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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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come to ohio. >> been with the k-9 unit for 13 years. >> these officers from maryland agreed. >> is like losing a family member it is a motherhood including our four-legged partners we spent as much time with them as our family's.sp >> we share share the pride and sacrifice of one of our own. >> is says that he be remembered for sacrificing his life to save his partner's life, ryan davis. >> today will be reserved and remembered as k-9 officer jethro day in the city of canton's. >> davis became emotional as he was handed the american flag.. >> he would have been three on thursday that he was laid to
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the suspect was shot through the show that he is expected to be in court tomorrow facing charges includingng shooting a police dog and felonious assault. it is so tough on the officers because they spend so much time with the dogs ce they live and work with them,ey 24 hours a day, 70s a week. i-team uncovered information surrounding video that has everybody talking.i >> it is a vicious attack on an rta busi, as it was caught on
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information. >> we did a state trend for attacks on bus drivers, and strong words about special protection.ds >> rta bus driver is fighting angry writer, ever since the i-team reveal the video many of you have marveled at how the driver handled it and nobody helped himimha alerted us to ask more questions than it was so repeated attacks on rta driver's, then we investigated. >> in 2014, 19 attacks on rta
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11 included this month . the dispute over a fare card. >> tracy sears they investigated special protection for drivers r to shield them from attacks possibly surrounded them with bulletproof glasshi then they decided against it and the union president said drivers do not like to be closed in.s >> learn more about the man arrested of the case george henderson he had been on probation for burglary and drugs , he is in jail for the court will punish him for violating probationur until new county charges are filed, he even begged for help. why are attacks down ? the agency is putting more officers on buses and trains , although this was on for 10 minutes
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>> in recent years, the enhanced an push for new penalties for attacking a bus or train driver, that has been going on nationwide,ll anytime watching for the next court date for derrick henderson. they tried to barry zito said that it was too much they said that who that person does want to get you that they will. >> elyria courtroom packed entertainment arraigned on charges of animal cruelty accused of throwing the dog off a cliff twice, as roosevelt
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activist say that this case should be a call for tougher laws tost the crime that these to action, not sure what breed it was ager name but they're calling a cascade is a casualty of what they say is a lack of empathy by societyey and of good laws. >> park ranger say that 21 -year-old mr. taylor and 24 -year-oldlo joshua novak through the dog off a a cliff and the cascade park just after christmas both were arraigned thursdaypaf, activists say they needed to be here to show the committee that cruelty will not be tolerated. >> people think that animals are like shoes, just property that needs to change and the lost interchange, something is done started with a felonyng to do some
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>> joshua novak, and testing for probation violation is charged with a misdemeanor with a 1,000-dollar fine maximumsd they say he was involved in the death of the dock and liedo about christopher taylor was in court charged with cruelty and abandonment and animal, you say that he is once through the doctorate staff, both entered not guilty. >> at the charges were read on by the activists left and was threatened to be thrown out of the courtroom, she said she she did not need this respect i but cannot contain her outrage. >> providers want to show the court andnd support against what he did and to make it knownsu that we are against this kind of abuse. >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news .
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what they have learned about a local family found dead inside otherde burned-out home on monday dave nethers got a look at the notes and talk to us. >> the fire here that killed four ruled arson, investigators are making some progress and got a glimpse into what they no. >> 8:30 p.m. on monday, firefighters arrived to find the northfield center home of jeff andn cindy mather blazing the bodies of all for inside. >> it was ruled arson to leave
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started the. >> said there was no history of domestic troubles that were active inat their church and admired by those who knew them both revealed something trouble in.b >> your investigation can you confirm that there was a gas can foundc here when of the deceased 's. >> we can confirm that,ec that is part of the investigation. >> the notes show that jeffrey mather heard their voices in december when he took a hunting rifle to h metropark said he needed help, the notes also said he had trouble after a job change they are pieces of the puzzle that they want is still too dangerous to draw conclusions. >> the family dynamics is what
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>> also says that they mother and two daughters but have been on thers second floor and fell through when the floor gave wayrs, they say there's a lot of work to do before they can determine what happened. >> did so intentionally set the fire ? was the intent to cause harm or were they there at the time ? these are things that we are investigating. >> there is a growing number of items here as people want to showre some sympathy for the family . the investigators are not in a rush they want to get this done right, the medical examiner's office said it might be weeks before they determine
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were two men suspected in the howardwe will stay behind bars, a judge orderedwi aaron dunnings to remain locked up on aggravated murder charges, his marshals arrested in tuesday . major howard shot to death in a drive-by shootingd in september the still looking for donnell lindsey. >> vanna white is critical after hit by a car while sledding, jew hating listw at the meadow lake subdivision in north ridgeville tuesday night neighbors are taking donations and collecting cards, they also set up a go-fund-meaa account and will continue donations through monday theun car driver has not been charged. >> learn more about more more about the more about the
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>> torchwood people hospitalized as p.j. ziegler joins us from streetsboro. >> investigation continues, into what happened on wednesday into the chain reaction crash involving three streetsboro city school buses they say that drugs and alcohol not expected to be factors. >> the prerelease respond response of an accident involving three school buses wednesday. >> pcb's you see these all the time butut never see them with school bus is. >> 150 people were on those three buses that are just left the high school to take students home. >> buses that go to the northern part of the city and once they get up into the northern part they will split upup. alcohol are not expected to be a factor, there are cameras on
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using that two see what the drivers were doing during the crash. >> it brings out the concern of why are there seatbelts on buses or at least the elementary kids. >> i'd like to think that they are pretty safe, know a couple i know a couple of bus drivers and they are very alert as far as watching traffic. >> will charges filed against any of the drivers, please say a citation the citation could be issued. >> most likely the citation issued once we know all the facts.o >> nobody was seriously injured as a result of the chain reaction crash investigation could complete the in the next
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or there are constant problems with the so called
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thinking a youtube video showing him how to balance on a resource to smoke that erupted in flames turned out to beup defective battery . scientists in australia have a new high-tech method to help improve your diet .ha >> is called the smart pill, it travels down your intestines and measures the gases insidetr, it sounds disgusting but they say that, they can understand a good deal about your diet for those readings, and give you advice on how to eat healthier, they could also possibly detect things such as colon cancer it's not available just yet some far it's only been tested on pigs. move over pizza rat there's a new star in town and this timeov
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the pita rat . they were caught working together to get the bread and new york city, it is both acute and perhaps disturbing because there clearly getting smartere . the kind of reminds me of that disney movie ratatouille. >> today, temperatures were above normal dayre with also sunshine, sunshine can go a long way here,ns look at this view from about three hours earlier . in case you missed this . we did
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you saw some of it . today a high of 41 and 19 degrees the low temperature . sunrise at 752 and sunset at 5:21 p.m. . but southwest wind bring in some warmer air, cincinnati was in the mid- 50s and pass it was almost 70 currently 55 paducah . there has been some sunshine, tonight's partly cloudy to mostly cloudy at times focus of this, this clipper system will
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head off . the rainfall will be arriving tomorrow afternoon . this taps into it and lose it northward, during the evening commute tomorrow, a lot of you will be using your shield wipers in far enough if far enough east out
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it will be gone and gone and then it gets cold that will tap into lake-effectn stumpel saturday . between one tenth and one quarter inch maximum,en by midnight tomorrow, the lake-effect will be kicking in, on saturday a 40 percent chance, after midnight, with lake effect snow fall for pennsylvania and upstate new york . look at the forecast, rainfall tomorrow afternoon . lake effect snow fall mainly saturday then the temperatures dropped into the 20 sen and then they more abrupt fall sunday looking at a general
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just one day at work, hue jackson is hiring a staff as
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will talk all the talk about the browns,, not talk about the cavaliers they have a huge test tonight snack too long winning streaks tonight in san antonio, the cavaliers s 18 streak on the line and san antonio's nine game winning streak, and they test for the cavaliers who have played played well all this on this extended road trip, don't forget what kyrie irving did the spurs last yeark on their home floor, dropping a franchise record of 57 points in overtime with to victory, cleveland is and form since returning from
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and business associate maverick carter entertainment company will produce a new unscripted series set in cleveland called cleveland hostel's come of it will debut this summer give for aspiring local entrepreneurs a chance to realize their dreams while helping to revitalize neighborhood in cleveland.p >> now time to discuss the browns, it is hue jackson second day on the job to assemble a staff a former assistant possibly could return, the entire 10 days into the off-season gives himo a little jump and not much, he is targeted former browns defensive coordinator ray horton currently in tennessee it is not clear if the titans will allow him to join the browns, that decision could be in limbo as the titans
6:22 pm >> kevin conwell, the browns quarterback coach you did a solid job of getting johnny manziel up to speed is not being retained, he also aided marcus mariota,ot jackson will bring his own guy, according to chris feldman . has been about 24 hours since he entered the building to take over the football team the world was aware of the turmoilhe and the subpar play play we are seeing have seen on the field . and he was not buying that. >> understood, where they have been and where they are trying to kill . i like challenges your in the challenge . we have the support here here, then those challenges become reality. >> lots of opens matzo opens
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in it is weird to watch lives knowing that the browns have found in hardware guy . the 49ers were in place for hue jackson but they got chip kelly, good coach taken over the team, he will not have personal control he said that he learned his lesson in philadelphia and will just be coaching. >> enacted usa head coach, the former coachhe pulled out of the running for the eagles job in the events and brian shaw, is one year contract, they avoided salary arbitration. >> below that you share it, but we want you to know the truth, the story behind this viral clip of an actress in fox 8 news the
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like google is fighting to keep a dog that says herere granddaughter relies upon. >> the piter wall is banned, now her fight is, matt wright has what the city says happens next.
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ac bad reputation, she says she was worried when they moved in with their pitbull, another funding to keep it and say that he is not vicious.nd >> 4-year-old aleeah williams routine can be a struggle, cystic fibrosis requires treatment using this compression vest and breathing machine and. >> are dogged by her bergdahl by her side through it all. >> has been a tremendous comfort to but he might have to go after the animal control got involved hispanic she was crying and she said please don't take them away ,he it is hard to explain to her thatis we would let that happen, we won't let that happen to you. w >> he is not a trained service animal, and subject to a lakewood law passed in 2,000 they stated that all pitbull dog sand canary dogs are deemed to
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>> he is not vicious is nothing vicious about him, he's never been to anybody he has never >> doctrine or share the story online it has some calling on theso city to ask. >> me to change how we look at dogs were looking at them as great and brazen that is >> the outcry is not fallen on deaf earsry at at city hall where some say they hope to revisit the dog laws the sheer.ll >> from policy standpoint, it illustrates some potential issues with the existing law. i >> incidents with vicious dogs that are not covered under current law and very specific language on pitbulls. >> the great pacific nature of of the law is not substantiated by science. doubt that they will take action , even if it doesn't might be too late. ,
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that's my biggest fear. >> the family pays for a dna test if it reveals that he is more thans 50 percent of fall under the city's band, will be a great determination hearing next month of the public safety hearing officer could make the final decision.he >> they're not sure if the council will take any action in time to help them but it may help others . >> akron police released a sketch of a suspect who beat a woman with a hammer, she was hanging crystal decorations on her front porchs last month with a woman approached and asked if she could borrow a phone, when sheif refused the suspect attacker ,s crime stoppers is offering a reward of $2,000 for information leading toim an arrest . >> the thrill of the jackpot is over, there were three winners
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powerball jackpote had not heard from the actual winners we have heard from the owner of thatt 7-eleven kids a million dollars from for selling the ticket. >> i will give some to charity and then i will share with my employees and my family and friends back you think your business will get better because of this? >> yes,ll definitely and please, by and play the lottery and win for the next jackpot. >> winters in florida and tennessee the recordbreaker was more than one half billion dollars, but don't count out ohio altogether we hadut a million dollar winner and cleveland, jack shea has the story of a northeast ohio and who just missed the jackpot by one number
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millionaire. >> a record jackpot of nearly one . $6 million was up for grabsbs in wednesday powerball drawing and lottery officials say that at leastn re-tweet tickets were sold in california tennessee and florida.e >> gary patel says one of his customers at the erieview newsstand in downtown cleveland matched the numbers except the powerball .ea now collect a prize of of a million-dollar. >> he sold on the winning ticket for this was the biggest h company said he had a feeling when of strike it rich. >> are selling a lot of a lot of tickets since we opened in the morning and i remind every customer to at least buy what a >> the customer customer is an instant millionaire, he will
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for selling at. >> the lottery commission says that there are millions of dollars in prizes andloi tell people to check those ticket. >> are going to have to start getting my tickets here at. >> okay, good luck. >> tea shop is not centered a lucky place, they can only imagine what the big winners do with all the winnings,. >> that's what he will do with his bonus squared going to share with a couple of employeesg and then put the rest into the bank. >> jack shea fox 8 >> something you cannot put a price on, family heirlooms as police need your help to reconnect some people with the rightful owners,y recover these items in a burglary investigation case was closed last month but they have not been able to track down the
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. even a handmade jewelry box, if you know anything called the aurora police. euclid teenager park and just a short few days,id looking at some of the weather headlines over the next eight days ofof this is a wreck company cold and snow, eventually have some sunshine today and not is called . the winter scenario coming our way . the rainfall, mix and snowfall,
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plunge together . we had temperatures in the low 40s, overall this is not bad . it will not drop that much tonight, he south wind between five and 15 it does feel just a bit cooler than the actual air temperature . currently have 40, only like to drop a few degrees but the overnight low and they low to mid 30s . st. louis currently 65 degrees, the clouds and early snow showers . two areas that got about two or 3 inches extra .
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the old snob as we will eventually be adding some . this system to the south, will stay away, i think some of the rainfallll will tap into the moisture . beginning tomorrow afternoon anytime after about 1:00 p.m. . you tomorrow not a bad start . the midday, will it would still be pretty dried the
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morning, snowfall . by midnight tomorrow, it will turn into the snowbelt lake effect snow form, tonight at the 30s and mid- 40 s tomorrow . afternoon showers with winds from the southwestw than switching to lake effect snow . clipper snow for everybody on sunday, the monday tuesday and wednesday lake effect snow full it will be called on monday . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. push it away to keep lifesaving
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county executives joiningea intra- president and others to support the passage of the health and human services levy,t cuyahoga county boaters are asked to renew the four . eighty mill levy on the march 15 ballot, the measure generates estimated $130 million that is used to fund a variety of programs including foster care to senior services. >> the latter provides leather provides critical emergency services like metro lifelike, level one trauma care and neonatal intensive care unit and the burn unit.a >> this hospital is at the heart ofof cuyahoga county, and is part of what makes a it beat, my heart would a not be deviant if not here. >> it will not increase taxes and is for that
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chipotle beginninghi a new marketing campaign this month to reverse losses after a series of food scares, sales plungedai 30 percent after an e. coli outbreak in october, followed by a norovirus that sickened dozens that a h. valet in boston, executives say that that the companies taken measures to reduce the risk of another food scare to near zero. >> the story as we were supposed when you last night but cannot
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james so his family mansion for, three . 4 million-dollar. >> but while those first homes in ohio that's getting to attention,t and wadsworth the property is on the market market and as jennifer jordan gives us the intimate look inside it. >> family time at the crib, but look at how lived as a young nba player. >> from 2,005 until 2,008, at 1168 kings ridge boulevard and wadsworth was home to the lebron james, now they do two-story five-bedroom home on five 2 acres can be yours for the rs fans to the tune of six or 6,500,000-dollar.s >> that everybody is going to be the right fit for this home,is but
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that we, felt it would be a bonus. >> the current owners, say that other than the beauty of the home of the lebron james connection has has been about as . >> the excitement of theesas human and his history and the nba and the akron and cleveland area's. >> disco record for for perfect for somebody who is 6-foot 8 inches. >> the james family has been gone for eight years but a few things left behind including six tv sets,t the backyard jacuzzi and something near and dear to his heart's.a >> the basketball hoop are they often saw him practicing,l stickers from his high school alma mater visible. >> other signs of them, their names were etched were etched in concrete upfront and the postal
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>> i've gotten cards and letters from kids written to him to make sure that he gets thoseh, i have received deliveries from nike. >> businesses if this is the soldier then to think about the famous former owner who will be attached to thisn prime property fit for a king should have below the home whether or not he had lived your.r >> the current owners owners are relocating to charleston, south any promising offers. >> as far as the lebron james, they heard that he was a great neighbor and very generous. >> you, santander faced a timeline, we have the true story of a much talked about moment
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who don't have a dog tonight, it was adopted, we do have three beautiful cats .do the director of the happy kids cat sanctuary passed away thanksgiving day leaving behind many cats of various ages who need homes . we have three tonight, started with mark anthony . he was a rescued stray he is calm, laid-back and
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is mark anthony . and then to eugene . it is about six months old . is a lovable kitson, playful was abandoned in a mc donald's parking lot . that is eugene, and another wonderful cat, zoe . it is is about two years old, calico cats, loves people and wants to be the center ofes your universe . would probably prefer to be the only cat in the house
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these three great choices, the number is at the bottom of the screen . . powerhouse singer celine dion's husband passed away, he fought a long battle against cancer . died at his las vegas home, they met when he became their manager ,, rene angelil was 73. >> dominates for the 88th academy awards were announced in beverly hills so here is a look at the category categories for lead actor,y ce bryan cranston, for trumbo, matt damon for the martian and leonardo dicaprio for the revenant, michael fassbender steve jobs and eddie redmaynehe danish girl . cate blanchett earned domination for
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sure rambling 45 years .. >> look at the the best picture category including the big short ,o bridge of sighs, brooklyn , mad max fury road, the martian, relevant, the real. >> a glaring omission is the actress who plays this hannigan and andy.d >> andy. >> by now it is at playhouse square and beatrice stopped by fox 8 news yesterday, because she is a good actress part of her interview has gone viral. annie is that he plans were connor palace, and this hannigan is your. to perform a lovely big shows, sure that is just honey and water. >> people shared the clip on
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live tv, busted with half a million views the truth be told she was in character, if you have seen the play, this hannigan is an alcoholic but rest assured it was just honey and water you can see the play at playhouse square connor palace. >> she's in what you with a andh online. >> bill martin is up next, have
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