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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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he has highly experienced passionate about winning and relentless to find ways to poker players put the players in the best position to succeedysye . hue ja expected to meet the media at browns headquarters that 630 . while this is a home run, hue ja has had head coaching experience in osaka and the quarterbacks in the nfl, just look at at andy dalton . he knows the afc north very well . and the cincinnati bengals run the so they click on other coaches so see what that
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>> it is nice for cleveland browns finally to get a guy who is highly rated by so many other teams he was wanted by the 49ers and jets and the giants. he was was expected interview with the new york giants as early as today and tomorrow but the brownsas made a deal and do not let him get on that airplane to new york so right now he isat going to cleveland to be introduced as the browns head coach. in other news, this is a tough 189-year-old north ridgeville high hospitalized after serious injuries in a sledding accident the neighbors rallied rally behind the family as matt wright is here with what you should know to keep your kids safe. >> the neighbors are heartbroken
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condition . the stick was taken by life flightt to the hospital tonight it is devastating . just pray that everything is okay. >> is a popular place for the kids to play play during winter. >> we have used the same fields for years . it is very tragic.el >> rainbow babies and children's hospital, says it is a reminder to be aware of of the dangers of winter sports. >> we see kids every year who come in with accidents that had concussions and. >> recommend followingco making
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age-appropriate,s with proper garments and hazard free environmentop with hell not a good idea to. >> as parents we do not want our kids to have any injury that would keep them from enjoying goodtime. >> a tough lesson for the parents and the meadow lakes neighborhood. >> every time that we do it, there is some risk involved it is too close to the straight. >> they're going to rally behind the family that go-fund-me pageal to support the racing $4,000 in just a few hours on wednesday and. >> tracking it minute by minute as a group, andnd we will be there no matter what. >> neighborhood is preparing meals for the family, having kids deliver cards for his bedside and they say that the incident is under investigation, we will post a linkis to the
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. development investigation of a house fire in whichlo four members members of a local family were found deadfo state fire marshall says that it was arson.. >> dave nethers joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron.. >> the fire was shocking enough for everyone who knew cindy and jim mather, the news makes it even more troubling . neighbors reported explosions at the residence at the northfield center home about 8:30 p.m. monday firefighters say that when they arrived:3 four minutes later, the entire house was engulfed, flames were shooting through the roof, investigators found the bodies of the family inside the house along with
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ruled an arson, those who were there, the news is not surprising >> there is no surprise by the intensity of the fire that night knew right away it was not in the natural gas explosion. >> it had to be five minutes before i came outside and the whole house, the roof was burning,, the whole thing was caving and already. >> goes into the those who knew the family described him as wonderful .he both of them were active in the church that they help to organize, the medical examiner was conducting autopsies today, they have not gotten back with us . no ruling on the cause of death but it would not be unusual, since this is not an arson,su the fire itself
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they diedit, for those deaths to be ruled a homicide. exclusive video of a robbery in action, the police are turning to the i-team to get this out of guy off the streets, peggy gallek has the video. >> detectives hope that someone will recognize the man involved in sunday's robbery and call police, take a look at the video , the store security video shows the suspect running end and tackle tackle the clerk and putting a gun to his head as he demands non- moneyas . assist us money into his pockets a customer walks into the store around 9:30 p.m. sundayo at the shell station garfield heights,su the customer is ordered to put
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counter,r, when the court cannot openou open the safe the robert pattinson and employees, customers look to us today asking us not to identify her, she detectives asking for anybody who knows anything to call the police. >> he told worker, to quit his job because he will come back, so i hope that they catch this guy's. >> is probably done this before and going to do it again, and justify his actions you can tell how violent is . you could save a life if you get him off the street. >> the police believe the suspect fled in a silver car if you know anything about this called the garfield heights
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lorain county, a lorain man dubbed the nightcrawler for videotaping the aftermath of a car accident is going to jail, a judge harshly criticized for literal paul pelton before sentencing him 30 days jail, the judge said that he wished he could impose a harsher sentence but indicated that his hands are tied,isisos paul pelton faces universal condemnation for using a cell phone to videotape the scene of the accident in july on the life of a 17-year-old boy and injuring the driver, the judge called the decision to videotape inside the car and then attempt to sell the video, totally outrageous behavior. >> cold weather is taken its toll on emergency workers, fire crews had to battle harsh conditions along with the flames at this house fire at east 79 th andre cornelia this morning
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slick conditions in addition to the reason temperatures . e it is always tough for those firefighters in these conditions . it's going to be another cold night but that's not all. >> looks like that we could see some more snowcover here's melissa mack with the first >> filters tonight will be
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. from the south and west reasoning . southwest orientation allows the temperature to rise instead of falling, . snowfall will be clipper system . but if clark scattered light
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then tomorrow mainly about the clouds, not as cold and if you breaks in sunshine . the trace lineage possible tonight for most of his .he with a burst in the snowbelt could be up to 2 inches by midmorningul and then will be done in day . tomorrow looking at mid- 30s . the temperature will go back up if we go down, and then your next chances of snow coming up ton. >> has been a busy day east of town as the snowbelt digs out from well over half a foot of snow fall . >> some areas sought between six -- 11 inches as heavy snow closed closed schools and made for a difficult morning .
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groundfox with the latest. >> this is forsyth road were coming up to heisley road can see the difference, there is still lots of snow the road crews had come through they have plowed by the distilled i see out here lots of people have had to shovel and use snowblowers . for many people, they been moving snowfall and did this after they received lots of snowfall .d coming up on heisley road you can see, the main roads , they did a good job of clearing them . take a look from earlier, of what people had it as a was a
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i-271 after of i-271 after close to a foot of snow fell, roughly six -- 11 inchesll in parts of willoughby, wickliffe, and all over licking county schools closed and people spend the day digging out to get to work and a and a lot of main streets were impassable, for many it took a while just to get down the streetaa . >> by street never gets plowed it is awful . this is heisley road, they did a good job . they moved the snow off of a side of the road to get it easier . when you get a lot of snow you have to move it and for many folks,a it is
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. tonight is the night, they could be one of us .n it might be someone would have the largest powerball jackpot in history's. >> got a good feeling, it is up to one . five billion dollars has brittany harris joins us from lucky's beverage in parma .
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fiveve billion dollars . lucky's beverage this is the biggest in history you can either do a one-time lump sum was about $930 million or you can receive annual payouts you are allowed to remain anonymous, some people might not know that . lucky's beverage in delhi spokesperson explains how that worksks can remain anonymous would have toai put your price into a blind trust . we recommend that if you
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about it . the bbb putting out a warning about lottery scams receiving calls andpu e-mails told them that they want even though they did not lottery says they would never contact someone if they did when the winner has to come forward soonerer about my ticket i think that my odds altar still pretty goodt instead of buying a bunch of them. >> brittany harris, answers and publishes going to pick up a couple for
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the extreme warned, in st. louis near 50 degrees well above normal .is we will have rising temperatures overnight tonight,ve three below zero . many
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right now, we have rising temperatures to the 20s . to the west, few flurries are approaching . this is the second clever, it's also going to bring us a chance of a trace lineage overnight tonight . the snowfall will continue tonight scattered, then gone early tomorrow . maybe a last burst of lake enhancement a couple inches by midmorning . hemet tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies .
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, on thursday will put us into the warm sector of the ct this chance of precipitation will be rainfall be rainfall as opposed two snowfall . tonight forecast, trace the lineage and one -- 2 inches in the snowbelt tonight will be rising into the 20sri . notorious tomorrow . not nearly as cold of the next eight days maybe 40 and rainfall forecast friday afternoon and evening before a next friday and snowfall saturday the maybe accumulation for us sunday through wednesday in monday, in the teens .
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closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.. we know that the odds are against us when we buy powerball
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movie star, and there are here on's. >> is that the guy from dirty dancing? >> with jennifer grey . and the odds of becoming the president of the united states, 10 noon to one . all those things, are better off than winning the powerball jackpot. >> thanks. the browns added a different
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past season now there is a new u2 with the team, but to expect
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. . the kids wait to get out the sled and make a snowman,, couric about this case to go skiing .
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it is still a little chop off lake erie wicked winds gusting from the southwest between 15 and 20 mph snowfall totals on the ground from the click event, more than 1 foot and bob dole, mentor, 11 inches . euclid, outside of snowbelt, maybe a few inches here and there . most of the area has maybe one -- 3 inches of snowfall of the ground . akron-canton, tonight clipper
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last one distilled down small amount for of us but for warningngul it could slow you down the roadways . four . b tonight, rice into the 20s, it'll be better tomorrow in the 30s he gets even warmer in the 8 -day forecast. the browns are set to announce hue jackson as their new head coach.o >> john telich is here to discuss it. surged again in a different way than in the past they used a
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this area, jimmy haslam touted that moments after he fired mike pettine, somehow the browns able to land hue jackson known by many as one of the top candidates,s, he hit it off with the search committee of five, he did not go running and screaming when theyre brought up analytics sports illustrated that he felt comfortableer discussing situations with the browns search committee .t he has been a head coach previously in oakland , with an eight day shoot record in this turnover turnover scrum in of the late l. davis, will be interested to hear his, answers during the news conference tonight at 6:30 p.m. at how much he wants to be involved in personnel. >> hue jackson lakewood eye candy dalton better and made some pretty good since cincinnati weapons more effective, so think that they knocked over theheal , nobody wants
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got their top candidate and a guy known as one of them to go to the browns over other teams . that is significant because you can say lipservice about the past we've had situations like jan sazenski and mike pettine, this guy was identified as cost and week out in. getting a little luck, to browns players rested on christmas day, dash-cam video taken by highway patrol showske practice squad safety de'ante saunders pullover arrested for speeding speeding and boldly along i-71 on christmas morning, armonty bryant was also arrested, police say a gun and prescription drug emeril was found,cesa summers has
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today the tsa showing off some items that pastor tried to get through the terminal as jennifer jordan joins usus. items to take on the play does not include all of the gels and aerosols inhe carry-on bags look at some items that have been surrendered at hopkins airport along with a few weapons like knives and brass knuckles there are some very odd things for instance they bottle of alcohol, a kettle bell, frying pan and power grinder and a weed wacker, or is not the strangest items that a tsa agent has seen. >> or i think was the first
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and probably one of the craziest i've seenie was a gas can be if someone wanted to fillan their car up at their destination because it was out of gas and they brought the gas can. >> dozen firearms were found at hopkins last year which is twice as many as the year before, today a passenger had a loaded 22 handgun in his coatad, he said that he did not know it was there., >> tsa says the do not confiscate these things, people are given the option to take them back to their carsrs but most just surrender themc rather than take them time to return the items are given to the pennsylvania state surplus office where some things will be destroyed or auctionedns off, the tsa urges people to visit their websites to visit outa is and is not allowed on planes and a ling
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but make sure that the drug kingpin drug kingpin does not not escape again in. >> he seldom the same prison from which he escaped in july but they say that it will not happen again, but chabot is being moved from cell to cell daily, the cost of moving is a way to ensure that he does not haveve a tunnel as earlier some months ago, during his escape he went into a shower areai in his cell and disappeared, using a mile long mile-long tunnel to escape, it was the second time he broke out of prison . he is being monitored around the clock by heavily armed guards . he was arrested last week in western mexico,he plans are in motion to extradite him to the united states to facein drug trafficking
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year in. >> the pain that browns fans all to well, your hotel football
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continuing the winter weather coverage here today . we were earlier complaining because
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>> this is just started, it is basically mid-january . we had some sunshine earlier today . it is midweek, it is going slow for some of us . the general clipper snow number two tonight already fallen in some western counties a general inch or two, people start off rainfall, then mix and snow showers .rt , from friday, into saturday, then the temperature
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currently 15 cleveland . the southwest winds are somewhat activein, we'll will have much warmer temperatures, there is a surplus, des moines, iowa is 32 degrees warmer than yesterday that will be heading our way, the meantime we have some light snow showers . after 6:00 p.m., some light snowfall accumulating . watches warnings or advisories . some in
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rest of the area the lake-effect is winding down . earlier with about 2 inches of snowfall was althoughes the morning .lt tonight, rice into the 20s . mid- 30s tomorrow . it mostly cloudy skies and then we rise to 40 friday the chance of rainfall friday afternoon and
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into the teams on monday . it will be getting cold again on monday. is a feeling that cleveland football fans no. >> the st. louis fans are losing their nfl franchise, the nfl is leading has lengthened the rams moved to los angeles, la is is the second biggest city that has been without a pro football team for more than 20 years,at the rams will get a new stadium to be completed in 2019 and tell them play the la coliseum, thet st. louis fans are devastated.
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teams, the decision gives the san diego chargers the green light to join the ramshe within the next year. >> kids at a minnesota school are sending encouragement to vikings kickeren blair washington state 277-yard field goal on sunday theh that would have won them the game against the seahawks,ww the first grade class at north pointe elementary sent him sympathy cards are learning about empathy and the teachers wanted to provide a real-life example.hy >> vikings are out, the nfc divisional round action continues sunday as the seahawks face the panthers a here on fox 8 with coverage beginning at noon on sunday. >> caught on camera a thief steals a snake fromom oregon pet store. >> he tried to be created to get out of the store with the 200-dollar snakeaut, footage shows
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, the pet store manager says the thief is lucky that he does not make his move on feeding day when the snakes are very hungry police are working to catch the thief and recover it . drivers in illinois are warned of suicidal bear, the sign posted in paxton, it is an area where two and hundred three collisions with deer reported last year, the highway commissioner said he got the idea after seeing anygh similar sign in colorado the county purchased for for them for them they may be working, so far this year has not been a single deer
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friendship has forged between
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a rare wildcat encounter in new jersey for the first time,in six flags adventure in new jersey is raising an african lion and siberian tiger cub together, what makes this unusual is that they would likely never meet . they are indigenous to different continents . they said they were both born to mothers who refuse to take care of them,mo so they
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them to develop social skills . but such are turning out to be pretty good friends . he doubled over us, fox 8 news at 4:00 p.m.. >> check in with bill martin tracy mccool to see what's coming up in.. coming up, what a man dead after
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has a pretty good track record with a cincinnati bengals and what about johnny manziel's going the questions at hopefully ultimately answer to nikon today announced hue jackson is the new as the new head coach of the browns the 16th coach in franchise history . he is . for the first time jimmy haslam got his number one candidate, in his nfl coach second as the offensive coordinator for the bengalssns he has head coach
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two and eight -- a record of one yearrs
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