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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  January 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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he was given the same recognition as other police officers, hundreds came two canton to give a police dog a hero's sendoff, peggy gallek was have a service for k-9 officer jethro, killed the line of >> canton civic center was packed with as hundreds of people came to attend the service isnd to say goodbye to k-9 officer jethro. >> ther sacrifice that god made was heart wrenching, to know that this particular scenario
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to come home andwa figure shows the devotion. shot by a suspect during an early morning shootout sunday in canton, he was hit four times. >> hundreds of officers from all over the country came to pay tributetet. >> nypd officers said that they had to come to ohio. >> these officers from maryland said it is like losing a family member. >> we spend more time with them than our own family's. >> the police chief says that jethro will be remembered for sacrificing his life to save his partner ryan davis who became
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him the american flag .. >> today will be preserved and remembered the hearts of many as jethro day in in the city of canton. >> rest of passing of k-9 jethro is in the heart of god's. >> he would have been three years old thursday old thursday they laid to rest. >> this is the end of his watch, he is now out of service, jethro , you will be missed, thank you for your service. >> peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> to make use of animal abuse betancourt and met by two dozen protesters in front of the court
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dog named cascade . the winner wi of christopher taylor and 24 -year-old joshua novak are charged withh animal cruelty after taylor allegedly threw the dog off a cliff twice about body never found and they said that they will cruelty these be punished as the law stands they will only get a slap on the wrist. >> that but just want to show support against what he did and make it known to the court that we are against this kind of animal abuse. >> both men pled not guilty, novak remains locked up and taylor is the other is free on bond. >> i-team asking questions after a check on rta bus driver, but it was revealed that the attack on the eastside after a man with a knife got anger over expired
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digging, we heard about repeated attacks on drivers in of italy 14 there were 19 bus and train drivers attacked last year it was 11 including this woman. >> rta credit the drop in assaults to whatsit calls to depletion putting more officers on buses trains and stations backeti that he didn't provide clues asdi to what they learned about a local family found dead inside of their burned home on monday as their noses details from the notes and joins us. >> and northfield center where jeffrey and cynthia mather and their two daughters died on monday, the fire at the houseldld determined as arson,. >> that determine who sent them
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explosion, the fire department arrived late monday and found the car that the house was involved, the family was found on the first floor note suggesting that the mother and daughters may have been on the second floor but fell through the floor when it gave way, they also confirmedve a gas can was found near the body of jeffrey mather, but there was never any hint of trouble's. >> the family dynamics is an angle that we are looking into as part of the investigationdh and we are conducting interviews witha people in the family and from the community. >> they say that while they can say the fire was intentionally set there's lots of work before they can determine who said and why perhaps weeks beforeho the
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cause of death. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> one of two suspected in the death of of a o of a through of a through boyd makes a court appearance todaya ordering aaron dunnings to remain locked up on murder charges, he was arrested tuesday,y, three or major howard were shot to death in a drive-by shooting on east 113th street september,st still looking for suspect that donnell lindsey, believed to have fired the t deadly shots they say that aaron dunnings was with him at that time the. >> minor boy hit by a a car while sledding is in critical condition, drew hayden was set at the meadow lakes subdivision and north ridgeville tuesday night as several neighbors taking donations and collecting cards, they set up a go-fund-me account and plan to resume collections to monday, the peripheral driver has not been charged .
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streetsboro city school bus ascendingc 21 to the hospital, as the police respond to the accident, two buses carrying a total of one and 58 was taking students on the crash happened they will look at videosh on board the buses to determine what the drivers were doing at the time of the crash >> it was very scary to worry about that all-time. >> the placing drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash no charges have been filed against any of the drivers butheg citations can be issued once the investigationca completed the. >> three winning tickets in the th powerball last night sold in california, florida and tennessee . one person in ohio got a ticket at the erieview stand that match the numbers except powerball, that whoever
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million dollarss . the owner of this owner of the stance that had a feeling that when the customers was going to hit it rich.. >> we sell a lot of tickets as we open in the morning and i tell every single customer to buy at least one line of powerful.or bu >> gary patel is is also caching cashing in he was awarded a thousand dollars for selling the winning ticket.ll bill nelson that stuff on the snowbelt that is about 10 inches in some backyard . some of the charges in the 40s today the little cooler near toledo 33
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for average high. >> some sunshine in another day . to do . tonight partly too mostly cloudy . tomorrow morning , it should be quiet and drive . naked for a then they clout into thickened up reducing . raindrops for west to east . we'll we will be talking about snowfall behind that .. it will be spreading eastward and lake
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.ek the overnight low will be warmer than the average high av which is 34 . . stick around for the weekend forecast andnd one-time nearly 700 suspects were held in this prison but not anymore, how
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to the prisoners released from a
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gourmet all 10 from beyond have been sent two oman for resettlement lives than 100 gitmo the first time the population has been less than 100 cents opened in january 2002 and 1 sale of nearly 700 officials say the releases of reflecting progress toward obama 's goal of closing the prison' >> vomited in the road to celebrate the state of the union address, at a town hall at baton rouge louisiana offers ideas from this page he also took questions about what happens when he leaves office backok when i get out, i'm still holding the most important job in a democracy and that is the office of citizen . i will continue to work on the things that we care deeply about to encourage young people to become involved. >> the state of the union
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speech in 15 years,wa 31 million people tuned in, to not include those watch it >> if you grow a vegetable garden make sure you pictured you don't have leads but in this case some of them were used to hide wade , border patrol agent stopped to pick up trucks loaded with carrots trying to come into the us from mexico, some of them were not vegetables there were 3,000 carrot shaped marijuana packages with a street value of half a million dollars. >> alan rickman, that away after a cancer battle at 69 he began his career on stage before appearing and some tv series he played the villain in die hard, another generation does t better as professor snape and
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rickman dead at 69. >> a proud general plan for google in bill bolling the family said that proud raiders have been made to celebrate his life they asked for the public to respect the privacy he passed away on sunday afterct a battle with cancer, just days earlier released his last album called black star, he was 69. >> stock market closing higher today led by gains in oil and gas companies as the price of crude turned higher,,. temperatures rising they were going to get some cold temperatures quickly. >> started this weekend, tomorrow tomorrow will be the warmest of this time anden today we had some sunshine . amazing what that sunshine can do, many
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as the sunshine broke through the cloud cover, the wintery scenario began with bikini with rainfall tomorrow then quickly switches to winteryki precipitation, stovall then we take the arctic plunge . today 41 degrees the high and 19 degrees below . in 1932 we had a record high of 70 . the win makes it feel like it it is in the 30s . the south wind five -- 15 . they were in that then persisted today at st. louis and cincinnati wasi 55 . going to get some more water tomorrow before the cold air takes the grip . a
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showers basically bypassed northeast ohio to think i think some of this moisture willnk tap into it if it begins tomorrow afternoon probably after one or 2:00 p.m. for west to east . once the front comes through, unleashing cold air with a fury a blast of cold air over the weekend . rainfall gone by midnight tomorrow, as you go through tomorrow afternoon and evening,go rainfall west and southwestra of the city then moves eastward, then midnight, through saturday morning, it is all about the lake-effect snowfall . tonight upper 30s, partly cloudy with a afternoon showers
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religion had some mid- 40s, it starts out as lake-effect into saturday and sunday, the clipper system moves in with high temperatures in the low 20s it'll beow be a generalized snowfall for stay tuned for the weekendfo to check out the full forecast . monday and tuesday lake effect, monday will be the whole day with aboutmo 16 degrees with a re hide the backup to 20 abend 20s and low 30s, thursday friday next week's. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. the cannes award nominees were revealed, the best actor nominees including bryan
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damon for the martian, dinardo dicaprio for the revenant and michael fassbenderr, steve jobs and eddie redmayne, for his second oscar for his part in the danish girl, a mix of established actresses in their faces for best actress, cate blanchett,t, brie larson and jennifer lawrence recognized for her part and joy joy, joy, show ripley gets the nomination for 45 years and, receives her first nomination for >> a movies competing for the r best picture nomination, wall street, the big short and british prize, brooklyn, mad max fury road, and the martian, the revenant, the last two nominees, the room and the spotlight, for
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in washington getting ready ge for the deal and nothing to do with politics,
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congratulations to the fox 8 coolschool, garfield heights middle school will be featured on on fox 8 news morning.fe >> people enjoy a beer while w watching football but some would
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called packers power piped the little dish of vanilla flavored milk that is colored green,he kim derry started making up for last week's packers wildcard over washington's word is a hit. think it would be good for parties and stuff packers facing the cardinalsrs saturday in arizona but a busy week in dc, first the state of the union address and pandemonium this coming weekend visit of getting ready to view its latest panda cub born august spent the last five months and/or at the zoo panda house on saturday it will venture outside for the first timemell, the excitement is building
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the first look at the baby's. >> of her people stand in line for four hours i cannot imagine is going to be any different. >> since he was born, but have 5 million people have watched him on the 24 hour camera, take tickets for steps outside of the panda house at 9:00 a.m.
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