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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  January 15, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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- welcome to new day cleveland! i'm natalie herbick, and we are taking you on a tour of the snow belt today. pretty exciting stuff, because we're really traveling in style, as you can see. we're in a snow truck here. i have brett next to me, with the painesville township service department, and we are going to places like madison, ashtabula, and a whole lot more. you know, this time of year we think, "let's just stay indoors and bundle up," right? well, no, there's plenty of fun things to do. so, if you're ready, hop on board with brett and i.
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show on the road. snowball today pretty exciting stuff we are in a snow truck here i have the painesville townsville service department this is when you say bundle up now, there are plenty of fun things to do. hop on board we will get the show on the road. are you ready? let's go? it is
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fruit growing region with the fruit trees going in this area because of the elevation about it starts the growing season in ohio's wine country and you make >> absolutely we do that is one of the unique things about being g in ohio ohio ontario and a few other places where it gets cold enough so the grapes actually freeze on the vine much like a popsicleou
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you remember as a kid he could get, the juice salt that is exactly what we do. >> and when the grapes freeze, we pick thoseol so it has to get cold enough not a frost look old enough that they cold enough that they freeze on the vine at and about 15 degreesob. >> 15 degrees. >> s. >> so there's really not a huge difference obviously and how you prepare an iced wine ce. versus a regular wine. >> absolutely oh yes you will taste the difference it's very very sweet and concentrated. >> it tastes almost like the juice to drinknk when you're not allowed a to have your own wine. it is that concentrated but it is delicious. >> yes it is. >> yes it is. >> you havevi a variety of points here. >> asked. >> what do you likewhh dark dry red? >> first of all without nothing but the old world grapes from
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germany and rp no-no are is where joseph is been doing quite well for the last 20 years this is our 2011 this is how the napa valley last year. >> you are kidding.e' >> no i am not. >> you bought a little on the facility. >> we make our own there is a cellar underneath usre and over there the other section of the buildingre but we do make most of the white sphere and the reds are madet in another facility we try to keep the things a little separate because of the used and bacteria we years use in the process are different and we don't want to cross contaminate. >> you are really doing it right taking the timehe to get it done right you sit on how many acres of property? >> 65 acres here in about 15 are
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traditional farming and that actually goes grapes right here winery and we belong to the association called though valley and i just just to put in a little plug if you don't mindd since we are talking about iced wine in pinot noir the first three saturdays in march every year the association of winegrowers in the river valley present what is called the ice wine festival so invite everyone to come out injury some iced wine, and enjoy an appetizer or another complementary - - that goes with iced wine and they get to taste someme of the fares from this region. >> it is so picturesque he set out there on the deck anytime of year but probably in the summer it is absolutely wonderful but
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and warm and nice and toasty by theli fire. thank you so much for having us here at saint joseph vineyard. >> thank you for stopping. >> to make sure you get cocoa the cute little dog. >> a few minutes now, but we want to make sure you're staying warm, so we will warm you up just a little bit w with some nice hot soup in solent. >> we started outt with the real simple a real simple concept of homemade soups with cornbread and focaccia and solid. and, soon after we opened the doors, we had a lot of people really excited with the fact they could get something that wouldof really be madeop from scratch. with that, people with health issues silly ask disease ecstasies and all kinds ofwh different things with high blood pressure anybody who needs anything lower sodium or low-fat, they found they could come here and get somethingbe that meets their
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- gives us a good feeling about being able to serve people . >> i love their sandwiches and i love theyre have a great gluten-free section of sandwiches. truly, whenever you go anywhere, you can only get pretty much a burger without a bond if you have celiac disease. >> they should not be afraid all it needs and means is that this product from wheat barley or right and by nature, so many kids don't have that i'm, i mean, so many foods don't have that. it is wholesome and low-calorie at least the ones we do it is satisfying and it is nurturing. my goal was to bring their homemade productas as sort of a fast food for people on the run, and i am glad i did because i think our customer base is as happy to have something like that.
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but they still come heres we do have three begin soups which are absolutely delicious we have this chicken stock baked soupis and a turkey chili cabbage kebabs the stuffed peppers. marvelous food with that if someone is looking for something light we have homemade cornbread we do sandwiches we do solids. we also have our gluten-free others and homemade desserts we have homemade carrot cake and banana cake and chocolate cake from scratch. we make our on the sauceer that is really really
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gluten-free, our non- gluten-free customers buy them and enjoy them because you really cannot tell. there's a difference between that and regular cake. even though a lot of their soups are gluten-free chances are you're not going to note the difference in taste. up next - - all make good at
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i'm an idiot i am on the bdw coming up now welcome back, we are continuing our tour of the snow belt, and one of the places that's gonna really
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little bit, i think, is heartmade boutique here. i have melody with me in ashtabula harbor. where did you get the name from, and is it because you're kind of heartfelt, everything you put in here? - i actually fell into the name i was working with a lady, and she had chosen a name. she just quit working with us and i kept the name. i never changed it. - [natalie] it's a cute name! - but yes, some of the stuff is made directly by me, or by local people, so we do put our heart into it. - [natalie] there's a lot of heart and soul that goes into something like this. this section is probably the most exciting for me. as you walk in here, you walk into the store and it smells fabulous. what all is up here? - [melody] this is all our bath care products. we've got fizzies, lotions, scrubs, body washes, bubble baths, salts, lip balms, body balms, you name it. then, on the other side over here, we've got soaps. we make all of this stuff here in the store. - so how do you, i know that you can customize things. what can be customized
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scrubs, the body washes-- - [natalie] are these the lotions? - these are the lotions. they can all be made to order when you come into the store. - [natalie] so, you pick which scent you kind of like? - you can pick something off the shelf, and it's completely ready, finished product. or, if you wanna add something like vitamin e or bamboo extract, i'll make it to order for you. and you get that added into it. and you can do it with the scrubs, the body washes, the lotions. - that's pretty awesome. now, the salts, too, these are nice. - [ melody] yup, they're from all over the world. so, we have, like, the red salt is a hawaiian volcanic clay salt. there's a black salt that's a hawaiian volcanic ash. the gray one is from france. we have dead sea salt. - [natalie] now, do these smell on their own, or do you have to add scents to those? - those are all unscented, whichever one you want, and then you pick from our over 60 fragrances, and i'll do it
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- that's awesome. now, the coasters, too, do you make those? - i make the coasters. there's coasters and trivets. it just depends on what mood i'm in, what's out there. so, as they sell, i'll make stuff. sometimes there will be more with quotes. sometimes there will be more that have pictures. - [natalie] i love that. a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. - [melody] phyllis diller. - that is so cute. now, so here's the soaps we were talking about again. i love this. the mustache soap, everyone's gotta have a little mustache soap in their life, right? - [melody] of course. - [natalie] so this is probably a really cute gift idea, maybe, for showers, do you...? - these are the bigger bars. what i do for in the store is a lot of the bigger bars, where i'll maybe imprint a smaller bar inside, or sometimes even two bars. so, like the my heart is in ohio soap, it's got a heart inside of ohio, inside of a regular bar. but for showers and stuff, you know, you can just get the little tiny hearts. you have a little gift,
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and those can all be customized. - [natalie] and i'm seeing the little ducks for like, a baby shower, or something, how cute would that be? they're so cute! - yeah, there's a monster duck, there's princess ducks. yeah, you can, all sorts. - if you think you haven't seen enough, then the whole entire back of the store is beautiful clothing. - [melody] clothing, we always have black and white, because it's classic, and everybody needs it. there's always a section of cardigans and scarves, because again they're basics that everybody wants and needs. we have maxi dresses, and then we have a whole section of, i call it boho, because it's paisley prints and stuff like that. - [natalie] and really, i'm looking at those clothes, and i, do you feel like people around here think they might have to go to other places to find things like this and they really don't? - that's generally the mentality is they think they have to drive to beechwood, or mentor, even, to find things that are cool and fun, and actually hip and relevant, and they don't. they can come down to bridge street
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- at heartmade boutique, come and see melody. what a great store, so many cute little different trinkets that you can take home with you while you enjoy the snow belt. and i think it is time to get outdoors, just a little bit. so, we are going to kirtland to find ways to explore the snow belt outside. (revving engine) - at chapin forest, we're one of the only places that groom for cross-country skiing. we run a cross-country ski center and snowshoe center where we rent the equipment out to the general public. we're open seven days a week, when there's snow present. we're the people in morning, when we hear lake effect snow, we come running. it's beautiful, it's exciting on the trail. i love the downhills, the turns. - cross-country skiing is a different type of skiing other than downhill skiing. most people are familiar with that. the cross-country skier has a boot that's kind of like a tennis shoe. it's a lighter ski, and it's more of an aerobic sport.
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running and walking on skis. i've got stuff that i can outfit a three year-old with on up to anybody possible. just prepare yourself to be out in the weather. it's beautiful in northeastern ohio. we don't have weather where you have to be inside. it's not shut-in anymore, it's time to get out. we have a fireplace that's inside the lodge with some concessions that people can buy. and then we have a fireplace that's outside and then another pavilion that has a fireplace, also. we are open monday through friday noon until nine, saturdays and sundays we recommend that people call our hotline before they come in. our hotline number is 440-256-2118, extension 4178. and that'll tell them whether or not we're open, what we've groomed, and how long we're gonna be open for the day. (guitar music) - well, the parks are wonderful in the winter. everybody loves nature. everybody that lives here
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and likes snow and likes to get out and do some hiking. when you walk in this park, especially, along the gorge, we have the beautiful hemlock trees, and it can be so quiet, it's just magical. we also have explorer packs, which are backpacks that have activities in them and a journal, so you can take your family out. and it's kind of a guided visit to the park. we say, "we suggest that you go to the wildlife center "and answer these questions," or "draw this animal," or "color this thing." and then, of course we have lots of events going on, too. so, on days that the kids are off school, we have special activities. no registration, just come on out and we'll give you a scavenger hunt and maybe have a live animal program and those kinds of things. and of course, one of the big draws, especially in the winter, are the birds. we have a wonderful bank of windows and you can sit in a rocking chair or on a bench or on a chair and watch
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squirrels, of course. it's not just about the birds. and this year, we're bringing back our bird in hand event. we invite you to come out and put seed on your hand and hopefully one of the birds will come eat the seed out of your hand. and what we like about our bird in hand event here, is that it's right close to the building. it's accessible. a wheelchair can get there. it's right outside the door of the nature center. so, we're really hoping people enjoy that this year. and that the birds cooperate. the nature center is one of the best nature centers around. we have wonderful exhibits. we're open seven days a week, with a couple exceptions throughout the year. we're closed a couple holidays, but boy, we're here nine to five pretty much every day. the staff is all very friendly. our wildlife center is top-notch, where we do rehabilitation and education about local wildlife. we have a bald eagle, who is not quite mature, yet. see, he doesn't have that white head and tail,
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we have hawks, we have owls, we have some falcons, we have turkey vultures, we have a fox. and everybody's really happy to be here, i think, and our visitors have come to love this place, too. - there's always something happening at lake metropark, so your best bet is to go online to their website and find the latest events and programs. all right, when we return it's time for some good old barbecue. (piano music)
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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oh, here's something that's gonna make you think warm thoughts. what better than to think of the summertime than being at a smokehouse, right? we are at briquettes smokehouse here in ashtabula harbor. nate, it feels so good, first of all, just being back in the kitchen, because it is so nice and warm back here. - it's always toasty. - but this is what it's all about. i mean, you've got the, - we're putting together one of our pork melt sandwiches. we put a lot of different spins on barbecue. one of the things that we did is we brought barbecue melts to the table. so, the old traditional barbecue is to get a pile of meat on a plate, and then they come by with some wonder bread, and ask if you want white or wheat. we've taken it to a different level, and we use a bricohe roll, a good sourdough bread. one of the items we're making today
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- [natalie] oh wow. - we use a good marble rye for that, thick cut swiss cheese. - [natalie] sounds delicious. so, there's your smokers back there? - yeah, the big smoker we have is over here. it's got about a 500-pound capacity. we can cook 15, 20 briskets at a time in there. we can cook 30 or 40 pork shoulders, and everything else, turkey, ribs, we smoke a prime rib every friday. we got prime rib smoking today, chris? - [chris] not yet. - [natalie] but you will have it? - we will. - [natalie] every friday? - every friday. - [natalie] - oh, man. - smoked prime rib is something different. - did you open this because you felt there was a need for barbecue? was there a lack of that in the community? - yeah, there was, in general, i found, you get up north and true barbecue is something that is missing from most communitities. - [natalie] most communities, i would agree with you. what do we have cooking over here? i don't wanna make you burn anything, because i'm standing in your way. - we're burning-- - [natalie] you're burning, what are you burning? - we're burning up a
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and chicken wings. the onion rings are for the pork melt. that gets pulled pork. - [natalie] that goes on the pork melt? - right on the pork melt. vinegar-based coleslaw, because who wants sloppy mayonnaise cole slaw on a sandwich? - [natalie] it gets everywhere, right? - not this guy. - [natalie] not this guy. (laughing) - the acid from the vinegar really helps to cut through the fat on the pork and give it an extra dimension of flavor. - [natalie] now, are ribs a big seller for you guys? - ribs are huge for us, yeah. we've won a couple of different rib competitions. - [natalie] really? - [nate] yeah. we were first place. a lot of chili competitions, too. we win chili cookoffs like nobody's business. - don't mess with their chili, okay. well you know what, i'm gonna let you guys keep working. i'm gonna go wait outside at one of the booths, maybe, and you can bring out all of the finished products for me, and we'll sample. - sounds good to me. i'm actually gonna bring ya a cup of this chili, now that i talked about it. - [natalie] now that you've said it's award-winning, i need the chili, too. all right, i'll meet you outside, okay? - thanks, natalie. (guitar music)
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whoa. okay, i don't even know where to begin, but i think i wanna start with this, because it looks heavenly. - this is our buffalo chicken dip. - [natalie] i had a feeling it might be, but i didn't wanna jump ahead of you there. okay, is that delicious? - [nate] it's outstanding. it's really hot, too, so. - [natalie] okay, i don't wanna burn my mouth off. - [nate] you can take a bite, but you better give it a little cool down a second. - [natalie] give it a little blow first? - [nate] yeah. - [natalie] these are the famous ribs? - those are the ribs. we do a three-pound rack of ribs. it's one of the biggest ribs we've been able to find without going to a full spare. so, it is a st. louis rack of ribs, but we buy the big ones. - [natalie] there's some of that amazing cole slaw you were talking about. which one is this? - [nate] this is pork melt. it's got smoked pulled pork, cole slaw, onion rings, swiss cheese, and our sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. - [natalie] so, that's what you were making up back there. and this is the one you were talking about, too. - [nate] yeah, that's our smoked corned beef reuben. - i made the mistake, because i thought i'm gonna nibble a bit of a pickle, because you're not gonna be able to tell that i stole one. normally you warn people
10:25 am
- we do, if they're new faces, we try to give them a heads up. it's a hot and spicy pickle. it's actually made by a cleveland company. - [natalie] they're hot. - really? they're hot, but they're good. they're good. put that on that sandwich probably just gives it that added kick that it needs. - [nate] yeah, it's good. - wonderful. - [natalie] and then, this is the award-winning chili? - [nate] that's our blue-ribbon chili. - [natalie] gotta do it. - [nate] it has 10 or 15 trophies on the wall and on the shelf. - i know why it's award-winning now. that is just delicious. it's not too creamy, it's just the right amount of thickness. - [nate] thank you, natalie. - and i love the corn added into it. you know, that's not the trick. not a lot of people put corn in their chili, do they? or do they, i don't eat a ton of chili. - no, traditionally chili, and i did some research to find this out, chili can contain two of three items. meat, beans, tomatoes. it doesn't have to have all three. it just has to have two of them. so, a meat and bean chili is still chili. the food is outstanding. i love that, he came walking in here this morning with a guitar in his hand, because you also play the guitar in the front here?
10:26 am
- [natalie] so, people get some good live music? - you're right, every friday and saturday, live music. friday night we tell people in the community to bring their guitars and their harps down. it's an open mike night that usually turns into a big jam session. - love it, what a great way to spend a friday night. or, come down here any day and enjoy the amazing food. ashtabula harbor. we're here on bridge street. come say hello to nate. he's a really nice guy. he'll be really kind to you. and he'll warn you about the pickles, in case you forget. - thanks natalie, and if we're full, there's a lot of other good places to eat down here. - i'm sure there are. what a great street, a great area, and we have much more for you on our tour of the snow belt after this. we'll see ya after the break. (guitar music)
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ha, look at that! [laughs] time warner cable even has an internet plan for us. get the speed you need. internet plans start as low as $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc. welcome back. if you plan on spending a lot of time in the snow belt, there are two things to keep in mind. bundle up and protect your skin. we're heading, actually, into a kitchen right now, of a local skincare company where they make batches of high-end products. (piano music) - well, we are an all-natural usda organic skin, hair, body care company. we hand make everything in our shop using only organic ingredients. the ingredients are what make a skin care product. and we've believed from the very beginning that you only want ingredients that are pure, that are natural, free from pesiticides, no gmo's. that's what makes us different.
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moved to another room in our house, moved to a smaller warehouse, and then we moved here this june, because we outgrew all the other spaces. so, it's the american dream story. well, tomorrow we're gonna be making, actually, it's a brand new soap. we just made a test batch a few weeks ago. it's called gojiberry antioxidant soap. we use a lot of fruits and vegetables in our soaps, because they impart of a lot of the good qualities to soap, sometimes make them smoother, sometimes the texture, sometimes the smell. and all of them have a lot of nutrients in them. i think people are realizing more and more that there are so many skin sensitivities. why would you want to use something that was full of chemicals, when there are so many alternatives? and we're one of them. but we have a lot of products. we make lip balms, we make shower bars, we make bath oils, we make whipped butters, we make scrubs. so, on any typical day, we'll be making any of those things. so today, for example, we're gonna be making
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christine is making our mocha java body sugar scrub. we have a number of organic ingredients. again, a lot of people who make sugar scrubs use flavorings, synthetic flavorings. we use real organic cocoa. our coffee beans were actually locally purchased, locally ground, and locally roasted. sugar and cocoa butter. we actually make our own vanilla bean butter, our own vanilla bean oil, using organic vanilla beans christine is making one of our newer, bestselling products, which is an organic natural deodorant. it actually is an organic deodorant. no toxic chemicals, no aluminum, nothing bad, no synthetic flavors or scents, and they work. this is my son, sam, and he is adding the final ingredient, which are the essential oils,
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this one is our aloe double mint. we make with aloe butter, and spearmint and peppermint essential oils, so it's nice refreshing lip balm. we now exclusively use glass, so that we are eco-friendly. no more plastic. what's important when you're looking at all this is to understand that, for our company, the most important thing is the ingredients. the ingredients are what make the products. so, read our ingredients and read other people's ingredients. and then you'll see why our products are so incredible. (upbeat guitar music) - [natalie] it's time to have some fun in the snow, and i really mean a lot of fun. we're here at alpine valley. i got ricky next to me. i kind of want to just slide down this hill right now. i brought the wrong kind of boots with me today. do you have your snow boots on?
10:33 am
now, no, later though. - [natalie] but you're a ski instructor, right? - [ricky] yes, i am. - [natalie] how long have you been doing this? - [ricky] nine seasons. - [natalie] wow, so people can obviously ski. how many slopes are there here? - we have six slopes here at alpine valley? - six? and what about the level, the degrees? - we have beginner to advanced terrain here, so we have four chair lifts and a surface lift, as well, serving the whole area. and there's everything from beginner to advanced. - [natalie] i know you can ski, obviously. what else can you do here? can you snowboard? - [ricky] you can snowboard. we also do offer snowtubing on the weekends. - [natalie] and then what about, or something, too? - there are rails here. call our 3-2-2 park, terrain area, where there are jumps and various rails, boxes, wall heads, all kinds of different features to play with. - did you guys have some big renovations recently, right? - [ricky] yes, yes, a couple years ago we did over two-and-a-half million dollar renovation. we added a whole new snowmaking system, several new chair lifts, upgraded beginner terrain.
10:34 am
we upgraded our available skiing frame by about 33%. - [natalie] i see a lot of kids here, but i'm sure this only packs up even more so as the day, as the evening goes on. - definitely, as soon as the kids all get out of school, they rush here and hang out for the night. it definitely gets crowded on the weekends, as well. - what's it like to just being a ski instructor, and seeing people come out here in the wintertime. i know everybody just wants to stay indoors. they don't want to have to really get out. i mean, this is for anybody, right, even newbies? - definitely, definitely, so we do offer lessons for all levels here, which you can call our ski school to reserve. but we take everybody from the beginner to the very advanced. everybody who comes out here has a passion for it, definitely. those who can brave the weather definitely show their commitment to the sport. - so, for someone like me, who hasn't really skied all that much, i think all i've done is, what's it called, the toe lift, or the, he laughs at me. is that what you have over there, that thing that kind of guides people up? - [ricky] so, we call that the magic carpet. it's a surface lift, it's a conveyer belt. - [natalie] is that still for someone at my age? - [ricky] definitely, definitely, it's for the very very beginners.
10:35 am
people all the way through, 'til they become, basically, probably as good as you? - yeah, some-- - [natalie] or not, or like right underneath you, maybe? - [ricky] ah, no. i've trained even people that are better than me, so, it's definitely a thrill working here. - [natalie] now, is there anything i missed? anything else that goes on? i'm sure you guys have different activities throughout different times of the year? - yeah, we'll do sunday super savers, where we offer discounted lift tickets. we do late nights at other of our ski areas, as well. so, definitely comes with a good time out here. - [natalie] so, i obviously wouldn't have skates. i wouldn't have things, skis, i should say. i wouldn't have things to use. everything they need, or do people bring - [ricky] yes, people bring their own, but we do offer rentals on site. - okay, i'm freezing, it's absolutely freezing out here. do you have any tips for staying warm while you hit the slopes? - [ricky] dress in layers, light, thin layers. that way, if there are too many, you can remove a few. also, you want to stay away from cotton. so, wool socks are good, - okay, well i need
10:36 am
i need to bundle up. i'm gonna go indoors, but for those who love it out here, this is the place to come and enjoy yourself on the slopes. ricky, i appreciate it. thank you so much. - [ricky] you're welcome. - more from our tour of the snow belt after this. (upbeat guitar music)
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welcome back. kick the snow off your boots and come cozy up inside this adorable store here in chardon. we're in the nest, stephanie's place. it is so incredibly cute in here. - thank you so much, natalie. i'm glad you guys got to come out on a snowy friday. - you know what, we wouldn't miss this, because there are so many wonderful things inside of this store for you to come and travel to pick up and take home with you. i love the furniture, all of the different pieces of furniture. have you painted these yourself? - [stephanie] i paint every single piece of furniture that is in this store. it's all hand-painted and distressed, and each piece is unique. - so you have things from tables, i see chairs. - we do a wide range, buffets, table, chairs, anything that you can want for your home, we've put it in the nest. and it's all one-of-a-kind pieces. - [natalie] i love it. and the colors that you pick are so beautiful, too. and then, of course, there's so many little trinkets and things. what are some of your favorites?
10:39 am
because everything looks so great. - [stephanie] i love anything chippy, rusty, or burlap. - [natalie] rusty, and i see burlap. - [stephanie] oh, you'll find burlap amongst the store. - how cute is that little saying, "happiness is being married to your best friend." that is adorable. - [stephanie] my husband picked that out. yes he did. - okay, so burlap, another big thing i see here. - [stephanie] it's a big trend and it's not going out of style. - i mean, if you look at this chair that you've done, what a cute chair, and what an awesome idea to put burlap on that. - we just used an old grain sack, and we covered the seat, and we thought it would be a nice, rustic chair out in the country for your front porch. - do you find any, i mean, i feel like i walk in your store and i just see pinterest, everywhere i look. i heard i am a pinterest in person. i do use pinterest for little things, but i, honestly, i'm a magazine junkie. i store 'em, i hoard 'em, i collect 'em, and i always go through 'em. - [natalie] okay, so come up here with me, if you don't mind, because this, what are these you have right here? - these are drizzle melts. they are a soy-based wax, that when you break apart and
10:40 am
either electric or the candle, similar to a candle, it melts down, and the aroma spreads around. today, we have ginger-nectarine. and these change with the seasons, with the holidays. - [natalie] is that what you have going in here right now? - [stephanie] yes. - it takes up this entire store, so when you're thinking about something you want to fill an entire room, that definitely does it. - [stephanie] ginger-nectarine - these are so cute, too, the little burlap clutches, or keychain purses? - [stephanie] those are made by two local ladies outside of canton. they're all recycled burlap and fabric. - how about over here? i love the jewelry section. - [stephanie] these are our two lovely sisters. they're love designs, two local girls from chardon, that create all of our jewelry. again, their merchandise rotates out, like the whole store. it's always different. they're phenomenal, and again, they're local. we try to keep everything local. - [natalie] now, i also heard that you have craft classes here? - [stephanie] craft club mania - [natalie] what's that all about? - [stephanie] once a month we do a craft club. we do it about four times a month,
10:41 am
80 to 85 girls. and the classes are monthly. and it's a good time. come, we paint. - [natalie] so, you change up the classes. - [stephanie] oh yes. - [natalie] what else can you do in your classes? we've done chalkboards, we've done canvases, we've done banners. you name it, we've done it. and the girls come. they spend the night with their girlfriends for a couple hours. they eat desserts, drink some drinks, it's a good time. - the room in there is so adorable, that you have them set up in. - we try to make it homey, the nest is homey. we want you to feel warm and inviting. when you come, we want you to stay. - trust me, you're going to want to stay when you come in here. it's so adorable. like i said, like you said, too, it makes you feel like you're at home. i just kind of want to stick around. you'll let people stick around once they come in, as long as they need to. - that's right! - all right, we are at the nest here in chardon, but up next, i'm taking you to one of my favorite places, because it's got some awesome beef jerky. (upbeat country music)
10:42 am
and we got buffalo with cheddar cheese in it. phenomenal flavor. - tommy's jerky, we started in 2010, march, and our location when we first started was in the chardon location. so, we've kind of, me and my wife as partners, kind of just branched out, and now we are up to five locations. - we've been working really hard at creating a market, basically, for high-end jerky, a smoky product line. - i love to cook, so i'm a fanatic about the beef and pork industry. so, with that being said, i wanted to make a family environment, and a good place where people come to eat and enjoy a good piece of beef jerky. - i love that it's healthy and there's so much variety here. and every time you come in, tommy's there to greet you with a smile and let you sample everything before you buy it. - some of the different flavors that we carry in a smoky, which is in this particular product, is a pork product that we have. chorizo, which is a mexican spice.
10:43 am
for the hot lovers. we have a particular pork sausage that has no msg, and that's your honey pepper bacon. and of course, our number one seller in a smoky would be your teriyaki flavor. - a good piece of beef jerky is not like the old-school beef jerkies that you can get out at the grocery store. and it's really a nice filling, healthy snack, so i actually look for things that are high protein, low-fat, just like everybody else. - the beef jerky is what i like. - original recipe beef jerky. - when you come to tommy's jerky outlet, one of the things that we're known for is that you can come in and you can take free samples of any of your favorite jerkies that we have and smokies that are available. and from there, you taste the product and you see how well you like it. well, the whole thing behind tommy's jerky outlets, the peanuts are very different in that you do eat the whole entire shell. and of course, having free samples is always the best way to try your favorite peanut,
10:44 am
a peanut brittle, or garlic salt, hot pepper, or cajun. we have about 30 different varieties of, either whether beef jerky or pork or turkey jerky, and then we have different flavors of pork smokies, and we also have refrigerated lines, such as alligator, kangaroo, and salmon. as you notice, being from texas, that word salmon don't come out very good. but you can edit that. - but here's your meat. we got the cowgirl candy, which is peppers. it's all natural. we got car hop's burger sauces here. this is all gluten-free, sugar-free, carb-free. - beef jerky, beef smokies are very healthy for you, the family, the children, all the above, and if you come to a tommy's jerky outlet, you're gonna enjoy the southern hospitality. - tommy's jerky has a couple locations in the snow belt, chesterland and mentor. and when we return, we're making one more stop in painesville. (country music)
10:45 am
.imeeis tkar - and right now, we are just outside of painesville at seven brothers
10:46 am
this is kevin's place. let me say, we're about to at least, i'm about to have a little bit of fun. - hey, i'm always glad to get someone else to bottle for me. - he's going to put me to work today. before we get into bottling, and everything else that you do here, this is, i'm just gonna say, this is not what i expected from the roadway. - [kevin] no, it definitely is not. it's my little, i guess a little man cave is the best way to explain it. but driving up the road, you'd never even know it's here. - [natalie] i mean, you pull into the driveway, and it just looks like a big garage. - [kevin] yeah, and this is where we started two years ago. - [natalie] really? so this is where you started everything? - [kevin] yes. - [natalie] it stayed here? - it did, we built the building just to distill liquor. we started with vodka and we've moved on. we now have five products. and they're all made right here in this little place. - so what made you want to get into doing this? - well, you know, the first time i tried to make liquor was when i was 13 years old. (laughter) - [natalie] are you serious? - it didn't work out so well. - [natalie] it didn't? - fortunately, and you're perfected it now. - yes, i have, i
10:47 am
- well, let's get to it. - [kevin] all right. - is that okay? - [kevin] yes. - oh, we'll see. - [kevin] this is my bottling machine, this was made with about $25 worth of parts. it's my prototype, that i never built the finished product. so, i'm kind of a do-it-yourselfer. i built almost everything in this place. this will just take a minute. first bottle takes a few minutes. - [natalie] so, how does that work? that just suctions onto there? - [kevin] yeah, it just suctions onto there, and the suction pulls the liquid in, and it fills it to the perfect level every time. - all right, it's really going now. - yes, it's flowing, and now i'll have to switch it over and put the next bottle on. - [natalie] oh, so you have to be able to yank that off real quick? - comes right off, next one goes right on. - [natalie] so, how many can you do in a matter of minutes? - [kevin] we do - [natalie] oh, that's pretty good. - [kevin] and yeah, like i say, my 11 year-old daughter usually runs this, so, i think you'll be able to handle it. - [natalie] all right, so am i gonna do the next one here? - sure, you can do the next one.
10:48 am
kind of pinch the cork. - pinch the cork. - you can't do it wrong, because if it overfills-- - is this gonna spray all over me when i release this? - [kevin] no, no. - so, should i stop now? - [kevin] yup. - okay, that was scary. - [kevin] perfect! - all right. - [kevin] there you go, and it just holds itself. - oh, okay! not bad. how'd i do? - you did great. you know, 120 more bottles and we'll be all set. - i'll stay here for a while. all right, so can we go over there, too, because i feel like i might enjoy what you're doing over there, as well, all right, let's go. so, you have a really unique distilling process, i hear. - i do, i do, i kind of pioneered a new way of distilling. - [natalie] so, this is some of the wheat whiskey you've already distilled? - yes, and this is, we've got a little bit here that we're gonna barrel up. first we have to proof it. we gotta make sure we know how much alcohol is going into that barrel, so that the government knows how much of a check i need to write to them. and so, more or
10:49 am
we fill this up. i know you'd like to sample this. - i got chills just hearing you say it. - but this little device tells us about how much alcohol is in there, based on where it floats. so, i can see on this that we're at about, it keep spining around, around 122 proof. so, that's about the right proof to put it in the barrel. now all we need to do is document that, and we'll open up the barrel. - i wore my boots just for the right occasion here. i knew i was gonna get a little hands-on. - you wanna open it up? - can i? - [kevin] sure! - what do i do, just turn it? - [kevin] this is your barrel. we're gonna put your name on it. - [natalie] we're gonna put my name on this? how far do i open it? - [kevin] open it all the way. - [natalie] all right. - [natalie] no one every tries to come in here and sip out of this while you're doing this, right? - [kevin] everyone would love to. truth be told, i would love to sometimes.
10:50 am
- [kevin] they can come sample what i've already bottled. but legally, i couldn't have people sample this. - [natalie] yeah, they couldn't come out here and drink out of the water fountain. - [kevin] no, although, you know, it does look appealing. but, whiskey, when it comes off the still, is clear. this is gonna be an aged whiskey. we're putting it into a barrel. the barrel adds all the color, and a lot of the flavor to it. - [natalie] how long will you age it? - this'll age at least a year. small barrels like this, this is only a five-gallon barrel. most of the big distilleries use 55 or 53-gallon barrels. or larger. this barrel costs about the same as a 50-gallon barrel, but you can mature a whiskey a lot faster in a small barrel, because you get more exposure to the wood and more oxidation from the liquor moving in and out of the wood, - i've definitely learned a lot from you, so i'm gonna come back in a year and i'm gonna see this barrel with my name on it. - [kevin] yes, we're gonna put your name on it right now, and then we'll set this one aside, and you can definitely come back and we'll taste it right out of the barrel. - and it's gonna be
10:51 am
anybody's ever tasted, right? - definitely. - i can tell already. thanks so much, kevin. so come check him out at seven brothers distillery. just outside of painesville. it may not look like it from the outside, but when you come in, you're gonna find this man cave of a place, right? - [kevin] definitely. - [natalie] thanks, kevin. (upbeat guitar music) see, the snow's not so bad after all! i hope you enjoyed our little trip along the snow belt. i've had a lot of fun. get used to riding around in one of these all the time. you know, as long as the roads are clear, get out, enjoy the weather, and find us anytime you want on facebook, on twitter, email us, let us know what else you'd like us to do. and we will see you on the next new day cleveland. so long!
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