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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  January 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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scatter light rainfall during the commute, behind that bear school and down tomorrow makes that shot of cold air starting on sunday .. showers through midnight then snowball special in snowbelt tomorrow . not looking at much accumulation . until on sunday . then we all have a chance of some snowfall . tomorrow maybe a trace, to 1 inch . high temperature tomorrow around and i'm the falls of the
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in snowbelt it had a nice break from the freezing temperatures, and hope that it continues. >> i have a feeling that reality reality is about to set in. >> the fire broke out around 6:00 o'clock this morning, nobody was injured, a level three homes behind that were unoccupied under construction that has spread to a home explorere back in the family sending them out running for their liveses in her think you're going to make your kids up and that there was a fire and it actually happened inf cell phone video covers
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box first over verso the same as they battle being fire in this cuyahoga falls neighborhood . for five houses down you can see the red flags of ash. i want to get my daughter out andw there was this. >> it started at the new construction and spread next door o they kept an eye on propane tanks back is an anomaly to have houses under construction go up like that he says that the cause is under investigation. >> happens is when there is a
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up for a very quick fire spread. >> the demolish the newly finished all that was damaged, they found they can't. >> with no one injured there grateful that it was not >> it broke out in a later section of this neighborhood it was so new that electricity was just installed yesterday they say it is too soon that played any role in this fire a child hit by car while riding a slide has passed away, 9-year-old drew hayden dinette metrohealth today he was sledding in the meadow lake subdivision in north ridgeville on tuesday night, they sled was hit by a car, the
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driver has not been charged int man accused of shooting a canton police and and killing a k-9 officer remains under arrest,,o peggy gallek is back from canton with a detailed. >> many here, are deeply saddened by the death ofof k-9 officer jethro . and what they can to show that they care. >> this is a labor of love for our lost k-9 officer jethro. >> members of the canton police wives association held a fundraiser to raise money for the canine association and the police department, he died after being shot by a suspect, kelontre barefield was injured in the shootout he was in court this morning and entered a not guilty plea, and is also accused he is also accused of shooting and several officers goes at a fundraiser say that want almost nose that they appreciate them
4:05 pm >> it is very sad, for the community, and for very fine people. >> he is a police officer, and he did his job . he sent that officer's life . but to me he is an officer. >> the case is still being investigated and kelontre barefield is due back in court next week. >> place play some video of two boys can help them identify the people responsible for throwing debris onto a busy highway and damaging five cars, dave nethers as the videos and joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron..ejo
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police believe>> security camera in the area actually got a look at the parties involved. >> reports came from drivers on state route 30 near the harrison avenue exit, one of those, craig frank, showed us the damage to his track or a rock hit the area near his passenger side rear . police now say that the two young men seen in the video from a nearby school wherese at the area of the time,se please leave the photos show two boys about 14 -- 17 believed to live in the nearby neighborhood, another video from a landscaping company appears to show them go under the bridge about the same time another truck is >> we believe that these two individuals went udge and possibly through debris from under the bridge
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the cars either by them hitting the rocks and kicking them off or possibly hit in the vehicles themselves smack have those images at fox, the place said that this was not a w childish prank and they are asking anyone who may recognize them to call me back man accused of assaulting a priest in little italym has a court appearance today, player of johnchez phillips is charged with aggravated robbery, a judge ordered the case bound over to the grand jury,, that films along with two others pistol whipped the priest as he walked to his
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and mayfield roadea person who assisted him was also robbed, phillips was arrested on harvard avenue this weekl man accused of killing his mother says he is not guilty, 34-year-old burley blankenship made that play and they cuyahoga county coroner this morning charged with the murder of his mother, 54 was stabbed during a confrontation at her homebl back in october, he was arrested in iowa a few days later after he was stopped for speeding in his mother's car he remains locked up on $2 million bond. >> local walmart closing its doors , walmart announcement today that it is closing one and 54 stores here in the country in more than a hundred abroad including the walmart on rockside road in bedford,cl they reviewed performance of review the performance of more than 11,000 stores those the chopping
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then veteran walmart will close on january 28 .. >> this is the first to worst two weeks targeting markets ever , justst yesterday they rallied having one of its best day since early december but was not the case today as theyar had a wave of of selling thanks to fears of low crude oil prices andllo china's stock market tumbling intoa a bear market in. >> some of the stocks getting hit the hardest,of revlon oil is down 13 percent, intel lost 10 percent and citigroup, and expedia are down 7 percent, even the white house weighed in on ed
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house spokesman josh earnest said that officials are closely watching market movementsai and economy to most people say that until oil stabilizeseo the markets will not stabilize and low gas prices are great for everybody except if you work in that field ,rk worldwide, thousands of jobs lost who work in the energy sector so it is some next news. law-enforcement officials tell you that there's no such thing as a routine call, to highway patrolflsls state troopers were assisting elyria state police ce department in searching for a suspectce they were recognized for what happened, p.j. ziegler joins us. >> one of the values of the
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detail, on september 13, the troopers paid attention to detail and were honored for saving a man's life.he il >> del bethel suffered a heart attack in his driveway while checking on his car in the the middle the night that had just been crashed into,dd of the troopers were searching for suspect in the area when they were flagged down by a resident,p they found him unconscious and began to administer cvr, today they were honored at the elyria post oftoay the highway patrol for saving his life, neither were told their supervisor what they had done that night snack brought here for recognition just here to do our job and to make the county and state a better place nobody knew what they had done until, the victim 's father-in-law came to the patrol station to thank them
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pacemaker defibrillator put into health, you'll hear from you tonight on fox news at 6:00 p.m.. >> last november boaters shot
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today we had temperatures almost 50 degrees . the snow is still mounting, so, we had sunshine
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talking about 45 -- 50 degrees . to the last couple of the is falling, it is all grateful . it will be back, winds from the south around 10 215 . it just ahead of a cold front, it is only 20 in minneapolis and that will be moving in our region got the weekend . scattered showers moving in, most of us will be dry throughout much of the evening
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eastward . by midnight it will be gone, these showers we than cold but we
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tonight mid- 30s, tomorrow 34 degrees for the high, then falling into the 20s with a few scattered flurries, on sunday, one -- -- three install for everybody than lake effect snow fault a company by the coldest air of the season, and then we climb out of that and then we will start to dry out on thursday, friday and saturday . it will be cold and sunny, sunday monday tuesday . fox 8 the official school
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is always dreamed he has always dreamed of becoming american idol stephe back for the next round in hollywood thursday nightf as greg harris joins us
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thrilled about this. >> children's family today they say that he has beeni auditioning since he was eight years old but do not get past past the prescribed amount. >> he learned what happened on thursday nightp his family in ashtabula had no idea what was going to happen .h they watch the show in real time just like the rest of us, his brother david says that he ish so happy for him and knew that he would would get it eventually . he says that he is a hard-working guy, also a big fan of dancing, he teaches dancing at his day job and runs ais weight-loss program. >> annuities sounds like sounds
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does .ke see you in front of the judges was really inspiring. >> it is incredible . we're so we are so excited that he has this opportunity ando hopefully the matter what happens if you have some opportunities that come, he has worked so hard he deserves that. >> there will be more auditions next week so you probably won't see him him perform but you can track his progress on facebook we will have a link for that had fox betray his own weight-loss program, a lot of people attend the class it is very successful. >> shouldn't i don't know how he would lose in the first round. >> he has been auditioning for
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>> talk about perseverance, and i were giving a. coming up, international space
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changing drastically , but some of the coldest there of the season for at least two days in a row, in the meantime, gather to enjoy it coming the
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the 40s . looking at a very easy commute, a few showers to the west, overall, show you what is going on here we are now more than 10 degrees above normal .mo any snowfall, for most of us is pretty much gone except snowbelt the . the wind from the south is part of the reason we have have the warmer air restingplace, a few showers in the snowbelt . summer
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the turnpike to the last . . wyandot and richland and also ottawa and sandusky . lance light pockets of rain phone through midnight,ht behind this it would be cooling down drastically . that is all about a general snowfall on sunday . tomorrow,o the temperatures into the 30s . tonight mid- 30s . colder air workingmen after midnight, the high temperature will be around midnight than falling
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they're talking about me general , widespread clipper-like system on sunday . keeping tabs tabs on the wealth of stories on his bill martin has a look at what is just in. >> 12 us soldiers are unaccounted for after two marine aircraft collided last night in hawaii,unft where gore spokesman says that the two helicopters are missing off the coast,gos they say that the aircraft, from the first marinec aircraft wing are believed to have collided late thursday a total of 12 were on board thatrs they say that search teams have spotted a fire and debris fieldha on the beach . and indeed my friend also discovered .a
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for survivors is ongoing . each candidate is going all in and leads to some intense battles steve nannes reports. >> donald trump and donald trump and his crew spent most of thursday debate delivering d in defending themselves from personal attacks,h from the birther issue 2om janet bodnar values the front runners were
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>> not the the only one's. >> on friday the gop candidates returned to the campaign campaign trail about how, donald trump focusing on iowa,c the latest poll shows a dead heat between him and ted cruz,sh trump said that he doest want anything y less than first place if we have a great relationship with the evangelicals and with everybody in iowa .. jeb bush, received endorsement from a former gop candidate lindsey graham.e >> marco rubio is going after him in a new ad. >> if you are candidate you can't play the role role of victim so i'm not going to do it it and you shouldn't either steve nannes recording. >> michigan's governor asking for a presidential emergency and
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because of water supply in flint, michigan high levels of lead have plagued the water supply for the last year or so the governor made the request thursday said that officials have declared a state of emergency,fi has requested assistance from fema to coordinate a recovery plan to pl divide resources the governor also activated the national guard to distribute water and sites across the state. >> power outage on the international space station-iss, they ventured outside to read . working to repair anysp electronic box that powers the situation by 15 percent . they had to do the switching darkness, also, a time crunch, they got just 31 minutes of each orbit to complete the
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200 feet from the spacecraft exit and as far as they can safely go outside of the station 's. >> chipotle wills s close all of its stores next month that for a few hours on monday, to rally the leave behind a strategy to focus on improving food safetya during a company wide wide wide meeting, and they have been in the hot seat since it was tied to a series of disease outbreaks including e. coli, salmonella and norovirus the cdc says 53 people have been second in multiple states . 53 at least my lawsuits have been filed against the company. >> the validation failed but marijuana might still be legalized in ohio,tibu suzanne stratford has more on the major announcement out of columbus . announcement by the speaker of
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state.epe >> as many of you know we were looking forward to talking long about a task force to take an marijuana.n >> although the issue failed in november, cliff rosenberger said the idea is still very much alive. >> as i travel and talk to many people there is a lot of concern questions and interest inny particularly medical marijuana. >> at a press conference thursday in columbus he was flanked by bipartisan task force to study and address the issue of of medical or water, emphasizing that this is not a stall tactic stall tactic will be to legalize it. >> but don't know the end result but we want to make sure that we start the process to start collecting data to come up with ultrasound results in the future 's. >> is made up of current and former lawmakers like formeris attorney general betty
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disorder,eym members of law enforcement and medical professionalsof even a founding nd member of responsible ohio, the group that supported issue 3 last fall, the task force chairman says that voters voices are most important. >> a fair and objective process to hear from people not only on the task force but to listen to the people. >> multiple public hearing dates are scheduled at the deadline of march 312 complete , recent studies seem to support this, recent poll found that 90 percent of ohioans support medical or woman were at least investigated the idea of legalization .at i think it is a good idea to learn new things so that, why not study and learn
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>> suzanne stratford fox 8 news. >> several meetings will be held at the state house nearly every thursday with a deadline of march 31 you can learn more about theer anti- hearing date set
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to remind you, about the chill that is coming up in the next couple of days. >> will be a great weekend to go to thee movie theater a. >> fighting crime terrorists and stopping tourists is at a theater near you this weekend to look at what is now showing. >> kevin hart and ice cube are back and ride along 10, he teams up with his future brother-in-law to take down the leader of ae miami drug ring, teaming up with computer hacker to prove that a businessman
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rated pg-13. john krasinsky and james badge dale starr and 13 hours, the secret sold chronicling a team of american security workers a living at the time of the 2012 attack on the us consulate consulate, based on the book claiming to be a real account of what happened, it is rated r.gha. >> if you are looking for some family fun day check out more war with the north . rob schneider plays a polar bear. who must go to new york city to stop a developer from building luxury
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heather graham and kim jong un also also lend their voices, more of north of the north is rated peachy . tempters vigil mid
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beginning to move in, hit his 20 degrees minneapolis those will be coming our way . the windchill and minneapolis, makes it feel like 5 degrees . some showers moving them through lorain county .. on sunday a general snowfall for everybody can this will produce between one and 3 inches for the entire area of sunday .
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might be the best day, then i could be a great movie day . on sunday, between one and 3 inches for everybody and then after that it could turn into a significant lake effect sunday into tuesday .. we'll have the coldest
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teens and the 20s and 30s and then it gets pretty quiet on thursday friday and saturday if you want some snowfall, with the coldest air,sn monday and tuesday could interesting to. browns coach hue jackson began assembling his staff his staff statement the cavaliers starting another winning streak, john telich joins >> and coaches come and go and bury of the special teams coordinator christine bridges keeps weather the storms . today ,, he now said he will retain him as the special teams coordinator, he could stay in
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show, survival berea . you are for brad sherman and then coach chudzinski and then mike pettine , cavaliers in houston for the second back-to-back game on thursday they were blistering for the quarter than the spurs began to lock them down, so far the cavaliers are zero and two against teams like coldest day in san antonio, they are evolving but still must improve to become confident that they canr be when those teams to beat them four out of seven times monday detailing the final's. >> the indian side for guys to one-year deals, avoided arbitration, alan chisenhall,
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the spurs have not lost since the cavaliers beat seven home last march, they are still outstanding on the cavaliers got off to a great start but then a little stagnant and you can say that they it got to be more creative san antonio defense was outstanding and they made them pay for. >> ramps at its st. louis to los angeless and the fans here venting frustration for. >> a group of factors limiting others are burning their team gear, local bar is allowing fans to burn their jerseys in the parking lot on the condition that they make a donation to
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birthday commiserated. >> to understand how they could do something to these people do such a good sport for. >> the bar owner says he is pleased with all the donationst that go go towards helping local charities panic but to a story about story about kids in need said the cards to vikings kicker blair walsh, he showed his appreciation by paying a visit to the first grade class .i is a game-winning field goal in the playoff game that eliminated them from the playoffs,in the classical letters of support to him the teacher says he wanted to teach them about empathy . the message was that everybody makes mistakes when he stopped by to thank the students, sign
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the nfl playoffs continue this weekend, you can see the nfc divisional playoff game sunday on fox they the coverage beginning at noon on sunday. >> a couple of harlem globetrotters got locked up in america's most famous >> they take a tour of alcatraz island they walked around the prison area and made some impossible shots from and alcatraz s leadership to a basketball hoop on the island, the exhibition is part of the efforts to promote their latest
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male koala at the australian reptile park adopted to more despite having her own,p their mother did not produce stepped in other stepped in to take care of them all three are doing well as they adjust to
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it it'll be getting cold, and andre bernier joins us with a look at what we can expect.. >> the snow is disappearing, has they said, they very nice break early that will be short-lived because we have to cold frontsts that are affecting us, the first one is offf the east coast . give you the three-dimensional view
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the east with the cold front
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