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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  January 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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is the beginning of a new era for the browns after a search to find the next head coach . they went to cincinnati to get their man as john telich reportsto we were introduced two him the first time and people are saying nice things. >> it was impressive in his address in the medium this conference is still continuing . he came to facilitate today along with jimmy haslam and dee haslam . greeted the members of the browns front office . we walk into the building . then he had the chance to address the medium to give some reasons for taking the head coaching job in cleveland . you can see some of
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hand of one of the employees, that is dee haslam and jimmy haslam,m, they went upstairs for a meeting before they saw the media . he came across a news conference as excited about the chancece to not feel that there would be any problemf in terms of this new culture that's been talked about so often, what are of the questions was about the analytics the use ofo statistics and numbers and this is what hue jackson said about dealing with analyticscs as the head coach of the >> i guess the beautiful part, all kinds of ways to make things happenuu as more than one way to do things and the like conversationse with them we are on point, understands what it will take to put this roster
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be successful. >> that's the situation in terms of the browns .he he wants to be successful, there was a joke about the time frame mentioned by jimmy haslam as a couple of years as opposed to when coach fired and etc. hope to change the culture to keep this regime for a long time, johnny manziel 's name came up and what about him ? ? before he got that their coaching job, it was rumored that he was on board with parted ways with johnny manziel, he did say that he will be open-minded and get to work immediately looking at game tape to get an opinion on johnny manziel and then go from there that he would do that with every
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continuing, go to fox to get although they excerpts during the news conference with full coverage at 10:00 p.m. . joe thomas, a pro bowler and the one point ohs talk about leaving the browns i went to think his attitude is? >> you are a browns player and you see this news conference for sure that you were taken by his persona, probably know him from fr his 15 years in the nfl . so you would like he presented himself and he did have some good things to say aboutlf joe thomas it, so i think he isj open-minded individual and will go into his beating . as hue jackson will meet with be with them and every player i think that he would more likely be onboardr with this
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hue jackson. >> getting a look at to browns players rested on christmas day as vista dash-cam video taken by the high withdrawal it showsri de'ante saunders pullover arrested for speeding and ovi on i-71 on christmas morning, around a rob tabor and was also arresteded they say they found a gun and a prescription drug adderall found, de'ante saunders pled not guilty to. >> 9-year-old north ridgeville boy to the hospital after a sledding accident drew hayden is in critical condition at metro hospital was flooding along the lakes boulevard and north ridgevilleo was hit by a car as he slid into the roadway at last check at go-fund-me site has
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>> is devastating but as a candidate bonus monster together we have a mommy support group and we will be there for the family and all involved.momo >> that is to say they school bus driver taken two hospital aftersp three buses crashed in c streetsboro, they released the pictures happened on page road between cross road and pike parkway the students were middle school and high school students between 11 and and 18 they say they expect everybody to be okay buthe do not know what caused the crash of. >> development of the investigation of a house fire in which four members of a a family were found dead as dave nethers has the latest from fox 8 studio at the university of akron..
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for those who jeff and cindy mather, reportedly fire at their home a at 3:00 p.m. monday when firefighters arrived four minutes later they house was involved with flames shooting through the roof they found the bodiest inside the house along with their two daughters . dave dave state fire marshall ruling that an arson . for those who were there the news of arson is not surprising that. >> there is no there's been surprised by the intensity of thatatis we knew right away that it was not a natural gas explosion had the finest before i came outside and the roof was burning .hde >> the summit county medical examiner conducting autopsies
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the cause of death .nd fox 8 studio at the university of akron. dave nethers. >> we have video of a robbery in action and the police are turning to you to get him off the streets have about 9:30 p.m. at the shell station in garfield heights video shows the suspect tackling the store clerk and then putting a gun to his head demanding money, the robber is stuffing money into his pockets as a customer enters a store, if you have information call the police.. >> on the side, as these nobel digs out from between six and 8 inches of snowfall . many of the main streets were impassable , for many people it took a while to get down the street.
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because the can down the street with a big truck andnd tried to vote as far as they can and do a block of traveling. >> a list by alert by memorial in my streetst gets plowed all the time, so it's not bad, it has a lot of ice on that. >> schools were closed today and mentor and several other areas because of the amount of snow. >> a warm-up is on the way temporarily. how much snow is on the ground snowbelt, two teenagers montville and euclid about 6 inches . currently and the mid- plains
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this is the second clipper system you can see it from the north and westit, tonight scattered snow showers and then tomorrow mostly cloudy sky . tomorrow, mostly cloudy it will be and then
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president obama check it out has the competence of the state of
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after delivered his state of the union address last nightht will be we checked off accomplishments the expressed frustration with the political divide, nikki haley delivered the republican responseni and took them to task over national security and called for a new approach to politics at.seor
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much responsibility for problems facing america they do not bear it alone,er there is more than enough blame to go around. >> is almost no time talking about gun control,>> the empty seat next to michelle obama was to represent victims of gun violence. >> centers are now freed after being held captiveve by iranians overnight, to capture tuesday after naval boats entered iranian waters of the persian gulf their interrogated during a tense waiting . the navy is investigating how they ended up in the iranian waters . al jazeera america shutting down the cable news network will go off around april after two half
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dataset while it is build a local audience in the us the economic landscape of the environment has driven the decision too close down operations concluding that >> been killed and the san bernardino terratec has filed a lawsuit, 40 people killed when a coupled opened fire last month the middle of the the victims have filed claims asking $50 million she claims that her husband's death as well as 13 others was preventable. >> because it will not be to post this month in massachusetts but his wife well,, he's accused of a lawsuit lawsuit of lawsuit of the favorites of women who accuse sexual assault .oft his deposition will be postponed while he faces criminal charges in pennsylvania but his wife will will face hers on february 22, the women who sue him for defamation or mob about 50 across the country have come
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drugged and thenor sexually assaulted them he has maintained his innocence.e. >> the national guard is open to get clean water to flint, michigan said he switched his water supply into 14 to save money but it was containing unsafe levels of lead the national guard is helping to distribute bottled water, the mayoro says she welcomes the health and the michigan governor is also asking fema to help coordinate a recovery plan. sops announced, tonight whether there will be down, rising temperatures overnight, into the 20s . this sunset about 5:20 p.m. as the days are getting longer, it was quite once the lake-effect lake effect showed up earlier
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snowfall with mostly cloudy skies tomorrow . then tried well enough or rain showers then into a mix them the back of snowfall saturday then a temperature drop currently it is in the upper teens . southwest winds between wind between 10 and 20 mph, you go just go just to the southwest , kansas city and st. louis about 50 degrees . the warmer air masses moving into here tonight with the temperatures rising from the southwest wind,es looking at this amount of snowfall from the second clipperam, the first one monday into tuesday that for most of us between one and 3
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have a coating on some surfaces, the showers will be around tonight then gone tomorrow morning that between eight and 10:00 a.m. there could be a last-minute burstt in the snowbelt . on friday start to warm up before rainfall moves in, tonight a look at look at the forecast tomorrow, between one and 3 inches in snowbelt then it will be out after midday than focusing on mostly cloudy skies
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but friday he will be will be in the 40 and after the death snowfall saturday and then a steep doctor dropped watch for accumulations over the weekend in and then back up up with for lake effect snow fall with temperatures in the 20s were most of for most of next week's. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . the st. louis football fans are losing their franchise,, nfl lets the rams moved to los angeles, los angeles is the second
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football for 20 years the rams getting a new stadium, is to be completed in 2019 until then they will play at the la coliseum.p >> that weapons are not allowed on airplanes today tsa showed some items that they try tried to get past including knives and brass knuckles a bottle of alcohol and even a weed wacker . which was not the strangest item that a tsa agent has seen. >> weed wacker was the first time i've seen onee we have had chainsawswe we have a guy with a gas can who want to fill up the car at their destination becauseto it was out of gas and they brought the gas can. >> a dozen firearms were found at hopkins last year
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many as the year before . you could wake up tomorrow a billion
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diethylamide that's what that's what it could land the biggest powerball jackpot in history,s harris has more from parma were some players are trying their luck at. >> people have been stopping by herere pretty much all day long . everybody cannot believe that jackpot is at one . $5 billion this is the biggest jackpot in history with that kind of money
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your options if you win it, get a one-time lump sum of about 130 million were annual payouts, you can't remain anonymous some people might not know that it's not as easy as you say you do not want to be identified, you have to get an attorney, ohio lottery spokesman explains. >> you can remain anonymous but you have to have a blind trust to recommend that if you want to tonight think about it . talk to an attorney or someone who can help you to . it has a large sum of money. you want to know what you're going to do with that. >> the better business bureau warning people of possible lottery scams, some people have
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want it when they do not lottery says that they would not contact somebody, the winner has to come forward, on their own. >> returned something that does not fit or don't like can be obtained a company getting attention for compassion b. >> she called to return an unopened coat on open code before you said that her money would be refunded immediately when she asked by shipping he said that she did not have to return it and to give it to somebody in need, she posted the experience on facebook which facebook which is the has been
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