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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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grounds. at least the next few days. as a late snow warning kicks in tomorrow at noon. and goes through tuesday at noon.
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where we'll be under the influence of lake effect snow. let's first of all see what's happening presently. storm fox showing a bit of snow towards the western base of lake erie. and just a couple of snow flakes flying out towards. and parts of the snow belt. nothing compared to what's on the way. lake effect snow warning. goes up at noon tomorrow. as we said. through tuesday. right now confined to lake and snow. the clipper coming in. that front ushering in another blast of arctic air. right now temperatures hovering close to freezing. cleveland lake front. at 30. in the 20s at mansfield. otherwise around the state
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>> windchills will be dropping. watch as we animate through tomorrow. especially tomorrow night.t. into monday. these are the forecast windchills. look at mansfield. pretty skinny numbers out there. t talking around 0. to maybe as colds as 15 below. definitely within windchill
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>> . forecast for tonight. a chance of light snow. around. that's it. just real scattered. and there are the windchills. five to ten above. low 23. we'll have a look at the full 8 day forecast. >> see if there's any improvement in site. >> cleveland police are searching for two thieves accused of robbing a gas station at gunpoint. >> the scary encounter was caught on camera. and joining us now live. with more on what that video shows. >> . the entire encounter only lasted about ten minutes. police were able to get pretty good descriptions of both men. >> >> the scary encounter happened early monday morning. and was caught on camera.
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>> the owner o of the gas staeus. he he wasn't there durin g the robbery. but his catch sheer is ex- is extremely upset. >> he thought he was going to get shot. we open the gas station 24 hours. it. and try to rob us. >> as you can see, both suspects are fully clothed. faces. police were still able to put >> >> said to be wearing black andnd red nike air force one basketball shoes. white gloves. a blue bandanna with white stars. sunglasses and a blue backpack with white letters. second male has on black and blue nike air farce shoes.
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and a black glove with blue stripes. >> you can't keep your kids 24 hours. as always. if anyone out there knows who the suspects are. please call police. we'll have the c descriptions on > . hopefully somebody knows something. horrible video. >> . . very scary situation. >> thankfully no one was hurt. >> . >> prayer and time of dis-pair. people in am amherst are coming together to mourn the loss of a nine year-old boy.
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while he was sledding earlierdd this week. >> live tonight. where a vigil in his name just ended. just a tragedy. >> . that's right. we know just how tough of a week it has been. for people in this area. drew passed away yesterday. and that's why people were here at church today. and you can feel the power of prayer here. at great lakes church. people including some of the boys classmates. over at harris elementary. attended the vigil. he went to school in the area. and those say he was just the sweetest most loving boy. but of course we know just a tragedy. happened earlier in the week. police say hayden was sled -bgd down a hill. at meadow lake subdivision. on tuesday. they say he sled into the street and he was hit by a car. sadly he did pass away on friday. gist a horrible accident.
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>> . weu we are told thr fs a there's a go fund me account set up in his name. already 20 thousand dollars plus has been raised for the family. and that information can be found on i >> devastating. good so see the community come together. > . lots of love out here. >> . tph
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to determine who is officially responsible for a home explosion in north field center. which killed family of 4. and 3 of the victims. will be laid to rest this week. police found a gas can at the scene of the blast. they say itof appears to be arson. it could be weeks before thehe investigation is complete. meantime family and friends held a vigil last night. outside what's left of theat family home. and funeral services for cynthia. and her two daughters are scheduled for thursday. january 21. there will be visitation periods at christ community chapel in hudson. from ten a.m. until noon. >> from 2 until 6 in the afternoon. services for cynthia and the girls will begin at 6. we have more information on > . in stark county. firefighters are investigating a fire that destroyed a small home. and sent two people to the hospital. itit started shortly before nine last night.
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. the trailer is a total loss. the cause remains under information. >> . investigation. >> . kphrao efd police are a deadly shooting on the city east side. it happened last night. here on east 111. the victims mother came home just before midnight to find her son unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the arm. par med paramedics pronounce him dead at the scene. it's unclear who fired the fatal shot. anyone with information should contact the cleveland police homicide unit. >> .>> i team learned that clevelandle police have made a second arrest. in connection with with a series ofwi robberies. in little italy. back on december 5. the suspects held up 3 people. including a priest. earlier this week. u.s. marshalls arrested john phillips.
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tonight a second suspect is also behind bars. 20 year-old david harris son. charged with aggravated robbery. cleveland police are still searching for the third suspect. 18 year-old de-shawn newten. >> . you can read more about the story on >> . a grand jury indicted a former pepper pike police officer. for rape and menacing. jeffrey martin accused offend stalking a woman and using a police data base to access information about her. he's now facing several charges including rape. sexual battery and burglary. 55 year-old resign last year. ohio attorney general says he abused his sworn duty to serve
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>> >> the holiday by focusing on teaching younger people how to stand up against injustice.
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>> they're looking for direction. from leader ship. from individuals within the community. most importantly we want to look how we can be inclusive in listening to all the voices that are there. >> . follow by a march to the courthouse. call for civilized speech. of course mondays is the federal holiday celebrating the life of doctor martin king jr. >>g . >> including jet boats. sailboats. and cabin cruiser. this is
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this is ohio's largest boaw. vessels. open until nine tonight. tomorrow from eleven to 6 p.m. and on monday from eleven to 5. it's sure to put you in the summer mood. >> . doesn't take much to put me in the summer mood.
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>> sometimes you can. >> . the change in the air. >> . snow is mother natures srabg
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>> those clouds did actually shake loose some flurries -fpl earlier today. nothing compared to what's on the way. we're talking lake effect. blowing and drifting snow. and the whole package. >> yay. >> . woo hoo. let's all weep together. >> the clouds from today. they were, fairly. not too much snow flakes flyingin underneath them. thick enough for that low gray cloud look. the battleship gray clouds that are so pr ef prevalent here in ohio. this time of the year. storm fox picking up on some snow. in the western part of lake erie. which is actually begun to freeze. believe it or not. of course. that's the shallowest part of the wake. no signs any time soon that will happen. off of cleveland. 30 degrees here. at hopkins airport. and up at detroit. the actual weather system that is goingte to usher in all this
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is moving through wisconsin. right now. and continues to drop in our direction. cold front. 14 degrees below 0 right now. the twin cities are minus 3. >> >> even northwest pennsylvania. seeing a lake ef snow warning from noon tomorrow. through noon tuesday. we'll keep you posted. social media. the wholee nine. there we go. i the 90 corridor.
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i urge you to reconsider. or at least tons of extra time. if you have to drive that tomorrow night. or monday for that matter. here's the first batch of snow coming in. tomorrow afternoon. and then lake effect ensues after that. plenty of snow flakes flying. 23 degrees tonight. chance of light snow. cold night. windchills five to ten above. tomorrow we're looking at clipper snow. a coating up to 3 inches. then lake effect in the evening. there's the cold front dropping in. our arctic blast behind the system. windchills. five to maybe 15 below 0. we look ahead now. the fox 8 day forecast. showing the gradual very gradual warming trend. after several shots of snow. on into tuesday. >> temperatures arpbdz freezing. friday next weekend. cross your fingers.
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a a big welcome home. after the long e road trip of the season. morning. after finishing the 6 game, 12 day road trip. five and one record. 4 point loss to the spurs on thursday night. the cavs dominated the rockets. last night snapping a losing streak. in houston. that dates back to 2006. the cavs will play five of the next 6 games at the q. starting monday against golden >> .
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making a move in the near future. according to to yahoo sports thert cavs have started to make calls about trading tim tim tim he could appeal to a western conference contender. >> . ohio state basketball team scheduled to play maryland this afternoon. in college pardon park. it would have been nice if the buck eyes had shown up. first half, in transition. up to diamond stone for the big finish. and maryland led by nine. >> >> now to the browns. it has been a busy first few days in the office. for new head coach. working on finalizing his coaching staff. browns offensive coordinator will not be back with the team. he has two years remaining on his contract. he could end up landing a job
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>> on friday. jackson told he is leaning towards calling his own plays. and likely won't hire an offensive coordinator. >> .iv jackson. reportedly met with >> 49ers and bears. vikings reportedly blocked run -lg running backs coach from former browns defensive coordinator. is still in the mix to come backe to cleveland. as hue jackson defensive coordinator. officially interviewed with the tennessee titans today. for the head coaching job. fortitans just announced mike ma hrar keu as the mourn the passing of formerme
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he coached the colts twice. once in baltimore. and indianapolis. he led them to the play offs 3 times. baltimore and once in indianapolis. before returning too baltimore as the ravens first head coach. c he died today at age 84. >> . pitchers and catchers report for tomorrow. > so. first sign of spring. >> you got it.
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the group which is linked to al-qaeda also took more than a 125 people hostage. before special forces returned fire. killing all 4 suspects. police say the ter r s targeted the hotel because it's popular with western tourists. as well as diplomats. >> . other news tonight. iran has agreed to release five including a who had had have been held for more than a year. >> . 14 months of secret negotiations. between the united states andd iran government. >> following secret tkpwoegs tkpwhroegss. u.s. officials have confirmed iran has freed five u.s. prisoners. 4 of the prisoners were part off an exchange involving 7 iranens held by the united states. on sanctions charges. one of the captives include washington post journalist. who has been held in an iran prison on spy charges for almost 18 months.
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marine veteran was detained in 2011. accused of some candidates even took the opportunity to denounce the iran regime. >> . happy for them. and families. they should have never been there. the fact of the matter this tells us all we need to know
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they take people hostage in order to gain concessions. >> . u.s. secretary of state announcing this afternoon thatte the threat of nuclear weapon has been reduced. this with the implementation of a new landmark deal. president obama signing executive orders lifting economic sanctions on iran. the move comes after the atomic agency chief certified iran met obligations under last summersrs deal. lifting the sanctions means iran can re-coop a hundred billion dollars in frozen assets over seas. as well as new opportunity in oil trade and finance. >> . tie kwrapb tie taiwan made h eus history. voters elected the first female
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>> 12 marines were conducting the nighttime training mission. when the chopper crashed near hawaii on late thursday. storm fueled po ufl po ufl waves powerful waves with limited search efforts. thereto are no signs of any survivors. >> . asking for public help to report any debris found in the water. >> . marine officials say 3 teams continue to search the crash
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>>ug . the water crisis continues in flint michigan. truckloads of clean drinking water arrive today. >> . >> flint tap water was contaminated in 2014. when the city switched its water supply. to the flint river. the attorney general says he is tph-fgt investigating the crisis. and governor is requesting a federal disaster declaration. in the meantime. residents need clean water. so volunteers are going door to door. to deliver it. to families and senior centers. >> . while we're waiting on another winter blast. people in south florida are cleaning up after severe storms
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>> worst of the storms have now moved out. of the area. >> . speaking of storms. northeast ohio expected to get hit tomorrow. with one. >> correct. tomorrow the afternoon period. all the way through tuesday. at noon. n there's a window of time there. where the most amount of lake ef snow can come down. out east. imagine that. >> >> as o right now. fairly confined. right now, some light snow. on storm fox radar. out in the western basin of lake erie. and the movement is west to east. so there could be a few snow
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there have been isolated snowno flakes flying. maybe a few flurries. or light snow showers here and there. >> check the numbers. this is how they shape up. everybody arpbdz freezing. 30. 32. how about the windchill factor. you can subtract ten degrees. temperature. feels like 20 outside. and these numbers will continue
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>> . ever since then. pretty much all downhill. >> isn't that life itself. my goodness. >> certain days. >> . tomorrow clipper snow. a coating up to an inch. maybe two or 3. perhaps. and any lake enhancement. that we we happen to get. here's the 8 day.
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certainly a change in the. changes a tpaolt. as they say. 30 on thursday. maybe a change of something is a foot. that's what. >> i smell change. >> . hundreding converge on chardon square this afternoon. for the annualre festival. now in its sixth year. it was started as way ta celebrate the cities reputation as the snow capitol of northern ohio. some of the attraction included ice exhibits and the crownings of miss fire and miss ice.
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not only gives back to the people of chardon. it's also an economic boost. for main street businesses.
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the rolling stone article. and what he hoped the out come of the meeting would be. >> . my article failed. >> shawn pen is publicly addressing his controversial rolling stone interview. for the first time since it was published. >> i have terrible regret. >> that purpose. according to to pen.
6:35 pm
about the war on drugs. instead. media out lets focused ob on the meeting itself. >> . we'll put all our focus. all our energy. all our billions of dollars on the bad guy. what happens. you get another death the next n day. the same one. > . >> >> the mexican government says the meeting brokered by mexican actress, helped lead to his recapture. the the cartel leader had been on the run since escaping prison 234 in july. j climbing down a hole under his shower and riding a motorcycle through a ventilated under ground tunnel. he's currently held at the same prison. while he awaits extradition to
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>> he renounced his american citizen ship in 2013. >> wal-mart just announced plans to close 154 stores across the country. including one right here in ohio. the wal-mart on rock side road in bedford will close its doors on january 28. tpart of part of the companies restructures plan.
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illnesses like e. coli and semi-salmonella. leading to several lawsuits. >> a boy in north carolina may not be old enough to drive. that didn't stop him from getting behind the wheel to save other students. 14 year-old was riding the bus home from school, when the driver passed out. the kids didn't realize what was happening. until a car hit them from behind. that's when he jumped behind the wheel. and brought the bus to a stop. >> >> by the way. the bus driver is also his mother. she's doing fine. and luckily no one was hurt. >> a rue ten trip to target.
6:38 pm
they had been waiting s erl minutes to check out. o when she realized what the hold up was. an eld -rally woman was paying all in change. the cashier was carefully helping her count out each coin. that's when her daughter asked to help. she realized she was helping more than just one customer.
6:39 pm
they have two children. a son who's an electrician.
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>> . they are taking the big check. >> we're taking the lump sum. because when i guarantee tomorrow. we're nott guaranteed tomorrow. >> there are 3 winning tickets for the jackpot. the other two winners have yet to come forward. those tickets were sold in a 7 eleven in california. and a supermarket in the florida community of melbourne beach. >>ur . i think i have some relatives in the florida area. >> . >> get close real quick. >> .
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is trying out a new look. >> . while you just have to see it to believe it. will fort he showed up at an event in california. with half his head shaved. auz -bg see. that's not all. he shaved half his beard and even one of his eyebrows. his costar also showed up with a similar look. including half a mustache. it's believed to be a publicityub stunt to promote the new season but. fort isn't offering any hint.
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who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling
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finally tonight. you'llfi remember his golden voice. made him an over night n sensation. >> the former homeless man has over come his demons and is finally back on the air.
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>> that was ted williams. five years ago. after video of him pan handling vent viral. after years of recovery.y. and relapse. williams just started his new job at a gospel radio station. in columbus. he's working at wvko. the same station where he began his career in the 1980s. before addiction to drug and alcohol led him to the streets. williams says he's just proud to be back on the air. >> . i could listen to that voice forever. >> great voice. >> . hoping success. >>ho . quick final look at a changing forecast. > . arctic blast. again. coming in. temperatures drop tonight. late snow warning kicks in tomorrow at noon. so. get ready. >> that's it. we're here at ten.
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