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handler got to come home home, edition to show the devotion. >> he died after a shootout in canton the suspect fired three shots. hundreds came to pay tribute. >> everybody loves her dogs and try to support support the officer's. >> dee's nypd officer said that they knew they had to come to ohio.y >> been with the k-9 unit for 13 years. >> canton police chief says that he will be remembered for
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partner> officer ryan davis. >> today will be remembered in the hearts of many asr k-9 officer jethro day in the city of kent and. >> he became emotional as she handed him the american flag. >> he would have been three on thursday, the day he was laid to rest. spec was shot, and recovering will be in court tomorrow to face charges including shooting of at police dog in felonious assault. >> they came from all the country festfr it is not ible to overstate the love in mahler
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they spent so much time with these dogs, 24 hours a day seven days a week that they are so close to them . two men midrange day in elyria municipal court after accused of throwing a dog off a cliff and cascade park code they were met withde protesting animal activists who want stiffer punishment for people accused of such crimes as roosevelt leftwich joins us with more on the latest. >> the alleged cruelty in this case, protesters say is a clear sign thatpr animal cruelty laws are not tough enough, two dozen protesters held signs in front of theo court building this morning demanding justice for a dog named cascade .rtt the park police charged 21-year-old christopher taylor and 24 -year-oldar21 joshua novak after a pair allegedly threw the dog off
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guilty the dog's body was not not found but they say it isn an act that has to be punished with a say over how longa is now now stands that they will get a slap on the wrist they say that the protesters to remember the dog and a call for tougher laws. >> everybody want to show support against what he did and to make it known to the court, to the judge and to the attorneys,to that we are against this type of abuse.a >> novak in jail on a probation violation while taylor is free on bond. >> there's no doubt that people are working to change this,, deckard is working everyday every day to make sure that the stiffer laws are in place. >> they say that by holding protests,h lawmakers at both local and state level to see
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. >> investigation continues into the deaths of four local family membersrs whose bodies were discovered inside of their badly burnt burned home on monday, the medical examiner's office shared information revealsth new details as dave nethers has seen those notes and joins us. >> investigation is far from complete, the fire has been rolleddes and an arson investigator still don't have evidence to say who started it.av >> firefighters were summoned to the home of jeff and cynthia mather in northfield center monday . neighbors reported an explosion in home the home was completely engulfed, the bodies found inside of the house, one thing they confirmed then they confirm is that a gas can tell
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any family troubles .. he was having trouble at work after a job change at the first of the year the report mentions a possible murder suicide but o they say that they're not overlooking anything. >> there are several scenarios that's why there is the speculation as to maybe>> the intent to cause harm to these people or were theynt there at the time . these are things that we are investigating. >> also mentioned that he appears to have had suicidal thoughts in december they say that would be a link to go from there to thenk intentional taking of four lives in this fire it could be weeks before an official ruling is made of the
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so much better when you get that sunshine .
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last night, 4 inches ashtabula, in most areas about 1 inch or less . southwest wind continue to bring me warmer air, melting some snow . install . they have a decent amount of snowpack . we had some sunshine especially south and west . tonight variable clouds tomorrow, may have a few bright
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in in time event and then raindrops fall . it will spread eastward, before switching with colder air to a snow-mix saturday . upper 30s were most tonight,p that's about the average high temperature, tomorrow rainfall in the afternoon and drive for the morning commute with highs tomorrow mid- 40s . talk about the weekend forecast will be another shockil to the system with arctic air on sunday . funeral plans have been set for david bowie, tracy mccool has more.
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private funeral for him,> they post a message on social media so said that final arrangements are being made to celebrate the life of him . they also asked for the public'sth respecting privacy passed away sunday sunday after 18 month battle with cancer he released a final album entitled black star,fi rock hall of fame river was 69 . been behind
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impact about a three-hour live from thehe 5-mile crib cam, it is
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temperatureses 41 at the airport factor . because of the wind direction it has warmed up a little bit .. it is 66 st. louis . in december, we had 70 . a we are 26 degrees warmer than yesterday .a lower sunshine across the southern half of the state .s the clipper system that
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this will be heading our way, and showing rain showers, it will be rainfall tomorrow it'll ow be even warmer than today . tonight partly too mostly cloudy tomorrow sunshine to start, . rain showers during the afternoon and evening commute . and then, lake effect snow fall saturday . it will be it'll be rainfall, and then temperatures tumble, for most of us about one tenth to one quarter inch . tomorrow, mostly cloudy . then
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afternoon . with mid- 40s, on sunday and another clipper snow, stay tuned to the weekend forecast . low 20s for highest sunday highs on monday and then 20s remainder of the forecast .. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.. hollywood is buzzing after the
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the academy release their nominations the oscar's. >> is time to make plans for a watch party, now a look at the nominees for. >> there were t a move is up for best picture . first of all, the revenant, a journey of revenge starring leo dicaprio as a pro trader after justice center left
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then, mad max fury road, a post- apocalyptic story of outlaws hoarding fuel and resources and he's out to defeat that. >> they despise, a cold war spy thriller, steven spielberg teams up up withve tom hanks once again that. >> and brooklyn is the story of an irish immigrant who settles in america, fallen in love with italian-american and becomes torn between love and her home spotlight details of journalists at the boston globe and covering a conspiracy involving the
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local government, e they say, that is a must see. >> room is the story of a woman coping with the outside world after being held captive for seven years for. >> martian starring matt matt damon as an astronaut who is left behind by his crewmates and must find a way to survivehi while a all a rescue mission is planned.le >> in the final best picture nominee is the big short, for wall street outsiders exposed the corrupt circumstances surrounding the housing market collapse of 2,008. >> they all look pretty good, . dumas says that is his favorite of the year's. now take a look at the
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>> bryan cranston nominated for trumbo, leo dicaprio for the revenant, and matt damon forhe the martian, eddie redmayne gets the nomination for the danish girl, and michael fassbender is nominated for thegigi part of tech guru steve jobs. >> take a look at the actresses . lots of great roles, loder says somee serious work ahead, brie larson earned her first nomination for room, cate blanchett could win her third for carol, jennifer lawrence is nominated to be a single mother
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out for her work in brooklyn . it had some movies to catch up on, we do have some time time because the office oscars are not until february 28. >> for full listing of nominees go to fox >> to give you a look at this years best movies but what about the not so good? >> nominees for the golden raspberries have been announced of theseha movies that fell flat, for movie scoring six nominations including 50 shades of gray for worst picture, actor and actress, pixels also got the worst picture nomination, and adam sandler got two nomination for worst actor in pixels and
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and jupiter sending are also up for several razzies come the awards will be given out before
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it is a little warmer out there, have so far last night most of it was gone by the time to get you get out there . road crews do a fantastic job . doesn't cause out there, partly too mostly cloudy skies, it is in the process of melting, and
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by 3 inches in pierpont . it was a majority of the area got about 1 inch . 41 degrees . lots of upper 30s . look at at that sunshine especially southern ohio even though we have some clouds, they're good enough that we could get a few breaks in sunshine tonight partly too mostly cloudy tomorrow a dry start getting into work on friday . charlie then . rainfall amounts by amounts by a clark bar eating about one quarter inch west andn their gets cold enough that it's all about snowfall . the but first i partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and tomorrow fi they 40s
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to have more snow this novell . listen cooler air for the weekend see how cold it will get on sunday and mondayo, the two coldest days coming up speed millions dream to strike it rich last night but the official said that only three tickets were sold. >> jack shea sayswe they northeast ohio and barely missed the jackpot by one number . in the process, he became an instant millionaire's. >> record jackpot of one . $6 billion was up for grabs and with a powerful drive officials
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sold that woman, telephone in tennessee and florida. >> this he says one of his customerss at the peer review peer-review newsstand in cleveland managed the numbers except powerball, and collecter $1 million. >> assault of the winning ticket for those with the biggest .c he said he had a feeling when of his customers was going to strike it rich.h >> sold a lot of tickets since warning . the customer is an instant millionaire, who will get a 1,000-dollar bonus for selling the winning ticket. they point out that there's millions billions of dollars and
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players to check tickets'ss . his shop is considered a lucky place , they can only imagine what the big winners are planning to do with all of that money .. as for the bonus for selling that ticket? they were sold in florida, tennessee and california a news conference was held in california today, the owner of the 7-eleven was given a check for selling one-way tickets at the actual winner has not come forward . it's the same in
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supermarket in melbourne beach . the store owner gets a cut of all that cash but the winner has not come forward and in tennessee a convenience convenience store owner received a prize of $25,000 for selling the winning ticket . in those states may require the winners to come forward publicly and some states they can have a limited liabilityc so that it is the companies who are identified not the individuals but not in this case . the stages smaller of the attacks are likely to be much
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the nitty-gritty . the third contest for republicans republicans after iowa and new hampshire,t rand paul and carly fiorina did not make the cut so to less photos on stage to rand paul says he is not participating, the latestnd new york times poll has dropped crews and rubio as the front runners as a gets underway at 9:00 o'clock tonight . carter county executives joined metrohealth residents in other leadersa to support the passage levy, sees residents are cuyahoga county residents are urged to vote for thesi mill renewal levy on the ballot box 13, the measure helps to fund metrohealth and critical services for children and senior citizens and families in crisis situations i know that we don't think that we will but when they each of us is going to be this.
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these guys here in the blue brought me to this place where the second miracle have i got delivered at the hands of the metrohealth trauma center but it generates about $100 million to support support various health and human services in cuyahoga >> firefighters battling a fire in oklahoma to plenty 20 oil drilling rigs in flames in grady county, forced the shutdown of several roads that had not determined the causeds no word if anybody was injured. >> down the browns have head
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road. >> also been found in backyards, as you share your pictures with us, beginning with a girl and her dog,in mckenzie making a snow angel the dog was a bit confused about what she was doing it kept trying to pull her out of the small. >> he seems to be excited with snowfall that has arrived this winter music who needs no-fault when you have a warm fire, so sent us this picture of his dog keeping warm by the fireplace . if you're the picture of yourself, family or your pets enjoyingifif go to fox and we will add your photo to the gallery and
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is the this shoreway about three hours ago . thanks to the road crews, . mostly cloudy, and 40s tomorrow mid '40s . fort wayne fold that in mix and then
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currently . cincinnati, mid 50s and almost 70 st. louis . and also 25 degrees minneapolis s . a lot more sunshine to the south, this next system here is going to circumvent the area . there will be rainfall tomorrow afternoon, not expecting it to be extremely heavy . patty krentcil moisture from the south missile move-in after
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east . my tour after lunchtime, showers beginning to fall . tonight upper 30s mostly cloudy tomorrow mid '40s, showers moving at about midnight ab and then turns into lake-effect
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general light snowfall . lake enhanced awful monday lovell monday and tuesday, back to the upper 20say and low for it looks quiet wednesday thursday friday a will not be a huge snowfall over the next eight days a . when after he was hired, hue jackson is is hiring staff. >> the cavaliers have a test it testify in san antonio is john telich joins us. >> hue jackson said he had 142 text messages to return no doubt many of those were from friends hoping to catch his ear and potentially to join the staff, reports stated report stated that a former browns assistant could be returning . according
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a candidate in mind,ts that would be former browns defensive coordinator ray hortonu who is currently the defensive coordinator of the tennessee titans, the sticking point is if they wouldic rent information delete . he was the defensive coordinator in 2134 rob chudzinski . the cavaliers have a huge game in san antonio they put theirme eighth game win streak on the line against the spurs who have won nine in a row, last season, kyrie irving was spectacular leaving the cavaliers to overtime victory he had a franchise record of 57 points, kyrie irving and lebron james combined to score all 18
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kyrie irving scored 20 points in four of his last seven games the spurs will be out to lock them down tonight . mo williams will not play he has a family issue. stores are in the top two teams
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, i think that you have to have them in conversation of the best teams .th and leonard is a exceptional player. cracking open a cold wind takes on a whole new meaning for green bay football fans and fans are sitting for e-mail, the very plant in wisconsin start to bottle it is so great the postseason run, it is a limited-edition vanilla flavored milk on store shelves yesterday so far they seem to enjoy it back and think that it again that it tastes like eggnog,in it at home, that's what it tastes like it's good. >> as long long as the packers keep winning and the penske driven and therefore will continue to make the greenbelt
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weekend at. >> patters hosting seahawks with coverage beginning noon sunday. >> off are looking for some volunteers to help with someff
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regina farmers looking for goat snuggler . they expect about 90 newborn goats by mid february on the farm near charlottesville, many volunteers company newborn
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times a day and must be kept warmr missing volunteers would also get to learn >> this season it will be a happy and hectic time we love to have people come to see the process and see what the food comes from a farm says no
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to accuse of killing dog and willard park in court today, and
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were there to bring attention to the case what they call a lack of a strong law and ohio as roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> this is a crime that shocked many people instead they filled the courtroom showing outrage in demanding change. >> bagram that these activists said should be a call to action on the issue wasld buried its it's age or the name of london called cascade is a casualty of a lack of empathy bydas society and good laws. >> she's in the joe novak threw it off of a cliff and cascade park there were arraigned thursday in court they need to be here to show that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.el
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