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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> we do begin with breaking news. out of canton. several businesses have been evacuated after bomb threatste this evening. >> police say the target store in north canton has been evacuated. after a threat was called in. just before 7 this evening. >> . also confirming the wal-mart in west the circle k. and the canton police department all effected by threats. >> . police say all businesses were searched and nothing was found. we have crew on the way. to the scene. we'll try to bring you livee pictures before the end of the newscast. for the latest informationon on
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always go to >> . now. turning to the weather. a live look this evening from our roof cam. looking west. down the shore way. get your winter gear ready. a lake effect snow warning. will begin tomorrow at noon. >> and runs through tuesday. >> live in the front yard. with all the latest details. >> . the flakes are flying. just a little bit out here. they're not going to pile up. tomorrow a different story. and the winds are really going to start to howl. and windchill readings will likely be below 0. especially on monday morning. for now, it's chilly. seasonal pwhreu cool. a few snow flakes flying. mainly over the lake. didn't come inland and brush by lake county. not much more than a dusting possible. as that system goes through. by far the big weather story
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all the way through noon on tuesday. that's a good 36 hours. of lake effect potential. >> akron canton 29. 28 in mansfield. raoeulgt now. the air is around all of the state. here it comes the next clipper system. and this is what will uber usher in the arctic air. but tomorrow morning. that front is expected to go through. and the winds switching from southwest. tomorrow. more of a west direction. with wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. possible. eventually sunday night into monday. you can see a little bit more of a north component. a west northwest wind.
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effect bands inland. we'll look at more details. what we expect to fall. and how much snow potential could fall. and the 8 day out look. >> . so many in mourning over the loss of a nine year-old boy. killed in a sledding accident. >> . joining us now live. from the news room. tonight. >> . that's right. people just don't believe drew is gone. so suddenly. and many don't even know how to put it into words. that's why today is all about the power of prayer. for the boy's family. and his community. >> a face so bright. full of life. >>ll . now these pictures are treasured
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> . no words can describe the loss. >> his dad asked for prayers and that was our goal. >> . dozens gathered. saturday night. to focus on the hayden family. it was no doubt emotional. >> . you want to have words. but i don't. >> . a slide show could be seen here. saturday. by everybody who attended. a lot of drew's classmates came to pay tribute to the young boy. >> . he was h he was my sons best friend. >> . ex-planing loss. is so difficult. so painful to do. >> . this person is not around anymore. and as a parent telling that to your child is just heartbreaking. >> . for now. all the people can do is lean on
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listen. love. and remember this happy face. >> . so far 26 thousand dollars has been raised for the family. you can find more information about that by going to we know that a driver hit him. but police are investigating. we're told charges are not likely for that driver. just a horrible accident. >> still trying to determine who's responsible officially for the home explosion in north field center. which killed a family of 4. 3 of the victims will be laid to rest this week. police found a gas can at the scene. and say it appears to be arson. it could be weeks before the investigation is complete.
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a vigil last night. outside what's left of the home. on sky haven lane. funeral services for cynthia and her two daughters are scheduled for thursday. january 21. >> we have more information on >> . . i team learned a cleveland police has made a second arrest. in connection with with a series of robberies. in little italy. back on december 5, the suspects held up 3 people. including a priest. earlier this week, u.s. marshalls arrested john phillips. now 200 year-old david harris son is charged with aggravated robbery. cleveland police are searching a for a third suspect. 18 year-old de-shawn newten. >> . kphrao efd police are searching for two thieves accused of
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at gunpoint. the encounter was caught on camera. >> . the pictures are extraordinary. >> we haved visit and story. >> . cleveland police are investigating. after two men rob the royal gas express mart on west 25. the scary encounter happened early monday morning. and was caught on camera. take a look. >> . the owner wasn't there. but says his cashier is extremely upset. >> >> as you can see. both suspects are fully clothed.
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faces police were still able to put together descriptions. >> the male who jumped over the counter isr said to be wearing black and red nike air force one basketball shoes. white pwhro fs, blue bandanna with white stars. sunglasses and a blue backpack with white letters. >>te the second male has black and blue nike air force shoes. a black glove with red stripes and a black glove with blue stripes. >> . i don't feel safe going to the corner store anymore. >> s . >> she lived in the neighborhood for 43 years. she says the area is filled withle crime these days. and she's not sure what can be done so stop it. >> . young kids. the young generation is out here. wanting the easy life. >> . . you can't blame the parents all the time. >> .
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on a cold winter night. like tonight. promises to be. but teens from the lake wood congregation church will spend this night outside. as part of the annual effort to shine a light on the plight of the homeless. >> . the teens began constructing their box shelters this afternoon. the only shelter they will have tonight. >> . last year they raised close to five thousand dollars. >> >> the teens will be back up at 6 tomorrow morning. collecting more money for the homeless. they will thenn share their experiences. during a church service tomorrow morning. >> this is the 12 year for the
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code weather may have you dream ing of the sunshine. escape to the american boat show this weekend.
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well we're watching as a few snow flakes fly across northeast ohio. right now. and they're very light snow flakes. coming downright now. storm fox. and you can see right around the lake. some snowfalling. also some snow in currently. and some light stuff out over the lake. no problems out there weather wise. if you plan on being out and about. a nice warm coat on the way out the door. and clouds look extensive. 29. the current temperature hopkinsns
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akron canton same. 28. and a little bit of windchill out there. feels like 19 in mansfield. 20 cleveland. and akron canton. here comes the arbgt arctic air. they're already steep into it at minnesota. st. paul is 7 below. chicago 20. you can kind of tell where the front is. just about ready tpo go through chicago. show you the maps now. and the front position. the movement is whisking it. from coating an inch or two. perhaps.
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once the lake effect starts tomorrow evening and afternoon. it will begin to pile up. tuesday morning, we're looking at about. the county. which is not currently in the warning. the potentially up to ten inches or so. and outside of that, 3 to five inches are possible. 6.2 inches of snow. is our seasonal snow. that is almost 22 inches. my goodness. below average. so we'll find out just how much of that we'll make up. the full forecast and an 8 day. don't pheusdz it. we look guard to it. five americans held in iran.
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skao five americans being held in iran released in what iran calls a prisoner swap. and finally on their way home. >> . fox news correspondent. c reports tonight from washington. >> . washington post bureau. is one of the american prisoners released by teheran today. swap. the other americans are former
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and a student identified as matthew. the they were flying more medical treatment at a u.s. military hospital. >> the family is excited about this. the children especially. with not having a father for over 3 years. and so it's a bit as you can imagine it's shocking. believe this day is finally come. >> in return for the release. the united states is granting clemency to 7 iranens in the united states. washington also agreed to drop red notices for a number of iran fugitives. those are basically
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>> two marine helicopters colliders off the coast of hawaii. the hope is dwindling tonight. 12 ma marines were conducting a nighttime training mission. when it crashed late thursday. the storm fueled powerful waves with limited the search efforts yesterday. survivors. and military officials arere asking for the publics help. to report any debris found in the water.
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the to pick up water and deliver it to homes. as well as to senior citizens. >> . the surviving boston marathon bomber. must pay his victims more than 101 million dollars. that ruling came down friday. from a federal judge. over seeing the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev. restitution payments to the 49 victims and their families must begin immediately. the judge also denied his defense teams motion for new trial.
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they're hoping she comes through. on her >> . we have the story. >> at this point in the year, most people have turned the page on 2015. but two college freshmen fromm nashville are still very much fix sated on a date in december. >> . that's brady. a freshman at two lane. >> . that's his friend jamie. a freshman at university of denver. >> absolutely crazy. >> this is the two of them. after meeting adell. at a london restaurant. a few days before christmas. >> . she was coming by my table. and my mom was like hey. >> they figured their chance to say hello to her would end there. she turned out she was rolling in the deep end. of a few glasses of wine. >> my some said we're big fans
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but it's sold out. she said i hadn't heard that yet. >> the next day. of another family. from nashville. i got their e-mail to give them tickets. >> word for word the same thing i have been telling people. >> . much to their surprise. she recalled the entire encounter during car pool on thel late late show this week. >> dids you ever think you would get to hear her telling it. >> . absolutely not. >> they can't count how many times they told their friends this story. >>th . it turns out.
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>> i love her so much. >> .
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the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor. we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables. make it progresso. wild struggle on an rta bus. a man attack -ts the bus driver with a knife. in on ordeal that went on for ten minutes. >> . . tonight the fox 8 i team is taking a closer look. at what the driver did and what
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>>t . >> life and death struggle. rta bus driver finds himself urpbdz attack. and before long. alone. passengers gone. other by standers just watching. >> >> started like this. last month in union. in cleveland. police say he tried to get on with an expired fare card. >> . moment the later the driver attacked. pazz passengers scramble to the back. the driver hoping for help. some passengers shout.
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>> . >> i have a job to go to. can you open the door. >> . >> seconds turn into minutes. he says he has a gun. and you see him pull a knife. you hear a passenger call police. finally a bystander steps in. to ask for the knife. >> . >> in desperation. the driver also grabs an emergency phone. and begs somebody to help him. >> i have a hundred dollars. >> even to be able to try to get on a bus that day. d you might argue he was kind of lucky. court records show just two months earlier, a judge had
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in a burglary case. and a drug case. >> . and last. the driver sees flashing police lights. help can't come on the bus soon enough. >> . such a struggle. even the police battle with hepbder son. s putting ob on the cuffs. the driver walks off to catch his breath. >> . a garage has indicted a former police officer. for rape and menacing. jeffrey martin is accuse -dz of stalking a woman. and using a police data base to access information about her. he is now facing several charges including rape. sexual battery.
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as well as the 5 year-old year. ohio attorney general says martin abused his sworn duty. to serve and protect. >> . in stark county. firefighters are investigating ati home. and sent two people to the hospital. it started shortly before nine last night. street. josh stevens and his grandmother managed to escape the flames. but steven suffered burns on both his hands. while carrying the 87 year-old woman out of the home. >> . the trailer is a total loss. the cause remains under investigation. >> . faith leaders gather to celebrate mlk day. early today. focusing in part on teaching younger people how to stand up against injusty. starting at a prayer breakfast. put the spotlight on speaking out against what it terms racial injustice. and the language of hate.
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generation the importance of standing up for what you believe in. >> >> most important we want to look at how we can inclusive. and listen to all the voices that are there. >> theth breakfast was followed by a march to the courthouse on a call for civilized speech in public matters. of course monday is the federal holiday. celebrating the life of doctor king jr. >> . okay. we started out a little kheuly. flurries.
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okay. stop. >> . here's a look anyway. you can see the clouds that didn't really produce much in the way of snow today. very light stuff. and pretty much downwind to the lakes currently. this weather system right here is a clipper. that has some punch to it. in fact. this is arctic air.
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>> an inch or two little bit more lake effect snow. lake enhanced snow.w. here. andw. you see by eleven tomorrow tha that's going to clip. it looks like some computer models cranking out. 8 to ten or 12 inches of snow.
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>> someone is going to get an awful lot of snow. it looks like southern lake county. best chance of seeing the higher amounts of lake effect. that's always lots of luck to try and pick out how much exactly is going to fall. >> any where along the i 90 corridor. very roughgh travel. 23gh degrees. maybe some light snow. cold. 26 tomorrow. t clipper snow. coating an inch or two. perhaps. then the lake effect. kicks in. behind the clipper itself. i windchill readings on monday are going to be extremely cold.
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below 0. >> hopefully by -lt middle ordl later part of the week ahead. there's a system wednesday and thursday. otherwise cold quiet. you'll like next weekend.. compared to this weekend. mid touper 30s. >> the arbgt eur when there's a big
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>> . some of the attraction included ice exhibits. and a crowning of both miss fire and miss ice. >> a musical tribute tonight. >> >> tremendous. tonight marked the 36 annual concert. in celebration of the birthday of dr. king jr. >> . sold out venue. just before the show. cleveland mayor presented the 2016mlk community service awards to those who have positively impacted the city and spirit. and teachings of doctor king. >> .
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today, you have more ways to access the number one care in ohio. simply click in for an express care online visit any hour - day, or night. walk in to our express care clinics or our 24/7 emergency departments or call in today for an appointment today. cleveland clinic is here for you. anytime, anytime. anywhere. find your way to the best care,
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ahead of tomorrow's democratic debate. the gathering comes as many of the 2016 presidential hopefuls sounds after on the release of the 4 american prisoners in iran. >> well it seems. ao lot of nervous energy. for whatever reason, donald doesn't react well. polls.
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continuing to tighten between sanders and clinton. a new poll has sanders winning by 14 points in new hampshire. and in iowa, a new des moines register poll shows them two points apart. in iowa. so today, clinton brought out the big guns. campaigned today in iowa. the former president highlighted his wife's history of by partisan ship with republicans. while simultaneous taking a dig at the current republican front runner. >> to believe the tomorrow night the final debate for the democrats before the iowa caucus. >> . you'll have to go without your at least for a few hours. >> why the chain is closing all
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for your health. >> a voice you probably never
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husband. she has lost a brother to her brother was on siblings. andd battled tongue, throat and brain cancer. on friday it was announced he only had a matter of days or
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he canceled several shows following her husband's death. >>nd . a late christmas gift. from amazon. this weekend only. amazon prime is dropping its membership price. from 99 dollars to 73 dollars. you still have some time to sign up. the promotion ends at noon tomorrow. and is goodd for new customers only. >> . amazon says the deal celebrates the two golden globe wins for
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>> finally back on the air. >> ted williams five year ago. after video of him pan handling went viral. hehe started his new job at a radio station in columbus this week. he's working. the same station where he began his career in the 80s. before addiction to drug and alcohol led him to the streets. he says after years of recovery and relapse, he is just excited to be able to provide for his daughter. and long timee girlfriend.
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>> you can relate to the next story. >> . a st. louis dad came up with a very unique response. after his 6 year-old asked for an advance on his allowance. >> . the child asked for a 20 dollar to buy a toy. in response, his father wrote this letter. from the bank of dad. >> . it explains the child had insufficient funds. and history of not doing required chores. >> . it's all an effort to teach his son about money management. it gives the number for the complaint department. that number leads where else.
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>> . well deserved off day for the cavaliers. they return home early this morning. after the longest road trip of the year. and a successful one. the cavs finish they 6 game road trip. 12 days. five and one record. they dominated the rockets last night. snapping a losing streak in
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>> . big finish. second half maryland turns up the pressure. robert carter knocks down the wide open 3. carter made 24 carter had a career high 25 points. maryland. one hundred toto 65. >> . high school hoop session. hosting putting the points in the paint right there. on the other end. >> the vikings can't finish thisis one off. with the easy bucket. they claw their way to a win. >> . now to the browns. it has been a busy few days. for head coach hue jackson. working around the clock to fill out his coaching staff.
10:44 pm
jackson told radio that he was leaning towards calling his own plays. and likely won't hire an offensive coordinator. >> >> still in the mix. to come back to cleveland. hue jackson defensive coordinator. officially interviewed with the tennessee titans today. for the head coaching job. the titans announce earlier tonight that mike >> kansas city eleven game win streak has come to an end in new england. patriots head to the championshipio game.
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>> heading to church. grocery store. brunch. what can they expect. >> well not much in the way of snow. and initially. i think the afternoon is what really will start to when we'll turn a corner. i think. with lake effect snow.
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>> obviously a holiday on >> all right. we'll see what all the time we have. be sure to join the morning crew atni 7. >>at . ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating...
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'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck
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