inrk nd his da the park when a group ofer wer teenagers walked up and threatened the dad with a with a un. he ran off to find to find p and in the meantime, the teensolmeantime, e teen sexually assaulted the girl.sol but now a police source says thew a polirce sa father and daughter were both drunk and refused to cooperaterefused coope with cops. and some of the five suspects who've been arrested say the father and his long estranged dag sex with each other, first. yi figure out exactly whature out exact wh the man at the center of the netflix series making a murderer
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steven avery is asking a judge to throw out his conviction, fororeal. the 2005 murder of teresa halbach. he says there were two problems with the case. first the search warrant washe says tsays ts a illegal. and he claims a juror pressured others into voting guilty. avery filed the documents himself, saying his attorney did not competently represent him in the case..himself, sayittorn los angeles is finally getting ale finally football team back. in fact, it may get two. the rams are returning to la footbalck. next season after spending more than two decades in saint louis.xt seas 30 of 32 nfl owners voted during a meeting in houston to approve the move. the plan includes building a new stadium at the site of an old racetrack, ten miles from downtown la.ium at th the san diego chargers will have the option of joining the rams.rams.ra another proposal for theoposal eop chargers and raiders to share a stadium in carson was rejected. 30 go. to nfl teams.
9:25 am
teamthey co the raiders came and left. i guess it was a problem with with the stadium. stadiu these teens want these big great stadiums and even in san diego we want a new.stadiums and that's what happened here willhat happened grant to give you this and here wi this and it doesn't happen then they th get upset. not a reflection of the fans the it's a reflection of the owners agreed. you're right. you're right..ayou'r they think they cane rdigo better in la. they've been apathetic forever they've had teams there in the 'v'v past ande had t ttheheyr moved out.t. sometimes the fans put pressures on the owners to buy better players. b it's a tricky web crazy world.zy wo we'll see how they do.rl who do you root for. i don't know.o i remember we kept our sheets we were young my brother had nflnfl teams on it and look at all ofl of these teams that changed over the years. cardinals moved from st. louis to arizona.
9:26 am
had stayed the same.ame unbelievable. interesting. with a lot of money money n. i am kidding..i that ki i'll sell it for you. for $200 billion.r $200 coming up on fox8 news in the morning on this wednesday he was he was homeless and on the streets herets h in cleeveland. ethnics find out what one police officer did to help a man get g through a cold winters night.d aj good morning..aj morni great story. wind chills are well below zero across northeast ohio and we gott snow. @ more lakee effect to talk aboutt to t will it be awith us through the day the eight day forecast you
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you just never know where it's going to headad sometimes.
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studios because it is clear. cold c clear. will keep you posted it was happeningas on the roads right now. >> road conditions seem to be gettinge better. driver still certainly need to you use caution and extra careful. ground fox walking the miles an jessica dill has been doing double duty pick she is on round two. is that she is and will it be right now. >> good morning. you're headed back in your direction. the roads are okay. this is the best we've seen. this is the fastest be gone all day. we're 50 miles an hour in the right wrong to couple we are getting set forpl east wake up piquancy everyoneak is going somewhat slow the roads are clear and for having me as many lanes as he normally do pick you can see that the passing lanes are covered in snow. got a pass to to open up his they did a good job of making sure that these roads are clear
9:31 am
that odot didn't think that they're running clear org moderately snow clobbered. there are reminded you that blowing and drifting snow is causes a lot of problems. right nowem it's not snowing at all. not too bad at all. definitely early this morning, that one snow is something you careful.especially when it is dark out. we were in a dangerous area in ashtabula earlier today and they had a couple car slide off the road so use caution. youou don't know whether the roads are covered in ice or if they are just wet or not. 9:30 tonight is busy during traffic time as they are today. definitely the eastside is worse than the west side. it was covered in snow when we got off the roads and a lot of kids at school today. in this part of the day, everything is looking to be okay perfect now we are good over here.
9:32 am
let me get you caught up what else is happening in the news. the past ten of k-9 officer sharing fond memories o of time theyes spent together in an exclusive interview with fox it. canton police officer ryan dana davis along with eric stanbroughbr say the past few days have been extremely difficult. jethro, as you recall, vaguely shot during a shootout on saturday. the suspectou who police say fired shuffles shots of them were also shot and he is recovering right now. davis is the three -year-old german shepherd bought as of. actually saved his life. the teaching from day one that this could happen. they are there for youn., to sacrifice for you if db. it doesn't make it any easier and it i would gladly take his place if i could.
9:33 am
our k-9 facility. his headstone will be here. >> or memorial service for jethro puppy at the canton civic center tomorrow at noon. the home was sleeping man said an officer helpeds him get through a cold winter night. fifty-seven -year-old glenn cline is a fixture in cleveland's west 100 17th neighborhood. he's been homeless for so many years and says he feels unsafe in the city shelters. on saturday night a cleveland police at cleveland police officer was received a complaint call portland from an apartment building. they did not arrest him. asked what they could do instead to help. that is a 17 year veteran has a gave him his shoes off his own feet. >> i was very happy.y. er ararm. adto i have hel
9:34 am
all these g half. that is incredible. a lot of having tough times keeping upo with tonight's jackpot. the big price stands at $1.5 billion but that is. with at.e b. the cash option of a 903 million. a cougar more today because people like me as well as christies cable is going to rush to buy tickets. the drawing will be later tonightbe pass our bedtime but if we win, it doesn't matter when you turn it in. you t can turn and your ticket. find out when we wake up on our fox 8 app. if i absent tomorrow, that may
9:35 am
me too. i can't get over that. we o they thought they had won the lottery that they were looking at theoo wrong numbers and dad quit his job and everything. that story is coming up.qu i'm only i'm just going to wait to watch it again. let's reenact this, shall we? what you were talking about today, there's a huge officeo pool. here's a video right here. they are jumping around and the dishwasher through his apron down and said i quit. did i jake on the bosses desk. he didn't do that. good thing you didn't do that. then they discovered
9:36 am
they were last week's numbers. >> oh, my gosh. talk about a bummer. how many people are -- how many people, people who have worked here in years., we win. if we won the big one for both the white get hundred dollars apiece. i was going to say that your comments are i'm not going to play but i do wish everyone luck. >> that is one less person. thanks, debbie. michelle says we found an envelope and it is numbered with. next you are name and she said if we win we might get hundred dollars each as well so we must have a lot of people playing the two guys too. currently stay at home. , sop no office pool. i managed to spend a couple
9:37 am
with the kids sd that play the lottery. >> celtic a good idea. want to go cookies i bought a ticket with my coworkers nice said i would still work by one. if you'd said if i win, i would give some to disabled veterans. very nice. chris says no. loretta said i played with 19 still bought five on my own preference win the very first thing i do is going to donate 1 million to st. jude'sy o . that would be awesome. thatat would be great. the dream home is coming up in a couple months. took a few chances. i only need a piece of it. i hope there is a bunch of winners. if i were interested and one that huge amount, i would owe it to god and give an lead to specific ones in and by a house
9:38 am
payment and set up one lump sum. russell byington dollars if i win and not going to -- has a said everyone is too cheap and we keep track of his paid. i suggest from past experience west are on agreement on the split. all in agreement. anything over what we paid would actuallyt be very nice principle? we ask you on our website. are you even going to play the lottery.ou 86 percent of you said yes and only 15 percent of you said no. i am already planning what i'm going to do with the money. i would take you girls to dinner. >> you're going to take us to dinner?
9:39 am
that would be nice.ok >> i would do more than that for you all. i would take care of you all. i told my wife was night that i would give ever -- give everybody million dollars. here's a main dollars, don't ever bother me again.h heren. is $1 million to do what you is that fair. >> they probably wouldn't do it to me. they wouldn't give me a million dollars. my family, they would be like, hey, cramps, we will take you to dinner.e, that is okay. that is all right.. do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
9:40 am
away. i won't be working anymore.ny you would need bathing suits. that is going to be somewhere. we would be finding you on these camps. >> this is not a bad reality. >> not bad reality. >> we love you. that's>> funny. then you have got canada.t -- then you have got canada. >> there goes hours. you were never on the list.
9:41 am
>> coming up here on fox 8 news in the morning, silence and school spirit. front why high school students will no longer be up to say certain words as they cheer for their favorite team and the restaurant is known about athens was d viral. nd out why it's getting quite a response from customers when
9:42 am
wisconsin high school students certain words and phrases the basketball games.baba wisconsin athletic association recently sent out a letter to schools across the badge the urging ofs ministry to crack down on taunting chant cheers. it includes airball, scoreboard, and seasonr is over. summit called the day and ridiculous while others believe wille help to keep gains more enjoyable for everyone. certainly we are seeing a trend of school administrationreer avoid more negativity when it comes to our athletic events rather than cheering for our team, cheering
9:43 am
>> the policy comes after a three sport has caused our received a five-game suspension for a profane to criticizing the athletic association. in heret current position of geauga's for its bathroom policy.cucu
9:44 am
it wasn't what fans were expecting at one nba game. c would happen if the lights went out inside in arena. >> and it is a baby shower cards that is all too real. check that thing out. find out how it is preparing periods to be for the bundles of
9:45 am
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a power outage in downtown minneapolis brought the game to a halt. the sun up, the lights went out in the second quarter. it didn't appear very dark on some of the lights in the fieldhouse were definitely out. it took 22 minutes to get the lights back on and then play continued andd the break may haveha been just what precisely because they actually won this game 116-97. there you go. whatever you it takes, you've got to do it. home court advantage. >> they went out at the superdome.g >> we didn't pay the bill last month. that is crazy. we are both dog lovers. wayne won't get there
9:47 am
>> the concept is in my mind. my daughter keeps it there. it will get there after she goes to college. >> that doesn't even look real. he's got beautiful teeth. it looks like when they put actual human people in there. >> that's awesome. this is herbert. he is a rescue dog in chicago. his foster mom says that. bull mix never shies away from a good photo op. he was --
9:48 am
gun viral and have a home pretty soon. he is being fostered. are you kidding, all my gosh, that is darling. should we call themis and tell him that wayne needs a dog. >> wayne, that would be so cute. >> and pick up his own poop. >> he would be potty trained. >> and does he have a job. >> aj, do you need to have the job. we found a beautiful one for you. look at those pearly whites. aj, i don't think about what is one more. what is another one. when chilled reading as well below zero. frigid today in a chance for
9:49 am
temperatures pick up as well. a little wintry mix and saturday after rain showers on friday. how about that. we are back after that. let's see what is upa at new day. >> good morning. hello, today as they were going to cook some chicken enchiladas. we cuts in turkey is out there. we are talking about wraps.s. this time it is body wraps. >> yes. hydrating and toning and farming. >> youea a soundt like a rapper today. you are wrapping. cocktails. take a very special thing for us and after he shows uske this, you see, you will be the second best
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